Xen devel - Jul 2010

Saturday July 31 2010
7:00PM 0 Auto Reply: Xen-devel Digest, Vol 65, Issue 370
8:40AM 0 [xen-unstable test] 1975: regressions - FAIL
Friday July 30 2010
4:08PM 0 XCP logrotate bug
3:00PM 3 [PATCH] libxl: Allow PV guests to add a PCI device without an IOMMU
2:55PM 1 libxl: unitialized value throwing a compile error
2:16PM 2 [GIT/PATCH 0/2] pair of netback fixes
1:28PM 2 [PATCH 2/2] xenoprofile: Add IBS support
1:28PM 0 [PATCH 1/2] xenoprofile: Add IBS support
1:28PM 3 [PATCH 0/2] xenoprofile: Add IBS support
10:33AM 0 [PATCH] xl: remove duplicate -d option from create help message
9:02AM 9 [PATCH 0 of 3] xl: free allocations made at top level
8:44AM 0 [xen-unstable test] 1974: tolerable FAIL - PUSHED
2:29AM 0 [PATCH]libxl: fix fstat implicit declaration build error
Thursday July 29 2010
11:25PM 3 [PATCH][VTD][v3] graphics passthrough cleanup
6:31PM 0 netfront smartpoll leaves timer interrupt enabled after xenbus disconnect
5:54PM 5 [PATCH, RFC]: qemu: hang-free/error-tolerant PCI hot-plug protocol
5:31PM 3 [PATCH 1/2] libxl: const-correctness for libxl_uuid2string
1:21PM 4 Question on Credit accounting in Credit Scheduler
12:25PM 0 Add interrupt handler
8:50AM 0 [xen-unstable test] 1970: tolerable FAIL - PUSHED
8:45AM 5 Writing VM Exit handlers in Xen
8:40AM 2 Need help to get networking to work in WinXP domU
2:33AM 0 [PATCH] blktap2: Remove function decorators for Python 2.3
2:30AM 0 [PATCH] xend: fix SyntaxError for Python 2.4 or earlier
2:02AM 0 [PATCH] x86: unmask CPUID levels on Intel CPUs
Wednesday July 28 2010
11:39PM 4 (XEN) RIP: e008:[<ffff82c48015564b>] write_msi_msg+0x2b/0x150
9:53PM 8 PV HVM Linux drivers fail
7:40PM 18 [PATCH 0 of 3] Introduce basic PCI safety checks in libxl and centralize BDF parsing
7:26PM 2 25% cpu usage during idle
7:22PM 23 HVM hypercalls
5:28PM 3 Request integration of unstable changes into testing to enable gdbsx.
4:16PM 3 XCP Convirture ovirt
3:58PM 0 oss xen test: bisected unreproducible
3:34PM 1 would any one be interested to mentor HXEN development
3:23PM 6 libblktapctl.so is unversioned
3:07PM 0 XCP: unstable weekly snapshot for week 30
2:45PM 1 [PATCH] HVM debug console support (v3)
2:15PM 4 [PATCH] Add tool to attempt to crash HVM guests
12:55PM 9 [PATCH] xenpaging: correct order of linker options to avoid link errors with recent toolchains
12:54PM 0 [PATCH] blktap: correct order of linker options to avoid link errors with recent toolchains
11:55AM 0 [xen-unstable test] 1967: tolerable FAIL - PUSHED
10:54AM 8 [GIT/PATCH 0/4] Do not use IRQF_TIMER for non timer interrupts
9:38AM 22 ACPI-Tables corrupted?
4:18AM 0 linux-next: build failure after merge of the xen tree
1:39AM 2 Biweekly VMX status report.Xen:#21837 & Xen0:b29254
1:37AM 1 Question about PV guest accessing /dev/mem
Tuesday July 27 2010
9:28PM 0 [xen-unstable test] 1964: tolerable FAIL - PUSHED
9:21PM 14 [PATCH 0 of 3] xenpaging: Check that EPT is enabled for target guest
8:43PM 3 xl list vs xm list: backwards compatibility vs forward progress?
7:55PM 2 ATT/GAS syntax manual
6:32PM 0 pci-passthrough problem using vt-d
6:01PM 2 [PATCH] compile error when CONFIG_XEN_DOM0=n && CONFIG_XEN=y
4:24PM 9 [PATCH 0 of 3] xl: implement basic PCI passthrough sanity checks
4:06PM 1 questions about xenoprof
3:58PM 16 [RFC] Virtual disk configuration, PV vs. emulated, backward compatibility etc
3:09PM 3 [PATCH] [xend] fix coredump-{restart, destroy} on_crash actions
9:07AM 6 [PATCH] Error in Xend-API method VM_set_actions_after_crash
8:50AM 1 Xen 4 driver domain
7:48AM 5 Populate-on-demand memory problem
7:29AM 0 [xen-4.0-testing test] 1963: tolerable FAIL - PUSHED
3:32AM 1 linux-next: manual merge of the xen tree with Linus'' tree
12:41AM 2 [PATCH] GSoC 2010 - Memory hotplug support for Xen guests - fully working version
12:36AM 12 xl create should refuse to share block devices RW between domains
Monday July 26 2010
10:41PM 1 SRIOV with and without vt-d
9:57PM 68 problem using compiled kernel -- Sisu
8:43PM 0 Source Code Licensing Change Request
5:24PM 2 [PATCH]: xl, fix segfault when detaching non-existant disk
1:59PM 3 [PATCH] pyGrub: Implement error handling on kernel/initrd extraction
1:53PM 3 [PATCH] libxl: consistently use typedef struct {} libxl_$type
12:20PM 10 [PATCH 0 of 3] xl: carry domain config around in struct domain_config
11:58AM 18 xenpaging crashes xen in is_iomem_page()
10:56AM 41 [PATCH 0 of 9] xl: handle domain shutdown/reboot/crash in a user configurable way
8:48AM 0 [xen-unstable test] 1961: FAIL
5:10AM 7 linux-next: build failure after merge of the final tree (xen tree related)
2:17AM 1 Unable to start a guest in Xen 4.0.1-rc5-pre
Sunday July 25 2010
8:33PM 1 How to read the xen format file and the generated trace content ?
7:20PM 1 gcc 4.5 compile fixes for xen-4.0.1-rc4 for Fedora 14
3:35PM 2 xen pci passthrough hung task instead of terminate
8:45AM 5 [xen-unstable test] 1960: tolerable FAIL - PUSHED
Saturday July 24 2010
8:48AM 10 [xen-unstable test] 1959: FAIL
7:56AM 0 HXEN
Friday July 23 2010
11:56PM 2 kernel NULL pointer dereference in netback_uevent
9:19PM 1 how I can set up an environment to debug PV guest and xen hypervisor
9:05PM 0 [PATCH] correct test for /proc/xen/capabilities in xencommons runlevel script
5:32PM 0 i915 gfx-passthru pci-detach oops
4:25PM 0 [PATCH] xl: do not try and auto re-connect console on reboot
4:16PM 0 [PATCH] xl: use more descriptive names than info1 and info2
4:16PM 0 [PATCH] xl: s/quite/quiet/g
2:54PM 1 [PATCH]: Remove special case for mixed hvm/pv disks which may prevent boot
1:49PM 8 [RFC][PATCH] walking the page lists needs the page_alloc lock
12:30PM 0 udev persistent network rules
12:22PM 1 [PATCH] correct xenballoond.init description in LSB part
12:21PM 6 [PATCH] correct xend initscript dependency in LSB part
12:19PM 3 [PATCH] remove Default-Enabled from LSB header
12:18PM 2 [PATCH] introduce and use new SYSCONFIG_DIR variable
12:16PM 2 [PATCH] install udev rules into rules.d
12:13PM 11 [PATCH] add LSB header to xen-watchdog runlevel script
12:11PM 4 [PATCH] correct order of linker options to avoid link errors with recent toolchains
10:43AM 6 [PATCH] libxl/xl: correctly report domain state
10:25AM 0 VM_metrics.get_VCPUs_utilisation to percent of usage
8:42AM 3 Xend start failing on fresh Xen installation
7:35AM 1 [PATCH] libxl: do not create /vss and /xapi paths in xenstore
6:31AM 2 Poor performance of xend on servers with more than 10000 FC device paths
Thursday July 22 2010
11:52PM 3 New branches for linux-next
9:20PM 5 [PATCH RFC] xen/blkfront: use tagged queuing for barriers
9:06PM 1 one video card - can I PCI-pass-through to DomU?
8:45PM 6 Remus : VM on backup not in pause state
8:41PM 0 What are the semantics of BLKIF_OP_WRITE_BARRIER?
7:32PM 6 xen-swiotlb: WARNING: at kernel/smp.c:421 smp_call_function_many+0x66/0x1a1()
5:42PM 6 [PATCH]: Fix rombios to correctly report size of disks >16GB
5:13PM 1 [PATCH] Consistent handling of libxc errors in libxl (take 2)
4:10PM 3 [PATCH] libxl: remove xenstore /local/domain/<domid> after reading /vm and /vss paths
1:43PM 4 [PATCH] HVM Debug Console Support (v2)
10:10AM 7 VGA passthrough with Drivers does not work
Wednesday July 21 2010
8:27PM 43 xen 4 only seeing one keyboard and mouse
7:49PM 4 de-BKLing blkfront
2:38PM 9 old issue after 1024 live migrations seems to still exist.
1:47PM 13 Frame buffer mmap not working in pvops dom0
11:48AM 0 flush blkback data fix for pygrub caching issues in pvops kernels
11:28AM 0 Exception in xen/util/vscsi_util.py while starting xend
10:24AM 0 online resize vbd xen 4
10:23AM 2 help needed on debugging xen hypervisor and PV
7:58AM 0 Error in Xend-API method VM_set_actions_after_crash
Tuesday July 20 2010
8:42PM 21 [PATCH 00/16] xen/blkfront: various bugfixes and patches for blkfront
7:55PM 0 [PATCH] x86/hugetlb: use set_pmd for huge pte operations
6:01PM 10 [PATCH] Re: New release candidate for Xen 4.0.1
5:58PM 0 XCP Community Meeting #3 Contacts Needed
4:31PM 43 [PATCH] libxl: blktap2 portiblity fixes
4:24PM 3 [PATCH] libxl: fix linking error
3:55PM 8 [PATCH]: fix crash in various tools by permitting xs_*() with NULL path
2:34PM 0 [PATCH] libxl: portibility fixes
1:58PM 3 [PATCH] implement xl vncviewer
1:36PM 0 [Xen-API] XCP: unstable weekly snapshot for week 29
1:35PM 1 Finding guest calling function
12:56PM 2 Crash in netbk_gop_frag_copy?
12:09PM 6 hypervisor - acpi - reboot
9:50AM 14 Xen 4.0.1-rc3 build failing in tools at http://xenbits.xensource.com/git-http/qemu-xen-4.0-testing.git
9:20AM 4 emulated tsc and frequency info
8:44AM 3 [PATCH] udev-script: rule for gntdev
Monday July 19 2010
11:19PM 7 rdtsc strangeness on upstream kernel
10:43PM 5 Getting GUI to work with Xen PVMs
9:48PM 5 Xen 4.0.1-rc4 and stable 2.6.32.x pvops won''t start xend
9:27PM 17 BLKTAPCTRL[2375]: blktapctrl_linux.c:86: blktap0 open failed
8:13PM 0 strange xen disk performance
5:56PM 4 [RFC] new totalmem= boot parameter
4:17PM 0 Xen Domains scheduling parameters do not take effect before rebooting
3:44PM 4 [PATCH,RFC] More consistent error handling in libxl
2:23PM 2 [PATCH]: Implement xl dump-core
2:01PM 0 [PATCH]: make libxl build since 21811
1:51PM 2 [PATCH] HVM Debug Console Support
1:48PM 0 Message Transfer between Domains
1:32PM 1 [PATCH][TRIVIAL]: hvm-ctx, what is an ITDR?
12:38PM 2 tools: gpxe link error
12:25PM 3 [PATCH] tools: gpxe build fix
10:56AM 0 [PATCH] stubdom: correct handling DESTDIR during build
10:11AM 5 [PATCH] libxl: execute command by execvp()
10:02AM 0 [PATCH] tools: improve balloon support
8:03AM 0 [PATCH] xenconsoled: close logfile when cleaning up domain
2:47AM 1 Do we need consider PAE when implement APEI-ERST feature?
Saturday July 17 2010
11:21PM 1 testing hg repo error
3:23AM 2 Xen-hypervisor 3.2 on HP Proliant DL380 G6
Friday July 16 2010
10:32PM 2 xen_sched_clock problem in RHEL6b2, Was: [PATCH] x86: unconditionally mark TSC unstable under Xen
7:09PM 32 [PATCH RFC 00/12] X86 ticket lock cleanups and improvements
6:21PM 0 [PATCH] xl tmem-freeable
5:03PM 2 [PATCH] xl/libxl: introducing libxl_primary_console_exec
4:34PM 6 [PATCH] hg ignore libxl lex/yacc detritus
4:30PM 0 [PATCH] pvops: do not notify callers from register_xenstore_notifier
2:20PM 2 [PATCH] GSoC 2010 - Memory hotplug support for Xen guests - patch for review only
1:05PM 7 New release candidate for Xen 4.0.1
9:59AM 4 Race condition in /etc/xen/scripts/block
9:07AM 0 [PATCH] xenconsoled: setlogmask takes a bitmask, not a value
8:13AM 0 [PATCH] x86: use cpuid vector 0xb when available for detecting cpu topology
8:09AM 0 [PATCH] ACPI: add support for x2APIC ACPI extensions
12:59AM 2 Estimating CPU utilization of DomU
12:29AM 5 xl features missing
Thursday July 15 2010
6:15PM 11 Even faster page copy for Xen?
3:01PM 0 [PATCH] xen: Send the debug VIRQ to guests after the rest of the domain dump is done.
1:24PM 0 Biweekly VMX status report. Xen: #21751 & Xen0: #b29254...
11:07AM 17 kernel BUG at drivers/xen/balloon.c:528!
9:34AM 3 how to complie 2.6.34 dom0 kernel to bzImage (Nothing to be done for `bzImage)
8:07AM 16 cs:21768 causes guest spend more time on boot up
2:36AM 2 [PATCH]: gdbsx: update README and remove space in q packet
Wednesday July 14 2010
11:30PM 0 [PATCH RFC 08/12] x86/ticketlock: collapse a layer of functions
10:02PM 1 HVM boot of Windows domU using VHD fails (Xen 4.1-unstable CS 21787, dom0 kernel
8:59PM 0 [xen/stable-2.6.32.x PATCH 5/5] rtnetlink: make SR-IOV VF interface symmetric
8:59PM 0 [xen/stable-2.6.32.x PATCH 4/5] rtnetlink: Add VF config code to rtnetlink
8:59PM 0 [xen/stable-2.6.32.x PATCH 3/5] net: Add netdev ops for SR-IOV configuration
8:59PM 0 [xen/stable-2.6.32.x PATCH 2/5] if_link: Add SR-IOV configuration methods
8:59PM 0 [xen/stable-2.6.32.x PATCH 1/5] pci: Add SR-IOV convenience functions and macros
8:59PM 10 [xen/stable-2.6.32.x PATCH 0/5] SR-IOV: Backport VF MAC and VLAN configuration to 2.6.32.x
8:19PM 1 Basics on TMEM usage/setup?
7:24PM 14 [PATCH] x86: unconditionally mark TSC unstable under Xen
3:21PM 1 Kernel BUG at drivers/xen/netfront/netfront.c:784
2:17PM 0 Xenbus query regarding DomU updates
1:31PM 0 [PATCH] xl: start numbering vifs from 0
1:16PM 1 [PATCH] fix PV on HVM on xen/next-2.6.32
10:57AM 0 [PATCH] add the missing license file that all OCaml libs refers to.
7:41AM 8 [PATCH] Unmmap guest''s EPT mapping for poison memory
7:39AM 7 [PATCH] Add a new p2m type for broken memory
6:15AM 17 [PATCH] Don''t attach needless options when launch pygrub
1:44AM 0 [PATCH] blktap2-vhd-util | add disk image convert functions, RAW <-> fixed VHD, and fixed <-> dynamic VHD for xen4.0.0
12:56AM 0 [PATCH RFC 12/12] x86/pvticketlock: use callee-save for unlock_kick as well
Tuesday July 13 2010
11:13PM 1 RE: MSI 890FXA-GD70: AMD IOMMU, VmError: Failed to assign device to IOMMU, (XEN) AMD_IOV: IO_PAGE_FALT: domain:10, device id:0x900, fault address:0x0
10:14PM 0 [PATCH RFC 06/12] x86/ticketlock: make __ticket_spin_trylock common
9:30PM 0 [PATCH RFC 05/12] x86/ticketlock: make __ticket_spin_lock common
9:07PM 0 [PATCH RFC 04/12] x86/ticketlock: make large and small ticket versions of spin_lock the same
6:31PM 2 xen-testing: xend doesn''t start. undefined symbol: xc_cpupool_movedomain
6:28PM 0 [PATCH] xl: default timer_mode to 1
5:31PM 6 XCP: first unstable snapshot available
2:37PM 9 xen tsc problems?
2:23PM 2 Remus: how to make remus end gracefully ? / how to change frequency on the run ?
1:51PM 3 [PATCH 0/3] update for xl bindings
1:35PM 8 [PATCH] x86: optimize this_cpu()
12:26PM 1 Mini-OS as TPM driver domain
10:11AM 2 [PATCH] Add a check script to check for the existence of an ocaml native compiler
9:16AM 1 SVM violation gpa, CPU problem ?
5:30AM 0 [PATCH] tools/debugger/gdbsx: enabled by only x86
Monday July 12 2010
8:13PM 0 [PATCH RFC 11/12] x86/pvticketlock: use callee-save for lock_spinning
8:03PM 0 [PATCH RFC 03/12] x86/ticketlock: Use C for __ticket_spin_unlock
7:30PM 0 [PATCH][IOMMU] Debug info for AMD IOMMU event log
6:07PM 16 [PATCH] Introduce dom0-min-space configuration option
3:41PM 12 [PATCH] Dont'' round-robin the callback interrupt
2:08PM 2 HAP broken?
2:01PM 11 [PATCH 0 of 9] libxl/xl: support for domain 0 bootloader (e.g. pygrub)
11:08AM 0 xenstore-write segfault
11:03AM 10 xenpm: provide core/package cstate residencies
10:58AM 2 xenpm: fix get-cpu-topology
10:24AM 1 Radeon HD5770 and VGA passthrough (vBAR=pBAR not enough?)
9:41AM 0 [PATCH 3/3] consolidate MSI-X related definitions
9:37AM 0 [PATCH 2/3] x86: allow the MSI-X table to reside beyond 4G even on 32-bit systems
9:35AM 0 [PATCH 1/3] x86: prevent simultaneous use of MSI and MSI-X
9:32AM 0 [PATCH 0/3] MSI-X adjustments
8:48AM 0 [PATCH] x86: fix a benign typo
8:46AM 0 [PATCH] x86/cpufreq: pass pointers to cpu masks where possible
7:07AM 0 [PATCH]Fix bug that usb-list broken after usb-hc-create
6:22AM 0 [XCP] 0.5 bug with host-evacuate (wrong VM uuid)
Sunday July 11 2010
1:18PM 1 [PATCH] blktap2: blktap2 and pygrub (xen-unstable)
8:16AM 3 [PATCH] blktap/blktap2: Fix for incorrect parse disk configuration (xen-unstable)
6:57AM 0 Re: CS 21556 (blktap2: Fix tapdisk disktype issues) is no longer working for "vhd"
Saturday July 10 2010
10:46PM 1 Re: Xen clocksources and timekeeping wiki page
10:42PM 2 Xen 4.0.1 & kernel Oops: 0000 [#1] SMP
2:26AM 1 summary : xen performance tools
Friday July 9 2010
7:27PM 0 Re: no udev events in netback domU driver domain,
3:39PM 0 [PATCH] xencommons: xenconsoled tracing
2:41PM 0 [PATCH] add libxl_find_terminal
2:32PM 7 [PATCH] gntdev: switch back to rwlocks
1:30PM 5 [PATCH 0 of 2] New HVMOPs for PV-on-HVM drivers
1:11PM 0 remus Disk replication
10:57AM 2 [PATCH 0 of 2] HVM firmware: customize the SMBIOS strings based on xenstore keys
9:08AM 0 [PATCH] linux: pci/guestdev: cleanup data definitions
9:06AM 0 [PATCH] linux: pci/iomulti: adjustments for CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI=m
8:44AM 4 Hang when starting a 256GB PV guest.
Thursday July 8 2010
10:16PM 24 Help booting Xen under RHEL6 beta2
9:14PM 11 Questions regarding Xen Credit Scheduler
8:46PM 4 xen-4.0.0 and 3ware Escalade 7506-4LP
7:45PM 12 GSoC 2010 - Migration from memory ballooning to memory hotplug in Xen
6:44PM 1 Dom0 network problem
4:33PM 2 [PATCH 0 of 2] Minor tracing updates
3:39PM 25 hvm domU boot - oops at add_pin_to_irq_node_nopanic
3:36PM 0 [PATCH] eliminate unnecessary NR_CPUS-sized arrays from ''t'' key handler
3:35PM 0 [PATCH] cpufreq: eliminate unnecessary NR_CPUS-sized arrays
3:34PM 0 [PATCH] x86/svm: eliminate unnecessary NR_CPUS-sized arrays
3:29PM 0 [PATCH] x86/mce: eliminate unnecessary NR_CPUS-sized arrays
2:27PM 0 tap:aio doesn''t work with xm command
2:09PM 5 Xenalyze?
11:21AM 0 [PATCH] xen: allow HVM save/restore from different cpus
11:19AM 0 [PATCH] xen: allow HVM save/restore from different changesets
11:10AM 4 Question: why pvops seldom build modules drivers
10:57AM 3 Question about MMUEXT_PIN_L3_TABLE
10:43AM 0 [PATCH] tools: increase default xentrace buffer size.
10:03AM 0 [PATCH] replace BUG() with a console warning in the MCE handler
1:38AM 1 call to xs_unwatch() does not return
Wednesday July 7 2010
11:04PM 2 Xen 4.0 is broken on 32bit
9:06PM 1 [Fwd: RE: [Fwd: Re: IOMMU and AMD 890fx]]
6:42PM 17 HVM SMP linux guest hangs in cpu_idle() with EFLAGS.IF = 1
4:33PM 0 Re: [PATCH 7 of 7] blktap2: Port Xend to the tap-ctl interface
4:25PM 0 openvswitch strange behavior
4:16PM 5 [PATCH] Serialise some things in top-level Makefile
2:41PM 2 [Xen-API] Xen Cloud Platform 0.5 released!
1:49PM 0 [PATCH] xen: make the shadow allocation hypercalls include the p2m
1:40PM 5 [Patch 0/2] Fix request-abs-pointer (again)
1:39PM 0 [PATCH] xen: use s_time_t for periodic timer deadlines
1:00PM 20 [PATCH 0/3] libxl stubdom API cleanup
10:24AM 0 Get different memory value of Xen dom0 by "xm top" and "top"
10:21AM 4 Remus wiki page updated
10:18AM 0 [bug] information of block in HVM is missong
10:14AM 8 granting access to MSI-X table and pending bit array
9:07AM 3 Problem with booting pvops DomU
8:54AM 2 remus error
8:50AM 0 [PATCH, RFC] x86: eliminate bogus IRQ restrictions
8:27AM 3 [PATCH] xl, fix for short BDF (without domain specified)
7:42AM 5 XCP: request for review a sr driver
2:04AM 4 no udev events in netback domU driver domain
12:07AM 35 Xen build - Debian vs Redhat layout patch options
Tuesday July 6 2010
9:37PM 10 pciback: question about the permissive flag
7:12PM 2 Is there a way to get the process tree of each VM from DOM0 or hypervisor ?
6:13PM 3 AES Encryption information
4:32PM 8 Runaway real/sys time in newer paravirt domUs?
4:31PM 1 [PATCH] libxl: Read soundhw option and pass it on to qemu
3:57PM 10 [Xen-API] XCP Community Call #2
3:52PM 0 [PATCH] x86/mce: use cpu_online() instead of cpu_isset(, cpu_online_map)
3:51PM 0 [PATCH] x86/cpufreq: check array index before use
3:50PM 0 [PATCH] x86: eliminate unused "quad_local_to_mp_bus_id"
3:35PM 2 [PATCH] rombios: move the stack to 0x9e000 and protect it with an e820 entry
3:31PM 0 [PATCH] rombios: fix implicit assumption that DS == SS
3:12PM 8 Xen signing and wget
3:10PM 11 Re: [Bug 1612] Can''t start VM when vif set and udev version is greater than 151
2:42PM 8 [PATCH]: as requested, disable_migrate support for libxl
1:59PM 5 [PATCH] rombios: pause for a keypress after a failed boot
11:36AM 2 remus trouble
10:45AM 2 [PATCH] pygrub: look in every partition for something to boot
7:20AM 8 a problem about xen4.0 remus
Monday July 5 2010
3:22PM 4 Xen 3.4.x and request-abs-pointer
3:02PM 2 [PATCH]: xl, allow setting of timer_mode, hpet and vpt_align parameters
2:53PM 0 [PATCH RFC 10/12] x86/pvticketlock: keep count of blocked cpus
11:39AM 8 [PATCH 0/1] backport libxl from xen-unstable to xen-4.0-testing
11:39AM 3 [PATCH] Register watches for frontend features.
11:11AM 0 XCP: sr drivers and multipath.conf
10:38AM 9 DomU lockups after resume from S3 on Core i5 processors
9:09AM 1 Question on xenpm
8:01AM 2 [PATCH] trace: further security fixes: add compiler memory barriers
7:08AM 0 [PATCH 3/3] x2APIC: improve enabling logic
7:08AM 0 [PATCH 2/3] x2APIC/VT-d: improve interrupt remapping and queued invalidation enabling and disabling
7:08AM 0 [PATCH 1/3] x2APIC/VT-d: allocate iommu when create a drhd
7:07AM 5 [PATCH 0/3] x2APIC improvement
7:07AM 2 [SPAM] XCP: vm-import failed on xcp 0.5rc1
3:46AM 2 [PATCH] No need to emulate WBINVD when VT-d force snooping feature available
Saturday July 3 2010
1:26PM 0 development of HXEN
5:37AM 0 [PATCH] VMX: fix ept pages free up when ept superpage split fails.
12:20AM 0 [PATCH RFC 09/12] xen/pvticketlock: Xen implementation for PV ticket locks
12:06AM 0 [PATCH RFC 02/12] x86/ticketlock: convert spin loop to C
Friday July 2 2010
11:55PM 2 [XEN][vNUMA][PATCH 9/9] Disable Migration with numa_strategy
11:55PM 2 [XEN][vNUMA][PATCH 8/9] Construct SRAT/SLIT for NUMA HVM
11:55PM 6 [XEN][vNUMA][PATCH 7/9] Build NUMA HVM
11:54PM 1 [XEN][vNUMA][PATCH 6/9] cleanup setup_guest function
11:54PM 1 [XEN][vNUMA][PATCH 5/9] allocation strategies
11:54PM 3 [XEN][vNUMA][PATCH 4/9] Basic cpumap utilities
11:54PM 26 [XEN][vNUMA][PATCH 3/9] public interface
11:53PM 7 [XEN][vNUMA][PATCH 2/9] Config options
11:53PM 0 [XEN][vNUMA][PATCH 1/9] exact node request
11:53PM 4 [XEN][vNUMA][PATCH 0/9] VM memory mgmt for NUMA
11:27PM 0 [PATCH RFC 07/12] x86/spinlocks: replace pv spinlocks with pv ticketlocks
10:26PM 0 [PATCH RFC 01/12] x86/ticketlock: clean up types and accessors
3:19PM 7 Fwd: Xen4.0/FC8/Linux- hang on boot
2:55PM 0 [PATCH] Make frontend features distinct from netback feature flags.
1:40PM 2 Multi-vcpu HVM Linux domain hanging during boot
1:29PM 0 Update of Xen.org Wiki Developer Home Page
1:23PM 0 [PATCH] pygrub: --not-really option for debugging
1:06PM 0 [PATCH] pygrub: fix a typo
12:44PM 2 [PATCH] tools: add XS_RESTRICT operation to C xenstore client libs.
11:24AM 2 Re: Ping: regressions from post-3.2.3 c/s 17041
9:28AM 8 [PATCH] Fix basic indentation issue
Thursday July 1 2010
7:17PM 5 [PATCH] AMD OSVW (OS Visible Workaround) for Xen
4:02PM 2 [PATCH] xen: kill hvm_timer only when is initialized
3:39PM 0 remove xen/arch/x86/hvm/vmx/vpmu.c?
12:42PM 0 [PATCH] cleanup ept_set_entry
12:11PM 2 bogus motherboard? IOMMU does not work
10:33AM 0 bootstrapping of HXEN
10:18AM 0 FW: [Xen-users] Grub2 script for ubuntu and debian users
10:12AM 4 [PATCH 0 of 4] trace: Miscellaneous fixes
9:22AM 7 [PATCH] make protocol specific usage of shared sring explicit
9:04AM 1 Question about backporting pci passthrough fix to 2.6.18
5:16AM 27 State of gdbsx in xen-4.0-testing.hg and debugger documentation.
3:04AM 21 S3 sleep in dom0 breaks dom0<->domU wallclock synchronization