samba - Apr 2005

Saturday April 30 2005
9:51PM 1 LDAP shared files error
9:27PM 0 win xp pro: can't login to samba domainNT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD
9:20PM 0 NT_STATUS_PIPE_NOT_AVAILABLE and non working winbind auth
6:07PM 1 Q for folks using Samba with XFS
4:47PM 0 Samba Shares Still Not Quite
1:56AM 0 Bug? (Or bug in du?)
Friday April 29 2005
10:33PM 0 Samba 3 joining Windows 2003 domain problem
9:15PM 0 PDC without passwd
8:58PM 0 Printer requires bidirectional support
8:06PM 1 Can't login samba domain from xp/2k
6:57PM 0 ACL / default permissions question
5:34PM 0 variables in include linbes - still a bug?
4:47PM 0 ntlm_auth doesn`t work with machine accounts
3:53PM 1 installation error while installing through rpm
3:39PM 1 encoding a ntlm-hash from cleartext passwords with java
1:37PM 0 Samba 3.0.X on RHEL 3.0 AS
11:26AM 0 system permitions for share folders
11:04AM 2 Username are case sensitive.
9:25AM 4 charset problem with smbmount
7:13AM 1 Q: windbind, local groups and domain user membership?
6:37AM 1 nt domain
6:31AM 1 Edit tool for ntprinters.tdb
4:54AM 1 how to apply "user must change password at next logon" and "expire password"
1:48AM 2 cannot write xls file after saving
12:31AM 0 New list user, couple of questions and looking for existi ng examples
Thursday April 28 2005
10:28PM 3 Roaming profiles in domain level
9:11PM 0 [revised] bad file number / dlopen failure (fwd)
8:45PM 0 Tom Gable >> ettain group
8:18PM 1 getent group doesn't show users in domain users from Windows 2003 server
7:07PM 0 New list user, couple of questions and looking for existing examples
6:46PM 1 PANIC: internal error
6:36PM 0 Benchmarking Samba
6:26PM 0 Problems with Win XP clients connecting to shares
6:13PM 1 Automatic creation of home directories
6:08PM 1 get_domain_user_groups
5:58PM 0 [help!] bad file number / dlopen failure
5:52PM 0 Samba client join domain subnet issues
5:28PM 1 Disable winbindd authentication while keep winbindd running
4:47PM 0 (no subject)
4:42PM 1 domain master list - cross subnet?
3:44PM 0 Winbind showstopper!
1:50PM 0 Using Windows authentification under Xserver
1:22PM 0 caching problem
12:17PM 5 Mirrored samba servers.
11:36AM 0 how to max out performance with only one client
11:01AM 0 winbind and computer accounts
11:01AM 1 force group performance penalty ?
9:20AM 1 RE: Welcome to the "samba" mailing list
9:17AM 2 File Rights
9:05AM 2 Roaming Profiles Support: Is it working correctly?
8:52AM 2 Files =>2GB"
8:01AM 0 Re: Hello
5:58AM 2 ips and netbios name on the logs
5:51AM 0 Windows Server 2003 SP1 Issues (3.0.15pre2)
Wednesday April 27 2005
10:57PM 0 Problem using roaming profiles with wireless clients
10:27PM 0 File extensions through Samba
9:38PM 0 Slightly OT: smbldap-tools/perl problem
9:38PM 0 smbfs locking
8:43PM 0 Unable to get PDC to authenticate id for access
8:25PM 2 SOS (seting up SWAP)
8:17PM 0 Samba + Clipper too slow
8:05PM 0 ¡Ofertas en Equipo Armado, Impresora Laser Samsung y productos Wireless 3COM!
7:57PM 0 Winbind can't differ "ramifications" in a Active Directory "forest"
7:49PM 1 Installing network printers for roaming users
7:48PM 1 Problem with performance since replacing mainserver
6:04PM 0 RE: CRLF << -- >> LF
5:32PM 4 winbind and NTLM authentication problems - NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
3:34PM 0 Samba and Windows 2000
3:00PM 2 Changes to HOWTO and maybe Samba Guide for Solaris patches
2:40PM 1 Win XP Clients Using Kerberos
2:23PM 3 can't get samba 3.0.14a to work with ldap..part 2: smaba 3.0.15
2:00PM 2 Question to the Samba-Developer
1:51PM 1 Question about "nss_ldap: could not get LDAP result - Can't contact LDAP server" error
1:09PM 1 Guest user?
11:05AM 2 smbldap-tools Perl error (FreeBSD)
9:26AM 0 win xp pro: can't login to samba domain NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD
9:25AM 0 Problems with Winbind and NTLM Authentication
9:19AM 1 'valid users' does not accept my users, but my groups
9:14AM 0 samba as BDC and getting this error NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER
8:54AM 1 NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE after a while
8:43AM 1 Winbind samba pdc
8:00AM 4 Connection reset by peer
7:36AM 1 accessing windows shares from Linux
3:51AM 0 Re: Minimal Samba
3:46AM 0 Apologies
3:18AM 1 Problem with length of share names
2:56AM 2 SAMBA 2.0.7 on Solaris 9 - How to disable port 445
1:52AM 0 Immediate work available
1:17AM 2 Commercially supported Samba
Tuesday April 26 2005
11:44PM 0 SAMBA + LDAP configuration problem
11:31PM 2 libsmb/nmblib.c:receive_packet(1018)
10:18PM 1 Help with Samba to
9:13PM 2 groups DOMAIN+user doesn't work
8:59PM 1 x86_64 fedora 2-3 rpmbuild
8:47PM 3 HELP!! Only some machines connect to samba
6:58PM 0 file locking in samba
6:07PM 0 Samba connection problem
5:43PM 3 kernel oops generated by smbfs module
5:33PM 1 Group Policies in Samba 3
4:59PM 8 Problems with unicode filenames
4:26PM 0 Samba XP 2005 is next week (May 2 - 4)
3:14PM 0 wbinfo and getent work, join success, but unable to access server
3:03PM 0 Samba related errors
2:45PM 0 nsswitch enum_dom_groups error?
1:33PM 0 Clear Group Cache on Winbind ?
12:51PM 1 Samba as domain member server cannot authenticate users
12:46PM 3 AD Rules in Samba
12:13PM 2 trusted domain 'disconnected' using winbind
12:10PM 1 Authentication failure when accessing Samba server in a NT domain
12:01PM 2 problem with foxpor adir function under win'98
11:50AM 2 disabled share
9:21AM 0 the administrator profiles problem
9:05AM 2 Re: Minimal Samba
8:29AM 0 samba ldap filter
8:17AM 1 Authentication problems after update to Samba 2.2.12
2:39AM 0 password change failed, but actually worked
12:31AM 0 Samba connection and Windows off-network standby
Monday April 25 2005
10:23PM 1 HElpme
9:43PM 2 NIS schema clash
9:11PM 2 user mapping problem when seurity=ads
8:25PM 1 wbinfo -t fails but other wbinfo and getent items work.
7:12PM 3 RedHat EL 3 rpm spec file and samba 3.0.14a?
6:48PM 0 Can I do this ?
5:38PM 1 NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL message-- were to look?
4:40PM 0 another user or process has modified the document - set information2 request - last write
4:08PM 1 differing freespace reports in windows and unix
3:48PM 2 Adding local group -> Access denied
2:47PM 0 Windows VBSscript and execution in /tmp/public in AIX 5.3
2:43PM 0 Many problems since a reinstall.
2:29PM 1 Problem getting Samba 3.0.14a to join NT domain as BDC
2:18PM 1 Problems when i want join a w2k domain
2:11PM 0 my samba configuration walktrought for Active directory (w/ conf files ; )
2:09PM 0 my samba configuration walktrought for Active directory
1:33PM 1 Mapping roaming users to local XP groups
1:20PM 0 libsmbclient question
1:13PM 1 Upgrading from Samba 3.07 to 3.010 on different box
12:36PM 0 Re: Samba and Cups
11:55AM 0 Server is working, but "getpeername" log errors still appearing
11:46AM 0 can' connect to domain anymore (after server interruption)
10:54AM 2 samba and Active Directory
8:27AM 0 Samba 3.0.13 and Novell Client
5:18AM 1 problems with the service pack 1 for windows 2003
5:09AM 1 root passwd not working anymore
1:31AM 1 Win2K cannot see the Samba server
Sunday April 24 2005
7:22PM 0 Is it possible to bridge domains?
5:48PM 1 w2k domain /w samba ads
3:42PM 1 samba 3.0.14a and KDE kio-smb
10:45AM 1 Windows XP not connected to Samba network
1:58AM 0 Re: Upgrading samba from Fedora RPM (Jean-Baptiste Estival)
12:48AM 3 Samba Shares With only Partial Access
Saturday April 23 2005
8:34PM 1 winbind + ldap uid/gid consistency woes.
1:05PM 0 RES: Urgent: problem with SAMBA+LDAP
4:50AM 1 Urgent: problem with SAMBA+LDAP
12:59AM 0 cannot open shared folder
Friday April 22 2005
9:21PM 0 'Not listening for calling name'
9:06PM 1 Samba as a PDC with LDAP and Kerberos
8:16PM 2 samba load
8:01PM 3 smb ports feedback
7:22PM 4 can't get samba 3.0.14a to work with ldap
6:41PM 0 trippleX home viewing
6:39PM 1 Samba AD Groups
6:27PM 0 WU-FTPD and pam_winbind
3:39PM 2 machine uid range
3:02PM 4 winbindd config
1:36PM 1 Samba Server [Solaris 8] on Windows 2K/2003 [ADS] network
12:31PM 0 Ti sei cancellato con successo
12:13PM 0 sambafax
8:28AM 0 force authentication on each use of special shares
6:21AM 0 APIs in other languages supporting Samba
5:18AM 0 FW: Remote Announce
Thursday April 21 2005
9:59PM 1 Replacing a W2K Server?
9:26PM 0 poisx in ldap and smbpasswd backend : get_md4pw: Workstation station$: no account in domain
8:11PM 0 64 bit build for Solaris 9
7:47PM 0 How to determine the origin of BROWSE.DAT Entries
7:34PM 0 Logging and/or reporting on account lockouts
6:57PM 0 Incorrect password or unknown username error when accessing a share
6:26PM 1 Samba performance
5:19PM 1 %M client DNS name resolution
4:36PM 0 Basic problem with Samba 3.0.11 PDC on Samba Red Hat RHAS3 ACL srpm.
4:33PM 1 BDC not working in a full-samba-env
3:56PM 1 transactions
3:09PM 0 Problem with groups & joining domain.- LDAP
2:32PM 0 Windows caching Netbios names ??
1:54PM 0 Question 2
1:48PM 0 error joining a domain
1:26PM 1 SAMBA with LDAP - net join fails
12:44PM 1 dhcp.conf
12:39PM 0 Re: hi
12:02PM 0 Telefonia - Internet Satelital - Rural (CHILE) Consulte
11:19AM 0 smb PANIC: internal error
8:37AM 3 Description of LDAP-attribute sambaSIDList
8:10AM 2 samba 3.0.13 tries to find SID of User as sambaGroupMap
8:04AM 1 Windows XP fails to load Desktop Profile on Samba 3 PDC
7:47AM 0 group-rid and group-sid
7:39AM 0 Upgrading samba from Fedora RPM
6:27AM 0 Samba prining and pauses
1:01AM 1 Samba on Windows?
Wednesday April 20 2005
11:56PM 3 shared network printer on linksys print server
11:14PM 1 posix acls vs unix groups and nt acls
8:34PM 0 swat authenticatin failed with 3.0.13.
8:30PM 2 Samba 3.0.9 on RHEL 3.0
7:25PM 1 Samba 3 Upgrade Questions
7:18PM 1 samba PDC with nfs mount of homes
4:38PM 0 Domain Admins
3:36PM 1 winbindd
3:23PM 0 Newbie Samba RACF
3:18PM 3 gid and uid
2:40PM 0 Your site has been added to our directory
2:02PM 0 Workgroup naming question
1:57PM 1 DFS links not working
1:02PM 0 Client Shares
12:55PM 1 IPC$ entries not deleted from connections.tdb?
11:56AM 0 Starting Samba on AIX
10:49AM 2 Failed to grant privileges
10:38AM 6 the desktop.ini incident again
10:07AM 2 nsswitch.conf & winbind
9:45AM 0 Access Denied
Tuesday April 19 2005
11:29PM 0 Winbind and Samba/LDAP PDC
8:11PM 0 Compiling Error
7:50PM 1 XP client has Samba 2 shares 'taken over' by Samba 3 share
5:12PM 2 Pam mkhomedir - Permissions
4:29PM 0 quick samba setup question: File permissions, user and group
4:29PM 0 File timestamp and robocopy
4:01PM 1 Printer down - completed jobs still in queue - NT_STATUS_DRIVE_FULL
3:08PM 1 Re: missing directory entries on irix
1:58PM 0 Cant change file rights with Samba LDAP
12:10PM 0 Samba 3.0.15pre2 Available for Download
12:02PM 1 Problem with smbclient & RedHat EL 3 ES
12:00PM 0 Samba and Encrypted File Systems - Linux (repost)
10:26AM 0 smbpasswd password via stdin?
10:17AM 0 file not found:
8:53AM 0 Regarding multiple writes to a file in samba server
7:43AM 1 smbclient to sent message to windows users fails
3:25AM 0 Samba-3, quota problem
2:55AM 3 Can't Install Samba 3.0.14a
1:56AM 0 Browsing over subnet Problem & nmbd stop working after a few hours
1:36AM 1 Samba and Windows shares
Monday April 18 2005
11:22PM 0 nmbd won't ignore an interface
11:04PM 2 Folder Redirection broken if access is from ACL only
10:44PM 1 File / Record Locking In Samba
10:15PM 1 error msg using testparm
8:27PM 0 getting win98 to print samba
8:05PM 0 3.0.14a: sig11/panic on redhat6x
7:50PM 0 Problem with smbclient 3.0.13 and 3.0.14a
6:56PM 0 Share Level Quotas
5:55PM 1 Auth errors with winbind on member server with Native AD
5:02PM 0 getent passwd/group not returning AD users password
4:14PM 0 findsmb, windows xp sp2 not listed?
4:09PM 2 Unable to create new files in share
3:59PM 1 Incorrect "This folder already contains a file named..." error
2:22PM 0 ENCFS + Samba?
2:22PM 0 Samba and LDAP, problem with variables %u and %g
2:21PM 3 Samba Internal Error and Panic
2:05PM 2 Only one person can use a file at a time problem
1:49PM 0 "standalone" with security = ADS
11:10AM 0 Announcement Samba 3.0.14a
9:37AM 1 netbios name resolution
9:23AM 0 how to configure PAM
7:26AM 2 linux client accessing Samba domain
6:40AM 0 getent passwd/group not returning AD users password information on RH9 Samba AD Member Server
6:30AM 2 "getpeername failed. Error was Transport endpoint is not connected"
5:45AM 1 how to "hide" the desktop.ini file on roaming profiles?
12:52AM 0 Fwd: Re: Samba Install/SWAT Access
Sunday April 17 2005
11:26PM 0 Useerprofilproblem
10:35PM 0 Understanding Samba Shares
9:59PM 0 Weird things after Samba PDC has been migrated onto another host
4:12PM 0 Timeouts accessing share on XP
3:41PM 2 Samba Install/SWAT Access
12:48PM 0 Connecting HP Photosmart 7450 USB Printer to Samba / CUPS?
5:43AM 1 Samba client for Win32?
2:25AM 0 Samba not utilizing full available bandwidth
Saturday April 16 2005
9:15PM 1 MS DOS 7 XCopy copies the same file over and over
6:35PM 2 samba pdc roaming profiles
5:00PM 0 Problems with Groupmappings
3:03PM 1 Problems with ADS membership with win2k domain
2:50PM 1 Setting up Winbindd on 3.x
1:52PM 1 Set user quota
11:49AM 0 Sluggish change
5:04AM 1 Problems with ADS membership in win2k domain
3:45AM 0 New VFS providing on-the-fly conversion between flac and wav audio files
12:06AM 1 Session startup failed/NetBIOS over TCP disabled | Samba 3.0.11
Friday April 15 2005
11:11PM 0 WIndows Directory Security Settings SOLVED
10:31PM 1 WIndows Directory Security Settings
9:37PM 3 Unable to join samba server to a NT4 style domain/Sam ba-Guide feedback
9:11PM 1 Poor Samba Preformance
8:33PM 1 Unable to join samba server to a NT4 style domain (po st-SOLVED)
7:54PM 1 authentication via smbpasswd or tdbsam
7:16PM 1 creating user problems under samba 3
6:52PM 1 Upgrading Samba
6:09PM 0 Request: Documentation Review - Update
5:58PM 0 Error: Access to the resource \\netbiosname has been disallowed?
5:03PM 17 still ACL bug in 3.0.14a
3:06PM 1 winbind problems. it just wont work
2:12PM 1 Samba 3.0.14a Available for Download
1:56PM 0 how to use a samba patch
1:39PM 1 Domain login problem
1:30PM 0 'Add...' button inoperable in WinXP Security Properties outside of domain
1:16PM 1 Samba Panic
12:04PM 1 The conflicting domain portions are not supported
11:47AM 2 "hide unreadable files" also hides readable files
11:14AM 0 problems setting up raw printing with samba and cups
11:09AM 2 last version of samba?
10:21AM 3 urgent kindly reply
9:53AM 1 ntlm_auth / winbind problem
9:27AM 1 cannot write to share
9:08AM 1 The conflicting domain portions are not supported for NETLOGON calls
4:06AM 0 Multi-user databases (DOS application) in WIndows XP and Windows 2k file locking problem... continue
3:58AM 1 How is this possible lol?
3:57AM 0 Multi-user databases (DOS application) in WIndows XP and Windows 2k file locking problem
3:20AM 1 Windows 2003 SP1 breaks kerberos on samba?
Thursday April 14 2005
11:56PM 0 Op-lock error
11:23PM 1 (no subject)
10:43PM 1 Copy Passwords from Active Directory to Samba
8:45PM 0 problem with winbind and Sun PCNetlink
8:35PM 0 ¡Oferta exclusiva, notebook Asus P4 c/ DVD+/-RW, Wireless, 15" a solo $699.900!
8:16PM 11 Repeat Review Request
6:49PM 0 samba and squid are not working together
6:46PM 1 Samba on HP-UX 11i
6:39PM 1 include smb.conf.%m
5:24PM 1 utmp update for bsd systems (try 2)
3:46PM 2 Using idmap_rid backend, cannot browse home directory from XP
3:46PM 1 weird problem with "access denied" on share
3:24PM 0 Samba & ads authentification
2:57PM 0 Wrong profile path
2:40PM 1 Winbind User Login Troubles
1:04PM 1 period password change problem
10:45AM 1 Two domains on same LDAP backend
10:38AM 0 problem in sharing printer with windows clients
10:26AM 0 Fedora Core 3 update
9:59AM 0 net getlocalsid returns hostname as domain && net rpc vampire fails
9:33AM 1 AD needed for ntlm_auth?
9:07AM 0 "smb_pam_auth failed -Rejecting user !"
8:42AM 5 Review Request: Samba-3 by Example Update
7:58AM 16 Unable to join samba server to a NT4 style domain
7:45AM 0 How to prevent creation of unwanted user home directories with samba and winbind........
6:17AM 0 Logon scripts on Win2k w/s
2:40AM 2 Mounting a Windows Share with UTF8 files
2:29AM 4 Second attempt
1:18AM 1 Samba Version 3.0.10 or 3.0.14
Wednesday April 13 2005
10:41PM 5 Joining a domain controller with a conflict name
9:20PM 0 PDC Problems(winbind, joining domain, net groupmap, etc), FreeBSD 5.3, LDAP
8:34PM 1 Help with user/domain Management fm Windows side
7:52PM 0 Samba not working properly
7:05PM 0 slow file writes from OS X to samba server
5:40PM 1 Stable samba version
5:36PM 1 Re: Problems with Excel & MS Word files (EVEN - still ANY ideas?)
5:36PM 2 error executing the smbclient
4:55PM 1 Samba with MIT Kerberos Authentication
1:06PM 2 IMC
12:59PM 2 samba user1 -> samba user2 migrating - how?
12:31PM 2 Can't setup Windows Print Driver on Samba 3 Server
12:09PM 1 FW: AIX and libldap.a
11:49AM 2 samba is killing our LDAP
10:12AM 0 Mailinglist
8:45AM 0 getpeername failed
6:51AM 1 how to mount the windows shares
12:24AM 1 Newbie: listing workgroups and hosts
Tuesday April 12 2005
11:43PM 1 Unified authentication
10:48PM 2 SuSE 9.2 Firewall, Ports for Samba, XP Client and userprofile
9:45PM 3 Adding a Windows Server down the road
9:45PM 0 users can't change permissions on samba share
9:24PM 7 Samba question
8:49PM 1 Question on using smbmount
7:44PM 1 How to get samba 3.X to authenticate using NIS on Solaris
7:40PM 0 getting to shared files
7:18PM 1 Dave clients on OS 9 not able to logon to Samba 3
6:53PM 1 Samba 2.0.0 and Active Directory 2003
6:43PM 1 AIX and libldap.a
6:21PM 0 Urgent: Active directory and Samba
6:12PM 1 RV: I need your help.
5:58PM 2 Samba 3.0.14 and 3.0.15pre1 contain a bad assert line
3:59PM 1 Re: Problems with Excel & MS Word files (EVEN - still ANY ideas?)
3:38PM 2 SIGUP? Losing Share
3:16PM 5 File listing problems in 3.0.13
3:04PM 1 Samba 3.0.14 and 3.0.15pre1 Available for Download
12:34PM 0 shared violation error
11:53AM 1 Connecxions problems
11:30AM 0 AW: Samba 3.10 and higher
10:20AM 1 Point and print drivers install from a Win2000 box
9:20AM 0 Using accent in password with Fedora Core 3 and Windows NT4 PDC
9:04AM 0 username map and multiple domains
8:58AM 1 cleaning messages.tdb
8:04AM 0 Difusión por e-mail masivos no solicitados
3:01AM 2 File Deletion
2:57AM 0 'net ads join' Segmentation fault for one ADS tree but not another?!
Monday April 11 2005
11:26PM 0 very slow writes from samba client to samba server
9:52PM 0 Compiling error in MacOSX
9:09PM 2 Linux Users execute 'login scripts'
8:34PM 6 Samba log messages
8:13PM 1 PDC Shows up as a domain
6:46PM 0 checking two different domains
6:30PM 0 Samba 3.081013, Fedora 3, and MS-Access
5:04PM 0 Wins questions
4:35PM 0 Problems with CIFS and fstab because of user= parameter.
4:03PM 1 Session Control Through LDAP/SAMBA
3:06PM 0 I need your help.
2:57PM 3 FW: net ads join fails
2:13PM 0 Help with Domain Authentication
2:06PM 1 Samba/LDAP Administrator taking over root
1:55PM 1 Daylight saving time problem.
12:18PM 0 Samba 3.0.13 problems with NT4 domain
10:41AM 0 smbd process hangs up - XP login problems
10:40AM 1 3.0.13 - word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error. for smb/NFS mounted dirs
10:04AM 1 mysql backend and 3.0.13
10:02AM 1 smbpasswd, tdb_fetch_uint32 failed
9:28AM 0 corruption in the locking tdb, samba panics [SOLVED]
9:23AM 0 Gigabit Throughput too low
9:02AM 1 Samba 3.0.7-2 and IIS6
5:58AM 1 smbpasswd -as
4:44AM 0 exclusive locks on executables
1:54AM 1 /tmp does not exist or is not a directory
Sunday April 10 2005
4:47PM 1 tests with samba-vscan 3.6 and 3.6 latest cvs exclude by regex feature failed on suse 9.2 samba 3.13
4:36PM 1 Session Control ( Not using PAM )
4:25PM 1 Can't log in, but logs say auth succeeded?
2:17PM 0 Samba problem under IRIX ....
12:50PM 0 Trouble adding users with pdbedit
12:33PM 2 Browsing Problems
10:41AM 0 Map loopback address in XP
9:29AM 0 NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED with winbinddauthentication
6:31AM 0 "net rpc info" command fails to authenticate
Saturday April 9 2005
11:15PM 1 KDE-Print almost working, directory shares working good.
3:38PM 1 Samba Dynamic DNS DHCP , client won't register
12:25PM 1 Samba 2.2 and Windows 2003 AD
Friday April 8 2005
10:31PM 1 No domain server was available to validate your password.
10:27PM 1 using unix password sync to sync krb5 password
9:42PM 2 Cups print jobnames became SMB jobname not doc name
8:58PM 0 Recover from inadvertent change to domain SID
8:54PM 0 Browse sync problem - any help appreciated!
8:10PM 0 Execute shell command when accessing a share
8:10PM 1 Database Problems
8:02PM 1 LDAP and the Password attrtibute in SAMBA
4:10PM 1 16-bit Application Compatibility
3:17PM 0 AIX
3:06PM 1 Upgrade Samba 3.0.9 (Suse 9.2) => Samba 3.0.13 Or newer
2:09PM 1 problem with ie-cookies
2:02PM 0 windows copy versus move
1:22PM 0 compiling on Tru64
1:21PM 0 Windows 9x error!
1:07PM 2 Nagging error
1:06PM 3 Samba, ADS and "Failed to verify incoming ticket!"
1:02PM 0 Authenticating samba users from LDAP
12:27PM 0 winbind on Solaris8 problem concerning Domain Users
12:07PM 1 Mount Windows DFS on linux
11:23AM 1 Smbd hangs for users...
9:49AM 1 Samba 3.10 and higher
7:13AM 0 Difusión por e-mail masivo
1:08AM 1 Joining domain across subnet
Thursday April 7 2005
9:29PM 2 Custom Hidden Files?
8:57PM 1 question about ldap passwd sync
8:32PM 1 winbind doesn't resolve id to user (win2003 ads)
8:01PM 0 LVS-domain logon -nmbd
7:28PM 1 Noob having troubles with slapd-populate authentication
6:22PM 0 Changed name of domain - accounts have old name
6:07PM 2 Listing all users in a remote Samba server
5:35PM 3 Unix to SMB Password Sync using PAM
5:34PM 0 Problem testing libsmbclient on samba 3.0
4:32PM 2 Mapping Samba Server as a drive?
4:16PM 1 Samba/Cups and printers
3:18PM 0 profiles samba & sesion windows
2:45PM 0 smbmount codepage / iocharset problem w/ W2k
1:27PM 0 Samba 3.0.13 : ads_verify_ticket: unable to protect replay cache with mutex.
12:46PM 1 idmap_rid: could not convert sid to uid
12:06PM 1 Domain reconnection after network outage
11:49AM 2 Error was Transport endpoint is not connected
11:39AM 0 Fwd: Samba-Squid-AD: Error returned 'BH NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED'
9:59AM 0 File Name Changed
9:47AM 2 Samba-Squid-AD: Error returned 'BH NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED'
7:24AM 1 Seeking documentation for SAMBA3+LDAP but NOT PDC
7:15AM 1 Staus of Sernet Debian packages?
6:35AM 2 PDC: Logging out from Windows XP SP2 takes a long time
6:13AM 2 Domain Root Password
3:58AM 1 smbldap-tools patch - careful string handling
3:23AM 2 smbldap-tools not playing nice w/ samba ?
3:12AM 1 Samba and slapd.conf's TLSVerifyClient
12:53AM 0 Sluggish Samba
12:33AM 1 winbind with multiple domains
12:16AM 1 Time to give back, Samba LDAP with FreeRadius
Wednesday April 6 2005
10:50PM 2 user's smbd process generates high cpu utilization
10:17PM 2 NT_Create_AndX
9:41PM 1 Samba 3.0.13 and deleting files
9:31PM 1 Overwriting Symbolic Links
9:29PM 1 Windows Server 2003 SP 1
9:28PM 0 Smbmount -- text file busy?
7:57PM 0 tuning samba fot better performance with MS Access md b files
6:18PM 1 File browser doesn't remember last directory over Dfs
5:49PM 4 kill this damn spam...
4:34PM 0 smbclient
2:05PM 1 %U doesn't work in root postexec
1:56PM 2 Linux System for Samba
1:39PM 1 what is unix charset = LOCALE
1:19PM 7 Can really anyone help ?
1:14PM 0 fstab and smbmount problem
1:08PM 0 can a standalone NT4 server become member of a samba3-Domain?
11:54AM 1 File locks db (manually removing locks)
11:48AM 1 Re: Problems with Excel & MS Word files (EVEN - still ANY ideas?)
10:38AM 0 Strange Problem with samBa client to access Windows shared Files ...
10:04AM 0 More info on joining Samba to 2000 AD PDC
9:23AM 2 Multiple Samba installations on one Solaris 8 machine
8:52AM 0 Asking for messages in log files.
8:45AM 3 givenname and email address with smbldap-tools
8:31AM 1 Question about joining a Samba server to a 2000 domain
7:57AM 1 force create mode / force directory mode in 3.0.13 behavior changed?
7:02AM 1 Password sync between W2k ADS and samba 2.2.x
6:45AM 0 Windows XP & 2000 users cannot login to Samba PDC
5:47AM 1 Group auth with ntlm_auth
3:18AM 0 Bug? Authentication failure with multiple logins from same client IP addy
2:41AM 0 Win98 Custom Authentication
1:41AM 2 10 Gigabit Ethernet and Samba
Tuesday April 5 2005
10:24PM 0 Script password into net executable
8:07PM 0 Problem with smbmount
6:37PM 1 Can't mount samba share, Access denied
5:15PM 0 Emergency - please help
4:30PM 1 Help Q: Samba PDC Password changes
4:29PM 2 Migrating from NT4 to Samba/LDAP - Demoting PDC to domain member
4:23PM 0 problems adding Machine Trust Accounts (useradd?)
4:11PM 1 Changing file ownership from Windows
3:25PM 0 short preserve case = no
3:08PM 6 net ads join fails
3:08PM 4 extd_audit log output and documentation
3:05PM 0 Limit directory depth
2:13PM 1 tunneling a connection to a samba server via vpn
1:27PM 0 Need Help
1:16PM 0 winbind
12:35PM 0 Informal HOWTO - transparent authentication and optional outbound web filtering using Samba 3.0.13, Squid 2.5.STABLE7, SmartFilter 4.01, RedHat 9.0 in a Win2003 AD domain
12:23PM 4 ACL and delete files
11:47AM 0 new user setup
11:44AM 0 Excel files
11:13AM 2 how to automatically create user homedir
10:35AM 2 WIN2K with SP4 unab;e to save profiles on a Samba PDC
10:00AM 0 3.0.7 and Unable to find the Domain Master Browser name
9:46AM 1 AD auth + local unix groups: access denied?
9:29AM 0 Speed problems after an upgrade to 3.0.10
9:26AM 0 smb.conf and adding users
9:20AM 0 Idmap & cache tdb files.
9:02AM 1 Updating Samba 3 with LDAP to newer version
8:29AM 0 Network browsing and SSO
8:24AM 0 Samba share breaks msi-install process
6:56AM 0 strange password problem
5:35AM 2 Browsing through a tunnelled VPN connection
5:29AM 0 Samba NTLM Authentication
12:41AM 0 RE: [squid-users] IE improperly prompts for credentials; ntlm_auth with Samba 3.0.13, Squid 2.5.STABLE7, RedHat Linux 9.0, SmartFilter 4.01; ticket number 48293
Monday April 4 2005
11:21PM 2 Help! Unable to join domain :(
10:03PM 2 Samba through a NAT router
9:55PM 0 [ #HNP-63953-355]: read it immediately
9:54PM 1 Samba 3.0.11 hammering NIS
9:21PM 0 new release Idealx tools SMBLDAP-TOOLS-0.8.8
8:33PM 1 Strange LDAP add machine problem
8:24PM 0 REPOST: Simultaneous Share Access via NFS/SMB
7:38PM 0 Samba and CUPS driver download
6:51PM 1 Samba 2.07 AIX
6:43PM 0 Not Printing From Windows Machine
5:35PM 1 Unix-password-sync in LDAP?
4:42PM 1 Windows Update using samba
3:23PM 6 NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD with multiple concurrent connects from same IP Address.
10:51AM 4 NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED with winbindd authentication
10:21AM 0 ADS and local user account authentication
10:08AM 7 No smb.conf file !
9:18AM 1 Mounting Samba shares under KDE 3.x
8:21AM 2 nvidia service and profiles not updating
7:24AM 1 IE improperly prompts for credentials; ntlm_auth with Samba 3.0.13, Squid 2.5.STABLE7, RedHat Linux 9.0, SmartFilter 4.01
3:33AM 3 Excel files Locking up problem
Sunday April 3 2005
10:50PM 3 macintosh file clutter on samba filesystems.
9:29PM 1 Samba - wireless - PDC
7:26PM 1 ldap crashes right after samba updates password
6:27PM 1 Samba slow reads
3:59AM 4 Smbd 3.0.13 dies when smb.conf has winbind separator = \
Saturday April 2 2005
9:48PM 0 smbmount non root write access denied
9:09PM 1 Windows Clients Don't process login script
8:10PM 0 (no subject)
5:29PM 0 ¡Notebook Asus con wireless, grabador DVD Dual, TFT 15,4", desde $896.000!
4:53PM 2 OT Windows policy question
4:29PM 0 CentOS 3.4, Samba 3.0.9 , Network Browsing Problem , Network Share To USB copy problem
12:24PM 1 tuning samba fot better performance with MS Access mdb files
11:48AM 3 Take over Domain login from XP
11:02AM 2 winbind on a domain with 150000 users
5:29AM 0 smbd & nmbd: do they have to run at the same host?
3:36AM 1 Using the RedHat 9.0 Samba 3.0.13 RPM with Kerberos 1.4 from MIT
1:16AM 2 RE: MYSQL - Was Functional till Update to 3.13
12:46AM 0 MYSQL - Was Functional till Update to 3.13 i
Friday April 1 2005
10:40PM 0 Winbind authentication failing
8:58PM 0 Simultaneous Share Access via NFS/SMB
8:58PM 1 'username map' --> password(s)
8:28PM 2 multiple shares names
8:11PM 1 Permissions assignment problem
7:25PM 2 Aliased interface/multi-smb on one machine + security = DOMAIN model
6:31PM 0 Windows ask for password when i try to access home
5:50PM 5 Windows ask for password when i try to access home shares
5:12PM 0 2000 xp clients
3:30PM 1 Samba, master, slave LDAP
3:01PM 1 Need help with log creation
2:45PM 2 samba & ads problem
2:13PM 2 Samba 3.0.13 DFS problem
2:01PM 2 Samba 3 by Example & Migrations
1:46PM 0 Interesting usrmgr.exe issue
1:23PM 0 Linux permissions not appearing under kernel 2.6
1:11PM 0 net setlocalsid for doimain doesn't work as wanted
1:05PM 1 PDC without WINS - performance boost?
10:43AM 1 How to prevent creation of user profiles which they don't logon locally
7:21AM 1 Domain master vs. workgroup master?? (messages about domain master browser)
4:40AM 1 ntlm_auth, samba PDC
2:40AM 0 File Locking using smbmount
1:06AM 1 User names longer than 8 characters