Xen users - Mar 2006

Friday March 31 2006
3:49PM 3 how to find out whether glibc is XEN-ready or not
3:31PM 0 Xen2 and dummy/tun/ppp network devices
3:07PM 3 (vif-route) DomU IP troubles beyond Dom0
1:46PM 6 DNAT TCP checksum error
1:10PM 0 Fwd: Problems compiling kernel from Xen Testing (Without Attatchment)
12:02PM 1 booting DOMU from cdrom
11:25AM 2 Problems compiling kernel from Xen Testing
7:51AM 2 Network errors, but only with sftp
3:00AM 1 Is # of VMs per physical host limited by bridging?
Thursday March 30 2006
11:06PM 10 usb keyboard and mouse not functioning
9:58PM 0 xenmon.py not running on SLES 10 Beta 8
9:43PM 3 GUI to monitor Xen
9:03PM 0 accessing devices external to a DomU
8:13PM 5 yet another networking question
8:08PM 8 Debian DomU no network and modprobe errors on xm create
6:54PM 1 Issue with Adaptec AIC79XX module and 2.6-xen kernel
5:17PM 0 Multiple interfaces problem
3:08PM 2 Demo Live CD, networking, external IP
2:28PM 0 Installing Distros on Xen
12:44PM 1 ps shows all threads
12:30PM 2 Problem with reboot of domU''s
6:33AM 0 Xen 3.0 boot halt on IBM xSeries 206 with SATA drive
5:43AM 10 Access Hypervisor Control from DomU
3:59AM 1 xenmon stats
Wednesday March 29 2006
9:55PM 0 stable only with xen
9:39PM 0 missing network packets
9:05PM 0 Growing a para-virtualized domain beyond its initial allocation?
5:23PM 3 No dom0/domU ping "out of the box"
4:17PM 0 successfully import Xen images
3:16PM 8 xen and boot problems (with CentOS 4.2)
2:09PM 0 PCI Devices, hotplug and performance
1:28PM 1 Can not resume virtual TCP/IP session.
1:15PM 8 no network in domain 0
1:10PM 1 Block I/O questions
12:34PM 2 pygrub on a ext2 filesystem
12:16AM 1 domain migration doesnt migrate config files??
Tuesday March 28 2006
10:33PM 2 Problems with migration...
9:35PM 1 Failed to migrate, connection rejected
9:14PM 2 Single core - dual core - dual cpu ?
8:55PM 0 Xen3 Dom0 Network connectivity
7:54PM 5 Questions about sedf scheduler
7:53PM 1 iptables and xen 3.x
6:49PM 0 Segmentation Fault & Root /dev/ does not exist
3:11PM 0 problems with summer and wintertime in xen 2.0.7
12:30PM 0 Xen 3.0.1 and open-iscsi
2:09AM 5 Get snmp data from DomU
2:04AM 2 ACPI in unstable
Monday March 27 2006
11:39PM 0 Randomly missing even-numbered vbd devices from domU
10:49PM 1 Problem compiling 2.6.12 kernel on AMD64
10:08PM 1 Compile error.
9:59PM 0 NAT problems
9:22PM 1 Rsync problem
9:01PM 0 Samba winbind problem
7:52PM 1 Company''s implementing VM technology
3:27PM 0 networking in 2.6.16
2:50PM 3 how to persist in kernel config?
2:42PM 7 Retrieving the load of each domU
12:54PM 0 Shaping domU
12:07PM 2 Xen networking on different vlans
9:32AM 0 "Received packet is 12 bytes before head." messages in running vm.
8:52AM 3 Xen unstable boot halt on sServe 206
7:33AM 0 why now one kernel per default?
6:27AM 0 NVidia in dom0
Sunday March 26 2006
5:12PM 0 Xen domain context switch time
4:54PM 0 Problem running xend
3:57AM 0 Dom-U kernel in xen-3 unstable
3:21AM 1 OT: GPL, Was: Domain context switch time
Saturday March 25 2006
11:27PM 2 Finally moving to xen 3
8:28PM 2 Domain context switch time
5:48PM 1 xen friendly tls package for sarge and/or breezy
5:10PM 6 Cannot have eth0 in domU
5:07PM 1 passing kernel arguments to domU kernel
3:14PM 5 Kernel Version - 2.6.12 only ?
2:24PM 1 Intel VT-x resources & supported processors
1:12PM 0 Link to Start
11:35AM 1 Like to start with Xen
1:01AM 6 Xen domU stalling during boot
Friday March 24 2006
7:31PM 0 time synchronization of dom0 and domUs still not working?
6:15PM 2 Constan kernel oopses involving vfs_stat_fd and vfs_lstat_fd
6:09PM 1 Problems compiling linux-2.6.12-xen0 kernel
5:15PM 0 xen users list
5:01PM 0 kernel problem blkdev_put
4:30PM 0 Constant kernel oopses involving vfs_stat_fd and vfs_lstat_fd
3:06PM 5 Writing a Xen book
3:00PM 0 DomU''s cant talk to each other...
2:54PM 0 Question with CENTOS and XEN
1:53PM 1 Bridge and Internet
1:22PM 0 Ghosted vifs
1:12PM 0 Trying to access to the CD from a domU
11:29AM 0 Re: xm save
9:57AM 3 Problem accessing vbd
7:11AM 1 User-time vs system-time in DomU
12:32AM 0 RE: Xen-users Digest, Vol 13, Issue 105
Thursday March 23 2006
11:38PM 19 network-route and vif-route setup help
10:35PM 1 DomU Kernel Options
7:58PM 10 Problems with pygrub: ValueError: unable to open file
6:42PM 0 Stable vs. Testing?
4:12PM 4 NetBSD hiding device from dom0
3:45PM 0 Compile Error xen 3.0.1 on FC5 "cc1: warnings being treated as errors"
2:54PM 0 network services start
8:34AM 0 Link to kernelcap documentation?
8:15AM 0 BUG/fixed : mkdir /var/run/xenstored needed
8:04AM 0 same vif number after reboot
7:56AM 0 Choosing best io elevator/scheduler for dom0
1:52AM 2 IBM eServer x366 with Xen?
12:13AM 3 usb device in domU status
Wednesday March 22 2006
8:02PM 2 xen not generating hotplug/udev events?
7:06PM 0 minmal xenU kernel - ide or scsi needed?
4:17PM 1 Debian Sarge DomU boot problem, kernel panic
3:35PM 0 Error: Device 769 (vbd) could not be connected. Backend device not found.
3:22PM 0 Anyone offering Xen "computing on demand" for short contracts (few hours / days of computing time)?
3:15PM 0 xm save fails
2:07PM 1 Error connecting to xend, connection refused
12:17PM 0 two bridges share the same bridge ID.
11:09AM 5 hardware accelerated 3D-graphics in Win-XP-domU possible?
10:52AM 1 Balloon driver
10:42AM 0 xenstore and docs
9:58AM 1 eth0 not brought up automatically
9:48AM 1 Reboot domU
8:25AM 1 kernel error messages with 2.6.16: XFS internal error xfs_ialloc_read_agi at line 1357 of file fs/xfs/xfs_ialloc.c
8:07AM 10 (XEN) APIC error on CPU0: 04(40)
7:35AM 0 Guest Domain: Windows x64
6:47AM 5 help: ports of windows
3:14AM 9 question about xen regression test tools
Tuesday March 21 2006
10:07PM 2 Dom0 (Xen3.0.1) on Debian Etch cannot reboot
9:47PM 2 Booting guest VM on Debian + Xen
7:03PM 1 hotplug of block devices in domU?
6:23PM 4 driver domains / PCI passthru on amd64
6:12PM 2 SuSE 10 dom0 network and console problem
6:06PM 1 migrating ballooned domains
4:48PM 0 RE: Xen-users Digest, Vol 13, Issue 87
1:05PM 1 Supported Full Virtualization HW
12:56PM 6 VMWare ESX on Xen (maybe OT)
11:27AM 8 Few Questions / Application of Xen
10:11AM 0 Xen 3.0.1 on Debian sarge kernel crash on Dual XEON Machine
8:51AM 1 Unable to mount root fs
6:08AM 0 Help - Using the NFS server under DomU
2:31AM 10 PCI Passthrough to VMX Guest
Monday March 20 2006
11:27PM 13 Debian XenSpecificGlibc
7:40PM 0 Patching a kernel for Xen
6:20PM 7 Xen on multiple public IP''s
6:01PM 0 Installing Asterisk@Home
3:37PM 0 xenstored segfault
3:25PM 0 The math doesn''t add up (dom0-min-mem).
2:46PM 1 comparison Xen vs. VMWare
9:52AM 0 Could not contact XenStore: Connection refused
3:11AM 2 Simple question about Xen ...
Sunday March 19 2006
5:36PM 0 drbd and xen 3.0.1
4:55PM 2 Request wait_for_devices failed
3:27PM 2 Xen 3.0.1 + Debian Etch + RAID 1 software
2:38PM 1 Hiding PCI Devices in Xen 3.0 under OpenSUSE 10.0
8:55AM 5 Xen 3.0.1, Debian Sarge: Swap file not recognized in guest
Saturday March 18 2006
9:37PM 10 para- and full-virtualization on same system?
7:33PM 19 How to share data between guest domains
9:32AM 3 Testing VT Hardware with demo-licecd-3.0 ?
1:13AM 0 Installing non debian OS for domU
12:20AM 0 Setting number of VCPUs for domU
Friday March 17 2006
10:05PM 0 Mount fails with EBUSY if running xen0 kernel
10:03PM 2 evms-ha + Xen
9:21PM 0 config the xenbr0
8:43PM 16 How can I check Intel VT technology
8:33PM 3 Basic Xen Questions
7:50PM 0 Module is unkown
7:34PM 1 state of ia64 and/or Altix?
7:03PM 1 Debian mkinitrd issue
6:15PM 15 [poll] Distros
4:50PM 0 Hard disk driver for cdrom install
4:07PM 0 Use offcial Xen 3.0.1 on OpenSuse 10
3:45PM 2 Problems booting Xen 3.0.1 with Qlogic 2312 cards
1:38PM 0 HVM backend network interface
10:27AM 3 Cross domain syncrhonization in Zen.
10:07AM 0 Query on Xen internals
9:24AM 1 XEN 3.0.1 on Ubuntu Dapper Drake
8:54AM 1 Xen and LVS Direct Routing
5:17AM 1 dom0, vifs, eths and asterisk
5:08AM 0 VmError: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Backend device not found.
4:51AM 5 Dom0 vif''s and veth''s
Thursday March 16 2006
7:54PM 3 xen hg tree from yesterday hangs, when kernel console is directed to ttyS0
5:35PM 9 XEN vs GSX Server
5:08PM 0 Live Migration and CoW
4:09PM 5 Xen 2.0.7 domu A@H
3:41PM 0 Dropped packets on DomU interfaces
3:29PM 1 Samba in a Xen guest domain
12:33PM 0 Poor I/O performance
11:35AM 4 I/O hangs with Xen 3.0.1 on Dell poweredge
9:44AM 3 xen, VT and an OS from Redmond
4:48AM 6 Unknown image type: VMX
4:37AM 2 Failure running(or is it starting?) xend
Wednesday March 15 2006
5:05PM 2 talking about usb, cdrom, cpu and vcpu
4:52PM 0 domU restore problem persists
3:17PM 0 Active ISDN CAPI devices not present in Xen kernels?
2:20PM 1 shorewall config
11:48AM 10 domU with redhat over a debian based dom0
1:12AM 11 Best practice for Dom0
Tuesday March 14 2006
10:57PM 1 bonding, ethtool and live migration
8:39PM 0 Orphaned logfiles?
5:28PM 8 xen3 with bind in domU
12:27PM 0 xend failure after update of kernel-xen in suse 9.3
11:59AM 2 Network Problem in domU under OpenSUSE 10.0
10:52AM 3 setting IP address for domU
10:28AM 0 [PATCH] man page for xm displaying scheduler information
8:21AM 0 network issue
4:10AM 0 [PATCH] Xentop: Man page update for batch mode processing option
2:29AM 0 PCI acces in DomU
Monday March 13 2006
7:23PM 1 DHCP problem in privleged domU from ISP
5:54PM 1 multiple network cards
5:31PM 5 VT-X on Dell Machines
5:05PM 3 /lib/tls.disable vs. software requiring tls
4:36PM 1 Date in DomU
2:15PM 9 Apple iMac / Mac Mini Core Duo, OS X under Xen?
9:47AM 1 [PATCH] Xentop: Batch mode processing option
9:09AM 6 Dummy ethernet device setup
6:07AM 3 [PATCH] Displaying scheduler related information using xm
12:03AM 2 Xen peth0 dropping
Sunday March 12 2006
8:27PM 3 Xen3.0x support of anything other than linux 2.6.x
7:36PM 1 glibc 2.4 / nptl
6:07PM 5 Xen & CentOS 4
3:27PM 2 problem with interrupts
Saturday March 11 2006
9:34PM 1 compiler options for xen
5:41PM 0 sed/gcc segfaults in domU''s 2.0.7
12:40AM 12 Xen 3.0 on OpenSUSE 10.0
12:28AM 3 xen and software raid for domu
Friday March 10 2006
9:05PM 0 xend not starting on RHEL4 and FC4 on x86_64 (AMD64)
6:53PM 0 RE: RE: domU lvm and resizing40
6:30PM 1 RE: domU lvm and resizing40
6:15PM 3 budget xen test system
5:42PM 7 domU lvm and resizing
5:20PM 0 Dom0 scheduling on SMP systems
4:09PM 2 xen kernel panic
2:02PM 0 VMX Guest Migration?
1:48PM 0 Question about Xen specific glibc for RHEL 4
12:39PM 4 Advanced Networking
9:02AM 0 interface
5:45AM 2 Hardware requirements to run Windows on Xen
3:12AM 5 DomU privleged network access - Firewall
1:42AM 0 Re: Hardware requirements to run Windows on Xen
Thursday March 9 2006
8:02PM 22 xen on amd64 or intel
4:00PM 5 [Re: Slow domU network (even within domU)]
3:57PM 0 Difficulties installing Xen with RPMs for RHEL 4.3
3:45PM 1 domU restore failure
11:17AM 0 If you become the error message: "Host key verification failed". then is this help is for you
1:16AM 5 Failed to bring up eth0. with http://packages.debianbase.de
Wednesday March 8 2006
11:10PM 0 airlink gigabit ethernet card
11:10PM 2 Several XEN questions
10:47PM 0 xm list not correctly showing dom0 memory allocation
10:06PM 6 Bridging and VLANs 802.1Q trunk
9:59PM 5 default dom0 memory size is very large
9:48PM 2 LTP test results on SLES10 beta releases
9:26PM 2 Intel VT, Linux & Windows XP
5:05PM 6 OT: Xen and SAN successes?
11:48AM 2 newbie: suse 10.1b6 domU network problem
11:47AM 1 Slow domU network
8:45AM 12 AW: Problem booting domU
8:31AM 1 Problem booting domU
Tuesday March 7 2006
11:59PM 2 Slightly OT: OS Resource Question
8:38PM 2 Error creating domain: (0, ''Error'')
7:23PM 0 Quad Opteron/Gentoo/Xen/AOE/CLVM
5:33PM 0 Xen3 Not Creating a peth Device?
4:24PM 5 xen network
2:44PM 1 VT and VMX
2:18PM 0 default configuratio should turn off relocation by default
2:09PM 0 Compiling Custom Xen kernel in Ubuntu--Try #2
1:40PM 1 Xen 3 and Suse 10
12:13PM 0 Re: Internet access for virtual network under Xen 3.0
11:47AM 0 NetBSD/Xen and OpenGL hardware support question
10:07AM 0 domU network connection lost after several days
9:54AM 0 Re: VT and VMX
9:27AM 1 masquarading traffic from domU
3:07AM 3 domU security
2:22AM 1 Versions dilemma: xen 3.0 for custom-2.6.9 on EM64T.
12:50AM 0 vlan problems
Monday March 6 2006
11:25PM 0 Xen on CentOS4
7:12PM 0 make: *** [world] Error 2 changeset: 9148:085f0ad9018a i386 fc4 build
6:25PM 1 help VT SMP guest question
6:05PM 3 tcp wrong checksum
5:45PM 1 mounted in a guest domain?
5:07PM 0 changeset: 9144:0161a721bad5 build error
4:48PM 0 Xen + Lustre
4:04PM 1 Announce of our Xen project; Routing simulation with Einar
11:15AM 2 Problem compiling a custom kernel for xen-3.0
10:39AM 0 Intel Motherboard for using xen3.0 with VT
3:25AM 0 Re: Intel Motherboard for using xen3.0 with VT
Sunday March 5 2006
8:57PM 1 How vifX.Y and eth talk on dom0 with NAT configuration?
7:54PM 0 PCI: System does not support PCI
5:32PM 3 xen support only up to 3 virtual interfaces?
3:46PM 1 network bridge empty
10:07AM 0 Properly workstations and laptops
Saturday March 4 2006
7:02PM 0 Error: Device 768 (vbd) could not be connected. Backend device not found.
2:54PM 0 VTXen + vncviewer = HOWTO?
11:31AM 5 Swap not mounting!
9:20AM 3 Xen 3.0 and a virtual net (brouter with masq) (Repost in plaintext)
7:44AM 0 Intel Motherboard for using VT
5:58AM 1 Multiple xen bridges
4:13AM 0 where can I find xen patches for different kernels?
Friday March 3 2006
3:27PM 4 XEN3 and netatalk
11:15AM 0 Pentium D 8xx / Intel E7230 chipset support
9:52AM 5 Problems with XEN and OpenSuse 10.0
9:47AM 0 Host operating system
4:10AM 0 Via Technologies PD6000 C3 chipset not working
3:22AM 0 SMBFS appears to be crashing my htdig domU
2:48AM 2 Xen and Promise SATA
Thursday March 2 2006
10:47PM 0 help Xen devices question
10:45PM 0 Xen3: Network becomes unreachable under load
10:36PM 7 64-bit guest in 32-bit Xen/dom0 - ever?
10:07PM 1 problem with network-bridge script
6:13PM 3 basic understanding of xm migrate
5:00PM 0 RE: kernel 2_6_15_4 and xen 2_0_7 ?
3:30PM 0 Linux and Windows virtualized on Xen3 and VT/Pasifica?
3:23PM 1 kernel 2_6_15_4 and xen 2.0.7 ?
1:37PM 13 Kernel and Xen
9:41AM 2 Xen reset
Wednesday March 1 2006
8:38PM 5 vmx problem - no booting from cd
8:23PM 1 4 vifs in the conf file, but only the first 3 appear
7:30PM 2 where I can find "/usr/lib/xen/boot/vmxloader" ?
6:53PM 0 which xen for linux-2.6.hg?
4:25PM 0 Changing Xen hard memory limit in running domain
12:42PM 0 Re:Re: DomU runnirng a firewall for Dom0 and ot.
11:11AM 0 indipendent CPU association on SMP
9:55AM 3 DomU runnirng a firewall for Dom0 and others DomU
6:47AM 1 Scheduler Parameters
6:01AM 1 trouble in xen installation
4:24AM 3 PCI Passthrough
12:28AM 2 Scheduling questions for I/O activity