Rails - Feb 2008

Friday February 29 2008
9:47PM 0 Struggling with a socket problem
9:29PM 0 RJS and EXTjs component update (RAILS 1.2.3)
8:55PM 2 Trouble passing :id of one model to another model
8:53PM 0 Persistence as a mix-in rather than inherited behaviour
8:50PM 6 Gems on shared server
8:27PM 7 Using roles vs namespaces for admin
8:08PM 4 Eliminate leading-directory name from URL's
6:56PM 0 acts_as_readonlyable in production?
6:52PM 4 observer with group of radio buttons
6:23PM 8 Finding parent records without has_many :through association
6:17PM 0 Seeking Validation - search web service using memcached
5:58PM 1 Scruffy Stacked Bar Chart
5:47PM 1 Instructions for running SQLServer AR adapter unit tests
5:47PM 0 Does overwrite_params ignore routing priority?
5:44PM 3 Adding Logic to first rails app in case of error from 2nd rails app
5:29PM 3 validates_uniqueness_of and combo of three fields
5:28PM 13 ActionMailer 2.0.2 NameError
5:13PM 3 Unit Testing behavior
5:11PM 7 Moving pagination to the Model
4:49PM 17 Is SQL Server not supported in RoR on the Mac?
4:38PM 0 Rendering a string
4:29PM 1 Calendar Solution
4:29PM 0 Looking for RoR developers in Cincinnati area
3:50PM 5 undefined method `gem' for main:Object after rake rails:freeze:gems
3:47PM 0 Preventing Someone From Inserting Certain Tags Within A Field
3:41PM 1 SQL Server & Rails 2.0 error -- MissingSourceFile
2:42PM 2 Dealing with MySQL disconnects on long running scripts.
2:09PM 0 Flexible Rails problem
12:37PM 2 cn w update the two tables under one action ...both are in one to one relation
12:02PM 1 Socket problem, Errno::EINVAL. Can someone explain?
11:41AM 1 how can i make pluralization false got a single model
11:15AM 0 catch-all(?) route problem
11:06AM 0 need help with variables and array
11:06AM 0 nested resource routing
10:51AM 1 has_many: through, :class_name, :foreign_key
10:50AM 2 find() not returning value of dynamically renamed field
10:47AM 3 How to DRY REST admin path in URLs?
10:40AM 0 Net::LDAP
9:30AM 4 App design question: user_photo helper
7:53AM 1 i want to start my application without welcome screen
7:12AM 0 mechanize problem with weird field names that contain colons such as "_ctl0:ContentPlaceHolder1:tbLastName"
6:55AM 0 has_many_polymorphs
6:09AM 0 habtm - suppress validation on associated class?
5:51AM 2 CMS
4:42AM 0 undefined method `calendar_date_select_tag'
4:21AM 0 google maps
4:20AM 1 Lighttpd & VB.Net HTTPWEBREQUEST
2:57AM 2 Newbea MVC question ??
2:54AM 0 smtp_tls (MissingSourceFile) error
2:35AM 3 default exception doesn't render with correct content type
2:25AM 0 Can the current version of scrubyt work with https pages and aspnetForm
1:37AM 1 habtm and counter_cache
12:52AM 3 Always use eager loading on a specific model?
12:14AM 1 Returning 'column' objects like content_columns does
12:03AM 2 Trouble with the results of a dynamically generated find() method
Thursday February 28 2008
11:06PM 1 update to flickr screencast tutorial
10:29PM 0 observers question
10:23PM 4 gems screwed up, what now
10:21PM 2 functional testing with form_authenticity_token
10:21PM 2 redirect_to or render
9:39PM 3 Need ideas for MySQL Lost connection Errors
8:41PM 1 database setup > a good startingpoint?
8:35PM 6 Sharing folders between RoR projects
8:19PM 2 validating user's e-mail address with hashed link
6:48PM 8 add to migration not working (Rails 2.0.2)
6:43PM 0 Reading multi-parameter assigned parameters (mouthful)
6:42PM 2 rspec rdoc available?
6:27PM 3 Patch for AR SQLServer adapter to allow for < 1970 datetimes
5:58PM 1 gemsonrails and "please update" error
5:14PM 1 rake aborted! Don't know how to build task 'db_schema_dump'
5:00PM 5 convert between two AssociationProxies
4:15PM 1 How to configure db redundancy?
4:09PM 3 polymorphic associations and association proxy
4:05PM 11 Ruby on Rails job NYC
3:07PM 1 nginx and virtual hosts
3:01PM 2 Using globalize and partial-templates without controller
2:47PM 3 Having a controller action call an action in a different controller
1:56PM 2 change drop down list to radio buttons
1:17PM 10 Implementing REST properly
12:26PM 0 A different approach to Jasper Reports in Rails
12:19PM 1 unknown column 'friendships.id' ??
12:00PM 5 model
11:45AM 0 Ebb web server version 0.0.1
10:43AM 2 problem with page<<(...)
10:32AM 0 page not displaying
9:54AM 1 Foreign keys not displayed for user input in create function
8:46AM 2 REST nested routes with has_one
8:28AM 0 trying to index comments with acts_as_ferret and acts_as_commentable
7:51AM 1 Problem while submitting the form.
7:10AM 0 Dynamic Images - changing images from CSS
5:54AM 6 Listing ??
5:43AM 0 attachment_fu and exif orientation
4:56AM 4 link_to
3:56AM 2 Disabling session when user is not logged in
3:14AM 6 rendering partials with local variables questions
2:53AM 2 random exception driving me crazy: SecurityError (Insecure: can't modify array)
1:43AM 1 I need someone like me to learn, build a simple but real life app with me
12:59AM 1 SQLServer AR adapter Trac/SVN location?
12:01AM 0 Rails gem version relationship to AR gem versions
Wednesday February 27 2008
11:44PM 1 Installing Gem as Plugin?
11:41PM 0 Parse XML POST/PUT into params hash
11:37PM 0 Knowledge base app/plugin?
11:14PM 0 Simulating Reloadable to allow non-AR models to reload?
11:11PM 0 migration to restufl authentication
11:09PM 0 Polymorphic associations and Validation
10:59PM 5 RJS happening too fast?
10:06PM 3 observe_field not updating DOM
10:03PM 4 redirect but without change the address
10:02PM 0 Usability Tests
9:58PM 1 RJB Not Working?
9:46PM 1 class methods in ActionController::Base
9:38PM 0 Activesupport error on start - extract_options
9:21PM 0 Routing Error...
9:13PM 5 rendering partial in iframe results in Bad URI
9:04PM 2 Manage address with no cotrollers
9:01PM 7 older version of rails -- Unknown action error
8:25PM 2 modifying Radiant?
8:01PM 3 Rails 2.0.2 and Agile Web Development 2ed
7:19PM 2 RESTful: redirect_to does not use GET?!
6:57PM 1 Validar un formulario con que captura a 2 tablas
6:28PM 2 observe_field not generating any script
5:35PM 3 Rails 2.02 collection_select problem passing option and html_option hashes
5:30PM 0 Adding a rails app to a subdomain
5:09PM 4 Getting input's value from a form
4:42PM 0 Any Rails users out there ever used Seam/Richfaces?
4:08PM 11 about searcing engines
3:37PM 0 Do you need a place to stay? Food to eat? 4000+ Shelters and soup kitchens in all 50 states:
3:08PM 0 Routing Subdirectory
2:43PM 0 Modules Routing Problem
2:17PM 3 Create static pages from RoR
2:08PM 1 Can't find user ID
2:07PM 1 fopen + fgetcsv rails equivalents
1:58PM 2 Error in Lib file function
1:24PM 2 help with FormOptionsHelper
1:22PM 2 First rails application
12:12PM 2 Process uploaded file without saving in model
12:09PM 1 select boxes
11:43AM 1 Two start_form_tag and 2 submit button in one rhtml file
11:43AM 8 Link_to parameters ignored
10:20AM 2 creating graph using Ruport
10:08AM 1 Ask About ruby-uml
9:25AM 3 ajax progress indicator
8:11AM 2 creating new directory for database.yml
5:52AM 0 Question regarding collection_select
4:49AM 2 record count
4:15AM 0 No-Cookie session support plugin v1.1
3:14AM 2 problem installing webOrb => Plugin not found: "http://themidnightcoders.net:8089/svn/weborb"
3:14AM 4 Tarantula 0.0.1 released!
2:52AM 2 Please, help me install rails without internet
2:10AM 2 noob: how to pass parameters between pages in v2.0.2?
1:58AM 2 struggling with formhelper select tag
1:56AM 2 History Management
1:36AM 0 creating selection from yml file ??
1:13AM 6 :include ?
12:06AM 5 nested resources and scoped ActiveRecord calls
Tuesday February 26 2008
10:18PM 4 Redirecting to page from the model
10:17PM 2 button_to_function with text and image
10:02PM 2 observe_field not working in Safari
9:58PM 4 UTF-8 not working (Mac OS X)
9:41PM 9 help with oracle adapter
9:37PM 6 How to get the readers of 2 specific articles ?
9:17PM 2 Reserved words in routes
8:53PM 5 Association problems?
8:47PM 0 How to use _() in a class that isn't a child of application
8:41PM 1 problem with posting with acts as taggable on steroids
8:13PM 1 Association problem in one direction
8:10PM 2 preventing fieldWithErrors from automatically being inserted
8:09PM 0 script/runner failure
7:51PM 3 rubyonrails.org vs rubyonrails.com
7:28PM 0 CGI with rails...
6:38PM 4 CSV upload button with validation
5:59PM 0 Anyone from San Diego
5:58PM 2 still trying to coerce numbers and strings for date math
5:44PM 0 dataselect parameters and serialization
5:43PM 1 How to validate presence of children?
5:03PM 5 Rails 2.0.2 MySQL 'year' datatype missing from ActiveRecord?
4:50PM 3 Weird "session-bug" when using multiple calls
4:39PM 3 Missing Helper file helpers/all_helper.rb ?
4:38PM 0 OpenX
4:06PM 2 Predefined records in migration?
3:53PM 1 A weird problem with open-uri
2:41PM 5 Free Rails web hosting
2:17PM 1 Non-rails application -- want to use migration for sql 2005
1:44PM 0 OFF - Database store and retrieval
1:31PM 3 Overwrite primary key when importing with ActiveRecord
1:19PM 1 Access global function in Model
12:15PM 1 Calculating page response time
11:59AM 2 Difference btwn gem and a plugin?
11:29AM 7 location of images
11:28AM 3 app stats
10:57AM 12 About RoR sites license
10:45AM 0 pagination
10:38AM 3 creating standalone executable rails application
10:10AM 1 how to show the image from the database
10:00AM 8 Attachment_Fu check Filesize on Upload
8:45AM 0 find_where and pagination
7:32AM 2 Specify HTML options on select_year
6:15AM 1 creating models from existing db tables
5:37AM 0 [ADV] Updated Advanced Rails Recipes PDF
4:54AM 3 Rmagic install Problem on linux/Ubuntu
4:24AM 2 Application error with unsupported format requests
4:09AM 1 any way to generate scaffold controller from existing model?
3:12AM 1 Can we get request in application controller?
2:40AM 13 Free IDEs
12:43AM 2 Global Variables for a Search Toggle ?
12:43AM 6 rails project from svn to git WITHOUT history
Monday February 25 2008
10:52PM 5 Date math makes me crazy
9:43PM 2 Dreamhost using RHTML...?
9:13PM 4 Add files to a gzip file
9:02PM 5 hyperlinks in comments
8:56PM 2 parsing strings
8:35PM 4 Using group in with find in an ActiveRecord appropriately
8:29PM 6 LoadError (Expected websites_controller.rb to define WebsitesController)
8:18PM 4 2-way associations
8:14PM 2 Using includes twice
7:59PM 0 Reading a cookie that was set in the controller
7:26PM 1 NoMethodError: undefined method `<=>' for :zip:Symbol
7:16PM 1 Error from script\generate with --svn option
6:47PM 0 Ajax trees and LiveTree note
6:25PM 2 Agile web developement - Depot App first application
5:46PM 3 cannot get partial with collections to work
5:22PM 9 Rails based Point of Sale?
5:03PM 3 ActiveResource, how to add a param to every request?
4:08PM 6 Custom Actions in Routes.rb
4:02PM 0 Multiple Databases - Archive and Current Databases Question
3:12PM 2 storing different types of data in 1 model
1:16PM 3 customize resource routes
1:00PM 0 about upload
12:44PM 1 XML/RSS doesn't generate
12:01PM 1 Facebooker Problem
11:45AM 4 incremental counter in DB
10:49AM 7 Problem upgrading to rails 2.0
9:54AM 0 Ajax pagination with will_paginate and jQuery
9:36AM 6 Event Calendar/Scheduler Implementation
9:26AM 4 Serving files from public
9:10AM 0 creating variable.....?
8:51AM 0 RoR with flash + XML
6:28AM 3 Model without database table?
6:12AM 0 confusion in RAILS_GEM_VERSION
6:11AM 5 Using global variable to access model from controller
6:06AM 1 Rails/Java Integration and Hosting
5:22AM 1 form options selections demystified...
4:58AM 3 how to submit two form with one submit tag
4:50AM 1 activeresource problems
4:23AM 2 validtion for non active record classes
3:15AM 1 So, how to learn 2.0
3:10AM 9 Wiki like editing
2:04AM 2 Undefined method 'find'
1:49AM 0 Hash code
1:39AM 2 Identifying specific mysql tables
12:36AM 1 FXColorWell example wanted
12:03AM 2 Validation Idiom
Sunday February 24 2008
11:10PM 5 flash[:error] -- nothing happens
9:55PM 3 1 error(s) on assignment of multiparameter attributes
8:55PM 1 Stateful Ruby on Rails?
8:21PM 0 take alook at this one. a new blog
8:18PM 6 Rails 2.0/Autotest "Color is not a class"
5:32PM 0 Wrist Watch Secret
5:27PM 1 Session Problem plz help me
4:17PM 0 Graphic validation tutorial
4:13PM 0 Picolena, a lightweight ferret-powered search engine written in Rails
12:02PM 1 Creating Tabular FormBuilder - Form/Table Tag Order
11:52AM 2 Rails hosting
9:45AM 1 validates_format_of no dots allowed
9:35AM 0 See my 17,228 new photos this week?
8:05AM 0 webmaster_verification: New rails plugin that manages search engine webmaster verification files
7:19AM 6 Problem that study rails on leopard
5:09AM 1 Flash Clocks .. Enjoy Watching them change colour & time
5:04AM 0 URL Helper methods in ActionWebService
4:30AM 1 Problems with request.remote_ip
3:21AM 1 sphinx search without searchd
1:22AM 3 params checking in controller before real action
12:05AM 1 acts_as_list with scope of current_user? possible?
Saturday February 23 2008
11:11PM 1 Escaping characters in a String
8:30PM 25 Does anyone who USES Rails hate Rails?
8:07PM 0 Routing An Old URL For A File To A Controller / Action
5:14PM 3 Attachment_fu: how to remove images?
4:45PM 0 Where do Twitter API calls live in the framework?
3:09PM 2 Uneasy conditionals in views?
3:04PM 6 Help with forms and joined tables?
1:44PM 2 Paypal IPN callback - how to?
11:23AM 2 Got Error while using open_id_authentication plugin
10:53AM 8 Scaffolding Without Migration? - Porting CakePHP App To RoR
10:04AM 1 where should I write my helper's method with domain route?
7:25AM 1 one to many default values
6:15AM 1 World's Largest Bondage, BDSM!
6:11AM 2 will Paginate problem
6:08AM 0 Caboose Sample App?
3:25AM 5 custom REST actions, best practices?
1:29AM 2 Setting up my own logger for Rails...
12:39AM 4 How to translate my inline form helper to form_for?
12:35AM 0 script/runner has peculiar trailing messages...
Friday February 22 2008
11:59PM 4 How to make asynchronus http request ?
11:41PM 2 Layouts and Views
10:59PM 2 Connecting to Oracle from Rails 2.0.2
10:51PM 2 marshaling ActiveRecord objects: how to unload associations?
10:26PM 0 Ruby on Rails Developer opportunity in Orange County
10:21PM 0 Get Rich off of 12 dollars
10:16PM 0 SWFObject_helper Plugin
9:59PM 1 Help with Documentation Please
9:47PM 0 BrainBuster (Logic Captcha) 0.8.1 released
9:45PM 0 Image Gallery with custom thumbs...?
9:16PM 12 DRY - in controller or model????
9:15PM 4 Failing functional tests when controllers work
8:47PM 1 3 Ways to Make Money on EBay
8:28PM 3 Weird Functional Test Behavior
8:13PM 0 Floating popup vs Split Container
7:56PM 30 Scaling Best Practices
7:19PM 9 How to "call" controller from elsewhere in the app?
7:17PM 1 Ajax update input fields using data from database
4:36PM 2 Modal Box
4:11PM 2 looking for a ruby on rails programmer
3:53PM 4 has_many and belongs_to in rails 2.0.2 (child.Parent) is not working
3:50PM 7 undefined local variable or method "acts_as_list"?
3:50PM 0 Бесплатная консультация врача онлайн.
3:38PM 4 Use submit tag but show a link
3:35PM 3 Shared user model design... many possibilities....
3:13PM 1 any plugins to add index in varchar field ?
1:33PM 1 Display table data problem
1:20PM 2 this works on windows but not linux
12:35PM 25 Can anyone solve this sql query
12:04PM 0 newslettermanagement system
12:02PM 1 Time with only hour and minute
11:43AM 1 Port listening, cron jobs and loading rails environment
11:34AM 5 How to mock parameters with Mocha
11:26AM 2 Insert new record in Oracle table with RoR
11:25AM 1 Evaluate javascript in Ajax.Request
9:54AM 0 Association to indicate synonyms
9:50AM 6 find or find_by_sql: select * and more
9:15AM 6 Setting object most prefered from has_many
7:11AM 7 Reverse formatting routes...?
6:44AM 1 HABTM check_box + create
6:15AM 0 TextMate bundle 2.0
5:33AM 5 my own 12hr time select helper...
5:11AM 0 Multiple Models in one submit
3:39AM 0 Ruby library for Alibaba/Taobao's (里巴巴/淘宝) Alipay -
2:04AM 3 cap VERSION question
2:03AM 5 routing?
1:26AM 1 checking for duplicates, if duplicate, concate duplicate...
1:09AM 1 Ruby app hangs when no new requests come in to http server
12:59AM 1 unrecoverable exception handling
12:45AM 5 Routing Question
12:36AM 3 Inheritance: Parent not using Child method.
12:10AM 0 hostingrails vps?
Thursday February 21 2008
11:55PM 2 Always ignore some records in my model
11:38PM 7 looping through a list
11:32PM 2 How to debug session error
11:31PM 0 error_messages_for and custom routes
10:54PM 0 CSV Parsing - Shifting Multiple Rows
10:42PM 0 Ruby on Rails - Scalability, MySQL Replication, Search
10:36PM 1 Module/Class Best Practices.
10:02PM 0 Flex + Rails + Mysql Database Error
7:51PM 0 Re: Opportunity to work on RoR project
7:01PM 5 Rails csv import with progress bar
6:46PM 2 Creating a MysqlAdapter connection
6:38PM 5 noob: where to put the find(:all) to use with collection_select() in multiple places?
5:43PM 1 polymorphic has_many from ActiveRecord::Base????
5:06PM 1 javascript is not working in render_component
4:50PM 2 Ubuntu + MS SQL Server + Stored Procs
4:45PM 0 Get Free $$$$$$ To Place Ads on Your Site/Blog even if you have no Traffic !!!!!!!! Hurry Limited Time Offer
4:31PM 0 Restful controller and xml updates
4:21PM 0 trouble freezing rails gems
3:18PM 0 Actionmailer.receive not creating TMail object
2:59PM 2 Select option passes value => nil, not name => value
2:53PM 1 Reload classes if they are new/changed in Production Mode
1:47PM 2 :allow_nil only working in Console?
12:22PM 9 Difference between nginx and mongrel
11:39AM 0 How to connect through multiple databases's users/roles
11:34AM 3 Object.subclasses_of(MyModel) not working in development environment
11:21AM 10 Reusing the code.
11:12AM 0 Strange routing error in production logs
11:11AM 3 MAC address of a machine
10:23AM 6 Routes-problem, probably
10:08AM 0 Print a PDF file
9:51AM 0 Scotland on Rails Conference - April 3/4/5
9:42AM 4 undefined method `save' for :Array
9:26AM 0 geokit
8:53AM 0 parsing yml file
8:45AM 0 Rails Doc - Where can I find a list of exceptions raised by ActiveRecord ?
8:34AM 2 Fwd: [rubygems] how to integate paypal with https
8:16AM 1 file_column
8:04AM 2 Ruby and Rails Doc
7:18AM 1 multiple :through
6:59AM 1 News letter management
6:38AM 1 Creating incorrect plurals when generating scaffold
5:03AM 0 Capistrano and mongrel not deploying latest revision from SVN
4:57AM 2 Creation of Bookmark
3:39AM 12 Does a request and the request created by a "link_to 'xxx', {:action => 'xx'} :popup => true " share flash?
3:23AM 7 Can someone explain this to me...
3:07AM 7 getting parameter ?
2:33AM 0 anyone here familiar with white_list plugin?
1:37AM 4 How to use ActiveRecord plugins outside of Rails framework?
12:29AM 0 $$$$$$$$$www.200836.com tell you Beijing/peking2008 Summer Olympic Games Running
12:07AM 0 mysql adapter : "as" in the query
Wednesday February 20 2008
11:54PM 0 Caching computations on ActiveRecords
11:52PM 2 Trouble adding new view to rails project
11:31PM 0 Unicode Support for MS SQL Server
10:35PM 4 Download Rails Manual
10:24PM 3 database.yml question
10:16PM 0 acts_as_ferret: using an index outside of the application
9:00PM 1 text_field_tag - different parameter name
8:57PM 1 sql query to fetch
8:01PM 0 Link_to_remote loadind indicator problem
7:47PM 1 Rails 2 without a database?
7:33PM 1 Chronic parse problem?
6:52PM 1 Barack Obama's techical team uses Ruby On Rails
6:52PM 1 Filters On Models
6:10PM 3 Migration Error
5:32PM 0 Testable Logger
5:03PM 2 Running Linux Command Through Ruby
4:37PM 1 link_to weirdness, related to namespace?
4:33PM 2 Rmagick .tif image display
4:22PM 0 Creation of Bookmark Button
3:56PM 1 POST session values
3:34PM 0 Ruby on Rails tutorials and other useful webresources ?
2:44PM 1 Array or Hash in collection_select?
2:35PM 0 HABTM problem
1:32PM 2 Rails Edge ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone and Marshalled objects
1:08PM 0 How to connect multiple databases's users/roles
12:58PM 1 Markaby on Rails 2
12:36PM 0 call login page using ajax
12:32PM 1 How to generate an xml file like this one ?
11:39AM 3 help with routing - prefix added automatically?? - lookup action wanted
11:15AM 1 running two apps on rails
11:11AM 0 get list of printer
10:54AM 0 Download files from flex to rails
9:28AM 0 Spank!: Hot photos in Review. BDSM Fundamentals.
7:54AM 4 Strange thing with controller's helper method and method return value
7:17AM 0 rails
7:05AM 8 Validation of image type
6:57AM 5 conditon for button
6:42AM 0 better_nested_set error
6:30AM 5 How to stop loading database.yml file?
5:39AM 0 STI and Resources
5:21AM 0 selection ??
5:09AM 0 Help setting up RoR SSL on Bluehost
3:55AM 0 SQLite3 column collation
3:33AM 3 Can Rails and PHP work together?
3:29AM 2 ajax will_paginate and form_remote_tag search
2:30AM 2 ssl_requirement does not redirect to https
2:27AM 0 Stepping out of clusters
1:45AM 3 find for multiple tables & updates
1:29AM 1 Easy Question: var on initialize for use by all methods
12:37AM 0 Associations without foreign keys???
12:30AM 3 Create yor own validation helper
12:08AM 2 Users HM Projects, Projects HM Activities: Question on find.
Tuesday February 19 2008
11:26PM 2 Clicking image to change variable
10:57PM 3 Two ActiveRecords OK?
10:56PM 2 get your open source on
10:56PM 1 Conditionals in the view based on a requested format
10:39PM 2 has_many_polymorphs: Tag could not be preloaded: #<ActiveRecord::Associations::PolymorphicError
10:24PM 0 Mongrel Upload Progress conflicts with :controller/:action/:id routes
9:55PM 2 RScribd - Stream documents on your website
9:42PM 2 Boolean column problem
9:37PM 4 ActiveRecord.find with hash?
9:07PM 2 Noob Question - Javascript problem on Firefox
8:38PM 3 will_paginate question
7:57PM 1 Help - accessing session data from my model
7:50PM 0 Issue with Observers and has_one association...
7:11PM 0 how to do models and tests for users_controller in admin folder/namespace
7:03PM 20 Ruby on Rails and MS Access
6:58PM 0 toplevel constant Parent referenced by Parent::Parent
6:43PM 2 acts_as_sphinx - options[:sort_mode] = [:attr_desc, 'purchase_count']
6:14PM 0 TEST MAIL !!!!!!
5:48PM 0 database queries using autocomplete
5:43PM 0 ActiveResource for Rails 1.2.6
5:09PM 0 attachment_fu dynamic max_size
3:37PM 1 adding an onclick option to link_to method
1:53PM 0 Rubycas-server installation
12:32PM 3 Error when upgrading application to Rails2
12:12PM 1 Apache with fastCGI or Apache mod proxy with mongrel
12:09PM 2 Session with cookie
11:32AM 2 sending mail [not the ActionMailer way?]
11:22AM 3 Rendering SVG with respond_to
10:24AM 0 Discussion on are-you-in-christ-and-prayer-language
10:17AM 0 Time to rewrite DBMS, says Ingres founder
9:57AM 0 language changes
9:47AM 0 Rails logger change format
9:45AM 0 transaction block
9:44AM 2 Undefined Method 'views'
9:12AM 0 Anyone know how to index Chinese passages by ferret
7:52AM 3 Tackling Double Rendering
6:40AM 6 run an sql query
6:10AM 0 help for newbies and developers in ror
6:06AM 5 how do I make stylesheet inline tag?
6:01AM 0 Get all What you want
6:01AM 7 Accessing columns by index
5:42AM 2 attachment_fu - public_filename in Controller
4:42AM 2 Can't get 2.0 sexy migrations working
4:03AM 12 beast download
3:34AM 7 Sum the Product of Two Fields
3:19AM 2 Problem with FxRuby DnD demo
2:58AM 7 Doing find_by_sql outside an ActiveRecord object???
2:55AM 4 beginner s question
2:41AM 8 authorization recipe help
2:26AM 2 Any recommendations for 2D Charting controls for a Rails App ?
1:56AM 2 Does id have special meaning?
12:40AM 13 MissingSourceFile in Rails/infoController#properties
12:05AM 0 Have you used Desert plugin?
Monday February 18 2008
11:52PM 3 Calling model methods even when the param is a not set
11:33PM 0 how to install validates_multiparameter_assignments plugin?
11:05PM 2 Adding permissions
10:43PM 8 Migration error: uninitialized constant ActiveRecord
10:34PM 3 Using Class Variables
10:00PM 5 AJAX problem
9:52PM 6 after_update woes
9:28PM 0 Passing XSL output from a controller to a view
8:57PM 1 Output XML
8:55PM 3 Displaying a base64-encoded image within an rhtml template
8:54PM 1 Multi-lang/non-english site using Ruby-GetText/problems.
8:44PM 1 "java.sql.SQLException: invalid arguments in call" using Oracle config with JRoR
8:13PM 2 Problem with foreign keys not working..
7:28PM 3 Upgrade to 2.0.2 issue re active record method missing
6:46PM 0 HABTM and multiple select
6:26PM 0 link_to_remote - pass javascript variables
6:20PM 2 Image Problem using /public
6:20PM 0 I got scammed of $150 due to email phishing. Beware
6:16PM 0 Who Can Earn and Work From Home ?
6:12PM 0 Earn $5000 for Guessing the right Sound!!!!!!Free to register and Win!!!
5:21PM 2 Image Problem in Production
5:06PM 1 Rails as an automated test framework
4:43PM 2 Slightly OT, Issue with mysql 5.0 and root password
3:47PM 0 how to write acts_as style model extensions?
3:44PM 2 Database Config Documentation
3:41PM 0 Learn Stock Options Trading!!!! Free Basics Tutorial
3:37PM 0 Connect with the best Travel Agents in The USA
3:18PM 1 polymorphic association vs HABTM
2:10PM 0 jobregator.com - Ruby and ROR Job Aggregator
1:16PM 0 HAML: strip white space from output?
12:34PM 1 Exception notifier
12:25PM 0 REST wsdl & Wavemaker
11:02AM 6 Basic Help - non-standard table-name
10:20AM 1 select_tag in form_for?
9:31AM 6 Including another form in a form_remote_tag?
9:26AM 0 Image can not be displayed from database
8:35AM 4 Issue with FckEditor
8:33AM 0 Best way to print PDF file
8:27AM 0 Rails MIME type/template engine wrong selection for RSS?
6:23AM 12 NullDB 0.0.1
2:42AM 10 One test affects another
1:32AM 4 Formatting a Text or CharVar(255) data type with Carriage Return or [enter]
1:11AM 0 is assert_select indicated for XML?
Sunday February 17 2008
10:54PM 1 Strange bug using runt with rails
10:19PM 3 "URL" model not possible?
9:31PM 0 Katipo Communications in Wellington, New Zealand, Hiring Junior Rails Developer
9:18PM 0 aws-s3 and 10.5.2
9:18PM 0 Testing Cookies in Rails
8:38PM 1 Display content in layout only in production mode?
8:01PM 0 Error "undefined method is_haml?" (custom form builder)
7:05PM 4 HAML: %li{:class => 'current' if page == 2} does not work?
6:26PM 7 Calling an external API as quickly as possible
5:49PM 0 [Ferret] - more like this usage?
4:04PM 3 css to text_field
1:47PM 1 Image access control
12:49PM 1 Gibberish and attachment_fu
11:49AM 5 Installing plugins
10:56AM 1 Caching Problem
8:37AM 4 undefined local variable or method"
6:04AM 4 Need help figuring out this code block...
4:45AM 2 Polymorphic One-to-One
3:23AM 13 Complex SQL sort on single attribute
2:20AM 0 Need RoR, JS, SOAP dev ASAP - for Sat, 16th and Sun, 17th.
12:07AM 4 how to embed variables in a link_to
Saturday February 16 2008
11:04PM 3 simple image_tag getting an erroneous parameter added to output
10:07PM 1 Comments in RHTML files
9:51PM 2 NoMethodError... but its not a method!
8:55PM 11 Redirecting The Root Of The Website
7:20PM 1 TypeError in highlight (ActionView::Helpers::TextHelper)
6:14PM 2 nil error?
6:12PM 0 How to Start Working From Home !!! Don't Get Scammed !!!
6:09PM 1 Latest Email Scam !!! BEWARE !!! Please Read and Forward
4:59PM 7 caching database data that doesn't change
4:19PM 2 Is 'position' a magical field?
4:03PM 7 Common RJS
3:47PM 0 calendar_date_select
1:50PM 2 collection sum
11:29AM 7 How to control access to resourses (pictures and files) inside application?
11:27AM 4 controller initializer function??
10:52AM 2 pass two values when checkbox is checked
10:20AM 0 Интернет-магазин http://shopbody.ru/
7:33AM 0 funky cache path name is generated for rss( feed.rss.rss )
5:20AM 0 mongrel keeps gaining memory
4:25AM 6 Strategy design pattern vs partial
4:02AM 1 Calling One Model From Another Model...
3:38AM 11 paypal subscription with RoR
2:09AM 2 Validations not working - model mixup?
2:03AM 0 Some questions about attachment_fu and image_science
1:10AM 4 validating that a user-agreement checkbox has been checked
12:49AM 1 to_xml and from_xml round robin ... exists?
Friday February 15 2008
9:35PM 3 Ugly, garbled output from autotest
8:24PM 2 Noob Q: How to access a belongs_to object
7:40PM 3 new method initializing a property
7:23PM 2 content_columns returns nothing
7:13PM 0 SyslogLogger issues
6:59PM 4 errors.add
6:27PM 17 Windows or Linux for RoR Develpment?
6:04PM 0 Rendering partials within controller failing on js requests
6:00PM 3 Wrong number of arguments to find_by_sql?
5:40PM 0 Rails Admin system plugin reviews
4:56PM 5 Require rubygems fails
4:48PM 0 script/console Stack Trace
4:43PM 3 Destroy, dependent and performance
4:25PM 1 drag and drop?
4:22PM 0 acts_as_reportable
4:20PM 2 Dependency between tests using partials and locals
4:06PM 4 Need help auth against current ASP.NET passwords using new rails site
3:13PM 3 Ajax problem with rails 2.0.2 - frozen string?
3:07PM 0 Still having this problem
2:16PM 0 Complex form issue
2:13PM 1 Is there a 64 bit version of Rails?
1:55PM 4 I want to specify the exact root to play video files in my r
1:17PM 4 learning rspec issues
12:45PM 8 Where have the forms gone??
11:20AM 1 Rad Rails/Aptana plugin for haml - site down anyone know if it hosted elsewhere
10:14AM 3 different text_fields for different selected item
9:56AM 4 Strange thing with find_by_sql in oracle
9:45AM 1 LoadError with UserMailer in Production Mode?
7:34AM 1 Updating model
6:54AM 0 text_are_tag without submit_tag
6:18AM 1 will it automatically add index to forien_keys ?
5:54AM 1 how to make back button and bookmarks for rails
4:28AM 2 HAML question - conditional multiple classes on a div
4:14AM 1 Share-Nothing architecture
2:50AM 1 Mysql::Error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query
1:41AM 1 attachment_fu and filenames on a linux machine
1:03AM 2 _create method doesn't seem to be writing to DB
12:44AM 4 What is the right way to name my local variable in my partial?
Thursday February 14 2008
11:27PM 1 Validation doesn't work (newbie in Rails)
11:18PM 0 No protocol handler was valid? (Apache config problem)
11:02PM 4 before_filter for ActionMailer
10:09PM 0 Testing date_select
9:58PM 2 simple date_select question
9:54PM 6 image_tag
9:40PM 3 Rails Web Site - Documentation page and Rails 2 Documentation
8:08PM 4 creating hash and putting form content into it
7:43PM 3 How can I dynamically create this form?
7:17PM 5 Discussion on Frequently Asked Questions
7:05PM 1 HABTM question or :through association.
6:59PM 2 migrate roll back...
6:27PM 0 How to Monetize your site / Blog ?
6:25PM 0 Have you claimed your $5000 for guessing the secret sound right till now ?
6:22PM 5 What is Medicare Part D ? Am I Eligible ? Answers
6:05PM 0 has_many with :through question...
5:46PM 3 Reading http request as IO in rails
5:38PM 5 ActiveRecord::HasManyThroughSourceAssociationNotFoundError
5:24PM 7 Slideshow in rails
5:20PM 1 association lookup?
5:19PM 4 How do I access this parameter?
5:18PM 9 getting checkbox value
5:10PM 2 model validates against system values table
5:07PM 1 Scaffold problem
5:02PM 1 Mailproblem with restful_authentication plugin
4:58PM 0 Page not reloading when cache expires?
4:49PM 0 how to write a bloc in helper to check/uncheck box ?
3:07PM 0 Popout Calculator for numeric form fields
2:19PM 2 Quoting using JS in Rails 2
1:41PM 1 Using rails with existing database or adjusting it
1:16PM 2 Detect Production environment in erb?
12:22PM 1 config.plugin_paths << .. in environment/test.rb : ignored in Rails 2.0.2
10:45AM 0 Pay porn - deathbed! Web 2.0 - free adult clips!
10:19AM 0 Facing display issue in the HTML view of an iReport in IE
10:16AM 3 Problem migrating to specific schema in PostgreSQL
7:27AM 2 Find by array of ids in the same order?
7:25AM 0 Mass mailing through ar_mailer - error
6:24AM 1 Namespaces and routing
6:10AM 1 Is there a "maybe_belongs_to"?
6:08AM 2 self-referential habtm relationship
4:41AM 1 validation tutorials
3:42AM 2 How to check the live users
3:13AM 3 routes.rb error
2:04AM 1 Is there an implicit index in this loop?
1:41AM 4 Replace comma with space
1:03AM 3 Map routes from an array?
12:49AM 0 Rails Logging Question
12:06AM 3 ActionMailer with sendmail any help
Wednesday February 13 2008
11:32PM 2 Simple Link_to Question
11:23PM 0 Null byte error trying to install ZenTest
11:01PM 0 Free Access your MP3 music online,2 GB For Free!
10:33PM 2 Storing URL in database -- h() or sanitize() ?
10:19PM 0 Steps to Productionize your code?
10:01PM 1 includes on controller
9:17PM 4 link_to ---- articles detail - basic help
9:09PM 3 time_select and include_blank
9:05PM 0 How can I set the output_level on ActionController::IntegrationTest
8:48PM 8 Raw SQL from a Rake Task
8:47PM 2 Accessing entire current SESSION row - Not just DATA column
8:41PM 4 Date Picker
7:42PM 4 Migration Issues: Can't update newly added column values
7:40PM 1 وين رآيح شفناك
7:11PM 4 on model update attribute
6:21PM 0 rss aggregator
6:20PM 8 Doing error checking before saving my object to db?
6:17PM 0 Do you Know How Search Engines Work !!! Must Read For Webmasters
6:13PM 3 Routes: Forward slashes in the :id
5:56PM 0 Web Application Testing Framework
5:36PM 6 Google Maps from street address
5:24PM 1 Sequential Validation
4:51PM 1 can a class have the association has_itself?
4:49PM 12 "link_to" helper: Looking for no encoding in URLs
4:25PM 2 Route not found with auth_generator
4:16PM 9 How do I do this with RJS?
4:05PM 7 Good RoR design example.
2:59PM 0 Rails with Flex
1:41PM 1 how to show images stored in the database
1:14PM 2 Validating to see if item can be destroyed
1:09PM 3 Form POST method does not work!
1:09PM 2 rspec & table type MyISAM
12:13PM 2 javascript pop window from form how to update field back to main form
11:49AM 0 Big file uploads and number of records created
11:33AM 2 authenticate against external rest api
10:42AM 7 iterating through an array of calls to which a login belongs to
10:10AM 1 loop skip to next entry
10:01AM 3 Hasmanythru? Design Query, Willing to make it worthwhile for
9:47AM 0 how to run methods of an ActiveResource object?
9:09AM 0 Nude Pic & Chat in Texas Women
9:01AM 0 error while connecting sql server 2000
8:04AM 6 trouble updating partial from collection
7:53AM 8 TEST for REST!
7:06AM 0 AJAX on Rails Tutorials
6:43AM 0 how to expire cached category browse paginated pages
6:23AM 1 adding some more javascript to run ...
6:10AM 0 Different kinds of Users (roles) should I use inheritance?
5:17AM 1 ExtJs in ROR
2:40AM 1 has many through: Users, Reservations, and the zen of being totally confused
1:40AM 0 Ajax Render Problems on Update
12:52AM 0 Digital Camera Picture
12:26AM 0 -Registration Open for GoRuCo 2008-
Tuesday February 12 2008
11:58PM 5 weird on rails message
11:31PM 2 Find all models that do not have any associated models
11:04PM 1 passing non-existing parameters
10:39PM 1 in views, can I use method into application?
9:45PM 0 will_paginate with conditions
9:42PM 2 ActiveScaffold behavior modification
9:27PM 0 JRuby with Spring, hibernate, acegis
9:01PM 8 hash key value pairs
8:50PM 0 Running a perl script in a rails application
8:30PM 0 showing the category which belongs to a recipe
8:26PM 10 No CSS at all in IE , works perfectly in Firefox
8:02PM 0 chaining objects in activeRecord, and accessing attributes from parent
7:07PM 0 Rails not dynacially loading new content
7:00PM 8 has_many through question
6:45PM 0 Find x items in each category
6:42PM 3 link_to :application=>"app2", :controller=>.., :action=>...
6:26PM 1 association can't be changed
6:14PM 0 Latest Audio Video Songs and Cooooooooooooooool Wallpapers
6:06PM 1 Company pays to just place ads on your site
6:02PM 0 Have you taken the new sound test as yet
5:46PM 2 Firefox loading raw HTML, instead of rendering the page as designed.
5:45PM 3 send_file - PDF
5:25PM 2 File Uploading using Rails
5:19PM 0 Nitobi Hack Day Sources: Create a mobile web (iPhone) site using iUI and Ruby on Rails 2.0
5:06PM 4 Syntax of session's updated_at field ?
4:27PM 0 rake problem -- overriding test task
4:13PM 0 In place editor for a RESTful Rails 2
3:30PM 4 database.yml for the ActsAsReadonlyable plugin
3:24PM 0 auto complete with checkbox
3:17PM 2 3 simple design questions
2:40PM 13 RESTful app rejecting simultaneous requests?
2:30PM 0 button_to problem http://localhost:3000/art/151470;edi
2:22PM 3 File-uploads in rails 2.0.2 + AJAX
2:18PM 0 Creating multiple records in one form
2:06PM 5 hash problem any ideas ?
1:16PM 3 Rails Messaging (INBOX) system
12:49PM 0 Лейкопластырь Плоский Животик для похудания Lusero
12:32PM 1 How we use the act_as-ferret plugin
12:19PM 4 ActionView::TemplateError (stack level too deep)
11:50AM 11 Why ROR?
11:50AM 1 Urgent Ruby on Rails Vacancies!
11:45AM 1 ROR for migration project?
11:02AM 0 nginx errors
11:01AM 9 How popular is Ruby on Rails ?
10:13AM 1 Ruby
10:13AM 1 $:.unshift File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__),'..','lib')?
10:13AM 3 finding a specific category
9:59AM 1 how to access constant array of a model inside a view
9:43AM 0 Validate all model fields with validates_numericality_of
9:31AM 0 Freezing rails applications
8:25AM 0 BrainBuster 0.8.0 released (logic captcha awesomeness)
6:18AM 2 JoinDependency.instantiate & Non-unique association names
6:00AM 0 crazy AS question
5:43AM 1 restful_authentication falling tests, allowing blank passwords
4:28AM 1 Variable scope
4:18AM 0 adding a default to link_to
3:45AM 1 UnixODBC/FreeTDS -- dead in the water
3:44AM 0 assert{ 2.0 }
3:39AM 0 Introducing mysself
3:21AM 1 Hosting company allowing Juggernaut
2:25AM 0 making a simple quiz
2:16AM 0 visualize rails api
1:08AM 0 acts_as_paranoid: has_one_paranoid
1:08AM 4 will_paginate and record count
12:40AM 0 Major Scaffolding Extensions Release
12:35AM 7 Is threading the right option? Or changing my Apache setup?
Monday February 11 2008
11:36PM 2 background processes, on a per request basis
10:11PM 1 created modified fields
7:50PM 3 Best way to create multiple projects in one form?
7:43PM 14 A simple forum in rails
7:02PM 4 Help with gettext
6:54PM 7 RSpec Performance
6:38PM 0 installation problems, mongrel ruby 1.8.6
5:49PM 1 STI question
5:43PM 2 Is Sound Worth $5000 ?
5:35PM 0 Time value for Session?
5:17PM 0 Append HTTP Status Codes to XML
5:12PM 1 Problem with javascript_include_tag with :cache
4:46PM 4 deploying for dummies
4:23PM 0 convention for using sequences
4:05PM 4 rake db:bootstrap not appearing under rake -T
3:00PM 1 Where are the commercial database adapters in Rails 2.0?
2:56PM 7 validates_each
2:48PM 2 Best way to turn off callbacks
2:14PM 8 Trying to get ActionMailer set up for the first time
1:18PM 0 globalize plugin is broken with rails trunk
1:09PM 0 Deploy Rails apps in 4 mins and 37 secs
1:01PM 1 Scaffolding again after new columns in table
12:40PM 1 How much view logic should be displayed in views?
12:30PM 0 Hiding partials when used with rjs.
12:19PM 0 has_one :through type problem
11:48AM 2 database update how to prevent duplicates
11:40AM 6 Rails 2.0 turn on mass assignment
11:36AM 3 can't update my data base using "update_attributes"
11:24AM 0 Call methods from ApplicationController from a cron job
10:35AM 3 Error in rails at startup
10:32AM 4 how to refence to other table items
10:29AM 0 Problem in passing params
10:24AM 2 Is it possible to post multi-part forms using rails/ruby
10:18AM 0 send_data problem
9:05AM 1 Rich Text Editor and link_to_remote
8:09AM 0 Trouble testing for page element
6:31AM 0 Actionmailer Validation
6:31AM 3 Will Rubinius make the deployment easier...?
6:15AM 3 Should there be trouble w/has_many_polymorphs in a plugin?
5:40AM 1 Problem with gSubing
5:37AM 5 How can I selectively turn of validations
5:27AM 2 Trouble with "namespace" in routes.rb file
5:11AM 6 Should I Test My Fixtures?
5:09AM 0 help with caching
4:16AM 2 ROR with Forums in PHP...? Is it OK...?
2:58AM 1 nested with scope problem
1:59AM 1 image_tag is it just plain Broken?
1:36AM 8 forms help.
1:15AM 0 Regarding Implementation of n Image Rendering Web Service in Rails
1:14AM 0 My hot
1:14AM 1 User Authorization/Role Frameworks
12:55AM 3 REST best practices for customized views
12:06AM 0 Problem gettinh attachtment_fu & imagescience to work
Sunday February 10 2008
11:20PM 2 Filtering 'hidden' records
9:37PM 0 Adding validation to text fields with autocomplete and to select fields
8:52PM 4 rcov as a plugin
8:21PM 5 Adding methods to Collections
7:34PM 15 has_many :through
7:21PM 6 Problem with has_and_belongs_to_many
6:43PM 5 How to pass a hash as an argument to a function?
6:41PM 0 Problems setting up a RoR server
6:33PM 0 google map mashup design
6:25PM 2 Trouble launching my RoR server on startup
5:56PM 0 Email Sending Now Throws Error in 2.0.2
5:54PM 4 method from string?
5:51PM 0 page.insert_rhtml in partial displayed by page.insert_rhtml
5:19PM 1 DRb + Chat interface?
4:54PM 1 Shared Partial Folder Inheritance
4:52PM 3 check if space exists on the value and if yes prompt for error
4:41PM 2 Ruby 1.9
4:24PM 3 subdomain query
2:33PM 0 ActiveRecord - counter_cache => true no update of record
1:48PM 2 Mongrel in development mode not reloading classes
1:45PM 1 acts_as_tree: Sorting by full hierarchy
1:43PM 0 after_update race condition
11:22AM 0 How to override plugin method?
10:01AM 1 How to check password before changing it?
8:18AM 2 where is the source "get(..) post(..).." methods from ActionController::TestCase
6:30AM 1 2GB Free Online Storage !
3:24AM 1 singular_path calling index instead of show using a GET
2:06AM 7 ActiveRecord - return array of only ids?
Saturday February 9 2008
11:27PM 0 acts_as_taggable Rails 2.0
11:24PM 7 Missing C-based MySQL library for Mac OS X?
11:20PM 1 Weird "Unknown action" error
10:52PM 1 disable layouts for specific .rhtmls
10:34PM 2 undocumented syntax?
9:51PM 0 Observers Don't Save State Across Form Submit [Help]
9:39PM 0 testing with httperf...help a noob?
9:17PM 1 how retrieve session time stamp?
8:20PM 0 Yeni Çıkan Full Albümler 2008
8:16PM 2 Summing up data by user-selected time zone...
7:11PM 0 prevent a click happy user???
7:09PM 1 adding conditions to a report
5:23PM 0 My alicia
5:18PM 0 Action with multiple parameters
4:57PM 0 Securing using model finder?
4:31PM 0 Disabling DB connection pooling in ActiveRecord: is it ever a good idea?
4:03PM 2 Using a partial inside a form_for tag
3:39PM 0 Updating the checkboxes with data from the db
3:03PM 0 FastDebugger install problem
2:07PM 2 attachment_fu
1:22PM 2 N/W
12:23PM 0 a problem with before_create and validations
11:28AM 0 We - I and my girlfriend. Mad 18 hours in my lifes.
11:18AM 1 Problem with special characters in input field
11:05AM 2 Create my own template engine?
9:41AM 1 active record tutorials
9:06AM 1 binding Google Map API key to the application
8:59AM 1 how to check the config.action_controller.session options ?
7:15AM 0 URL aliasing with timestamp
7:11AM 0 MVC interplay to query multiple models
6:57AM 0 find and belongs_to
5:58AM 12 Web Chat, Cross Browser
5:18AM 10 Why do I get an empty class when I run ruby script/generate scaffold?
5:09AM 3 querying multiple tables from the console
4:44AM 3 how to stop invoke a method more than one times
3:24AM 0 Where is create_table method defined?
2:01AM 2 a SELECT join query; does it go in the controller?
1:57AM 1 video player
1:45AM 0 STI and inheritance "type" column class naming
1:00AM 4 ArgumentError: wrong number of arguments
12:07AM 0 Again.............. Proplem in openssl
12:01AM 4 Guidelines to developing with scaling in mind
12:00AM 5 ActionController::MethodNotAllowed (Only get and post requests are allowed.)
Friday February 8 2008
11:55PM 0 ruport-util 0.13.0
11:16PM 2 update_Attributes stale Object error
11:02PM 5 a view of two models
10:56PM 1 copy 'has_many' objects with one SQL INSERT
10:29PM 0 ActiveSupport::MultyByte car and cdr? Or 'head' and 'rest'
10:27PM 0 CRUD data entry of a foreign key
10:08PM 0 attachment_fu - leading slash problem
9:57PM 1 Wildcard Subdomains & OS X Local Development
9:52PM 3 Structuring larger RoR projects/systems
9:35PM 0 Setting Up Rails as Part of a Portable Server
9:22PM 24 Will RoR Scale?
7:43PM 0 fastercsv import fails with: ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid
6:55PM 3 Don't know how to build task 'migrate --?
5:48PM 6 Speeed of generating a PDF
5:07PM 0 Rails routing demystified
5:02PM 8 RoR + AJAX + Safari = 500 Internal Server Error
4:18PM 16 New Plugin: RESTful_Acl
3:51PM 4 setting blanks
3:15PM 2 How to find web_service_scaffold?
3:06PM 3 Actionmailer and mailer_name
2:56PM 0 Setting default values in a new AR model?
2:50PM 0 Implementation of a decision tree with radio buttons
1:56PM 0 determine if record has been modified
1:11PM 2 werid script/plugin problem -- blocked or banned?
12:45PM 0 Willing_to_join
12:08PM 0 Substruct Release 0.97 | RoR E-Commerce
12:06PM 0 Autocompleter - get rid of default selection?
11:28AM 3 Using ERB in $() function ??
11:20AM 0 nil object error for "rake db:migrate"
11:04AM 0 javascript parameter problem with onsubmit
10:36AM 0 REST API makes tests failed....
10:06AM 0 Challenge! How can I write a test to test the methods in ApplicationController?
9:10AM 0 unitialized local variable using fastercsv with sqlite3
9:07AM 2 Cache with format
7:17AM 4 active scaffold config question
7:11AM 0 Checkout flow with regards to encryption/decryption
6:37AM 2 gmailer
6:24AM 4 jaspersoft and its integration with RoR
5:49AM 1 Question:how to paginate comments?
3:18AM 0 Web Developer's Wiki - Please Participate
3:01AM 4 baking rails 1.2.6 cookies and sessions
12:03AM 1 rails problem on new installation
Thursday February 7 2008
11:48PM 0 Superclass mismatch for ActiveRecord::Base subclass
11:39PM 4 rake fails with syntax error
11:29PM 4 Share layouts between applications
11:19PM 3 Data Comparison
11:17PM 0 Multilevel Class inheritance
10:52PM 0 Yeni Çıkan Full Albümler Şifresiz Sıkıntısız İndir 2008
10:47PM 4 Ruby with Oracle problem
10:32PM 0 Automatically populating models with the defaults from the table definition.
10:00PM 1 Testing/Specing rss feed generation validity?
9:59PM 1 MissingSourceFile (no such file to load -- scruffy) ??
9:56PM 0 Firewall closes database connections resulting in hung mongrel processes
9:15PM 0 Feb. 12th - Don't miss the TSOT Ruby on Rails Project Night
9:06PM 4 console syntax
8:56PM 9 external HTTP requests
8:39PM 2 Paginator gem
7:52PM 1 Rebecca: Ruby on Rails Server Launcher
7:50PM 0 Apache configuration
7:48PM 1 Unload Plugin
7:27PM 8 Static scaffolding in Rails2
7:22PM 0 Rails Save/Update not working - Oracle
7:11PM 4 svn: command not found?
7:08PM 1 Deploying Rails app as a product
6:38PM 9 Simple Ruby question
6:35PM 0 Create rows in alternate tables
6:23PM 3 Sharing Sessions between Ruby on Rails and PHP
5:45PM 1 Admin says no to Ruby on Rails
5:23PM 3 Programmatically ftp from rails app
5:04PM 3 Rails associations question
5:03PM 1 find_by_sql not settings model attributes and eager loading
4:44PM 3 creating an openid server in Rails
4:43PM 4 text_field_with_auto_complete
4:29PM 0 to_xml serialization with special characters
4:23PM 3 REST and backward compatibility
4:20PM 11 Multiple Views within subfolders
4:10PM 2 Rails 2.0.2 upgrade -> undefined method `user_path'
3:57PM 0 Flash charts with live update and slider
2:57PM 4 session nil in view
2:48PM 0 armailer and exception notification
2:36PM 3 Common Functions for Models
2:24PM 0 render xml eliminates email address
2:06PM 0 building an html file from the db?
2:05PM 0 updating a record with select
1:41PM 0 Rails + Flashpaper, anyone?
12:53PM 3 Send e-mail with charset iso-8859-1
11:46AM 2 single inheritance 2 models OK, but what about the controller ?
11:36AM 2 MP3,video Streamimg
10:55AM 3 getting StringIO in Mozilla and String in Safari for file up
10:36AM 2 best ldap search package
10:01AM 11 Companies using Ruby
9:51AM 4 rspec fixtures stay in the test db - is this right?
9:15AM 0 Problems when calling rendering a template from a cron job
8:29AM 3 Extract controller name from URL
7:49AM 0 How to make copy of tree node?
7:44AM 0 Stack traces showing in production mode with consider local off
7:39AM 2 Ruby + Cron Job
7:25AM 2 Strategies for managing state on Rails
7:24AM 8 Book/Tutorial on Rails Internals?
6:16AM 5 migration between versions
4:52AM 2 rails newbie asking another question
4:45AM 0 rake db:dbdata:load
4:01AM 0 Google Apps, OS X and sending mail
3:28AM 4 Update first table when data is created in the second table
2:35AM 1 field names, aliases and finders.
2:18AM 2 FAILSAFE error with uploads
1:30AM 6 Install FreeImage/ImageScience on Leopard
1:12AM 1 ActiveRecord 'find_or_initialize_by' dynamic finder bug? Ignoring conditions.
12:46AM 0 my login page has stopped accepting its title
12:40AM 13 Installing Rails on Leopard
12:07AM 2 Simple: Routing error, no route matches ...
Wednesday February 6 2008
11:41PM 2 has_one association against a non primary key
11:29PM 1 Nested Resource Generator?
10:39PM 2 Inserting lots of data at once
10:29PM 1 Making those fancy advanced methods
10:06PM 8 Every controller has to be ended with _controller?
9:40PM 0 DB to HTML to FTP ?
9:32PM 0 Teoman - Söz Müzik Teoman *Full Albüm*
9:17PM 0 Specifying filesystem destination for uploaded files
9:15PM 3 restful_authentication with --stateful option
8:59PM 1 Socket Connection to Server and Response is in ISO 8859-1 charset
8:32PM 6 redirect to new action not working ?
7:43PM 0 Yeni Çıkan Yabancı Full Albümler 2008
7:34PM 2 Dreamhost + Ferret
7:18PM 1 adding more details to Exception object
7:00PM 0 putting a calculation method in the model
6:41PM 0 Ersen ve Dadaşlar - 1973-2007 *Full Albüm*
6:28PM 0 Indigo Cocuklar 3 - Discoda *Full Albüm*
6:26PM 0 Standart Selçuk Şahin - Imaj *Full Albüm*
6:24PM 0 Sensec Kemence Show - H.Cüre & A.Kodalak & A.Güner
6:15PM 0 helpers for truncating text based on number of lines to display?
6:08PM 0 AJAX call fails on production
6:00PM 0 InvalidAuthenticityToken error on production
5:27PM 0 Secure Online Storage 2GB Free
4:46PM 1 Beautiful Clocks
4:38PM 2 Longtext in a Migration
3:52PM 2 attachment_fu, many pictures to one user
3:26PM 1 Announcement: Throttler Plugin
3:21PM 3 Valentine's Day Gift for You
3:20PM 7 Rails 1.2.6 to 2.0.2 Help
2:39PM 2 RESTful web service WSDL???
2:17PM 1 Try-Catch AWDWR P3.0, Sect9.2,Mid pg 121.
1:55PM 0 Where can I find a sequence UML diagram?
1:33PM 0 problem with deployment
12:59PM 2 Problem with mongrel_cluster
12:25PM 0 missing constant
12:04PM 1 How to use checkbox in rails views
11:58AM 0 UML interaction diagram
11:32AM 0 London Ruby User Group - 11th February, 2008
11:17AM 3 Automating workflow
11:06AM 3 how to use form to update the model stored in the session
10:57AM 2 PayPal integration with Rails shopping cart
10:44AM 1 rake task to populate a table
10:14AM 0 has_many_through_associations and delete with dependent
9:39AM 0 Listing users and groups from Active Directory
9:11AM 1 Problem displaying author's name on the post assigned
9:03AM 0 how do I populate the database? source foo.sql ?
8:01AM 13 ROR supports Enterprise Application?
7:50AM 2 Which Rails Book
6:17AM 0 Best UUID gem
6:10AM 1 Hash to array
5:42AM 18 pdf generation
5:23AM 1 Timeout::Error while cinfiguring SMTP with Rails
5:23AM 1 URL aliasing
4:35AM 0 Пояса, бандажи, корсеты, корректоры осанки
4:06AM 3 slogging my way thru oracle, not adapter? gem install fails?
3:44AM 1 How to get 'used memory'?
2:14AM 0 Great Free Web Utilities For Google Groups
2:00AM 8 admin vs public. multiple views needed?
1:38AM 3 help using active scaffold
1:21AM 1 menuing system plugin?
12:30AM 1 I need Rails Developers!
12:28AM 0 require: command not found
Tuesday February 5 2008
11:48PM 0 Trying to get uuidtools working
11:44PM 2 Find across has many association
11:06PM 0 Asset IDs not changing in development environment?
10:42PM 0 testing with external web services
10:24PM 0 How to make data from the db into an array
10:14PM 3 Exciting Rails News!!! - amazing deployment option!
9:07PM 2 Secure Downloads
8:40PM 8 Faster MySQL searches
8:37PM 0 Yeni Eklenen Filmler
8:06PM 0 Selenium, Rails and rcov -- a solution and a question
7:57PM 1 Functional Test has error when testing controller updates_attribute of its parrent.
7:52PM 0 HELP!! debugger broken
7:41PM 5 how can my model reference a helper?
7:29PM 0 CB - Yasa Dışı Notalar Full Albüm 2008
6:42PM 2 why is this not returning json format!!
6:28PM 2 NoMethodError even though the method is there
5:18PM 0 any tutorials on how to use a calender plugin?
4:54PM 0 PDF as Image?
4:30PM 0 refocus on text_field
4:24PM 0 prices (where to store them and how)
3:59PM 0 Select and session
3:47PM 2 Duplicate entry '1' for key 1
3:01PM 9 ActiveResource / Creating an API
3:01PM 1 How to set text in text_field_tag???????
2:44PM 0 How do I override a method that's only invoked from a rake task
2:34PM 2 Creat stopped working
2:20PM 1 Can't get mongrel to work with rails 2.0.2
2:18PM 0 routing based on db item values
2:09PM 1 has_many association where the source model can be in several columns
1:41PM 0 RoR Trainer Needed in the UK
1:38PM 0 postgres patches
1:25PM 2 New Rails site to create a reservation system for your own site
12:41PM 0 Çılgın Dershane Kampta - SoundTrack *Full Albüm*
12:27PM 0 Jacko - Aşk Yasak & Haydi Şimdi (2oo8) FuLL
12:26PM 0 Ali Yalçın - Nazlım & Yolcu (2oo8) FuLL
12:24PM 0 weird behavior of belongs_to referencing a model with set_table_name
12:22PM 0 Neriman Ulusu - Kara Gözlerin (2oo8) FuLL
12:12PM 0 uninitialized constant
11:58AM 1 Complex SQL Query with Pagination
11:00AM 0 FORM creating based on input & database values
10:54AM 4 Problem configuring SMTP with GMAIL in my rails app
10:53AM 1 apache auth with ruby and REMOTE_USER variable
10:47AM 0 Access Outlook from Rails App?
9:18AM 0 excluding routes from a resource declaration
8:14AM 2 each Iterator and Tables
7:59AM 3 noob db:migrate question
6:48AM 0 Autocomplete + Mootools
6:39AM 3 NEED: Localization tool and Rails 2.0.2
6:39AM 0 adding observers outside environment.rb
6:26AM 0 Adding extra fields to request headers
6:18AM 0 Are there any graphical tools for MDA with RoR ?
6:16AM 5 Going Insane.... Getting "Type Mismatch Error" on Create & Update
5:59AM 1 web2py
5:41AM 3 How do you update frozen rails in svn?
5:10AM 5 App upgrade steps from 1.2.4 to 2.0.2?
2:32AM 3 undefined method `each' for nil:NilClass
2:32AM 2 Oppisite of :joins on polymorphic association
1:30AM 2 Mail not sending
1:30AM 1 Individual db connection per user?
12:26AM 3 Weird "tag_options" error after upgrading 1.2.6 -> 2.0.2
12:24AM 0 You have received 1 Valentine's Day Invitation
12:23AM 1 Ajax with EXTJS
Monday February 4 2008
11:17PM 6 Object Level Transactions
10:01PM 0 gettext and acts_as_paranoid gives stack overflow
9:37PM 2 attachment_fu and form_tag for multiple models?
9:35PM 3 More efficient way to manage access control with restful_authentication?
8:46PM 7 Problems installing Rmagick on Ubuntu
7:50PM 1 I'm expereinceing bugs with Firefox and Firebug
7:44PM 1 Migrating Application to New Server
7:25PM 5 clean all records
7:15PM 2 Need help with self-referencing models and relationships
6:32PM 3 Hello World: uninitialized constant ApplicationController
5:53PM 1 Link_to_remote for external URL
5:42PM 2 print DB value with HTML coding in it
5:36PM 1 How does craigslist retain search query results?
5:30PM 3 MySQL Help?
5:02PM 1 routes for simple static part of site
4:55PM 1 possible to hide html comments using sanitize in rails 2.0?
4:48PM 1 is there any updatedb for script/console ?
3:42PM 0 Scruffy Bar Chart Question
3:33PM 4 Progress OpenEdge and rails
3:28PM 1 creating text field where text disappears upon click
3:08PM 6 Again .. Proplem while creating new ruby project
2:03PM 2 Starting an exe from within the browser
1:57PM 4 observe field & javascript
11:44AM 5 ssl_requirement, posts change to get and parameters are lost
11:30AM 0 link_to to pass an entire row of a table
10:01AM 4 sanitizing strings
8:31AM 1 Transactional Services on RoR
8:16AM 0 Customizing REST calls.
6:48AM 0 addEventListenerToButton
6:14AM 0 selection ???
5:42AM 2 rederded partial in iframe is adopting its parent page's hea
5:31AM 3 ruby-debug in Windows Vista
5:03AM 1 10-Minute Quick Start Guide for Facebooker - Create a Facebook App Using Rails in 7 Easy Steps
3:57AM 3 Routes in Functional Tests?
3:56AM 15 Problem with First Try at Ruby On Rails
3:49AM 27 Rails Programmer Worth His Salt
1:48AM 3 Does Rails run on Windows?
12:50AM 0 render :text sometimes rendering HTML?
Sunday February 3 2008
11:56PM 4 Testing helper/view methods from script/console
9:12PM 0 Great Video Tutorials, Cool Help...
6:53PM 1 token_tag not generated
6:50PM 5 mysql query, where members = 2, undefined field?
5:23PM 0 Africa's Premier Social Network
3:31PM 0 rake test:recent without db:test:prepare
2:15PM 0 How to send email to mailing list?
1:02PM 4 clear persistent model associations for objects in session
12:43PM 2 Ruby IO on brand new xserve with Leopard Server
12:20PM 0 Redirection between forms
11:26AM 1 ActiveRecord object.valid? triggers unexepected results
11:07AM 1 backing up via rake - problems with habtm tables
10:08AM 0 mongrel web control script
9:05AM 0 Ruby-GetText-Package-1.90.0
6:53AM 1 Default setting of Rails
4:36AM 4 Extract vowels and consonants using Ruby Regex
3:41AM 1 habtm and ferret
1:26AM 1 Partials versus Ajax
Saturday February 2 2008
10:48PM 1 attachment_fu stopped uploading files to S3
10:37PM 1 Problem with ruby-debug
10:35PM 0 Firedraw: Flow and ER Modeling tool
10:09PM 0 INSERT DELAYED with MyISAM table
8:00PM 0 What to use in place of components using a "static" controller.
6:10PM 4 google maps with RoR
5:21PM 1 irb: not found on script/console
4:17PM 1 Problem installing plugin with SVN
2:59PM 0 Adding methods to Object in Rails -- WARNING
1:37PM 3 Query problem
12:00PM 2 belongs_to sometimes prevents the object from being saved
11:57AM 3 sort notes by category (when category is stored in notes)
10:33AM 0 php $ mysql
9:54AM 1 RJS with dynamic value passed into a link_to_function
9:07AM 2 Conditional Ajax request.
8:45AM 3 Advice on managing object graph in memory
8:12AM 1 attachment_fu undefined "after_attachment_saved_callback_cha
6:26AM 4 Looking for suggestions on well architected Open Source Projects in ROR for Code Review
6:20AM 1 NoMethodError: nil object with Autotest/ZenTest
5:17AM 0 Help with a confusing scenario
4:26AM 5 Need a zip/postal code database or plugin for rails
3:32AM 0 rails don't supoort mysql bigint?
2:58AM 4 Please help me! Error generate scaffold
12:50AM 1 eager include associated count?
Friday February 1 2008
10:51PM 4 Student/Teacher app, both with login access
10:19PM 0 ..::!~ Canadian workshop series 2008 ~!::..
10:16PM 0 acts_as_taggable_on_steroids deleting unused tags?
10:01PM 3 simple efficiency question: repeated iteration in the view
9:18PM 1 Rails routing and active scaffold fight to the death
9:18PM 2 gsub error
9:14PM 1 LiveValidation and form_remote_tag
9:12PM 1 automatically create a search form for my model
8:59PM 1 render partial in div
8:59PM 0 javascript_include_tag and controller actions
8:48PM 2 Database connection per model.
8:30PM 1 email is not being sent on host
8:18PM 0 newbie question about routing with forms & db items
8:16PM 2 Image from database
8:11PM 3 lots of duplicate row (except the id) in database
8:02PM 3 How do I allow an empty value in my model?
7:45PM 2 No method error for "acts_as_tree" ???
7:37PM 1 Validating hard-coded vs user data
7:01PM 3 Rails hangs after inactivity
6:21PM 1 Stumped on silly nil object but debug shows it is not nil
5:56PM 1 Cannot find Controller View Files
5:55PM 2 Turning off InvalidAuthenticityToken for a RESTful Service
5:18PM 1 rake db:create --trace -->> rake aborted! uninitialized constant ActiveRecord
4:49PM 5 Submitting a popup
4:32PM 1 problems with link_to_remote and send_file
4:14PM 0 Thank You!
4:10PM 2 JS error when adding/removing items on a form
3:59PM 0 assert{ 2.0 } available with assert_xpath
3:45PM 0 strange parameters with check box
3:21PM 1 RubyGems
3:13PM 12 DRYing error_messages_for
2:40PM 4 Appending a record in many to many relationship
1:41PM 4 Help with link_to_remote
1:38PM 3 Which version of Ruby for Rails 2.0.2?
1:34PM 0 subclasses_of core method
1:17PM 2 Reload controller in production mode
12:02PM 0 need to display only two days in date_select
11:18AM 1 Update problem
10:23AM 3 rspec crashes if any tests have failed - is this normal?
10:17AM 4 How to sanitize _before_ going into the database?
10:03AM 0 Problems with using Open Flash Charts library
10:00AM 0 HABTM not populating new record creation in Rails 2
9:28AM 1 help with pricing
8:22AM 0 Good applications to learn from
6:50AM 0 rspec and test data
6:44AM 2 time format
6:16AM 3 Observe_field and on:focus
6:09AM 2 Problem converting time to date..
5:43AM 0 Why isn't validation kicking in and how can I make it so?
5:12AM 3 ActionController::UnknownAction (No action responded to 1):
4:02AM 1 from_xml nested associations?
2:22AM 5 ActiveRecord - find
2:00AM 2 Help with Model find
12:55AM 0 RoR TextMate Bundle google group
12:12AM 0 Model Design Question