Rails - Mar 2008

Monday March 31 2008
11:03PM 1 Using scaffolding/classic_pagination error
10:35PM 2 Simple Routing Error
10:15PM 1 creating rounded corners of images
10:14PM 4 ecommerce digital products using ROR
9:31PM 5 Selected Value Not Persisting
9:26PM 2 Rails and Partials
9:09PM 7 Preferred adapter for PostgreSQL 8.3 on Rails 2.0.2
9:01PM 4 Requesting help on Ajax link_to_remote RJS error
8:53PM 3 OT CSS styling for form field lables:
7:40PM 0 LCKS,mickw
7:40PM 0 LCKS,mickr
7:40PM 0 tLCKS,mick
7:40PM 0 LCKS,micky
7:40PM 0 LCKS,micku
7:40PM 0 LCKS,micki
7:40PM 0 iLCKS,mick
7:40PM 0 LCKS,mickp
7:26PM 4 Query problem with 'LIKE'
7:24PM 8 Uploading Large Files
7:15PM 0 xLCKS,muck
7:15PM 0 eLCKS,muck
7:15PM 0 tLCKS,muck
7:07PM 0 Introductory Rails Seminar in San Francisco
6:50PM 0 LCKS,muck5
6:50PM 1 cLCKS,muck
6:50PM 0 yLCKS,muck
6:50PM 1 LCKS,muckr
6:50PM 0 LCKS,muckc
6:48PM 1 LCKS,mucko
6:48PM 0 LCKS,mucku
6:48PM 0 LCKS,mucky
6:48PM 2 LCKS,muckt
6:48PM 0 LCKS,muckf
6:48PM 0 LCKS,muck1
6:35PM 1 Scriptaculous effects new help
6:18PM 2 localized url, how?
6:18PM 0 LCKS Mugke
6:18PM 0 LCKS Mugkt
6:18PM 0 LCKS Mugkf
6:18PM 0 gLCKS Mugk
6:17PM 0 LCKS Mugkh
6:17PM 0 LCKS Mugkk
6:17PM 0 LCKS Mugkl
6:04PM 2 Showing a webpage in a div help
5:39PM 2 Hosted SMTP Server Recommendation?
5:32PM 0 LCKS Muggi. u
5:32PM 0 hLCKS Muggi.
5:32PM 0 fLCKS Muggi.
5:31PM 0 LCKS Muggi. v
5:31PM 0 LCKS Muggi. b
5:31PM 0 LCKS Muggi. c
5:31PM 0 LCKS Muggi. z
5:08PM 5 Exception in Rails
5:01PM 1 What api's can ruby on rails use?
5:00PM 0 Style + Feeds
3:51PM 2 cleaning up my methods
2:48PM 1 nuby : adding new fields to existing table
1:38PM 1 ferret gem installation
1:32PM 0 Custom Column Data Types ... no way ...
1:07PM 0 LCKS Mugg:::::::::: 0
1:07PM 0 LCKS Mugg:::::::::: 1
1:07PM 0 LCKS Mugg:::::::::: 2
1:07PM 0 LCKS Mugg:::::::::: 3
1:07PM 0 LCKS Mugg:::::::::: 4
1:07PM 0 LCKS Mugg:::::::::: 5
1:06PM 0 LCKS Mugg:::::::::: 6
1:06PM 0 LCKS Mugg:::::::::: 7
12:37PM 0 LCKS Mugg::::::::: 1
12:37PM 0 LCKS Mugg::::::::: 2
12:36PM 0 LCKS Mugg::::::::: 3
12:36PM 0 LCKS Mugg::::::::: 4
12:36PM 0 LCKS Mugg::::::::: 5
12:36PM 0 5
12:36PM 0 LCKS Mugg::::::::: 6
12:36PM 0 LCKS Mugg::::::::: 7
12:36PM 0 LCKS Mugg::::::::: 8
12:17PM 3 How to get all the user_id from Session
12:12PM 0 update_attributes() Error
12:05PM 0 Female, 18-25, Arizona, United States ♀♂
10:45AM 14 Template is missing
10:30AM 5 strange behavior of while loop
10:15AM 0 Овощерезка nicer dicer (овощерезка найсер дайсер) (КНР)
9:46AM 0 Problem with Flickr need help
9:42AM 2 How can I make a textbox uneditable?
8:46AM 0 Questions about copying parameters
8:31AM 0 LCKS MUG.6
8:31AM 0 LCKS MUG.5
8:31AM 0 LCKS MUG.4
8:31AM 0 LCKS MUG.3
8:31AM 0 LCKS MUG.2
8:31AM 0 LCKS MUG.1
7:55AM 0 Requiring User to Select Categories -- (on Post Creation)
7:46AM 1 problem in installlation of ferret search plugin in rails application
7:40AM 2 HOWTO: Uploading files through REST API?
6:34AM 0 Action Mailer Problem with salted hash login generator
6:27AM 0 ip2location How to integrate
6:23AM 7 Problems with acts_as_tree---urgent need help
6:08AM 3 Best way to serve/upload documents
6:07AM 0 Problem during the friendship model.....
6:04AM 8 specifying html class to submit_to_remote
5:50AM 4 Nested Route Issue Rails 2.0
4:40AM 1 Checking request.post? before action
4:29AM 11 Mysql::Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax;
4:12AM 8 Pass local variables to another controller
3:47AM 0 log_buddy released - your helpful dev and debug buddy
3:19AM 1 max file size
2:57AM 10 How do I rake in a redefined db table?
2:52AM 10 Paginate with Rails 2.0.2 question
12:23AM 1 database design help
12:01AM 1 mcsie lfd..5
12:01AM 1 mcsie lfd..4
12:01AM 1 mcsie lfd..3
12:01AM 1 mcsie lfd..2
12:01AM 1 mcsie lfd..1
Sunday March 30 2008
11:50PM 0 How to get data using JOINS or include
11:50PM 2 Routes and IDs above 9
11:44PM 1 Conventions/Model
11:41PM 0 mcsie lfd.7
11:41PM 0 mcsie lfd.6
11:41PM 0 mcsie lfd.5
11:41PM 0 mcsie lfd.4
11:41PM 0 mcsie lfd.2
11:40PM 0 mcsie lfd.1
11:19PM 5 How do I get a javascript variable into rails
10:23PM 1 cannot execute migrate to postgresql from Win XP
10:16PM 7 Rake Migrate Syntax Error
10:12PM 1 Best practices in Translation.
10:08PM 0 mcsi lida..5
10:08PM 0 mcsi lida..4
10:08PM 0 mcsi lida..3
10:08PM 1 mcsi lida..2
10:08PM 0 mcsi lida..1
10:05PM 0 Best Praktice for Translation
10:00PM 2 Rails Ajax questions
9:33PM 3 Bignums, integers and migrations
8:46PM 0 World's Most Effective Mind Power Course!!
8:43PM 3 A has_many :through (B, C)
7:12PM 0 Resources: allow two http verbs for custom action
7:08PM 2 Conditional validation?
6:30PM 1 find by multiple optional fields
6:26PM 0 "rake db:create:all" on dreamhost doesn't create databases
6:20PM 2 hmt problem
6:10PM 1 unit tests and application.rb
3:59PM 1 Date won't save in MYSQL
1:58PM 4 define size of text_field_with_auto_complete
1:51PM 0 how to pass script for vbulliten
1:39PM 0 plugin for recent changes display?
12:31PM 0 Flickr
12:00PM 1 Can anyone help me withTimeout error in rails 2.0.2
10:16AM 7 Comparing time values
9:53AM 1 Textile alternative
9:00AM 2 ActiveRecord lifecycle
7:47AM 0 Маникюрный набор из 5-ти предметов (Zinger Germany)
6:22AM 1 Error message when using .to_xml
5:46AM 2 Remapping routes dynamically?
4:46AM 0 mcsi gal.7
4:46AM 0 mcsi gal.6
4:46AM 0 mcsi gal.5
4:46AM 0 mcsi gal.4
4:46AM 0 mcsi gal.3
4:46AM 0 mcsi gal.2
4:46AM 0 mcsi gal.1
4:16AM 3 A little confused about threads and VM's
3:28AM 2 advice on migrating to restful_authentication
2:39AM 4 passing params - routes
Saturday March 29 2008
11:25PM 1 BDD: How do I create stubs/mocks for chained methods?
10:54PM 2 Filtering out XML results ----- /people.xml?title=Manager
10:28PM 1 can rjs be called from a javascript function
9:58PM 0 ActiveResource--authenticate with a user table in another app
9:45PM 1 open popup to close, update div in parent window?
9:41PM 0 videos pfd.:7
9:41PM 1 videos pfd.:6
9:41PM 1 videos pfd.:5
9:40PM 1 videos pfd.:4
9:40PM 1 videos pfd.:3
9:40PM 1 videos pfd.:2
9:40PM 1 videos pfd.:1
8:54PM 2 quick validation question
8:05PM 9 Associations stopped working
7:55PM 0 videos pfd..4
7:54PM 0 videos pfd..3
7:54PM 0 videos pfd..2
7:54PM 0 videos pfd..1
7:48PM 0 Multiple habtm tables comination.
7:43PM 4 Role based restriction for fields (not views or actions)
7:17PM 0 Recommendation HTML program
7:12PM 0 videos pfd.6
7:12PM 0 videos pfd.5
7:12PM 0 videos pfd.4
7:12PM 0 videos pfd.3
7:12PM 0 videos pfd.2
7:12PM 0 videos pfd.1
6:51PM 9 How to put this datetime in a new form?
6:30PM 2 Using find in IP-ranges
6:24PM 1 Advice on Best Approach
6:06PM 3 If statement help please
5:50PM 0 videos pfci.,7
5:50PM 0 videos pfci.,6
5:50PM 0 videos pfci.,5
5:50PM 0 videos pfci.,4
5:50PM 0 videos pfci.,3
5:50PM 0 videos pfci.,2
5:50PM 0 videos pfci.,1
5:17PM 3 How do I create globally available resources?
5:03PM 0 videos pfci. 7
5:03PM 0 videos pfci. 6
5:03PM 0 videos pfci. 5
5:03PM 0 videos pfci. 4
5:03PM 0 videos pfci. 3
5:03PM 0 videos pfci. 2
5:03PM 0 videos pfci. 1
5:02PM 4 What is the server load when uploading files?
4:33PM 2 pop out a float layer
4:29PM 1 how to do search with rails?
2:49PM 3 primary key?
2:19PM 2 when do you use initializer vs environments/*.rb
2:18PM 0 how to add custom methods to ActionController::Base, ActiveRecord::Base
2:12PM 1 drag and drop or shopping cart
1:44PM 0 message board help
1:34PM 1 Parsing text stored in database
12:45PM 0 videos psci..:: 1
12:45PM 0 videos psci..:: 2
12:45PM 0 videos psci..:: 3
12:45PM 0 videos psci..:: 4
12:45PM 0 videos psci..:: 5
12:45PM 0 videos psci..:: 6
12:45PM 0 videos psci..:: 7
12:45PM 0 videos psci..:: 8
11:40AM 0 videos pscii..4
11:39AM 0 videos pscii..3
11:39AM 0 videos pscii..2
11:39AM 0 videos pscii1
10:23AM 0 videos psc..6
10:23AM 0 videos psc..5
10:23AM 0 videos psc..4
10:23AM 0 videos psc..3
10:23AM 0 videos psc..2
10:23AM 0 videos psc..1
9:05AM 0 Creating front end in RoR of already done DB. need help.
8:09AM 0 dariboo:::: 8
8:09AM 0 dariboo:::: 7
8:09AM 0 dariboo:::: 6
8:09AM 1 dariboo:::: 5
8:08AM 0 dariboo:::: 4
8:08AM 0 dariboo:::: 3
8:08AM 0 dariboo:::: 2
8:08AM 0 dariboo:::: 1
7:07AM 3 mysql on leopard
6:06AM 0 (unknown)
5:59AM 1 how to upload multiple images with file_column + rmagick
5:37AM 6 How to serve images that require authentication.
5:24AM 6 MySQL Lost Connection Errors
4:24AM 0 Scalibility issues in CMS application?
4:09AM 1 query
2:39AM 0 ♀♂ 3,559,534 active members' live webcams. ☺ 7,292 members online now! ♀♂
1:48AM 1 OT - Debt Collection agency for Contractor payments?
1:26AM 4 overriding find
Friday March 28 2008
11:13PM 2 noob: UI for many-to-many with has_many :through
10:44PM 5 What's with all of the recent Rails gem updates on Windows?
10:15PM 1 sending DIV form content when submitting form
9:51PM 6 Eager Loading + Confusion
9:46PM 3 in_place_select with hash?
9:12PM 1 REST routes & link_to paths
7:22PM 0 lickmadi..5
7:22PM 0 lickmadi..4
7:22PM 0 lickmadi..3
7:22PM 0 lickmadi..2
7:22PM 0 lickmadi..1
7:14PM 0 YM4R plugin controls
7:03PM 13 Smiley Parser
6:51PM 5 Help with Routes
6:11PM 2 Rails <-> MySQL
5:29PM 10 Inheriting from AdminController intstead from ApplicationController
5:13PM 7 Uniqueness constraint on a boolean?
4:57PM 4 Download Problem
4:25PM 3 Re: 302 found, I dont know how this is happen even i have the respective file in server.
3:59PM 3 Recurring Invoice Logic
3:55PM 0 FixtureReplacement overriding How to
3:48PM 0 stack level too deep?!
3:28PM 2 URL with data help
3:16PM 0 FixtureReplacement How to
3:01PM 2 Counting records in an association.
2:56PM 0 Binary data on SQLite adaptor is not properly escaped?
2:30PM 0 session handling in Mozilla
2:27PM 0 mecka****7
2:27PM 0 mecka****6
2:27PM 0 mecka****5
2:27PM 0 mecka****4
2:26PM 0 mecka****3
2:26PM 0 mecka****2
2:26PM 0 mecka****1
2:19PM 0 capistrano - want to environment variable to be set
2:12PM 1 How to execute javascript after redirect?
12:53PM 4 How to clean up this code?
12:39PM 14 How can I import an Excel file with a migration?
12:37PM 0 sarru:#6
12:37PM 0 sarru:#5
12:37PM 0 sarru:#4
12:37PM 0 sarru:#3
12:36PM 0 sarru:#2
12:36PM 0 sarru:#1
12:30PM 3 Dynamically add javascript tag to a view...
12:20PM 0 Layouts for emails?
12:09PM 3 Ajax call on button
11:41AM 0 related_collection_select / related_select_form problem
11:35AM 2 Extarnal database
10:35AM 0 Event.toggle does not work in IE
10:20AM 0 Problems with URL encoding
10:20AM 0 Rss feeds not working help
9:54AM 1 join query
9:44AM 3 gettext does not work, but no errors!
9:40AM 1 Folding Text in div Box
8:34AM 0 TECHNICAL LEAD- urgent!
6:39AM 1 Payment Gateway for International Payments
6:32AM 1 No update after AJAX request!
6:25AM 1 ::::::::galamandona::::::::: 1
6:25AM 1 ::::::::galamandona::::::::: 2
6:25AM 1 ::::::::galamandona::::::::: 3
6:25AM 1 ::::::::galamandona::::::::: 4
6:25AM 1 ::::::::galamandona::::::::: 5
6:25AM 1 ::::::::galamandona::::::::: 6
6:25AM 1 ::::::::galamandona::::::::: 7
6:05AM 0 Create the workflow
5:29AM 0 select in a loop
5:01AM 0 galamandona::::::::: 0
5:00AM 0 galamandona::::::::: 1
5:00AM 0 galamandona::::::::: 2
5:00AM 0 galamandona::::::::: 3
5:00AM 0 galamandona::::::::: 4
5:00AM 0 galamandona::::::::: 5
5:00AM 0 galamandona::::::::: 6
5:00AM 0 galamandona::::::::: 7
3:55AM 2 Stupid question on application layout
3:51AM 4 Making Rails application dependent
3:00AM 0 selections, updates and counter caches
1:51AM 2 date - how many days until
1:23AM 0 kalimalio..2
1:23AM 0 kalimalio..1
1:11AM 3 Activeresource and pagination.
12:54AM 2 what is a good virtual hosting service for rails that's inexpensive but scales up?
12:25AM 1 problem with inheritance mysql jabber server database
Thursday March 27 2008
11:06PM 2 using :binary columns in models
8:19PM 2 comment.user associations with acts_as_commentable
8:04PM 3 Help with form_for
7:28PM 4 Writing an "upto" block in Rails
6:40PM 2 rake only works once from rails
6:20PM 0 Regenerate Fixture file
6:04PM 0 Looking for freelance Ruby development skills
5:33PM 6 Ruby On Rails Book.
4:50PM 0 You've got your observe_form in my peanut butter
4:48PM 1 route :requirements not working?
4:41PM 0 evermaleno:::# 7
4:13PM 1 What's the best way to create complex form
4:00PM 1 evermaleno:::# 6
4:00PM 1 evermaleno:::# 5
4:00PM 1 evermaleno:::# 4
4:00PM 1 evermaleno:::# 3
3:59PM 1 evermaleno:::# 2
3:59PM 1 evermaleno:::# 1
3:59PM 2 deleting children
3:38PM 6 Update issue
3:33PM 0 Rails looks for .rhtml even when rxml exists.
3:29PM 1 Undefined method 'insert_record' on ActiveRecord save
3:19PM 8 params key
3:08PM 1 Free Call and SMS (World Wide)
3:05PM 0 evergreen:::# 98
3:05PM 0 evergreen:::# 8evergreen:::#
3:05PM 0 evergreen:::# 7
3:05PM 0 evergreen:::# 4
3:05PM 0 evergreen:::# 5
3:05PM 0 v2
3:05PM 0 evergreen:::# 3
3:05PM 0 evergreen:::# 2
3:05PM 0 evergreen:::# 1
2:40PM 3 Help with authentication errors
2:11PM 2 Ticket #11394, Adding ActiveRecord::Errors#merge! method
1:36PM 2 Javascript in view
1:04PM 3 Partial not passing
1:03PM 11 has_many, through, foreign key problems
12:54PM 7 Safari 3.1 AJAX crashes not caused by getElementsByClassName
12:19PM 2 Converting unix_t time to something rails understands
12:01PM 1 Creating customize XML
11:26AM 4 Rails 2.0 and current_user
11:22AM 1 Rails server benchmarks
11:11AM 0 galimalaooo:# 3
11:11AM 0 galimalaooo:# 2
11:11AM 0 galimalaooo:# 1
10:59AM 0 Problem with webcal
10:48AM 2 iAsk: showing UTC as PST with to_pst ?
10:06AM 5 Active record - Help Updating single attributes
9:40AM 0 Getting IO error while uploading file on sever
9:17AM 2 how to get human readable size in controller
9:09AM 0 bundled_resources plugin : slow download
9:03AM 1 live search with one input field for few columns
8:55AM 0 Need help in Friendship plugin
6:17AM 2 ruby and rjs
5:56AM 0 Way to get the form name/id from a form_for (default) builder?
4:02AM 0 4GB USB flash drives for only $14.49
2:12AM 0 [JOB] Rails Developer in Boston for OneCause, part of Rakuten USA
1:29AM 0 [Announce] New Mac/Win Ruby on Rails Installation Articles
12:42AM 6 Problem with in_place_editor_field
12:32AM 0 Database access in a thread
12:00AM 2 Double has_many help
Wednesday March 26 2008
10:51PM 0 deconflicting namespaces
10:18PM 3 observe field sending 2 fields back to controller
10:03PM 2 select_tag - observe field
9:11PM 5 is this safe?
8:29PM 1 Ruby on Rails Position in Cherry Hill, NJ
8:14PM 0 RoR Position in Cherry Hill, NJ
8:01PM 0 facebooker error ?
8:01PM 2 routing_navigator plugin problems
7:44PM 3 Model.update and associations
7:05PM 1 add a condition to every find call of a model
6:25PM 1 Read session in a view
6:19PM 7 Threads and Accessing MySQL
5:58PM 1 ROR on Ubuntu package vs gems
4:56PM 0 Using feeds to notify all subscribers? No emails though
4:19PM 0 Removing an element from an array
4:05PM 0 Web Developer openings in Boston
4:05PM 0 TSOT Ruby on Rails Project Night returns April 8th, plus an opportunity to attend Obie Fernandez workshop
3:49PM 1 hidden field not associated form
3:19PM 0 to display query in the url?
2:53PM 2 Missing Method defined in controllers/application.rb
2:51PM 4 Demo Popup Emails?
2:33PM 1 link_to dynamic id problem
2:14PM 17 [off topic] Best choice of word
1:31PM 0 Minimum services for a Rails app
12:31PM 3 How can I put that code in one line?
12:26PM 7 cached models
12:13PM 0 Women I need your help!
12:10PM 1 Upgrading to rails 2.0
11:04AM 0 ADULT Role Playing.
10:55AM 1 check_box
10:43AM 3 add onchange or onclick to field in select
10:33AM 4 Migration question
10:29AM 0 Problems with stale sessions and cached pages
10:22AM 5 Ajax/forms confusion
9:33AM 1 RSS help
9:13AM 1 what's the meaning of "<<"
8:37AM 3 collections with to_proc
8:15AM 3 Help! how can i get the position of the record in a query result
8:03AM 1 passing object between actions
7:27AM 0 user progress indicator suggestions?
4:17AM 7 ActiveRecord::ConfigurationError in Rails 2.0
4:01AM 1 params[:id]
3:03AM 2 Check_box submits both "1" and "0" when checked
2:59AM 0 jmaki is good for rails???
2:52AM 1 what it needs to be done to upgrade to 2.0???
2:10AM 0 memcached current_user
1:13AM 4 rendering a view outside of controller ?
12:42AM 4 why use self. for a method ?
Tuesday March 25 2008
10:54PM 2 GIT Procedure with Rails
10:53PM 4 Creating a Controller
10:35PM 0 ActionMailer and Sender validation frameworks ( DKIM or SPF )
10:08PM 3 model problem
10:08PM 2 how can I do that in one line?
9:45PM 1 offloading big uploads to front-end webserver
9:27PM 0 ActionMailer: attachments with utf8 filenames?
9:08PM 0 building a sample RoR application: WebOfContacts
9:06PM 1 rails beginner how-to site
8:43PM 0 visual_effect :highlight translucent?
8:41PM 3 rss feed - blog
8:37PM 0 Problem updating select box from another windows
7:07PM 0 Page Display Error
7:04PM 2 User specifiy number of records returned
6:47PM 1 Posting within an integration test with RoR 2
6:44PM 3 Configuring routes
6:10PM 0 another try with a collect problem
6:08PM 0 Ruby on Rails Development position - Foster City California
6:05PM 3 Object not saving but no error message displayed
5:52PM 0 SVN and uploaded files in public/images
5:47PM 1 Moving to ROR 2.0.2
5:36PM 9 Need help with datebalks plugin
5:05PM 2 global back link
5:00PM 0 Query question
4:49PM 2 link_to nesting
4:32PM 0 Rails on FastCGI & oracle_adapter
4:14PM 0 update partial render form fields
4:09PM 1 affiliate system in RoR
4:06PM 4 table headings in a partial template--possible? advisable?
3:39PM 0 [off topic] amusing spam
2:45PM 2 hide image url for captcha
2:03PM 6 will_paginate
2:03PM 1 Library loading while server start up
1:54PM 6 which ide do you use??
1:49PM 2 Need help with @template.content_tag
1:44PM 1 Prototype + Firefox 3 Enumerable problems
12:59PM 0 has_many_polymorphs - specifying the names of the 'children'
12:50PM 1 controller structures
12:48PM 3 Update textarea (tinyMCE) using Ajax/RJS
12:47PM 0 Mobile Income without Investment (Proof Cheque attached)
12:12PM 0 Progress on Ruby on Rails
12:11PM 0 one-to-one polymorphic rails model
12:04PM 5 Good Collection of Important Websites
12:03PM 2 Find Conditions
11:42AM 0 Suggestions for Rails Patterns
11:06AM 1 Dynamic Loading of Configuration From Database
10:55AM 4 about action create..
9:53AM 1 ROR certification
9:11AM 7 backgroundrb
8:59AM 0 filter collection based on field value in the index.rhtml
8:00AM 0 rjs error using listeners
7:44AM 0 Hand Made Ruby Shopping Cart
7:08AM 1 helper?
6:21AM 1 Local Machine vs Server
5:26AM 4 check_box problem
4:43AM 0 to avoid repeated pagination code
4:03AM 3 Can't load plugin
3:52AM 1 Mongrel cluster ? what about it>
2:48AM 0 Carrying sessions between apps?
2:46AM 9 dissecting params to read data
2:12AM 0 filemaker 9
12:35AM 0 Setting different min value for sequence to start with?
12:30AM 0 Rendering directly from the controller into a named section of my layout
Monday March 24 2008
11:37PM 4 Help with CSS in application.html.erb
11:29PM 0 Seeking RoR / LAMP developer(s) / manager in Berkeley, CA
9:37PM 6 Weird error message
9:36PM 0 Only 3 days left for PostgreSQL Conference
9:28PM 3 struggling with collect
8:35PM 1 Template sites
8:12PM 0 Documentation for recorded_session
7:50PM 6 "how to" show link to uploaded pdf file - newbie
7:50PM 2 With JS inserted input-tags are not passes as parameters to
6:41PM 1 how to encode spaces in get params
6:24PM 1 selected items in a multiple select
6:09PM 16 Where to rent the best dedicated servers?
5:54PM 0 BDB support within Rails...
5:38PM 3 Tutorial Needed - has_many through
5:05PM 0 RJS not executed
4:53PM 0 Help choose my project for Ruby Mendicant
4:48PM 8 Proper idom for link_to_if
4:23PM 1 Nesting elements inside a generate <a> tag through link_to
3:08PM 0 Create single .pot file across mult. directories w/ gettext
2:40PM 0 interesting problem
2:15PM 3 Two separate (but related websites) one codebase...
1:42PM 1 JRuby vs Grails
1:27PM 0 map.namespace :xxx => no xxx_url() available?
1:18PM 2 I can not implement RoR
12:40PM 0 Webcam:chat BDSM female group
11:52AM 0 camparing table and instance of another table
11:22AM 1 javascript_tag
10:30AM 0 Rescue unique constraint in the model
9:49AM 0 undefined method `parse_query_parameters' for ActionController::CgiRequest:Class
9:37AM 6 Need a simple graph example on ruby
8:47AM 0 how should i use rspec to test these code
8:10AM 0 singapore.rb meeting for March 2008
8:02AM 3 FlexImage pre-processing avec beer in brazil
7:41AM 3 Problem with link_to_remote
7:03AM 2 Calling controller function from model private method
5:10AM 19 card reader or bar code reader in rails ? URGENT HELP
4:17AM 2 observe_field
3:47AM 2 mephisto with rails 1.2.5
2:49AM 0 Passing arguments from database? Not sure what to call this
2:37AM 2 NameError on accessing Active Record from the controller with Rails 2.0.2
12:47AM 3 Custom actions with RESTful controllers - is this right?
Sunday March 23 2008
11:49PM 2 Facebook, Google Map, iframe?
11:38PM 0 nested get_cache
11:29PM 3 Odd text formatting on edit
9:36PM 0 Fascinating website.
9:07PM 1 radio buttons - how to identify record using value?
8:57PM 0 A script that keeps track of your favorite Git/SVN projects?
8:24PM 1 Views losing values of Controller instance variables.
8:17PM 2 alphanumeric id
8:17PM 0 Views: partials vs. cells
6:41PM 3 ajax call_remote
6:14PM 0 JS inserted inputs don’t appear as parameters in controller
6:00PM 0 RJS Trying to use Javascript variables
5:46PM 6 Locals do not appear in partial unless collection is explici
3:34PM 1 need help using will_paginate with tagging
2:35PM 1 restful ajax in droppables
2:28PM 1 form.select with images
2:17PM 2 Associating a resource with multiple resources?
1:35PM 3 RJS to change image on submit button
1:21PM 0 Committing a record update to the DB from a test
11:45AM 1 Mail problem Please help
11:02AM 1 Sessions
6:31AM 0 custom finder method & arguments
4:28AM 1 How do you set the DOMESTIC key?
3:53AM 0 Rails powered by GlassFish Application Server
2:04AM 2 Beginner Problem
12:30AM 4 named route not working -- input hash completely ignored
12:21AM 1 Object creation when the controller is a subclass of AdminController
Saturday March 22 2008
9:25PM 3 Adding a new class
9:09PM 4 where does this IP come from in the log
9:02PM 2 accessing object in params hash
8:57PM 2 How do I find all entries, except the newest entry, created?
8:50PM 2 has_many relationship not providing my model with attribute=
7:55PM 2 enhanced find_by method
7:47PM 1 Using Different ActiveMailer Templates in v2.02
7:14PM 2 Naming Error: "uninitialized constant ActionRecord"
6:34PM 1 Not able to run gem install sqlite3-ruby (help needed)
6:03PM 1 Failure cases for assignment of binary string to AR model
5:56PM 3 ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken not thrown in Windows
5:32PM 3 multi polymorphic relationship?
3:20PM 2 hello, what is mongrel_cluster?
2:39PM 0 How to use Coookies
1:12PM 1 Why does 2.0 scaffold no longer specify a model?
12:36PM 1 How can I check if a file has been created?
11:22AM 0 Ruby and Facebook marketing
11:21AM 0 Ruby and e-mail marketing
11:18AM 9 has_many through model ?
10:16AM 3 Sign In robot protection
9:33AM 0 Urgent: How to install curb?
8:16AM 1 has_and_belongs_to_many DRY ?
8:12AM 6 Define classes for use in views
7:26AM 3 rmagick
6:39AM 1 Get associated attribute using to_json method
6:19AM 1 list of changes from 1.2 vs 2.0.x?
6:12AM 2 error in gem install mysql
1:30AM 2 requiring files that subclass AR models
12:37AM 1 help me.i hava a problem with lightttpd when i use it run my railsapp
12:05AM 1 Preventing Javascript but allowing HTML?
Friday March 21 2008
10:54PM 5 Two Rails versions on the same computer?
10:45PM 3 memcached vs. activerecord
10:22PM 4 How can I schedule an action?
9:36PM 1 Take information from one controller and have it post on another
9:04PM 2 dynamically generating form tags
9:01PM 6 Eclipse issues with Ruby
8:08PM 2 before_filter question
7:47PM 7 Query help
7:31PM 1 What api's can ROR use?
7:30PM 2 Change session variable and reload page
6:36PM 0 User "invoke" to test Action Web Services in Rails 2.0
6:22PM 0 Less than 8 days till PostgreSQL Confernece East
5:39PM 0 How to generate a pdf without pushing a button
5:23PM 4 partial templates question
5:21PM 2 Help with datetime
5:01PM 7 Is it possible to run just one migration
5:00PM 0 Web 2.0 Secrets Revealed
4:44PM 1 How can I compare datetimes?
3:40PM 3 add text string to a database field when a button is pressed
3:24PM 1 render :image => "whatever.png" ??
3:22PM 1 undefined method `phone_format'
2:09PM 0 implementing google web search
2:09PM 2 Crazy @@subclasses magic and ActiveRecord
12:58PM 2 HABTM population from text fields
11:13AM 0 ERROR on ---rails:freeze:edge
10:43AM 0 use eager_finder_sql with attachment_fu
10:12AM 6 How to delete nested resource?
9:52AM 2 Find item in loaded activerecords without making db call
9:44AM 6 graph implementation
9:13AM 4 Custom URLs in Rails
8:32AM 3 response time problem.
8:32AM 0 [ActiveRecord::validations] check CNAME or Empty
8:27AM 0 Problems with attachment_fo and images update
7:50AM 0 RailsMan for Leopard
6:38AM 0 Validate That Certain Tags Are Not Apart Of Input
6:25AM 0 acts_as_cached missing
6:09AM 4 FlexImage - retrieving width / height
5:40AM 1 Validating XML against XSD
5:32AM 0 acts_as_list error - help!
4:10AM 5 foreign key question
3:52AM 3 Error in new project boot.rb
3:34AM 2 Mongrel steals my requests for my subversion repo
2:11AM 1 svn bindings error on 1.8.6
2:09AM 5 validating parts of a model step-by-step in a wizard flow
1:47AM 0 Info: _flash.html.erb partial a bad idea
Thursday March 20 2008
11:36PM 1 Filter on a Related Table
11:28PM 1 Loading large amounts of text data in fixtures
11:04PM 2 New install on Mac server start error
10:17PM 3 Help with schedule and pdf
8:56PM 1 Pros and cons of ActiveScaffold 1.1.1
8:48PM 1 Forms in Rails 2.0
8:19PM 2 "can't activate activesupport" error
8:05PM 5 RSS feed help
7:10PM 2 Comatose Authentication
6:47PM 2 link_to_remote confirm dialog title
6:36PM 2 Converting data to utf8 to load into an ActiveRecord?
6:34PM 2 Help using ARMailer
6:26PM 2 Reconstructing url with complex params
6:25PM 2 Anyone know of a humanised date difference plugin/script
6:07PM 0 TM's Rails Bundle: 'Migrate To Current' fails w/in Editor
5:05PM 3 Boolean with default value to false is nil
4:55PM 3 rails migration from one server to another.
4:28PM 3 Nest RESTful routes with namespaces?
4:04PM 2 documentation help
3:55PM 6 meta: listserv-type interface to this group?
2:02PM 3 ultrasphinx: Anonymous modules have no name to be referenced by
1:49PM 2 How do I ask Rails? environment.rb and initializers
1:38PM 2 Partial refresh not working, but no errors
12:10PM 6 Problems with rspec, models and relationships in 2.0
11:52AM 2 Dumping selected attributes to YAML
11:22AM 4 Blank DateTime versus Nil DateTime
10:21AM 5 How to unit test Rails itself (API)?
9:49AM 0 hi ,all friends
9:36AM 6 Parsing multiple RSS & Atom feed formats
9:21AM 0 Rails Contract Developer Required
7:50AM 0 Latest Laptops
6:32AM 0 problem to install install stream library
6:28AM 0 Graph Implementation in ruby
6:06AM 0 date_select javascript_tag
5:28AM 0 Mixing stored procedure call with RoR db calls in the same function gives errors
4:50AM 4 Migrations and schema.rb - where did I go wrong?
3:40AM 1 about id in the url
3:18AM 1 application.rhtml.erb not being used
2:48AM 0 Trying to extend Facebooker::User
2:44AM 5 (basic sql) search datetime column by date
12:12AM 0 Having trouble with a remote-crop-then-resize using attachment fu =(
12:03AM 2 Skill levels and training joint venture
Wednesday March 19 2008
11:17PM 5 object_transactions plugin w/2.x disables AR session store
10:49PM 2 Find with conditions problem
10:31PM 2 Cannot call render :partial :collection with an Array of Hash?
10:25PM 1 Sort by column headers in Rails 2.0
9:25PM 6 Back button behavior has changed again in Safari 3.1, after doing a dom update via ajax/RJS
7:43PM 1 in_place_editing sending id as action name
7:11PM 1 development log on command prompt
6:59PM 3 Condition using "OR"
6:44PM 3 Saving a new object n times to the DB
6:25PM 3 MVC Design Question - dependent objects
5:58PM 0 Using a combo box for a ajax search
5:17PM 7 Upgrade to 2.0.2: InvalidAuthenticityToken error on 1st POST
5:15PM 0 Environment : development
4:49PM 0 Firebird id_session as sessions promary key
4:44PM 6 What's wrong with Mongrel?
4:07PM 4 Logging API Calls
3:54PM 0 How to try examples given in the documentation...
3:34PM 0 GateKeeper 0.2 - Model Level Permissions Management
3:05PM 10 Linux and Ruby on Rails
3:05PM 0 week_view helper
2:56PM 9 allow_blank in older version of Rails
2:24PM 2 Where is Rails Validations Value Hash Initialization?
2:18PM 2 attachment_fu :uploaded_data
1:15PM 4 ruby have include like php and refresh?
1:13PM 2 RESTful request with parameters?
12:45PM 1 Select SQL conditions based on database
12:31PM 0 DateTime validation and testing
12:04PM 0 Don't miss the Income opportunity (Mobile Income with special offer)
11:48AM 10 undefined method `generated_methods'
10:47AM 1 javascript
10:42AM 2 Contact Grabber
9:57AM 1 Problem in using typedef with c++
8:14AM 0 Organizing controllers and models
8:07AM 1 Subdomain routing with rails 2
7:02AM 0 Rails application failed to start properly
6:59AM 1 BDD and Rspec
6:43AM 0 Anchor tags, render, and redirect_to
6:35AM 1 spec::rails plugin
5:42AM 2 routes? how do I make it so I don't have a path..
5:39AM 4 Cleaning up Session (Cookie Based)
5:26AM 1 URL mapping in routes.rb
5:19AM 0 Lovd by Less - A Ruby On Rails Application with Code
5:10AM 10 Mongrel doesn't expose it's ports
4:49AM 2 creating print preview button??
4:11AM 0 Wanted: Lead RoR Developer
3:54AM 0 Assistance in how to Query an Record and Update the same record using Ruby on Rails
3:44AM 1 has_many :through, restful routes design when creating on the join table
3:17AM 1 Error while uploading images using attachment_fu on windows
2:53AM 4 How to use a controller/model in a different view
2:45AM 0 X-rated REGGAE DANCE
2:11AM 0 rake problemmm?
12:53AM 0 Models From XSD
12:35AM 1 Database Triggered Events in Rails.
12:29AM 3 Whats the latest on getting MySQL onto Leopard?
Tuesday March 18 2008
11:59PM 0 How to use will_paginate and ambition together?
10:19PM 1 Developer Position (Advertisement)
9:48PM 3 link_to syntax question
9:42PM 0 Hide/Show checkbox elements based on select box - Javascript
9:41PM 2 has_many :through aggregation
9:11PM 3 How does form_for work?
8:52PM 0 Ferret
8:18PM 2 Make routes with e-mail address
8:10PM 16 Changing password is not working right.
7:57PM 2 update_without_callbacks?
7:47PM 4 validates_uniqueness_of on massaged contents of column
7:19PM 4 Searching has_many with UltraSphinx
7:07PM 2 Hi, How are you?
6:34PM 0 Modeling Groups with Admins, Notables, and Members
5:09PM 0 facebooker - user
4:37PM 9 the :id symbol
4:35PM 0 New Komodo Edit 4.3.0
4:19PM 0 make ur search ends here about system tweaks & tricks & much more funs...
3:51PM 3 Consuming .Net Web Services?
3:50PM 0 to_ary removed from ActiveRecord
3:24PM 3 Multiple Rails apps within one Apache VirtualHost
2:19PM 1 styles using the if-less if statement if it worked
2:12PM 9 RMagick on Mac OS X - weird error
2:10PM 5 stylesheet link causing routing error
1:29PM 0 no marshal_dump is defined for class StringIO
12:03PM 0 Mongrel Crashes in Production
11:38AM 5 simple question
11:06AM 0 Ebb 0.1.0
10:25AM 0 Webcam with bdsm-chat contact
9:21AM 0 how to handle collection_select
9:05AM 6 Extract data from SOAP response
7:59AM 10 undefined method `find_plugins' in Rails 2.0.2
7:47AM 0 Cache.get 'reponses' return nil help! help!
6:54AM 1 date_select
6:06AM 1 How: obj-class-A = A.new(obj-class-B) ? suppose class A is subset of class B
6:05AM 6 simple ruby question
5:47AM 4 Can an object obj-arbitrary respond to a method with arbitary name?
4:44AM 4 Making all my Ruby files pretty
4:37AM 5 Combining different Rails apps into one
3:58AM 2 Help creating for for my auth on rails. please...
12:31AM 12 date_select in a select query?
12:08AM 4 Can't find the partial
Monday March 17 2008
11:38PM 2 NoMethodError (...occurred while evaluating nil.split)
11:34PM 1 Help needed with collection_select
10:29PM 0 problems installing WSF-Ruby
10:00PM 2 order of after_create callbacks
10:00PM 0 installing libxml-ruby under windows
9:54PM 1 How would I construct this validation rule?
9:40PM 0 TextMate bundle problems with generators
9:31PM 6 AR: static vs. dynamic model generation
9:23PM 3 How do you disable AR query cache globally?
9:14PM 2 Can Ruby/Rails be the de facto n-tier platform in future IT shops?
8:54PM 1 restart_apache asking for ssl password
8:47PM 12 converting DateTime to unix time ?
7:48PM 4 Routing acts_as_commentable form_for submission
7:35PM 0 [My First Post]Good Collection of Important Websites
7:19PM 2 dependent => destroy without primary key?
7:12PM 1 delete_all multiple conditions
7:03PM 0 changing base url
6:27PM 0 collection_select
6:25PM 9 Render index view and RJS on load?
5:46PM 22 Best Production Server to Use
5:35PM 4 simple ajax guides or tutorials
5:28PM 3 problems creating a simple auth, please help.
5:08PM 2 HTTP response code when DELETE request is not permitted
5:05PM 0 Rails, WML and Videos
4:49PM 1 changing path_prefix and layout
4:06PM 0 SOAP-RPC with attachment how ?
3:57PM 3 is_type_of and is_a_category_for vs: belongs_to and has_many
3:17PM 6 REPOST: fallback layout mechanism
3:06PM 2 sort the collection in the index.rhtml
3:06PM 0 3G phones
2:53PM 2 auto_complete and validate
2:47PM 0 Nil dates in selct_date
2:34PM 3 Limit in include?
2:08PM 2 How does one restore their MySQL database from a tar.gz in Windows?
1:56PM 3 How to save a pdf file in local
1:56PM 0 Selecting data fromSelect_date showing in the same page
1:54PM 5 database agnostic sql possible?
1:00PM 0 ssl_requirement problems - https --> http
12:42PM 0 Joining polymorphic tables
12:36PM 0 find(:all) problem when using rss builder
12:26PM 6 THE CHALLENGE: How would you do this: has_many :through & polymorphic associations
11:54AM 1 answering to ajax request like it is normal
11:35AM 1 submitting form with link_to
11:23AM 1 date
11:22AM 6 select_date
11:15AM 8 render a partial file
10:51AM 0 submit_to_remote and javascript
10:36AM 0 guideline for "has_one" validation + Multiple post actions from a form
10:13AM 3 Don't know how to build task 'migrate'
10:12AM 4 Display data from more than one table
9:58AM 0 rquerypad, improve activerecord in association query
9:50AM 3 how i can use pagination
9:19AM 5 form inside a form
8:43AM 4 How to send an email on a particular date
7:20AM 4 Windows and Linux differences
7:17AM 2 rails 2 and associations-slash-loading
7:00AM 6 syntax error
6:48AM 0 error in server............
6:37AM 3 Difference between %{} and #{}
6:19AM 3 differnece between form_for and form_remote_tag
6:05AM 2 Dynamic actions and views
4:37AM 2 Setting the Element ID of inserted partials with javascript
4:35AM 2 rails encoding problem
4:10AM 2 creating tables with variable number of columns
3:55AM 2 Problems with Auth to my mysql db.
3:18AM 4 Updating parent-child objects in a single transaction
3:13AM 0 Nested models, mass assignment problem.
3:09AM 0 find(:all) that works when called by regular view but not rss builder
2:35AM 0 How to display a method's "Ruby Stack Path"
1:54AM 2 Rake error, ???
1:48AM 6 Best Practice/Associations Question
1:13AM 3 Using respond_to to send multiple formats to the same view
Sunday March 16 2008
11:40PM 6 Creating Tables at RUNTIME.
11:00PM 1 I need some YAML parsing tips
10:03PM 1 Texting confusion...
8:43PM 1 compiling Ruby on Rails on OS X
7:20PM 3 undefined method `redirect_to'
7:01PM 5 Rails on Mac OS X Leopard...
6:44PM 1 form_for error
4:48PM 6 Comparing datetimes for conditional
3:51PM 3 Calling all those who have experience with Rails in industry
3:26PM 0 logic problem: writing to a second table from within the active controller
2:23PM 0 ar_mailer problem
11:23AM 2 about the sql injection
9:56AM 5 Get domain
8:14AM 2 has_finder and Geokit
8:14AM 2 Url reformatting
7:42AM 1 query realated to date_select tag
6:19AM 0 Recomendations for a forum plug-in?
5:22AM 3 Serialize typed id arrays - howto ?
4:50AM 1 javascript requests not being routed properly
3:12AM 0 Crating a Gem with native code
2:18AM 3 One-to-One relationship -- good idea?
2:11AM 1 Need suggestions on how to extend collection_select in form
1:33AM 5 images don't show up from show.html.erb
Saturday March 15 2008
11:09PM 3 How to visualize mandatory fields
8:58PM 5 Nested routes in 2.0.2
8:33PM 1 how to create images with dynamic text using RoR?
7:37PM 9 Spaces in Ruby on Rails and how to avoid them!
6:53PM 3 Cookie-based session store - can it get you in trouble?
6:51PM 1 Passing an array to a Ruby controller (from AJAX)
5:59PM 4 * Please help a RoR Newbie!!*
4:13PM 1 Really Simple RJS question
3:04PM 2 Best way to backup a rails project on linux?
2:56PM 0 Спортивный обруч халахуп (обруч хулахуп)
12:58PM 4 ActiveRecord inner joins
12:37PM 1 error on belongs_to method.
10:31AM 2 paginating a search
9:23AM 0 How to define HTTP header for cached pages in public dir
6:53AM 0 Graphical Designer Tool for ActiveRecord....?
6:28AM 2 URL faking with nested resources
5:45AM 2 Rails with PHPBB forums... How to do it
5:05AM 2 how to use SWFObject
5:00AM 0 rails and flashplayer
1:51AM 9 Login/Logff Button -- doesn't update
Friday March 14 2008
11:30PM 1 Viewing HTML E-Mails
10:28PM 0 Example using uncached
10:03PM 0 Good Collection of Important Websites[My First Post]
9:40PM 0 HALP! connect() failed (111: Connection refused)?!
9:37PM 11 Negative find : trying to find what is NOT there :-)
9:36PM 15 Is anyone running Rails 2.x against a MS SQL Server DB?
9:32PM 3 error with rake
9:10PM 0 Inline file upload error: undefined method `size='
8:59PM 6 How to enforce ActiveRecord session store with Rails 2.0.2?
8:47PM 2 override AR default attribute accessors
8:40PM 2 Is :dependent -> :delete_all gone in Rails 2.0.2?
8:39PM 1 Is there a way to put a model into a module ?
8:27PM 3 ActionController <-> ActiveView code access ambiguity
8:19PM 1 Trouble with rails 2.0.2 and routes
8:09PM 1 how do I get a older version of restful_authentication
8:09PM 2 MySQL IN clause for an array of strings
7:57PM 1 Rails App freezes when accessed
7:55PM 0 FYI: object_transactions plugin requires Transaction::Simple
7:51PM 0 last version from NERO program * NERO 8 *
7:30PM 1 attachment_fu and public_filename
7:24PM 0 acts_as_ferret issue on windows
7:24PM 6 Random strings
7:21PM 4 How to send SMTP emails in background
7:18PM 6 Probelm with partials
7:17PM 4 mysql encrypt on rails?
7:00PM 2 Backend Clustering solution, recommendations
6:30PM 3 Backup strategy for frequently changing database
6:22PM 7 HABTM and Fixtures
6:15PM 2 How to pass cookies to website??/??
5:32PM 0 Plugins with view helpers - how to name?
5:30PM 1 query depending on between two values
4:08PM 2 Random image based verification for new user creation
4:04PM 8 link_to problem in RoR 2.0
4:04PM 0 mod_fcgid problems w/ IE?
3:31PM 1 fallback layout mechanism
2:11PM 2 Radio buttons not getting checked
1:45PM 3 Encoding system
1:00PM 0 Retrieve a capture group in routing ?
12:58PM 1 how do i get country_select and select to show values
12:47PM 1 Rails function tests not calling setup
12:08PM 2 Need urgent help!
9:06AM 2 how to call a c bin from a controller
8:51AM 2 attachment_fu attributes in db
7:35AM 3 file_fied_tag on safari
7:11AM 6 How do you copy a fileds content to newly added field?
6:16AM 4 file upload problem when using form_remote_tag
5:58AM 0 capturing textbox data
4:34AM 2 iterating an array with a hash
4:24AM 6 Please help... I'm stuck with this link_to problem...
3:21AM 7 Saving many-to-many in script/console
3:18AM 4 tail f to an element using ajax
2:28AM 1 Integration Plugin
2:15AM 2 belongs_to has_many newbie question
2:15AM 1 assert_routing vs file extensions
1:02AM 0 Multiple applications under Mongrel using routes
Thursday March 13 2008
11:26PM 2 Problem with Complex Form Saving
11:02PM 1 third party library that runs standalone but not in rails
10:31PM 4 Can't seem to Compare MySQL Statement
10:09PM 1 plugin for trading
10:02PM 0 Template being ignored when attaching pdf in e-mail
9:06PM 2 Test passes when run isolated, fails when run using "rake test"
8:54PM 2 Verify E-mail Delivery
8:43PM 0 Typo capabilities integrated with my rails project
8:10PM 2 Posting xml to create new record
7:10PM 2 Forms
7:10PM 0 mail problem and rails 2.0.2
7:07PM 3 How do you get flash to store something other than a string?
6:51PM 14 Where to put and how to use modules for models
6:39PM 2 wiring a dependent update
5:59PM 1 memcache_client fails Marshal.load of AR objects
5:52PM 2 What is a superclass mismatch?
5:48PM 1 Swiss Payments
5:47PM 9 People in ruby and rails
5:44PM 8 how to relate models on field other than id
5:42PM 4 Reusable State model/migration - how do you do it?
5:41PM 1 Newbie Session Discussion: Expiration and Clean Up NO CRONS
5:15PM 2 ActiveRecord :conditions syntax errors
4:51PM 4 AJAX slow - to_json responsible?
4:33PM 3 ajax to search a database
4:18PM 3 Refreshing a page gives a "stack level too deep" error.
4:09PM 2 link_to_remote crossing controllers
3:45PM 0 Call for Alpha Users - CloudCache.net
2:53PM 2 Total newb questions - resources or tutorials?
2:53PM 13 Simple Problem
2:52PM 2 Google Calendar
1:59PM 2 How to upload a file
1:32PM 6 Getting value from session - syntax help
12:14PM 6 Model/controller pair with different names?
10:53AM 0 multiple join with multiple grouping
10:23AM 8 Capturing textbox data in the same page
9:49AM 0 form validation using RJS
9:26AM 9 RJS template dont-know-how
8:12AM 0 need in deed.....!!!
7:28AM 1 how to render an action in page.replace_html?
6:32AM 5 how to install ruby on rail without gem
5:59AM 1 fetch data from textfield
5:56AM 4 hi,about session_path variable
5:23AM 1 Amazon AWS interface...
4:41AM 2 replace_html help
3:05AM 1 Gettex newbea question
2:45AM 5 Convert find(:all) to hash with id as key
2:24AM 2 inference?
2:20AM 2 Delete, redirect back to same page
1:51AM 0 Got different results from D&D Agile book on test of unit test
1:31AM 5 writing from stdout to the browser?
1:28AM 1 Messages in flash don't clear out on next request
1:04AM 0 Issue updating multiple database rows from single form submi
12:14AM 2 attachment-fu - debug help
Wednesday March 12 2008
11:54PM 0 How to DRY up this model a bit?
10:18PM 3 SSL Authentication in Mongrel
9:45PM 3 @variable."field#{x}"
9:31PM 0 has_many :through checkboxes + select
9:17PM 1 respond_to js and IE7
9:04PM 1 Ordering across related tables
7:54PM 2 has_one association with :conditions: is this somehow possible?
7:22PM 3 controller test - setting session values not working
6:28PM 2 RJS Move to top of div after Ajax request
6:23PM 4 User search thru a database using the REST approach
6:22PM 0 rfacebook http 500 error
6:11PM 3 Argument error "wrong number of aguments (2 for 1)"
5:54PM 2 session variables
5:35PM 2 Building a view for a 3 model has_many relationship
5:15PM 0 Problem installing salted_login
5:14PM 3 Are nested resources nescessary in this case?
4:43PM 0 How do you define login information for Capistrano in deploy.rb?
4:32PM 4 F Forum Plugin
4:27PM 1 "undefined method 'trips_path for..." can anyone help?
4:07PM 0 looking for contract linux(debian) mysql(5)
3:59PM 2 RJS replace_html for all divs with a class
3:59PM 0 Problem saving object graphs
3:58PM 0 BJ Background jobs won't die
3:54PM 2 Loupe - Rails+Flickr application
3:18PM 0 UPS delivery package service select
2:48PM 2 Routing problem?
2:16PM 4 delete / destroy question
2:14PM 1 basic RJS question with render update
2:01PM 2 nested routes with a 2-way has_many using join table?
1:31PM 0 expire fragment not completing on model save
1:30PM 0 Маникюрный набор 8 предметов
1:29PM 0 CMS act_as_tree problem and template_root
1:22PM 0 VM for Noobs
12:39PM 4 link_to_remote and :with
11:45AM 3 Please wait dialog
11:00AM 3 Some random rails, and maybe Ruby, questions..
10:28AM 1 one to many relationship?
9:33AM 0 Mobile Income without Investment (Got one cheque)
8:30AM 1 Garbage collection in Ruby
7:44AM 3 Newbie Routing Question /site/1/edit vs. /site/edit/1
7:00AM 1 Could ActiveRecord add some comments when create table
5:29AM 2 2.0 Fixtures with has_many :through ??
5:25AM 1 Looking to hire help on developing an application
5:19AM 3 undefined method `each' for #<Usrecart:0x46d1678>
4:15AM 0 Copying attachments
2:56AM 0 The pioneering personals site that revolutionized online dating, with nearly million members-Millionaire!{$500K-$2M/year} A friend network, blogs, chatrooms and much more.
2:05AM 3 force a page refresh from controller
1:58AM 10 saving files and permissions
1:50AM 6 :order_by => ["RAND()"]
1:43AM 0 fbml and dreamhost
1:06AM 0 uninitialized constant LoadUserData::Fixtures
12:14AM 2 "Catch" mails using Rails (some sort of ticket software)?
12:09AM 2 Image Link
12:09AM 1 how to load external XML doc with javascript from rails app?
Tuesday March 11 2008
11:50PM 3 Where to set a variable so it's loaded only once and available for all controllers?
11:43PM 6 saving an ActiveRecord without trigging the callbacks
11:27PM 2 remote_function :with parameters from other form fields
10:49PM 1 add_multiple_associated_save_callbacks and validates_associated conflict?
9:50PM 0 redirect_to doesn't work after delivering email
9:33PM 0 Callback on Shutdown
9:21PM 1 Issue with nested resource
9:08PM 1 boolean uniq
9:01PM 0 Render multiple tags using helper method
8:44PM 0 Form Not Displaying Errors
8:39PM 0 [OT] HTTP headers status diagram
8:08PM 1 fields_for in a form_for_remote?
7:51PM 0 registration question?
7:44PM 7 What's the point of using Selenium?
7:34PM 0 Hartford Ruby Brigade's first meeting: a Tour of Facets
7:32PM 0 Select() based on get parameters
6:42PM 4 Saving http response body to database
6:07PM 2 Specify Alternate View
4:38PM 0 [Off-topic] RailsConf 2008 ticket
4:33PM 4 Alternate Colors for row blocks
4:00PM 5 Rails homepage with backend?
3:50PM 3 ActionController::NotImplemented (Only requests are allowed.)
3:41PM 3 How to pass a parameter to a "before_filter" filter?
3:37PM 5 Help with variables
3:11PM 2 has_many :through problem
2:59PM 0 Lock Timeout on INSERT?
2:53PM 1 List in order by date
1:07PM 1 installing rubygems
1:00PM 6 FOR Loop with 2 variables
11:28AM 7 whats wrong with my form? (rails 2.0)
11:06AM 2 You have a nil object when you didn't expect it!
10:34AM 0 Extraordinary Home Business Programs
9:47AM 2 CMS plugin/gem
9:03AM 0 about the plugin:auto_complete
8:39AM 2 How to add more actions in namespace route
7:08AM 2 resources
5:16AM 4 Host recommdations
3:11AM 3 How to require an entire directory of files at path/to/rails/lib in environment.rb?
12:43AM 5 Anybody get RSpec working with Netbeans?
12:22AM 2 Specifying user to run specific query through connection object
Monday March 10 2008
11:14PM 1 Dumb migration question
10:15PM 11 shortcut for x = [x] unless x.is_a?(Array)
9:19PM 0 Vancouver.rb Q&A with Brock Whitten on Rails, Getting Off Rails (Merb), PmpknPi (Blog in Merb) and More (Part I)
9:07PM 1 SQL - int not inserted into database correctly
9:00PM 15 Scheduled tasks
8:47PM 2 social graph
8:45PM 2 constant for ActionController::RoutingError class?
8:20PM 0 How to use the Click-to-globalize "self.globalize?"-function
8:18PM 5 Using a boolean attribute with a conditional statement
7:57PM 1 wiki.rubyonrails.org still down
7:42PM 3 Iterating over a collection, three at a time
7:33PM 1 Batch POST/PUT with REST?
7:32PM 6 Probably OT, but CSS Help?
7:14PM 2 response.body == filename?
6:54PM 0 Help using a single form to update three models
6:26PM 1 acts_as_ferret:: "field-restricted search" possible?
6:21PM 0 Looking for a Ruby on Rails Guru / Contract with Fortune 100 Client / Location : CA
6:05PM 1 is there such an association as has_and_belongs_to_one?
5:35PM 1 Loops - from views to model or controller
4:32PM 3 Database Design for Rails Question
4:16PM 1 validates_presence_of problem
4:03PM 0 write to file instead of rendering to screen
3:20PM 0 Session cookies in IE7
2:56PM 1 spinner in form tag?
2:43PM 2 Adding actions to in_place_edit
1:59PM 1 Rails WIKI is dead ?
1:04PM 3 Need a simple forum or message board
12:50PM 0 relating tables from different datbases possibly?
12:39PM 5 Problem in passing 2 params
12:28PM 3 acts_as_authenticated error
12:15PM 0 Mobile Income without Investment
12:13PM 0 How to set permissions for public folder?
12:02PM 2 Storing controllers outside of app/controllers
10:16AM 0 how to use will_paginate with ajax
8:47AM 1 Problem with acts_as_ferret plugin?
8:00AM 2 calling action from one controller to second
6:39AM 0 Date field-------------------
6:37AM 7 wrong number of arguments (1 for 0)
5:45AM 1 n00b can't run script/generate ugh
5:37AM 1 difference between [class,instance].transaction method ?
5:24AM 0 Cannot route new actions added to a controller in Rails 2.0.2
4:56AM 1 simple AJAX / Rails IM
3:16AM 5 how to sort a collection of items in the index page
2:48AM 0 how do we handle session timeout
2:33AM 8 Need to hire RoR programmers
1:44AM 0 Offering to work directly for the Ruby community!
1:30AM 0 RSpec, validates_presence_of, and foreign_key
12:50AM 0 Sortables, acts_as_list and performance
12:22AM 0 mocha gem error on dreamhost
Sunday March 9 2008
11:48PM 0 routes or .htaccess?
11:03PM 0 Discreet Relationship. "Alternative" Activities.
11:01PM 5 Installing SQLite3 on windows
10:45PM 1 rake on dreamhost
8:29PM 2 error message
8:22PM 3 Best way to manage different settings model for different user roles?
6:58PM 0 textarea content text with tag html
6:42PM 1 Ruby and RoR on Google Android?
6:00PM 4 comment avoir la liste des gems ?
5:50PM 0 Rake/Net::HTTP
5:47PM 1 Getting Object cannot be created in this context"code 9" trying to call javascript function
4:03PM 2 Question about file_column, rmagick
3:46PM 2 Text validation
3:00PM 0 Active Record attributes (has_many vs serialization vs sti)
2:34PM 3 Missing the Rails 2.0.2 gem (Leopard) .. but it's there !
1:16PM 4 Getting fragment-caching to work...
1:07PM 2 TzInfo and DST and UTC to Easter convert help
12:11PM 0 Opinions on 'Fan' relationship model in RESTful app
10:31AM 4 Creating language package ??
7:38AM 2 Disable use of database in Rails app
7:32AM 0 assert_latest{} detects new model objects
6:11AM 0 Best approach to separate account info (newbie)
5:50AM 0 Rake test:functionals failing for deeply generated namespace
2:24AM 1 Mephisto com Rails 2
12:57AM 0 Connect with me and wht LinkedIn.com...the best way to stay in touch
12:13AM 0 Session expiration
Saturday March 8 2008
10:50PM 2 two form_tag's
10:17PM 0 how do I pass data from index page back to index page?
9:29PM 1 prevent caching
8:48PM 4 What is the best way to approach a CMS?
8:40PM 4 Creating a search
8:35PM 9 Validation error handling on related models
8:32PM 1 nginx with Rails Way book
8:18PM 3 Is there a way to use partial views from another category?
8:03PM 3 Checking for records in a database
7:59PM 3 Facebooker: de-puzzle me, please! :)
7:57PM 32 Mac OS X or Windows?
7:42PM 9 Newbie worries with "Developing Rails Applications on Max OSX Leopard"
5:18PM 4 Array problem
5:18PM 2 simple message board: syntax error, unexpected tCONSTANT,
2:38PM 0 Programista RoR poszukiwany
2:34PM 2 RJS problem
2:00PM 0 TMail 1.2.2 - Ruby 1.9 Compatible & Documentation
11:07AM 1 Design a GUI widget for "assign roles to users"
9:19AM 0 attachment to emails
6:03AM 1 harvest field values to an array
5:09AM 4 How to do a new with prefilled info?
5:07AM 4 When will Rails deployment be as easy as PHP
2:53AM 3 Update geometry field using SQL with ActiveRecord
2:04AM 2 Defining Optional Argument
1:24AM 1 custom REST routes
12:23AM 1 How to downgrade from rails 2.0.2
12:14AM 2 <Mongrel noob>: Verifying start/stop order of processes
Friday March 7 2008
11:26PM 1 How to know which Mongrel process serves a request?
11:11PM 0 ActiveRecordStore: cleanup & avoiding duplication
10:21PM 10 ActiveRecord, mapping a column value to a symbol
9:54PM 0 value_before_type_cast
9:42PM 2 layout :except
9:32PM 2 Trouble with link_to_remote
9:00PM 4 Another really elementary question
8:52PM 0 VTD-XML 2.3 released
7:49PM 6 creating a model registry
7:31PM 0 Ruby on Rails - Senior Software Engineer: Bend, OR
7:27PM 4 n-levels of nested resources in REST?
7:24PM 1 Initialization of inverted models
7:16PM 2 Concatenated fields in a model
6:37PM 0 create_spec fails INSERT INTO
6:19PM 0 Looking for Ruby developer to set up simple forum
6:03PM 0 time_zone_select() Trouble
5:08PM 1 how to clear certain form fields with RJS?
5:07PM 0 swarmpolls.com - New product Launched in ROR
5:05PM 0 How to determine remote IP address in ActionWebService API's
5:01PM 2 Easy way out of all your tensions -- i just love it!!
4:37PM 1 using Array.each in a helper
4:13PM 2 Handling default values in models
4:01PM 2 Trouble using RESTful helper
4:00PM 0 Find within your true potential in love, life and money !!
3:45PM 5 What's the most compelling way to do AJAX/Interactive applications with Rails?
3:43PM 0 Vendor Everything & Rake
3:42PM 3 timestamp help
3:19PM 0 View current plugins and version numbers?
3:00PM 0 What to do in such a market and depression in life
2:31PM 0 Search Engines are throwing 'illegal' SHOW requests?
2:20PM 2 pagination_find outside of find?
2:00PM 0 What to do in such a down market and depression in life !!
1:50PM 1 How to deploy Rails apps on Servage.net
1:39PM 1 Qustion about upload image
1:34PM 1 how to declare home page using my current setup
1:26PM 2 Should I use iterations to display sub categories?
12:42PM 0 Vanilla in rails routing
12:14PM 7 Gettting the current windows user id.
12:00PM 3 Boolean circles..
11:55AM 3 Ruby on Rails with Hibernate
11:37AM 25 Forulio - Ruby on Rails based forum engine
11:36AM 1 What to do in such a market and depression!!
10:42AM 1 Windows Mobile 2005 - RESTful Javascript Issues
9:47AM 2 Lazy-load model class variable hash
8:31AM 0 how to read raw post data?
8:24AM 3 Setup relationship external database
7:49AM 0 The right oppourtunity in Plunging stock markets !!
6:22AM 0 The MOle reloaded !
5:18AM 1 Stopping BFS traversal after reachin a certain depth in RGL
4:36AM 2 Using Erb inside SQL fiields
4:22AM 2 observe_field for two fields
2:47AM 4 replace content_for?
2:05AM 3 acts_as_ferret searching id
12:47AM 1 Application Controller Errors
12:13AM 12 Types of apps to use Rails for?
12:06AM 1 views and sequences
Thursday March 6 2008
11:57PM 7 What is the right way to monkey patch rails?
11:48PM 2 What's slowing my app down?
11:45PM 0 Searching multiple related models
11:42PM 1 Email Verification
11:14PM 3 How does Rails link_to connects to the show.rhtml?
10:44PM 0 problems uploading .zip files with attachment_fu
10:31PM 5 Okay, another pretty obvious beginner question
10:11PM 1 Was "Inflector" moved in Rails 2.0?
9:47PM 2 Microsoft's newly launched IE8 beta download
8:53PM 6 Validate 2 models in 1 form?
8:52PM 1 Calling Javascript Function
8:42PM 0 Rails Developer Needed For A Few Days Work
8:29PM 1 Unitialized constant ActionView::Helpers::TagHelper::Set
8:26PM 7 'link_to_class_current' helper
8:12PM 4 Probably common n00b question: Default id
8:03PM 0 flash[:notice] with remote_format_for
7:59PM 0 plugin/open source file management?
7:47PM 0 how to end the BFS traversal at will( RGL)
7:40PM 0 url forwarding
6:58PM 2 Active Record associations question
6:40PM 0 Req: Ruby on Rails : Direct Client
6:13PM 0 Per-install email configuration
5:31PM 3 Layouts - Header Integration
5:06PM 0 Best Practices Advice...
4:58PM 0 Emails Going to Hotmail Spam Folder
4:51PM 1 'Unsetting' methods/associations on a model?
4:45PM 4 Active Record Question
4:41PM 2 "-" instead of "_" in routes?
4:40PM 18 Nicer routes in RESTful Rails...?
4:12PM 2 GateKeeper, Model Level Permissions Management
4:00PM 0 wiki create page fails with useless error
3:41PM 1 in place editor and rjs
3:34PM 0 [ANN/ADV] "Advancing With Rails" training in NYC, April 14-17
3:14PM 3 Month view
2:50PM 3 Lightbox
2:23PM 3 splitting up data for input (multiple controllers one model?
1:30PM 5 Test for Library Classes
1:16PM 0 Creating a default, empty row in Table with user_id fails
12:40PM 0 Webcam Chat Fun Room
12:35PM 4 Restful Authentication - which users are logged in
11:19AM 1 Polymorphic STI
11:18AM 0 Collapsable/expandable select_tag helper for trees?
11:18AM 0 Using select_date more then once - same html name
10:19AM 17 update a count
10:14AM 1 association
10:03AM 2 Inconsistent specification of prod/dev environment
9:51AM 2 object to hash
9:04AM 2 reg routing
8:42AM 2 comments with name
8:12AM 1 Initialize function for Application
8:02AM 2 REST seems goood, accept for one thing...
8:02AM 0 Beautiful is the only word to describe these.
6:56AM 1 Do read this till end and understand my point of view. This is not about interest!
6:38AM 2 Radiant CMS
6:34AM 1 pagination for an object array
6:34AM 0 Thank you all for your overwhelming response !!!
6:19AM 3 leap year wacked out months_ago
5:11AM 0 integrating Twain devices and rails application...
4:42AM 1 It these possible in Rails?
3:17AM 0 Globalize problem
12:44AM 0 Meet Singles In Your City Tonight .. FOR FREE !!!
12:40AM 2 Savage Beast: Custom user model methods get lost
Wednesday March 5 2008
11:35PM 2 Organizing monkey patches in environment.rb?
11:16PM 8 Rails Social Networking
11:13PM 0 accessing session data
11:06PM 4 Question about Erb
10:42PM 8 method declaration question
9:39PM 0 finding a model based on association with another model
9:34PM 0 [Newbie] Scaffolding and documentation about scripts
9:33PM 3 habtm question
9:33PM 0 Help With Search Function in Model
9:24PM 2 ActiveRecord model help
9:14PM 1 Using form fields that arent in database
9:14PM 3 Re-generating views after a migration
8:10PM 2 Calling Javascript From Model
8:00PM 1 Open URI problems with google chart
7:51PM 6 Use Ruby on Rails for a standalone prototype?
7:34PM 0 help with auto_complete modifiction
7:30PM 0 Column Inspection
7:15PM 7 Decoding a string to hexadecimal
6:47PM 2 Exception notification plugin not working in production
4:40PM 1 Connection multiply databases and tables
4:39PM 1 London Ruby User Group - 10th March 2008
4:34PM 1 How to use values through forms
4:26PM 2 create custom class
4:20PM 4 Unit Testing Conditional Validation
4:10PM 4 radio button does not get checked
4:10PM 5 Complex Forms
3:23PM 2 validate_on_update compare old value to new value
3:07PM 0 address prefix
3:04PM 4 problems with 3 deep restful nesting
2:17PM 2 about the rake migrate problem.
2:07PM 1 ActiveRecord and SQL Regular Expressions
1:19PM 0 Overloaded has_many_polymorphs method is still being called
12:51PM 0 TWAIN and rails applications
12:33PM 1 Handling Errors + Attachment_Fu
12:31PM 4 blank ireports from jasper
12:05PM 9 How to pass an object in a form
11:43AM 0 Need Single sign on solution ?
10:21AM 7 Display result without reloading page
9:55AM 0 Ensuring using database indexes in find-methods with hash-conditions
9:42AM 3 has_many and validates_associated
9:33AM 4 Persistent Network Connection from Rails Instance
6:23AM 5 Dynamic method access from an Object
6:00AM 0 Multiple db instances for a single ROR Application
5:07AM 11 Sending Warning message to user ??
2:40AM 1 sorting hash ????
2:36AM 0 generate authenticated user error
2:30AM 0 Newbea question again?
2:01AM 3 where did update_without_callbacks go?
1:21AM 2 text_field_with_auto_complete help
1:16AM 0 On Nginx, images 30k+ sometimes load
12:53AM 0 Amazon WS 3.0 Deprecation
Tuesday March 4 2008
11:32PM 7 Set attr_accessor of active record (indirectly)
11:26PM 1 inflector and AR model association class names
11:23PM 2 ActiveRecord::Base Collections
11:20PM 0 Help with RailRoad
11:19PM 0 [PATCH] Compiling libev on Ubuntu Edgy Eft
11:17PM 1 Collections of Custom Entities
10:55PM 3 render :collection and :partial
10:33PM 4 "employee"=>{"id"=>"101"}
10:03PM 4 finding the line of code corresponding to an SQL statement
9:51PM 2 Action Mailer throwing underscores on template name
9:33PM 7 Backing up client specific data
9:27PM 6 find_all_by deprecated?
8:57PM 21 rails 2 scaffolding: establishing the field list
8:44PM 1 no controllers visible in url
7:46PM 2 DateTime in Minutes?
7:40PM 0 XML Schema validation
7:38PM 2 how/where to declare a global data structure?
7:36PM 0 RoR and Ruby/DL on WinXP
7:16PM 3 remote_form_for does not work with method = :get
7:08PM 3 Writing form hash data to a model
6:45PM 4 Named collection forward fetching
6:29PM 1 apache deflate not working with prototype.js?1234
6:23PM 3 Duplicate routes?
4:28PM 1 environment initialize block - Kernel.load problems
4:10PM 0 New MySQL behaiour for :null => false
3:57PM 1 Incoming mail in rails
3:27PM 4 can sqlite3 go case-insensitive?
3:17PM 3 Possible to apply layouts on pages in public folder
2:01PM 0 timestamp field not created/updated
1:13PM 3 Including controllers within a controller
1:10PM 9 Rails Application Platform Architecture
12:44PM 2 Iterating over all the named routes?
11:33AM 6 Syntaxerror while starting server.
11:30AM 0 Can't send email
11:28AM 2 Information about query caching and HM through
11:27AM 3 Event registration app
10:43AM 1 how to delete all cookies from local machine
10:29AM 0 can someone help me?
9:42AM 0 soap4r in wrong format
9:15AM 3 Array.rand fails - Why?
8:45AM 4 Ebb web server version 0.0.3
8:36AM 3 Ajax
8:33AM 1 The controller.send() method failing to assign value
8:31AM 0 manage manual foreign_key ,foreign_type in polymorphic ?
8:18AM 0 United Communication
8:14AM 0 Getting rails console working behind a proxy server
7:10AM 0 mongrel ri is not installing
6:17AM 0 PKI Authentication
5:48AM 1 paginate by condition
5:37AM 0 Multivariate testing or Taguchi Testing on Ruby?
5:26AM 0 Db:schema:dump Data Migration
4:28AM 1 How to return a two dimensional array?
1:47AM 9 Where can i find video turorials of Ruby on Rails
1:27AM 1 displaying pics
1:15AM 2 Why would ActiveRecord connect to Postgres as root?
12:21AM 5 NEED HELP dieing here
Monday March 3 2008
11:30PM 4 two models one cotroller/view
11:08PM 0 A kind of monkey patch and an invitation for criticism for all you (who know this stuff better than I do)
10:50PM 3 drop down not keeping value after errors are shown
10:23PM 1 Detecting dead/unreachable code
10:10PM 6 Confused newbe again.. with id instead of action in URL
9:19PM 2 Question About Using A Gem In Rails
9:15PM 0 Mongrel Dies
9:13PM 0 share AR connection config and Models
8:59PM 1 newb question regarding activerecord relationships
8:36PM 0 2 Full time Ruby positions Located in New York City
7:17PM 1 acces multiply databases?
7:05PM 0 Dreamhost PS - Configuration question
7:02PM 7 Really simple question - how do I call information from the
7:01PM 1 Excluding add/remove options but leaving the edit as-is
6:50PM 4 Basic MVC question
6:33PM 1 Has many through : dynamic join on creation
6:25PM 2 CSS best practices?
6:18PM 2 how can i know type of attribute with active record
5:41PM 3 Admin and standard controllers RESTFully
5:26PM 4 Rails - DB Question
5:22PM 0 validation not working with file_column
4:49PM 24 "no such file to load -- sqlite3" Rails
4:08PM 15 update_attributes not updating
3:31PM 1 Apache + mongrel cluster: early unescaping of URI by Apache
3:02PM 0 Catgorized list + pagination with sorting
2:45PM 9 mutiple select
1:49PM 0 Need Help: Ajax not suppoting with ssl configuration to the application
1:21PM 0 RubyAMF : is is dead ?
12:54PM 0 Dynamically declaring routes
12:40PM 3 BackgrounDRb LoadError
12:31PM 0 assert_select and XML namespaces
12:02PM 1 How change text_area form helper into rich text entry area/control?
11:30AM 0 Single sign on Problem?
10:46AM 0 Windows Domain Authentication with Apache+Mongrel
10:40AM 0 mongrel vs. fcgi
9:47AM 1 How many ruby framework available in market??
9:39AM 4 TypeCast
9:06AM 0 Crystal Reports
8:04AM 0 Newbie needs help setting up PostgreQL and RoR on Leopard; will pay
7:18AM 4 To use JS in RedBox Plugin
7:03AM 5 to_i
5:44AM 0 Overriding ActionController method in an app
3:19AM 2 Newbea Selection question
3:15AM 3 listing variations of product attributes
2:53AM 4 Trying to use RJS, raw Try(my javascript) catch is displayed on page
1:18AM 4 composed_of no longer works with Rail 2.02
12:29AM 1 problem loading tinymce on localhost
12:05AM 2 Different views/same action
Sunday March 2 2008
11:29PM 6 NoMethodError
11:26PM 2 Attachment_fu, Watermarks and after_save
11:02PM 2 On Update, how can I validate that an attribute has not being already set?
10:33PM 0 encode a string into UTF-8, ready for XML
10:10PM 2 Beginners question regarding scaffold setup
9:56PM 2 check_box_tag remote_function
8:24PM 0 Super squirrel
8:07PM 0 How to write a test for Ultrasphinx
7:20PM 3 Performing a mail merge using rails and ? any ideas?
5:25PM 7 Model equivalent for controllers/application.rb
4:46PM 3 Post method to custom action
3:54PM 10 Basic misunderstanding of syntax i think
12:15PM 2 Downlaod Free Softwares
11:11AM 13 Sending SMS from rails
11:05AM 0 Caching implementations - Status ?
10:50AM 3 Need help with my sql
10:37AM 0 best way to handle three way join
10:08AM 0 whiny_finder in Rails 2.0
8:50AM 1 2.0 documentation, tutorials, books?
8:47AM 1 Ensure a REST redirection is not relative
8:46AM 1 Post method map.resources
4:37AM 0 rails failing to post to create for resource under dispatch.[f]cgi
4:25AM 1 class function vs. object function
4:17AM 0 DB sessions store table structure
3:54AM 0 ssl_requirement: transitions from https to http and vice versa are slooooow
12:03AM 2 No database data showing up no warning message
Saturday March 1 2008
10:52PM 2 No route matches with {:method=>:get} Error in AWDWR Book
10:13PM 15 before_filter strange behaviour on update and create
9:41PM 2 Fields in the wrong order when saving to sqllite3
9:40PM 0 Testing XML over HTTP in a Rails app
9:29PM 2 How do I get the CalendarDateSelect plugin to work i Rails 2.0.2
9:24PM 10 problem with habtm and save
8:10PM 3 DB query time always 0 in production
6:47PM 1 evaluating rubycode after redirect
6:09PM 4 The best way to do primary keys?
5:56PM 5 How ro display Image
4:23PM 2 right way to do rjs off a method with its own view?
2:43PM 2 How to cache data in a plugin
10:41AM 10 screenshot
8:06AM 0 How to express this architecture
6:55AM 1 Open-ID not working
6:11AM 1 How to selectively display a field in the View?
3:32AM 1 default AS show behavior
2:48AM 0 Fixtures in ActionController::TestCase