wine users - Sep 2011

Friday September 30 2011
8:42PM 2 Sugarsync not working now.
4:29PM 4 MT4 Avafx
9:27AM 1 winhttp proxy doesn't work
2:43AM 1 Software passing mouse clicks and keystrokes back to X
2:04AM 3 Fine ...
Thursday September 29 2011
9:21PM 2 Running wine as a server
8:22PM 1 Fallout: NV crashes on Launcher - Arch 64
7:47PM 1 Re: Wine and WoW Cataclysm Patch 4.0 troubleshooting thread
7:31PM 1 Re: Wine and WoW Cataclysm Patch 4.0 troubleshooting thread
4:26PM 1 Troubleshooting 2D Graphics / Speed Issues
2:51PM 3 Can't play under Arch and Wine
1:41PM 0 Quicken 2011 install
1:21PM 3 Re: Wine and WoW Cataclysm Patch 4.0 troubleshooting thread
10:41AM 1 Starcraft II: Unable to run with wine
10:15AM 0 Re: Plantracer 3.5: icons on toolbar and menu not visible
8:44AM 1 Re: Wine and WoW Cataclysm Patch 4.0 troubleshooting thread
7:29AM 0 Re: Visual Fox Application in Wine
6:56AM 1 EVE Online on FreeBSD/amd64. Handshake error.
6:51AM 1 Not working?
3:06AM 2 Re: MS-Office 2003 crashes when loading documents
1:31AM 4 How to run wine regedit on crossover?
Wednesday September 28 2011
6:08PM 1 Re: Wine and WoW Cataclysm Patch 4.0 troubleshooting thread
5:42PM 1 Sound lagging if using simultaneous sound output
2:55PM 3 Re: Wine and WoW Cataclysm Patch 4.0 troubleshooting thread
12:45PM 1 Morrowind on Wine
12:04PM 1 Re: Can't get a HighID with eMule 0.50a on wine 1.2 and Ubuntu
9:57AM 1 Bootfighter and Blowout gets program error
6:54AM 0 Re: setup_exception_record stack overflow
3:29AM 0 Any good monitoring software?
2:03AM 7 Accpac :( :(
Tuesday September 27 2011
11:10PM 3 Hello
9:30PM 1 Aimp3 webradios problem
9:11PM 4 File system case translation
6:40PM 1 I can't install MS Office 2007 or 2010
5:28PM 24 Wine on Tiger
3:02PM 0 Spanis Wines
2:47PM 1 Office 2010 Install Error
12:25PM 1 Re: Debian Squeeze i386 test package available
12:22PM 4 Help getting Plan3D to work???
12:03PM 1 Re: Wine and WoW Cataclysm Patch 4.0 troubleshooting thread
11:39AM 0 Re: RtCW: GLW_StartOpenGL() issue
8:13AM 0 Platinum Blu-Ray Defeat the World
4:28AM 1 Re: GnuTLS internal error in wine test case
2:54AM 0 Darkfall US client
1:24AM 0 Re: Diablo II LoD Crushed to go to Act 2!
Monday September 26 2011
10:46PM 1 Re: Wine and WoW Cataclysm Patch 4.0 troubleshooting thread
8:20PM 1 Wine & HD3D S3D Stereo 3D, Stereoscopic 3D ?
8:04PM 1 Re: Solidworks 2009 on Linux Mint 9
7:46PM 3 lotro - Isengard patch fails w/ pylotro
7:12PM 2 How does wine "detect" graphicscard-hardware
6:20PM 2 Multiple Versions of wine
4:02PM 3 Windows CLI Commands in Ruby freeze Wine application
3:11PM 7 Problem with srcds
11:00AM 0 Fwd: Re: GnuTLS internal error in wine test case
9:18AM 2 Re: Access Samba Shares Tru wine
7:10AM 0 app
7:08AM 0 iphone
6:10AM 0 Children oil painting is based on intuition and imagination
6:09AM 0 Farmhouse in Provence
6:07AM 0 People painting is an independent a painting type
12:29AM 0 Dragon Age2 (need help installation)
Sunday September 25 2011
9:47PM 1 Problem: Install .msi that requires .NET 3.5
12:07PM 1 Trying to wine starcraft 2
11:39AM 0 Re: Fonts Anti Alias Problem
9:17AM 1 Can't uninstall COD4
Saturday September 24 2011
4:53PM 1 Checked with wine 1.3.29
3:35PM 4 wine debian squeeze office 2007 blue edition error
3:06PM 3 I have a very nasty virus on wine...
1:01PM 2 Similar problems for different programs.
8:17AM 3 still without working...
7:59AM 2 Wine takes all CPU
7:48AM 1 Re: Fallen Earth Installer Will Not Complete Update
6:00AM 6 Failed to Register craxdrt.dll on Ubuntu 10.04 WINE
5:18AM 8 Bash Script Shorcuts for Steam Games
3:44AM 1 installing wine on Debian Wheezy: configure: error: FreeType development files not found
3:42AM 1 Re: Visual C++ installation Help?
12:51AM 3 ATI/AMD GPU + Ubuntu + Wine + EVE Online = I need help...
Friday September 23 2011
1:26PM 2 Infocube missing dlls
12:01PM 1 Unsubscribe me please
9:25AM 1 wine1.3.28 broken msvcp90.dll
9:12AM 1 CAT 2011 Mock Test | CAT Mock Test 2011 | Free CAT Mock Test
5:49AM 1 Wine speed
Thursday September 22 2011
8:01PM 3 Wine on non-Unix platforms
3:23PM 5 Portable Wine
9:03AM 1 Re: LISA finite element in wine
6:47AM 1 Install and run Sibelius 7
Wednesday September 21 2011
9:03PM 1 Wine can't see DVD drives, and wont open some apps
8:22PM 2 Sony Station Launcher - no text
11:45AM 0 Re: Screen resolution changing not working (Debian Squeeze)
6:12AM 0 Re: no Runes of Magic with Wine 1.1.34
1:57AM 3 This Specs and upcoming games?
Tuesday September 20 2011
8:57PM 7 Unreal Development Kit installation error: Shader Model 3
7:42PM 10 list spam related question
2:59PM 4 Office 2007
2:49PM 1 Regression Wine 1.3.28
1:58PM 0 NAS access for programs running on wine
1:00PM 1 link
12:56PM 5 possible regression: Yamaha AN Expert Editor
11:32AM 0 Re: Game for Windows Live and Wine
7:32AM 0 children's numerical skills
7:32AM 0 Love me little, love me long.
3:35AM 1 Unable to run iTunes on wine-1.3.28
12:17AM 5 Replacing X11 backend driver with SDL
Monday September 19 2011
9:35PM 6 Mouse not working in Hellgate
7:28PM 1 Force Feedback / Vibration
4:22PM 1 GnuTLS error but wine thingks tes is ok
3:15PM 1 Distorted Graphics in Games.
3:13PM 2 odd steam install location?
2:13PM 3 Can't install program to another drive
5:36AM 2 MDAC 2.5 issues
3:57AM 1 text
3:56AM 0 Thank you very much. I just hope to hear him start singing a
1:38AM 10 Few Questions
1:33AM 4 Wine and Fallout3... no cd/dvd HELP!!!
12:16AM 1 Re: Run-time error '10'This array is fixed or temporarily locked
Sunday September 18 2011
10:17PM 0 hereos V/ armies of exigo- missing textures...
8:49PM 2 Segfault in SolidWorks with recent nvidia cards and drivers
8:43PM 2 Re: LISA finite element in wine
8:00PM 3 UpToDate Portable
7:51PM 5 Suddenly wine has a problem
5:25PM 1 Flyff private server graphic
1:58PM 1 Synce with iPhone
6:12AM 1 The information is useerfull.
6:11AM 0 Thanks for the links
Saturday September 17 2011
10:28PM 2 Wrong exiting from MS Word + can't save MS Word document
9:12PM 1 duplicate repository
9:11PM 1 Re: Wine 1.3.11 and Micorsoft Money Sunset Edition
8:56PM 1 Browsers
4:04PM 2 Anyone using Oneric suddenly having Wine/OpenGL problems?
2:35PM 2 hello see my wines.
9:41AM 0 Go To Play with Taylormade R11 Driver
9:39AM 0 How To Take Discount Golf Equipment
8:43AM 1 Wine Application Create not searchable PDF
6:04AM 1 How to install 64bit softwares in Wine
Friday September 16 2011
5:10PM 1 Latest Wine 1.3.28 breaks Rift patcher
4:09PM 3 make: *** [dlls/msvcrt/tests] Error 2
11:55AM 2 sa-mp cannot connect to
7:33AM 0 CellarTracker is not necessarily representative of the broad
7:31AM 0 The Wisdom of the Crowd and Wine Critic Ratings
7:26AM 0 Penche Winery, Napa: Recent Releases
4:40AM 2 Wine not opening Microsoft powerpoint point files
Thursday September 15 2011
11:57PM 1 Using/ pressing more than two Keys at a time
6:20PM 1 Spelunky
5:09PM 1 MinGW
3:32PM 1 TOP and Rayman 3 wine 1.3.28
12:50PM 9 Help with Supreme Commander Forged Alliance
11:17AM 0 bridiff23
9:27AM 0 Re: tasbooks Sage accounting software
9:26AM 1 Using unix paths in console mode wine apps
8:37AM 1 Help running freeware `BRICKNTILES` with wine/crossover ???
6:32AM 0 Running MapMate software
12:57AM 1 Wine Gecko download problems on Kubuntu 10.10 w/Wine 1.3.28
12:04AM 0 Re: NULL pointer dereference in context_acquire(), wined3d/conte
Wednesday September 14 2011
11:19PM 0 NULL pointer dereference in context_acquire(), wined3d/context.c
7:26PM 2 Hard Reset Demo doesn't render textures
6:33PM 2 Conflicting apps <---
2:20PM 0 Star Trek Bridge Commander on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
12:23PM 2 wine and installed software on windows partition
7:58AM 0 How To Run a Top-Notch Press Trip or Wine Junket
7:43AM 0 Overview of capacitorLM358 for pad tv
7:29AM 6 Norton Dayplan no longer working
Tuesday September 13 2011
6:03PM 0 Re: Vertical text problem in 3D Home Architect 2.1
5:46PM 1 question b4 downloading
3:02PM 3 Device configuration dialog in DirectInput
2:06PM 2 Locally "installed" Dll's
12:29PM 1 Invoking host system's programs with code running under Wine
11:16AM 1 VCRun2008 Error Creating Log File etc
7:50AM 6 Install and run Wine purely in/from the home folder
7:14AM 0 Re: frame/graphics lag in microsoft Freelancer
6:17AM 7 Can anyone give me a step by step preferbly video guide on h
12:52AM 4 Help,installed diablo 2 can't get it to work
Monday September 12 2011
11:26PM 0 Script to change Afinity of MassEffect.exe
10:47PM 0 Menu Icon Corruption
9:55PM 2 Runtime error 339
7:32PM 6 WINE fails in directories with Question Marks in name
2:25PM 1 Re: Registry keys in WINE 1.2.2
8:25AM 0 Business Money Marketing Blog | Money Marketing Online
6:58AM 0 Has anyone ran Namo 2006 web editor?
4:49AM 1 Re: Stratosphere - Conquest of the Skies game blacks out screen.
3:29AM 1 1.3 mint: fixme:storage:create_storagefile
Sunday September 11 2011
10:15PM 4 Turbo Basic
8:16PM 3 cannot compile wine 1.3.28
6:46PM 1 Errors with msvcp80.dll and EVE after upgrading to 1.3.28
3:57PM 1 Working Compile on OS/X 10.7 (Lion)
1:37PM 5 getting wine to run on OpenSuse 11.4-in order to use WinSCP
12:57PM 2 wine 1.3.28 sound issues
11:14AM 0 Re: Rainbow six Raven shield
7:22AM 2 Re: Wine on Android
1:32AM 2 oss driver can't work with fmodex
Saturday September 10 2011
11:46PM 1 Help with everquest titanium install (eqemu)
10:44PM 2 Can't get Windows program installed under Wine to work
10:15PM 1 Problem playing several different games, swrast_dri
8:19PM 2 Ubuntu install .msi file error
3:30PM 3 Help installing Win on MacBook Pro
12:49PM 6 [Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst] gurus & advice needed..
9:31AM 2 How to make Perfect World run on Linux 10?
8:20AM 7 Is DOSBox replacing native DOS support in Wine?
8:07AM 1 wine and avs2yuv (avisynth player)
6:52AM 0 Re: I'd like to voice my concerns about The Sims 2
5:45AM 3 How to load an ISO as a “CD” to satisfy “insert CD” prompt?
4:45AM 5 wine path error?
1:20AM 2 Steam and computer run very slowly
Friday September 9 2011
9:35PM 1 Re: Wine on Android
6:22PM 4 Audio detection issue
3:54PM 5 Re: Stratosphere - Conquest of the Skies game blacks out screen.
2:09PM 2 can't copy paste
11:37AM 2 Deadly Rooms of Death: The City Beneath
11:34AM 1 Deadly Rooms of Death: Journey to Rooted Hold
11:32AM 1 Your password must be no more than 32 characters.
7:27AM 0 Re: Visual Fox Pro 9 with dBase tables
Thursday September 8 2011
11:10PM 2 Pre-downloaded Wine Gecko Installer?
8:37PM 3 Hero Engine
7:53PM 4 WoW in Wine - PC freezes randomly
4:49PM 1 Question Wine APP DB
3:40PM 1 Cannot run apps requiring DirectX - Intel card
8:05AM 2 Zanzarah game
4:11AM 2 Integrated Intel Card Error
Wednesday September 7 2011
11:10PM 1 Can't Change region (country)
10:49PM 2 Trying to install Vmware View Agent 4.6 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
10:11PM 0 Madden 07 and 08 crash
10:09PM 0 Re: Haven't been able to completely install Dragon NaturallySpea
9:13PM 0 Sap Gui 7.20
7:25PM 1 Natspeak installation of 9/7 error log shows crashes
4:22PM 3 WinRAR 4.01 Windows & 7-zip Benchmarks on Wine...
3:20PM 1 Haven't been able to completely install Dragon NaturallySpeaking for several weeks
12:14PM 2 wine errors opening and closeing program
12:08PM 0 Re: Moyea FLV converter
9:09AM 2 Learning to become an Electrician
8:09AM 2 Problems with this Harry Potter PC game in wine 1.2.2
7:20AM 0 Access MS Database from mobile
7:19AM 0 Mobile Accounting with QBReflex
7:18AM 0 Listen your desktop music anywhere
7:17AM 0 OutlookReflex for Teachers and Students
7:16AM 0 Desktop Anywhere Anytime
12:42AM 1 Please help me...I don't unstand what I'm doing...
Tuesday September 6 2011
9:37PM 6 gcc1: out of memory error when installing wine
8:24PM 0 Re: tippfix 1.1 fails to run in wine
8:22PM 0 Re: Wine 1.3.12 build failed on OpenIndiana b148
8:21PM 0 [AC Brotherhood]Does not works
8:00PM 1 NETCON_secure_connect Error
7:43PM 6 Running Diablo (1) help
4:38PM 5 lotro - no sound or options alsa/wine 1.3.27
4:24PM 1 IE not connecting
4:24PM 0 Re: invalid ELF header
3:50PM 0 How to get Menubar in IE7
3:09PM 3 Error on opening, Non 7z Archive
10:17AM 0 For everything Auto in Liverpool – Berry Street Garage
8:24AM 8 Not able to run my windows software with the wine.
7:08AM 1 Re: I'd like to voice my concerns about The Sims 2
2:58AM 5 Error code: 0x80070002
2:32AM 1 Re: Stratosphere - Conquest of the Skies game blacks out screen.
1:26AM 0 A few problems with Wine.
Monday September 5 2011
10:35PM 6 help with warcraft please launcher problem
10:21PM 3 Mac OS X 10.5 compatibility?
9:06PM 2 Wine: Print Spooler not found.
8:15PM 3 cannot find system32 error
6:00PM 1 Wine 1.1.33 doesn't compile
5:13PM 0 Wine 1.3.26 - Left 4 Dead 2 Incomplete installation (2)
4:03PM 3 Autocad with Wine
3:48PM 0 Re: Wine 1.1.33 doesn't compile
3:17PM 0 Re: Error when openning MS Office files (*.doc, *.xls, *.ppt)
3:09PM 3 msvcp80.dll...
3:07PM 1 A strange behaviour of The Bat under Wine - Xorg exhaustion
1:13PM 0 DRM isues Tages
10:23AM 1 Fallout 3 sound issue. (not the one on the DB)
7:54AM 1 Re: Fatal Error
7:12AM 0 Best way to capture sound...
12:41AM 2 Request: WineASIO features
Sunday September 4 2011
9:59PM 1 Does winetricks run wine?
9:29PM 4 How optimize games for AT/AMD Radeon Cards
7:00PM 1 What are these "wine settings"??
6:51PM 1 opera for windows
6:40PM 0 i did "nothing"... and its working.
6:32PM 2 Is there Wine-like software for other guest platforms?
4:12PM 2 Half Life 2 serious texture issues
3:38PM 2 running existing windows programs in wine
4:08AM 7 Photoshop cs5 broke after update
2:14AM 6 How to run a .reg file?
Saturday September 3 2011
11:59PM 2 Gstreamer Help?
10:03PM 1 Re: Igo for PC ver. 8.3
6:15PM 1 Wine dump/Mass Effect 2
12:14PM 2 "My Documents" and other symlinks to home are not listed
11:19AM 2 Screwy guide on the regression testing wiki page
10:44AM 1 Blade Runner help!
2:18AM 2 Error Number:0x80040707
Friday September 2 2011
9:40PM 3 wine error
9:10PM 2 Start bash within wine
6:58PM 2 WineASIO JACK possible regression, Wine 1.3.26 ?
6:17PM 14 Forum Software Update and mailing list gateway
12:16PM 0 Re: New Codeweavers CrossOver discount dealcode coupons avaliabl
4:26AM 0 Re: Kareo please help
3:10AM 7 I want to contribute code for wine and become a developer.
2:01AM 2 ISO question.
Thursday September 1 2011
5:35PM 5 Another TAPI issue (Microkey Millennium)
3:51PM 0 web program dont install
2:10PM 1 Recurring error
6:35AM 3 USB support
3:04AM 3 Question on Wine CPU usage
2:40AM 0 Paltalk problems
2:10AM 4 Unable to start Empire: Total War