R help - Jan 2013

Thursday January 31 2013
11:55PM 2 rbind Missing Something: Need New Eyes
10:20PM 0 RODBC and datetimes
10:09PM 1 Problems Desing Package
9:13PM 2 glm poisson and quasipoisson
9:12PM 2 Automated Start for new Rgui within existing R code?
8:11PM 0 Fw: D_f_norm function
8:06PM 1 LogLik of nls
8:02PM 0 D_f_norm function
6:45PM 1 For loop on data frame
4:59PM 0 rgenoud and snow
4:18PM 0 Longitudinal RelaImpo in LME4
3:57PM 1 Regression Modeling Strategies 3-Day Short Course March 2013
3:56PM 1 obtainl survival curves for single strata
3:51PM 3 Locate Patients who have multiple high blood pressure readings
3:42PM 2 Help with multiple barplots
2:34PM 2 use name (not values!) of a dataframe inside a funktion
11:52AM 5 Modify objects in function
11:12AM 1 lower corner cumulative probability
9:12AM 0 Addressing results of modFit() of the FME package
9:05AM 1 facet plot
8:32AM 1 Using eigen() for extracting only few major eigenpairs
7:28AM 1 I want to download "garchOxFit" function.
6:26AM 2 Package name
5:38AM 1 Please, problem using “bcPower”
4:45AM 2 Writing audio files (.wav) in a different directory
12:19AM 1 Packages with functionality related to Oil/Gas exploration
12:19AM 1 XBRL data into R?
Wednesday January 30 2013
9:23PM 1 fSeries not found in R
9:20PM 0 testing the multiple regression model
8:32PM 3 arithmetic and logical operators
8:32PM 0 betadisper plot
7:53PM 0 non-metric multidimensional scaling
7:33PM 0 Going in circles
4:50PM 2 How does predict() calculate prediction intervals?
4:01PM 1 starting values in glm(..., family = binomial(link =log))
3:00PM 0 texture mapping images on the faces of a cuboid with rgl
2:09PM 0 Version 1.2 of pa package available on CRAN
2:04PM 0 temporal correlogram
1:33PM 1 remove label from specific axis
11:34AM 1 Percentages in bar plot
10:12AM 0 (no subject)
9:42AM 2 recoding variables again :(
9:20AM 0 Arima model estimated by Maximum likelihood conditional on a zero initial residual
9:19AM 2 Integration of mixed normal distribution
9:05AM 2 substring from behind
8:49AM 4 Relative Risk in logistic regression
8:09AM 2 Add axes to a 3D scene (afer makeTriangles)
8:04AM 2 Programmatically give file name to a matrix
6:02AM 1 R CMD check: Error in get("ptime", pos = "CheckExEnv") ...
3:21AM 1 Creating dummy variables in r
2:20AM 0 Warning: Spatial weights matrix not row standardized
1:13AM 0 width of terminal resize to current dimensions on linux Gnome terminal
Tuesday January 29 2013
11:21PM 0 cannot print neighbor list object
11:08PM 1 Finding predicted probabilities and their confidence intervals for a logit model
9:11PM 4 Fastest way to compare a single value with all values in one column of a data frame
8:48PM 2 export figure by pdf command
8:29PM 1 points rejected as lying outside the specified window
8:28PM 1 R-help archives --- are they up-to-date?
7:05PM 0 Package parallel left orphan processes, how to clean-up?
6:37PM 1 Sweave files generating miktex errors
5:50PM 0 weibull pp
5:16PM 0 Setting -sys.setenv()- permanently in Linux using RStudio
4:12PM 1 identify non-recursive models
3:37PM 2 Netcdf and Raster Package Questions, Need .asc File for GIS
3:08PM 2 Change rows and columns
1:57PM 1 A question about R
1:44PM 3 how to suppress the intercept in an lm()-like formula method?
1:26PM 1 starting values in glm(..., family = binomial(link = log))
1:02PM 0 R on AIX 6.1
11:52AM 0 checking the significance of the effects of altitude on endemic species richness
11:14AM 0 Bioconductor flowcytometry
10:46AM 0 Number of pieces in segmented package
10:40AM 2 remove margin between plot and axis
10:35AM 0 svy equivalent of pairwise.t.test
10:26AM 1 ccf (cross correlation function) problems
7:53AM 1 problem wih plotrix:cluster.overplot
7:49AM 0 On the calulation of crossed differences
7:01AM 3 Can I define a object array in R?
2:21AM 3 NA and Character(0) in List Element
2:00AM 2 converting XML document to table or dataframe
1:58AM 0 Best way to plot normalization in R
Monday January 28 2013
11:48PM 2 Pivot
11:11PM 0 Using relaimpo or relimp with PLM and GLS
10:35PM 2 centering matrix
9:39PM 0 Repeated Measures and Dependen pre-test variable
9:26PM 2 R plot like candlestick
8:50PM 1 gigFit problems
7:43PM 0 Requirement for Informatica Administrator [REQ:1066499]
5:53PM 1 Adding 95% contours around scatterplot points with ggplot2
4:37PM 1 RandomForest and Missing Values
2:48PM 6 Thank you your help.
2:44PM 2 pROC in "R"
1:52PM 2 Query on package to use for investment quotes
12:41PM 0 Modeling presence only data in R
11:06AM 1 Using loop for a random vector (Montecarlo method)
11:03AM 2 Adjusted R-squared formula in lm()
10:43AM 1 platform specific "Depends" argument?
10:42AM 2 Variability Plot For Toray Microarray Data
10:42AM 1 Setting inline hook to a function identical to default in knitr turns of exponential formatting
7:29AM 1 parse/eval and character encoded expressions: How to deal with non-encoding strings?
6:11AM 2 How to create a random matrix with conditions
5:36AM 2 Why are the number of coefficients varying? [mgcv][gam]
5:17AM 1 Request for unsubscribe from this forum.
5:12AM 0 R package for normalizing microarray with few samples
1:40AM 2 an "echo" question
Sunday January 27 2013
10:27PM 0 Package for multi-dimensional terminal value ODE solver
10:05PM 3 Package: VennDiagram. Error in draw.pairwise.venn Impossible: cross section area too large
9:10PM 2 Unexpected behavior with abbreviation of an argument to paste
9:05PM 1 set.seed()
7:31PM 2 rpart
5:26PM 1 lapply and SpatialGridDataFrame error
3:37PM 1 positioning a light source within a rgl-plot
1:53PM 4 how to extract values from a raster according to Lat and long of the values?
8:02AM 2 Loops
7:33AM 1 scan not working
5:37AM 1 Removing values containing a specific character
3:36AM 1 decimal places in R2HTML
2:26AM 1 How to remove packages from the active working window
Saturday January 26 2013
10:25PM 3 Converting column of strings to boolean
9:12PM 2 confidence / prediction ellipse
9:08PM 2 Text mining
9:03PM 0 FI 1.0 avaliable on CRAN
8:00PM 2 Loading data into R
6:43PM 2 a function more appropriate than 'sapply'?
5:26PM 2 different legends in lattice panels
12:09PM 1 Attempting to confirm a program i wrote in C (normalize 2 datasets, transform into histogram, transform into CDF, perform KS test)
10:12AM 1 Setting global variables inside R reference class ?
10:09AM 0 google APi or java popup or slide window information
Friday January 25 2013
11:50PM 2 Pass vector as multiple parameters (as in python f(*x))
11:17PM 3 Removal of columns from matrix where all values of the column are identical.
10:40PM 1 Testing continuous zero-inflated response
10:19PM 5 Loop question?
9:12PM 2 resizing data
6:42PM 3 read.csv quotes within fields
6:13PM 2 joint probability distribution
3:00PM 1 MacOSX-Leopard/ Dichromat not found?
1:55PM 1 could not find function "qplot" after install.packages("ggplot2")
12:31PM 3 how to delete the null elements in list
10:39AM 0 How to load data from .accdb into R?
10:22AM 3 Help with adding 'dates' string as rownames to matrix
9:39AM 2 How to name the elements of list
9:25AM 2 If cycle takes to much time...
8:33AM 0 Package x12 (X-12-ARIMA Seasonal Adjustment Program)
8:28AM 1 Recoding variables (without recode() )
12:26AM 2 Saving or copying graphics from Quartz returns empty file
12:23AM 3 How to extract elements from vector in reverse order?
Thursday January 24 2013
9:20PM 3 ifelse to speed up loop?
9:07PM 1 spatial analysis
7:39PM 2 Question on matrix calculation
7:31PM 4 sorting/grouping/classification problem?
6:45PM 1 predicted HR in coxph with psline
6:32PM 2 functions as arguments to ther functions with inlinedocs
6:26PM 1 how should I make the optional arguments in r?
5:57PM 0 Empirical copula density
5:46PM 1 Insert segment only on particular facets in ggplot
5:39PM 3 From table to data.frame
5:34PM 1 Custom axis with months name
5:02PM 0 Creating a "scene" with plot3d or point3d
4:25PM 1 Pairwise Comparrisons
2:38PM 0 How to get read.table() or scan() to report line on which error occurs
1:29PM 0 Appending BSON arrays in MongoDB with package 'rmongodb'
1:28PM 4 Difference between R and SAS in Corcordance index in ordinal logistic regression
1:17PM 0 Royston Parmar adjusted survival curves using flexsurv
12:33PM 1 Error with Expected Shortfall function, ES.
12:19PM 0 How to add a function to another written code?
12:15PM 0 cptable too long for source -- gRain problem
11:25AM 3 how to combine unequal rows and columns in R
10:58AM 1 Wrong csv data?
10:52AM 1 mlogit Package
10:06AM 2 long format with reshape
6:30AM 0 hologram
6:27AM 0 Rcpp wrap and as
6:04AM 2 Please help R error message "masked from 'package:utils':combn"
5:44AM 1 How to drop unused factors in faceted R ggplot boxplot?
3:38AM 1 Copy on assignment and .Internal(inspect())
2:27AM 1 Recommendation for website to format R code
1:19AM 1 how to read a website with Chinese Character
12:41AM 1 Help regarding kmeans output. need to save the clusters into different directories/folders.
Wednesday January 23 2013
10:41PM 1 cannot allocate memory block of size 2.7 Gb
8:14PM 1 How to extract values of results in gamlss.tr
7:59PM 3 Pasting a list of parameters into a function
6:50PM 1 hyphen replaced by period in header when using read.table
5:38PM 4 extracting characters from a string
4:45PM 1 italic font for legend text when using expression function for symbols
4:14PM 4 to check if a character string is in a group of character strings
3:13PM 2 setting off-diagonals to zero
1:28PM 1 Regression with 3 measurement points
1:24PM 1 Evaluating the significance of the random effects in GLMM
1:03PM 2 Average calculations
12:42PM 4 how to read a df like that and transform it?
11:19AM 2 CFA with lavaan or with SEM
10:10AM 1 mixed effects meta-regression: nlme vs. metafor
10:01AM 0 generating ccensoring time for constant survival rate
9:33AM 1 problems with coercing a factor to be numeric
9:16AM 2 importing data
9:16AM 2 Dot plot of character and numeric matrix
7:56AM 1 New Book: Statistical Psychology with R [in French]
12:53AM 3 How to construct a valid seed for l'Ecuyer's method with given .Random.seed?
12:49AM 1 csv mask order
12:34AM 0 x11()/plot display issue on Mac OSX
Tuesday January 22 2013
11:09PM 2 summarise subsets of a vector
10:55PM 1 What is the convergence criterion for binomial logit in glm?
10:48PM 3 density of hist(freq = FALSE) inversely affected by data magnitude
10:41PM 2 Adding a line to barchart
10:24PM 1 tapply and functions with more than one objects
9:43PM 1 Create a Data Frame from an XML
8:27PM 1 fdHess function
8:11PM 2 Creating a Data Frame from an XML
7:46PM 1 How to assign time series to a vector with one leap year
6:57PM 0 Basic Question about Rsql and
6:28PM 2 change confidence interval line length in barplot2 (plotrix package)
6:20PM 1 Introduction and help request
5:25PM 1 c(), rbind and cbind functions - why type of resulting object is double
5:16PM 1 plot.mob() fails with cut() error "'breaks' are not unique"
4:07PM 2 Assistant
3:07PM 6 plot two time series with different length and different starting point in one figure.
1:20PM 1 solve equations
12:13PM 1 Remove my adress from mailing list
12:05PM 1 Erro message in glmmADMB
11:49AM 2 Approximating discrete distribution by continuous distribution
11:25AM 0 New book announcement: R and Data Mining - Examples and Case Studies
10:34AM 1 FactoMineR
10:25AM 1 Concatenate two lists, list by list
9:40AM 1 How to remove the vertical space between two graps
9:28AM 3 How to align group based on the common values of two columns in r
9:23AM 4 Simple use of dcast (reshape2 package)
8:19AM 1 simple reshape
7:05AM 2 SNPRelate package error
2:25AM 0 Plotting error while using ggplot facet
1:37AM 1 how to give a lengend in symbols functions
12:12AM 3 Ellipse in PCA with parameters "a" and "b"defined.
Monday January 21 2013
11:41PM 1 Percentiles with R for a big data.frame
10:27PM 1 Faceting in ggplot with 3 series in each plot
10:18PM 2 Why using hist when setting the parameter probability=TRUE does not create probability plot?
9:21PM 1 Very slow in processing the equation in the scatter plot ggplot
6:34PM 0 lambda.r 1.1.0 on CRAN
6:30PM 1 lmomco package - Random number generation using Wakeby distribution
3:59PM 2 foreach takes foreever?
3:56PM 2 how to bread while loop reading from connection with read.csv
3:35PM 4 missing values are not allowed in subscripted assignments of data frames
3:26PM 2 Regex for ^ (the caret symbol)?
12:36PM 1 Access data from URL
11:51AM 0 random draw from a RESTRICTED pareto distribution
11:45AM 1 Ordered Probit/Logit with random coefficients
9:32AM 1 R Tcl/Tk: How to put widgets in text widget?
9:00AM 2 picture processing
7:19AM 2 How to read a file with two data sets in text format
5:39AM 4 compare and count data
Sunday January 20 2013
11:05PM 3 strucchange breakpoints r-squared
10:12PM 0 multinom and stargazer
9:59PM 2 "user units" in plotrix
9:51PM 1 How to check if R.app is running?
1:03PM 0 standard errors of marginal effects in multinomial logit
8:59AM 2 Lattice levelplot- remove unused levels per panel
6:21AM 1 applying a formula from text
5:35AM 0 Data interpolation using R from the user given data
2:23AM 0 Fwd: a confidence interval from an ANOVA model solved
2:11AM 2 a confidence interval from an ANOVA model
Saturday January 19 2013
7:42PM 2 Deformulation and R
7:41PM 0 Cluster Analysis and PCoA (mixt variables)
5:14PM 1 dummy encoding in metafor
4:11PM 0 Need help with Wavelet transformation
4:08PM 2 Merge 2 columns into 1 column
1:14PM 1 Doing mixed stock analysis with predict function using DFA
12:16PM 1 Is it possible to create color ramp legend in spplot for discontinuous data ?
10:43AM 0 import data (txt) separated by many blank spaces and lines with variable names that correspond to multiple observations.
8:28AM 2 importing large datasets in R
5:17AM 3 an apply question
4:30AM 1 Tinn-R and R problem
Friday January 18 2013
11:17PM 1 Object created within a function disappears after the function is run
9:11PM 1 Error in mer_finalize(ans) : Downdated X'X is not positive definite, 8.
8:53PM 5 select rows with identical columns from a data frame
8:26PM 0 read.csv returns "no lines available for input"
8:11PM 3 Working with regular expression
8:08PM 0 tables package: How to remove column headings and alignment issues
7:40PM 2 A smart way to use "$" in data frame
6:50PM 1 Hclust tree to Figtree w/ branch lengths
6:14PM 2 columns called X rename Y
5:49PM 1 "Thermoisoplethendiagramm"
5:15PM 3 longitudinal study
5:11PM 2 How to re-project ease( Equal Area Scalable Earth) grid with a ~25 km cylindrical projection to WGS84 0.25 degree?
4:31PM 1 sem package, suppress warnings
2:53PM 0 Classification by Standard Deviation of Lognormal with Weight
2:16PM 1 scaling of nonbinROC penalties
1:50PM 1 eliminate double entries in data.frame
1:27PM 0 OT: IWSM 2013
1:08PM 1 Nesting fixed factors in lme4 package
11:36AM 1 lattice: loess smooths based on y-axis values
10:55AM 0 problem that arises after using the new version of "BRugs"
10:08AM 0 Which df to extract from ANCOVA model
8:56AM 1 ggplot zoomin
8:35AM 0 repeat resampling with different subsample sizes
4:21AM 5 reading multiple key=value pairs per line
Thursday January 17 2013
10:24PM 0 powerTransform Warning Message
10:01PM 0 fastICA package: C, R codes provide vastly different results
9:50PM 2 How to delete repeated values in MCMC sampling and get index of unique values?
9:36PM 1 How to convert a string to the column it represents in a dataframe, with a reproducible example
6:53PM 2 Naming an object after another object...can it be done?
5:37PM 2 How to calculate monthly average from daily files in R?
5:19PM 0 How do I get Garamond font in R?
5:02PM 3 Getting discrete colors on plot
3:55PM 0 help with error: DV "converted to a factor"
3:39PM 1 importing a SAS syntax-files (value labels)
3:21PM 1 plotting from dataframes
2:50PM 1 Help with interpolation
2:49PM 3 coxph with smooth survival
2:36PM 3 how to use "..."
1:53PM 1 crontab to Run R Code
1:45PM 2 Explore patterns with GAM
1:20PM 1 Making an aggregated factor variable from an existing one
12:28PM 3 Colors in interaction plots
11:33AM 1 Line breaks in documentation \useage
10:50AM 2 How can i keep only latest entries?
7:59AM 1 Can strptime handle milliseconds or AM/PM?
7:42AM 1 Issue while installing Hmisc package
6:03AM 3 How to change R file in stats?
4:45AM 0 path matrix
3:31AM 1 exporting simulated data
2:11AM 2 create block diagonal with each rows
1:58AM 2 error installing KEGGSOAP
12:19AM 1 Equivalent of box() in grid graphics
Wednesday January 16 2013
11:55PM 1 How to plot this simple step function?
9:12PM 1 equivalent code that doesn't return same results?
8:16PM 1 Rscript on Mac : specify R64 over R (32-bit version)
6:05PM 1 Read.dta and Write.dta Binary Data Error
5:05PM 2 How to cut the time format short
4:13PM 1 Help with a parallel process
4:06PM 3 R and Windows 8
3:42PM 4 Changing frequency values to 1 and 0
3:41PM 1 Mean calculation by two variables
2:17PM 3 read tab delimited file from a certain line
1:29PM 1 Recursive file Download from FTP
11:39AM 0 Overplotting in GGPLOT
11:13AM 1 Problems regarding the package "BRugs"
11:00AM 1 setting the legend scale in contour plots
9:56AM 2 How to change levels?
8:52AM 1 function approx interpolation of time series data sets
8:48AM 3 Aligning labels to bars in barplot
7:59AM 3 matrix manipulation with its rows
5:29AM 1 dendrogram stops!
2:30AM 4 Get a percent variable based on group
1:32AM 2 Codetools Query (repost)
1:22AM 0 Codettools Query
Tuesday January 15 2013
10:49PM 1 Can not load Rcmdr
10:49PM 4 Plot Header
9:38PM 2 Regular expression
9:02PM 1 SQLDF column errors
7:59PM 1 readHTMLTable (XML package)
7:41PM 2 removing loops from code in making data.frame
7:11PM 0 e1071 SVM, cross-validation and overfitting
6:27PM 1 Using system() to dump HDF to text file?
5:22PM 2 Sparse dataframes?
5:10PM 2 grouping elements of a data frame
4:16PM 5 Code to fetch summary info from vector
3:24PM 0 Function failure in tm
2:37PM 0 temporal and spatial correlation structures in GAMM
2:12PM 0 paper - download - pubmed
12:45PM 2 Hist with Dates
12:30PM 2 Need help: R for repetitive tasks
11:35AM 1 Histogram plot spacing
10:55AM 1 Removing an attached object
9:51AM 1 How to get F values for a Generalized Linear Model?
9:48AM 2 Need some help on Text manipulation.
6:28AM 2 Month name in English, not R running language
5:26AM 0 Optical Mark Recognition
5:06AM 1 information
1:46AM 1 Random Forest Error for Factor to Character column
1:31AM 2 error in for loop in function (object not found)
Monday January 14 2013
11:32PM 1 Plotting two graphs on the same figure
10:30PM 1 I'm trying to parse 1 column of a dataframe into 3 seperate columns
10:18PM 1 Rbbg for 2.15.2
10:16PM 0 error using the subset function in a for loop index
9:51PM 1 tabstop in graphics
9:41PM 0 Changing MaxNWts with the mi() function (error message)
9:08PM 3 function coverage
8:17PM 1 Confidence intervel for regression line
6:12PM 0 Revolutions blog roundup: December 2012
5:36PM 1 Tukey HSD plot with lines indicating (non-)significance
4:36PM 4 How to open grib file in R?
3:40PM 0 Course: Introduction to zero inflated models and GLMM
2:08PM 1 ginv / LAPACK-SVD causes R to segfault on a large matrix.
1:57PM 3 readJPEG function cannot open jpeg files
1:57PM 3 putting data.frame values in new dataframes
1:38PM 1 Does psm::Surv handle interval2 data?
1:36PM 1 sqldf package: using variables in where condition
12:22PM 3 How to fit a linear model to data by minimizing the mean absolute percent error?
10:21AM 2 The three-dot question
9:30AM 4 Grabbing Specific Words from Content (basic text mining)
8:37AM 1 Fwd: Help with nonlinear regression
7:10AM 1 hwo to subtract a child array from the big array?
4:19AM 2 One sided confidence limits for the regression line
2:49AM 1 Wrong bin count number with hist() ?
12:08AM 1 GLM Modelling help needed
Sunday January 13 2013
11:23PM 1 partial and full model in R
2:08PM 1 R error: system is computationally singular when building GMM model
8:53AM 3 extracting character values
6:15AM 1 How to combine two loops?
5:54AM 2 getting TukeyHSD code
3:49AM 1 Loading circular package from Rprofile.site
2:23AM 1 Extract data in word pad
Saturday January 12 2013
11:30PM 2 Getting the R squared value in asymptotic regression model
11:16PM 0 customize color in xyplot
10:40PM 3 heatmap.2 problem
9:56PM 2 Interpreting coefficients in linear models with interaction terms
9:17PM 1 Aquamacs Preferences not showing, windows inaccessible, Scrolling not possible !!!
6:45PM 1 bind tables
6:04PM 2 X11 plot window doesn't show graphic immediately
5:30PM 0 Looking for Financial case study/scenario - Integration R with Highly powerful Database (SAP HANA)
1:25PM 0 fGARCH: T-GARCH and the adj. R-squared
10:13AM 1 Question on broken-line regression: 'segmented' or alternative
8:03AM 0 trouble with accentuated characters in \title tag in Rd file
7:43AM 4 Drawing a dotted circle.
6:59AM 1 the R session had a fatal problem.
5:32AM 1 How to extract value for specific rows in an array?
4:38AM 1 color in xyplot
4:35AM 2 Another X11 problem. (Psigh!)
4:12AM 1 panel failure in xyplot
4:04AM 1 how to change font size of axis label (not axis title)
1:35AM 4 nesting in CoxPH with survival package
1:02AM 0 two-group comparison in boxplot
1:01AM 1 add categorical labels in plot
Friday January 11 2013
11:41PM 2 GPIB-compatible instrument control with R
11:26PM 1 Mean according to the combination of two factors
7:40PM 0 ask for Dimension reduction, Manifold Learning R-package
7:27PM 1 overlaying zoo plots in lattice
6:50PM 2 weird merge()
6:20PM 3 looking for R packages that can do the following:
5:55PM 3 locating element in distance matrix
5:49PM 1 Help with Help on Windows
3:07PM 3 aggregate data.frame based on column class
12:46PM 3 split & rbind (cast) dataframe
12:43PM 1 Using square brackets in a ploted expression
12:00PM 0 Weighted Kappa for m Raters
11:40AM 3 Access comonents in lists of lists
11:32AM 1 problems with package 'segmented'
11:17AM 3 Using table to get frequencies of several factors at once
10:54AM 4 count combined occurrences of categories
10:08AM 2 Merging list of dataframes with reshape merge_all
9:45AM 2 A problem with X11 "headers/libs".
9:18AM 2 Extract data
2:54AM 0 Error with looping through a list of strings as variables
2:20AM 0 Manual two-way demeaning of unbalanced panel data (Wansbeek/Kapteyn transformation)
1:59AM 1 polr model, out-of-sample probabilities
1:52AM 1 another R2HTML question, please
1:50AM 3 Problem with inconsolata font (again) --- on Fedora 17 this time.
Thursday January 10 2013
11:59PM 3 Learning to speak R: simple data processing
10:26PM 0 RPART: Including the expense of predictor variables
9:29PM 2 transparency in segments()
8:35PM 0 Wald test for comparing coefficients across groups
8:02PM 1 merging command
7:54PM 1 Subset in, not in
7:05PM 0 hydroPSO 0.3-0 on CRAN
6:21PM 6 sort matrix based on a specific order
5:55PM 0 asCairoDevice issue
5:46PM 0 two phases sampling
4:08PM 0 same model, different coefficients
4:08PM 0 Questions about the glht function for planned comparison
3:21PM 1 how to generate a matrix by an my data.frame
3:11PM 1 Lambert W question
2:54PM 2 Titles - main and subtitle won't plot with errbar
2:53PM 0 Version 1.0 of royston package on CRAN‏
2:26PM 0 mgcv: Plotting probabilities for binomial GAM with crossed random intercepts and factor by variable
2:04PM 1 Find the functional relationship between two variables in R?
12:51PM 1 help with knit_hooks
11:41AM 0 r-help
11:39AM 1 Semi Parametric Bootstrap
11:13AM 0 Cartesian co-ordinate generation
10:58AM 5 Precision of values > 53 bits
4:21AM 2 Determining sample size from power function
1:33AM 2 piece-wise linear regression nls function
1:26AM 1 SRS, Stratified, and Cluster sampling
Wednesday January 9 2013
10:48PM 0 Interpreting Rasch models
10:07PM 0 Parameter estimates for each observation (ordered choice)
9:45PM 1 How to estate the correlation between two autocorrelated variables
9:13PM 0 How to catch both warnings and errors?
8:50PM 1 graphical distance matrix
8:37PM 1 Random Rectangles
8:34PM 0 We've posted our 2013***R Courses*** by XLSolutions Corp at 9 USA Cities: San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, Houston, Boston, Las Vegas, Seattle, etc
8:25PM 3 Sweave, Texshop, and sync with included Rnw file
7:31PM 1 ./R: error while loading shared libraries
7:19PM 2 writing to .xlsx
6:51PM 0 Need help setting up a mirror
6:17PM 0 [solved] t-test behavior given that the null hypothesis is true
5:59PM 5 R encrypt/decrypt
4:57PM 1 problem adding curve/abline
4:53PM 2 Using objects within functions in formulas
4:36PM 1 weighted factor analysis
4:02PM 4 Basic loop programming
2:38PM 1 Need an advise for bayesian estimate
2:23PM 4 how to count "A","C","T","G" in each row in a big data.frame?
12:52PM 1 update.packages problem
10:44AM 4 select partial name and full name columns
10:17AM 0 R-Forge package check error. Package dependencies on linux platform
10:03AM 1 deparse substitute
8:50AM 1 t-test behavior given that the null hypothesis is true
7:24AM 0 Version 1.3.0 of apcluster package on CRAN
3:33AM 0 How to use 'glmnet' or 'lars' package to select features?
3:25AM 1 problems regarding the latest version of the package "BRugs"
3:01AM 0 another R2HTML question
2:21AM 1 R2html and Blackboard LMS : solved
1:58AM 0 R2html and Blackboard LMS
12:21AM 1 Not getting enough tweets in twitteR
Tuesday January 8 2013
10:39PM 0 Correct use of the cluster::daisy function
8:56PM 1 tm: custom reader for readPlain
8:14PM 1 Levels in new data fed to SVM
7:03PM 1 Manhattan Plot
6:33PM 1 incrementation within ifelse
5:43PM 2 Integration in R
5:11PM 2 Applying a user-defined function
2:28PM 0 bagging SVM Ensemble
1:00PM 0 Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition in R
12:44PM 0 stats-as.dendrogram
12:16PM 4 Logical operator and lists
11:42AM 1 problems when loading package GenABEL
11:40AM 1 GLMM post- hoc comparisons
11:30AM 0 New book: Beginner's Guide to GAM with R
10:17AM 2 how to label two figures in the same chunk independently with knitr
9:22AM 2 plot residuals per factor
8:57AM 1 Problem getting loess tricubic weights
8:46AM 1 ggplot not showing all the years on the x-axis
1:23AM 4 error in a abline loop
1:17AM 3 Conditional Statistics
Monday January 7 2013
11:57PM 3 multiple versions of function
9:29PM 1 Amelia algorithm
9:22PM 3 pattern matching
4:41PM 3 renumber a list of numbers
4:16PM 0 R-help post Bayesian CART
4:13PM 2 Have problem to do loop to generate transformed chi-squared variates
4:13PM 2 list of lists to matrix
3:52PM 1 try()-function does not catch error in BATCH-job if Matrix is loaded
3:00PM 1 checker/chequer board pattern as a colour
2:50PM 3 During startup - Warning messages:
2:14PM 1 posting a question in the R-help forum
1:33PM 6 Refer to previous row
11:21AM 1 Log scale on y axis of parallel coordinate plot (lattice)
8:59AM 2 round 2.3 to 2.5 and 2.2 to 2.0
8:55AM 2 plot x-axis DateTime NOT evenly spaced
8:26AM 6 plot xaxp issue
6:00AM 1 Changing mtext direction, or using text for the margin?
5:09AM 0 function to export multiple results to appended .csv file
3:20AM 2 how to aggregate T-test result in an elegant way?
Sunday January 6 2013
4:09PM 0 Show density of coordinates per raster pixel
2:05PM 0 fPortfolio-portfolio optimization
9:55AM 4 random effects model
3:00AM 1 nested, unbalanced anova
1:43AM 0 How to use predict function from R2OpenBUGS results
1:42AM 0 meboot
Saturday January 5 2013
11:52PM 1 Install package from local zip file
7:38PM 2 lapply (and friends) with data.frames are slow
6:42PM 3 Rounding
6:41PM 0 Holiday in Canada
1:54PM 3 Need help with time series data
1:33PM 5 Need help on dataframe
5:13AM 3 package metafor: error when setting 'col' and 'at' for a forest plot
Friday January 4 2013
11:53PM 3 building a regression model
11:15PM 3 help "reshaping" dataframe
10:53PM 3 How to plot multiple time series with different time base in same plot?
9:04PM 2 New Version of R?
8:50PM 0 FW: Index out SNP position
8:45PM 1 Using bquote to create names a for a list
6:22PM 1 Predicting New Data -
5:58PM 2 Can you help me please
5:36PM 1 SpatialPolygon with the max value gets no color assigned in spplot function when using "at" parameter
4:10PM 1 group variables in classes
3:30PM 4 non-consing count
3:26PM 1 plm random effect: the estimated variance of the individual effect is negative
2:52PM 2 (no subject)
11:47AM 2 Working with Matrix
11:35AM 0 t-1 value utilize to get t value in R
11:33AM 3 Log analysis with R
11:13AM 4 Iterative loop using "repeat"
10:36AM 1 Integrating Java, C++ and R
7:51AM 1 MT940 and MT942
6:59AM 2 a question about the computation of expression
5:00AM 2 "By" function Frame Conversion (with Multiple Indices)
3:44AM 0 Solved Re: Garbage collection problem
1:45AM 0 Problem extracting labels from a large dendrogram
12:50AM 2 table of list objects
12:01AM 1 Garbage collection problem
Thursday January 3 2013
11:45PM 0 help with NLOPTR
10:49PM 5 count appearence of zero in a vector
9:54PM 4 Index out SNP position
6:22PM 1 Survey package help with svystandardize
5:44PM 3 Question on Round function
5:25PM 1 R2OpenBUGS question with differential equations
5:09PM 1 Inserting percentile values in a data frame
4:47PM 0 recycled ink cartridge for office stationery
4:40PM 5 splitting matrices
4:40PM 2 simulation
4:39PM 3 How to plot multiple datasets
3:03PM 1 r code
2:33PM 2 Version Controlled CRAN Packages
2:00PM 1 two lines in axis title combined with 'substitute' command
1:22PM 1 nls problem with iterations
12:32PM 1 labdsv-indval Windows GUI front-end stopped working.
11:39AM 0 Post-hoc test for a zero inflated continuous data set with a tweedie distribution
7:50AM 2 Sas by function in R
5:22AM 1 interpreting results of regression using ordinal predictors in R
5:00AM 3 Make a column from columns
Wednesday January 2 2013
10:16PM 4 list of matrices
9:28PM 0 sm prediction
8:37PM 3 suggestions about import SAS results to R.
8:22PM 1 modify functions in imported namespace in a new package
8:08PM 2 rbind: inconsistent behaviour with empty data frames?
7:53PM 0 follow up on teaching R to high school students
6:56PM 0 How to use geom_line (from ggplot) with aesthetics in a function?
6:45PM 2 SIGN.test
6:23PM 1 Need help with self-defined function to perform nonlinear regression and get prediction interval
5:00PM 2 loop correction needed
4:22PM 0 Plot of Fine and Gray model
3:14PM 2 Read many cvs files
1:59PM 4 column selection
12:40PM 2 listing all test functions in base R
12:06PM 3 problem when installing a R package
11:12AM 2 In which column and in which row a number is in a matrix
10:58AM 1 Package check using --as-cran
8:33AM 1 Extracting factors from "factanal"
Tuesday January 1 2013
7:55PM 0 correlation coefficient spatially lagged scatterplot
7:50PM 3 translate grouped data to their centroid
7:48PM 1 Rd problems
7:42PM 1 R and SSH / exchange R objects between client and server
6:23PM 0 bagging algorithm
6:07PM 0 R version 3.0.0
7:20AM 0 100 most read R posts for 2012 (from the R blogosphere)
5:10AM 1 Order variables automatically
12:38AM 2 Plot survival analysis with time dependent variables