Xen devel - Sep 2006

Saturday September 30 2006
2:57PM 1 [PATCH] [XM] Fix a bug in the rmlabel tool
9:15AM 1 RE: [PATCH] add RDMSR/WRMSR instruction emulationtoVMXAssist decoder
8:01AM 1 [PATCH] Add sub instruction support to HVM MMIO decoder
6:34AM 1 VMX status report 11678:9977b8785570
5:07AM 2 RE: [PATCH] add RDMSR/WRMSR instruction emulation toVMXAssist decoder
4:54AM 0 [PATCH] add RDMSR/WRMSR instruction emulation to VMXAssist decoder
12:46AM 0 [Patch] Avoid mov-from/to-cr8 crashing Xen when APIC=0
Friday September 29 2006
8:57PM 0 [Patch] vnclisten for paravirt FB
7:59PM 1 [HVM][PATCH] Prompt users a proper warning if HVM feature disabled in BIOS
7:26PM 0 Testing status of HVM (Intel VT) on 64bit XEN unstable c/s 11655
6:59PM 0 [PATCH 6/6] tools: add numa stat tool and hcalls
6:58PM 1 [PATCH 5/6] xen, tools: add nr_cpus field to fix nr_cpus calc
6:58PM 4 [PATCH 4/6] xen: export NUMA topology in physinfo hcall
6:58PM 0 [PATCH 3/6] xen: make memory ops NUMA-aware
6:58PM 0 [PATCH 2/6] xen: add per-node bucks to page allocator
6:58PM 0 [PATCH 1/6] xen: add ACPI SRAT parser and data structures
6:58PM 0 [PATCH 0/6] add NUMA support to Xen
6:45PM 0 [SVM][PATCH] Remove unnecessary intr assist guest iF check
1:28PM 1 [Xen-ia64-devel] RE: IPF/Xen VTI domain testing report for Xen 3.0.3 RC1
1:15PM 0 IPF/Xen VTI domain testing report for Xen 3.0.3 RC1
9:56AM 27 [PATCH 0/6][TOOLS][XM-TEST] Update xm-test to support new architectures
7:51AM 5 Testing Report for Xen 3.0.3 rc1
6:44AM 1 [PATCH] hvm: clear vmxe if vmxoff
6:36AM 0 [PATCH] Fix one address32 and data32 issue on vmxassist decoder
6:33AM 0 [PATCH] Use physical address on vmx_assist to copy context
5:26AM 2 VMX status report 11649:b6ee084892da
4:17AM 0 RE: [PATCH] support HVM guests with more than 3.75G memory
4:00AM 3 [PATCH] Turn blktap tapfds into a link list
1:56AM 0 [PATCH] make blktap find it''s major through sysfs
1:40AM 3 [PATCH] make evtchn use a dynamic minor
Thursday September 28 2006
10:30PM 0 [Patch] Remove unnecessary tlb flush in blktap_poll
10:25PM 0 [Patch] Remove timeout in blktap''s main tapdisk select loop
10:17PM 6 blktap race against xenstore startup
9:38PM 1 Testing the NUMA patches on the Unisys ES7000
7:23PM 1 Re: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable] [VMXASSIST] Cast to pointer type via long to avoid compile
5:36PM 6 [Patch] Fix blktap to work with a bootloader
4:12PM 3 skb_checksum_setup and NAT
4:10PM 1 [Patch] Fix SMP debugging assert failures in blktap
3:48PM 0 In xen 3.0.3 rc1 both vbd and vnif don''t work for HVM
3:11PM 0 RE: Testing status of HVM (Intel VT) on 64bit XENunstable c/s 11616
3:00PM 0 Pass value from hypervisor to Dom0
2:47PM 1 [Patch] Fix blktap oops on domain shutdown
2:03PM 4 [PATCH] have udev create the device for blktap
9:33AM 2 RE: Testing status of HVM (Intel VT) on 64bit XENunstable c/s 11616
3:02AM 0 VMX status report 11635:1d0e75523636
Wednesday September 27 2006
6:03PM 7 Invalid length provided for SMBIOS data
6:00PM 0 [PATCH] Make the cursor appropriately visible in pygrub
4:56PM 0 [SVM][PATCH] remove masking of MCA/MCE for HVM guest
4:52PM 0 Fix 32-bit overflow in 64-bit Xen running 32-bit guest.
4:16PM 4 [PATCH 0/2] clean up blktap and change to use a dynamic major
3:30PM 2 X in dom1 with second graphics card?
3:23PM 0 [PATCH] typo in create.py
3:21PM 1 RE: Testing status of HVM (Intel VT) on 64bit XENunstable c/s 11616
1:45PM 0 [Patch] blktap modular build fix
1:41PM 1 Broken (and unnecessary) SMP locking in blktap.c
1:17PM 3 TLB flushing in blktap kernel driver?
1:09PM 1 RE: Testing status of HVM (Intel VT) on 64bit XENunstable c/s 11616
12:30PM 1 RE: Testing status of HVM (Intel VT) on 64bit XENunstable c/s 11616
12:18PM 0 RE: Testing status of HVM (Intel VT) on 64bit XENunstable c/s 11616
11:30AM 0 [PATCH] Fix xm uptime
10:59AM 0 [PATCH] Fix xm sched-sedf
10:32AM 0 [PATCH] Fix xm rmlabel and xm dumppolicy
10:03AM 0 dumpread script update
5:38AM 0 VMX status report 11624:bd811e94d293
1:24AM 0 [Patch] Add hardware TPR access acceleration
Tuesday September 26 2006
9:41PM 6 xenguest-install.py reports "no module named libvirt" in FC5 x86 mode
7:36PM 0 netback in domain != 0 - not disconnected
6:57PM 0 Xen 3.0.3 rc1 available
6:23PM 15 RE: Individual passwords for guest VNC servers ?
6:20PM 1 HVM PIC/APIC confusion in ACPI firmware?
3:26PM 8 [PATCH resend] allow connecting to xenconsole from remote hosts
3:21PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs11612
3:05PM 9 [PATCH] Move RTC from Qemu to HV
2:04PM 8 Testing status of HVM (Intel VT) on 64bit XEN unstable c/s 11616
12:05PM 0 Patches now or rather later?
7:59AM 5 powernow-k8: Processor cpuid 681 not supported
7:36AM 7 about hot plug issue
6:53AM 5 VMX status report 11616:7de1715d185e
3:23AM 0 RE: [VMXASSIST] Fix virt-to-phys translation routine.
3:17AM 5 save/restore image format
Monday September 25 2006
11:31PM 0 [PATCH][XM-TEST] Remove test for missing device tpm0
9:44PM 1 [PATCH] fix build of gdbstub.c
4:19PM 0 xen - big - mem
2:48PM 1 [PATCH] Fix BUG in alloc_heap_pages
2:33PM 0 Testing status of HVM (Intel VT) on 64bit XEN unstable c/s 11600
11:51AM 12 [PATCH][Take 2] Sysfs Interface for balloon driver
11:10AM 3 Scheduling in domain
10:12AM 4 How to get user domain UUID from dom0
7:29AM 1 [PATCH] Fix -h option of xm command
7:03AM 1 VMX status report 11600:c4f3f719d997
6:37AM 2 Xen properties
3:13AM 0 [PATCH 3/3][XM-TEST] Rename buildroot -> buildroot-i386
3:12AM 0 [PATCH 2/3][XM-TEST] Remove hardcoded references to i386
3:12AM 0 [PATCH 1/3][XM-TEST] Update xm-test to use current uclib buildroot snapshot.
3:12AM 2 [PATCH 0/3][XM-TEST] Updates to xm-test ramdisk code
Saturday September 23 2006
9:50PM 1 dom0 crash while booting from AOE devices
4:31PM 2 Not waiting for devices in xend when resuming a domain
5:51AM 0 Re: Xen Summit presentations
Friday September 22 2006
8:31PM 31 Error reporting capabilities for libxc
7:00PM 1 [RFC][PATCH][UPDATED] Intel(R) LaGrande Technology support
6:53PM 6 "Memory squeeze in netback driver"
4:53PM 6 [PATCH] [build] Fix xen-unstable build
4:30PM 1 [PATCH] bug fix in dry-run command, restore missing try
3:07PM 5 [PATCH][XEN] __trap_to_gdb should return something different
1:14PM 0 [XenPPC] Re: [PATCH] Fix BUG in alloc_heap_pages
12:30PM 1 missing use of FOREIGNDOM?
12:29PM 2 [XenPPC] [PATCH][RFC] New command: xm pcpu-list
11:31AM 0 [PATCH] Vnet support for architectures without socketcall
10:05AM 0 [PATCH][HVM] add a mmio decoder for SMP windows 2003 installation
8:50AM 2 [MINIOS] Add stuff for generating assembler symbols in Makefile
7:05AM 4 VMX status report 11568:8c29bf7ede67
6:51AM 4 How to use xm serve?
Thursday September 21 2006
10:42PM 3 network + USB breaks hvm guest
10:03PM 1 xend blocks SIGCHLD and SIGINT
9:56PM 7 hvm domain crash
9:34PM 4 Xen talk to TPM
8:20PM 6 problem with xenperf
6:43PM 7 Kernel error with todays -unstable.
3:42PM 0 [PATCH] x86: show pagetable walk if guest cannot handle page fault
3:40PM 0 [PATCH] x86-64: change heap allocated from in some places
3:37PM 0 [PATCH] limit Xen heap size to 2Gb
3:34PM 0 [PATCH] adjust hidden visibility attribute handling
3:32PM 0 [PATCH] i386: eliminate hard coded descriptor initializers
2:47PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs11547
1:45PM 0 BLKTAP causing kernel BUG at arch/i386/mm/hypervisor.c:71
1:41PM 0 [PATCH]Fix a error to boot 32bit vista
1:11PM 1 [PATCH][RFC] Fix help option of xm create
12:21PM 2 IP addresses used by domU
9:48AM 0 [Patch] Fix negative pending count of local APIC timer interrupt
9:17AM 0 [PATCH] fix vmxassist to boot Vista
8:11AM 0 [RFC] Virtualisable NIC support in XEN
7:12AM 0 VMX status report 11547:affbab70fca2
4:52AM 0 [PATCH] Move initialize_keytable declaration to keyhandler.h
3:03AM 0 [PATCH] Clean up and enhance "make tags"
Wednesday September 20 2006
10:05PM 0 [Patch] Trivial fix for compile failure with latest glibc
8:08PM 0 [PATCH] [LIBXC] create PowerPC-specific alloc_real_mode_area memory op
8:01PM 8 qemu-dm performance
7:39PM 1 [PATCH] fix build for all architectures
7:23PM 3 [PATCH] [XEND] tweak XendDomainInfo to allow architectures to subclass
7:21PM 15 [PATCH] [XEND] Remove hard tabs
5:01PM 3 Oprofile-0.9.2 problem with xen-unstable
4:21PM 3 RFC -- virtualisable NIC support in Xen
10:01AM 1 dom0_ops/domctl iomem_permission hypercall
8:14AM 3 [PATCH] Qemu serial patch
6:37AM 12 Help/problems with blktap on xen-unstable
6:33AM 2 VMX status report 11536:041be3f6b38e
1:53AM 4 [PATCH] Cleanup x86_64 boot code
1:14AM 0 [PATCH] add printf_ratelimit to tame the wild prints
12:26AM 8 [PATCH] Sysfs Interface for balloon driver
Tuesday September 19 2006
11:11PM 1 access vmm from dom0
8:24PM 0 where is the .hg repository for the RPMs?
6:01PM 0 Testing status of HVM (Intel VT) on 64bit XEN unstable c/s 11486
5:04PM 1 XenTest wiki pages
2:28PM 0 Problem about rombios initializing network card''s PnP option ROM
12:37PM 3 [PATCH] Fix rename issue of xm dump-core
9:14AM 8 How to intercept interrupts from guest domains
8:36AM 0 [PATCH] Fix syntax checking about xm dump-core
6:33AM 0 VMX status report 11486:d8bceca5f07d
5:10AM 2 [RESEND] [PATCH] Use GDB ''O'' packets for console output
4:30AM 0 How to enable audio in vmx guest
4:16AM 1 [PATCH] Add memory size checking for xm create/mem-set command
Monday September 18 2006
9:24PM 0 Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs11483
7:28PM 0 Testing status of HVM (Intel VT) on 64bit XEN unstable c/s 11483
6:07PM 1 Memory barrier definitions in xenctrl.h for ia64?
4:36PM 1 IA32 vcpu-pin broken?
3:28PM 2 pfn to mfn mapping for HVM domains?
2:33PM 4 Handling Key Sequence
12:39PM 1 Re: dumpcore changes -- [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable] In this patch, the xc_domain_dumpcore_via_callback() in xc_core.c of
5:12AM 0 VMX status report 11483:d59d6a440a41
Sunday September 17 2006
8:31PM 0 Reverted part of patch in chageset 11483
Friday September 15 2006
8:40PM 0 Testing status of HVM (Intel VT) on 64bit XEN unstable c/s 11470
5:37PM 0 Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs11470
5:32PM 0 [SVM][PATCH] add CR8 access/vlapic resource cleanup
5:18PM 11 Supported #of CPUs/VMs per CPUs
4:34PM 0 [SVM][PATCH] SVM CPUID fixes
4:19PM 0 [HVM][XENOPROFILE][PATCH][3/3] xenoprofile HVM patches
4:19PM 0 [HVM][XENOPROFILE][PATCH][2/3] xenoprofile HVM patches
4:19PM 0 [HVM][XENOPROFILE][PATCH][1/3] xenoprofile HVM patches
4:19PM 10 [HVM][XENOPROFILE][RFC][0/3] xenoprofile HVM patches
8:47AM 1 VMX status report 11470:2b8dc69744e3
6:11AM 3 context switch and hypervisor
4:49AM 1 httperf throughput
2:07AM 2 Question: how to unmap memory mapped with direct_kernel_remap_pfn_range() ?
1:42AM 0 [PATCH] [XENOPROFILE] Fix list of xenoprof privileged operations
Thursday September 14 2006
9:34PM 0 Testing status of HVM (Intel VT) on 64bit XEN unstable c/s 11468
9:25PM 4 xen & Linux-2.6.17
9:18PM 1 Avoiding Xen suspension at source after migrate.
5:25PM 0 [PATCH] Fix for figlet
4:36PM 0 [PATCH] remove a useless header file include in hvm.c
3:21PM 1 Multiple PVM consoles
12:14PM 5 save image file format
11:17AM 4 [MINIOS] Changes for port to ia64
9:53AM 0 Current bottleneck of the network performance?
7:40AM 5 PAE, Elf headers, and Extended CR3 registers
5:46AM 0 VMX status report 11468:3e31c5e160cf
1:25AM 1 [PATCH] Update minios to new event channel ops
12:41AM 0 [PATCH][RFC] credit scheduler enhancement, eliminate unnecessary vcpu migrations
Wednesday September 13 2006
8:46PM 0 Testing status of HVM (Intel VT) on 64bit XEN unstable c/s 11442
8:45PM 10 [PATCH] Disable SMP on the MacBook by default
4:18PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs11442
1:51PM 0 enabling dom0 debug
5:14AM 0 VMX status report 11442:7d4def53936c
4:06AM 0 [PATCH] XENOPROF: add a new hypercall operation for allocating and sharing xenoprof buffer with domain
2:19AM 0 [PATCH] fix xenconsoled race
1:41AM 7 [RFC][PATCH] Isolating ACM''s architecture-dependent parts
Tuesday September 12 2006
10:12PM 0 [PATCH] update check_python to handle Python 2.5 RCs
8:08PM 1 [PATCH][RESEND][vTPM][XM-TEST] echo command string break-up fix
3:43PM 6 [PATCH] x86-64: suppress some unneeded side effects of -fPIC
2:00PM 3 PAE is_guest_l2_slot()
10:16AM 1 RE: 32E (64bit) VMX keyboard is out of control, ifgiven an addition ''hde''
10:05AM 0 RE: 32E (64bit) VMX keyboard is out of control, ifgiven an addition ''hde''
9:58AM 2 RE: 32E (64bit) VMX keyboard is out of control, ifgiven an addition ''hde''
9:41AM 3 [PATCH][RESEND]Add broadcast destination for physical destinationmode in LAPIC virtualization code
7:53AM 5 32E (64bit) VMX keyboard is out of control, if given an addition ''hde''
7:20AM 0 dumpread/dom0cut updated
7:10AM 0 VMX status report 11440:bfd00b317815
6:47AM 2 xen-3.0-testing
4:50AM 2 How HVM domain distingush ioemu disk and VBD disk
1:22AM 8 What actually destroys a domain?
Monday September 11 2006
9:19PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs11440
8:36PM 0 RE: [PATCH] enable port accesses with (almost) fullregister context
8:22PM 1 problem in booting hvm guest on x86_64 dual-core VT machine
8:01PM 0 [RESEND][BUGFIX][ACM] fix return code in acm-related xm scripts
7:44PM 3 cpu utilization monitoring
6:36PM 1 interdomain IPC
5:59PM 0 Testing status of HVM (Intel VT) on 64bit XEN unstable c/s 11414
5:24PM 2 RE: [PATCH] enable port accesses with (almost) fullregister context
4:12PM 14 [PATCH] enable port accesses with (almost) full register context
3:54PM 0 [PATCH xen-unstable] blktap - remove warning message
3:19PM 3 Console output stopped working in Mini-OS
10:38AM 0 [PATCH] qemu-dm drops into infinite loop
9:40AM 1 [PATCH] Show usage message of xm sysrq
4:58AM 0 [PATCH] Use GDB ''O'' packets for console output
2:03AM 3 [PATCH][RESEND*2] Add syntax checking for xm block-attach
Friday September 8 2006
5:34PM 2 [patch] barrier support for blk{front,back}
5:27PM 2 [BUGFIX][ACM] fix return code in acm-related xm scripts
4:40PM 2 Compiling XEN 3.0.1 in debug mode?
11:50AM 0 [PATCH][XM]: Fix a syntax error
1:51AM 1 [PATCH] Add the upper/lower limit checking for xm sched-credit
1:50AM 1 [PATCH] xenmon: --ms_per_sample: check too large value
1:31AM 2 [PATCH][RESEND] Add syntax checking for xm block-attach
1:09AM 3 RE: Re: Oops when loading xen_platform_pci module in HVMdomain on CS 11429
Thursday September 7 2006
8:44PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs11433
1:28PM 12 unstable tip not booting on x86-64 with ''domain_crash_sync''
10:48AM 5 Acquire uuid of user domain X from Dom0
10:21AM 0 getting started with writing block device drivers
10:12AM 0 Device drivers and Xend
9:51AM 20 [RFC][PATCH] Emulate instructions in vm86 mode
9:28AM 0 VMX status report 11433:1de184deaa9c
7:28AM 7 [PATCH] allow connecting to xenconsole from remote hosts
5:52AM 0 Interface specification for para drivers
5:37AM 1 Questions about xenoprof semantics
12:22AM 0 [RFC][PATCH] Intel(R) LaGrande Technology support
Wednesday September 6 2006
2:46PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs11431
2:10PM 2 Trans.: Device drivers and Xend
1:28PM 1 [PATCH] Don''t lazily import the signal module
1:18PM 3 [XenPPC] should vcpu_pause()/vcpu_sleep_nosync() give up?
11:49AM 2 [PATCH] Add syntax checking for xm block-attach
7:53AM 7 [RFC PATCH] allow connecting to xenconsole from remote hosts
3:22AM 0 FW: VMX status report 11429:66dd34f2f439
12:56AM 10 Oops when loading xen_platform_pci module in HVM domain on CS 11429
Tuesday September 5 2006
10:58PM 0 PATCH: BUG:655 update clobber list for set_bit
9:59PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs11391
9:18PM 0 [PATCH][XEND] Fix yet another information-destroying backtrace in Xend
7:18PM 0 [PATCH] Fix for xm block-detach, blktap devices
7:11PM 3 summagraphics on windows?
4:57PM 0 [PATCH][vTPM][XM-TEST] echo command string break-up fix
8:10AM 3 PATCH: makes acm_setup arch independant
7:17AM 0 VMX statu report 11413:b219ea61a357
6:32AM 1 Re: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable] Update user manual to use blktap for file-based VBDs.
4:50AM 1 [PATCH] xenmon: --ms_per_sample: check a negative value
Monday September 4 2006
3:02PM 2 PATCH (ACM): keep binary stream aligned
8:12AM 1 [PATCH] Improve error message of xm console command
8:00AM 2 Porting PV-on-HVM for ia64 platform (Take 3)
7:31AM 0 VMX status report 11412:5fa9b746d24f
7:00AM 2 Question about ACMError
4:07AM 2 [PATCH] [GDBSERVER] make gdbbuild exit on error
3:27AM 0 [RFC] Use GDB ''O'' packets for console output
Saturday September 2 2006
11:50PM 2 Grad project transition to masters thesis idea
7:59PM 5 [PATCH] Paravirt framebuffer console cleanups [5/5]
7:58PM 6 [PATCH] Paravirt framebuffer use xvc as console [4/5]
7:58PM 7 [PATCH] Paravirt framebuffer support in xend [3/5]
7:58PM 41 [PATCH] Paravirt framebuffer backend tools [2/5]
7:58PM 22 [PATCH] Paravirt framebuffer frontend kernel support [1/5]
7:57PM 1 [PATCH] Paravirt framebuffer series, take 3 [0/5]
4:55PM 9 [PATCH] vnclisten for HVM vnc
10:00AM 0 Printing a helloworld message on the screen
Friday September 1 2006
10:02PM 11 BUG: soft lockup detected on CPU#0! on 3.0.2-2
9:36PM 7 Live vm migration broken in latest xen-unstable
9:04PM 3 [PATCH] Clean up unmodified_drivers mkbuildtree script
7:17PM 1 [RFC][PATCH] auto-starting viewer for virtual frame buffer
5:43PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs11408
5:32PM 1 [PATCH] block_sync bugfix & cleanup
5:01PM 0 [Xense-devel][RFC][PATCH][4/4] Xen Security Modules: Flask Policy
5:00PM 0 [Xense-devel][RFC][PATCH][3/4] Xen Security Modules: Flask module
4:59PM 0 [Xense-devel][RFC][PATCH][2/4] Xen Security Modules: ACM (sHype) module
4:58PM 10 [Xense-devel][RFC][PATCH][1/4] Xen Security Modules: XSM
4:57PM 8 [Xense-devel][RFC][PATCH][0/4] Xen Security Modules: Intro
4:53PM 0 [PATCH][ACM][Docs Cleanup] cleans up txt files in tools/security
4:10PM 4 idle_pg_tables??
3:20PM 0 [PATCH] fix race condition between xenconsoled and the removal of the entry of a dying domU from xenstore
1:41PM 2 vm_map_xen_pages removal breaks modular oprofile
10:59AM 0 [NET] gso: Fix rcv mss estimate
10:42AM 5 [PATCH] tapdisk cleanup
9:40AM 9 VMX status report 11394:96a4379be74a
9:37AM 0 [PATCH][VMX] Fix an error in guest rdmsr handling
6:26AM 0 [PATCH] Fix the problem of which xen-platform-pci.ko module could not be inserted.
3:13AM 0 xend not working anymore and problems on x64-64
2:46AM 0 [PATCH]Add broadcast destination for physical destination mode in LAPIC virtualization
1:23AM 0 RE: [PATCH]Fix a shadow error with L*_DISALLOW_MASK for HVM64bit guest