wine users - Oct 2011

Monday October 31 2011
4:21PM 1 DirectX 10
1:40PM 0 Synthesia - no sound
1:18PM 3 Wine problem with Orcs Must Die
12:50PM 0 Wine and Perfume pairing
11:06AM 0 Problem with ITSOFT
10:15AM 3 What else do I need?
1:00AM 0 Slow Game movies in seperate X server
Sunday October 30 2011
9:49PM 2 BlackPanther (Windows Runtime Error)??
9:23PM 2 Problem with directsound / Gothic
12:59PM 1 I've installed WINE... what now
Saturday October 29 2011
10:29PM 0 .lnk files
9:49PM 1 Fping-appreciate some help please
7:24PM 2 Bruker Topspin 3.1
7:09PM 7 Run more than one application in wine simultaneously
5:26PM 2 EveHq & dotnet 3.5
5:16PM 6 Upper Memory
3:44PM 0 Re: Cursor lagging with Linux KMS
Friday October 28 2011
8:35PM 3 WoW Play Button Not Working - Fix for Linux/Wine??
5:07PM 2 Switched distros, now my applications don't work.
3:30PM 1 WINE 1.3.14 and mouse
12:39PM 0 Re: Bitmap Fonts and wine 1.3?
10:41AM 0 Re: Wine 1.2.x & eve online
8:22AM 1 What might affect keyboard input in a game under Wine?
3:10AM 6 Help please??
Thursday October 27 2011
8:36PM 1 Re: Solar Accounts
5:26PM 1 unusual text/mour/menu behaviours
2:39PM 2 Want to start contributing but a bit lost
1:44PM 1 Artrage 3.5.4 on Ubuntu 11.10
12:39PM 2 Re: wine config problems on Kubuntu 9.04
6:28AM 2 Need help with some applications.
4:23AM 1 Getting started with porting to Mac OSX
2:59AM 0 Re: Keylogger question
Wednesday October 26 2011
10:52PM 2 Can someone offer help to these errors?
9:00PM 1 New Idea
6:54PM 1 Starcraft 2, oblivion, potentially skyrim and dota2?
4:22PM 0 Re: Autokey types a dir into open ile dialog but not recognised
11:56AM 0 Re: Rosetta Stone Microphone Detection
11:53AM 1 Winetrick opengl
10:01AM 1 Wine No music
9:16AM 1 wine crash on exe launch
8:33AM 1 Kindle failure
7:38AM 1 Re: Keylogger question
12:34AM 2 Help :p !!!!
12:16AM 2 Switch desktops - game dies
Tuesday October 25 2011
10:43PM 0 Mega Games Pack For WINE/Windows Games (Online Edition)
9:27PM 3 Installing steam - page fault error!
9:17PM 1 Can't upgrade or reinstall wine
7:38PM 2 Need help with modifying Wine memory allocation in NTDLL
2:59PM 3 Wine recognizes GeForce GTX 560 as GeForce 8300GS
12:37PM 0 Re: kodak esp 3250 (esp3250) install .net2.0
10:24AM 2 Counter Strike : Source
7:28AM 4 Civilization 4 OpenGL problem, Wine 1.3.31 on Mac OS Lion
3:46AM 1 Uninstalling mono
2:07AM 2 Install Problems
Monday October 24 2011
9:33PM 2 PowerPoint + video problem
9:11PM 2 Visio doesn't start anymore
7:48PM 1 Wine and simsig
6:01PM 5 Activation issues
2:26PM 0 Re: Fincon on wine with system user
11:16AM 1 My game has started freezing up when using Wine.
8:19AM 3 Why do i cant get Windows applications running?
7:47AM 2 What Au_.exe?
1:59AM 5 can't wine after upgrade to ubuntu oneiric 11.10
Sunday October 23 2011
10:49PM 2 What is the best Wineskin engine for installing Explorer 7 ?
8:52PM 1 Is AppDB broken?
7:11PM 0 Dimesio
6:03PM 5 Diablo 2 issue with direct3d
3:57PM 1 Re: Solar Accounts
3:21PM 2 can't run DirectX applications properly - window garbled
3:03PM 2 What do I need to fix to get this running?
11:39AM 0 FIFA Manager 12 doesn't start
6:42AM 0 Re: Gaming
Saturday October 22 2011
7:40PM 1 Need help with Oblivion
6:34PM 1 Does WINE support SQlite.dll???
5:41PM 4 is not created (Cygwin)
5:26PM 5 Wine will not open programs after updating to Ubuntu 11.10
3:22PM 3 Wine 1.3.31 fails to compile in git
10:00AM 1 Re: Gaming
8:08AM 2 more bugs than features added?
Friday October 21 2011
6:05PM 3 How to compile a specific version of wine?
5:25PM 1 ~Problem~
5:07PM 1 New DIB Engine still slow compared to the MAX engine?
4:48PM 1 Wine apps crash
3:55PM 2 Re: [Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst] gurus & advice needed
12:14PM 2 Re: Quicken 2011 Starter Edition, installs, crashes when run
10:07AM 1 Help Me! Disinstallazione wine!
7:23AM 0 Re: Flyff rto.exe Error
Thursday October 20 2011
8:53PM 0 GTA: San Andreas on Wine 1.3
8:08PM 1 LOTRO game patch fails, wine 1.3.30
6:14PM 1 How do you get your CD-Rom Drive to Work
1:35PM 2 Re: ATI Graphics card
1:34PM 1 cpy steam games to new wine.
8:09AM 3 R4 Evo build ..... yep im at it again !
7:23AM 1 Fehlermeldungen
4:01AM 1 Re: Emulate SNMP windows-service
1:25AM 2 Does not run Visual MINTEQ 3.0
1:13AM 2 Locating .tff or .fon file for fonts in C:\Windows\Font
12:21AM 2 Wine through SSH for Quicken 2006
Wednesday October 19 2011
8:41PM 3 Update Broke Rosetta Stone
7:56PM 3 Spotify displays incorrectly
4:42PM 0 Steins;Gate crashes on start up
4:37PM 1 Spotify Issues
4:16PM 2 Arbex Compatibility list
1:58PM 1 WTL broken again
8:34AM 2 .exe never starts on edubuntu
6:35AM 1 Who makes Music here?
12:24AM 0 How do I sync my outlook with my PDA using my msn email?
Tuesday October 18 2011
11:48PM 9 cant play after updating to ubunto 11.10
6:07PM 4 Wine no works in lubuntu
4:27PM 1 Windows Share mapped as a drive in wine config ubuntu 11.04
2:48PM 1 Saving M$- Word document takes 3 minutes
10:10AM 0 [Driver San Francisco]Install crash, Java runtime error
9:44AM 0 FSX menus
8:35AM 7 Today after update to Wine 1.3.30 !!??!!
3:33AM 1 Re: Keylogger question
2:57AM 1 Cache large site problems
Monday October 17 2011
10:25PM 1 how i do for install lineage 2 in the Mac OS 10.7.2 Lion
10:18PM 2 Quicken2011 won't work under wine 1.3.30 Why???
9:53PM 0 Q-Dir works fine in Wine
8:08PM 5 How do I run a 32 bit windows game on a 64 bit ubuntu machin
3:40PM 3 Problem with Sound sync
2:25PM 1 Design an Awesome Space Dancer Scene with Nebula Texture in
9:55AM 0 Pixarra Twisted Brush crush output help?
9:29AM 1 Re: Wine for the iPhone anyone?
6:12AM 2 Siedler von Catan
6:11AM 2 Functionality with SetWindowsHookEx WH_JOURNALPLAYBACK
3:32AM 2 Starcraft 2 MOUSE problem
Sunday October 16 2011
6:56PM 4 Forte Agent 6 make Wine crash
3:40PM 5 New User
2:53PM 4 Wine 1.3.30 gtchallenge
1:59PM 4 cant launch day of defeat
12:41PM 3 Steam day of defeat freeze
2:41AM 5 ImgBurn on Arch Linux 64 bit
Saturday October 15 2011
7:04PM 6 winamp errors
5:17PM 2 Rage
3:59PM 2 Problem install LTspiceIV
3:07PM 4 Thoughts regarding the database compromise....
2:42PM 1 Latest update broke WTL
1:16PM 1 install dotnetfx35 on wine 64 bit
Friday October 14 2011
4:06PM 1 err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection
7:27AM 0 Sabayon DDO
4:19AM 1 Direct 3d problem
Thursday October 13 2011
10:02PM 1 no SD card with Wine
8:58PM 0 Re: To owners of xbox360 joysticks..
7:26PM 5 Using all cores during compile
7:13PM 3 printer doesn't work under wine
6:27PM 2 Ys Origin killed by update
4:46PM 1 How to Change Audio Sample Rate? 1.3.30
4:17PM 0 bcrypt and no sound
2:40PM 9 problems installing wine 1.3.24/sketchup 8/on fedora 15
12:03PM 3 Run World Of Warcraft on Wine?
8:19AM 0 Re: Microsoft.jet.OLEDB.4.0 provider is not registered on the lo
4:08AM 10 WINE 1.3.30 Rocks!
3:06AM 6 wine application uses all of my memory
Wednesday October 12 2011
7:57PM 1 Ride! Next Generation Equitation - fails
6:07PM 0 WoW on an i5 2500K?
5:43PM 0 Evil Player
5:29PM 2 Error when trying to run DivX player
2:59PM 3 1.3.30 build error on Mac OS X with non-Apple GCC
1:35PM 0 Re: Warhammer Dark Crusade: scroll map with mouse
9:39AM 0 Re: DLL and bottle registry problems
5:16AM 2 about the database hack
2:32AM 0 Re: dot matrix POS parallel printer problems
2:31AM 0 Re: dot matrix POS parallel printer problems
2:28AM 0 Re: Problem with screen in VFP and Wine
2:23AM 1 Re: dot matrix POS parallel printer problems
Tuesday October 11 2011
11:54PM 0 Problems running Uru
9:52PM 2 Travianbot
7:13PM 18 WineHQ database compromise
4:34PM 3 call of duty world at war problem
4:25PM 2 Reason 4 install
3:48PM 1 Re: Lineage 2 (Gracia part 3 : Final) & Wine
8:07AM 4 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
4:32AM 1 unable to start when WINELOADER is set to path of winconsole
3:05AM 0 Post Mortem 1 huge grafical issues
Monday October 10 2011
5:51PM 0 Problem with GTA San Andreas.
5:24PM 1 Another Wine: Cannot find xxx thread
11:44AM 1 Re: Drawing problem in Wine 1.3.0
8:30AM 1 Help. Not a graphics program does not run.
7:40AM 1 current directory setting at startup?
Sunday October 9 2011
7:37PM 2 Playing Rage (Steam version) with a gamepad
5:38PM 1 Image transpareny issues
11:28AM 1 error installing MT4
10:08AM 1 Not able to install oracle
6:06AM 1 Re: WISO 2011 - Tip Software
12:47AM 2 How do I run windows version of virtual boy advance on mac?
Saturday October 8 2011
11:05PM 2 Partial Keyboard Functionality In Old PC Game (Heavy Gear 2)
5:12PM 0 Quickbooks 2008 - How can I get this functional?!
4:40PM 1 Mac - Program Installation Troubles
2:32PM 1 microsoft data access
8:09AM 0 Point of sale South Africa
12:10AM 1 Oneiric Ocelot Package missing from PPA
Friday October 7 2011
10:44PM 2 wine error
10:30PM 2 winemp3.acm no such file or directory
10:10PM 0 Re: [1.2] Trying to run MAFIA II under wine
2:13PM 7 No sound playing Tom Clancy's HAWX
1:10PM 3 Re: [1.2] Trying to run MAFIA II under wine
1:09PM 0 Re: Is there any Beta Wine Packages for Ubuntu 9.10
12:21PM 0 Please Review my Website
8:33AM 3 native dll and wineprefix
7:19AM 0 Re: Wine and WoW Cataclysm Patch 4.0 troubleshooting thread
4:31AM 2 Possibly OpenGL related error messages
2:06AM 4 How to patch wine
Thursday October 6 2011
12:48PM 1 Re: mortal online
10:38AM 2 Re: Can someone point mee in the right direction =?
7:41AM 1 Re: Wine and WoW Cataclysm Patch 4.0 troubleshooting thread
7:00AM 2 ?Common CLI Wrap Bug Strikes WINE?
12:36AM 1 [HowTo] OpenCL support in Wine
Wednesday October 5 2011
8:50PM 0 Re: Screwy guide on the regression testing wiki page
5:24PM 0 RESOLUTION: pictures appear pixelized
1:19PM 4 Wine doesn't start - Something X-Related
11:32AM 7 OLE error 80004002
10:09AM 2 Age of Empires 2 GOLD flickers
8:02AM 0 Re: sh winetricks msxml3 FAILED...?
7:03AM 0 Re: Nvidia 3d Vision
5:24AM 1 Install CorelDRAW X4 into Ubuntu 11.10
2:10AM 3 Terrible FPS on Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO)
Tuesday October 4 2011
9:48PM 6 I dun goofed...
9:30PM 1 Required to know how to ask at wineproject for modify wine
8:57PM 2 Starcraft / Broodwar: CD not found
8:11PM 0 Napa Valley Resort deal -- wine & relaxation :)
5:54PM 1 Ableton Live Install
1:53PM 2 Re: Wine and WoW Cataclysm Patch 4.0 troubleshooting thread
12:58PM 2 REWARD Help Needed (Wine install on RHEL 5.5)
10:32AM 0 Re: Trying to run Civilization V
Monday October 3 2011
7:43PM 3 Traveller Heaven and Earth - Runtime error 481
6:11PM 2 Need HELP with RHEL 5.5 64bit
11:33AM 5 Self compiled wine does not find CD-Rom
10:43AM 0 Re: Marvin on Win
9:32AM 0 Way To Earn Daily Cash Easily
9:06AM 3 hash in the wine command line
8:57AM 1 security and Authentication
8:35AM 0 Re: What is .wine/drive_c/users folder?
6:14AM 1 Downloading problem
Sunday October 2 2011
6:00PM 1 i'd like to know how to add support for i386 on a power pc m
4:16PM 1 World of WarCraft: Retail Build (build 14545)
1:48PM 0 Best Linux distro / version or Best Kernel for Wine ?
1:06AM 0 WineConf 2011 Keynote Address
Saturday October 1 2011
11:51PM 2 Backup, restore, and updates
10:32PM 2 Debugging a "X Error of failed request: BadAlloc"
7:47PM 1 Problem with software installation - Panasonic Camcorder
7:30PM 3 Why i cant play Dragon Age 2
7:23PM 0 Debian Squeeze Repository
4:04PM 0 Re: App Right Fax with wine 1.3.20
12:49PM 0 Re: Can I play a game as soon as it's released?
9:39AM 2 Mouse wrap problem with Mass Effect on Mac (wine 1.3.23)
7:54AM 3 matlab
6:17AM 0 Just added! Grocery Store POS Forum
6:16AM 0 Re: Program No Longer Can Save
6:06AM 0 Re: dot matrix POS parallel printer problems