Rails - May 2007

Thursday May 31 2007
11:37PM 16 Passing values between actions
11:18PM 5 Rails Way to display if !blank?
10:47PM 3 how to retrieve the XML from a POST API
10:02PM 3 Inheritance not using STI
9:52PM 1 RFP submission (where? here?)
9:31PM 1 YARB - Yet Another Rails Blog
8:46PM 1 prototype 1.5.1 in rails 1.2.3
8:39PM 2 are images automatically cached? if not, put it in rails?
8:36PM 0 An Overview on How to install Neon & LED Interior car lights
8:25PM 2 getting help/possible commands for rake??? e.g. options for "db:migrate"
8:18PM 0 Re: Problem sending excel sheets by email.
8:07PM 0 Trouble running Unit tests with sqlite3
8:02PM 2 Problem with params and a string
7:22PM 1 Help with using RSS parser in a Rails project?
6:30PM 3 ActiveRecord model that uses two tables (kind of like UNION in SQL)
6:26PM 2 switch database based on input request
5:43PM 0 Suppress logging during unit tests?
5:33PM 0 Using encodeURI with text_field_with_auto_complete
4:22PM 2 Join Relationship Model question
4:13PM 3 How to DRY up my code
4:04PM 1 Rails version.
3:08PM 9 Newbie: Modifying blank option from 'collection_select'
2:58PM 8 ActiveResource with Rails 1.2.x ?
2:46PM 0 MS SQL (legacy) relations not working.
2:40PM 0 WebOrb on things other than Mongrel
2:05PM 2 gem timeouts
2:02PM 2 conditional migrations based on databased used
1:15PM 2 Migration fails need to reload attributes from model?
12:57PM 6 How to use my model with conditions
12:40PM 2 /script/console questions
12:36PM 2 Rspec ideology
12:19PM 0 to_json delivers incorrect format? Anyone else seeing this?
11:22AM 3 Couple questions, mainly around RESTful resourcing
10:12AM 1 Form Change Old Password
9:01AM 1 how to delete from a HABTM table?
8:13AM 2 acts as list
7:58AM 0 how to snip a URL
6:12AM 0 Question on boosting and pagination with acts_as_solr
5:25AM 0 profile views counter
3:52AM 3 where to get list of all ActiveRecord classes
1:00AM 8 Google Gears - Offline Web Apps
12:32AM 0 clarifications for online wiki TutorialHelperMethods page ?
Wednesday May 30 2007
11:14PM 2 Connect to db table without needing blank models?
10:18PM 1 Problematic column on oracle
9:43PM 0 Win a 58" HDTV ($5,299 USD) 6/30/07
9:36PM 0 Vendor everything, with C!
8:54PM 2 Menu best practices
8:34PM 0 attachment_fu won't display content-type validation errors
8:34PM 2 Compile error question on a login.rhtml file (text included)
8:21PM 0 An Informative Forex Broker Review
8:18PM 2 newb trying to figure out ActiveRecord relationships
7:37PM 1 Direct database access
6:42PM 2 Linking controllers
6:01PM 5 Mass Emailing in Rails
5:57PM 2 Bug? Filter chain halted as [#<ActionController::Filters::..
5:27PM 3 ip location database
4:43PM 2 has_and_belongs_to_many question
4:33PM 0 lighttpd and rails?
4:17PM 2 How can a polymorphic object check its own class type?
4:14PM 0 combining results from multiple database servers
3:27PM 0 Call for Ruby Champion !!
2:36PM 3 how to create a simple DHTML dialog
1:45PM 4 Getting started with Ruby on Rails and Relationships
1:41PM 6 Color is not a module
1:13PM 0 Favour: help me move from one server to another.
12:49PM 3 Print name of partial
12:17PM 7 Best way to convert a legacy database that's full of data?
10:58AM 9 In Search of Search!
10:13AM 2 date
10:07AM 2 can i call another controller rhtml
9:42AM 0 Lib net-ssh problem!
9:20AM 3 Naming controllers in modules?
9:16AM 0 My Amazon Store
9:02AM 0 叶凯 wants to chat
9:01AM 1 sth like gabbly
8:44AM 1 Public Variable available through multiple users
8:13AM 0 Mongrel crashes
7:37AM 2 queuing mails for a mailing list
6:48AM 1 dynamic drop down - pls do help
5:35AM 0 Starting A Business
5:25AM 16 "undefined method `each'" error is derailing me
5:17AM 2 cross linking controllers & polyporhism...
5:05AM 9 Rspec or test/spec ?
4:44AM 2 Depot - empty_cart with ajax
4:21AM 0 WebOrb, RoR, login_generator problems
3:33AM 0 Lone Star Rubyconf 2007 Call for Papers
3:32AM 0 undefined method `downcase' for nil:NilClass causes 500 Internal Server Error
3:32AM 0 Merging controller methods?
3:32AM 0 how to dynamically constrain amount of Text/Content in a DIV area that can vary in size??
1:12AM 2 Rails Initialization
12:23AM 2 ActionView::TemplateError
Tuesday May 29 2007
11:50PM 2 help with pagination
11:40PM 1 Removing a directory form SVN and thus, Capistrano Deploy
11:38PM 0 Sharing Sessions across domains
11:34PM 1 Basic Authentication
11:00PM 6 Creating PDF files from your Rails templates...
10:47PM 1 Transferring Rails Installation to new Macbook
10:24PM 2 Stream rubyzip
10:14PM 22 Rails doesn't scale because RI/transactions in app not db!!!
10:05PM 0 attachment_fu help? broken pipe?
9:32PM 0 Rails alternative for Blackboard?
8:27PM 1 Help with Libxml-ruby
8:23PM 0 A Guide To Balding Men's Hairstyles
8:15PM 4 Is edge rails broken?
7:42PM 1 How using attributes privates
7:40PM 2 How to add MultiMedia?
7:34PM 0 scRUBYt! 0.3.1 released
7:07PM 1 Hash.collect displaying in wrong order in view helper
6:47PM 1 how to "break action"
6:41PM 8 STI and change the type
6:23PM 0 STI and Active Record
4:52PM 1 Does anyone have any idea about how to install LibXML.....
4:43PM 1 Assigning values to a session? Ben Curtis's OpenID example?
4:12PM 1 Railsconf 2007 video plans?
3:10PM 2 rjs and Ajax.Updater
2:44PM 1 HOW TO: Implementing discounts in an invoicing/billing/pos system. . .?
1:51PM 1 Get config hash for active connection
1:15PM 0 check if a backgroundrb job is running
12:36PM 8 Firefox bug causing an action to be processed twice?
12:10PM 4 cache everything but...
11:47AM 1 Automatic emails
11:40AM 10 /archives/:year/:month/:day routes with REST?
11:34AM 2 find_by_xxx incorrectly adds LIMIT 1
10:26AM 0 find dynamic conditions ?
10:17AM 2 Route all requests to one action
9:33AM 3 HABTM - can grok; can't use. How to use?
7:41AM 4 Validates that one date is before another one
7:36AM 1 rails command doesn't work on linux
7:09AM 0 Request Routing Plugin Update - Feedback? Interest? Help?
6:48AM 5 Find(:all) - lazy/eager
5:53AM 2 Some table structure advice ?
5:34AM 1 Job opportunity
4:35AM 0 Ajax sortable_element refresh
2:50AM 3 how to use many fixtures for one table?
2:36AM 0 YM4R GM Javascript events?
1:23AM 1 YAML fails when has_one is null
1:14AM 5 New Rails/Flex blog
1:02AM 11 Can't convert Symbol to string
Monday May 28 2007
11:45PM 1 putting params back into link_to
11:26PM 3 MiniMagick... Core Dump when Reszing Images?
10:41PM 2 REST versus RPC in Rails
10:30PM 1 Mailing to a form field
9:01PM 2 Problem adding data to db
9:01PM 9 Allow HTML and Deny JavaScript
8:39PM 1 upload_column problems on post after validation error
8:26PM 0 5 Steps to Becoming A Pilot
8:09PM 2 Lookup tables
8:04PM 2 Using fckeditor under rails
7:54PM 2 REST Design
7:27PM 0 Looking For A Better Way To Do This
7:13PM 2 Proper use of db:migrate and associated scripts
7:06PM 5 CTI in ActiveRecord
6:46PM 1 stock
5:49PM 0 Notifying a user after send_data
5:39PM 3 Getting Username, Password and DB Being Presently Used
5:30PM 3 hi, how can i rewrite this to take out commas in tag field?
5:02PM 2 updating several divs within a controller
4:37PM 0 IRC setup does not appear to be working
2:56PM 2 error_message_for not working
2:44PM 0 Help with modelling ActiveRecord associations
1:47PM 0 #rubyonrails group discussion at RailsConf
1:16PM 1 how to use linux commands in ruby ?
1:03PM 2 out-cheat validates_uniqueness_of
12:19PM 4 nil objects that are not nil elsewhere in same scope
11:40AM 2 Count words
11:16AM 3 MySQL Order By Association Size
9:38AM 2 Does the option :host work in link_to?
9:21AM 0 spawn the fastCGI process
9:17AM 0 Polymorphic Associations - Error-Handling?
8:34AM 2 Function Testing
7:21AM 1 dynamic drop down - pls help
7:03AM 5 validates_uniqueness_of does not pass unit test
6:56AM 2 helper with block compile error
6:12AM 2 two or more forms in one page, and the controller will recieve the forms into some object, how?
5:59AM 3 problem creating SVN repository
4:48AM 1 check_box_tag or check_box which is fit for that?
3:55AM 3 list all available nested resources routes?
2:55AM 3 rjs variable substitution problem
2:23AM 1 POSTing to a different website in a controller action
12:50AM 3 How to add an event directly to a web calendar
Sunday May 27 2007
11:41PM 4 Looking for solid code base to learn from
11:22PM 1 Help with MySQL Select, Update and Ajax.Request/Updater
10:05PM 3 Need some help with controlers
9:15PM 0 Firebird Character Set
8:55PM 2 String Encoding / Importing Feeds
8:55PM 0 5 Exceptional Bonuses That Will Increase
8:40PM 2 trouble installing/configuring RadRails on XP
7:31PM 3 Mac setup issue
7:28PM 2 Is it really possible with rails?
4:32PM 0 AWS signatures
4:11PM 2 REST and special URLs
4:11PM 1 Response.End / Exit equivalent in Rails??
4:02PM 0 Helping needy children and Promoting yourself/company/products meanwhile
3:25PM 2 problem with validates_uniqueness_of and error_messages_on
2:33PM 1 How to fix this?
2:12PM 3 Scaffold and foreign keys
12:50PM 0 rails developer required
11:17AM 1 Rails Server Issues
9:48AM 3 making a list of records refresh in order after a 'page.insert_html'
5:27AM 0 Retired Doctor Prescribes: Get Google Ads Free
4:24AM 3 select i a partial
3:28AM 2 Any way to store instance of ActiveRecord as a string in database
2:30AM 1 Question about inherit models and view.
1:27AM 2 Can someone clear up nested transactions?
1:22AM 3 Rais generated HTML
1:16AM 2 Rake error
12:02AM 5 IE issues
Saturday May 26 2007
11:17PM 7 Mailer Setup Problems
9:10PM 2 Netbeans IDE 'support for rails' Update - "Ruby Screenshot of the Week #12: Improved Ruby Documentation"
9:00PM 1 Application working with CGI but not with FastCGI
7:12PM 2 Forms filled at initialization?
6:31PM 3 Forms + Partials integration in login
6:14PM 4 Counting the page views
5:56PM 0 incompatible marshal file format
4:52PM 1 passing several instant variables to a rjs file
3:35PM 5 Creating tables within the app rather than manual configure
3:26PM 5 Using will paginate
3:21PM 3 Transaction error doesn't throw exception ?
12:04PM 4 Hello World in Radiant CMS
11:31AM 0 help re why Debug comes out in logs when "config.log_level = :info" is used ????
9:33AM 4 secure and unsecure items
9:02AM 5 how to use Rails cron?
8:47AM 0 routes.rb bad performance
5:29AM 0 What to used? Windows Authentication/SQL Server Authenticn
4:52AM 1 background tasks race conditions
4:46AM 9 how can I disable the SQL logging which occurs in development mode?
4:10AM 1 make_resourceful 0.1.0 Release!
2:58AM 3 Implementing Web Services with Ruby on Rails
Friday May 25 2007
10:00PM 5 Migration not working on sqlite3, works on MySQL
10:00PM 5 Recreating the Wheel: Using Composite Keys, and RESTful Authentication split between models. . .?
9:58PM 1 Totally naive - what is meant by REST?
9:18PM 2 AR: abstract model and eager loading
9:08PM 7 Storing large BLOBs in the database with ActiveRecord
9:03PM 1 Tree view
8:46PM 1 url detection
8:42PM 0 Make Money with HavAds
8:21PM 0 named route error: "failed to generate"
8:11PM 3 Choosing tools (RoR/drupal/other)
7:47PM 1 problem with http_authentication + apache2 + mod_fcgid
7:23PM 5 RoR CentOS 5 & Mongrel / Apache?
6:54PM 0 Don't know how to build task 'db:migrate:plugins
6:44PM 1 form_remote_tag :condition
5:39PM 7 Ajax and Rails
5:31PM 1 railsdocumentation.org -- A community hub for documenting Rails
5:24PM 0 functional test - changing a session variable ?
5:12PM 0 ActiveRecord error after deployment
5:00PM 3 how to use after_save method to set fields on other models?
4:59PM 3 has_many association based on common target rather than join table?
4:52PM 13 Integration with Flash
4:52PM 1 paginator order_by
4:34PM 0 Fwd: <=<< Top 10 USA Universities >>=>
4:24PM 6 working with database from rake tasks
3:36PM 0 puby hon pails
3:35PM 1 how to call the file?
3:24PM 7 Related table columns
3:13PM 2 [Newbie] Errno::ECONNREFUSED
3:00PM 5 skip validation
1:51PM 1 Rails and SQL Server 2005 Express
1:12PM 0 Don't feed the PHP trolls
1:12PM 3 Resources for learning to write RESTful-CRUDy applications?
12:24PM 1 AR and Logger
11:58AM 0 Layouts with variables
11:45AM 5 rails adoption questions
10:29AM 3 check box value in array
9:36AM 2 Non-functioning submit button
8:47AM 2 reg date format
8:14AM 2 moving an ror app to a new server
8:01AM 6 IBM Article: DB2 on Rails
7:15AM 2 How to make dynamic index page
7:05AM 1 inflection issue
6:58AM 0 NetLDAP
5:45AM 2 default column values and creating new rows with ActiveRecord
2:25AM 7 Where to put common methods
1:26AM 1 A problem with the routes
1:08AM 1 Calling rails from a server-side include?
12:54AM 4 new API documentation web site
12:49AM 0 Default values in postgres not working
12:09AM 2 Rails Conference Resources on Rails Wiki
Thursday May 24 2007
11:33PM 2 Insert into an Oracle table no working
11:00PM 3 Help with Create and Update with options_for_select in a select_tag
9:53PM 0 New rails budgeting application
9:38PM 0 British TV channel told to apologise
9:22PM 7 content_for best practices
9:16PM 1 How do I show the selected values in options_for_select? Not as simple as it sounds.
9:16PM 4 Problem with CRUD II
8:44PM 3 Exception Notification Plugin Question
8:40PM 2 time.to_f
8:31PM 1 save error.
8:27PM 0 Virtual host using Instant Rails 1.7
8:24PM 1 Re: Custom 500 error handler still displaying default error text
8:21PM 5 Changing Time format globally
7:11PM 4 restful authentication (routes, resources etc)
6:18PM 4 design patterns
6:00PM 5 problem with error_messages_for
5:48PM 4 SQLite3/AR failing to increment PK on habtm table.
4:42PM 2 namespace question
4:20PM 4 Selected menu item in the layout
3:24PM 1 Form_for for nested objects
3:03PM 1 New tutorial at O'Reilly
2:55PM 1 Protecting a Mongrel site with Apache htauth
2:40PM 6 mongrel zooms to 75% memory (750MB!!!) randomly
2:30PM 2 Urgent help with before filter
2:30PM 0 Get info from Mysql tables
2:17PM 1 Development data in migrations
2:14PM 0 Next release?
1:50PM 1 list articles by category
1:33PM 0 reverse proxy holding onto port, complicated
12:19PM 4 request for on remote servers (is it caching?)
12:03PM 0 can an hidden_field changed be detected by observe_form ?
11:51AM 0 [Commercial] Rails developer, New Delhi
10:40AM 0 Access named routes outside controller or view
10:21AM 4 habtm foreign key must be manually done
9:51AM 1 How to show by id ?
8:53AM 6 postgres gem for postgresql82 macports
7:59AM 4 Unit Tests
6:51AM 0 acts_as_searchable versus acts_as_solr
6:51AM 1 Embedding PDFs within rails page
6:44AM 0 asset tag helper
6:44AM 0 Help needed : Regarding correct use of Models
6:30AM 0 asset tag helpers
5:57AM 2 Exception to session timeouts?
5:26AM 3 Class inheritance and AAA
5:05AM 0 Rails Dictonary
4:46AM 4 current_user.friends.posts
3:29AM 3 [RJS] How can i reload a script.
2:41AM 4 How do I find records with no associated objects?
1:28AM 0 Newbie having trouble with RubyGems
12:42AM 3 Change location of Ruby installation
12:11AM 3 :join not working
Wednesday May 23 2007
9:55PM 1 Automated operations on a database
9:36PM 0 function definition inside script in remote call
9:21PM 3 Limiting text tinput.
8:41PM 0 issues with searching custom fields with acts_as_ferret
8:21PM 1 Migrations add_index
8:20PM 5 how to make sure that session never expires
8:18PM 9 infrastructure for small RoR development firm
8:00PM 13 How can two persons work on same rails application from different location
7:44PM 0 Mongrel and RubyInline
7:41PM 0 More case studies added to Rails For All
7:35PM 6 Ruby / Rails installation on CentOS
7:16PM 4 javascript and auto_complete_for
7:09PM 2 find :last
7:08PM 7 Rails 2.0 RESTful Routes action/id dichotomy
7:05PM 0 How can I gain access to a Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 computer if I forgot the administrator's password?
6:56PM 5 Searching multiple fields with conditions
6:34PM 3 How to create archive list?
6:33PM 1 Development Mode: Class reloading gone nuts!
5:48PM 1 Is it possible to track third-party clickthroughs via a framed web page?
5:33PM 1 original_filename - where documented?
5:30PM 3 undefined method using update_attributes?
4:56PM 0 Engine/memory
4:52PM 10 Modifying Conditions for has_many at runtime in controller?
4:39PM 2 Royal install screwup help
4:33PM 0 Connect to Sybase using SSL
3:41PM 8 ImageScience, Mini-Magick and RMagick
3:34PM 1 Can't get link_to to work
3:24PM 3 User Login (process_login)
2:26PM 1 Is it mandatory to create that auxiliary table for HABTM?
2:22PM 9 Force lowercase username in a model
2:08PM 3 Multiple foreign keys to the same type of table
1:46PM 1 Importing database from legacy aplication
1:10PM 9 Installation of Savage Beast?
12:12PM 5 The cookbook - category delete?
11:40AM 0 Exception aggregator / classifier
10:58AM 0 Creating Calander Events
10:02AM 2 Making calls to PC like Skype and yahoo chat,
9:43AM 4 creating a tempfile that should be used by 2 controllers
8:52AM 0 Ordering rows by a number of referencing records
8:03AM 0 Apache Load Balancer Manager query
7:27AM 1 Getting parameter
6:53AM 2 paginating collection.
6:30AM 2 Using data from a query fired in rails
6:24AM 0 Solution: Getting will_paginate and acts_as_taggable to play nice
5:52AM 0 Using data from results of a query
5:46AM 1 Retrieving text from a query fired in Rails
3:27AM 1 rails way for creating "sorry no page found" for bad urls?
3:05AM 4 Rails model validation: Can I create my own validations???
2:57AM 0 combining has_many :through and polymorphic associations
12:35AM 4 Read database.yml from a migration
Tuesday May 22 2007
10:33PM 0 Breaking CAPTCHAs Without Using OCR
10:27PM 8 Where to start programming?
9:53PM 3 Where do 'logger.debug' statements go in a production environment?
9:42PM 0 using multiple mysql databases
9:05PM 7 alias_method in a plugin
9:04PM 1 find_by_sql returning nothing
8:59PM 3 works on intial show, but not after validation error
8:56PM 1 sending parameters from view to method in controller
8:20PM 1 sms marketing mobile cell pakistan karachi islamabad lahore rawalpindi
7:54PM 0 How Can I get radio button value
7:48PM 4 Rails API is not well defined
6:37PM 1 Using ActiveResource to copy models with the same class?
6:08PM 1 How to get options from a URL string?
5:33PM 6 link_to issues with I.E.
4:52PM 2 Collecting data from many instance of same field
3:49PM 0 Custom Mime Types with Templates
3:37PM 1 Any ideas why Rails hangs intermittently?
3:35PM 0 Keeping models in scope of an account, build method, etc.
3:16PM 9 ApplicationHelper not available to views and models?
3:12PM 0 how to spend less time in views?
3:11PM 0 instance variable attributes() method in tests fixtures
2:33PM 1 Add/Remove OneToMany collection items w/o persisting?
2:17PM 1 Caching and mongrel
1:29PM 14 ActiveRecord not destroying dependent records
12:27PM 1 Ferret file not found error on item delete
11:44AM 2 validation date
11:26AM 0 Error/exception handling approach???
10:42AM 16 Rails or ASP.NET
10:24AM 0 Vcard import library options
10:19AM 7 Code Protection
10:16AM 6 Reils Conf 2007 links
9:47AM 4 RESTful RESOURCE PARTIAL UPDATE (Single Attribute Update)
8:40AM 0 resize problemm
8:27AM 0 Generate fields onthe fly for task manager
7:47AM 1 Welcome to Chinese Ruby on Rails Club
7:47AM 0 how to use select boxes in in_place_editor
6:30AM 3 can I use acts_as_list with a has_many :through association
3:19AM 2 Refactoring controllers vs. actions
3:16AM 4 How should I do update?
3:08AM 8 Access other than Google?
2:59AM 1 how to define template_root in controller?
2:24AM 1 Making an AJAX request every few seconds
2:18AM 2 Local SVN & Capistrano 2.0
12:46AM 3 trimming the text....
Monday May 21 2007
11:22PM 3 Is this getting through?
10:47PM 0 0% APR Up to 15 Months
10:27PM 0 Apache mod_proxy mongrel_cluster and subversion http
10:16PM 0 Re: - Very important: Repent, Completely trust in God only and, Love Him with all of your heart.
9:55PM 1 ActiveRecord :select with :include gem
9:34PM 0 updating a column using irb,
9:23PM 5 Problem with CRUD
9:19PM 8 alphabetical view of posts.
9:18PM 2 dhh keynote video anyone?
9:09PM 0 legacy tables and foreign keys
8:52PM 2 Project Guidance for Youth Center Survey
8:45PM 0 options_for_select and setting css class values
8:41PM 0 Meet Arab, Russian, American Singles From All Over The World .. FOR FREE !!
8:16PM 8 post visit count.
7:29PM 1 link_to popup problems
7:12PM 0 Routing question
7:10PM 0 Is Mark Warren's Ultimate Wealth Package Worth the Money?
6:58PM 0 Rails Routing - what's this do?
6:34PM 1 Re: Rails Conf 2007 webcasts ?
6:12PM 2 Anyone else noticing the last message in each thread not showing up? Or is it just me?
6:05PM 3 Using rails without a database
6:00PM 1 cart problem
5:35PM 0 onchange does not work for select helper
5:12PM 1 Two relationships to same table, which way to go?
5:09PM 0 Add to Current Value in DB
4:53PM 0 Call or Send SMS to any phone anywhere in the world Free!
4:52PM 2 Free Greeting cards!
4:51PM 0 Free Daily Horoscope
4:47PM 0 ActionWebService table -> xml mapping questions
4:16PM 9 Generate 50,000+ line CSV
4:12PM 0 Multiple Rails Heads
3:59PM 0 CRM packages on Rails
3:38PM 0 Dictionary Service
3:20PM 2 setting variable via url
2:47PM 0 Memcached with failover for session store?
2:25PM 0 Capistrano Deployment to Multiple App Servers w/Mongrel
2:06PM 0 {$}{$}{$}{$} YOUR HOME IS YOUR CASTLE {$}{$}{$}{$}
1:27PM 1 Getting named parameters from routes.
1:09PM 3 :something => {:foo => 1, :bar => 2} in a GET request
12:04PM 0 How to delete a node with Hpricot?
11:58AM 1 precision problem in float data type
11:52AM 0 backgrounDRb: problem with saving files within the worker
11:46AM 1 acts_as_ferret and UTF-8
11:44AM 12 how to insert a batch of records into db more efficiently
11:44AM 3 How to get the disk space details
11:28AM 0 session expire
11:24AM 0 Fwd: <<< Top 10 USA Universities >>>
10:34AM 1 Why does scaffold ignores some fields?
10:14AM 0 Introduction to CRM
10:07AM 0 Rails is trying to parse PHP files
9:58AM 1 Sysloglogger with multiple logs
9:40AM 0 How to use Route class in migrations
9:39AM 0 Migrations : change schema_info table name ?
8:19AM 7 How do I stop a column being updated by model.save?
8:15AM 0 Previous page form values
6:58AM 8 Choosing components for new project - beast, mephisto, ?
6:51AM 4 How to comment a block of code in RHTML file.
4:40AM 4 block of text method to make "..."
4:30AM 1 wiki sample application
3:27AM 3 best way to generate a text or csv file for user to download
1:47AM 1 Anyone know how to use "identicons" with Ruby on Rails?
12:35AM 0 Can be usefull
12:14AM 2 Different views for different sites from same codebase?
Sunday May 20 2007
11:50PM 12 Model.find(:all, :include => :children, :order => "COUNT(children)")???
10:53PM 0 Urgent :: File Object problem
9:04PM 1 ENUM database data-type in Rails?
8:39PM 6 text_field_with_auto_complete Vs a browsers autocomplete function
8:28PM 6 Creating a simple drop-down list
7:30PM 0 "Legitimate" Online Paid Survey Scams Revealed Part 1
6:32PM 1 Jack Slocum's Ext library in Rails
6:07PM 2 Newbie question - self.var OR @var in ActiveRecord
5:50PM 1 Removing the fieldwitherrors div using RJS
5:37PM 0 Reloading Cached Classes
5:12PM 2 Disabling textfields while submitting ajax call
4:36PM 3 Save the current article id
3:56PM 0 [@][@][@][@] Fx Online Fx Online [@][@][@][@]
3:13PM 1 2 Quick SQL Questions: Paginate Conditions and Adding to Value
11:36AM 2 urls
10:12AM 2 Fresh project with edge rails - can't find active_resource
6:44AM 2 Setting a default option for a select list of a new object
6:19AM 0 Lone Star Ruby Conf 2007
6:06AM 1 join table attributes piggy backed with has_many through
4:26AM 1 SVN & Capistrano
2:39AM 1 entity relationship diagram software
2:26AM 2 Cannot make relationship work
1:47AM 2 capistrano windows <Zlib::buffError>
1:42AM 1 beating a dead horse - proper association selection
1:24AM 0 Sup People, New Rails Rookie . Just a shoutout
12:37AM 0 pretty_accessible_form plugin
Saturday May 19 2007
10:51PM 2 Manage of dynamic tables.
9:09PM 2 Substitutions without eating newlines
8:44PM 3 form question
7:07PM 3 PUT recognized as GET
6:00PM 1 [test] assert response or redirect
5:41PM 3 Access the name of the current layout from a view?
4:53PM 0 ((( Top 10 USA Universities )))
4:29PM 0 Should i be worrying...
4:00PM 0 Receive Money to Surf in the Internet By Community
3:41PM 3 Capistrano installation error--Zlib buffer error
3:20PM 4 button_to_function with image?
3:15PM 2 New features in edge?
2:40PM 0 easyway to have email sent from my site automatically or render .mobi pages ?
2:13PM 2 get data from multiple models
12:52PM 2 how to get flash errors to display in edge?
12:46PM 3 scaffold_resource generator missing
12:25PM 2 comparing 2 variable
10:41AM 1 feedback form
10:08AM 9 how to output HTML in a view within a <% %> (not a <%= %> )
8:11AM 0 Can rails run with MSQL?
8:01AM 1 Edit form updating with text
6:25AM 0 Fwd: Substruct 0.81 Released.....
3:19AM 0 database outputting results twice per page (using pagination + sorthelper)
3:16AM 4 join tables, must they be created manually?
2:44AM 2 file_column partial still calling undefined method `cover_relative_path'
2:42AM 0 ruby/rails newby needs help with passing parameters to testcases
2:40AM 8 habtm - stack too deep error
2:38AM 1 Is there any documents about CGIResponse?
Friday May 18 2007
11:37PM 2 Is older Ruby versions "looser" than new ones?
11:09PM 0 RMagick users - ImageMagick security advisory
10:29PM 1 Restul Controllers with multiple access points
10:13PM 0 Mongrel progress uploader with remote upload server
10:01PM 6 Is something up with edge?
9:45PM 0 bravetrail.com: new mini blogging site
9:32PM 0 activerecord - "remove_method" fails on method "transaction"
9:24PM 0 Paypal to RM - Withdraw your money from Paypal to your Bank Account!
9:03PM 0 Upload File Using Net::HTTP to ROR App.
8:47PM 2 Development with Rails - Published on a vServer without Rails : possible?
8:44PM 4 Savage Beast - rails forum plugin
8:33PM 1 Can't have WelcomeController and User::WelcomeController ? namespace anyone !
7:40PM 5 Shopping Cart
7:19PM 5 Removing Specific ActiveRecord Errors
7:08PM 1 How to write a user account
6:41PM 0 Default select values for time_select
5:08PM 5 How do I recognize AJAX requests
5:01PM 2 Reloading a div with a changed session variable
4:52PM 5 Application wide partial
4:46PM 0 AJAX textarea problem (javascript newbie, alas)
4:41PM 0 How to drag-n-drop like iGoogle?
4:23PM 0 MyPunchbowl.com is hiring
3:42PM 7 how rails check and fetch Page Cache file?
3:37PM 0 Install a streamlined plugin
3:28PM 1 initializing a multidimensional array..
2:56PM 0 Need help with categories in Typo
2:47PM 8 Error in the tutorial?
2:45PM 0 How to add combobox selections to listbox
2:28PM 0 $319 in Free Coupons from Very Best Baby
1:12PM 5 RailsPlugins.net launched - find your plugins in a single place
11:31AM 0 Fwd: $$$ New 2007 Computers Collection for you $$$
11:30AM 0 Fwd: $$$ Free Top rated photo editing software download now $$$
11:22AM 0 Fwd: <$$$> FRIED CHICKEN RECIPES <$$$>
10:52AM 1 Few questions about assert_select_rjs
10:46AM 0 rubyonrails site. editing wiki hosts for rails broken ?
9:01AM 0 Problem with map.resources and modules
8:51AM 1 change Password
7:43AM 1 Informl 0.4 (wiki with forms, DB, and more)
7:13AM 0 session not storing flash message
5:16AM 3 page cache more than 100K files inside a single directory?
4:05AM 0 Naming convention and search engines
3:06AM 2 Circumventing migrations.
2:47AM 2 Capistrano Woes
2:30AM 0 Caching article on IBM Developer Works
1:18AM 1 URL Fragment Anchors -- may be a Safari Question
Thursday May 17 2007
11:35PM 2 Attaching user to comment
10:29PM 0 Trying to great MemCached like a SESSION array..
9:21PM 6 plugin installation
8:35PM 7 Using mod_rewrite to add 'www' to urls
8:12PM 3 Acts as Authenticated Multiple login screens
8:12PM 8 Model: self is not child's parent
7:43PM 2 Running SSL Rails app on apache server already in use
7:34PM 3 Link in mails
6:31PM 1 manipulation of javascript object via RJS
6:05PM 1 Make dynamical URL for binary data in rails
5:10PM 0 Approaching a ranking system (concept)
4:54PM 4 Variable numbers of terms in a query
4:29PM 2 Bug or Feature / @var.save
4:17PM 0 can partial_2 called by partail_1 access partial_1's locals?
3:10PM 1 Drop down list with AJAX(?)
2:41PM 3 Connecting to Microsoft Access
2:40PM 0 ajax and opera webbrowser, ajax no worky.
2:33PM 3 unable to use gem cleanup on ubuntu feisty
2:09PM 0 DB Connections with hardcoded database.yml username? How do I connect as actual user?
1:47PM 7 Documatic: reports for Ruby
1:42PM 1 Upgrading to rails 1.2.3 from 1.1.6 - problem with redirect_to and DoubleRender
12:58PM 0 Fwd: <&< Top 10 UK Universities >&>
12:00PM 4 Simple thing in PHP, a braincracker for me in Ruby
11:50AM 5 How to auto-start a server for a Rails application with IR
11:22AM 1 InstantRails problem
11:17AM 1 Sending dynamic variable from view to RJS file (AJAX)
10:23AM 7 RoR Joomla equivilant
9:22AM 4 change input image on hover
9:17AM 0 Trying to impliment the Rails Flickr screen cast
7:31AM 0 fieldWithErrors and DIV tab
7:26AM 1 HABTM updating/saving behaviour
6:32AM 3 Ubuntu rails server
5:55AM 2 freeze only a single gem?
5:11AM 5 Reviewing Books on ROR
4:57AM 0 MySQL set data type
4:53AM 6 "Find me in app/views/hello/index.rhtml" loads, but no such file
4:49AM 4 checkboxes validation
3:21AM 2 HABTM - update with no values selected
3:11AM 3 eager
2:29AM 1 postgres geometric types support
1:46AM 2 Creating Multiple tables in my Migrations
1:33AM 1 public facing page as subdomain
12:15AM 2 Multiple Select Dropdown and Array
Wednesday May 16 2007
11:47PM 1 Changes to core methods
11:42PM 2 Dont use column name in errors
10:16PM 0 Routing Error for big text
9:59PM 0 Having issues with integration test - responses are always 500
9:56PM 2 Rails Plugins
9:39PM 0 production_log_analyzer 1.5.0 Released
9:36PM 3 having a default condition in model
8:50PM 5 Unit Tests and Default Values
8:32PM 0 Tips for Optimizing Rails on Oracle
8:20PM 2 Free Lotion (Trial Size)
7:54PM 2 RSpec Controllers
7:44PM 0 Save the position of a Dropped element
7:23PM 1 Adate expected, got String
7:07PM 0 Unknown action, No action responded to world
6:14PM 1 Controller information in models?
6:05PM 1 belongs_to trigger on update?
5:39PM 2 RMagick Setting Quality or Compression
5:33PM 0 New records added
5:29PM 1 Customizing the Ok/Cancel buttons for in_place_editor
4:14PM 0 Question about relations
3:58PM 0 acts_as_solr v.0.8.5 has been released
3:36PM 2 How do I Sorting Options
3:32PM 4 tying table
1:58PM 3 Easy and reliable way to keep database views updated?
1:41PM 1 How to retrive user data while authentication through openid
12:19PM 0 Ruby On Rails bachelor thesis
11:54AM 1 Finding the Button inside the CELL
11:48AM 1 WhiteListHelper plugin not passing any tests
9:22AM 0 Rake Namespaces - How to keep them separate?
9:14AM 3 running a shell command in the background from Rails
9:06AM 0 has_many :through => ?
8:52AM 2 RubyWorks 0.0.1 - early preview alpha "who knows, it may actually work" release of Rails production stack for RedHat and CentOS Linux
7:33AM 0 restful cart routing problems
7:13AM 0 how to insert a collection of records into another table
7:01AM 9 update_attributes not working in self.up migration
6:26AM 1 Passing hashes in a :collection
6:22AM 0 Simple Database Problem
5:48AM 18 how to build report in rails
5:35AM 0 Mailer unit test bug
4:02AM 0 rails_analyzer_tools 1.4.0 Released
3:45AM 2 OpenID Sample Application
3:24AM 4 Keeping track of gems.
2:35AM 0 How to generate scaffold_resource for a singular resource?
1:09AM 4 has_one, has_many, habtm?
Tuesday May 15 2007
10:04PM 0 Handling Validation Errors in Ajax Forms
10:03PM 4 limit on eager loaded association ?
9:50PM 0 RoR: To Scale or Not to Scale
9:47PM 0 Trouble with "require" and FastCGI
9:45PM 2 config.plugins doesn't work
9:19PM 0 show autocomplete (scriptaculous)
9:02PM 3 How do I create a collection
8:47PM 4 Way to mark record as main?
8:39PM 2 2 tix to RailConf available -- free to the right hands
8:29PM 4 how I can use date from form via params ?
8:18PM 0 options_from_collection_for_select Question
8:04PM 2 How make this migration:
7:34PM 3 render :layout => false still renders
7:12PM 1 Soapfaults in ActionWebService
7:07PM 0 Mongrel Cluster & Memcached Sessions Issues: session is lost
6:37PM 0 RDoc not parsing links on my rails app
6:31PM 0 test unit Mailer test failing Mime-version
6:16PM 0 Fun - Contest: Become a millionaire in PYG currency - Searchles Way :-)
5:42PM 1 How Can I Setup FckEditor and Image upload on rails?
5:10PM 5 Is this ActiveRecord behaviour considered correct? (:include clash with :conditions)
4:29PM 0 Promote your favorite designer on Rails For All
3:52PM 0 IF- statements in controller
3:28PM 2 Search on variable-length array of values?
3:18PM 1 When to use self[:foo] in models
2:55PM 0 High profile organisations working with Rails
2:42PM 2 Problem with render :partial ... :collection
1:40PM 0 problems with RJS
1:14PM 2 db:migrate vs. MySQL dump or good ol' DDL
12:33PM 2 Understanding memory leaks
12:32PM 1 Partials - when to use :object =>
12:05PM 5 About a simple insert
10:54AM 2 Text to dates
10:40AM 0 --------->>>>> ((((( NO JOINING FEES!!! EASY TO EARN!!!!! )))))
9:53AM 2 openURI not capturing pages from the same rails app
9:06AM 3 Sending bulk SMS messages from Rails app
9:02AM 3 Value of a list
8:48AM 5 Problem with RJS and/or Prototype.js =>ResponseText is blank
8:12AM 5 has_many relationship
7:54AM 8 is there any hidden command in link_to function?
7:51AM 0 Observing HABTM-associations with observers
7:24AM 5 Rspec + Oracle
7:00AM 6 Can you use a mixin to add action methods to an ActionController?
6:23AM 0 Best Practice: render :partial
6:12AM 5 rake db:migrate sucks
5:49AM 2 How to include another rhtml from an rhtml (no controller)...
5:34AM 1 index in collection_select
4:53AM 1 Problem with using script.aculos.us
3:32AM 2 undefined method `size' for Time:Class
3:15AM 1 Got "Unicode Numeric Entity Codes" after to_xml
2:30AM 1 link_to_remote with :confirm...need syntax help
12:20AM 2 Hardware/Ram Requirements
Monday May 14 2007
11:18PM 2 how to ignore :type in some cases? (when I don't want STI)
9:14PM 1 Custom Site Rule
9:00PM 2 ActionMailer not having to render message for each recipient
8:31PM 8 concurrency issue
8:16PM 2 simple rails url question
7:54PM 1 functional vs integration tests with restful_auth
7:52PM 1 recognize_path and map.resources
7:48PM 5 need help on writing a [simple?] query
7:42PM 0 For sale - RailsConf ticket
6:38PM 1 [ADV] New book: The Accessible Web
6:20PM 1 First Rails Project
6:01PM 0 Syntax to invoke form.check_box for elements of a hash
6:01PM 2 Monit apache2 and fastcgi
5:16PM 5 Ruby and Rails Ruined my life.
4:25PM 6 Best way to thin out controller
4:08PM 3 Counter Problem
4:08PM 6 ActiveResource and RESful edit
4:02PM 1 Looking for ideas from a new ROR programmer
3:55PM 0 Strange ArgumentError with render_template
3:49PM 7 how do I create a table for my model?
3:35PM 0 order by returning strange results
2:49PM 5 Hi, I'm Ruby on Rails
2:22PM 0 Rails developers near the Lubbock, Texas area
2:07PM 0 Complimentary Subscription to Remedy Magazine
2:06PM 1 Free Colgate Max Fresh Whitening Toothpaste
2:06PM 0 In-Touch Free 1-YEAR Subscription
2:06PM 1 Free Box of KIX Cereal
2:06PM 1 Loreal Volume Shocking Mascara Sample
2:06PM 0 Coupon for a Free Tropicana Orange Juice
2:00PM 0 LibXSLT-Ruby install on Windows
1:33PM 0 Delphi for Ruby!
1:25PM 1 NOOB question RSPEC
1:15PM 0 building and saving has_many and has_one relations
1:08PM 2 Uploading entire directories
12:40PM 1 ActiveRecord introspection
12:05PM 0 [BUG?] rake db:test:clone when index multi columns...
11:12AM 1 ActiveResource and dates
9:47AM 9 what of PHP frameworks like cakePHP and smyfony ?
9:34AM 3 Default :include value for ActiveRecord::Base.find
9:29AM 1 has_one association and saving the associated model
8:59AM 9 testing
7:43AM 2 Which OS is best to Deploy to?
7:27AM 1 Problem with symbols: Value is stored with "--- :symbolname"
7:09AM 1 splitting resources or not....
7:03AM 1 time for a Rails RESTFul forum ?
6:05AM 1 Hi pls help me abt Rails
5:27AM 0 acts_as_solr has a new home, please update
5:25AM 2 Chinese characters become to &#3342 after "to_xml"
2:44AM 3 Authentication for 2 models
2:34AM 2 I am trying to use AJAX action is performed but then get missing template message.
1:54AM 2 `rails app_name` => Exec format error (Errno:ENOEXEC)
12:38AM 0 How to dump hxd response to the console ?
12:15AM 1 key word search documents on filesystem
Sunday May 13 2007
9:58PM 12 Protecting ActiveRecord Associations
9:20PM 0 Bugs in official Rails blog weblog.rubyonrails.org
9:16PM 0 ActiveWarehouse 0.3.0 Released
7:14PM 0 Hello World with dummy database
6:28PM 0 fcgid.conf - Photo uploads
6:04PM 0 Problems with RMagick libraries
5:43PM 2 What's the purpose of index_by over group_by?
4:02PM 0 has anybody used netfirms hosting ror ?
3:33PM 1 Replace Carriage Return and New Line with Blank Space
3:29PM 0 Bausch & Lomb Opcon-A Sample and $1.00 Off Coupon
2:20PM 0 using acts_as_ferret in non Latin languages
1:54PM 2 A copy of Controller has been removed from the module tree but is still active!
1:53PM 2 How to make file upload
1:38PM 0 dispatch.fcgi + lighttpd upload files
1:14PM 5 Can Rails have views with restricted execution?
1:13PM 2 Seeking some advice
7:03AM 1 Failed to build gem native extension.(mysql)
7:00AM 0 mixing in action view helper methods in a class
5:51AM 2 How to remove some data form REST xml output?
3:48AM 4 programmatically generate models/scaffolds?
2:22AM 2 ActionMailer outside of Rails?
1:33AM 8 May Headline: Ruby's growth comes to an end
12:58AM 4 Using an AR Model to Specify and Store Complex Searches
Saturday May 12 2007
11:08PM 0 Routing Problem
10:43PM 1 Engines And Controller Modules
9:51PM 3 help on writing delete_if on my hash?
8:49PM 3 debugger
8:36PM 4 help, 1 error(s) on assignment of multiparameter attributes
7:31PM 8 Class can be many other..classes
6:37PM 2 WGETting from within rails
5:46PM 1 Nested insert_html question
5:40PM 2 Odd model structure, what associations?
4:57PM 1 Get Paid to surf Ads...
4:11PM 1 render :update issue
1:09PM 2 how to get RadRails to accpet .erb like .rhtml
12:02PM 1 Call RJS after page render
11:01AM 0 RailRoad usage
8:49AM 0 REST routing issue w self-referential resource join model..
6:30AM 1 call 2 methods using action
4:57AM 7 has_many - edit the association
4:51AM 2 RubyonRails Conference Portland - Need to Cancel / Transfer
4:38AM 1 set up AJAX listener (periodic refresh) with Rails?
3:16AM 0 RailsMyAdmin - rails plugin bolts on model managemen
2:07AM 2 question about dynamic layout
1:43AM 4 Multiply and format with thousands separator
Friday May 11 2007
11:46PM 1 ActiveRecord naming help
11:27PM 4 IM API for ROR
11:22PM 4 layouts
11:04PM 2 Migration: upload a large set of data via a separate sql file?
9:28PM 4 How to send parameters to rjs
9:03PM 1 Ruby and H2/HSqlDb
8:54PM 0 Rails generators documentation
8:50PM 1 Current page URL
8:42PM 2 rhtml image trouble
8:19PM 4 Determing JS+AJAX vs. button
7:39PM 2 has_changed? - how best to?
7:12PM 5 options_for_select - how to set the selected value?
7:11PM 1 text_field_with_auto_complete onselect
7:09PM 0 select manual
7:09PM 3 is_active?
6:23PM 5 How do we 'Search' in a RESTful world?
6:22PM 0 How do we '
6:16PM 0 Zioko.com - built with Rails
6:08PM 2 attachment_fu with extra db fields?
5:52PM 1 architecture question: reusing code across controllers?
5:50PM 2 .bash_login help!
5:40PM 2 rails version
5:36PM 2 REST with slash instead of semicolon without using edge
5:27PM 0 The Soup - new rails community resource
5:19PM 0 conditional value in xml node
5:14PM 0 best way to add new items to a select?
5:06PM 1 Anybody working through "Beginning Ruby on Rails E-Commerce"?
5:03PM 0 passing results of a select via URL
5:03PM 0 acts_as_solr v.0.8 has been released
4:49PM 1 Flash and RoR Shop
4:02PM 4 Redbox w/ IE 7
3:44PM 0 Passing a hash to a GET request
3:11PM 2 Ajax, buttons, and firefox
3:04PM 0 categories like ebay
3:02PM 3 Advice for new Project/Startup
2:53PM 1 Strange problem with flash videos
2:50PM 1 url_for and capitalization..
1:36PM 3 ajax - fade out a image on :complete
12:49PM 1 Free Samples (Bandaid, Chapstick, Tylenol) from Remedy
12:45PM 1 Free Exercise DVD from Bowflex
12:10PM 3 jhsagdja
11:45AM 5 model methods when to use self
10:56AM 27 What is the best editor for Ruby?
10:30AM 2 Data retrieval with :conditions
9:25AM 2 rake without code evaluation?
8:56AM 1 [OT] Minus_mor not working
8:49AM 2 Wanna add a bunch of forums to my rails site
8:36AM 1 [railsconf] Google Map for attendees - don't waste time looking for beer
7:44AM 0 Sharing secure information
7:21AM 2 Querying using Ruby on Rails
6:56AM 2 Help :: Sorting Dates
6:11AM 0 download files after uploading
5:43AM 0 ActiveScaffold Released
5:07AM 1 Pound for Rails Apps breaks stylesheets and images, any suggestions?
5:03AM 2 BackgrounDRb & WinXP
4:55AM 1 ActionController::RoutingError?
4:50AM 0 Hieraki help
4:17AM 4 "validates_presence_of" not working
3:35AM 4 group by?
3:22AM 2 upload files to the specified directory
2:49AM 0 need to verify email address - help!
2:44AM 1 Polymorphic has_many :images, :through => [...] - possible?
2:36AM 0 Fwd: <<< Top 10 Uk Universities >>>
2:01AM 0 Problem with nested associations
12:32AM 1 [RailsConf] Rails Conference All Sessions ticket for sale
Thursday May 10 2007
11:48PM 4 why can't I save to a join table in a migration or rake task?
11:42PM 6 Where put buissness logic?
11:30PM 5 Setting P3P header before Set-Cookie
11:15PM 0 Fragment caching in a helper?
10:55PM 2 better File_Column version garbage collecting?
10:45PM 8 Oracle, ODBC and Rails
10:17PM 2 link_to_remote fix, should this be added to edge rails?
9:45PM 0 Unsubscribe page with Ruby on rails
8:39PM 1 Question on Ferret
8:36PM 0 -W2 flag
8:07PM 1 error with gem install rails
7:42PM 0 sortable_element not working
7:42PM 2 attachment_fu, polymorphic model
7:18PM 1 Errors on my production server
7:01PM 0 Simple stuff - using frames
7:00PM 11 How do I implement a simple geographic information database with zip/postal code calculations
6:46PM 0 rjs: using show and hide, vs replace?
6:40PM 0 I'm writing a blog documenting my first Rails project
6:38PM 3 Searching RESTful style
6:34PM 2 link_to_remote for a div
6:08PM 0 RJS page.select DOM element properties
6:06PM 2 Disobedient 'gem env' Causing Rails "undefined method `gem' "
4:34PM 0 sybase asa adaptor for ruby on rails
4:11PM 2 combo box problem
3:44PM 0 new article on ActiveRecord at ORA blog (by Gregory Brown)
3:40PM 1 Link_to Subdomain and the Opposite
3:11PM 3 What happened to ActionWebService
3:05PM 0 problem related with ferret
2:42PM 1 Observers not working because of AR Plugins? (Rails = 1.2.3)
2:31PM 3 OT: Open source flash video player?
2:20PM 1 Big money ..in easy way
1:54PM 13 REST own action
1:35PM 1 errors using ruby script/console
12:45PM 1 Stuck with open_id_authentication plugin
11:44AM 2 Rails Newbie question
11:22AM 5 Pagination has many through problems
11:07AM 2 Display the time between a request and a response
10:45AM 0 [railsconf] Wisconsin RailConf attendees
10:37AM 4 recursive deep copy
10:06AM 4 a simple web program using mysql
9:41AM 0 14 year guy takes on Myspace
9:34AM 6 Easy Question - Get the Class Name
9:13AM 3 Automatic numbering of form components
8:42AM 0 Re: unsubscribe
8:40AM 7 Question about ActiveRecord
8:03AM 2 Dynamic counter?
7:38AM 5 Display/View result of user sql stmt after find_by_sql
7:11AM 0 options_for_select helper is also mess....
7:02AM 0 How can I use a rjs inside another rjs?
6:29AM 0 Hello im seeking help creating a
6:04AM 9 Rendering of Remote Partials
5:23AM 2 using acts_as_ferret in non latin language
5:13AM 0 (unknown)
5:08AM 0 RailsConf ticket on Ebay!!!!
4:05AM 3 MVC Overriding
2:02AM 14 SQLite3 acting very strangely
1:56AM 4 Best way to DRY this?
12:11AM 6 Is my site getting hacked?
Wednesday May 9 2007
11:21PM 1 form.select wrong number of arguments (0 for 1)
10:56PM 6 Render :action of a different controller
10:38PM 7 Copying attachment_fu file uploads
10:29PM 3 Event Handlers in ruby on rails
9:45PM 1 JS functions from partial not available ?
9:39PM 1 Nested Hashes
8:28PM 2 How to use Single Table Inheritance with Modules
8:06PM 2 attachment_fu and portrait vs. landscape pictures
7:27PM 0 [PRODUCT] New Komodo 4.1 beta supports RHTML debugging
7:13PM 2 rewriterule muck up
6:50PM 0 Rails page caching trashes URLs
6:39PM 0 Substitute collection_select for an ajax autocomplete
6:26PM 0 Initialization of class variables during migration
5:29PM 5 has_and_belongs_to_many INSERT duplicate entry
5:24PM 0 Putting a request lifetime on fcgi processes
5:21PM 3 flash CSS styling
5:10PM 0 Default button / submit class
4:26PM 3 jQuery and Rails
4:25PM 1 re-filling a form with no model
4:05PM 3 Acts_as_ferret; one search over multiple models??
3:58PM 0 London Ruby User Group - 14th May, 2007
3:40PM 9 what's the best linux for ror?
3:23PM 5 layouts + routes = confused
3:21PM 0 ruby bniary installation on windows
3:10PM 7 Webbrick and/or Mongrels Dies Overnight
2:41PM 3 fill out external form ?
2:38PM 2 Web Services (SOAP) naming conventions
2:31PM 1 non-ActiveRecord models
2:28PM 0 Offering Rails translation
2:11PM 1 Adding a simple action to controller
1:04PM 2 Display message if cookies are off?
12:58PM 4 Dynamic connection
11:54AM 5 RHTML and innerHTML problem
11:16AM 7 ok, whose got RoR installed on a nokia n800?
11:11AM 2 [Problem] Javascript returned by link_to_remote cannot be automatically evaluated.
9:49AM 1 Acts as Authenticated
8:51AM 0 attachment_fu Memory Use When Uploading
8:48AM 0 http://tinyurl.com/36pw6k Fired Aaron swartz attacs Reddit brings it down
8:16AM 0 Problems with tags_as_taggable
7:37AM 3 How to comment codes in .rhtml file
4:31AM 1 How can I change a form's onsubmit event handler using rjs?
3:54AM 0 Atlanta (May 17th): Need Ruby on Rails Advocate for Panel Di
3:51AM 1 RailsConf extra tickets
3:41AM 0 SyslogLogger 1.4.0 Released
3:38AM 0 How can I specify the selected value in collection_select when fieldname different than variable?
1:46AM 3 <<< Top 10 Uk Universities >>>
1:45AM 1 Custom validation error messages.
Tuesday May 8 2007
11:48PM 0 Looking for FT RoR programmer in Bay Area
10:57PM 0 Re: New Project ... Question re: Diving into RoR or Staying with CFML
10:56PM 1 Help with sessions
9:48PM 0 How to handle no category on select element?
9:30PM 8 Something like $$ in php
9:29PM 5 Which version of Ubuntu to use with Rails
9:20PM 2 implicit Transactions and after_save callback
8:40PM 2 Is there a way to specify in the rails application which ruby executable to use.
8:34PM 1 Fulltext index?
7:46PM 2 Getting a 'true' value out of a method ?
7:27PM 0 Milwaukee Ruby Users Group this Wednesday 5/9 @ 5:30 pm
7:05PM 3 How do I serialize data for a controller action.
5:52PM 4 Help with table name pluralization
5:30PM 0 Associations and find
5:19PM 1 My sites up, but..
4:54PM 2 Pagination + Search Parameters. How?
4:26PM 8 Machine to machine with ActiveResource
4:01PM 2 help with sortable_element
3:46PM 4 Inserting to a table that has a foreign key
3:10PM 1 Problems w/ selecting model data in the right order
2:47PM 13 Expected .. to define
2:30PM 3 How to make read-times counter
2:24PM 1 Can't get Ruby on Rails with Apache and FastCGI
1:29PM 5 Editable
1:14PM 15 Execute System command after page loads
1:12PM 2 ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound error
1:01PM 2 help needed with regular expression
12:50PM 0 Assigning default values to attributes in a has_one association
11:17AM 3 user and password verification (login form)
11:10AM 3 Model Cache instead of Controller Cache.
11:10AM 3 How to restore fields ("validates_presence_of")
10:52AM 8 Running my app in "production" under webrick
9:16AM 4 Validation question
7:45AM 0 Help test a new Rails app
7:09AM 2 rails routing without slash separator
6:50AM 0 How: varibale as the parameter in params
5:14AM 4 Back to Rails 1.1.x!
4:55AM 3 Session ID huge, please help
4:36AM 8 How to getDate
3:25AM 0 Postgres and data type text issue
2:53AM 2 Install plugin acts_as_auth.. no access to techno-weenie.net
2:52AM 4 rake rails:update:javascripts fails in 1.2
1:55AM 3 named_route_url broken in 1.2?
1:21AM 0 [Radiant] 404 error messages
12:58AM 6 warning: require_gem is obsolete. Use gem instead.
12:42AM 1 how to SQL-escape user input/do SQL-LIKE thru AR?
Monday May 7 2007
11:09PM 1 how do I disable table name pluralization?
10:32PM 0 Multiple named routes?
10:15PM 0 page.insert_html
10:14PM 1 Installation after XAMPP
10:11PM 0 RoR & RTL Languages (Arabic and Hebrew)
8:56PM 9 Unit Testing - some basic questions
8:47PM 0 ANN: RubyEnRails 2007 conference, June 7, Amsterdam
8:44PM 1 attachment_fu seems to be searching the wrong location for my images
8:17PM 5 find-all with polymorphic association?
7:09PM 1 How to find changes between 1.2.x and Edge
6:51PM 8 Get back a Javascript variable
6:27PM 1 Date Formats, assigning, viewing, validating, saving, changing et al
6:26PM 2 Counter cache for average
5:53PM 0 OPENid problem with trust_root when rails app running behind apache load balancer
5:00PM 0 auction open source project
4:54PM 1 #rubyonrails at RailsConf
4:03PM 0 integrating ar_,ailer with rails recipes bounce handler
3:29PM 0 New Podcast...ah...er...Tumblecast :)
3:25PM 0 Vim/Ruby Configuration Files, 2007.05.07
2:55PM 4 migrating from login_engine to AAA
2:20PM 2 How downloading image in rails
2:08PM 0 [ADV] New Pragmatic Book on Prototype and script.aculo.us
2:07PM 0 Problem finding/using installed gems
1:58PM 6 Best web server for running a Rails site?
1:38PM 0 Re: Free Offers
1:37PM 0 Re: FREE OFFERs
1:35PM 2 page.replace_html :template => 'index'
1:24PM 3 Dealing With Rails Single Thread Design
12:41PM 0 set cursor in text_field_tag?
12:31PM 1 Where to put shared code?
12:13PM 1 "observe_field" and "onblur"
11:19AM 1 gettext missing a method
10:22AM 5 best ACl plugin?
9:26AM 1 Using HAML, form_remote_tag inside partial from layout duplicates the partial
8:35AM 2 Add functionality to multiple models?
8:13AM 6 how to install gem package manually ?
8:02AM 1 Problems rendering templates for different mime-types
7:09AM 4 passing by value of object of a model
6:37AM 0 fastcgi in Apache
4:43AM 4 newbie... is this possible?
3:58AM 2 RoR and stored procedures
3:49AM 2 Rails Textbox question
2:57AM 3 Quick Ruby Array question
2:49AM 1 detecting attribute changes in callbacks
Sunday May 6 2007
11:21PM 5 question about find_by
11:00PM 1 An RoR app made in 2 weeks only 14 bugs so far
8:13PM 0 Initializing a Scheduler
7:57PM 2 'select' in RJS
7:27PM 2 link_to_remote issue in edge rails
7:14PM 1 Using external ruby modules in rails
6:24PM 3 script/console error
6:21PM 2 Display validation errors individually
5:50PM 3 Trouble with a two-steps resource creation
4:42PM 0 can't access rflickr methods
2:47PM 1 Send_file and streaming...
2:45PM 8 [ADV] Updated PDF of Agile Web Development with Rails
2:11PM 1 validates_uniqueness_of (with :scope) doesn't seem to work?
12:44PM 1 Hash and condition
10:41AM 2 Using ";action" from ActiveResource client
10:34AM 2 render :action "call method first?"
10:29AM 0 excellent money making program
8:58AM 0 mapping
8:34AM 0 MySQL adapter bug? Date col being set to NULL when default is 0000-00-00
7:13AM 5 Comparing polymorphic property to same object fails
5:44AM 2 :through difficulties
4:40AM 0 ActiveRecord::Extensions 0.6.0 Released
4:39AM 0
4:18AM 7 Safety of Raising Exception
1:31AM 0 <<< Easy Treatment Guide >>>
12:51AM 8 Attachment_fu. . .HTML involved in immediately associating an upload with a model?
12:46AM 3 Using session-type data in an ActiveRecord callback...
12:27AM 0 Radiant CMS 0.6.1 - Stone Cutter (Security Update)
12:13AM 0 More questions re: Presenter pattern & ActionView
Saturday May 5 2007
11:47PM 2 Model Releationship, belong, has?
11:47PM 4 Rails Installation Fails - InstantRails 1.3a
11:42PM 6 Dynamic forms
10:54PM 3 DB trigger vs before_create
10:14PM 2 newbie issue
7:52PM 0 acts_as_attachment - no thumbnails?
7:23PM 2 Using models as join tables query question
6:38PM 16 What Editor/IDE do you use?
6:01PM 0 multiple emai accounts w/ actionmailer & environment.rb
5:34PM 2 Problem with Apache 2.0 and mod_fcgid config
5:34PM 4 porting 1.1.6 to 1.2.3
5:21PM 0 Installing http_authentication plugin leaves out lib directory
4:20PM 1 recommended way to deploy rails project
3:20PM 0 no route found to match "/" with {:method=>:get}
2:37PM 2 Text Field Value unless ?
1:56PM 3 Simple File Upload is Failing - String vs File
1:17PM 0 integration with movtable
12:34PM 9 how to create a forum using ROR
11:30AM 1 Problem in Vcard generation
10:09AM 3 Problems with composed_of
6:14AM 0 Fwd: ??? END OF THE WORLD ???
6:09AM 0 Fwd: ((( MAKEUP TIPS only for girls )))
5:53AM 0 to_time "time out of range"
1:58AM 0 Testing routes and controller results
Friday May 4 2007
11:54PM 6 ActiveRecord support for BLOB
11:53PM 0 limit number of results from dynamic finders
10:43PM 2 Sending email without using ActionMailer
9:37PM 1 Observers dont work
8:43PM 0 Custom view through render :inline?
8:28PM 0 Problem with ActionMailer
7:41PM 0 RailsConf Birds of a Feather sessions announced
7:21PM 0 iTechArt Group - Custom Software Development and Offshore outsourcing Company
7:06PM 0 ActionWebService dispatch problem
6:59PM 2 Multi-part file upload read_multipart error
6:27PM 1 refresh a partial
6:25PM 0 inherited model relation design
6:19PM 1 how to mark all checkboxes...
6:06PM 3 How to install view_debug_helper in my rails app
5:13PM 1 habtm and also has_many of the same things
5:05PM 7 newbie question about rendering partials and rhtml
4:41PM 2 REXML and XPath
3:50PM 0 error in fastcgi.crash.log
3:05PM 0 Mailer class error
2:40PM 2 observe_field and update
1:53PM 0 PHP Integration
1:44PM 1 Validation on different actions
12:48PM 5 Validate presence of 1 of 2 fields
12:03PM 5 Something wierd with .save method
11:17AM 0 Best way to call action new for a child entity?
11:02AM 3 ERROR While executi gem (NoMethodError)undefined method =
10:53AM 0 Text_field helper? left, center, right, fonts etc.?
10:24AM 0 The simplest ruby on rails webapp endorsed by DHH
10:22AM 2 Ajax - problems with uploading files
9:15AM 4 WARNING! Noobster Question on Radrails for OS X
9:00AM 3 MVC design question
8:53AM 1 Action/Fragment Cache for a Ruby and Rails Newbie
8:39AM 2 Using Multiple select Dropdown with database
8:34AM 1 Select and options_for_select trouble
7:31AM 3 Rails Newbie | Advice please?
2:31AM 1 map.connect to new window?
2:25AM 1 Database Sessions with Oracle 10g Problem
2:05AM 3 Forms without the helpers
Thursday May 3 2007
11:43PM 2 Testing Result of raw sql query
11:09PM 2 How to run a cpu intensive ruby script with rails functionality
10:58PM 1 Cartographer/google maps and apache2/mongrel problem
10:47PM 1 problem with has_many through
9:58PM 2 using isql from rails app
9:27PM 0 Cascading Lists
9:22PM 1 mongrel dev server and custom subdirectories within ./public
9:18PM 4 Simple problem with Resources Routes
9:11PM 0 whatstheplan.com - a better way to plan events online
9:05PM 1 Dynamically setting schema_search_path
7:56PM 2 attachment_fu problem when using edge rails
7:16PM 4 Recent Routing changes in edge rails?
6:58PM 0 Ticket available to Rails Conference 2007 in Portland
6:41PM 1 attachment_fu multiple uploads has_one relationship
6:22PM 1 multi level has_many through
5:57PM 3 rendering a different view depending on model attributes
5:14PM 4 Ruby on Rails Company Survey
4:54PM 0 Health Care Professionals: EMR Project
4:53PM 3 inherit controller, how to do it?
4:17PM 2 Is routing to application controller possible?
3:58PM 5 Error fetching remote gem cache
3:51PM 2 two controllers needing the same method
3:35PM 2 Trouble comparing time and date values
3:17PM 3 Text Column Doesn't Exist?
2:51PM 2 Multiple Update Actions that are Relatively the same
2:43PM 0 Toggling between readonly and writeable text_field_tag
12:56PM 2 update_element_function + sortable_element = how to update ?
12:18PM 0 Help Needed with Routing Controller Modules
12:13PM 0 need javasrcipt help
11:51AM 0 Gather validates presence of from rails app
10:28AM 6 has_many conversely
9:48AM 4 Rails urls
9:33AM 0 Using Oracle without sequences
9:05AM 0 Deploying on windows 2000 server
8:34AM 11 association problems, :belongs_to and :has_many
8:01AM 0 need help with file download control
7:33AM 0 submit a form from RJS
6:04AM 2 Form fields cleared out because of validation
5:56AM 3 where to put views for application controller?
5:18AM 1 Scaffold skip "xxx_id" column in table?
3:32AM 3 problem in ROR
2:53AM 0 Using the ActionView::Helpers::FormTagHelper and ActionView::Helpers::FormOptionsHelper outside of a view
2:37AM 1 Loop not rendering anything
2:00AM 0 Plugins for Test Helpers and Abstract Test Cases
1:50AM 3 Marking/Flagging a record as deleted/expired instead of actually removing the row from the database
1:31AM 0 The Best Language Tools - Best Dictionaries of all languages
1:21AM 0 no route found to match "/application/signin"
1:04AM 1 Newbie question: How to get an object in the Controller from a view's hidden field
12:30AM 2 strange mysql performance
12:18AM 0 inventory managment
Wednesday May 2 2007
10:44PM 2 Routing to a static resource in Mongrel
10:37PM 17 Am I crazy?
10:28PM 0 Test Associations are Preloaded
10:27PM 2 using polymorphism for tags
10:01PM 5 Using external files in Rails
9:43PM 2 Mongrel vs Apache with Mongrel
9:29PM 2 Creating Web Widgets with Rails
8:59PM 0 - Madison Rails meeting May 8th - Amazon Web Services
8:44PM 6 configure server subdomains
8:14PM 0 How to disable past days with jscalendar?
7:59PM 0 Copy a record and its has_many associated objects
7:56PM 1 testing with attachment_fu
7:46PM 2 restful_authentication and edge rails problems?
6:59PM 1 flash message == if statement over-riding ??
6:53PM 2 what shoud flash[:alert] be in edge rails?
6:27PM 1 Can table ID column be a string?
6:26PM 2 Interesting idea
5:38PM 8 Using a different layout for just one action in controller
5:25PM 0 Deploying another application as subdomain
5:14PM 0 submit a form_remote from RJS
5:13PM 4 Shared Nested Resources
5:11PM 3 acts_as_tree related question
5:10PM 1 RJS - changing the status of radio button....
4:57PM 3 Clone ActiveRecords
4:56PM 0 upload_column - problem cropping image
4:55PM 0 How to refactor this
4:54PM 7 Saving a record
3:41PM 12 2 Rails Applications sharing same login system
2:36PM 0 Capistrano won't let me deploy any more
2:26PM 0 Selected value in a combobox
12:18PM 0 So Cute Baby - award winning
11:51AM 2 Converting STI objects
11:07AM 0 Problem loading associated instances after deserialization
11:06AM 1 Storing hashes in DB but getting strings back
10:54AM 0 In Place Editor and RJS
10:25AM 3 form_remote_tag not sending xml_http_request
10:08AM 1 session_timeout and link_to_remote conflict
7:09AM 1 a newbe question about active record
5:02AM 0 AWS - nillable fields in WSDL
4:35AM 2 render file
4:29AM 2 chaining together Rakefiles
4:17AM 1 problem in: img_options["size"] = img_size
4:05AM 2 WHERE NOT syntax with ActiveRecord
2:18AM 1 is there any better method to externalize some configure info from code?
2:03AM 0 Template image display problem(newbie)
1:04AM 6 Problem with RoR's controller getting too large
12:59AM 0 WebObjects I - Introductory Course, 6/18-6/22 in Seattle, WA
12:32AM 2 about the link_to_remote
Tuesday May 1 2007
11:50PM 1 admin pages and site pages
10:53PM 3 ActiveResource: Howto use custom header fields
10:26PM 3 Ruby Licensing
9:55PM 0 which image uplaod plugin to use with edge rails?
9:26PM 2 Ajax Updater mystery
9:13PM 1 ruby execute script
9:07PM 1 Good code?
9:03PM 2 [Slightly OT] backgroundrb monit config
8:59PM 3 single sing on with PHP
8:43PM 3 Performance of to_xml, versus to_json
8:41PM 2 determining checked checkboxes
8:34PM 11 GemNotFoundException mongrel_cluster
8:15PM 3 Lighting the lightbulb
6:55PM 2 how to define static variable across a partial?
6:17PM 5 Validation of other model fields
4:22PM 8 Smart Session Store plugin
4:10PM 3 BackgrounDRb on Windows
3:47PM 0 Image Science vs. RMagick
3:36PM 5 duplicate key violates unique constraint
3:30PM 2 Where is global Rails configuration?
3:29PM 1 Can i use 2 version of rails with mod_fcgid
2:41PM 1 confused by acts_as_list documentation
2:36PM 3 RJB jave bridge help!
2:02PM 0 RJS form field enable / disable etc...
1:51PM 3 flash not clearing?
1:06PM 0 select tag for collection form
12:37PM 1 Weird problem with Net/SSH
12:33PM 2 How to execute shell command from Rails?
11:59AM 2 Problem validating boolean
10:28AM 0 Updating only changed columns in ActiveRecord
9:47AM 5 Dynamically iterate around a table's columns (using content_columns?) to save some fields
8:56AM 3 ActiveRecord Previous/Next Record
8:44AM 2 Ruby on Rails Professional Required
8:31AM 4 Problems with UTF-8 and AJAX...
7:59AM 0 Rails keep adding _session_id in redirect..why?
6:40AM 5 Development on nfs share
6:32AM 3 How to get TinyMCE editor value( text content)
5:55AM 7 Unit testing and stale ActiveRecords
5:27AM 2 Newbie question; best way to store simple session data?
5:17AM 1 Ruby script that uses rails views?
4:05AM 1 Need help with a simple route
3:55AM 5 [OT] Inject XML into page and tranform with XSL
2:57AM 2 Silence logging for a particular action
2:57AM 0 Joining tables and query design advice
2:39AM 1 The unbelivable Civilizations of the World
1:55AM 1 Simulating Ajax XHR
12:15AM 8 StringIO to Tempfile?
12:10AM 8 Hivelogic Install Instructions for OS X