Rails - Apr 2007

Monday April 30 2007
11:54PM 2 updating to using database for sessions..
11:16PM 4 Model and lazy loading
10:43PM 0 Acuvue Oasys Free Contacts
10:41PM 0 Free Acuvue 2 Colours Contacts
10:40PM 1 42 Free Tablets Of Topamax For Migraines
10:16PM 3 URI.encode does not encode &=?
10:09PM 2 Rails extremly slow on WinXP
9:43PM 1 collection_select - prepending a "any" option
9:26PM 4 Upload File Using form_remote_tag?
9:26PM 1 Rails Web services (in general), HTTP GET and JSON and other topics
8:44PM 1 ActiveRecord: removing validations or callbacks on a subclass
8:06PM 0 Ruby On Rails SDE positions in Seattle
7:35PM 0 Fw: Re: attachment_fu content_type problem
7:11PM 0 acts_as_nested_set controller/view
6:46PM 1 What are Cacher & GarbageCollector for?
4:55PM 2 Structuring a rails application
4:51PM 0 Parsing date from PayPal fails
4:36PM 0 Missoula Ruby Group Meeting
3:15PM 0 problem in using tinymce editor
2:39PM 1 Rails/javascript file browser
12:34PM 0 Fwd: <=<= Home Decorate Tips =>=>
12:07PM 9 Burts Bees All Natural Lip Shimmer Sample
12:06PM 2 Free Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion
12:02PM 7 Free Revlon Nail Enamel Sample
11:24AM 4 form_tag error (model)
11:12AM 0 Rssify plugin usage?
9:15AM 1 Help with "A copy of ApplicationController has been removed from the module tree but is still active!"
9:08AM 1 ruby/ajax strange problem
9:05AM 0 check_box
9:02AM 5 Help :: Updateall method
7:07AM 4 Problem in Displaying Textarea.
6:57AM 0 Rails working without been logged - possible ?
6:51AM 5 Problems installing mysql-gem
6:22AM 0 Cache routes.rb in development?
4:30AM 0 ruby script console error in edge version
4:06AM 2 has_many :through polymorphic
3:46AM 2 Using External Databases that Don't Have ID Columns
12:43AM 4 Losing sanity, please help!
Sunday April 29 2007
10:03PM 0 how i can know if the Fast CGI is installed?
9:05PM 0 Connecting Rails with MSSQL
8:54PM 1 acts_as_list with :scope - how do I move items to a different list?
8:17PM 3 Help modeling a User/Group permission structure
6:23PM 0 integration test redirects to external URLs
4:41PM 2 Validate unique within date range?
4:06PM 0 progress bar ideas (not file upload)
4:02PM 0 Problem with error_messages
3:57PM 2 has_many :through question
3:47PM 1 Textile - how to onl allow certain tags?
3:19PM 2 attr_accessible vs. attr_reader
1:02PM 8 multiple apps, one host (mongrel, apache2)?
12:57PM 2 Full plugin test environment (long)
12:54PM 1 better nested set and :through
12:51PM 3 How to avoid SQL query?
8:46AM 0 start one more mongrel for development
8:37AM 1 Include image in rss feeds?
7:42AM 1 ruby select helpers
6:17AM 8 link_to
6:17AM 3 how to see who is online?
5:21AM 0 technical team leader required in delhi
4:54AM 1 Controller instance variables not visible in helper method called from rjs template
3:32AM 2 the link_to url problem
2:04AM 1 need help for dynamic menus
Saturday April 28 2007
11:33PM 0 ((( < Best Cooking Machines > )))
10:35PM 1 REST path methods problem
9:58PM 2 in_place_edit ends up with try catch block as content?
9:49PM 1 Cannot install plugins
9:22PM 2 edit content of html tags
7:57PM 0 WEBrick can't find new controllers
7:26PM 3 my has_many has many errors!
6:40PM 3 simple if then question?
6:28PM 0 script/plugin and http-proxy with Authentication
6:03PM 4 Installing RoR on PenDrive
5:59PM 1 automatic mail validation - is it possible?
5:31PM 2 SQLRelay adapter for Rails?
5:27PM 1 RJS error I don't understand - multiple replace_html
5:14PM 8 Rails video tutorails
5:07PM 0 Uploading ROR application
3:54PM 4 find_by_sql() goes in model or controller?
3:32PM 0 << Home Decorate Tips >>
3:04PM 0 Join Thetis - Groupware more than just a Groupware -
2:53PM 1 text not wrapping...
2:35PM 0 Where or where has my session gone?
1:42PM 0 Help me on Ruby VS PHP comparison
12:51PM 1 Dynamic text highlighting
12:34PM 0 Sending the selected option of a select via ajax
10:17AM 2 what does option_tags = nil mean?
8:44AM 0 Best practice question: which way to run rails on webserver?
8:24AM 0 validation: :if => ... does not work
6:55AM 0 WEBrick::HTTPStatus::LengthRequired Error
6:37AM 1 redirect in routes.rb
4:50AM 1 User experience spontaneous logouts
4:08AM 0 unit and functional tests for acts_as_authenticated
3:52AM 3 Learning ruby question
Friday April 27 2007
11:11PM 3 popup hell - submit & close
10:10PM 3 Help, do i need to validates_length_of these?
10:04PM 0 Easiest But Fastest Way of your Online Earning - No Investment just earning
9:58PM 3 attachment_fu content_type problem
9:07PM 1 Code autogenerating
8:16PM 0 Why isn't there any RDoc on ActionController::TestResponse?
7:48PM 4 text output in rxml (builder)
6:53PM 3 add ":complete => "eval(...)" in form_remote_tag
6:52PM 0 Is Javascript/Flash always available? RJS/ajax views
5:28PM 2 Finding out the port
5:00PM 3 Image upload problem.
4:41PM 0 Development environment
4:28PM 1 map.resources, restricting to only /index and /show
3:55PM 1 RESTful question
3:22PM 0 IM Integration
3:19PM 1 More Back Button Madness
2:07PM 6 RESTful deleting a resource without a resource id.
1:14PM 3 Wrapping C++ dll in ruby
12:01PM 0 anyone using rails1.2.3 with Lightty?
10:46AM 3 where to save a module?
10:35AM 0 Digital Photography Secrets!
10:31AM 1 RJS not updating styles
9:57AM 5 Reading e-Mails
8:17AM 0 Date.new exception in controller
8:16AM 0 new plugin - please review and add suggestions
6:57AM 1 Regarding Database convention
6:51AM 1 JOIN Query
4:50AM 4 is highrisehq.com 2 separate rails app?
3:51AM 1 Webrick does not start
3:48AM 0 belongs_to validating presence of foreign key
2:52AM 4 caching one page breaks another
2:45AM 4 redcloth
1:42AM 3 NameError - uninitialized constant
1:36AM 2 Is inheiritance possible in layouts?
12:57AM 3 how to replace special charracters
12:23AM 0 1001 Beauty Tips, Secrets And Techniques!
12:19AM 0 Save your Money - Best Grocery Secrets !!
Thursday April 26 2007
11:47PM 0 ActiveRecord: mapping column names when using legacy schemata
11:36PM 0 Shouldn't this spec fail?
11:24PM 0 Dynamic scaffold not working
11:23PM 1 Rails adding extra code?
11:22PM 1 mapping column names in legacy schemata
11:02PM 0 Grabbing banners from other sites.
9:50PM 0 Remote pagination using pagination_links, link_to_remote and url_for
9:13PM 0 Active Scaffold search error
8:41PM 4 ActionMailer with no auth
8:09PM 0 script/console and http-proxy with Authentication
7:52PM 3 link_to :method => post
7:49PM 0 authenticatedsystem not loading?
7:42PM 0 not loading authenticated system?
6:54PM 2 Components, no so bad? Please help.
6:07PM 0 Extending model in plugin from another plugin
6:04PM 4 gsub, help please
5:24PM 2 Is this possible
4:30PM 5 Question regarding form_for
4:27PM 8 remote_form_for works only in IE, not Firefox
4:27PM 14 Class Variables in activerecord
4:10PM 0 Looking for a ruby on rails programmer to create website
4:08PM 11 BackgrounDRb installation trouble...
4:08PM 1 Help with Adult Oriented Rails Site
4:01PM 3 flash doesnt work
3:56PM 0 Accessing gems from /home dir
3:54PM 1 ActionController::Base's session attribute
3:51PM 7 attachment_fu not saving thumbnails
3:45PM 2 ActiveRecord association not seen in rake db:migrate
3:34PM 1 eager loading not working in production mode
3:12PM 0 select tag helper and option values with html entities prob.
2:43PM 0 many-to-many help
2:09PM 3 What to use to do an action every minute?
1:38PM 3 Problem in image processing
1:35PM 4 Is there something I am missing?
12:39PM 4 problems with caching (i think)
12:27PM 2 How to integrate video flash player into the rails app
12:08PM 4 RMagick and ugly error
10:40AM 5 how to output text from embbeded ruby (in views)
10:36AM 2 Sorting Question
10:31AM 0 Best way to handly a few static pages in a Rails app?
10:31AM 2 Tests: Can't use items(:fixture_name) in setup method!
10:04AM 2 Stop browser caching content
9:52AM 1 CSV installing problem
9:18AM 0 http://manuals.rubyonrails.com/
7:51AM 1 Apache + fastcgi and rails in vendor
7:11AM 3 Selecting a model
5:10AM 0 Creating tmail object with ActionMailer
3:46AM 2 newbie question about mongrel
3:36AM 2 Error messages without a model
2:54AM 0 need to change number of thumbnails on my view page PLZ HELP
1:49AM 2 assert_select with respond_to JS or xhr?
1:39AM 7 Arg! Fedora, Plesk, Rails?
1:33AM 4 nuby - about date_select, getting into DB
1:05AM 1 paginate causes unitialized constant error
12:52AM 0 webrick won't boot, deprecation warning
12:07AM 0 Sweet opportunity for Ruby on Rails developers in Atlanta
Wednesday April 25 2007
11:51PM 2 Adding any number of email addresses by using 'add another email' AJAX
11:46PM 0 checkboxes for downloading data via activerecord
11:46PM 4 Beatify html?
11:23PM 3 Creating an Ajax.Updater - do I have to start the request?
10:49PM 0 Canonical way to do a create form for ActiveResource?
10:26PM 2 File Upload Problems
10:15PM 0 Sharing session between two rails app
10:15PM 2 validates_presence_of foreign key
10:14PM 0 Conditional URL in form post?
9:14PM 0 [nuby] about date_select, getting into DB
7:56PM 2 form_remote_for, reloaded
7:43PM 2 simple attribute copy
6:48PM 0 Rails on Apache
6:35PM 4 Database updates doesn't update input fields
6:08PM 1 Issue in installing Rail
5:59PM 2 Getting an index of an element rendered in partial
5:53PM 2 Webservices in Rails
5:40PM 1 how to refactor "/blog/2004/12/25" to REST?
5:11PM 0 with_scope going protected.
4:31PM 5 Upload PDF / Save as tiff
4:24PM 0 view name of multiselect in list instead of view
4:19PM 2 Using partials - performance impact
4:19PM 0 Single Table Inheritance VS Polymorphic Associations
4:11PM 3 SQL calls and associations
4:00PM 2 Flash Skin and Rails View Issue
3:45PM 0 Need workaround for belongs_to :finder_sql
3:33PM 0 Multiple databases and fixtures problems
3:29PM 0 Streaming to/from DBI SQL Server
2:35PM 2 Beginner: First 'app' not displaying in browser
2:15PM 2 How does one validate a 'float' field?
2:13PM 5 Moving multiple attributes to a new table - please help!
1:25PM 0 Set attribute value from custom validation
12:44PM 0 using date_select helper without an ActiveRecord model?
12:22PM 10 Convert data as CSV problem
10:50AM 0 How can I deal with collections in fieldset?
10:34AM 1 using partials insisde a partial
9:10AM 7 quick REST question
8:35AM 0 aws.yml layout and security of accesskey and secret key ?
7:20AM 2 help with simple_format and line breaks
7:18AM 4 Relationship between Tables
7:02AM 0 LDAP Authentication
5:04AM 0 Testing on rubyonrails
3:51AM 6 Rails Account Plan Model Best Practices
Tuesday April 24 2007
11:32PM 0 Tech. Partner needed - RoR (Any where in the US)
10:44PM 0 downloading
10:24PM 1 Rails, Ajax, and the back button
9:26PM 1 Ho to capture the domain name
9:12PM 0 HABTM join table issues
8:59PM 6 scaffold problem
8:16PM 1 strange frozen string problem starting rails
8:15PM 7 Is fastthread required for Mongrel or not?
7:42PM 2 Help on railendar, wrong number of arguments (0 for 1)
7:11PM 4 Filesystem as a Model?
7:04PM 5 Lost MySQL connections accessing session store
7:01PM 0 a link without a question mark
6:58PM 6 Radiant CMS 0.6 - Lapidary
6:47PM 0 Parsing feeds...slow
6:38PM 0 Problem with has_and_belongs_to_many
6:32PM 3 help on extracting data from string
6:25PM 1 problem POSTing with curl and REST using scaffold_resource
6:07PM 3 Newbie Qs. Why use Ruby? Why use Rails?
5:51PM 3 What web server to choose ?
4:43PM 4 this forum don't help development solving problem!!
4:13PM 5 Creating a "friends" association?
3:59PM 4 cygwin slow problem
3:47PM 0 in_place_edit controller and "Missing template" error
3:25PM 1 Testing for multipart form uploads
3:18PM 1 Matching group names
3:09PM 3 Sending/Receiving Image Data over REST
2:50PM 0 manuals.rubyonrails.com down again??? need access to capistrano and docs
2:46PM 2 Simple deployment
1:48PM 0 SystemExit ... in `process!'dispatch.fcgi:28
1:22PM 2 How to get the current value of a select box?
1:12PM 0 acts_as_attachment, what to check b4 db call?
12:45PM 0 Getting confused by my associations
12:01PM 4 how to call a function in model and pass values in
11:33AM 6 Long report
10:46AM 1 problem: login Data save in two tables.
10:37AM 0 how to capture text from a popup window..in watir
10:29AM 1 Different application.rb files for different scenarios?
8:55AM 1 Uploading files in a special path
7:41AM 2 Setting parameters in link from javascript
7:30AM 1 Installation problem in rcov
7:24AM 2 remote database ActiveRecord model
7:18AM 4 Accessing request from model (or observer)
6:34AM 1 Cannot load SSPI module in InstantRails apache conf
6:06AM 3 polymorphic destroy of resource
4:53AM 3 Re: ruby script/server -- Errno::EADDRINUSE
3:39AM 0 left outer join inside another?
3:35AM 0 Issues with saving associations and acts_as_tree
1:20AM 5 map.resrouces without create or new action?
12:31AM 0 Gemsonrails crapping out during installation
Monday April 23 2007
11:20PM 1 how to upload file to server
10:32PM 6 has_attachment and validation
10:01PM 0 request logging: around_filters can't see error responses!
9:40PM 3 String#split works w/ Regexp in IRB, not in rails
9:39PM 2 install Substruct in mac os x
8:44PM 3 is there a to_rss for respond_to blocks in 1.2
8:36PM 1 How to maintain an object between pages?
8:34PM 4 to_xml Hell
8:26PM 2 Database and MVC
8:21PM 6 mongrel PID files and reboot
7:59PM 2 Specify format (xml, html, etc) in functional test
6:30PM 5 dsn-less odbc connections possible?
5:40PM 6 backgroundrb and REXML issue
5:32PM 5 Spent over 24 hours trying to figure this - multiple params
5:14PM 0 script/plugin install seems to have stopped working for me
4:45PM 4 Rails, sessions, and associations?
4:33PM 1 Anyone using RedBox plugin?
4:28PM 0 San Antonio TX Ruby Brigade starting up
3:31PM 0 First Ruby and Ruby On Rails conference in Czech Republic, Ostrava
3:17PM 4 issues with openid
2:55PM 1 Testing errors on a mailer
2:23PM 2 Problem creating records through association using .new
2:11PM 0 is theme_support the only theme plugin in rails?
1:19PM 1 incoming email question
1:06PM 2 Help with multiple file upload
1:01PM 1 Using Array or Hash with Form Select and Elsewhere
12:53PM 4 send_file pdf problem
12:44PM 0 Suggestions for a complex model appreciated
12:12PM 5 Recommended Linux Distro for RoR hosting?
10:17AM 0 REST default response format
9:44AM 3 How to change Date format
8:53AM 6 What does this mean?
8:42AM 0 Need a sample file of dispatch.fcgi, dispatch.rb, .htaccess and .htaccess in root that working on Godaddy !
7:27AM 6 getting svn version info from inside rails application
5:44AM 3 Using act_as_authenticated where two models require different authentication
5:31AM 8 rake not working when called through cron
5:24AM 2 How to put multiple contents in one layout?
4:48AM 1 Find related tags with acts_as_taggable
4:24AM 0 Encoding problem with rails 1.2 and MySql 5.0
3:31AM 0 Slow page render
2:17AM 0 Anyone done postgres replication with slony?
12:31AM 3 Troubles with using gems in Rails
12:26AM 8 RoR on-line store or OSCommerce?
Sunday April 22 2007
11:24PM 2 multiple models from one controller.
11:19PM 3 Caching a model that belongs to another model
10:41PM 9 Making a POST request requires JavaScript?
10:37PM 7 Getting a complete URL from Rails
10:29PM 3 Simple question about showing results
10:05PM 0 Possible to use Piston to manage Mephisto installation while still using svn:externals for vendor/rails?
9:39PM 0 URL for creating nested resources in REST
9:18PM 0 Reading the contents of a text_field_tag within a form
9:12PM 2 why does this add <div style="margin:0;padding:0"> ??
9:06PM 4 call action, render it, then redirect back to itself
9:04PM 4 Is there a bug in the ActiveRecord method validates_format_of
8:52PM 2 Help with exceptions in UI
7:21PM 2 Delete scaffold
5:47PM 1 form_tag using :onsubmit => "confirm('are you sure?')". help
5:19PM 2 Design & Relationships Question
4:09PM 1 validates_format_of
3:40PM 1 Make form have an id
3:34PM 1 Free Printable Voucher for Topamax
3:32PM 0 sanitizing and stripping some html?
3:31PM 0 Free Smart Bag from Enfamil
2:17PM 2 AR Sessions Only work in Dev
10:06AM 2 called javascript method and ruby method with 1 button?
12:31AM 11 Question about ActiveRecord auto-magic
Saturday April 21 2007
11:19PM 0 polymorph without extra tables?
9:08PM 0 Issues with Functional Tests
7:35PM 0 A simple photosharing application written in Ruby on rails
6:42PM 0 who is in charge of manuals.rubyonrails.com?
5:18PM 0 who is in charge of wiki.rubyonrails.com?
3:33PM 7 Database Modeller (Mac)
3:32PM 3 attachment_fu thumbnails
2:41PM 2 tables with only an id
2:20PM 2 RESTful parameters - Why input parameters are so "webish" ?
2:06PM 1 An unknown number of elements
2:03PM 1 Sistema Coastal Vacations
1:43PM 0 Find out whether page is cashed from view
1:24PM 1 Need syntax to submit a new form entry
1:17PM 3 slow ruby execution on FreeBSD
1:12PM 1 New plugin idea - prototype requires test - please complete
12:49PM 0 Building a Ruby on Rails Tech Team
10:17AM 0 Problem in file uploading
9:33AM 2 Struct search
8:27AM 0 dating website
7:51AM 0 Legacy DB and composite keys: how do you approach?
7:31AM 2 Should I have private and public controllers?
6:08AM 0 has_many / has_one polymorphic with conditions
5:33AM 0 Collapsible Hide/Show DIV
2:03AM 0 Rails for Linux on zSeries
1:55AM 0 acts_as_comparable 1.1 released!
12:09AM 1 Helpers and html/code separation
Friday April 20 2007
11:51PM 2 Fixtures ... a newbee mystery...
11:18PM 1 Problem with form_tag
10:43PM 2 Should be a fairly simple activerecord question.
10:25PM 2 Caching of database values
10:16PM 3 Changing an attribute value
9:56PM 1 column link to file, to do an file open or save as
8:59PM 3 has_many :through ... am I missing something here?
8:56PM 0 problem with themes..
8:00PM 0 Looking for Ace Developer in Chicago
7:01PM 3 can you style form elements?
6:45PM 3 OT: Make an outgoing phonecall
6:14PM 1 Mysql and Auto_Increment woes
6:13PM 3 help with RESTful routes
6:10PM 0 No caching of pages when called through AJAX?
5:39PM 1 Text Extraction and Indexing
5:12PM 1 How to update element on view during onclick with RJS?
5:03PM 0 RailsConf 2007 Scheduler
4:29PM 0 how to call controller from script/runner
4:29PM 1 group by issue
3:58PM 0 problems returning collection_select info to controller
3:39PM 0 Getting undefined method `stringify_keys!'
3:07PM 9 render a partial on buttonclick?
2:42PM 1 Rails + Oracle problems
2:37PM 0 happy coder == productive coder?
2:12PM 3 Manuals Site Down?
2:10PM 2 Dumb question on environment variables
2:06PM 2 restful_auth undefied logged_in?
1:57PM 0 Nice O'Reilly blog post by Gregory Brown
1:15PM 1 Rails, Oracle and Legacy Schemas
12:44PM 10 Rails VERY slow on XP, snappy on linux?
12:34PM 1 How to get visitor details
12:33PM 3 can't pass parameters using redirect_to
12:11PM 2 Globalize and SQL Server
12:07PM 0 MS Office 2007 Pro - Download
11:47AM 5 file upload
11:36AM 2 Piston
11:20AM 1 integration testing
11:10AM 1 Problem with render
9:59AM 0 Polymorphic association and saving a has_one association
7:35AM 7 In Place Editing Ideology
7:19AM 1 doing a SQL sum and getting the result into rails
4:49AM 0 Rails validations, how to improve them
2:55AM 3 Not quite sure how to do this?
2:36AM 1 Natual Language processing for Addresses
2:10AM 2 KoderBlogz is just launched
1:08AM 2 MVC Philosophy
12:35AM 4 file_column problem
12:03AM 1 Adding to a struct
Thursday April 19 2007
11:45PM 3 500.html not being returned to IE
11:42PM 0 .columns refresh
11:23PM 4 render_to_string in a model ?
11:02PM 2 STI and validates_uniqueness
10:47PM 4 Simple SQL query from a legacy db
10:40PM 0 Undefine a route?
9:40PM 4 loop action and view
9:18PM 7 update_attributes workaround needed?
9:04PM 0 ActiveResource and Links
7:50PM 0 scRUBYt! 0.2.8
7:34PM 0 Rails developer needed
7:32PM 5 javascript variables
7:29PM 4 Tips to speed up Rails app (thesis)?
7:19PM 2 destroying very large object
7:11PM 1 Controller class variables not available to method partials?
6:33PM 5 Undefined method 'authenticate' for User:Class
6:32PM 2 invalid geometry string in change_geometry
6:31PM 0 Find question
6:22PM 0 noob help - creating a tests for a plugin
6:16PM 0 Segfault city
6:00PM 1 Iterating through all members of a variable?
5:59PM 1 subversion on windows and capistrano
5:49PM 1 Time zone mapping from TimeZone to TZInfo::Timezone
4:27PM 1 account_location plugin
4:18PM 0 RoR developer needed
3:59PM 0 has_many self references
3:48PM 0 newbie question: updating a child row from a form
3:06PM 1 Is anyone interested in a contract job programming Ruby?
2:26PM 4 Namespaces in Rails
2:23PM 2 howto stop rails grabbing the auth for another app in subdir
1:29PM 2 how to generate rDoc for a plugin?
1:16PM 0 Session problem mongrel behind Apache proxy
1:14PM 0 Pagination problem: pagination anchors not working
1:05PM 5 Most common production OS
11:24AM 1 Newbie :: multiple database
10:43AM 1 nested tags with contents in RXML
10:23AM 1 How to redirect to other action when it is called using ajax
10:17AM 1 EzCrypto library usage problem in linux
8:41AM 3 How to sort columns from more than one table using Ajax?
8:18AM 2 Problem: To retrive a specific column by method.find
7:14AM 0 Layouts for RJS templates?
7:05AM 0 Dynamic ActiveRecord Associations
5:23AM 2 basic question about mongrel
5:07AM 0 Anyone able to get attachment_fu (s3) working with OCS Solutions?
4:04AM 2 Just started with RubyOnRails
2:52AM 6 Change URL without actually changing?
1:42AM 4 removing the charset in Content-Type
12:37AM 0 Search by foreign key of foreign key
12:33AM 1 How to escape ? in queries
Wednesday April 18 2007
11:36PM 2 form.text_field display of sql decimal
11:31PM 5 Creating and saving multiple instances to subclass of ActiveRecord in a single control loop. . .?
10:47PM 3 Delete div content automatically after 2 seconds
9:39PM 0 url_for, form_remote_tag when rendered from an ajax reference...
9:17PM 1 Postgres-pr interface not found
8:56PM 1 Optimistic Locking and How to Handle?
8:56PM 3 Tell Rails which version of gems to use
8:55PM 9 Beginner question - overwrite a value in a model
7:33PM 3 Odd button behaviour
7:26PM 0 Controller as subdomain
7:25PM 3 best practice for modifying html header in templates
7:11PM 4 Routing question
6:20PM 0 ruby noob error
6:12PM 6 Rails 1.2 doesn't send POST parameters
6:03PM 0 Forms Generated from Structures
6:01PM 0 using rjs for preview of form b4 save? i think i know....
5:49PM 1 preselected dropdown select in form
5:35PM 2 collection_select
5:15PM 2 Checking validity of NHS numbers
4:54PM 0 limiting results returned by find
4:34PM 3 ' X is not missing constant Y ' , problem after rails update
4:25PM 3 PDF-WRITER dpi change
4:10PM 3 has_one vs. Belongs_to??
4:00PM 3 Getting started and webservices ...
3:37PM 6 Read-only fields.
3:31PM 2 pinging a host
3:19PM 9 Larger Scale Application Structure
2:55PM 1 Mail Queue Plugin
2:51PM 3 Ajax.Request not working in Prototype 1.5.0 and Rails 1.2.3?
2:39PM 1 How to call stored procedure on iodbc
1:59PM 2 Development Environment Workstations
1:42PM 0 Ajax Drog and Drop Sorting Frequency
1:19PM 1 Problems with find(:all, :conditions)
1:13PM 0 find(:all, :conditions => ['loja_id in (?)', Arrau]
1:03PM 1 How to set up proxy for rails app?
12:35PM 1 YAML serialization
12:08PM 4 How to connect and retrieve data from a MS SQL SERVER 2000 database?
11:00AM 3 How to store some data in session
10:17AM 4 SOAP or XML-RPC
9:12AM 10 chat in RoR
7:11AM 3 nil.symbolize_keys -- error with attachment_fu
7:00AM 2 RMagick - CORE_RL_magick_.dll was not found
6:53AM 1 Include gem
6:52AM 0 UMN Mapserver with my rails application
6:34AM 0 rake -- problem
6:27AM 1 Stumped on RXML Template
5:53AM 2 trouble understanding rhtml forms
5:52AM 0 Getting error while server startup/for any ruby operation
4:51AM 0 catching frozen hashes
4:07AM 2 Datagrid with dhtmlxGrid
12:54AM 0 self referential has_many through w/ uniq not working
12:49AM 2 attachment_fu -- specify exact resize value
12:02AM 0 how do collections from associations access class methods?
Tuesday April 17 2007
11:51PM 1 Fixtures wishlist
11:26PM 1 Strange select_date behavior or possible bug
11:12PM 0 Research Project
10:38PM 1 attachment_fu - propagating attributes to thumbnails
10:34PM 2 Do active_record_store sessions expire by default?
9:07PM 1 Using NET::POP3 and ActionMailer successfully. . .?
9:03PM 4 Two databases one app?
7:57PM 5 backgrounDRb versus DRb...
7:30PM 0 grouping controllers in directories
7:17PM 4 search for dates in oracle not working?
6:43PM 0 rflickr: invalid auth token when uploading
6:31PM 1 How to determine if you are in a partial?
6:21PM 1 A plugin that responds to an action
6:20PM 7 = FALSE vs. IS NOT TRUE
6:04PM 2 javascript back or rails way to go back a window?
5:57PM 6 Evaluating variables in Rails views -- help!
5:46PM 1 Image Email Attachments Not Working
5:39PM 5 Instant Rails as a Windows service
4:14PM 5 Looking for feedback on my little domain model
4:14PM 2 Development --> Production
3:50PM 3 How to create a Database Table in a Controller
3:26PM 0 Free 7-Day Supply of Coffee-Mate
3:08PM 3 Acces to restfull route paths in models
3:02PM 1 handling currencies
2:34PM 3 Automatic diagram generation with HTML output
12:43PM 1 Sitealizer Error...
12:39PM 0 Validating uniquesness through double association?
12:37PM 4 render :update with status code?
12:18PM 7 Rails adding dashes to text field in db
12:17PM 0 Helper help - inserting delimiters
10:42AM 1 require_gem is obsolete. Use gem instead.
10:16AM 1 pass data to action without submitting form
9:59AM 1 SQL queries in another DB
9:31AM 0 Do liquid templates play well with RJS?
9:24AM 0 How i can create site map..
9:16AM 1 Problem: insert data in two tables from an input form.
9:15AM 1 sortable_element - No HTML output
8:39AM 0 Help iterating over attributes of an AR object
8:33AM 2 Need help iterating over attributes of a Active record object
5:58AM 2 Simple solution to the 'twitter' scaling problem
5:16AM 1 Need help in Routing
5:02AM 2 how can i found log file of mongrel ?
4:51AM 0 set_primary_key issue
3:40AM 0 why using ajax just stop processing javascript
3:33AM 4 Dreamhost Rails application issues
3:14AM 2 Rake aborted - syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting kEND
3:07AM 4 Tomcat and Rails
2:15AM 1 file_column on dreamhost
2:11AM 6 adding dynamic field to a model ...
12:15AM 7 Manual for PDF::Writer and the railspdf plugin
Monday April 16 2007
11:47PM 0 flash[:notice] = l(:notice_account_password_updated)
11:34PM 1 [Announcement] erubycon :: Enterprise Ruby Conference in Columbus, OH July 16th - 18th
11:28PM 1 Error on "cap setup"
10:07PM 0 Insert multiple rows in single query wrapped in Rails magic?
10:05PM 0 Hiring Lead Programmer {Dynamic Imaging}
10:00PM 3 Can Rails 1.1.6 and 1.2 coexist on the same server?
9:53PM 0 Default Year selection for date_select?
9:11PM 0 Anyone worked with Sitealizer? Having a problem with it
8:47PM 2 Problem with Test Fixtures
8:44PM 0 Running multiple apps
8:41PM 1 Authorization with single table inheritance?
8:29PM 1 Verify a statement about AR Base delete vs. destroy
8:20PM 0 some observations..
8:11PM 4 Web Flow and the session method in ActionController
7:56PM 2 The final hangup before this site goes to live beta and it is a big one
7:43PM 1 baffling undefined method
7:38PM 0 partials, subfolders, and ActionMailer
7:05PM 2 Click twice to load?
7:03PM 7 pdf-file tot desktop with pdf/writer problem
7:02PM 0 allow_concurrency with oracle
6:54PM 1 Can't replace/remove a has_one related object
6:26PM 1 rails in iceland
6:10PM 10 :dependent => :delete_all not working
5:43PM 2 backgrounDrb 0.2.1 seemed to cause site inaccessible
5:23PM 5 Plastic Surgery for RDOC
5:01PM 1 Anyway to get << working with has_many through in Rails 1.2?
4:46PM 6 How to use a form.check_box ?
4:32PM 1 request.raw_post
4:24PM 0 How have you implemented the Presenter pattern?
4:16PM 3 How do you test your REST API with XML?
4:07PM 3 After loading model, can it be again accessed without SQL...
2:51PM 7 How to change the text in a text_field_tag
2:48PM 1 get the value of a field pointed by a foreign key
2:43PM 0 backgroundrb and rails environment in running tests
2:41PM 2 sort by size of column
2:34PM 1 How get size of a column
2:26PM 1 Woooooooooooooooooow The Best Music Search Engine
2:25PM 1 Find controller in Request
2:15PM 1 DoubleRenderError Infinite Loop Mongrel Cluster
1:52PM 0 exec windows command / grab output
12:56PM 2 hi, when do you start worrying about scaling and caching?
12:34PM 1 From development DB to test DB during tests
11:41AM 0 [Migrations] change_column :string to :text what happens?
11:02AM 0 Telling whether action was performed from after/around _filt
10:22AM 1 Dynamically create tables and models depending on parent.attributes?
9:38AM 4 newbie :: Running script at client side
9:17AM 1 Controller call with "process" fails
8:38AM 0 Job - UK Developer Needed (Near Farnham, Surrey)
7:52AM 1 admin authentication
6:57AM 9 Using engines/datetime toolbocks with another plugin
6:41AM 2 script/generate problem
6:11AM 9 Can not generate WSDL
5:49AM 9 best way to check if record exists? count with limit 1?
5:42AM 2 "`/rails/info/properties' not found." Error is displayed
3:09AM 0 The Most Funniest Baby of the Year
2:26AM 2 Ruby on Rails Hosting that supports backgroundRB
1:22AM 2 MultiLingual option for site with Rails
12:29AM 1 :confirm in Mozilla Firefox
Sunday April 15 2007
11:13PM 0 Rails widgets explodes traffic thanks DHH
10:34PM 1 how to use input from text_field via a button..?
9:11PM 3 Using OpenID as Single-Sign-On option for rails apps?
8:56PM 0 WANTED: Senior Ruby on Rails Web Application Developer
8:53PM 2 migration isn't changing my database
8:44PM 1 rails and tooltip
7:32PM 0 Login Generator issues
6:40PM 0 Resizing pagination per_page on existing results
4:06PM 0 Poll sidebar for Typo / Which authentication system do you use?
3:50PM 6 3 models in 1 template
3:50PM 0 adding (dynamically) new functionallities to a view
3:16PM 1 replace_html other controller
3:10PM 1 Can Webrick show directory listings like Apache?
3:02PM 1 url_for in a ActionMailer::Base decendent
1:56PM 0 Strange upload problem
10:45AM 0 Typo
9:37AM 1 which is better between apache or mongrel to be RoR server
9:14AM 6 I'm new to Ruby On Rails...
8:49AM 0 how to ajax
6:09AM 1 help:How to set default value for a column use of migration?
5:41AM 0 how to obtain the selected value from collection_select
4:02AM 5 Railsplayground.com down?
3:30AM 4 eager loading associations fix belongs_to doesn't work
2:01AM 3 Accessing this group from a usenet reader?
12:01AM 0 expire_fragment from observer (not sweeper!)
Saturday April 14 2007
10:13PM 0 http://rubyonrails.com/docs spring clean up ?
10:09PM 2 Possible Active Record bug using :select in find method
9:57PM 1 Reprocess Attachment_fu Thumbnails?
9:30PM 10 Embarrassing question about rhtml
7:53PM 0 Filter customization
7:47PM 2 memcached - multiple puts and deletes?
7:15PM 1 how to add class to date_select helper
6:37PM 4 How do I allow multiple shopping carts per user?
6:35PM 1 link_to with parameters
5:11PM 0 Liberty and Travel sends in Europe and all Hablahispana
4:36PM 0 Active Record questions
4:03PM 0 Test Driven Ajax - assert_xpath, assert_javascript, & assert_ajax
3:20PM 0 Ruby on Rails Software Developmens and Development Manager
3:20PM 0 has_one with reference to the one stored in this object's table?
1:12PM 0 Programming Job
12:51PM 1 Basic: lost mysql command line after install
12:30PM 0 Instant Rails and cygwin problem
12:16PM 2 RoR/mongrel/apache2.2 equivalent to ~ in URL?
11:24AM 3 :delete => Button, link and javascript...how can i do this?
11:04AM 3 Extracting web page source
10:17AM 1 distinguishing "update or create context" from within after_save?
8:57AM 15 So, what size is YOUR monitor?
8:19AM 0 Persistence of a model with arbitrary inheritance
7:42AM 0 sharing one session data for multiple site
5:44AM 0 pretty urls with to_param and rails sweepers problem
2:59AM 1 attachment_fu functional testing
2:47AM 2 map.resources route generation: :format and variables
1:44AM 0 Anymore RailsConf Roomies?
1:29AM 0 ActionMailer rhtml in deep file hierarchy bad?
12:02AM 0 Programmer Career!
Friday April 13 2007
11:45PM 2 Rails ActiveRecord UTC time zone problem
10:58PM 1 Redirecting scripted ActiveRecord o/p to a log
10:56PM 3 Any similar to mysql_insert_id (PHP) in RoR
10:35PM 0 Installing Developed Application on to another PC
10:32PM 0 MIME decoding
10:19PM 0 Default routing to main page and hiding the original request
10:18PM 1 How to create an app plugin?
8:41PM 0 Rails Popup Window Not Passing Session Data
8:33PM 0 Modules and classes
8:20PM 4 Rails 1.2.2 and ranges in AR conditions clause.
7:22PM 0 Put comments before/after each render call automatically?
6:32PM 1 How to read image data offline without using the browser
6:20PM 4 Unencrypted Password Appears in Log
6:15PM 8 SQL syntax: conditions question for less than or equal to
5:25PM 0 full text search - acts_as_ferret, mysql
5:15PM 3 3 questions
5:00PM 2 CSV::Writer and Rails 1.2.3
4:50PM 0 listing, restricting attributes on Single Table Inheritance
4:46PM 1 Processing a CSV file to validity before putting it in the table
4:44PM 0 how to write a page to the cache from a cache sweeper
4:39PM 2 to_json adds double quote to beginning and end of string
4:29PM 0 help putting this code into plugin
4:09PM 2 inplace editor and textarea
4:07PM 5 Bringing Ruby on Rails to the Enterprise- How?
3:42PM 1 how to get the content of text_area
3:01PM 2 has_many :through failed << returning false
2:19PM 3 Stuck on validation
2:03PM 0 Drag image and paste it in droppable
1:28PM 0 sudden NameError after things were working
1:24PM 3 Model Plugin questions
1:06PM 6 global (accessible anywhere), but per-request variable
12:31PM 3 RoR contractor needed
12:28PM 0 Managing joins
11:15AM 3 railsplayground MIA?
10:32AM 0 Captcha Rules
10:07AM 0 rails 1.2 or edge? what to use?
10:02AM 1 session timeout
10:01AM 5 How to create a plugin
9:56AM 0 How to add lang_code to fragment-cache pattern?
9:48AM 4 database relation using RoR
8:31AM 0 Ruby on Rails on managed hosting environment
7:31AM 0 how to change the content of text_area_tag on client side
7:11AM 0 Does any one know of a good file comparator for RoR
6:40AM 0 type cast after attributes=
6:33AM 0 Rails, Resources and Permalinks
6:28AM 0 'thesitepeople' ?
5:03AM 0 Application working very slow
4:46AM 1 How can I use aggregation objects in form_for?
4:40AM 0 Database stops returning results after a period of time.
3:28AM 0 Cutest Car for Cute Gurls.... !!
3:08AM 1 Amazing - Mermaid OR Fish OR a Humen ???
2:55AM 0 hello everyone,this is a test mail..
2:42AM 0 mixin behavior
1:54AM 2 Can't access session from helper?!
1:09AM 3 RJS - replacing html for multiple entries
12:57AM 0 Programming Careers
12:05AM 1 Legacy Join
Thursday April 12 2007
11:58PM 3 Moving to production
11:18PM 0 Help with the acts_as_attachment plugin
11:15PM 2 has_one performance
10:26PM 2 Symbol lookup error in mysql gem
10:17PM 1 HTML table out of a dataset
10:14PM 5 Changing the font around a link_to
9:06PM 4 Installing rspec in Windows
8:23PM 3 Radrails and date in mysql problem
8:19PM 0 Plugins with controllers
8:13PM 0 mysql native binding gem update issues
8:06PM 4 Client Certificates in Mongrel
8:03PM 6 Model.find(:all) - return a list of ids
7:51PM 2 Multiple sessions created per request
7:46PM 0 FlexImage update
7:06PM 3 Model validation crashes my early migrations - what to do?
6:53PM 0 Best Jewelery of the Year 2006-2007
6:48PM 2 Periods in :id causing Apache routing error
6:45PM 1 Grabbing form data using link_to
6:24PM 6 Wikipedia Parser
6:24PM 0 Help on installing SCGI
6:17PM 0 Programming Career
5:54PM 3 Determining width of viewing window
5:31PM 3 Using hashes as find conditions
5:22PM 2 RMagick woes
5:20PM 2 many:many relation on a single table
5:17PM 1 Submit a remote form with a checkbox.
5:12PM 0 web services help / documentation
4:36PM 5 Alex Payne (from twitter): Rails doesn't scale
4:28PM 4 How Should I Fix a NoMethodError?
3:24PM 1 Useful code
2:54PM 1 latest plugin source for rails?
2:48PM 1 double has_many :through
2:43PM 3 yajb breaks when i upgrade to rails 1.2
2:28PM 0 Frozen string error in activerecord
2:17PM 3 ActiveResource
1:59PM 0 Model based in a query
1:29PM 0 Restful authentication automatic login on signup
1:26PM 0 gmail login authentication through net/http
1:17PM 0 Exception backtraces for view plugins
12:19PM 9 .to_xml defined for Arrays, but not Strings? What?
10:58AM 1 Problems of "javascript_include_tag", cannot load the js file in.
10:15AM 0 Real world experience needed
9:45AM 2 Watir on firefox
9:36AM 2 loading a database schema in the InstantRails MySQL
8:29AM 1 unexpected result with RJS on IE6
7:43AM 5 Ruby-ODBC compiled for Windows... Anything newer than 0.997?
7:32AM 2 Prototype/jquery/yui-ext
7:25AM 0 No route found to match "/dispatch.fcgi" with {:method=>:get}
6:57AM 5 activescaffold vs streamlined vs ?
6:51AM 0 Using :method => :put with form_remote_tag
6:49AM 0 reg pagination in ajax
6:44AM 0 Add two rows in single submission
6:31AM 10 Do I have to use Rails to use a database?
6:22AM 0 for user submitted content, textile or inspected html ?
1:20AM 0 javascript action and rails action in 1 button
1:15AM 0 console and updated_at/on
1:10AM 0 XML into a database?
12:16AM 0 Problems freezing when multiple rails versions are installed
12:14AM 2 Re: Follow-Up: Receiving Inbound Email and Creating Data in
Wednesday April 11 2007
11:56PM 1 error about "gem install mysql -r "?
11:30PM 0 Cascading select menus in Rails?
11:21PM 0 Timeouts when using the project scripts
9:45PM 0 WIN23OLE and file_field
9:45PM 2 I can't seem to make the jump from 1.1.6 to 1.2.3
9:39PM 1 test
9:39PM 1 Programmer Career
9:17PM 1 Nested Controllers/Models/Views
8:53PM 5 Nil Issue
8:31PM 0 Removing the path_prefix from a route
8:24PM 0 Session access
8:07PM 8 Appt. Calendaring
7:49PM 1 roll your own blog roll
7:13PM 2 NoMethodError: undefined method `url_for'
6:45PM 5 Mock/Stub out ActiveMerchant?
6:39PM 0 Count in a date field
6:12PM 2 localized active record errors
5:53PM 0 [Correction] Milwaukee RUG Meeting on Wednesday 4/18 @ 5:30
5:47PM 0 Milwaukee RUG Meeting tonight @ 5:30
5:28PM 6 BeginnerQ: Combining a form_for with find() to search mysql
5:00PM 2 Ruby Module in ROR
4:58PM 0 Easiest way to order similar items in results/ActiveRecord
4:06PM 1 Does Ruby 1.8.6 fix the Breakpointer problem?
3:37PM 0 Script to reorder your migrations
3:23PM 0 Ferret
3:15PM 0 search field bug
3:14PM 3 password bug
2:41PM 1 getting auto-generated id without calling save
1:49PM 1 RMagick: unable to open image `big-duck.gif': No such file
1:18PM 3 ferret could't find segments file
12:10PM 2 can we use MS Word Template using Ruby
12:03PM 0 How do I define a multi-layer aggregation structure?
10:30AM 2 Observers, environment.rb and application.rb
9:20AM 5 WIN32OLE MS Word Help
8:15AM 2 Why use :new for own creation actions for restful resources ?
8:11AM 8 Newbee can not install rails
7:50AM 0 Routing Module to mixin
5:40AM 0 testing helper link completely fails!
5:33AM 1 double array
5:24AM 10 UI tool with RoR?
5:22AM 4 UI tool with Ror
4:41AM 0 Ready to use blogs, forums, newsletter features in Rails
4:41AM 1 Engines and migrations
3:57AM 8 Ajax call really slow...
3:24AM 0 Google Maps
3:16AM 2 Open Browser Window help
1:22AM 1 displaying query results with no looping
12:44AM 0 flickr.rb won't accept tags with only one photo
12:12AM 5 NoMethodError
12:10AM 3 What's the best way to learn how to program
Tuesday April 10 2007
10:49PM 2 Populating a column automatically based on the sum of other columns in the same row
10:33PM 0 Programming Career For You
9:51PM 4 Referring to mp3 files not in a database
9:21PM 0 Mappoint (Microsoft mapping) and ruby on rails
9:19PM 2 AJAX and non-xml entities
9:08PM 5 Ruby on Rails site with 10 million users?
8:50PM 3 Link to local files
8:29PM 8 Big Error, need help fast :(
8:05PM 0 Two RailsConf tickets for sale
7:44PM 0 action_profiler choking on Rails 1.2.2
7:28PM 4 How To: Remove a Partial
7:20PM 4 Validation
6:21PM 5 Can one prevent nil from being submitted when ":include_blank => true"?
6:19PM 5 Passing in lng and lat via URL, integers work but not floats
6:18PM 2 Action Controller: Nil Object
6:13PM 2 dynamic models
6:13PM 0 help with Acts As Taggable On Steroids
6:03PM 1 emoticons to images
5:45PM 0 has-many-through relationship - deleting DB rows
5:43PM 0 Multiple after_deploys in deploy.rb
5:36PM 5 Has_many and belons_to Problem
5:23PM 2 How To: Special Date Formats
4:59PM 0 As to call "helper" that this inside of a folder.
4:55PM 0 Capistrano, beta deployment and different database?
4:47PM 1 warning: Object#id will be deprecated; use Object#object_id
4:44PM 0 Looking for a great Designer/Design Team!
4:29PM 2 Question from Super-Novice regarding Permalink
4:26PM 2 uploading a folder ?
3:58PM 1 AWD page 624-626 Understanding how Apache, Mongrel and Rais work together?
3:39PM 1 Searching for a Rails Wiki-Plugin
3:39PM 6 Skipping a data migration for Test environment
3:39PM 1 Finding and defeating a stale object
2:53PM 1 rubyonrails.org/api.rubyonrails.org
2:35PM 0 Panasonic Plasma TV Sweepstakes
2:34PM 1 Free Lotion Sample (Trial Size Bottle)
2:33PM 0 Free PureVision Contacts + $30 Rebate
2:21PM 0 meet beautiful womans
2:09PM 5 displaying euro sign? browser displays as question mark
1:42PM 8 how to get a backgroundrb worker to delete itself?
1:19PM 2 Can I unit test backgroundrb workers?
12:45PM 0 rake test:functionals seg fault
12:10PM 7 Newbie :: Help !!! (database record compare)
11:57AM 2 Mechanize help
11:22AM 1 backgroundrb and functional testing
11:12AM 6 attachment_fu cropping
11:12AM 1 backgroundrb and authorization/sessions
10:39AM 4 Number format checking
10:15AM 0 How to test views
10:06AM 5 newbie :: Convert integer to string in Ruby
9:08AM 0 London Ruby User Group - 16th April, 2007
8:40AM 0 Redbox Help
8:13AM 3 easiest way to order by field in joined table
7:40AM 0 Change in default xml, rjs respond_to templates that Rails looks for on edge Rails
7:14AM 0 best related select / sub-list plugin?
7:07AM 0 Best way to develop a self-contained widget ?
5:39AM 1 protecting source code
4:08AM 10 Could eBay be built with Rails?
3:51AM 2 problem in vpim/vcard
3:22AM 0 ANN: Singapore Ruby Brigade Meeting
2:24AM 0 No 1. AntiVirus of the year - Freeware download
1:46AM 2 beginner question about refreshing a page containing an observe_field managed div
1:34AM 1 ActiveRecord: Pointing to two records in one table from a record in another table
1:34AM 5 Difficulty with body in ActionMailer
1:29AM 1 script/install plugin on local box is the same as copying...
1:18AM 0 captcha validation shuts webrick server down
1:03AM 2 acts_as_tree - how do I let the user create subnodes?
12:56AM 1 Multiple Nested Includes
12:36AM 9 How to Work with Tables That Don't Have a Numeric PK?
12:08AM 6 Beginner Error: You have a nil object
12:05AM 1 rails/info/properties wont work in production
Monday April 9 2007
11:56PM 0 Is anyone aware of a size limitation on hash keys?
11:46PM 0 Find Programming Job?
11:46PM 1 Where to put a file in io.foreach?
10:50PM 1 Fixing Broken attachment_fu File Paths
10:01PM 1 ArgumentError with Acts as Authenticated
9:47PM 8 How do I use link_to with all the current options?
9:36PM 2 Memcache storage failing across mongrels
8:54PM 0 Building a "between filter"? Any ideas welcome..
8:42PM 2 namespaces in ruby - question about 2 classes with the same name
7:20PM 1 SQL Server stored procs w/multiple result sets?
7:17PM 3 How to get around observe_field 'template missing' error?
5:03PM 1 help with ActiveRecord joins
5:01PM 6 gruff send_data
4:58PM 0 ActionMailer: uninitialized constant
4:57PM 4 change a value inside button_to_function with js
4:35PM 1 redirecting if cookie doesn't exist
4:04PM 3 Unexpected "unexpected kEND, expecting $"
3:57PM 0 Strange problem with accentuated characters
3:48PM 1 Why comments feed is opening as a dialog box
3:46PM 0 How to render my own error pages correctly?
3:24PM 2 Is a javascript object accessible in the .rjs file (AJAX) ?
3:16PM 2 planetrubyonrails.com is down
3:12PM 1 multi-way join files with types? (resend)
2:14PM 2 unsigned column
2:05PM 2 Checking redirection or the previous action
2:03PM 1 convention over configuration
1:07PM 0 add_index problems
1:03PM 3 Two databases in testing
12:56PM 3 how to get the content of text_area in controller ?
12:52PM 1 tinymce and rails, can i do this?
12:30PM 2 Problems with relations
11:53AM 2 how to change the font size of text_area
11:15AM 4 How do i switch off error wrapping for a specific field?
11:05AM 6 Problems with validation
10:55AM 0 File upload artifacts
10:32AM 0 myspace login authentication using myspace
10:17AM 4 Migrations: determine migration number in self.up()?
9:31AM 1 Help! Error occurs while creating db schema for MySQL 5.0 using migration.
8:38AM 1 Problem on Dreamhost: engine for rails 1.1.6
8:13AM 2 getting value of hidden field
7:00AM 3 Override destroy -- how to save it?
4:26AM 7 How can I create a column of bigint sql type in migration?
3:05AM 0 rubygems LoadError with Apache
2:53AM 2 Quick question regarding params...
2:33AM 2 Is there a utility tool to check the convention between DB table and AR model?
12:11AM 1 Errors
Sunday April 8 2007
9:57PM 0 attachment_fu Update Problem - Broken Images
8:58PM 8 need a second set of eyes to help me
8:54PM 13 attachment_fu thumbnail not created
6:37PM 1 How-to: Hierarchical model object: Object with relation to it's own class
6:08PM 1 number in hash key
4:19PM 1 application.rhtml multiple render/include output from different controllers
2:56PM 3 Migration problem
2:51PM 2 link_to external site, without "http://" in url
11:36AM 1 acts_as_attachment save file in folder named after models parent id
10:28AM 0 acts_as_subversion spotted
9:32AM 0 I'm looking for Ruby Developers
9:03AM 0 Looking For Programming Job?
5:39AM 1 attachment_fu + S3 - re-save problem
5:32AM 0 Why would BlueCloth use an EscapeTable of MD5 hash values?
5:13AM 1 attachment_fu file upload optional in 'new' view?
4:09AM 0 The MOle plugin...
2:23AM 2 @request problem in functional tests
1:55AM 3 rjs condition problem
12:46AM 0 select html for habtm
12:25AM 0 Plugin packs at the plugin directory
Saturday April 7 2007
11:28PM 1 Optional model relations
9:59PM 0 PluginAWeek: fixture_references - Clean up your fixtures
8:07PM 2 functional test question
7:33PM 1 how to make a wap version ?
4:06PM 0 Windows Tweaks Secrets - Speedup Windows
2:32PM 3 Ajax problem - works once, but not again
1:59PM 1 wrong number of arguments
11:26AM 1 openId with RESTful authentication?
10:08AM 0 Single Table Inheritance and HABTM Problem
6:45AM 0 Mac on Rails
6:22AM 0 Looking for advice in how to build this project
6:06AM 1 Undefined Method 'rewrite' when calling link_to
4:30AM 0 SSR Commander, basic ruby example
2:45AM 1 redirect_to with :anchor doesn't work in IE
1:10AM 1 Hot to: use routes to url rewrite
Friday April 6 2007
11:23PM 2 Submitting a remote form without any rendering.
10:15PM 6 STI and has_many :through not playing nicely
9:21PM 0 rdoc error
8:42PM 3 Mailer method missing
8:31PM 3 How to find rows where no row in associated table exists?
7:54PM 9 REST
7:29PM 2 Installing Rails on Ubuntu Edgy
7:21PM 2 Question on creating small mailing list within large application
7:18PM 4 Follow-Up: Receiving Inbound Email and Creating Data in Rails App
7:00PM 1 Software Engineer Needed
6:15PM 0 How to convert a string's charset?
5:16PM 0 Setting headers in TestRequest
3:59PM 0 unknown constant when using habtm?
3:57PM 0 << Top 10 Wedding Dresses >>
3:17PM 0 Mongrels slower than Webrick??
3:09PM 10 activerecord, created_on column
2:10PM 0 View this page "was spam"
1:45PM 0 sell-jordan-shoes-air force1-nike-dunk-clothes
1:45PM 0 sell-nike-jordan-air force1-max tn-dunk-clothes
1:30PM 0 Possible bug in ActiveRecord::Base#to_xml and caching
1:03PM 4 using Ruby as a front end for a trading system
12:09PM 0 ?: Quasi Aspect Oriented Programming with Plugins...
11:58AM 0 Textmate Ruby/Rails Developers - Your input re required snippets/bundles for the Netbeans Ruby support module would be appreciated!
11:30AM 1 Need help with concat and binding
10:52AM 3 HABTM, getting join model vars
10:05AM 8 Questions about ActiveRecord aggregation.
8:19AM 4 how to execute create table on fly
6:36AM 1 Route errors in functional tests
6:19AM 0 attachment_fu rake plugin test aborting
4:41AM 0 How to Build a Rescission Calendar in Rails
4:37AM 0 ruby doc errorr
4:31AM 3 attachment_fu File System Storage Change - Update?
4:26AM 0 anyway to dry this up?
4:17AM 3 Flash Message after each Ajax request
4:00AM 0 gangtsa on rails
3:55AM 6 deploying rails as a sub-url
2:41AM 8 Strange application.rhtml rendering
2:29AM 3 @ vs self in models?
2:00AM 3 Web brick is it that bad
1:26AM 2 finder_sql and sql injection ?
1:11AM 1 Relationships in RoR
Thursday April 5 2007
11:34PM 1 struggling with upgrade from 1.1.6
10:04PM 5 Rails Server
9:53PM 2 Advice on Learning RoR
9:34PM 0 Agile Web Development Question
9:18PM 2 Howto test RJS templates?
9:14PM 1 Using rest via rails
9:12PM 2 Question about Rake
9:06PM 1 i need to link an item in the 'yield'
9:00PM 2 Codes work in console, irb, but not on website
8:14PM 6 Database connection
8:11PM 1 How To: Browser version, OS Version ??
7:51PM 0 AWS RPC API's with dynamic params
7:40PM 0 Multiple Non-Arbitrary File Uploads
6:42PM 3 App ignores cached pages and re-caches them again and again...
6:12PM 3 Mongrel Clusters on Windows
6:00PM 1 Has many with multiple joins
5:38PM 3 Can RJS cause page refresh?
5:23PM 7 noob struggling to learn
4:51PM 0 A new server has gone away message
4:44PM 1 My mongrel keeps shutting down
4:40PM 4 How to DRY This? (params=>var?)
4:34PM 1 Is the mailing list still receiving messages?
4:30PM 4 backgrounddrb problem..
3:48PM 0 rake test swallowing errors
3:19PM 4 Why are we so productive with Rails?
3:12PM 2 ON DELETE RESTRICT: Problems with fixtures loading?
3:12PM 2 Setting shourtcuts keys
3:05PM 1 simply helpful form methods?
2:58PM 0 defining a global scope on a model
2:36PM 1 How do i see SQL in my logs?
1:56PM 0 conditions when using include
1:35PM 0 URL generation
1:20PM 0 unexpected behavior of before_validation
1:00PM 2 REST with :name as unique identifier, rather than :id
12:43PM 0 Ruby Roundup Podcast Episode 3 available
12:34PM 0 Saving memory in with fork() and copy on write
12:04PM 0 date
11:21AM 1 Non-ruby-conform association question
11:03AM 1 Add record to database via form
10:40AM 3 recommended application as example
10:39AM 1 You have a nil object when you didn't expect it!
9:53AM 0 observing textfields in a form (AJAX)
9:16AM 4 newbie :: Create document from database
9:16AM 0 Fork process from controller fails...
9:00AM 0 Create document from database
8:45AM 3 is 'type' a reserved word?
8:44AM 9 Rails based content management.
8:23AM 1 newbie question about host configuration
6:42AM 3 Mephisto and rmote posting
5:44AM 1 Human-friendly time period descriptions
4:33AM 0 problem with script/plugin install
4:26AM 0 restful_authentication with web services
4:24AM 6 ImageScience
4:10AM 0 Having trouble editing self-reference join model attribute
3:52AM 2 Is there a better way to use migrations?
3:28AM 7 How to: programmatically choose a partial to render
3:04AM 3 REST route not working
2:05AM 2 URL check URL validity
2:03AM 3 Programmatically disabling validates_presence_of for an instance of a model.
1:59AM 1 ferret error
12:36AM 1 regular expression and routing
12:27AM 0 flash hash with ajax and redirect_to
12:14AM 0 Unique Boolean Condition Constraint
Wednesday April 4 2007
10:23PM 2 two redirect_to from one action
9:52PM 3 routing to the main www subdomain for specific controllers
9:34PM 2 Simple RJS Calls Not Working
8:36PM 0 :include and conditions
7:33PM 1 Getting aditional data from auto_complete
7:05PM 0 Many to many self join. Data insertion using text box
7:01PM 4 joining across databases in a find statement with include (legacy db)
6:54PM 1 Rails applications deployed as subdomains of Rails application - how to?
6:01PM 2 actions and controllers question
5:57PM 7 Freelance Rails Developer Wanted
5:41PM 9 flash message not shown after redirect_to
5:37PM 4 Order a find using a has_many association
5:32PM 1 Database and migration question
4:47PM 2 rjs problems...
4:43PM 3 ez_where problems
4:24PM 2 indentifier needs to be constant error when calling Struct.new
3:44PM 1 mac osx and linux same work environment? for example can i..
3:29PM 2 Difference between Background DRb and AJAX
3:13PM 1 where to get the slate CMS?
3:02PM 1 observe_field radio
2:53PM 0 Error in rails application
2:35PM 2 Call specific model validators from controllers
2:35PM 2 best approach for dynamic table display
2:19PM 3 why use image_tag helper and not <img> tag
2:11PM 1 form_remote_tag and form parameters problem in edge
2:00PM 0 Funny Photographer Baby - Say Cheesss !!!!!
12:58PM 0 acts_as_versioned with acts_as_paranoid not creating new versions on destroy
12:48PM 1 (Newbie) Help adding own actions to restful controllers to create records
11:20AM 0 Norwegian users: New norwegian Ruby on Rails forum
10:31AM 1 Render a Drop Down
9:40AM 4 Routing errors in production, RoR 1.2+
9:40AM 2 Lazy loading of scriptaculous
8:01AM 2 [OT] New old-car website looking for beta testers
7:52AM 1 Problem with loading acts_as_authenticated plugin
7:33AM 0 error occurred while evaluating nil.accepts
7:22AM 2 New to Ruby: Databases?
6:06AM 2 understanding routes.rb
5:39AM 0 Rejecting multiple requests within same session
5:21AM 2 [PLUGIN] ArPaginator - Allows you to easily paginate over any existing AR queries.
5:20AM 1 [PLUGIN] count_from_query - easily convert finder queries into count queries
5:19AM 0 Webrick startup problem
4:54AM 4 updating multiple fields
4:35AM 4 ===.() not being called in case statement
4:30AM 1 Easy one
3:53AM 0 ArgumentError - AuthenticatedSystem
1:58AM 0 with_scope :limit is ignored when I do an association
1:29AM 2 attribute_names and/or values?
1:19AM 5 Finding highest value in a Hash
1:12AM 1 shopping cart
12:56AM 7 Status: 500 Internal Server Error - A session_key is required to write a cookie containing the session data ???
12:56AM 2 Browser Determination
12:06AM 8 Can I capture the SQL generated from a query?
Tuesday April 3 2007
11:47PM 0 Ad-aware 2007 - Free Download
11:43PM 0 << Top 10 Highest Buildings - The World Records >>
11:37PM 0 Annoying NoMethodError
11:04PM 0 a fix for an annoying bug
11:00PM 4 RESTful URL quesiton
10:09PM 2 queries
9:45PM 2 conditions array results in undefined
9:43PM 0 webrick with netbios alias not working
9:21PM 3 Form Observers
8:50PM 0 syslog logger performance
8:50PM 0 not showing dates < Date.today in date_select
7:42PM 2 First post - InstantRails issues
7:42PM 0 Link_to_remote and SSL problem
7:35PM 2 has_many :through associated object ids assignment error
7:33PM 1 Change From headers in ActionMailer
6:47PM 4 Gruff & legend problems
5:45PM 1 Where clause for a has_many
5:37PM 5 DoubleRender Question: who can answer?
5:21PM 4 Menu and Sitemap Component for RoR
5:19PM 2 Storing a request for later execution
4:23PM 2 mongrel cluster restart with capistrano fails but manually works
4:21PM 0 Problem met symlink
4:12PM 3 end_form_tag
4:01PM 0 Which request-method returns the whole REQUEST_URI?
3:33PM 0 CruiseControl.rb 1.1
3:24PM 2 Model class as join table
3:04PM 0 Ruby on Rails Developers required
2:52PM 0 Grouping by multiple items
2:38PM 1 Some timezone trouble involving tzinfo and postgresql
2:33PM 0 undefined method `stringify_keys!' for
2:08PM 0 Public directory problem
2:02PM 1 RadRails doesen't show a database!
2:00PM 2 Image Getter
12:49PM 4 Replacing ERB with Erubis
12:41PM 9 Admin::Contr does not use layouts/admin/application.rhtml!
12:25PM 1 render :partial
11:54AM 1 recursion in .rhtml views ?
11:50AM 5 Toffee Plugin 0.2 - Automated Admin Screens
11:41AM 3 native mysql client
11:30AM 4 Fowler style "Two Step View" implementation
11:00AM 0 [Sybase Adaptor] find_by_xxx does not work correctly.
10:49AM 1 Ruby on Rails versus Zope/Plone
10:47AM 0 multi-way join files with types?
9:19AM 0 how not to cach /lib files
8:41AM 2 help creating plugin?
7:48AM 0 Any have news on Scruffy Graphs?
5:31AM 0 activerecord utf8 special characters odd behavior
4:37AM 1 functional test, fixtures should load by myself ?
4:34AM 1 Weired render action question! help!
4:17AM 3 Form not invoking "create" action in production
3:57AM 1 Strategy For Pagination?
3:50AM 7 ajax output not rendering as it should
3:29AM 23 disadvantages of Ruby on Rails
1:53AM 6 Ruby on Rails ebook
1:33AM 1 What's the pattern for "has many of yourself"?
1:09AM 3 Is it too late to put stuff in the head?
12:53AM 1 Views/Controllers
12:37AM 0 https protocol... forcing for a controller...
12:36AM 13 Forwarding between controllers
12:23AM 6 Page Caching appears to cause certain actions to render blank
12:03AM 1 encrypting data using Blowfish/cbc
Monday April 2 2007
11:14PM 0 ismap server side imagemap
10:50PM 0 Date tzinfo and european format
10:29PM 6 RoR Hosting w/ Terabytes of Disk Space?
10:09PM 0 Medical Transcription A Doctor's Best Friend
10:07PM 3 Hash to array of arrays
9:45PM 0 >< Precious Jewellery 2007 ><
9:34PM 1 Jester 1.0 - REST in JavaScript
9:19PM 0 Seymore - Content Management On Rails (r31)
9:06PM 0 ruby 1.8.6 installation error on linux
9:04PM 1 SVN Propget error linking to techno-weenie.net
8:48PM 19 Pref for beginner book: Wrox (Holzner) or Ruby for Rails?
8:34PM 1 svn revision # for rails rel_1-2-3 ? - How do I find this?
7:48PM 3 REST and nested resources more than one level?
7:43PM 1 paginating_find view example?
7:43PM 1 Get attributes of model which are accessible?
7:13PM 0 Extra RailsConf 2007 ticket available
7:02PM 7 boolean? Emit "Yes" or "No", not "true" or "false"
6:53PM 0 rake test, disable rebuild of test database
6:52PM 2 User-level database connections (MySQL)
6:47PM 0 Searching for the source of a method
6:31PM 3 Problems I have had in trying to advocate Rails based solutions:
6:17PM 2 Tips on troubleshooting Rails?
6:14PM 0 Fixtures.create_fixtures with any desired filenames?
6:06PM 2 redirect_to an uncertain hash
5:53PM 0 Web service -vs- HTTP form problems
5:47PM 7 Migrations: something like before_up/after_up hook?
5:21PM 4 Ajax
5:05PM 2 Using Mongrel but not Rails?
4:41PM 0 acts_as_list - no such method error
4:31PM 0 a2b2, what do you tell me ?
4:24PM 1 Memcache - any understand how this would work?
4:06PM 0 google GData
3:55PM 2 Ruby string parsing
3:39PM 10 multiple virtual host?
3:27PM 3 multithreading
3:09PM 4 Displaying mapped values from the database
2:52PM 2 How to get dynamic ajaxified calendar similar to one in highrise
2:06PM 1 Odd file_column behaviour..
1:50PM 6 Ruby Class Variables
1:06PM 0 Limiting records selected from table in db
11:41AM 0 Re: how to make template
11:26AM 3 model inheritence and relational databases
11:08AM 3 What is hijacking exceptions?
10:47AM 0 How to disable fixture loading ?
9:28AM 1 Gruff
8:46AM 0 Actions from many controllers on one page
8:31AM 0 Lil Help? New App Needs Beta Testers
8:05AM 0 finds on child models
7:50AM 1 [Announce] The Lucid Arts Project
7:50AM 1 acts_as_authenticated + authorization plugin = Can only render or redirect once per action ?
7:02AM 0 User accounts
6:27AM 0 Migrations
5:33AM 5 whatstheplan.com - a better way to plan events online
4:32AM 5 Accessing another table in a different rhtml file
4:30AM 21 Strip out ALL javascript from HTML source.
4:22AM 0 JSON Parser in ROR
3:38AM 0 form_for vs remote_form_for
3:36AM 1 remote form not rendering
2:50AM 0 STI and has_many
1:55AM 7 I'd like to Open Source my app -- advice?
12:50AM 0 link_to_remote external rails app?
12:37AM 0 Almond Chocolate Coffee Cake - Delicious !!!
Sunday April 1 2007
11:53PM 0 Microsoft Windows XP Games - Secrets
11:47PM 0 Ruby Hoedown 2007 - Invited Speakers Announcement and Call for Participation!
11:31PM 18 make jpg thumbnails from vids in database
11:16PM 1 Ajax response not evaluating?
10:47PM 5 Ajax on Rails
10:46PM 12 How to List Records in Descending Order?
10:26PM 4 How to open scaffold show, edit, new etc in iframe
9:17PM 1 remove habtm item?
9:08PM 3 Newbie... Layouts and how to create universal header throughout site...
8:27PM 4 Some help for form builder?
8:20PM 17 Retrospectiva - Web project management on Rails
8:19PM 0 Looking after an technical evangelist
8:14PM 0 Replace value after retrieving from database
7:03PM 7 database.yml: encoding: utf8 does not work
6:58PM 1 Daily Kos cancels Rails redesign
6:33PM 8 How to use ActiveResource with Rails version 1.2.3
5:16PM 2 "-" instead of "_" in routes?
5:00PM 2 polite plugin migrations
4:45PM 0 SOLVED - Re: ActionView::Helpers::TextHelper - auto_link
4:21PM 0 Extended deadline for RailsConf Europe proposals!
4:15PM 1 Validation non-model fields
3:12PM 1 University Ruby on Rails Survey
3:10PM 3 my rails exit strategy
3:07PM 0 Download Free ScreenSavers and Wallpapers!
1:50PM 2 how to handle all errors?
1:49PM 1 The Ruby Way For Grouping And Sorting An Array
9:24AM 0 View this page "Frinzo - Dating & Friendship"
9:21AM 0 A New Dating & Friendship Website Now Open .. JOIN NOW FOR FREE .. !!
4:46AM 2 acts_as_authenticated session storage
3:44AM 5 Finding and Ordering by associations
2:34AM 8 No stacktrace on errors (edge rails)
12:18AM 0 rails plugin: click_track 0.1 released
12:06AM 3 http_authentication plugin on edge rails