samba - Mar 2005

Thursday March 31 2005
10:53PM 1 Input/Output problems with smbfs mount
10:33PM 0 Can't connect to new domain
8:35PM 1 exclude_dir option for VFS recycle module
8:21PM 0 Help with: "Cannot copy Filename: The specified network
8:08PM 0 BUG -- winbindd and Windows 2003 sp1
7:45PM 0 poppassd and
6:46PM 3 Error when add Samba 3.0.10-1.fc3 to Windows NT Domain
5:50PM 2 Guide for Idmap on LDAP.
5:36PM 2 Samba over ssh ?
5:07PM 1 Profiles permissions
4:38PM 0 Entries in etc/passwd is this correct?
3:40PM 0 change samba user password in WinXP
3:39PM 1 Does pam is needed with winbind?
12:20PM 2 last file missing from wildcard searches (3.0.13)
12:06PM 0 primary gid of user [1005] is not a Domain group !
11:54AM 0 (no subject)
11:51AM 0 Network printer via samba how?
11:41AM 1 IDMAP LDAP problems
11:20AM 0 Wbinfo -r
11:09AM 0 samba username length supported
10:07AM 0 Samba 3.0.13 security=ADS / Problem to connect to a share in auth_util.c ==> change of group is not applied
8:20AM 1 LDAP storage for idmap.
8:00AM 0 help me
6:16AM 1 sending messages via smbclient fails beginning with version 3.0.1 2
5:27AM 1 Print Management - Cups - Samba PDC/Print Server / Perl Script
3:37AM 1 whats normal for samba loging amount
2:15AM 4 Samba 3.x SVN and OS/2 support.
Wednesday March 30 2005
10:41PM 0 Mac OS X Finder hangs when accessing Samba server
9:27PM 0 "logon path" and "logon home" settings return different values in 3.0.13?
9:00PM 1 utmp update for bsd systems
7:49PM 2 pdbedit - question on migration
6:23PM 0 IDMAP storage in LDAP using winbind
5:21PM 0 Problem with winbind on samba-3.0.10-1.4e
5:14PM 0 A few questions regarding samba from a samba and windows newbie (almost)
5:13PM 0 problem uploading files from an Mac-Client with a VFS-Module
5:10PM 0 LDAP authentication and server name
4:22PM 0 netBIOS API for WINS
3:45PM 0 firewall dropping packages
3:10PM 1 folder redirection +synchronisation problem on xp pro
3:00PM 2 Problem with pdf printing (SOLVED)
2:15PM 0 Samba 3.0.13 security= ADS / Problem to access a share in auth_util.c ==> change of group not taken into account (supplementary groups)
2:06PM 3 ntlm_auth question
1:23PM 0 Windows PDC vs BDC placement; who takes care of the bulk of domain logons?
1:15PM 1 Does SAMBA ever work with 2003 Server native mode ADS?
1:04PM 0 SID trouble
12:20PM 0 Announcement Samba 3.0.13
10:10AM 0 wrong time/date with smbfs on powerpc (kernel 2.4.18)
9:39AM 0 Winbind joining Domain Issues
8:19AM 0 Problem joining XP machine to domain
8:11AM 0 NT4 to samba ldap
8:05AM 1 Xp PCs intermittently requiring rejoin to domain
7:39AM 0 B‮ alcra‬ ys Ema‮ li‬ Veri‮ noitacif‬
7:22AM 0 Strange changes to a Word document
7:00AM 1 Samba or Cups-Problem ?
6:30AM 0 This is an alert from eSafe
4:57AM 1 Adminstrator Domain SID?
2:28AM 0 how to relay "net send" messages across subnets
2:27AM 0 New Samba Team member: Derrell Lipman
2:20AM 0 Add user to more than one group
12:47AM 1 Need some help setting up a Samba server
Tuesday March 29 2005
11:34PM 0 XP Pro and windows 98 clients on single samba 2.2 domain
10:54PM 1 Recycle error - empty file
10:51PM 0 smbd[616]: Can't become connected user! Error
9:55PM 0 upgrading existing tdbsam to ldap
8:36PM 5 Primard Domain Controller feature not working
8:34PM 0 Errors
8:15PM 1 3.0.13 why is "lpq command=%p" showing with testparm -v ?
8:10PM 2 Advice on a samba setup im considering
8:08PM 1 Set Samba share permissions...
7:39PM 1 apologies for duplicate posts - btw what's the real diff between and mailing.unix.samba?
7:21PM 0 printers offline in 3.0.13 - is it because they are "local printer"s printing to "local port"s ?
4:56PM 1 Samba-Guide chapter 10
4:09PM 1 Problem with pdf printing
3:44PM 0 add machine script + ldap doesn't work? Please help!
3:00PM 2 ACL support
2:41PM 0 Setup Samba
1:56PM 1 wins problem - 2nd and last time post
1:55PM 0 Smbmnt problem with real path
1:25PM 1 Vijay - net_r_sam_logon errors.
1:04PM 0 Multiple Domain Controller
1:01PM 1 NFS and ACL
12:14PM 2 Problem with wbinfo
11:27AM 3 smbd 100% systemload
11:19AM 2 Using Lotus Domino LDAP as Samba Backend
10:34AM 0 Memory Mapped Files
10:12AM 0 Joining XP machine error
9:49AM 1 samba as domain controller
8:44AM 2 Client Profile mistake
8:40AM 0 SaveAs Problems
8:23AM 0 the problem of join samba3.0 to windows2000 doamin
7:42AM 0 3.0.13 winxp pro printers offline and don't come online, but you can print to them (shorter version - no log level 10)
7:36AM 0 changing from samba back to windows...JUST TO TEST OFF COURSE! ; o)
7:27AM 2 A small question on Winbind
6:23AM 1 Possible documentation error in Chapter 8. Migrating NT4 Domain to Samba-3
6:12AM 2 Securing "machine auth account"
5:54AM 0 smbpasswd and Sun ONE Directory Server problem
2:53AM 0 Samba 3.0.13 and Windows 2000 Terminal Server
2:15AM 0 FW: Samba 2.2.12. Problem with printer properties feature box after switching to SP2 client
1:49AM 1 Browsing with duplicate names in multiple workgroups/subnets and multihome machines
12:21AM 0 Stale byte range locks - How can I remove them w/o restart?
Monday March 28 2005
8:24PM 0 Samba and AD 2003
8:09PM 0 Problem with "profiles" Tool
7:12PM 0 Printer problem
7:09PM 1 Renamed Win2K Box No Longer Authenticates
6:55PM 0 Slow Printing with XP SP2 Clients
6:44PM 1 smbmount problem
6:43PM 1 [BUG] Samba 3.0.11: nmbd forgets to close stderr
5:55PM 1 Quick question on partition and shares
4:52PM 1 UserAlready Exists
3:58PM 0 Slow upload from dos with tcpip
2:25PM 0 Wins problem
12:03PM 0 Problem mounting a shared windows folder in linux
6:15AM 1 domain admins group in samba 3.0.7 question
3:25AM 1 setgid to sub directories
12:21AM 4 No vscan HOWTOs?
Sunday March 27 2005
10:54PM 1 Need tips on clamd Anti-Virus + Samba PDC
4:25PM 1 Windows logon restrictions
4:03PM 0 basic WINS/smbclient problems
12:41PM 1 problem with listing users on winXP/2k+3
4:33AM 3 BDC problem!? user can't get profile/map drive
Saturday March 26 2005
11:42PM 0 Re: Windows 98 login problems
8:38PM 1 Very slow wbinfo -u
5:36PM 1 LDAP: get samba user sid
1:42PM 1 samba.schema
12:30PM 1 pppd 2.4.3 winbind auth domain name included in the windows vpn client settings
11:04AM 1 3.0.13 and excel 2003sp1 problem
10:57AM 0 Winbind can't resolve.
10:18AM 0 NT4 to ADS via Winbind.
8:51AM 1 win xp sp2 + samba 3.0.4
8:13AM 0 LDAP problems
6:35AM 0 Updating my address book
12:59AM 0 Domain Authentication Problem
12:37AM 0 file transfer - samba3 - suse9.1pro
Friday March 25 2005
7:16PM 0 password sync
6:53PM 1 Testparm
4:37PM 1 Problems on file ownership for admin users
4:29PM 0 Ldap schema
4:24PM 1 (no subject)
12:58PM 1 Hide files.
12:49PM 1 Problem changing password - Samba 3.0.13
10:29AM 2 Very HUGE binaries!?
10:02AM 1 BDC, user can't get profile, can't map drive
9:40AM 0 Backup Profiles
4:38AM 0 from veritas support; oplock question.
3:00AM 0 Users can only belong to one group
12:16AM 2 [2.6 patch] fs/smbfs/request.c: fix NULL dereference
Thursday March 24 2005
10:07PM 0 question/problem with samba 3.0.13 PDC on suse 8.2
8:49PM 3 Windows XP & greyed-out Guest user password prompt
8:01PM 1 Samba Starting Problem on Solaris Error : bind failed on port 139 socket_addr =
7:55PM 0 problem with sharing a directory
7:46PM 0 how to access password-protected share in winxp
7:05PM 1 Windows Filesharing Limitations
5:20PM 0 enable-cups in spec file
5:18PM 0 smbmount and session setup failed: ERRSRV - ERRbadpw (Bad password - name/password pair in a Tree Connect or Session Setup are invalid.
5:07PM 0 Where does the ¨Display Name" in XP come from in a Domain?
4:51PM 0 Need Help for Samba on Solaris bind failed on port 139 socket_addr =
3:23PM 2 Samba 3.0.12 (gid of user [joe] doesn't exist) Weird error when Client logs on.
3:07PM 3 iconv not working on Sparc Solaris 8
2:53PM 1 upgrading 3.0.4 to 3.0.13
2:29PM 4 Different behaviour of samba share in XP and Windows 2003 Server
1:19PM 0 Authentication fails when using § in passwords
12:44PM 5 Samba 3.0.13 Available for Download
12:14PM 0 Deny access of a defined account logging in from special machines
11:02AM 0 acl et nfs
10:17AM 0 Unable to get default yp domain
10:04AM 0 passdb backend postgresql
8:49AM 0 Windows XP SP1: Cannot terminate program sample when logoff
1:37AM 0 XP Joining samba domain issue
12:22AM 4 Can a Samba server join multiple NT domain?
Wednesday March 23 2005
10:29PM 1 system-config-samba, error
10:16PM 2 Mac/Samba capacity detection problem
9:41PM 0 Samba locking issue
9:13PM 2 Permission problems writing to Share from SQL Agent
7:39PM 3 File locking problem
7:16PM 0 users files going read only (Douglas Sterner)
6:44PM 1 problem when writing to a deleted file
6:35PM 1 OT Anybody any comments?
6:33PM 1 Configuring samba share to be controlled by Active Directory
6:07PM 0 Syslog has CUPS error
5:57PM 0 Problems authentication against ADS on a W2K3 Server
5:39PM 1 Question on Inheriting Permissions
5:02PM 2 samba3 x86_64 performance
4:59PM 0 Question about groups in samba from and AD
4:52PM 0 Userlock
4:41PM 1 make_server_info_info3: pdb_init_sam failed!
3:40PM 1 mod_ntlm_winbind authentication issues
3:18PM 1 Problems with Excel & MS Word files (still)
3:11PM 1 Nb of copies don't appear in page_log file
3:09PM 0 XP and print admin
3:06PM 0 ADS problem (domain member)
2:59PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Problem with domain membership]
2:54PM 0 Porting PDC 3.0.4 to 3.0.11 on different Hardware
2:27PM 1 Remote Downlevel Document Hangs in XP Pro Print Queue
1:15PM 3 Problems while installing...
12:31PM 0 Problem with samba-pdc
11:33AM 1 SWAT first login
11:16AM 0 Problem copying large files from samba 3.0.x
10:31AM 4 Samba-LDAP TLS problems with inofficial Debian OpenLDAP 2.2 packages
10:04AM 3 Upgrade 3.0.11 to 3.0.12 serious issues
9:38AM 0 solved net utility (3.0.12) acting strange
8:40AM 0 User bdupuis in passdb, but getpwnam(),fails! ...
7:52AM 0 Let anyone print inside our network
6:50AM 0 System error 1311
6:32AM 0 Samba, Win XP Not printing
2:36AM 1 Samba LDAP replication weirdness...
1:54AM 2 new samba box, xp can't login
1:21AM 1 "net rpc testjoin falils" and after few second OK!!
Tuesday March 22 2005
11:55PM 0 ugh, continued ldap madness, cont'd
11:35PM 1 samba access based on computername possible?
11:17PM 2 HP DesignJet 5000ps and ntforms.tdb
10:23PM 2 Inherit Permissions
8:16PM 1 Can't Modify files on SMB PDC
8:11PM 3 How to turn on SMB signing
6:24PM 2 ADS member.
6:19PM 0 OS/2 EAs
6:17PM 1 nmbd --> panic:internal error
5:41PM 0 Behaviour change from samba v2.2 to v3?
4:47PM 0 Home directory error
4:25PM 1 "Local Settings" in profile
3:26PM 1 SAMBA3 + LDAP + WINDOWS XP = Round 1
3:25PM 1 SWAT and cups printing.
3:07PM 0 Print on HP deskjet via Samba 3
1:57PM 0 add machine script = ... does not work?
1:23PM 1 users files going read only
11:58AM 0 Samba server under a windows 2000 domain
11:18AM 0 samba 2.2 roaming profile
10:34AM 5 Issues with de-installation...
10:30AM 1 oplock_break problems
9:48AM 0 Installing/De-installing procedure...
9:40AM 0 Solaris printing: what kind?
8:56AM 3 SAMBA3 + LDAP = Round 5 :(((
8:46AM 0 Small correction in SAMBA-HowTo-Collection
7:57AM 1 net utility (3.0.12) acting strange
7:51AM 1 Problem with "ldapsam:trusted = yes"
7:40AM 0 3.0.12 net utility acting strange
5:58AM 1 Login time
3:28AM 0 win2k vs smbmount, number of cifs ops required
2:42AM 1 smb.conf man page error
Monday March 21 2005
10:08PM 0 authentication problem with openldap-2.2.24
9:58PM 0 Problem Administering Permissions on Samba Server
8:52PM 0 Multiple Samba Server
8:21PM 0 Double posts (anyone else receiving two copies of every email to this list?)
7:53PM 4 Upcoming 3.0.13 release -- please test now
7:26PM 1 Samba-3 By Example correction...
7:13PM 0 Somebody had problem with long user names
6:28PM 1 SMB share/MS networking + Novell = major lag
6:18PM 2 Coule really use some help (Samba PDC)
5:26PM 0 I need to rename ...
4:46PM 2 SAMBA3 + LDAP = PDC => ROUND 4 ;o)
4:43PM 2 what are *.tdb files?
4:21PM 2 PDC Migration - Mapping user \ from...
2:56PM 2 SAMBA3 + LDAP = PDC => ROUND 3!
2:43PM 0 Top posting is evil
2:28PM 0 quota support in samba
1:39PM 1 spelling mistake in utils/net_groupmap.c but isnt really a bug
1:25PM 0 Winbind and openSSH problem on Solaris 8/Sparc
1:14PM 0 HOWTO critics wanted :-) No, seriously
1:01PM 3 File copying under WIN98
12:39PM 0 repost: permission mix-up happening
12:37PM 0 Denied connection for correct conf inside firewall protec tion
10:04AM 0 SAMBA3+LDAP PDC - Cannot join the domain
9:10AM 0 Solaris ACLs + Linux ACLS - Files Becoming Read Only
8:46AM 1 I think I have found the problem, now whats the solution?
8:32AM 0 permission mix-up happening
8:22AM 1 error Samba 3.0.12 on Fedora3 ( winbind )
8:14AM 1 AD: Password problem?
7:33AM 4 users db problem
3:46AM 2 Winbind vs pam_krb5/nss_ldap
3:27AM 1 The credentials conflict with an existing set of credentials
Sunday March 20 2005
11:15PM 1 samba 3 member of win2003 domain + winbind can't see users
10:22PM 0 rpcclient adddriver command results in 'WERR_BADFILE'
5:41PM 1 Multipile domain controllers?
10:56AM 3 Windows XP traffic Increase
8:09AM 1 Cannot Delete Files on Write-able Share
6:27AM 1 Solaris ACLs - Files Becoming Read Only
Saturday March 19 2005
10:10PM 1 samba log gid doesn't exist warnings
9:15PM 3 samba frond-end (load balancing)
3:29PM 0 mapping groups
3:26PM 1 Strong Session Key and XP
1:19PM 1 [patch 1/1] fs/smbfs/*: fix sparse warnings
12:12PM 1 Problem with domain membership
10:10AM 0 looking for a good tutorial on samba 3 and Active directory 1
10:08AM 0 looking for a good tutorial on samba 3 and Active directory
9:37AM 0 PDC doesnt work on RHEL 4
1:40AM 1 WinXP "deletes" but file still there - no error returned
Friday March 18 2005
10:27PM 4 Cant connect to samba server
10:05PM 1 Samba 3.0.12 Available for Download
9:04PM 2 Problem with Samba 3.0 and Sun DS 5.2
6:55PM 0 32/64bit Locking Problems
4:14PM 2 PDC Samba 3+LDAP
4:07PM 0 Login from XP problem
4:00PM 0 Linking shares via WAN or VPN
3:55PM 1 Samba with IBM Directory Server
2:35PM 0 (no subject)
2:32PM 3 Migrating Samba and Users to another Fedora 3 box
1:42PM 0 Problem accessing network shares Linux to Linux
12:49PM 1 AD and Linux Server
12:32PM 2 os level = 65
11:55AM 1 Samba3 Limitations?
10:31AM 1 Reinstallation of a samba server
8:41AM 1 net groupmap problem
7:22AM 1 enforce password settings by policies
6:04AM 0 using w32tm (WinXP) w/samba3 as DC: can't get DC List
4:59AM 3 what to do ??
3:18AM 5 idmap LDAP backend
3:15AM 0 Updating to Latest Release
2:32AM 0 Active Directory, Winbind on Solaris 10 sparc
Thursday March 17 2005
11:36PM 0 2 servers, one with plaintext passwds, other encrypted passwds
9:31PM 0 double share?
8:48PM 0 pwsync - wpsync
8:13PM 1 srvtools (Usrmgr.exe) : strange problem
7:05PM 1 SMB protocol security flaw
6:16PM 0 Thursby's DAVE and Symlinks
5:06PM 0 3.0.11 and KB828741 password bug
4:25PM 3 Samba 2.2 vs. 3: Domain Member & Winbind quick question
3:59PM 0 OW #10.10 - How do you save documents?
2:57PM 1 smbpasswd to LDAP
2:44PM 0 Samba Server
2:24PM 1 smbldap-tools question
1:31PM 0 Browsing list problem
1:07PM 1 Winbind, problem with long usernames
12:13PM 0 Samba 3.0.11 compile issue on AIX5.1 - pdb_ldap.c
11:38AM 0 ***SPAM*** Re: Configure Samba with non-standard OpenLDAPlocation
10:03AM 0 samba server shows up as Domain Controller
9:41AM 2 Hula-project and Samba
9:16AM 0 ADS Samba Syncronisation
7:45AM 1 Where can I find more info on account flags?
7:22AM 0 usrmgr.exe and problems
7:01AM 1 winbind: How to map windows admin-user to Linux root ?
6:29AM 2 is it possible to cut and paste linux shadow file passwd hashes to smbpasswd file?
5:58AM 1 Trouble samba sharing a read-only nfs mount
2:33AM 0 smbstatus question
Wednesday March 16 2005
10:12PM 0 ***SPAM*** Re: Configure Samba with non-standard OpenLDAP location
9:59PM 0 Sun One Directory Server 5.2 ldapclient init -v -a Problem
9:34PM 0 Is a 'Samba' DFS readable by MS Win98SE / DOS 6.22 clients possible?
8:54PM 1 Samba configure script not finding ldap libs
7:34PM 1 Compile error: libsmbclient on 12rc1 on Solaris 9
7:11PM 2 Two questions
7:05PM 1 Attachment. who can I best report this to for forensis?
6:36PM 1 Logon logging logs
5:41PM 0 Folder permissions not shown under XP
5:28PM 3 Problem joining a Samba 3 domain - DC can't be contac ted
5:09PM 0 srvtools : only able to assign primary group
4:59PM 0 Problem joining a Samba 3 domain - DC can't be contacted
3:58PM 3 Samba and LDAP Base DN
1:57PM 2 CUPS error with 3.0.11
1:45PM 0 Primary group is 0 - secrets_fetch failed!
1:44PM 0 connecting to win2k3 server, privileges. {OCC Scanned}
1:28PM 1 Weird message in log files
1:08PM 0 samba authentication behaves differently between windows and samba clients
12:58PM 0 vscan mime type exclude list
12:48PM 1 HELP !!! migrating from win2000 pdc to linux pdc
11:54AM 1 Configure Samba with non-standard OpenLDAP location
11:43AM 0 looking for the responsible.
11:16AM 0 Building latest svn Samba Docs PDF
9:14AM 1 samba pdc + winbind possible ?
9:12AM 0 Local user authentication.
8:06AM 1 Samba 3.0.10 and ADS
4:30AM 0 MailMonitor for Exchange has processed a suspicious mail
4:15AM 0 second time posting help in case of winbind
2:48AM 0 net ads leave / join desperation
1:16AM 1 SAMBA HOWTO: time displayed in UNIX file listing
12:16AM 0 SMBFS Performance Oddity
12:00AM 0 Question about Netlogon
Tuesday March 15 2005
11:44PM 2 Share Group Access
11:41PM 0 Samba Error
9:32PM 0 Samba on Fedora 3 with Active Directory
9:10PM 2 Roaming Profiles under LDAP backend
6:24PM 0 trouble with groupmap
5:47PM 2 Machine Account default group.
5:41PM 0 Oplocks for veto'd files (Samba 2.2.8a on SuSE 9.0)
5:40PM 0 Signal 11 on activity from XP SP2 clients (Samba 2.2.8a on SuSE 9.0)
4:05PM 1 NEW Mcafee problem, samba share
3:36PM 0 Cannoi delete files: "the mounted file system does not support extended attributes"
3:33PM 1 Printer (PDF) Problem
3:12PM 1 running two servers with one install
3:00PM 1 SMB signing broken? 3.0.7 -> 3.0.8
2:55PM 1 Clock skew too great | joining ADS
2:41PM 5 Can XP Home really Samba ?
2:39PM 2 Samba + PDC + LDAP (Sun One DS 5.2, Messaging and Identity)
2:36PM 2 Problems with MS Office (Excel/Word) & Samba 3.0.11, (moved to testing 3.0.12-RC1) attn Jerry
1:29PM 0 Username generator
1:14PM 0 Administrator account can not connect
12:36PM 0 Cannot view mounted Windows-2003-Server share
11:31AM 2 Samba and Preallocated Files
11:07AM 0 Samba / ADS / LDAP 'unknown' Domain Groups
10:35AM 0 Kernel Errors: smb_create
10:12AM 1 Samba and LDAP
9:11AM 3 Password Generator
9:02AM 0 vscan exclude file type example
8:53AM 1 Samba and cups printing: lp_servicenumber: couldn't find hl5150d
7:48AM 0 Compiling samba 3.0.12pre1 on AIX 4.3.3
3:56AM 0 usermgr generates error when adding new group
1:06AM 0 How to access a Linux share with NO password
12:28AM 1 Samba client configuration.
12:13AM 0 Empty Everyone ACL
12:11AM 1 Root can't login to domain workstations
12:06AM 0 Documentation on Displaying Quotas
Monday March 14 2005
11:56PM 1 RE: Samba 3.0.11 won't compile on Solaris 8
11:03PM 1 W2K Server and Workstation can't join SMB/LDAP domain
7:56PM 2 New HP Printer Drivers wont upload (samba 3.0.11)
7:52PM 1 EA support for AIX 5.3
7:46PM 1 please help....
7:14PM 1 Changing SMB Administrator account name
7:01PM 1 XP Home client problems.
6:49PM 2 share outside domain
6:23PM 1 a request for a doc to get acl's working....
6:10PM 1 account migartion from NIS and Smbpasswd to LDAP
5:35PM 1 I want shares on demand
4:40PM 0 Lotus Folders?
4:05PM 1 SWAT features
3:49PM 0 Problem using usrmgr with Samba 3.0.11
3:34PM 0 Windows ACL (beaten to death I know)
2:23PM 4 Samba and WinXP + PDC
1:39PM 0 Your email message was blocked
1:19PM 3 Citrix, Samba PDC experiences.
11:51AM 0 Trouble with samba, ldap and kerberos..please help me
11:04AM 0 Pdbedit - Account Description..?
9:42AM 4 [SMB 3.0.10] File Locking Mechanism Windows <-> Unix
9:36AM 2 Questions about 3.0.12rc1
5:01AM 0 Samba ADS ticket problem
4:46AM 0 accessing the nfs mapped directories through winbind authentication
Sunday March 13 2005
8:50PM 2 Samba3 in W2k AD, W98 clients need password for Samba share
7:02PM 0 3.0.10 works only when logged in locally to XP
6:58PM 0 mount error 22 = Invalid argument
1:39PM 1 Why file?
Saturday March 12 2005
9:05PM 0 ERRnoaccess (Access denied.)
6:21PM 0 Samba and Group Quotas
5:25PM 2 UTF-8 problem when not using UTF-8, but Umlauts
5:08PM 2 Can SAMBA be useful for me ?
2:32PM 0 Server crash on kopie big files!!!
1:23PM 0 (no subject)
12:31PM 2 Access to NFS through samba
Friday March 11 2005
11:39PM 0 Excel makes files read-only when users save
10:34PM 1 Samba 3.0.12rc1 Available for Download
10:27PM 0 Samba authentication fails unless unix account exists
9:58PM 1 smbd/sesssetup.c
8:21PM 1 probleman adding user
7:52PM 2 Network drive disconnects with XP
6:52PM 0 Samba UDP Packet 0 TTL
6:31PM 0 [Fwd: vampire question]
6:26PM 2 vampire question
6:12PM 0 Re: Duplicates
6:09PM 1 Re.: Strange Samba Problem
4:57PM 1 smbsh
4:41PM 1 smbldap-populate probleman
4:23PM 1 open failed (Too many open files in system)
2:43PM 2 smbldap-useradd -w problem
2:38PM 0 Problem with param/loadparm.c
1:41PM 1 reduce_name and ACL's
1:16PM 0 Samba / Afp Reblock
11:40AM 2 Practical guide to migrate from tdbsam to ldapsam
11:28AM 0 Login Problems from win 2003 (Ad) to Samba 3
10:01AM 0 TLS statement
9:18AM 0 Newbie configuration Q
8:43AM 0 Looking for Ronald Sigauke
8:25AM 1 FW: Samba 3.0.11 on AIX 4.3
6:11AM 0 convert_string_allocate: Conversion error: Incomplete multibyte sequence
5:42AM 0 krb5_cc_get_principal failed (No credentials cache found)
2:11AM 2 Creating Custom System Policy Templates
Thursday March 10 2005
9:21PM 3 Samba PDC- Administrator translated to root
9:14PM 0 Permissions (ACLs not inherited?)
8:56PM 7 Why need to add a machine account to /etc/passwd first with Samba+LDAP
8:11PM 0 (no subject)
7:45PM 0 Browsing / NetBIOS QQ
7:33PM 1 pdbedit arguments
7:19PM 2 HELP Gethostbyaddr failed
7:18PM 0 Multiple Drive Mappings
6:58PM 1 Tiny HOWTO edit
6:41PM 0 Dynamic home mapping
5:44PM 4 ntlm_auth
5:20PM 2 How to assign Administrator's rights?
4:54PM 1 Print spool icon in systray reports jobs pending when none are pending
3:21PM 2 problem with smbldap-usermod for SOME users
3:21PM 2 Strange issues with Excel & Samba
2:25PM 0 need help with remote browse sync
2:22PM 1 LDAP items that might help for How-to
2:11PM 2 To anyone successfully using NT ACLs with Samba
12:22PM 0 IP address cannot be retrieved only names of PCs are there. How to get it right?
11:33AM 4 Do I need two instances of Samba on the same machine (3rd request) ?
11:11AM 1 Report to Sender
10:33AM 1 privileges on samba 3.0.11
9:54AM 0 Test
9:36AM 1 Documentation Feedback
7:50AM 4 struggling with smbldap_tools
4:45AM 1 Question about Samba share security.
2:51AM 0 Summer Internship 2005
12:41AM 0 Memory Question or ext3 question
Wednesday March 9 2005
11:54PM 0 Copy to 3.0.9-2.3-SUSE dies after 1.2 gb copied
11:52PM 0 could not join machine to the domain
11:52PM 2 Privileges problem
11:32PM 0 Illegal filenames produced by rename
11:26PM 0 Samba-3.0.11installation - where is smb.conf
10:41PM 5 Domain Control
9:58PM 0 OW #10.09 - Google Desktop and Live Meeting
9:46PM 0 Add machine script failure (Samba 3.X/Suse 9.0)
9:22PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 0.4.9 released
9:05PM 1 Problem with XP but not 2K. Guru help please
9:01PM 0 strange Samba3 / sudo / ldapsearch problem
7:59PM 0 Problems setting up a Samba BDC
7:55PM 0 Samba 3.0.11 on AIX 4.3
7:55PM 2 Chapter 6: Making Users Happy...
6:46PM 1 XP Pro and offline files
5:53PM 0 Stange mappings of Linux permissions to Samba
5:49PM 0 RPC works ADS doesn't on Mandrake 10.1?
5:48PM 0 Re: Namensauflösung über netbios im gemischten Netzwerk ohne DNS oder WINS Server
5:41PM 0 Logon Script - edit registry
5:38PM 1 second time post please help samba =ads
5:23PM 0 Running two instances of Samba in the same machine
5:09PM 0 samba > winbind > pam problem
4:51PM 2 windows /bat script question
4:22PM 1 Filenames apparently truncated when acessing Samba share from XP.
3:36PM 0 [BUG] VFS Netatalk and OSX/OS9
3:34PM 0 Can set ACLs great from Windows, but see only SIDs when i reopen them
3:01PM 0 Update WINS database
2:53PM 0 One machine be the LMB in two diferent subnets
2:04PM 1 Samba2.x trusting samba3 domain
1:23PM 1 server smbd[23036]: Unable to get jobs for ipp://localhost/printers/[printer-n
1:22PM 1 AIX/Samba vs. Large Files
12:09PM 1 samba 3 and ldapsam_compat
7:54AM 0 (no subject)
7:45AM 1 ADS question
6:40AM 0 Help .. Please !!!
6:30AM 1 Please Help me
2:09AM 1 Windows file permission abilities?
12:31AM 0 Samba Auto-Reconnect to XP PC Fails
12:02AM 1 AutoCad 2004, Samba 3.0.11 & file locking issues
Tuesday March 8 2005
11:20PM 0 Winbind and a home directory on a file server, question ..
11:16PM 0 Joining an NT4-type Domain with Samba-3
10:50PM 0 Workgroup that spans more than one subnet
9:58PM 0 Is possible? --- reposting + new
8:55PM 0 winbindd will not connect to samba pdc
8:34PM 2 Trying to get ADS authentication working.
6:55PM 6 PGina & Samba
6:48PM 0 Boston Job for Samba Person
5:33PM 2 I would like to create a Samba share supporting named writers, named readers, and no guests ...
5:27PM 1 Roaming Profiles and Mapped Drives
5:26PM 1 samba WINS problem on 2 networked LANS using a VPN connection
5:22PM 0 Samba Shares Disconnecting
3:41PM 1 Help with multiple subnets
1:43PM 0 Re: [linux-cifs-client] Mounting directories below share level
1:28PM 0 security = ads or domain
1:20PM 0 R: R: local users in domain member security.
12:30PM 0 cupsaddsmb fails - files are not copied
12:11PM 0 SMBD loading CPU
11:36AM 0 Problems with file names
10:28AM 1 NT Domain to Samba-LDAP just disabling netlogon on NT PDC?
10:23AM 1 Win98 refuses to share printers after migration to PDC
10:12AM 0 Command tests work but can't browse the network [REVISED]
9:23AM 1 mac osx : files automatically renamed
9:12AM 0 Command tests work but can't browse the network
9:04AM 0 samba with ldap
8:04AM 0 Can't browse the network
6:34AM 1 samba ldap bind problems.
2:16AM 3 User not reported on file locked message
2:11AM 2 Unable to set ACLs with Samba 3.0.11, near publication deadline
1:36AM 0 Re: Duplicate
1:05AM 1 machine account locations
Monday March 7 2005
8:18PM 0 Are "builtin" groups supposed to work with ldap?
7:00PM 0 (no subject)
6:14PM 0 Share Permissions Management problems
6:11PM 0 3.0.11 groupmapping 'feature'
5:58PM 0 (no subject)
5:38PM 0 help configuring samba & ldap
5:02PM 0 unix groups and samba, printing
4:45PM 2 lost passdb, workstations lost trust relation ship
4:43PM 0 windows cache erasure in order to re-login
4:32PM 2 Remote browse sync, wins, problems...
4:29PM 0 Winbind Trusts on Multiple Domains
4:19PM 1 Unable to delete files on Samba share
2:53PM 0 Re: [linux-cifs-client] Mounting directories below share level
2:11PM 1 How to set netbios node type to Samba server
1:12PM 1 R: local users in domain member security.
11:07AM 1 winbind_idmap.tdb not being updated
11:07AM 1 Copying printer drivers across many servers
10:00AM 2 TLSVerifyClient demand or try
9:35AM 0 cannot list contents of share: kernel: smb_proc_readdir_long: error=-2, breaking
9:32AM 2 Migrate to LDAP
9:02AM 1 Sharing an nfs mounted directory from two different samba servers?
8:47AM 2 corruption in the locking tdb, samba panics
8:15AM 0 usermgr.exe vs. 3.0.11 [was Re: Problems to samba 3.0.11]
5:21AM 1 hostnames resolve to wrong IPs - and sometimes shares become inaccessible
4:31AM 0 Can Windows Domain admin grant "write" access WITHOUT "full control"?
2:28AM 0 Getent wbinfo problems
2:23AM 4 Multiple samba servers with LDAP
Sunday March 6 2005
10:46PM 0 Multiple IP subnets and Samba with WINS
6:59PM 2 Domain login not working with MySQL backend
3:27PM 0 idmap concern on migrate from samba-2 to samba-3
1:42PM 2 Transport endpoint is not connected
1:32PM 0 AIX acl's
10:40AM 0 [patch 1/1] fs/proc: replace schedule_timeout() with msleep()
Saturday March 5 2005
3:46PM 0 Printing through samba
10:05AM 0 ads_connect: Interrupted system call
9:01AM 1 LDAP mailing list for ldapsam people
5:51AM 0 Samba-Guide Update - Feedback request
1:38AM 2 Can't fetch domain SID
12:23AM 0 Compiling samba on Solaris 8 --with-ads
Friday March 4 2005
10:59PM 0 Quick question on Samba and partitioning
10:19PM 0 Samba as user authenticator for Windows systems
9:33PM 0 Ti sei cancellato con successo
9:15PM 1 file locking
5:46PM 0 Group Permission Conflicts
4:39PM 0 Problems saving Excel sheets using Office 97 on a Sambashare
4:38PM 1 Unchangeable "Password must change: Fri, 13 Dec 1901 21:45:51 MET "
4:00PM 1 'profiles' command with WinXP Profiles
3:09PM 1 Excel & samba-3.0.11 slowness/hanging/lockup issues... Anyone?
2:34PM 1 winbind 3.0.11 breaks winbind trust if netbios disabled?
2:22PM 2 Difference Copy and Move at inheriting
2:21PM 2 idmap backend problems
2:08PM 0 NTFS ACLs - access denied
1:37PM 0 Winbind Daemon dying
1:36PM 0 OW #10.08 - Offers too good to be true
1:18PM 1 secure channel
10:20AM 2 are there known problems with NTConfig.POL with samba 3.11 ?
8:08AM 0 Weird Profiles issue
7:02AM 0 About Security Mode ADS and User Coexist(intermix)??
5:42AM 1 joining a domain without having Windows admin privileges
12:50AM 1 Kerberos Tickets gone after reboot
12:45AM 1 Os X and Win clients to SMB 3.0.10 server - how to hide ._ files from win clients only
12:37AM 3 Extremely slow during browsing some directories
Thursday March 3 2005
11:03PM 1 3.0.11 <-> print driver with extensions (for ex Xerox-Phaser7700)
11:02PM 1 I would like Samba share writable by some, readable only by other named subscribers ...
11:02PM 0 samba 3.0.11 and wins replication
10:30PM 1 A probably silly thought but...
10:26PM 0 Winbind & ssh
9:33PM 0 Changed permissions - printing quit
8:48PM 1 Problems saving Excel sheets using Office 97 on a Samba share
7:56PM 3 Quickbooks files can't be shared w/ 3.0.11
6:48PM 0 3.0.11 strstr_m test failed on Solaris 9
6:17PM 0 Need PAM when SSH logins die after winbind added to Solaris 8 nsswitch.conf?
5:32PM 0 Constantly failing trusts
5:22PM 1 OT: Is "Samba" an acronym?
5:05PM 0 restrict characters in file naming
4:37PM 0 ntlm_auth (Samba build) stops responding.
3:52PM 3 winbindd reporting "killing connections to DOMAIN"
3:45PM 0 Request to update slapd.conf and OpenLDAP info forSamba-Guide/happy.html
3:41PM 2 MS-Access Databases not share win samba-3
3:14PM 3 Mounting directories below share level
2:11PM 1 Why Ip addres in lieu of name machine
2:07PM 1 how to get list of user groups for netlogon script ?
1:45PM 0 Re: Samba Problem seen on 24help
12:46PM 0 Fwd: PDC Upgrade 2.2.8a to 3
12:03PM 0 multiple mount point
11:15AM 0 Problems with WINS in multiple IP subnets enviroment
9:15AM 4 Can't see my Samba server into the A.D. Domain
9:13AM 0 Share Migration
9:05AM 2 Logon script
9:00AM 1 Samba nested groups
8:47AM 1 disallowing copying files to the shares by extension
5:15AM 1 root access
4:27AM 1 Win XP profile problem...
3:02AM 1 Reset driver settings on a printer
2:44AM 2 Re: Samba errors with smb QUERY_PATH_INFO, Error: STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_NOT_FOUND
2:14AM 0 Winbind template shell
1:28AM 1 Windows 2003 and Samba 3.0.x
1:23AM 1 solaris 10 SMF setup?
12:37AM 0 Re: [SLE] samba problem
Wednesday March 2 2005
10:17PM 3 samba3.0.10
9:05PM 1 Any ideas on splitting my profiles directory
8:47PM 0 Alert! New Sober Worm!
8:42PM 2 Administrator-privileged logon scripts under limited mode on XP?
7:02PM 2 OT searchable samba archive
6:36PM 1 development mailing list?
6:31PM 0 Still having trouble with slow opening of printer properties
6:26PM 1 implementation issues
6:25PM 0 Can access shares, but cannot logon to the domain
4:55PM 1 registering samba in wins
2:38PM 2 Links followed to my local filesystem
2:29PM 3 To the ones who may concern :: German Translation of the Samba-Docs SOON AVAILABLE AS BOOK.
12:34PM 0 Multiple IP subnets and WINS server
12:26PM 2 WINS-Server != PDC ?
12:17PM 3 Samba as PDC and BDC on the same network.
10:57AM 1 AD group membership limits?
10:26AM 2 Request to update slapd.conf and OpenLDAP info for Samba-Guide/happy.html
10:08AM 0 listing group members (ADS)
9:30AM 1 Problems with Starting Winbind after upgrading!
8:59AM 0 Trust relationship problem [repost]
8:01AM 1 AW: Samba - NT ACL implemented by Unix Posix ACL via Samb a
7:22AM 1 can print test page in the redhat, but can't print through the samba share print,why?
2:36AM 1 MIT Kerberos tickets gone..
2:18AM 1 Samba 3.0.11 Compile Error
12:29AM 3 Netbench controller crashs
Tuesday March 1 2005
11:43PM 1 Seeking Good Documentation for... (freebsd+ldap+samba(pdc)+kerberos)
10:43PM 1 SuSE9.2 Client to AD 2003
9:03PM 0 Domain Tursts Revisited
8:59PM 2 Problem with 3.0.10 and 3.0.11 with 1 smbd process using99% cpu
8:08PM 1 Permission Denied with updated version of Samba
7:27PM 0 Access Problems
6:41PM 0 creating link to disk from Nautilis 2.2.4
5:32PM 2 Problem with 3.0.10 and 3.0.11 with 1 smbd process using 99% cpu
5:13PM 0 compile problems on SuSE 7.2
4:37PM 1 Authentication via both domain controller and local Sambapassword file
3:59PM 2 Fedora core 2 domain trust account fails
3:23PM 1 Migrate profiles from one domain to another
2:35PM 0 Unable to login to the domain
1:08PM 0 Error on samba installation
12:09PM 0 Windows 2003 Active Directory - Cannot authenticate
11:11AM 0 Samba 2.2.8 - authentication and nscd
10:55AM 0 Problem joining w2k server into samba3 domain
10:23AM 1 local users in domain member security.
10:16AM 1 Two smbd daemons and clustered environment
9:49AM 0 Authentication via both domain controller and local Samba password file
7:31AM 1 Optimise Samba for MYOB
6:42AM 1 Samba 3.0.11 doesn't work on Fedora Core 2
3:13AM 0 Sleep session in SAMBA
3:09AM 0 [Re: [Re: Won't Start Automatically]]]
2:20AM 2 samba failed to authenticate to openLDAP
1:55AM 1 Access Denied when trying to change permissions on Samba share
1:51AM 1 SMB Signature verification failed on incoming packet!
1:44AM 1 MYOB Performance issues on Samba
12:15AM 1 permissions modified on shared excel files
12:03AM 0 [] Linsey