samba - Feb 2005

Monday February 28 2005
11:09PM 0 Poor performance via FUSE
10:58PM 0 OW #10.07 - Taking AIM to Outlook
10:35PM 1 3.0.11 pthread_once errors
8:58PM 1 tdb locking errors?
8:08PM 1 Trusts
7:37PM 1 force group problem/question
7:27PM 0 force group question/problem
7:07PM 4 ACL Question [Repost]
6:45PM 0 linux users account authentication
6:10PM 0 pam compile problem on AIX
5:12PM 0 How to run a job from Win98 client?
4:36PM 2 Time out tuning ?
3:41PM 1 Authentication problem
3:14PM 1 Interdomain trust problem
12:17PM 0 Failure to connect to Windows share
12:06PM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 26, Issue 43 (Odpověď v nepřítomnosti )
11:26AM 0 Cannot delete files from a SAMBA/CIFS connection
8:44AM 1 the winbind problem, 'wbinfo -u' have the user but 'getent passwd' haven't the user
8:11AM 0 Wrong rights on changing/saving MS Office files
6:12AM 0 2.2.1 cannot do what 2.0.7 does!
4:01AM 0 session setup failed: Call returned zero bytes (EOF)
3:58AM 1 Samba 3.0.11 port and install issue to solaris 8
2:40AM 1 [Fwd: Re: [Fwd: Re: Won't Start Automatically]]
1:50AM 0 How to re-introduce a Samba server into a Win/NT domain?
1:04AM 1 [Fwd: Re: Won't Start Automatically]
12:27AM 1 Won't Start Automatically
Sunday February 27 2005
10:55PM 1 Re: smb_proc_readX_data
9:11PM 1 Samba doesn't work on gateway system.
7:40PM 0 modifications require authentication (?????????)
7:08PM 0 samba share
6:19PM 0 samba code addition
5:43PM 2 Error while opening Excel VBA macros in Samba PDC windows clients
4:26PM 1 Is it feasable?
4:07PM 2 smbldap_open: cannot access LDAP when not root ...
3:50PM 0 Out of Office AutoReply: Allen, Selèct Softwarè Programs - at upto 80 pèrcènt Ðĩscõùnţ
11:28AM 4 Building two redundant servers without clustering
9:12AM 0 RE: Abuse, Fèèl youngèr and Bètter Hèrbal Way (verification)
7:36AM 0 Request for advice on where to look...
6:16AM 0 [abuse #255766] Systems Support Online Autoreply
Saturday February 26 2005
11:16PM 2 simple samba example problem
5:51PM 0 Call for IPSI Transactions Special Issues in 2005/6; c/ba
5:11PM 0 It works, and thanks ;)
4:07PM 0 connecting to AD share - signing?
1:30PM 0 =?windows-1251?b?0ODx8fvr6ugg7+4g/esg7+738uU=?=
5:36AM 1 PrintUIEntry for NT4?
1:53AM 3 Samba 3.0.12pre1 Available for Download
1:16AM 0 Printing to raw cups queue from Windows XP
Friday February 25 2005
11:34PM 1 smbclient's tar to /dev/null behaves unexpectedly
11:11PM 1 profile not loading properly
11:01PM 2 Samba Problem
10:22PM 0 ACL problems
9:21PM 0 problem with
7:48PM 2 Audit Trail/Logging For Network Logons and Logoffs
7:33PM 0 Samba + PAM + OpenAFS + Redhat Linux 3 EL
6:37PM 1 Debugging Privilege and Samba 3.0.11
5:45PM 0 Problems using ADS to validate Windows Network users on a Samba3 Member Server
4:51PM 1 [homes] share problems
4:43PM 0 Simple PDC/BDC with LDAP config
4:33PM 2 samba 3 performance
4:13PM 4 ACLs and Samba
4:01PM 2 How to give more rights to users ?
2:52PM 0 Printer Connection - Time Sync
2:31PM 0 samba 3 nt4 & pagemaker 6.5
12:50PM 0 cannot log in to domain on samba3
12:37PM 0 Windows 2003 Active Directory - Cannot access Samba shares
12:27PM 1 Samba users spreading spam (or automated replies)
12:19PM 0 Samba write permission problem
11:22AM 0 Authentication issues causing smbd processes to stop
11:02AM 0 Network errors when coping files to a samba share
10:37AM 0 Unable to deliver your message
10:10AM 1 Srvtools causes smbldap_open: cannot access LDAP when not root
9:48AM 0 duplicated name
9:34AM 0 Office XP - $60
7:16AM 0 Maximum characters for valid users = ?
5:46AM 0 3.0.7 - NT Create AndX Response, Error:, QUERY_PATH_INFO, Error:
5:33AM 1 \\server\share%user Not Working
3:22AM 0 Samba Upgrade Process
12:35AM 0 Unknown sender
Thursday February 24 2005
10:27PM 2 Load Balancing over multiple NICS
10:12PM 0 SV: Getting ads_connect: Strong authentication required w hendoing ne t ads join
9:14PM 2 [homes] no accessible
7:52PM 0 Error while opening a Excel VBA file in a Samba PDC client
6:25PM 1 Samba - NT ACL implemented by Unix Posix ACL via Samba
6:20PM 2 Question about Samba 3.0.10 + OpenLDAP 2.1.29
6:14PM 0 Moving Samba system between Windows Trust Domains.
6:13PM 0 Gethostbyaddr failed
5:39PM 1 Trust Accounts W2K - Samba/LDAP
4:50PM 0 Getting ads_connect: Strong authentication required whendoing ne t ads join
4:41PM 0 Getting ads_connect: Strong authentication required when doing ne t ads join
4:15PM 0 Error joining W2000 to samba domain server
3:56PM 2 Testing LDAP: ssh connection refused
3:47PM 0 Can't see my Samba server into the domain
3:23PM 1 Changing domains, both server- and client-side.
3:12PM 1 Samba Upgrade Yields Undesired Domain-Wide IE High Security
3:02PM 0 passwd, smbpasswd, pam, etc.
2:53PM 0 Symlinks followed literally in Debian 3.0, not in Red Hat 7.3
2:21PM 1 Compilation problem
1:14PM 0 File copying problem
12:54PM 1 Winbind Authentication on Redhat & Home Directories
12:26PM 0 CUPS Printing Problem
11:07AM 3 SLES9+winbind+NT PDC unable to access home shares
10:07AM 0 The semaphore timeout period has expired
9:31AM 0 Samba
8:48AM 1 SAMBA + LDAP : Unable to Login on a domain
8:03AM 1 Samba-LDAP PDC, problem with smbldap-tools
5:28AM 3 Printing only works sometimes
5:22AM 0 Mail Forwarding Service
3:57AM 0 Samba 2.2.12 Hardware Migration Policy Issue Win2K
3:18AM 0 Win XP hangs on file open dialog
Wednesday February 23 2005
11:56PM 3 smbumount hangs
11:05PM 1 Winbind on AIX 5.2
10:20PM 1 profiles not loading
8:33PM 2 static WINS entries on workstations - is it possible?
8:25PM 1 WinXP not caching credentials
6:58PM 1 pdbedit -Lw reports "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" for password
6:48PM 0 Samba-LDAP PDC: smbldap-populate failer
5:45PM 1 Adding XP clients to samba domain - samba admin password prob?
5:02PM 0 Smbclient - protocol negotiation failed
4:51PM 2 how can i setup disk quota with smbcquotas?
4:29PM 0 Block size on Macs
4:03PM 1 FreeBSD 4.8 / Samba 3.0.11 - more signal 11's than before... (3.0.8)
2:40PM 3 LDAP compatible
1:35PM 1 Samba and FC 2
1:01PM 0 winbind + domain NT4
12:53PM 0 preparing registry for Default User profile
11:57AM 2 smbldap problem
11:49AM 1 smbpasswd
11:30AM 0 Excessive file traffic when viewing Printer Properties with 3.0.11
10:16AM 0 Trust relationship problem
10:00AM 0 printer access slow
8:43AM 0 ny email
7:15AM 1 Have profile dir permanently mounted
7:04AM 1 All user profile
6:15AM 1 STOP
5:31AM 2 Bringing a laptop to a Samba Network
2:38AM 2 testparm error
2:04AM 0 Unable to alter permissions on Linux client
1:54AM 1 Should smbclient -L get list of servers from master browser?
Tuesday February 22 2005
11:34PM 0 Samba 3.0.10 as a PDC
10:51PM 1 samba pdc authentication problem
10:05PM 1 Error connecting to Samba share from pocketPC
9:00PM 1 win2k/xp crashes after logon to PDC
8:11PM 4 Winbind - how to map ADS group to Unix group
7:46PM 2 Excel File Open Issue - Possibly Samba Related
7:18PM 1 how many matt dobbertien's can there be?
7:03PM 0 -- new smbldap-tool component of Samba 3.0
7:01PM 1 Help adding users
6:53PM 1 New to Samba - General Question
6:32PM 2 Corrupt Database and couldn't map SID.
6:17PM 0 Problem with winbind
5:47PM 0 getent passwd / winbind uid / log file configuration
5:37PM 0 winbind: how to map Windows groups to existing unix groups; limit windows group to unix groups
5:04PM 0 SV: Problems with Samba and security hardened WinXP SP2 c lients
4:42PM 2 High CPU utilization for smbd on AIX
4:32PM 4 Samba Best Practices -- Integration with Active Directory
3:01PM 0 LDAP backend for a stand-alone server
2:58PM 2 How current is the HOWTO collection?
2:17PM 1 fake_perms and read-only profiles
1:21PM 1 Samba 2.2.8 PDC to samba 3.0.11. Consecuences ?
12:04PM 0 Connection failed with error NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL
11:13AM 0 Guidence needed....
10:37AM 5 Samba 3.0.11 smbd hangs
9:37AM 0 New version of the ldapscripts
9:04AM 0 3.0.11 + idealx 0.8.7 joining workstation to domain not working -see why
8:58AM 0 asymetrically slow samba
8:37AM 1 Problems with VFS Recycle on SLES9
8:35AM 3 Terminal server settings.
8:25AM 2 ACL question
8:03AM 1 Hi, Nick. In this archive you can find all those things, you asked me.
7:13AM 1 Failed logon with 3.0.11
6:28AM 0 Failed to initialise SAM_ACCOUNT for user
5:06AM 0 How Can I Increase Session Setup Timeout Period - Help!!
1:16AM 0 Can't get Samba to work as a print/file server
Monday February 21 2005
11:35PM 0 Domain Somtimes Working
8:46PM 0 folders containing underscore with default share + default log level
8:29PM 1 AD function without AD
8:16PM 0 Re: Netbios over IPSec
7:17PM 0 Confusion about Administrator SID...
6:19PM 2 Samba on AIX
5:49PM 0 Password History
5:40PM 0 WinXP Access Denied to Public Folder - Access Granted by IP only
5:35PM 0 samba and nfs locking
4:47PM 0 Samba exporting CD's without mounting via libcdio.
4:02PM 0 why joining a domain to a BDC is impossible?
3:57PM 1 change password on first login
3:42PM 2 Problems with Samba and security hardened WinXP SP2 clients
3:27PM 1 error in using usrmgr.exe
3:21PM 0 Group Profile
3:14PM 0 'add machine script' broken after upgrade to RHEL AS 4
2:42PM 1 Resource deadlock avoided
12:49PM 0 mounting win xp shares always logs in as gues
12:18PM 0 Mirgation trouble from PDC Samba 2.2.12 -> PDC Samba 3.0.11
12:00PM 1 leaving Profiles on PDC
11:22AM 0 share access only for users with primary group
10:52AM 0 How to print to windows clients
8:33AM 1 linux authenticate AD
7:55AM 0 (no subject)
4:14AM 0 smbclient doesn't get browse list from XP master browser
3:55AM 0 Samba, subnets and DHCP
Sunday February 20 2005
7:14PM 0 Unreliable Printing -- Samba To Win 2003 Printer
7:13PM 1 Failed to setup RT_SIGNAL_LEASE handler
2:47PM 1 Netbios over ipsec (slightly ot)
11:53AM 1 upgrading samba on a Xserver 10.2.8
10:31AM 0 Out of Office AutoReply: John, Bąňķ Rąţėŝ ąţ ą 45 Yėąrŝ L¤w
9:39AM 0 Call for IPSI Transactions Special Issues in 2005/6; c/ka
6:13AM 0 Re: Tom, Ġėţ ready for Romáňćė in 15 míns
3:42AM 3 winbind / idmap_rid
Saturday February 19 2005
11:17PM 0 Samba & disk access.
8:10PM 2 {Bounce} Unsolicited Commercial Email Rejected
5:22PM 1 ACL Access Denied from Windows XP workstation-2nd try
4:25PM 0 Samba accounts without system accounts
3:35PM 0 Re: Curran, our company offer Bran ded software at upto 80% disc
3:19PM 0 W2K3 domain Single Sign On
3:18PM 0 2.6.11-rc3-mm2: SMB: BUG: atomic counter underflow
3:04PM 2 Copying/migrating profiles
2:44PM 1 Samba with ADS
2:05PM 0 providing webdav remote access to samba
12:26PM 1 User and group ID problems when mounting.
10:53AM 1 netbios fw pls help
10:16AM 0 Out of Office AutoReply: Victoria.forrest, Ġėţ ready for Romáňćė in 15 míns - Ġėţ Ċĩàĺĩŝ softatábs at upto 80℅ Ðĩŝćõùʼnţ
9:03AM 0 Out of Office AutoReply: Denny, Bąňķ Rąţėŝ ąţ ą 45 Yėąrŝ L¤w
3:41AM 0 Help with freebsd and windows domain
2:53AM 1 PDC with NSVSD/smbpasswd ok, but MySQL backend not quite
Friday February 18 2005
11:22PM 5 ldap / username issue
8:35PM 0 smbumount error
7:38PM 2 smbmount problem
6:40PM 0 PDC x Windows XP probleman
4:47PM 2 Stand-alone server authenticate with LDAP?
4:28PM 2 Drive Imaging and Domain Membership
2:43PM 2 Ghost logons / Recycle Bin Options (related)
2:05PM 1 Power SMB
1:05PM 1 Migrating data from W2K - losing Windows ACL's
1:04PM 1 Samba PDC + OpenLDAP + Samba BDC
12:13PM 2 Problems building samba+AD/LDAP support on Solaris 8
11:49AM 0 ipfilter rules for samba
11:45AM 0 ACL questions
11:35AM 1 Delay opening office files
11:13AM 2 can't specify username under WinXP
10:37AM 0 srvtools doesn't recognize groups and ACL can't be changed from windows
9:05AM 0 Print Issues
3:04AM 0 winbind question
1:50AM 0 'credentials' file doesn't work - also observed by others
12:13AM 2 Username map broken on Solaris ??
12:03AM 1 Howto delete printer driver for only one architecture?
Thursday February 17 2005
10:44PM 0 Byrne wishes you to use a different email address
9:53PM 0 ldap support error msg
9:46PM 2 Warning in logs: gid of user does not exist
9:46PM 3 locking limit errors with Peachtree
9:34PM 0 W2k ADS Samba 3.0.11 and krb5
8:53PM 0 Remote subnet browsing using Samba for WINS.
8:06PM 1 REPOST: smbcacls question
7:57PM 0 Change password from member server
7:38PM 0 xp pro workgroup access problem
7:22PM 0 ACL Access Denied from Windows XP workstation
7:03PM 0 Automated reply from
5:55PM 0 net ads commands work, wbinfo fails
5:31PM 1 samba+ldap machine account bug workaround?
4:41PM 0 smb and ldap
4:07PM 0 libsmbclient and closing connections
2:49PM 0 Copying user profiles from standalone workstation to new domain profile
2:28PM 1 My Documents folder and roaming profiles.
2:24PM 0 Win 2000 mount the share twice
2:03PM 1 default user profile
1:07PM 1 fast reads, slow writes
11:16AM 0 cannot login as with domain userid's on AIX
9:13AM 1 cups 1.1.17 RedHat EL 3 ES and samba cannot remove job
7:14AM 0 Netlogin Service
6:43AM 1 users on W2k
6:16AM 1 Yahoo! Auto Response
4:06AM 0 Slow opening of files - connecting to server each time
3:10AM 2 Samba works fine but can't login to linux using LDAP backend
12:57AM 1 Problems to samba 3.0.11
Wednesday February 16 2005
10:53PM 1 Windows 'NETWORK PASSWORD' Samba printer
10:30PM 0 Windows To Solaris Print Server Problem
8:10PM 1 XP SP1 Clients wont print to Samba / Cups Server
8:02PM 3 cached credentials local login -- notebook domain members
7:14PM 1 Problem with privlidges after applying patch
7:04PM 0 Changed Security: DOMAIN -vs- SERVER
6:35PM 3 rpc trust gives NT_STATUS_INVALID_HANDLE with 3.0.11
4:10PM 0 Samba 3.0.11 as Domain member with ADS W2K
3:38PM 0 Problem with user ids on remote and local machines
2:35PM 2 printer services
2:26PM 2 Windows share "bridge"
12:36PM 2 Copy file NT4 to samba 3.0.10 ,but ACL lost. Why?
11:33AM 0 winbind fails to list all groups with adminCount not set
10:54AM 1 RedHat+Samba+Winbind to ADS
7:56AM 0 Solved: problems with special characters
6:44AM 0 Errors integrating with Windows Domain controller...
5:26AM 3 Your remove request has been successfully processed!
4:29AM 1 samba problems
3:59AM 0 Watson Singapore Cares for Singaporean with Biotechnology-revised
2:50AM 1 Virus Alert
2:30AM 0 RE: Jstancil, our company offer Bran ded software at [Qurb #120398]
12:13AM 0 C++ Unix?
Tuesday February 15 2005
11:50PM 1 Samba and Netatalk Problem
11:00PM 0 Domain Users Group Effective Permissions on Workstation files after upgrade from 3.0.4 to 3.0.11
9:50PM 0 Disaster recovery strategy - Best Practices
8:15PM 2 pdf printing queue never empties out
7:40PM 0 locks on ._ files in Mac OS X
6:41PM 0 Solved: foo.bat works, but just 'foo' causes "not recognized as an internal ..."
6:40PM 1 Trying to resolve issues on samba-3.0.11
6:36PM 1 modify NTUSER.DAT security descriptors/ACLs via command line?
3:21PM 0 weired problem after file move
2:20PM 2 home network
1:32PM 1 automatic adding of forms when adding a printerdriver
12:57PM 1 lsaenumacctwithrights
12:46PM 0 AntiVir ALERT [your mail: "Mail Delivery (failure"]
12:09PM 0 Out of Office AutoReply: Ddavid, Ġėţ ready for Romáňćė in 15 míns - Ġėţ Ċĩàĺĩŝ softatábs at huge Ðĩŝćõùʼnţ
11:43AM 0 Samba configuration on AIX 5.2
11:42AM 3 3.0.11 client/clitar.c Fails to Compile on RedHat and AIX
11:41AM 1 SPAM Rejection Notification
11:21AM 1 ntconfig.pol with win2000 and samba server
11:16AM 1 Making nt_printer.tdb from tdbtool?
9:30AM 6 Windows update
8:54AM 0 Cant change legacy group in security panel
8:51AM 1 Printing jobs very big
8:44AM 0 Windows LMB and Samba DMB problems.
8:03AM 0 Re: Hoskins4, our company offer Bran ded software at upto 80% disc
7:40AM 2 desktop.ini file appearing in folders.
7:06AM 0 problems with special characters
4:58AM 1 Can't save new Excel 2003 files to Windows 98 pc's
3:22AM 2 Intended behaviour of "add user" and smbpasswd
Monday February 14 2005
10:16PM 1 Command to verify config options at compile time
10:01PM 0 Samba logs created with IP addresses, not names
9:23PM 0 Samba unable to change password :smbpasswd
8:47PM 0 Access Denied after Upgrade passed 3.0.2a
6:19PM 0 samba + ldap + pdc
6:13PM 0 Problem when i join Win XP-SP2 client to samba
5:18PM 0 pdbedit how to change a domain
4:03PM 0 Charset and codepage problems
2:52PM 0 ldap and valid users
2:39PM 0 login with windows account on linux computer
2:35PM 0 TLS question. Does it work?
2:23PM 0 Administrator member of Domain Users and Domain Admins group
1:45PM 0 Unable to add new group/user to acl from windows
1:40PM 0 winbind: lookup_usergroups_alt() and lookup_usergroups() returning differnet list
1:37PM 0 Mount 2k3 hidden share
1:21PM 3 Hackers on my Web server
1:02PM 2 SMBLDAP-TOOLS IDEALX vs Samba src
12:48PM 0 Windows users that have a space character
12:20PM 3 browsing on windows network
11:45AM 0 Msdfs
11:31AM 0 Compatible version
9:34AM 0 Samba shares after eboot Windows
6:43AM 0 Re: 3.0.11 (and previous versions too) printing problem with disable spoolss = yes
5:20AM 0 error while joining the windows domain server!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! urgent
2:14AM 2 Using SeMachineAccountPrivilege returns NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_PRIVILEGE
Sunday February 13 2005
8:34PM 2 3.0.11/MirOS password change problem
6:34PM 0 smbcacls question
5:32PM 1 WinXP Home problem with Samba
5:05PM 1 Admin users, file operations and file ownership
4:24PM 0 Can't become connected user! - network browsing issue
2:30PM 0 Unable to mount Samba folders.
8:12AM 1 Samba and Network Area Storage Solution
6:18AM 0 ¯f¬r°»´ú´£¿ô
Saturday February 12 2005
10:40PM 1 Migrating domain from Samba 3 to Windows 2003
9:42PM 0 Patch for clitar.c (bug 2390) Solves problem.
6:50PM 0 Launching workstation local applications creates SMB traffic and STATUS_NO_SUCH_FILE errors
6:29PM 0 Netbios over VPN
6:19PM 4 Samba/LDAP documentation
4:03PM 4 Slow printing on Windows XP SP2 -- no solution?
2:21PM 2 same profile for several users
8:58AM 0 Problem with w2k user logging into domain run by Samba
3:29AM 1 cannot locate roaming profile
2:26AM 0 Samba 3.0.11 torrent available
1:00AM 1 Any ideas - samba3+openldap2.2.15-5: problems loggin users onto domain
Friday February 11 2005
10:04PM 1 Questions on build farm
8:08PM 1 Joining Samba to a non-Samba,non-AD, NT4 Domain
7:56PM 0 Win2k Server won't join domain
7:30PM 0 Inconsistant write access to SAMBA share
7:24PM 0 pdc (acess denied)
6:52PM 0 Can't map group domain share from ADS
6:17PM 0 Samba 3.0.11 on Red Hat RHAS3
6:17PM 0 RID question. Samba 3.0.11
5:29PM 1 Roaming profiles sometimes stop updating
4:33PM 0 smbfs hard links
3:48PM 2 Incorrect disk size reported at 20.0 MB
3:34PM 1 SID (problem)
3:22PM 4 Prints ok, but says "Access denied, unable to connect". win2k and samba 2.2.1a
2:52PM 1 Not all users listed in 'Select Users or Groups'
1:32PM 1 Can't change password with Windows XP (Change passwordfeature)
11:39AM 1 samba und dreambox
11:21AM 1 Samba 3.0.10 - Error With Latest Win2K Patches
10:36AM 0 ACL MIGRATION : copy from nt4 to samba preserving the rights
9:14AM 0 winbind authentification problem
7:10AM 1 net vampire accounts of Windows 2000 AD
1:30AM 2 performance?
1:00AM 2 Can Samba use NIS to authenticate?
12:39AM 1 Can't change password with Windows XP (Change password feature)
Thursday February 10 2005
11:02PM 2 problem creating trusts between NT4 and samba
11:01PM 3 [PATCH] bug in 3.0.11 winbindd when 'disable netbios = yes'
10:34PM 2 Doubt
10:33PM 1 stem syntax in parse template
10:19PM 4 [ANNOUNCE] New stable release of Samba Console (1.1.23)
9:00PM 0 data in files replaced with smb logs
8:36PM 2 net ads join requires full domain admin account?
8:29PM 1 dumping hashed passwords from passdb.tdb
7:15PM 0 Cannot create Symlinks on samba-share
6:59PM 0 can't connect to samba.
6:12PM 0 how to enable mapped home directory after disable roaming profile
4:05PM 2 SWAT and restricting access to printers
2:32PM 3 Samba as a Print Server : passthrough login problem
2:21PM 1 Help configuring Samba-3 to share $HOME directories
1:35PM 0 Problem accessing dfs links on a windows server
10:13AM 2 Replicated LDAP
9:57AM 1 Problem with disk space.
9:48AM 0 Access restrictions
8:13AM 2 Samba (Linux) Server and Mac OS X Clients
7:12AM 0 NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED in root directory, but I can list subdirectory.
5:33AM 2 smb log error-Transport end point/getpeername
5:11AM 0 error while installing samba3.0.1.0.exe on aix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3:23AM 0 Linux client + Linux samba server = slow
3:20AM 0 patch for clitar.c when compiling against MIT krb 1.4
Wednesday February 9 2005
11:37PM 1 brother printer driver issue
10:53PM 0 Samba printing problems
9:49PM 1 2.2.12 large file support (> 4 GB)
9:03PM 0 connection problem error message
9:02PM 0 connection from a Windows station problem
8:50PM 1 it takes too long to sync user profile
8:50PM 0 Some questions about samba & ldap
8:01PM 2 "My Documents" doesn't sync unless logged off
7:32PM 0 Moving Samba-3.x Servers to different hardware.
5:47PM 3 WinXP won't authenticate
4:46PM 0 Connecting with UID 0, when I don't want to.
4:11PM 0 Core dumped starting smbd. HELP!
3:10PM 1 build error on samba 3.0.11 to be domain member w/ W2k ADS
2:49PM 3 Firewall piercing - The Specified network name is no longer available.
2:16PM 0 Error:The semaphore timeout period has expired
1:32PM 0 intermittent NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
1:00PM 1 Stub received error bug-892
12:39PM 0 joining domain without adding computer
11:32AM 0 Network Drive: Reconnect at logon does'nt work
11:19AM 1 net join ads gives segmentation fault
10:05AM 2 samba - log
9:32AM 2 Samba As BDC???
8:46AM 0 Unable to find Domain Master Browser
8:20AM 0 Force users to use Latin characters...
6:02AM 1 Compile on RHAS/RHEL3?
12:52AM 0 VFS declaration in Share subdirectory
12:51AM 1 Samba 3.0.11 won't compile on Solaris 8
Tuesday February 8 2005
11:55PM 4 upgrade to 3.0.11, lost domain control
9:41PM 0 Core dump starting smbd
9:14PM 3 Joining a domain with a non-administrator account
9:04PM 2 samba 3.0.11, security=server and smbpasswd as fallback not working
8:53PM 0 Troubles creating machine trust accounts
8:10PM 0 Away till 12th February.
7:41PM 1 guest ok = yes, not working(?)
7:22PM 0 PDC authentication
6:46PM 1 Samba 3, member of ADS, new trust between small ADS and large one
6:38PM 1 Domain SID issue
5:58PM 1 Differenet behavior when using dns name and netbios name
5:55PM 1 smbd/service.c:make_connection_snum(648) in logs
5:11PM 1 Samba samba-3.0.11 Upgrade Problems
5:08PM 1 Re: About drivers in print$ share
5:06PM 1 About rpcclient and adddriver command
5:02PM 0 Slow performance
4:57PM 2 Basic Samba functionality under SuSE 9.2
4:56PM 1 Samba v3.0.11 assigning privileges with custom pdb plugin
3:42PM 0 Samba patch kludge-gmt fixes red files in WinCvs
3:29PM 3 Ldapscripts v1.0 !
3:19PM 1 nfs, 64 / 32 bit, locking problem
3:18PM 1 Multiple instances on one machine need to join a domain
2:20PM 1 "There is already a domain master browser at ...", but there isn't one
2:09PM 2 compiling on an old system...
2:05PM 1 ldapsam question
1:54PM 0 Printer settings get lost
12:46PM 1 Complete posixGroups
11:52AM 0 Samba-HOWTO-Collection : SID for administrator
11:35AM 0 VFS Extended Auditing output situation
11:32AM 0 error duing executing "make" of samba on aix
11:09AM 0 NetBIOS wildcard queries repeated by wireless access points
10:57AM 0 Samba is screwed up
8:52AM 1 FC3 vfs object smb.conf samba 3.0.11
7:41AM 0 adding a samba printer with cups on a different network
7:12AM 1 SAMBA ported to SkyOS
5:18AM 1 User Migration question
1:31AM 2 NTLM hash
12:22AM 1 Operation not permitted mounting samba-share via cifs
Monday February 7 2005
11:58PM 1 rpcclient error / printer driver issue
10:21PM 3 root user in to change home
9:38PM 1 is "security = share" maintained in 3.0.x?
8:44PM 1 samba for solaris
8:24PM 4 samba-3.0.10 bug
7:33PM 0 Cant handle files correctly in linux like i do in windows
7:14PM 1 Fedora SRPM and cups-devel
7:14PM 1 smbclient recursive get skips files (rarely)
7:09PM 0 can delet NTFS files, but cant delet NTFS folders
6:18PM 0 poor performances at the end of the day
5:30PM 1 [samab] 3.0.11 privileges where do they live
5:24PM 2 smbpasswd -w
5:14PM 0 Multiple Netbios name queries on ports 32944, 33169 and 33171
5:00PM 0 Error message in smbd.log.
4:56PM 1 3.0.11 Fedora Core 2 RPM?
3:31PM 0 samba linux printing problem
3:22PM 0 nbns broadcast problem *<00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00><00>
2:33PM 3 Limit user groups
1:05PM 1 possible to not have a password?
11:42AM 1 3.0.11 Ignoring unknown parameter "privileges"
10:57AM 1 RPM Build error for Samba-3.0.10-1.src.rpm
10:31AM 0 Impossible to get folders in windows
10:23AM 5 Printer queue problem
9:19AM 3 syncing passwords
8:43AM 1 Migrating from Workgoup to Domain
8:07AM 0 errors while doing "make" of samba on AIX
7:33AM 1 Samba openldap client installation howtows
3:30AM 0 Questions about %a macro - Documentation bug.
2:22AM 0 Problems with Trusted Domains
1:42AM 3 We need help with a bug....smbldap-installer script (long)
1:39AM 1 cann't get cups printrers visible to windows XP
1:00AM 1 Problem joining Windows machine to domain managed by Samba PDC
Sunday February 6 2005
7:41PM 0 Trouble with virtual server configuration
7:32PM 2 password ldap clarification requested...
1:44PM 0 Please help printing from CUPS to XP shared printer via smb
6:44AM 0 odd swat issues, odd printer issue, odd crashes..
1:58AM 0 no session setup connecting from xbox
Saturday February 5 2005
12:08PM 0 (no subject)
9:55AM 1 Reply-To header in this list
9:12AM 1 Preventing deletion of folders under a SAMBA share: SOLVED
7:31AM 0 Tom Skeren has a misconfigured server
4:13AM 0 Window Protection Fault With Samba 3.0.10
2:48AM 5 3.0.11 - configure can't see ldap.h
1:55AM 1 Why Windows sucks.
1:36AM 0 samba can't list all accounts from ldap
12:28AM 5 "ldap passwd sync" not working
Friday February 4 2005
10:45PM 0 Are you satisfied with what you have today?
10:19PM 2 deleting a file
9:34PM 0 Changing Passwords
8:07PM 5 Changing a user's primary GID
6:40PM 2 Samba 3.0.11 Available for Download
6:35PM 1 Samba RPMs for RedHat/FC and idmap_rid
5:18PM 1 A smbd process pegging CPU at near 100% with v3.0.10-1FC2 RPM
4:26PM 1 Samba 3.0.9/10, missing 'net rap printq list' on HP-UX?
3:46PM 2 Logging in via Linux machine to Windows Domain
2:11PM 0 RV: Telefonia - Internet Satelital - Rural (CHILE) Consulte
12:13PM 0 Out Of office
4:33AM 2 Shares of Logged Out Users Still Visible By Next User
3:49AM 1 using printer on linux from windows
12:16AM 1 System Error 53: SSH Tunnel and Windows File Sharing
Thursday February 3 2005
11:49PM 0 [] Finalmente venerdì
11:35PM 3 "Delayed Write Failed" and other similar errors on Windows machines
10:10PM 0 hi
10:07PM 3 Preventing deletion of folders under a SAMBA share
8:16PM 0 opening share is slow
8:15PM 1 XP SP2 and slow logins/offline files sync: RPC changes?
7:22PM 2 Large numbers of files in a directory - take #2 :-)
7:10PM 2 Samba question - Files bigger that 2GB
6:34PM 2 Res: Re: Simple LDAP authentication
5:18PM 0 RE: New Windows XP Pro. Workstation Does Not Want To Join Domain
5:06PM 1 client ip no longer listed in cups page log
4:54PM 1 Simple LDAP authentication
4:21PM 0 Samba share mapped to a virtual directory via UNC within IIS doesn't work
3:51PM 6 smbldap-populate failure
2:18PM 1 Internal errors smbd.log Fedora Core 3
1:35PM 1 logon to samba server from win98
1:27PM 1 samba nad ldap
11:28AM 0 nmblookup and users
11:13AM 0 mangling problems?
10:43AM 4 Samba 3.0.9 and vfs recycle on SLES9
10:41AM 1 Problem logon WinXP SP2 to samba domain
10:18AM 0 Using smbmount from a Linux box to a Linux box
10:06AM 1 Printers not visible to other users
9:24AM 0 Howto alter account desc.
9:18AM 2 privileges in 3.11?
8:23AM 3 Re: Logon Hours problems (really stuck)
7:41AM 0 [Fwd: [solved] Roaming Profile problems]
6:18AM 0 Difficulty mapping 2 different drives from a Solaris 8 host using samba by the same XP user
5:46AM 0 NDS authentication in Samba
5:19AM 0 Problem while configuring Samba
2:58AM 4 Removing printer drivers?
1:38AM 2 People with applications needing directories containing large numbers of files.
Wednesday February 2 2005
10:49PM 0 Iseries LPAR Virtual Ethernet PDC w/o LDAP
10:12PM 1 Unable to join domain using ldap backend
7:50PM 0 Printing from Unix to unix
7:30PM 0 16-bit application
7:09PM 0 iPlanet Bug and PDC Problem
7:01PM 1 Removing Everyone Can Print Permission
6:29PM 3 Still no browse list and no help!
5:42PM 1 Oplock errors in 2.2.8a
5:30PM 0 stumped, security = domain FAILS for NTLMv2 only
5:08PM 1 is not found in archive
4:12PM 4 File Tranfer limits, if any?
4:11PM 3 A smbd process pegging CPU at near 100% with v3.0.10-1 FC2 RPM
4:08PM 0 Samba 3.0 question, DOMAIN vs. SERVER method? Help!
2:53PM 0 Samba network errors
1:58PM 0 Re: samba a la linux question?
1:10PM 1 ntlm_auth + nt domain
10:33AM 1 PDC + SAMBA + LDAP
10:24AM 0 Re: VFS calls after disconnect
9:20AM 0 Getent doesn't work with AD users
4:52AM 0 pwdump equivalent for AD domain ?
Tuesday February 1 2005
11:15PM 2 samba 2 smbpasswd + ldap - not binding properly
11:07PM 1 smbd/sesssetup.c:reply_spnego_kerberos(173) Failedtoverify incoming ticket!
10:20PM 1 smbd/sesssetup.c:reply_spnego_kerberos(173) Failed toverify incoming ticket!
10:05PM 1 smbd/sesssetup.c:reply_spnego_kerberos(173) Failed to verify incoming ticket!
8:54PM 0 Reliable Samba just stopped mounting Windows machine
8:54PM 0 Bad Performance with ACL's
8:11PM 2 Auth failing - idmap_rid?
7:53PM 0 folder redirecting for non-roaming users - is it reasonable?
7:46PM 0 Permissions Problem
7:05PM 0 transfer/copy from windows machines loses files.
6:36PM 0 Cupsaddsmb
6:02PM 1 Samba bidirectional printing support
5:01PM 1 Error messages when trying to access a share
4:55PM 0 Samba+LDAP users can't su
4:39PM 2 Sharing Printer - Insufficient rights?
4:35PM 1 Winbind giving errors like "illegal multibyte sequence ..."
4:32PM 3 LDAP help!
4:02PM 2 forcing a file to have the same uid from parent directory
3:58PM 2 (no subject)
3:31PM 2 PDC groupmapping problem
2:13PM 0 Subnet-isolated member server
2:12PM 2 Disconnected Drives Reconnecting but red cross remains on share problem with clipart
2:07PM 1 VFS calls after disonnect
1:18PM 1 SLES9 Module '/usr/lib/samba/vfs/' loaded, Can't find a vfs module [/usr/lib/samba/vfs/]
11:00AM 0 Samba caching ??
9:35AM 3 Creating mandatory profiles (not making profiles mandatory)
7:19AM 1 samba + linux subdirectory 'other' permissions