R help - Apr 2004

Friday April 30 2004
10:58PM 2 grid location on plot
7:01PM 2 ./configure --prefix and R_LIBS
6:01PM 2 Code for quasi-likelihood binomial estimation
5:22PM 0 RODBC & MS SQL Server: repeated calls to sqlGetResults() problem
4:20PM 0 Deepayan Sarkar wins the 2004 Chambers Award
3:07PM 1 daily time series in R
2:29PM 1 R code for LAD regression and Deming Regression
1:42PM 1 calculation of U and V matrix of SVD decomposition (according to LINPACK, X = UDV')
1:33PM 3 searching a vector
1:24PM 1 configure problem - mixed fortran/c
11:47AM 2 rbind with missing columns
9:15AM 1 dlls
8:36AM 2 Arrow movements in R
7:18AM 1 Exact Binomial test feature or bug?
5:56AM 3 absolute value
4:52AM 1 Hankel Matrix
2:37AM 1 Help
12:17AM 1 R plot to HTML image map
Thursday April 29 2004
10:12PM 1 openMosix vs SNOW: redhat kernel causing slowdown?
8:45PM 1 Plot.lme error
8:27PM 3 Probability(Markov chain transition matrix)
4:18PM 2 Mixed-effects model for nested design data
2:31PM 1 graph algorithms in R
2:28PM 1 Entering times around the start of daylight savings time
2:25PM 3 memory problems with lm
2:23PM 0 geoR y-scale problem
2:19PM 5 Problems in plot
1:56PM 1 RPART drawing the tree
1:34PM 0 Maen squared deviation
12:47PM 1 GUI checkbox linked to entry
11:49AM 3 Dummies in R
10:53AM 1 line transect method
7:24AM 1 accessing information in lists
7:22AM 2 Sweave in makefile under Win XP
7:09AM 1 problem with pca
6:53AM 1 I'm trying to use package ts (decompose). How do you set up the data/ See attached. thanks
4:41AM 1 outer
2:20AM 1 R-crash using read.shape (maptools)
1:33AM 0 randomization test
Wednesday April 28 2004
11:40PM 0 [R ESS] one more thing.....
11:15PM 0 [R ESS] please disregard prev. message
11:05PM 1 [R ESS]
9:19PM 2 Matrix efficiency in 1.9.0 vs 1.8.1
8:29PM 1 simple repeated measures model: dumb user baffled!
7:38PM 0 Thank you for your message.
6:16PM 0 Release candidate 1 of lme4_0.6-1
4:41PM 1 label separators in boxplots with conditioning
4:32PM 1 Slicing an area....
2:42PM 2 Problem in Installing Package from CRAN...
1:33PM 4 numericDeriv
1:07PM 0 Problem with W2000
12:59PM 0 (no subject)
10:35AM 0 Emacs Speaks Statistics version 5.2.0 has been released
10:08AM 2 connection to libraries problem
9:58AM 1 Extracting numbers from somewhere within strings
9:51AM 2 nlm
9:13AM 0 Legend - revisited, Thanks!
6:16AM 3 Possible bug in foreign library import of Stata datasets
12:18AM 0 second y axis
12:02AM 1 plot.ts
12:02AM 2 Rtemp directories accumulating over time
Tuesday April 27 2004
11:49PM 0 Spatial autocorrelation in linear regression models
11:02PM 3 Solving linear equations
10:25PM 0 r on AlphaVMS
9:43PM 1 helps on levelplot
9:33PM 1 Fedora 1 RPM Packages
9:10PM 3 reading a "sparse" matrix into R
8:53PM 0 [OT] Re: p-values
8:32PM 5 p-values
8:08PM 3 se.fit in predict.glm
6:40PM 1 coding of categories in rpart
5:17PM 3 R hang-up using lm
5:06PM 0 Extracting labels for residuals from lme
4:30PM 1 bcanon bug???
3:54PM 1 beginners k means clustering question
3:43PM 4 Problems raised to 1/3 power and NaN
3:42PM 0 SWeave, R and backslash
3:38PM 1 adding a second axis to a plot
3:03PM 6 installing R on Fedora Core 2 test 2
2:56PM 2 Error on installation of R-1.8 and R-1.9
2:34PM 2 minimal requirement
2:10PM 3 Mixed Effects Models in S and S-Plus book
11:59AM 1 constrOptim does ineq, not eq, but who do ?
10:31AM 1 Legend - revisited
9:26AM 2 paste dimnames problem
9:00AM 5 parsing a data file
8:55AM 0 lmRobMM vs rlm
7:48AM 0 comment() a function
6:44AM 1 legend(1,1,expression(a<-"10^-6"))
6:43AM 1 lme - Confidence interval for predicted values
Monday April 26 2004
11:54PM 2 grep and strings
10:53PM 3 Change in downloading packages
10:41PM 0 fractional differenced models
9:10PM 2 standard library?
6:47PM 1 Lost graph contents using Copy as metafile
6:39PM 0 New package: distr
6:38PM 1 names attribute of data.frames after rbind
6:36PM 0 mixed model with multinomial link?
6:04PM 0 GEE
6:03PM 0 (no subject)
5:53PM 0 GEE models
5:26PM 0 nnet question
4:59PM 2 mixed model with binomial link?
2:48PM 0 Cluster validation statistics in fpc
1:56PM 1 Multidim
1:33PM 1 getting R 1.8 or 1.9 to work!?
1:20PM 0 Converting Date or chron to POSIXt
1:14PM 3 Adding regression surface to cloud plot
1:08PM 2 text() does not handle lists of expressions
12:26PM 1 AIC and BIC
8:43AM 2 Spatial Autocorrelation for point data
8:14AM 0 npmc problem?
7:36AM 0 AW: Looking for help in calculating percentiles
7:28AM 2 Looking for help in calculating percentiles
6:33AM 1 need settings for the listings package
Sunday April 25 2004
9:44PM 1 stepping into a .C call
6:31PM 2 .Rprofile error: ps.options
6:13PM 2 expression with running index
3:52PM 2 nonparametric multiple sample comparison
3:45PM 1 Bug?
3:29PM 1 ts's in lm()
9:08AM 7 R vs Matlab: which is more "programmer friendly"?
8:51AM 1 multipanel display of levelplots?
3:16AM 5 a simple suggestion for the next version of R windows
Saturday April 24 2004
7:36PM 1 determinant via Lapack
7:33PM 1 Colour coding and point types in a plot
5:03PM 5 Modalwert
11:44AM 0 anova(my.lme.model, type="marginal") in Pinheiro and Bates
10:47AM 1 Data import, going from 8 to 550 columns
5:46AM 2 Changing Gui preferences
5:09AM 4 Moving window regressions - how can I improve this code?
Friday April 23 2004
7:17PM 0 Statistical Quality Control
6:30PM 3 time zones in POSIXt
5:47PM 1 installation problem
5:11PM 1 CRLF/LF line endings
5:09PM 1 (no subject)
3:03PM 0 SJava embedded in R
2:33PM 0 Naming list elements
1:47PM 4 Tcl Tk table
1:25PM 0 matrix <- matrix ??
1:06PM 0 Sum Sq of SPSS and R different for repeated measures Anova
10:31AM 0 nls
10:12AM 2 tutorial for lme
9:52AM 0 JOB: Industrial Statistician , Liverpool UK - CLOSING DATE 7th MAY
9:45AM 2 GepR - bayesian modelling - please help!
8:15AM 0 mosaicplot: color recycling and defaults of xlab/ylab
2:32AM 0 Barplot and R 1.9.0
1:53AM 0 Re:Importing SPSS Data Entry data files
1:46AM 1 Extracting the MSE and % Variance from RandomForest
Thursday April 22 2004
10:57PM 1 slower execution in R 1.9.0
7:06PM 1 downloading prob
7:00PM 1 Question on outer(x, y, FUN,...)
5:03PM 0 error message in help.search
4:32PM 0 Release candidate (5.2.0rc3) of Emacs Speaks Statistics
4:10PM 1 as.Date
3:43PM 6 Fatal Error: Invalid HOMEDRIVE
3:43PM 0 ade4 package update
1:52PM 1 Re: pausing a program
1:43PM 3 Trouble with HTML search engine
1:37PM 2 Urgent:again question about nmath/standalone
1:37PM 0 <no subject>
1:31PM 1 New version of benchmark comparing R with other software
1:25PM 0 calling R from java[Scanned]
12:20PM 3 POSIXct vs Dates
12:00PM 3 fill up a matrix
9:37AM 0 histbackback for population pyramid
9:33AM 1 lme correlation structure error
8:34AM 1 Lyapunov exponent?
8:23AM 4 RODBC installation in debian
5:49AM 0 Improving on edit()?
5:34AM 1 Evidence from Debian's package tracking (Was Re: Size of R user base.)
5:04AM 0 (no subject)
4:56AM 1 Selection of cities sample
Wednesday April 21 2004
10:18PM 1 Error with 1.9.0 - winMenuAdd not usable in .Rprofile
10:01PM 0 Chi-square test with spatial data
7:25PM 0 RE: [openMosix-general] openMosix and R: File I/O issues?
7:13PM 0 Re: [openMosix-general] openMosix and R: File I/O issues?
4:12PM 2 Question on CAR appendix on NLS
4:07PM 2 calling R from java
3:28PM 1 Does R runs on IRIX 6.5 platforms?
2:31PM 0 R2HTML update
2:23PM 1 is.infinite usage
2:14PM 2 Multidimensional numeric structure
1:22PM 1 Kendall, cor.test, ties, why?
1:04PM 0 (no subject)
12:57PM 1 (no subject)
11:42AM 1 Can't install new packages
11:37AM 1 RODBC and SQlServer Float type
11:15AM 2 3D histogram
11:13AM 1 Boot package
9:10AM 2 resetting the interpreter
8:39AM 2 Rgui front-end has encountered a problem and needs to close
6:49AM 1 install.packages and warnings
6:34AM 1 two stage level least square in R
6:21AM 2 Assigning functions in Rprofile
5:01AM 2 Extracting information from webpages
5:01AM 1 difference between coxph and cph
Tuesday April 20 2004
10:58PM 2 Debug problem
10:30PM 1 Re: Course***May-June 2004***R/Splus Programming Techniques, @ 5 USA locations near you!]
10:09PM 1 multi-user engine
9:52PM 2 Creating variable names
9:20PM 0 How to get the threshold value for hierarchical clustering algorithms?
8:13PM 1 contributed packages and downloads questions
7:31PM 1 FW: Aligning different trellis plots
7:12PM 0 Course***May-June 2004***R/Splus Programming Techniques, @ 5 USA locations near you!
6:18PM 2 benchmark dual amd opteron
5:48PM 1 Error message during debug
5:18PM 2 I have a question!!!! Help me!!
5:05PM 0 How to debug S4 method
3:54PM 0 [JOB] Toxicogenomics Statistician
3:47PM 2 compile Fortran code which calls C subroutine
3:41PM 10 Error with 1.9.0 - Invalid HOMEDRIVE
3:20PM 1 R1.9.0
3:16PM 2 openMosix and R: File I/O issues?
3:12PM 2 Creating a package in R 1.9.0
2:29PM 4 import Excel file ?
2:09PM 0 random effects structure in lme
1:44PM 0 strange result with contrasts
1:39PM 5 loading into a list
1:31PM 0 experimental design
10:46AM 1 R-1.9.0: configure/install problem
8:49AM 2 Indexing by factor misfeature
8:22AM 2 polygon
4:53AM 2 Rank - Descending order
4:42AM 1 Error while loading R2HTML in Rprofile
2:05AM 1 Can't find memory.size()
Monday April 19 2004
8:28PM 1 specifying as.svrepdesign with odd number PSUs
8:24PM 0 Informations about merge function
8:19PM 1 error message in mle function
7:04PM 0 thanks for fill
6:16PM 3 fill between lines
6:12PM 11 Size of R user base
5:53PM 1 axis label character bolder
5:47PM 0 New package: mcgibbsit, an MCMC run length diagnostic
5:30PM 1 question about linear models.
5:05PM 0 survival analysis question
4:34PM 1 using subscripts in a plot title with 2 lines
4:12PM 1 classification and association rules in R
3:20PM 1 Unexpected behaviour of identical
3:15PM 1 Menu addditions to Rcmdr v0.9-6
2:20PM 1 Problem with bwplot and panel.abline
12:41PM 0 looking for something like "ave" I can pass non numeric to
12:23PM 0 New unique name and fixing getAnywhere()
12:16PM 3 How to write an S4 method for sum or a Summary generic
11:27AM 0 One inflated Poisson or Negative Binomal regression
11:15AM 0 R analog of Matlab "eigs" function
10:34AM 2 looking up value from a pair of vectors
10:23AM 0 How can I get the length of returning array in c++ calling R code?
8:45AM 1 solve 2 var problem
8:15AM 0 SE for combined data
8:00AM 3 New unique name
3:28AM 1 barplot fill patterns
2:54AM 0 Seeking help with multcomp
12:45AM 0 R on virtual server: problem with f2c
Sunday April 18 2004
8:57PM 2 Error in gam?
2:55PM 2 outliers using Random Forest
1:10PM 0 1.9.0 for Debian 'stable' - volunteer needed
1:08PM 1 Histogram ploting
11:47AM 1 multistratum glm?
1:27AM 2 lm with data=(means,sds,ns)
Saturday April 17 2004
10:40PM 1 accessing log likelihood of poison model
7:38PM 0 nlme - sum of squares - permutation test
11:20AM 0 about lme
11:12AM 0 GNOME 2.6 and R 1.8.1
6:10AM 3 Box-Ljung p-value -> Test for Independence
Friday April 16 2004
11:14PM 4 t.test & formatting question
9:52PM 0 Rmath
8:46PM 0 autologistic regression with Gibbs sampler
8:35PM 1 Spatial Voter Model
5:32PM 1 changing display of a dataframe
5:21PM 1 Problem with breakpoints (strucchange)
4:48PM 1 install.packages
4:01PM 2 regression and dw
3:08PM 2 Specification of model formulae
2:14PM 0 RE. arimaX
12:55PM 0 R 1.9.0 for Mandrake - and italian translation
12:50PM 1 how to free memory space ??
12:25PM 5 Non-Linear Regression (Cobb-Douglas and C.E.S)
12:09PM 0 About Read SPSS from SPSS Data Entry
9:42AM 2 Masked help page
9:05AM 3 R-1.9.0: make error on slackware-current!
7:59AM 1 Pb on startup with R1.9.0
3:18AM 0 estimate distributed lag model using matrix algebra
2:08AM 2 install packages
1:51AM 1 Removing values from a vector
1:32AM 7 Turning windows screen buffering on and off
1:20AM 1 Distributed lag model
Thursday April 15 2004
9:25PM 1 sort boxplot to median
9:14PM 1 Course***May-June 2004***R/Splus Programming Techniques, @ 5 locations near you!
7:24PM 1 filled.contour
5:26PM 1 I do not achieve to install some packages
3:41PM 2 how to cite a library
3:06PM 2 Dates stuff ... beginner question
2:52PM 0 vectorizing row selection
2:41PM 1 residuals
2:40PM 7 all(logical(0)) and any(logical(0))
12:26PM 2 summary(difftime(...))
11:42AM 1 tapply() and barplot() help files for 1.8.1
10:52AM 5 Solving Matrices
7:54AM 1 pretty for a log-axis
Wednesday April 14 2004
11:47PM 2 conditional import in NAMESPACE
10:03PM 2 again question about nmath/standalone
9:38PM 1 poisson repeated meassures
9:35PM 0 Uninstalling RAqua (Mac OSX)
9:20PM 4 binary numbers
7:50PM 1 Variable Descriptors
6:14PM 2 attaching data.frame/list within a function
5:20PM 1 question about /nmath/standalone
5:05PM 7 trend turning points
4:13PM 1 ltext, plotmath, and substitute
3:58PM 1 odbcFetchRows not work?
3:48PM 1 prcomp - error code 18
3:43PM 1 random effect, double repeated measuses
3:37PM 2 Weird Error
2:55PM 1 Passing a pointer to .C() in Win32
2:29PM 1 Aggregate drops empty subsets
1:40PM 3 mvtnorm problems (II)
1:24PM 1 how to add legend to time series plot
12:41PM 1 mvtnorm problems
12:21PM 4 Non-Linear Regression Problem
11:31AM 1 r: arma fitting
6:30AM 3 dataframe: visualization as tiles(?)
5:17AM 1 How does nlm work?
2:47AM 3 A bug report?
2:42AM 1 Makefile for installing all available packages
2:41AM 3 un-expected return by fdim
Tuesday April 13 2004
11:37PM 1 R 1.9.0 and cursors
11:35PM 0 Reverse dendrogram plot in R
11:28PM 2 Matrix question
5:51PM 1 lattice problem in R-1.9.0
5:36PM 2 Non-homogeneity of variance - decreasing variance
4:58PM 4 "diff"^-1
4:57PM 1 (no subject)
4:37PM 2 R apache and PHP
4:35PM 0 R , apache and PHP
4:08PM 0 In-sample / Out-of-sample using R
3:15PM 3 randomForest: more than one variable needed?
2:22PM 1 Execute function at startup
1:21PM 3 model-based clustering
12:25PM 4 Need advice on using R with large datasets
11:39AM 1 par() in .Rprofile
11:25AM 1 from .csv file to a pca plot
11:17AM 1 mts
2:50AM 0 Specifying RHOME
Monday April 12 2004
11:05PM 2 fractal calculation using fdim
9:46PM 1 Matrix decomposition
9:44PM 0 new version of gregmisc package
8:49PM 2 Complex sample variances
6:50PM 3 Line numbers in error messages
6:11PM 2 Random Forest:how to do an automatic rerun using only the important variables
5:58PM 0 [JOB ADV] Computational Statistician
5:36PM 0 von Mises Density
5:04PM 0 R-1.9.0 sources available by rsync
4:28PM 1 Panel Data Analysis
3:59PM 2 String problems
12:21PM 1 question on isoMDS
12:05PM 1 R 1.9.0 is release
11:06AM 0 Windows startup question
3:37AM 2 missing values and survival analysis
2:15AM 1 Very large matrices for very large genome
12:14AM 4 Only referenc copy when calling C routine?
Sunday April 11 2004
10:52PM 1 plot question
9:10PM 1 converting lme commands from S-PLUS to R
8:00PM 1 Killed
7:51PM 1 question on plot dates
7:35PM 0 Intercept in lasso models
2:34PM 9 pasting results into Word/Excel
3:29AM 1 fixed and random effects question
3:18AM 0 nlme: creating pdMats
Saturday April 10 2004
6:21PM 1 confidential interval of correlation coefficient using bootstrap
11:09AM 4 (offtopic) I need two sets of 5 different color scales
10:34AM 2 all poss. regression
7:25AM 4 Automation of c()
3:51AM 2 Density Estimation
2:17AM 1 adding text in (pair) panels (splom)
Friday April 9 2004
11:53PM 0 von Mises
8:20PM 0 Pfizer - Open position for Statistician - emphasis computational statistics
8:16PM 2 Regression models w/ splines
5:42PM 1 rectangles without borders
4:03PM 3 question regarding vector ops
3:17PM 1 loess' robustness weights in loess
2:39PM 0 Question (on matrix indexes)
1:06PM 0 Cross-compiling packages for (ARM) Zaurus ideas and tips?
12:35PM 1 R-estimators
12:15PM 1 looking for a tutorial on exception handling
9:26AM 1 generating 00Index.html
8:26AM 1 bootstrap function coefficients
4:33AM 5 question
12:02AM 0 AIC
Thursday April 8 2004
9:12PM 1 Why are Split and Tapply so slow with named vectors, why is a for loop faster than mapply
8:40PM 0 Discrete Choice Modeling modules for R??
8:38PM 1 Evaluating AIC
7:11PM 0 labels on dendograms
5:48PM 2 How to draw a tree?
4:33PM 1 outliers
4:14PM 1 Getting R to complete a web form
4:04PM 2 socket clusters on snow dies easily
3:56PM 0 ARMA models with ARCH errors?
3:54PM 2 Clever R syntax for extracting a subset of observations
3:37PM 0 lme, mixed models, and nuisance parameters
1:50PM 1 plot help
1:42PM 1 Expected Mean Squares
12:03PM 2 nlme on Windows 2000 (v1.8.1)
12:00PM 0 R: lines and glm
11:37AM 2 lines and glm
5:32AM 1 R/Splus code for PRESS?
4:48AM 1 R on MacOS X
2:24AM 1 RODBC on FreeBSD 4.9
12:14AM 1 getting data frame rows out of a by object
Wednesday April 7 2004
8:33PM 2 Re: [R-gui] Editor in R
7:07PM 3 More user-friendly error message needed.
6:23PM 1 ZIB models
5:00PM 4 Problems with rlm
3:20PM 1 NLME augPred Error
3:19PM 2 predict( ..., type="terms")
2:56PM 2 Help with character columns in a table
2:13PM 1 problems loading package "nlme" in Debian Sid
2:13PM 1 a question about levelplot
1:55PM 1 loading c code in windows ambient
12:53PM 0 labels in cluster pam plot
10:52AM 1 Time Varying Coefficients
10:47AM 1 installing RMySQL
9:44AM 1 eigenvalues for a sparse matrix
8:31AM 1 labels of data in cluster plot
1:41AM 0 Another solution to eps/latex page rotation problem
1:30AM 0 assert(condition)
Tuesday April 6 2004
10:55PM 4 Index of a Loop Variable?
9:28PM 2 Syntax Question
9:11PM 1 predict.gl( ..., type="terms" )
7:21PM 3 assert( condition )
7:09PM 1 Minimize a plot window
5:50PM 0 Question about error
5:33PM 2 percentile-percentile plot
5:17PM 1 R v4.0?
4:35PM 2 R loosing history
3:54PM 4 missing values for mda package
3:30PM 2 how to update R
3:16PM 0 Macintosh/SJava
2:45PM 0 fit.contrast or some other for interactions and stratified
2:07PM 1 Ignorant lack of bliss : summarise table by column attribute
1:26PM 0 Curious about nomenclature: random deviates
1:06PM 3 %+=% and eval.parent()
12:05PM 1 Storing p-values from a glm
10:49AM 1 merge more than two tables
10:26AM 1 A question about embedded R
9:35AM 0 Extracting the survival function estimate from a survreg object.
9:30AM 1 k nearest neighbours
8:48AM 0 Nested Loop in R
8:04AM 0 warning messages
7:03AM 1 search for a library
4:19AM 4 how to learn R quickly?
4:15AM 2 Problems with Rcmd INSTALL on Win32
4:09AM 1 off topic time series
2:29AM 1 current env
1:35AM 2 A package to read and write NetCDF?
Monday April 5 2004
10:52PM 1 Displaying text
10:23PM 1 normalized regression output
8:57PM 1 Deep copy in R
8:56PM 0 Hungarian map
7:32PM 3 2 lme questions
7:24PM 0 studentized deleted residuals and NA's
6:16PM 0 Selecting Best Regression Equation : leaps() in R and stepwise() in S+
4:50PM 1 Drawing maps in R?
2:02PM 3 Selecting Best Regression Equation
1:23PM 1 Very slow start of R under MacOS X
12:22PM 0 JOB: Industrial Statistician , Liverpool UK
12:22PM 1 GAM with Locfit components
9:16AM 0 cluster validation.
7:36AM 3 Evaluation of functionals
6:41AM 1 confidence intervalls for multinom
6:40AM 2 Can't seem to finish a randomForest.... Just goes and goes!
12:20AM 1 Cochrane-Orcutt
12:07AM 3 Can't seem to finish a randomForest.... Just goes and goe s!
Sunday April 4 2004
6:43AM 1 How to improve this code?
Saturday April 3 2004
7:31PM 6 memory limit problem
11:11AM 1 Re: R-help Digest, Vol 14, Issue 3
10:31AM 1 plot & easy question
9:41AM 1 hellow
9:07AM 2 a fix for rotated PDF graphs
3:03AM 3 Seeking help for outomating regression (over columns) and storing selected output
12:32AM 1 Sas code
Friday April 2 2004
9:28PM 1 cumsum() by subgroup
9:27PM 4 Extending a vector
9:06PM 3 Doing SQL GROUP BY in R
7:40PM 0 General question on prediction
7:00PM 0 Formulae Construction
4:43PM 1 Winding Number
3:47PM 1 convert excell file to text with RODBC package
3:47PM 2 How canI convert date-time to Julian date?
2:36PM 1 R on Tru64 OSF 5.1
2:35PM 3 Single Factor Anova
2:29PM 1 Underscore and ESS
2:22PM 0 picking out eigenvalues of 1
1:47PM 1 tan(mu) link in GLM
12:52PM 0 FW: GARCH
12:15PM 2 "(de)linearizing" array indices
11:33AM 1 GARCH
11:32AM 1 which on array
8:16AM 0 Hessian in constrOptim
6:12AM 0 off topic state data
4:40AM 5 Plot symbols for more than 25 groups
Thursday April 1 2004
10:19PM 5 boot question
10:12PM 1 Use R function in C code
6:40PM 2 Generating file names
6:28PM 1 arimax...
4:28PM 2 R fft on 2D matrix
4:14PM 2 modelling nested random effects with interactions in R
4:05PM 4 gray background on jpegs using dev.print()
3:37PM 1 nls function
3:20PM 1 general mixed model statement
3:12PM 0 The R Reference Manual - available as a printed book
12:14PM 1 Question on Data Simulation
11:38AM 4 multiple plots problem
10:10AM 1 Search Engine & Keywords
5:19AM 3 New utility: sas2r
3:22AM 2 row selection based on median in data frame
12:12AM 2 How to cluster the variables instead of data points?