Xen devel - Sep 2010

Thursday September 30 2010
10:47PM 2 [linux test] 2291: regressions - trouble: blocked/fail
10:29PM 0 [xen-unstable test] 2285: regressions - FAIL
10:02PM 8 New Hypercall Declaration
6:18PM 3 Xen Wiki - XenBooting
5:59PM 14 How to generate a HW NMI
2:31PM 1 Post 2.6.21 pv-ops kernels hang Nahelem systems when domU is started - BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 61s! [swapper:0]
2:01PM 7 [PATCH] Xen watchdog driver
1:33PM 0 [PATCH] linux/x86-64: adjustments to match i386 behavior
8:31AM 0 [xen-4.0-testing test] 2284: regressions - FAIL
2:55AM 7 pv-grub removed ?
12:10AM 1 take over VNC session
Wednesday September 29 2010
6:12PM 18 pvops Dom0 graphics doesnt work with Intel i915
2:17PM 1 How to use a machine page in Xen?
10:08AM 0 [PATCH] x86 mm: free p2m pages to the shadow/hap pool.
7:27AM 2 .* entries in official release source tarballs
6:20AM 2 dom U illegal kernel path
6:09AM 0 [linux test] 2279: tolerable FAIL - PUSHED
4:46AM 7 Handle for events?
1:49AM 3 [PATCH][PVOPS] preserve chip_data when initializing irq in xen_allocate_pirq
Tuesday September 28 2010
11:21PM 0 [xen-unstable test] 2278: regressions - FAIL
8:06PM 7 Declaring new Xen Hypercall
6:57PM 0 can''t read notifications on /dev/xen/evtchn
6:04PM 8 [HOWTO] Setting up Xen4 + pvops on CentOS 5.5
3:01PM 19 [PATCH RFC V4 00/14] xen device model support
1:19PM 0 Re: [PATCH 12/12] xen/mtrr: Add mtrr_if support for Xen mtrr
12:16PM 24 [PATCH 00/12] xen: initial domain support
9:07AM 0 is it possible to return passthrough GFX back to dom0?
8:50AM 0 [xen-4.0-testing test] 2277: regressions - FAIL
8:38AM 0 [PATCH] x86: fix boot failure (regression from pre-4.0 IRQ handling changes)
7:50AM 0 xen 4.0.1-rc6 display problem
6:53AM 2 How to connect to the Internet in pv DomU
Monday September 27 2010
7:24PM 2 Unable to bind two domains for event channel
4:26PM 0 ERROR: While allocating unbound port in remote domain from Dom0
3:52PM 41 pv-ops domU not working with MSI interrupts on Nehalem
10:20AM 0 [PATCH 3/3] xl: allow parsing of both old and new cpuid syntax
10:19AM 0 [PATCH 2/3] libxl: implementing legacy xm cpuid parser
10:18AM 0 [PATCH 1/3] xl: implement parsing of cpuid parameter and translate to Xen interface
10:17AM 1 [PATCH 0/3 -v4] xl: add cpuid config file option
10:10AM 1 Can HVM-stubdom be save and restore correctly in recent xen-unstable verstion?
7:47AM 6 Xen-4.1-unstable hypervisor booting error
6:13AM 0 [linux test] 2267: regressions - FAIL
4:01AM 0 Re:IP PBX series
3:41AM 0 What does guest_walk_tables() do?
3:35AM 3 accumulate_guest_flags no longer exists in xen 3.4.3
Sunday September 26 2010
11:22PM 0 [xen-unstable test] 2266: regressions - FAIL
7:35PM 0 [PATCh]: It is not an error when reporting "Device model is a stubdom"
6:30PM 3 [PATCH]:libxl__get_free_memory_slack cannot return when creating a vm by xl
8:59AM 0 [xen-4.0-testing test] 2265: regressions - FAIL
1:03AM 1 I want to use "xen-develop" in QT project
Saturday September 25 2010
8:06AM 0 [linux test] 2259: regressions - FAIL
8:02AM 1 I want to use xenctrl.h but there something error
6:41AM 2 xm mem-set for HVM Domain
6:24AM 23 Performance numbers on PV-on-HVM
5:24AM 5 unpredictable Xen crash w NetBSD 5.0.2(XEN3PAE_DOMU)
1:14AM 0 [xen-unstable test] 2258: regressions - FAIL
Friday September 24 2010
11:44PM 0 xen-4.0.1 remus localhost hvm triple fault
8:33PM 1 using GNTTABOP_transfer on hvm guests
6:38PM 10 Hypercalls from user-space
3:54PM 2 [PATCH][VTD] fix vt-d feature boot messages
3:15PM 0 xm shutdown times out with 2.6.36-rc5 kernel
12:09PM 0 [PATCH] x86: adjust MSR_IA32_MISC_ENABLE handling
12:00PM 0 [PATCH] x86: check CPUID level before enabling xsave
11:52AM 0 [PATCH] libxl_set_memory_target: do not lose the error status
10:23AM 0 [xen-4.0-testing test] 2257: regressions - FAIL
5:14AM 1 Intel Integrated Graphics (IGD) VGA Passthrough with Xen 4.0.2-rc1-pre and pv-ops dom0 kernel
4:22AM 18 dom0 hangs in xen 4.0.1-rc3-pre
Thursday September 23 2010
9:03PM 2 [patch] Bugfix for tools/blktap/lib/xs_api.c (convert_dev_name_to_num)
9:03PM 1 Performance issues with large grants
5:43PM 1 XCP logrotate bug
5:41PM 0 [PATCH] Introduce a maximum limit for free_mem_slack
5:06PM 1 question about Xen source code (bugreport?)
3:36PM 0 [xen-unstable test] 2249: regressions - FAIL
1:48PM 3 CPU usage for credit2
1:38PM 1 xl: absense of vcpus parameter
12:48PM 1 [PATCH] xl: fix UUID reporting with xl list -l
11:32AM 0 libxl: xl list bugs
10:27AM 5 libxl: xl create segfaults
12:58AM 0 [xen-4.0-testing test] 2248: regressions - FAIL
12:07AM 1 [PATCH] x86: don''t use mcount in pvclock.c
Wednesday September 22 2010
4:56PM 0 [PATCH] xsm: return unlabeled instead of failing with ENOENT in get_page_sid
3:46PM 2 About XSM/flask
2:37PM 3 Error on creation of Event channel (17= file_exists)
2:21PM 2 Xen-unstable-staging compilation error
12:59PM 3 tools: build error
5:42AM 4 [Patch 2/2] support of cpupools in xl: commands and library changes
5:42AM 4 [Patch 1/2] support of cpupools in xl: update cpumask handling for cpu pools in libxc and python
5:42AM 1 [Patch 0/2] support of cpupools in xl
1:32AM 0 FW: Xen-unstable panic: FATAL PAGE FAULT
Tuesday September 21 2010
7:07PM 0 [PATCH] [xen-4.0-testing] tmem: disallow bad gmfns from PV domains
7:07PM 0 [PATCH] [xen-unstable] tmem: disallow bad gmfns from PV domains
7:05PM 4 PROBLEM: [BISECTED] xen domU panics just after the boot
4:57PM 1 [PATCH]:make libxl uses config file compatible with xm config file
4:27PM 1 [linux test] 2202: regressions - FAIL
3:24PM 7 [RFC, PATCH] docs: Block numbering and naming specification
3:23PM 3 Can anyone successfully use serial console to debug XEN-4.0.1-rc6?
2:05PM 0 [PATCH] linux/x86: synchronize vmalloc_sync_all() with mm_{,un}pin()
1:55PM 0 [PATCH] linux/blkfront: forward unknown IOCTLs to scsi_cmd_ioctl() for /dev/sdX
1:27PM 0 [PATCH 4/4] xl: enable parser switch for both legacy and new cpuid parsers
1:27PM 0 [PATCH 3/4] libxl: change xl_cfg_get_list to take a dont_warn parameter
1:26PM 3 [PATCH 2/4] libxl: implementing legacy xm cpuid parser
1:26PM 1 [PATCH 1/4] xl: implement parsing of cpuid parameter and translate to Xen interface
1:25PM 0 [PATCH 0/4 -v3a] xl: add cpuid config file option
12:49PM 2 vsyscall support in 2.6.{32,33}
11:19AM 2 [PATCH] Detect distro-variant directories at build-time
11:17AM 2 [PATCH] xl: (Linux) extend SCSI device name to major mapping
11:13AM 2 [PATCH] xl: fix off-by-one mistake in block-attach handler
11:03AM 0 [PATCH]: libxl: function libxl_device_disk_add returns error when detecting the vbd does not exist
10:21AM 0 linux pvops failed to live migrate
10:02AM 6 (amd64) domU Kernel doesnt boot - kernel panic
9:41AM 0 [xen-unstable test] 2201: regressions - FAIL
4:59AM 0 [xen-4.0-testing test] 2200: tolerable FAIL - PUSHED
4:17AM 9 Booting problem of Xen-4.0.1 on Fedora 13 using Intel chipset & processor
Monday September 20 2010
5:04PM 3 Easier interface for kickstarting Xen VMs
4:06PM 2 [PATCH] libxl, buildmakevars2file: Do not relink libxl each time
1:39PM 0 [PATCH] x86/hvm: fix extra size passed to __trace_var()
1:36PM 0 [PATCH] eliminate unnecessary casts from __trace_var() invocations
1:34PM 0 [PATCH] ia64: fix gcc 4.5 warnings
1:33PM 4 [PATCH] fix libxl build issues
1:26PM 2 [PATCH, resend] Linux udev rules adjustment
1:23PM 2 [PATCH] x86: protect MSI-X table and pending bit array from guest writes
1:07PM 0 [PATCH] rangesets: add function to query for overlaps
11:19AM 3 Send A Fake PS/2 Packet to QEMU and Mouse Pointer on PV OS
10:24AM 3 libxl: xl create failure
10:21AM 2 [PATCH] Make NIC model fallback to default when specified model is not supported
3:02AM 1 Xen 4.0.1, tap vs tap2, blktap2 documentation, and gentoo-xen-kernel problem
Sunday September 19 2010
3:49PM 1 odd gfn number checking in p2m.c
12:18PM 1 Biweekly VMX status report.Xen:#22155& Dom0: b297cdac
Saturday September 18 2010
1:27PM 1 make serial port com2
12:08PM 0 DSN: failed (Error)
6:56AM 1 Creating a Guest VM Dom U on slackware 13 linux
4:08AM 7 VGA passthrough problems with GeForce GTS 250 and P7Q57-M DO (also: LGA1156 boards with working VT-d)
2:22AM 2 the irq_enter in do_IRQ
Friday September 17 2010
7:32PM 2 Constant vs Nonstop vs Invariant TSC question
7:02PM 0 Fwd: Has Anyone Been Able to Run PVOPS DomU Against any nVidia Chipset?
4:53PM 4 Has Anyone Been Able to Run PVOPS DomU Against any nVidia Chipset?
4:52PM 0 [PATCH] sched_credit: Raise bar for inter-socket migrations on mostly idle systems
4:29PM 11 xen crash in tmem: checking a xen pfn for domain ownership
3:49PM 5 kexec woes with 32-bit secondary kernel
3:09PM 4 [PATCH] nested virtualization: tools
2:02PM 6 RE: [PATCH V5] libxl: make libxl communicate with xenstored by socket or xenbus driver
1:20PM 27 Problem: Pattern with vertical colored lines on the dom0 screen
11:25AM 0 [xen-4.0-testing test] 2139: regressions - FAIL
11:14AM 30 [PATCH RFC V3 00/12] xen device model support
6:10AM 11 [Patch] support of cpu pools in xl
5:51AM 9 [Patch] update cpumask handling for cpu pools in libxc and python
2:00AM 2 build break
1:30AM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [2010ww37]
Thursday September 16 2010
9:59PM 0 [linux test] 2138: regressions - FAIL
3:21PM 1 [xen-unstable test] 2137: regressions - FAIL
2:51PM 2 Passing information from HVM to Xen hypervisor
1:38PM 4 RFC: automatic NUMA placement
1:04PM 0 [PATCH 0/5 -v3] xl: add cpuid config file option
11:57AM 0 [xen-4.0-testing test] 2136: regressions - FAIL
11:47AM 0 [PATCH] xen pmtimer: correct pmtimer accuracy
11:44AM 10 PV driver domains and S3 sleep
8:30AM 15 how to keep time of windows pvhvm synchronized with host after resuming
Wednesday September 15 2010
11:49PM 7 xen-unstable: [error_code=0000] , IN INTERRUPT CONTEXT
11:37PM 3 xen-unstable pvops kernel/lockdep.c:2323 trace_hardirqs_on_caller+0x12f/0x190()
10:19PM 0 Networking not available in DomU
9:14PM 0 [linux test] 2133: regressions - FAIL
9:10PM 1 [PATCH] Fix caml-stubdom make line to depend the ocaml cross compiler
9:09PM 8 pci passthrough xhci host controller
8:37PM 0 Event Channels
8:24PM 5 Question about printk implementation.
6:14PM 0 Invoke a hypercall in Xen 3.4.3
4:05PM 15 xenpaging fixes for kernel and hypervisor
2:49PM 0 [xen-unstable test] 2132: tolerable FAIL - PUSHED
2:34PM 2 A simple clean up of __get_instruction_length & __update_guest_eip
11:03AM 0 [Xen-API] [XCP] Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) for Dynamic Memory Control (DMC)
8:42AM 3 How to setup the page sharing environment
7:26AM 16 [Patch][resend] implementation of cpupool support in xl
7:25AM 0 [Patch][resend] xl: correct vcpu-pin and vcpu-list parameter checking
7:10AM 5 [PATCH] C6 state with EOI issue fix for some Intel processors
12:38AM 0 [xen-4.0-testing test] 2130: tolerable FAIL - PUSHED
Tuesday September 14 2010
5:40PM 0 xen-unstable - vifname="xxx" no longer working ?
4:05PM 0 remus failure -xen 4.0.1: xc_restore failed only at some heavy workload
3:31PM 9 RE: [PATCH V4] libxl: make libxl communicate with xenstored by socket or xenbus driver
3:17PM 1 pci-passthrough: suspected kmemleaks
2:37PM 0 RE: [PATCH V4] Clear device-model information when destroying an HVM domain with stubdom-v3
2:37PM 2 [PATCH / 4.0.1] fix fd leak in xenstore
2:36PM 3 PCI-passthrough: After VM shutdown and start again, device has been assigned to another domain! Over-writting the ownership, but beware.
2:22PM 12 State of current Xen debugger
2:14PM 0 [PATCH] xl: fix memory management of migration_domname_r
2:03PM 0 reboot notification
1:33PM 1 pvops xen-stable-2.6.32.x, 7 kmemleaks just after boot
11:38AM 1 Bug in xm config parsing code
11:35AM 2 wrong logrotate for /var/log/xen/xend.log
11:05AM 0 [linux test] 2129: tolerable FAIL - PUSHED
9:24AM 23 Assigning contiguous memory to a driver domain
8:55AM 0 [PATCH] x86: restore handling of "reboot=no"
8:53AM 0 [PATCH] x86: fix debug key ''i'' handling with no IO-APICs
7:29AM 0 [PATCH] svm: simplify MSR handling
6:16AM 3 Does Xen scheduler preserves 5% of its utilization to every VM?
5:32AM 0 [PATCH 4/4] powerpc: remove cast from void*
5:18AM 2 [PATCH 1/4] x86: remove cast from void*
4:19AM 0 [xen-unstable test] 2128: FAIL
Monday September 13 2010
9:37PM 20 Question about the ability of credit scheduler to handle I/O and CPU intensive VMs
2:49PM 1 what the role platform-pci play in comunication between HVM and domain0
1:58PM 0 [PATCH] linux: fix swiotlb sync functions to properly deal with DMA_BIDIRECTIONAL
1:56PM 8 [PATCH] linux/netback: save interrupt state in add_to_net_schedule_list_tail
1:45PM 0 [PATCH] unmap broken memory in EPT guest in MCA delayed handler
1:44PM 10 pvops0 kernel does not boot
1:44PM 0 [PATCH] Add broken memory type in p2m table
1:29PM 9 Where can I get a balloon driver to test PoD
12:40PM 5 help with opensuse-11.3-64 xen-tools-4.0.1_21326_01-1.1.x86_64.rpm.
9:51AM 4 terminology of nestedhvm
9:30AM 1 Build fail on stable-2.6.32-x
3:35AM 0 [xen-unstable test] 2125: FAIL
Sunday September 12 2010
6:33PM 1 Queries on KSM & Tmem
2:25PM 2 using xen tools with python2.6
11:21AM 1 Rename host_vmcs to vmxon_region
9:26AM 0 [linux test] 2124: tolerable FAIL - PUSHED
6:00AM 1 Page Sharing
3:42AM 0 [xen-unstable test] 2123: FAIL
Saturday September 11 2010
7:44PM 2 Queries on Filesystem Support
5:57AM 13 Requesting Assistance from Intel Engineers on Intel Integrated Graphics (IGD) VGA Passthrough for Xen 4.0.1-RELEASE and pv-ops dom0 kernel 2.6.32.x
3:24AM 0 [linux test] 2122: tolerable FAIL - PUSHED
Friday September 10 2010
11:26PM 4 Upgrade to xen unstable, what changes are needed?
10:07PM 0 How to download / snapshot Dulloor''s NUMA patches
9:40PM 1 [xen-unstable test] 2121: tolerable FAIL - PUSHED
5:19PM 0 Question about NUMA emulation
4:56PM 0 [PATCH] Allow easier overriding of LIBLEAFDIR_x86_64
4:54PM 5 [PATCH] libxenstore: fix threading bug which cause xend startup hang
3:57PM 0 [PATCH] when reading / read automatically the root node.
3:49PM 8 [PATCH,v2]: add libxl python binding
3:42PM 0 [PATCH] linux/x86: make __direct_remap_pfn_range()''s return value meaningful
3:40PM 3 [PATCH, v3]: change libxl IDL to export a saner interface for upcoming language bindings
3:25PM 1 Xend store configurations in Directory Server
2:36PM 0 [PATCH]: xl: don''t leak a lot of memory in forked process in domain_create
2:17PM 0 [PATCH]: libxl: don''t ''leak'' gc pointers to caller''s structs thereby preventing a double free
2:15PM 0 [PATCH 2/2] xl: Fix adding additional config cmdline parameters
2:15PM 0 [PATCH 1/2] xl: fix adding configuration parameters over command line
2:10PM 0 [PATCH]: xl: fix double free of domain names
2:00PM 0 [PATCH]: xl: don''t free kernel.path string literal
1:55PM 0 [PATCH] xl: remove another string literal from config struct
1:09PM 1 RE: [PATCH] libxl: make libxl communicate with xenstored by socket or xenbus driver-V3
11:01AM 45 VM hung after running sometime
10:15AM 1 RE: [PATCH] Clear device-model information when destroying an HVM domain with stubdom-v3
10:10AM 8 [PATCH] ocaml: xc bindings: use libxenctrl and libxenguest
10:09AM 8 [PATCH] disable kernel build in Xen build system
8:35AM 2 A question about Mini-OS config file
8:29AM 0 [PATCH] [Linux] ia64, xencomm: fix XEN_SYSCTL_cpupool_op
8:19AM 6 [IA64] Weekly benchmark results [2010ww36]
8:03AM 9 xl: multiple domain with the same name allowed?
1:08AM 0 [PATCH] Fix serial interrupt''s destination
Thursday September 9 2010
5:59PM 2 problem building xen 3.2
4:27PM 1 [PATCH, v2]: change libxl IDL to export a saner interface for upcoming language bindings
4:13PM 2 About Xenoprof support in pvops
3:53PM 5 CPU hangs
2:41PM 5 [linux test] 2107: regressions - FAIL
2:19PM 0 Linux device naming (suggested udev rules adjustment)
1:37PM 1 possible code/comment mismatch in hap_enable_vram_tracking/hap_clean_vram_tracking
1:07PM 5 [PATCH]: change libxl IDL to export a saner interface for upcoming language bindings
12:07PM 2 Guest serial console hangs
11:24AM 0 [Patch] implementation of cpupool support in xl
11:18AM 2 [PATCH]: add libxl python binding
11:02AM 1 how do you decide entry point for block device driver
9:20AM 16 Instability with Xen, interrupt routing frozen, HPET broadcast
7:57AM 0 [xen-unstable test] 2106: regressions - FAIL
12:50AM 1 Linux domU: No NUMA configuration found
Wednesday September 8 2010
10:10PM 4 [PATCH] xenbus: avoid zero returns from read()
7:28PM 2 [Xen-API] Leaving Xen.org Community
7:00PM 0 Creating an architecture plugin interface for xen
4:52PM 3 [michael.monnerie@is.it-management.at: kernel crash as XEN client on a XenServer 5.6]
4:31PM 5 [PATCH,v2]: xl: don''t free string literals
4:21PM 0 [PATCH] Avoid null dereference in flask get_page_sid
3:50PM 0 [linux test] 2100: regressions - FAIL
3:22PM 67 [PATCH 00/16] Nested virtualization for VMX
3:20PM 4 [PATCH, RFC] Add sysctl to HVM hypercall table
2:36PM 1 Checkpointing for HVM guest with PV driver
1:36PM 3 [XCP] unstable snapshot week #37
12:15PM 27 Xen BUG in mm / Xen 4.0.1 with pvops Kernel?
9:24AM 1 [PATCH 5/5] xl: enable parser switch for both legacy and new cpuid parsers
9:22AM 1 [PATCH 4/5] libxl: implementating legacy xm cpuid parser
9:21AM 3 [PATCH 3/5] xl: implement parsing of cpuid parameter and translate to Xen interface
9:20AM 4 [PATCH 2/5] libxl: add xlu_cfg_get_type function
9:19AM 5 [PATCH 1/5] libxl: introduce cpuid interface to domain build
9:19AM 0 [PATCH 0/5 -v2] xl: add cpuid config file option
9:06AM 0 [xen-unstable test] 2099: regressions - FAIL
8:46AM 5 domU paravirt vfb problem
7:35AM 0 [Patch] xl: correct vcpu-pin and vcpu-list parameter checking
7:35AM 0 FV-VM hangs after long time running.
2:07AM 0 ACM Policy Problem
Tuesday September 7 2010
10:28PM 5 Remus blktap2 issue
8:17PM 7 XEN 4.0.1: BUG: IO-APIC + timer doesn''t work!
7:52PM 1 how to prevent crashes in notify_via_xen_event_channel during shutdown/crash
4:53PM 11 X11 problem with dom0 pvops kernel on Xen 4.0.1
3:42PM 2 [PATCH] xenbus: add missing wakeup in concurrent read/write
2:49PM 0 Xenoprof cannot do profiling with active mode in domU
2:28PM 1 [PATCH,RFC]: libxl python binding
2:27PM 1 Source Code
1:50PM 15 Xen 4.0.1 freezes with no output
1:25PM 1 Xen panic with if dom0 kernel bigger than 4MB
10:07AM 6 [PATCH 0 of 4] libxl: use libxl__ namespace for hidden functions
9:37AM 0 [PATCH]passthrough: Change some cryptic numerals into macros
8:42AM 4 [linux test] 2090: regressions - FAIL
8:36AM 23 Ballooning up
5:56AM 2 remus failure -xen 4.0.1: xc_domain_restore cannot pin page tables
4:28AM 1 [xen-unstable test] 2089: regressions - FAIL
4:12AM 2 Is there a way to get consistant time across different VMs?
3:29AM 2 xend start fail
Monday September 6 2010
3:39PM 0 [PATCH]: xl: cleanups for IDL code
1:38PM 33 [PATCH 00 of 24] [RFC] libxc: hypercall buffers
1:28PM 0 how does XS_WATCH return?
1:20PM 0 [PATCH]: xl: Fix NULL deref in libxl_ctx_free()
1:03PM 1 [PATCH]: xl: fix out-of-tree libxl builds
12:59PM 2 [PATCH] xl: libxl_dominfo.shutdown_reason is a number not a string
12:17PM 2 [PATCH]: xl: don''t free string literals
10:47AM 1 [PATCH] xen: merge MSR_EFER
10:05AM 2 BUG with Xen 4.0.1 and PVOPS
9:40AM 4 [PATCH] Clear device-model information when destroying an HVM domain with stubdom
2:45AM 3 xenoprofile cannot run in active mode in domU
1:51AM 5 xen trouble while guest excute float app
Sunday September 5 2010
8:44PM 0 [xen-unstable test] 2085: regressions - trouble: blocked/broken/fail/pass
5:41PM 2 What is the latest pv-ops dom0 kernel at this time?
4:26PM 8 Xen pvfb absolute/relative mystery, some findings
3:52PM 0 I have a trouble with floating point number on Intel Xeon. May be a BUG.
9:43AM 1 [xen-unstable test] 2084: regressions - FAIL
7:31AM 0 [xen-unstable test] 2083: regressions - FAIL
5:14AM 0 [xen-4.0-testing test] 2082: tolerable FAIL - PUSHED
2:48AM 4 igb pciback and e1000e pciback not work.
1:43AM 0 How to use XS_WATCH in
12:02AM 10 Step-by-step tutorial: Installing Xen 4.0.1 rpms on Fedora 13 with pvops Linux 2.6.32.x dom0 kernel
Saturday September 4 2010
7:01PM 8 Re: Memory de-duplication (Persistent pages)
4:12PM 0 [xen-unstable test] 2081: regressions - FAIL
9:21AM 0 Biweekly VMX status report.Xen:#22079 & Xen0:e6b9b2c
8:12AM 3 Daemon on XEN
6:28AM 0 [xen-4.0-testing test] 2080: trouble: broken/fail/pass
12:06AM 0 [PATCH] gdbsx: use MTF flag for HVM guests for single step
Friday September 3 2010
9:29PM 5 [PATCH 0 of 2] Remus: Use kmods in pvops tree instead of building standalone versions
8:22PM 0 [PATCH] vtpm Mini-Os domain: hotplug fix
7:43PM 1 Re: [advices] patch for dynamically changing vif rate via proc file
6:33PM 2 Crash in __pirq_guest_eoi()
5:56PM 0 [xen-unstable test] 2063: regressions - FAIL
4:07PM 6 [PATCH] libxc: restore: reset I/O fd to flags to back to state caller passed us
3:52PM 1 [PATCH] xl: do not return to caller from monitoring daemon
3:48PM 0 [PATCH] tmem (tools-side): ABI v1 to handle long object-ids (XEN-4.0-TESTING)
3:47PM 3 [PATCH] tmem (tools-side): ABI v1 to handle long object-ids (XEN-UNSTABLE)
3:47PM 1 [PATCH] tmem (hypervisor-side): ABI v1 to handle long object-ids (XEN-4.0-TESTING and XEN-UNSTABLE)
1:06PM 11 [PATCH 0 of 4] libxc: avoid spurious error logging on restore/migrate
11:25AM 18 [PATCH 0 of 12] v4: xl/libxl autoballooning
10:44AM 0 [PATCH] libxc: document save/restore protocol
6:49AM 0 Re: many guests on Xen 4 NR_DYNAMIC_IRQS success report...
6:11AM 4 [PATCH]: Add handlers for missing exit_reasons documented by Intel SDM 3B
4:05AM 11 [xen-4.0-testing test] 2061: regressions - FAIL
12:32AM 5 about the memory paging
12:20AM 3 BUG: soft lockup - CPU#1 stuck for 61s! [udevd:4865]
12:06AM 1 physdev match: using --physdev-out in the OUTPUT, FORWARD and POSTROUTING chains for non-bridged traffic is not supported anymore.
Thursday September 2 2010
5:47PM 3 xen-4.0-testing ioemu-dir build fails with kvm.c(?!) errors
5:20PM 2 Virtio in Xen
4:26PM 0 [PATCH] libxl: do not log lack of guest support for suspend event channel
4:24PM 0 [PATCH] xl: support console autoconnect on restore
4:14PM 8 [PATCH] libxc: succeed silently on restore
2:29PM 5 [PATCH,v7]: xl: randomly generate UUID''s
1:56PM 7 [PATCH] libxl: make libxl communicate with xenstored by socket or xenbus driver
1:36PM 0 xen: netback: save interrupt state in add_to_net_schedule_list_tail
1:17PM 8 [PATCH] qemu-xen: fix cpu hotplug
1:16PM 0 [PATCH] xl: parse the maxvcpus config file parameter
11:54AM 0 [PATCH] libxl+xend: use correct paths for PV console when running bootloader
9:34AM 6 [PATCH]ioemu: fix altgr-insert behavior
9:00AM 0 Return the PCIBACK device and script on power_off
8:47AM 2 Can event channel be used in windows HVM?
8:32AM 4 [PATCH] reserve vtd_mem on guest restore
4:46AM 0 [PATCH] [IA64] Rename irq_cfg->domain to irq_cfg->cpu_mask
4:43AM 8 [PATCH] Fix ia64 tools build
4:36AM 0 [PATCH] VT-d: fix ia64 build
4:31AM 0 [PATCH] Disable ACPI APEI feature for ia64
3:32AM 1 Xen ACM build error
Wednesday September 1 2010
4:41PM 2 [PATCH,v6]: xl: randomly generate UUID''s
3:59PM 0 [PATCH,v5]: xl: randomly generate UUID''s
3:29PM 0 [PATCH] libxl: add CODING_STYLE
3:18PM 8 [PATCH 13/13] Nested Virtualiztion: hap-on-hap
3:17PM 9 [PATCH 12/13] Nested Virtualization: vram
3:14PM 0 [PATCH 10/13] Nested Virtualization: interrupts (svm specific)
3:14PM 0 [PATCH 09/13] Nested Virtualization: svm specific implementation
3:13PM 0 [PATCH 08/13] Nested Virtualization: interrupts (generic part)
3:12PM 0 [PATCH 11/13] Nested Virtualization: enablement
3:05PM 0 [PATCh 07/13] Nested Virtualization: efer
3:03PM 0 [PATCH 06/13] Nested Virtualization: trap
3:00PM 3 [PATCH 05/13] Nested Virtualization: CRn & paged real mode
2:59PM 0 [PATCH 04/13] Nested Virtualization: core
2:58PM 0 [PATCH 03/14] Nested Virtualization: function hooks
2:56PM 2 [PATCH 02/13] Nested Virtualization: data structure
2:54PM 7 [PATCH 01/13] Nested Virtualization: tools
2:53PM 11 [PATCH 00/13] Nested Virtualization: Overview
2:36PM 7 [RFC] tmem ABI change... backwards compatibility unnecessary?
1:38PM 11 [PATCH 0 of 11] v3: xl/libxl autoballooning
12:31PM 18 [PATCH] Disallow setting maxmem to higher value than total physical memory size
9:06AM 1 *massive* slowdown when running oprofile in dom0
9:01AM 2 [xen-unstable test] 2058: regressions - FAIL
8:59AM 0 Can I change the cpu configuration of a VM dynamically without rebooting the VM?How? Thanks a lot.
8:19AM 0 [PATCh]: Fix too early restart in case core dump active