Xen users - Dec 2006

Sunday December 31 2006
8:15PM 0 What distro is best to use when tracking xen-unstable?
7:45PM 1 ASUS M2V?
4:31PM 0 network access from a windows installation
10:36AM 2 New problem with winxp
10:18AM 0 Xen with Windows and sound
Saturday December 30 2006
11:40PM 0 Windows HVM localtime=1 not working
9:37PM 7 howto give DomU the pcmcia wlan card from Dom0 ?
6:10PM 2 How many domU can I run?
4:07PM 0 Delphi debugger crashes in HVM WinXP
1:57AM 3 problem with network
Friday December 29 2006
11:12PM 6 usage of the extra parameter in vm configs
9:38PM 9 xen 3.0.4 freezing and crashing dom0 when starting hvm domu
3:25PM 6 iptables in dom0 with bridge: no more outbound connections
11:33AM 8 CIM @ LINUX(XEN) (FC6 or SuSE 10)
9:29AM 3 How to setup network configuration in guest domain.
5:09AM 1 Xend - Not able to Start - Help Needed.
Thursday December 28 2006
11:22PM 0 Does Windows 2003 Server x86_64 work in Xen?
5:00PM 4 Using pygrub
4:28PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 22, Issue 145
1:40PM 5 Using CD drives with Xen 3.0.3 on CentOS 4.4
7:54AM 5 network-bridge script and the ip route list command
Wednesday December 27 2006
8:52PM 5 Windows 2003 DomU reboots sentire erver on create
8:52PM 5 use of encrypted filesystem
7:46PM 11 Xen-3.0.3 migration problems
12:13PM 9 Error: Kernel image does not exist: /usr/lib/xen/boot/hvmloader
7:07AM 2 Where did GNBD go?
6:59AM 0 Windows example
Tuesday December 26 2006
11:04PM 1 Cannot start xend (Permission denied)
8:01PM 8 xen kernel and e1000 problem
6:54PM 1 How to patch newest vanila kernel with Xen 3.0.3?
3:50AM 0 About Guest OS "restart" function
1:42AM 1 windows 2003 hvm performance on xen 3.0.3 and xen 3.0.4
Monday December 25 2006
11:42PM 15 Problems with XEN 3.0.4 and Python
5:30PM 0 CPU utilization in dual-processor/dual-core environment
9:53AM 0 Xen Enterprise (Manager) without ISO (xen 3.03/3.0.4)
Sunday December 24 2006
7:21PM 1 AN9 32X and HVM
4:49PM 3 Xen DomU/Guest SMP - Working ?
4:31AM 5 VM accessing Hosts hard disk
Saturday December 23 2006
5:36PM 0 Wallclock Changing Woes
4:13PM 3 How to start installing a Quad-Devel-Station?
4:13PM 0 Recommended Mainboard and AMD cpu (use: Debian, WinXP Professionel and Win2003 Enterprise Sucker)
11:47AM 0 Limited networking in domU using routed vif
4:08AM 0 Xen & NetworkManager
Friday December 22 2006
10:37PM 4 AMD ATHLON 64 X2 5200+ AM2 and Supermicro H8SMA-2 A64/Opteron a good choice?
5:03PM 2 Problem at the 4G barrier.
3:26PM 2 xen dom0 kernel in redhat4.4 with qla2xxx firmware
3:07PM 1 Timezone issue - guest is always one hour behind correct time.
11:38AM 2 Include ThirdLevel Driver into Xen Kernel
10:55AM 0 Debian Etch and nvidia chipset trouble (Kernel bug)
6:23AM 0 Bounty for Network Config & Vnc Help on Gentoo
1:20AM 10 fedora core 6 domU on Opensuse 10.2 dom0 - fsck at each boot
12:46AM 0 RE: 3D acceleration
Thursday December 21 2006
9:37PM 0 QCow file images
9:20PM 0 XEN 64 bit and i386 problems with Edgy
6:15PM 4 create a guest with tar
4:17PM 0 sucess report hvm for winxp, ubuntu 6 and fedora 6
3:06PM 19 Research -> do participate.....
1:44PM 1 Error: Xen 3.0.3 with Vanderpool to boot unmodified Linux
1:01PM 3 best guest disk performance?
10:49AM 1 Xen booting... halfway
10:29AM 4 communication between guest OSes n host OS over FC6 with xen
Wednesday December 20 2006
7:54PM 1 xm create windows2003 remotely
6:40PM 1 drivers organisation
6:24PM 0 Switch Xen HVM Emulation to native Qemu not working without trouble, possible?
4:25PM 9 FW: Xen 3.0.4 released!
3:27PM 4 SElinux
2:51PM 5 New to xen, difficulty getting network going
2:47PM 3 Windows Image
2:21PM 10 Problem with WinXP install. Can start but not connect via vnc
1:09PM 1 Xen 3.0.3 Kernel
Tuesday December 19 2006
10:14PM 0 unsubscribe
9:01PM 0 AW)Dmax and Windows XP
8:42PM 1 Xen network configuration
2:55PM 4 bonding combined with network-bridge fails heartbeat cluster on dom0
2:39PM 7 xen and .1q vlans
1:23PM 9 which kernel does guest use?
1:17PM 0 Fw: Install a VM''s OS from Installation Source
1:17PM 0 Fw: multi-CD guest install?
11:18AM 0 [Fwd: [Fwd: Re: Re: bt878 based dvr card vs. pci pass-thru]]
7:45AM 2 domU network only starts after reboot
2:02AM 12 Install a VM''s OS from Installation Source
Monday December 18 2006
11:10PM 2 multi-CD guest install?
10:44PM 1 Anyone got a generic running FreeBSD 6.1 xenable, hmvloadable, image file ...
9:08PM 0 Help with Disk isn''t accessible (Hotplug or Udev Issue)
8:03PM 0 Makefile warning, note and patch
4:39PM 3 DomU and vpnc
3:53PM 2 preserve vif name after reboot?
12:44PM 2 xm top values
9:55AM 3 Hardened Xen
9:38AM 1 64 or 32 bit dom0?
Sunday December 17 2006
11:18PM 0 DomU three nic limit status
10:13PM 1 dom0 and domU and encrypted filesystems
9:48PM 0 Sparse swap partitions
7:44PM 4 Could not enable shadow paging for domain?
5:57PM 22 Installing modules
5:57PM 0 No OpenBSD on Xen until *after* release of Xen 3.0.4?
3:21PM 0 Problem to get more than 8 loopback deviceses.
2:41PM 1 Windows, XenEnterprise 3.1, Dell 1950
1:08PM 1 kernel size
6:24AM 0 Serial mouse conflicts with xen serial console ttyS0
Saturday December 16 2006
9:05PM 3 bt878 based dvr card vs. pci pass-thru
8:35PM 3 VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)
8:31PM 0 xen on fc6
12:47PM 0 SAN Block Device locking
4:54AM 8 how to start X in the guest domain
Friday December 15 2006
10:56PM 0 show me ifconfig result (Re: Dom0 network problem)
8:03PM 2 CentOs 4-4
7:29PM 16 OpenBSD 4.0 HVM guest
5:06PM 0 tls and segfaults
4:14PM 4 drbd on lvm
4:05PM 3 Where are Xen kernel patches?
1:30PM 12 Numbering of releases
3:55AM 1 Booting an existing Windows XP system as domU.
Thursday December 14 2006
10:32PM 0 Mounting NetBSD domU file-based volumes in linux dom0
4:43PM 5 Re: CentOS domU vcpus ignored
2:36PM 2 Only 3194MB on 64bit Xen
2:24PM 0 make install fails when pae is enabled
1:00PM 1 Solaris 10 domU on Xen 3 ?
10:45AM 11 Unable to deploy a VM on xen 3.0.3
10:30AM 0 Paravirtualization using yast2 in SLES 10
9:51AM 0 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working. - KERNEL BUG
8:35AM 0 How to create DomU without config file
2:43AM 5 Suse 10.2, Yast and Xen
12:33AM 0 Supported Kernels
Wednesday December 13 2006
11:49PM 0 HVM domU vcpus ignored
8:05PM 0 Workshops on Virtualization/Xen in HPC and GridComputing: CFP
7:42PM 3 Iptables & compiling
6:40PM 0 Problem with vif-nat
3:22PM 0 Network Problem
3:14PM 0 Disk support for live migration and mirroring
1:44PM 2 window XP pro on top of XEN -> Error
1:05PM 2 Re: RE: RE: Why creating DomU failed (seems it is duetoLVM)
1:54AM 0 Windows xp guest - PCI Device - Vendor ID 5853 ...
12:19AM 0 CfP Workshops on Virtualization/XEN in HPC Cluster and Grid Computing Environments (XHPC''07, VHPC''07)
Tuesday December 12 2006
11:37PM 0 Re: NAT and Windows? - figuring out which domain in qemu-ifup!
10:57PM 0 Boot HVM failed
8:37PM 3 Xen kernel panic on FC5
6:59PM 16 Multi user/seat setup question
5:49PM 1 BKM for memory management
4:02PM 0 HVM - win2k working, 2k3 black screen after first reboot
2:44PM 1 Xen 3 FreeBSD mirrors?
2:33PM 4 NAT and Windows?
1:42PM 0 xm create issues (ValueError)
1:09PM 3 Is it because of RAM ? pls help:::Guest Install Error
5:52AM 3 Cannot create guest domain
Monday December 11 2006
11:15PM 3 VNC support
9:38PM 3 xen 3 centos4 guests instable
9:37PM 1 migration xen-guests to xen-guests with wanderpool
7:47PM 2 OT Hardware
5:40PM 7 Xen and SELinux
5:03PM 2 m0n0wall
3:42PM 6 HMV + linux no network interface
3:39PM 4 SuSE 9.3 XenU using the Xen 3 RHEL4.1 RPM
3:27PM 0 better python test patch
2:43PM 2 how to fix problems with ioemu, tap, windows and qemu.
1:44PM 8 Print-server on DomU
1:29PM 3 installing xen over XEN
11:08AM 5 backing up a shared server with single VPS
10:34AM 1 troubles with connecting with VNC to a windows domain
10:13AM 10 Dom0 network problem
8:48AM 0 XFS, xfs_freeze, LVM and memory
7:20AM 0 HVM success reports (CentOS4_x86_64 + Xen-3.0.3 + Windows 2000 professional)
7:16AM 1 Network performance difference between x86 and x86_64 guest OS
7:07AM 0 What network model to use?
6:42AM 2 Help: Guest OS time synchronization problem
1:35AM 0 64-bit Windows Installation Problem
Sunday December 10 2006
11:18PM 0 Vnc problems
8:44PM 3 cannot find -lcrypto
7:05PM 7 qemu
4:22PM 34 Why creating DomU failed (seems it is due to LVM)
5:13AM 4 xend http interface
Saturday December 9 2006
8:52PM 1 URGENT help please!
4:05PM 0 Kernel panic
Friday December 8 2006
8:41PM 1 hanging at running rc.local scripts?
7:58PM 1 Centos 4.4 and Xen 3.0.3 Install troubles
7:44PM 7 FreeBSD under Xen
6:02PM 1 Xen on fake-raid
3:57PM 2 Maximum VIFs?
3:02PM 3 Any way to increase a sparse file disk?
2:42PM 1 3D acceleration question (again)
2:05PM 0 xen and areca trouble
1:07PM 1 quota support in domU?
11:24AM 1 Problem with ssci disk
9:44AM 4 Xen install error: URGENT pls help
8:55AM 17 Windows 2003 HVM Performance
Thursday December 7 2006
11:35PM 0 No network access from dom0 and cannot login...
10:52PM 4 howto create a domU 2.4.18 kernel for xen 3.0.3
8:38PM 1 Source code for Live Migration
10:55AM 0 networking delays?
4:16AM 0 SDL Mouse probs
Wednesday December 6 2006
10:53PM 0 Recommended HW setting for Linux and Windows
10:27PM 5 LVM & volume groups
8:22PM 3 networking for dom0 with network-bridge?
7:50PM 3 ''xm save'' Does Not Work with Windows 2003 Server
6:59PM 6 Booting Jailtime Centos Image
6:25PM 3 HVM memory upper limit
3:41PM 0 xen devices
2:47PM 0 xm mem-set on windows guest
1:58PM 2 Mulitple Bridges
11:24AM 1 communication of guest OSes with host system over FC6 with xen
9:58AM 0 how to access /dev/tty* in domU ?
9:30AM 1 internal network performance problem
8:31AM 0 tap:aio --> disc size = 0MB
8:26AM 1 Tarball vs. RPM
12:49AM 2 Automatic guests shutdown during dom0 shutdown
Tuesday December 5 2006
11:28PM 5 Setting up a "dumb" network for domU''s
9:56PM 1 hvm instance crashes when X is running
8:04PM 0 4gb seg fixup messages on fc6 DomU, echo "hwcap 0 segneg" > /etc/ld.so.conf.d/libc6-xen.conf doesn''t work
3:12PM 0 Booting Fedora Core 6 domU from Fedora Core 6 dom0.
2:55PM 7 vmplayer on xen guest
12:15PM 2 Pinging DomU from DomU
9:40AM 0 Vif order
8:11AM 0 Packages required for Xen?
7:10AM 2 pci assignment?
Monday December 4 2006
9:25PM 0 linux kernel on xen
8:42PM 1 domU (RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 u3) Kernel Panic
5:44PM 0 conntrack not working as soon as network-bridge is renamed?
4:47PM 9 Xen3 on Etch - Rebooting when 2nd DomU started
4:16PM 4 Howto about how to install windows 2000 from a cd under Xen (linux ) - newbie
3:57PM 2 domUs dropping off the network (Xen 3.0.2)
3:32PM 1 vtpm activation
3:16PM 0 For what is xen-ioemu and libc-xen?
2:49PM 7 problem with installing linux Ent. over XEN
2:17PM 1 dom0 uses 98% of the CPU''s with o without any domU''s
1:30PM 0 Xen VM nic cards name
1:20PM 1 Xen 3.0.3 troubles with a plain old ide disk.
11:49AM 0 problems with external mass storage using pciback.hide
10:04AM 4 Xen on Mini Linux
8:29AM 0 kernel/drivers/serial was not compiled for my xen-kernel
Sunday December 3 2006
1:16PM 2 Unable to connect with VNC
12:48PM 0 netloop vs tap
12:12PM 1 Xeon 5110, virtualization or not?
11:20AM 0 What is the purpose of the ref-linux-foo tree ?
7:05AM 0 Unable to connect to network from Xen enabled kernel
6:27AM 3 WnXP HVM crashes, freezes whole system when trying to update XP
Saturday December 2 2006
9:06PM 6 synchronization with AoE
1:34PM 3 Does Xen HVM 32bit guest support SMP and PAE?
10:09AM 10 HVM success story, now on server environment
5:39AM 1 vbd backend dropping block I/Os?
Friday December 1 2006
11:45PM 0 Xen Live CD network problem
10:00PM 0 Xen on MacBook
9:26PM 2 xen 3 on non VT processors
8:00PM 1 Xen 3.0.3 with WinXP SP2 and SUSE ES SP3
6:10PM 0 Xen3 RHEL3 2.4 kernel woes
5:57PM 6 Zombie VMs cannot be destroyed
2:37PM 3 VBD broken again
2:22PM 2 will this CPU/Board combo work for xen HVM ?
11:28AM 0 Error start guest - xen
6:17AM 23 Can not find the cdrom device in /dev/ on xen 3.0.3
4:33AM 0 Phoenix bios 2.4
1:12AM 1 problems with vitrual network interfaces
12:16AM 0 Can not find the cdrom device after boot into xen.
12:02AM 0 dom0 network interface intermittent