R help - Mar 2004

Wednesday March 31 2004
10:58PM 1 Gauss user question
10:54PM 1 Is there a package or routine for calculating mimimum spanning trees?
10:28PM 2 functions & paths
6:01PM 2 (kein Betreff)
5:24PM 3 scan seems to modify the data
4:52PM 3 (no subject)
4:21PM 0 energy 1.0.1
3:39PM 0 Please confirm your subscription.
2:51PM 1 extracting values from a 3d array using a matrix from indices
2:44PM 4 Removing leading and trailing spaces (string manipulation)
2:25PM 2 array addition doesn't recycle!
2:16PM 2 identify() and controlling label size
2:10PM 3 help with the usage of "randomForest"
12:50PM 2 choice-based conjoint
12:12PM 1 Can R be useful to me?
8:15AM 11 Zero Index Origin?
7:15AM 2 Failure to compile source packages in Debian
4:06AM 0 White standard errors for lme?
12:27AM 0 Tricube weighting procedure
Tuesday March 30 2004
9:16PM 0 exact logistic regression facilities in R?
8:25PM 4 rank() vs SAS proc rank
7:23PM 3 Data Grouping Question
7:19PM 0 Course***R/Splus Programming Techniques in Boston
6:22PM 3 DataEntryWindow
5:31PM 2 Sweave and graphic output locations
4:52PM 1 add a column to an exported data.frame
4:12PM 1 unexpected behavior in plot
4:02PM 0 Where: package licenses
3:54PM 3 convert *.xls to text
3:14PM 1 Where: package licenses
2:53PM 2 as.environment() does not work for "package:base"?
2:51PM 3 Where: package licenses
2:14PM 0 Use R In a Cpp Project
1:02PM 2 about fact.design
12:36PM 1 Console/command line output
11:24AM 7 italian keyboard and ~ symbol
9:14AM 0 koq.q ---- Kent O' Quigley R2
8:27AM 0 numerical solution of functional equations (dynamic stochastic optimization)
7:50AM 1 classification with nnet: handling unequal class sizes
7:34AM 0 Recursive regression on a logistic model
4:21AM 2 RAqua and gcc
Monday March 29 2004
10:29PM 1 Right shift for normality
10:06PM 1 Interesting Behavior in plot()
8:22PM 2 how transform excell file to text file in R
8:18PM 0 Subsrcribe r-help
8:06PM 2 cut and factor
6:54PM 0 adjusted R squared
5:44PM 6 How to purchase R on CD
5:03PM 2 using hist breaks as factor ?
4:07PM 1 StepAIC
2:44PM 2 Confidence Intervals for slopes
2:01PM 4 strange thing with sd
2:01PM 0 UNION
1:54PM 1 calculate length of gradient ?
12:14PM 3 data usage
11:42AM 0 rpart or mvpart
11:29AM 0 Extrange behaviour of Gcc-3.3
11:19AM 1 Interpreting knn Results
10:06AM 0 stl and NA
9:27AM 2 Problems with "optimize"
8:58AM 2 c() question
8:01AM 9 Aggregating frequency of irregular time series
7:03AM 1 about a series of arrays
5:03AM 3 logo
2:36AM 0 Error term in aov
2:21AM 1 White background in PS pictures
Sunday March 28 2004
11:18PM 0 German umlauts in PDF
8:00PM 1 GLM for logistic regression and WEIGHTS
5:02PM 2 splitting a character vector
4:25PM 2 residuals with missing values
11:03AM 2 Build problems on Windows with fpTeX and MiKTeX
11:00AM 4 Could someone email me with the code for glm.nb ?
7:39AM 1 "R" and "S-plus"
2:13AM 2 Dopt program!
Saturday March 27 2004
8:16PM 2 cbind question
7:24PM 1 Re: [S] scalability
5:25PM 0 Estimating SIR model parameters in R
3:04PM 1 building a list in loop
3:03PM 3 availability of version 1.9.0?
11:54AM 0 par("yaxp") linear versus log tick mark coordinates
11:28AM 0 Moron v0.6.0b released
5:34AM 2 variable scope
2:28AM 3 a question about scoping functions
2:25AM 1 dev.print
12:54AM 0 Cluster Analysis with minimum cluster size?
12:36AM 2 gregmisc: install trouble
Friday March 26 2004
11:10PM 0 RE: Quick "running" question
11:09PM 0 Recall: Quick "running" question
11:08PM 0 FW: Gregmisc 'running' question
9:44PM 1 trouble with paste()
9:30PM 0 R packages for S Poetry
9:27PM 1 3D globe plot
8:46PM 0 SUMMARY: Using R's LAPACK & Related files in Visual C++
6:53PM 0 cran.us.r-project.org
6:39PM 1 Mahalanobis
5:40PM 1 Help import data
5:04PM 1 (Off topic) Text on General Linear Model.
5:01PM 1 color.ramp in maptools
4:41PM 2 (marginal) dot diagram
4:34PM 4 multicolumn sort on dataframe?
4:18PM 1 Plot difference between PNG and X11
4:14PM 1 How to do the significant test on Local Moran's I
3:51PM 2 With which version of XFree86 can R compile?
3:29PM 3 regression problem
3:15PM 8 stop() vs. error() ?
2:36PM 1 (no subject)
2:31PM 1 Gregmisc 'running' question
2:05PM 2 Omegahat down?
1:22PM 0 Package update: 'urca' version 0.3-3
1:02PM 2 Fwd: MDS problems [ajtee@ajtee.uklinux.net]
12:12PM 1 update/offset
11:59AM 0 Console output
6:47AM 3 model fitting
4:24AM 1 Using R's LAPACK & Related files in Visual C++
12:13AM 1 xyplot inside a for loop problem
Thursday March 25 2004
10:02PM 1 factor based on pattern match ?
9:54PM 0 rsync.r-project.org available again
9:47PM 1 S+Finmetrics cointegration functions
6:53PM 0 XEMACS, ESS, on Debian
6:24PM 1 How to add a top X-axis with a different logarithmic scale?
6:06PM 1 g-inverse question
4:10PM 1 Error : sink stack is full
3:13PM 2 downloadable mailing list archive in mbox format
2:56PM 0 Problems with environments, I think..
2:49PM 0 (no subject)
1:33PM 3 subsetting based on vector
1:23PM 0 nlme Crossed Random Effects
1:17PM 1 Error in 'legend' help?
9:46AM 0 R/ESS/Bioc* mailing lists: 2 hour time out -- 6 hours from now
9:24AM 2 book recommendation
9:15AM 1 mlocal/mtrace inside a loop
2:36AM 1 if exists with regex return
1:23AM 2 if block and brackets
1:16AM 1 http://cran.us.r-project.org/ inaccessible
Wednesday March 24 2004
11:25PM 2 debugging a code
10:49PM 0 Adapting thresholds for predictions of ordinal logistic regression
7:41PM 7 binding vectors or matrix using their names
6:17PM 0 how to customize .First.lib
6:14PM 2 Ordered logit/probit
4:04PM 0 Status of Rmpi--Good with tweaks
3:50PM 6 First Variable in lm
3:49PM 1 line number of errors?
3:49PM 0 hierarchical clustering: stopping rule
3:06PM 0 LM omitted variables test
3:05PM 5 colors, lines, characters .... documentation
2:13PM 2 [S] library question
1:12PM 0 Rmpi and PBS
1:00PM 2 geoR - help for bayesian modelling
12:46PM 1 loess parameters
12:01PM 2 wolfinger microarray normalization
11:51AM 0 <AUTO> 'Getty=001-531-403'Notice again
11:51AM 1 string problems ( grep and regepxr)
11:46AM 0 colour scheme in: plot(survfit.model)
11:27AM 1 combined random effects
11:08AM 0 High/low level: Plot 2 time series with different axis (left and ri ght)
10:41AM 0 significance testing under sampling from small finite populations
10:24AM 2 Problems with postscript output
10:17AM 2 GLMM
9:49AM 0 Job Vacancy
9:34AM 2 Scaling of font sizes in layout()
2:53AM 1 snow documentation comments
1:12AM 1 Question on deriv3()
12:35AM 0 dots in function names
Tuesday March 23 2004
11:33PM 2 Status of Rmpi
11:27PM 4 statistical significance test for cluster agreement
7:28PM 1 PL/R article
6:12PM 3 building data object on iteration
5:36PM 2 Coefficients and standard errors in lme
4:49PM 1 Chambers Reference
4:29PM 1 nlme question
4:29PM 1 influence.measures, cooks.distance, and glm
3:59PM 0 New R package
3:27PM 0 data.frame preserves names for all columns
2:53PM 1 par() usage
2:26PM 1 question on R's makefile and configure system
12:03PM 2 log likelihood maximization with optim
11:30AM 1 help on data.frames/data.entry
11:17AM 3 how to modify variables of another frame (but not global)
9:24AM 2 optimal hardware for computations in R?
8:59AM 1 Does Chi Square test for R differ from S-Plus?
8:27AM 0 Common Lisp -> R interface
4:42AM 1 R equivilant to RAND_MAX in C
12:53AM 1 how to change text in lattice plot headers ?
Monday March 22 2004
11:18PM 1 beginners question - kmeans
10:29PM 2 lme question
10:10PM 2 Handling of NAs in functions lrm and robcov
9:47PM 1 persp(), axis font size
8:46PM 0 Exclude selected values for columns in frames
7:49PM 2 useR! 2004 program online
7:40PM 1 another date conversion
7:33PM 0 comprehensive documentation list of R probability functio ns
7:14PM 1 comprehensive documentation list of R probability functions
5:55PM 2 calling bwplot within a for loop
5:43PM 2 Date operations
5:34PM 0 1.9.0. alpha, namespace and .RData
5:28PM 1 Help to compare...
5:24PM 1 multivariate analysis
4:56PM 5 detach()
4:30PM 3 how to loop through names ?
4:27PM 4 R commands formating for LaTeX
4:26PM 1 Débutant R
4:22PM 3 Setting the 'fig' graphic parameter
3:39PM 0 solved mystery of difference between glmmPQL and lme
3:33PM 1 problem with seasonal arima
1:15PM 2 Lattice, skip= and layout= problem, plotting object from nlme output
10:20AM 0 COURSE: Statistical Modelling - By Dr Bill Venables
7:18AM 1 integration in symbols
6:27AM 2 regex in R
2:59AM 1 where is OOP?
Sunday March 21 2004
8:47PM 2 formated output
6:08PM 1 Trellis plot in multiple display with grid
3:42PM 1 Multilevel analysis with package lme
2:09PM 1 learning to debug
11:19AM 0 Solutions to Exercises - Data Analysis & Graphics Using R
11:07AM 4 writing text on graphics' window
Saturday March 20 2004
9:54PM 1 setwd() permenent
9:21PM 0 new version of abind()
8:16PM 9 Operating on windows of data
6:11PM 5 timing a function
5:13PM 0 newbie question on clustering performance
5:06PM 1 contrast lme and glmmPQL and getting additional results...
2:35PM 2 labels on axis(4) and adaptation of legend to size of the plot
12:09PM 2 minimum values
Friday March 19 2004
11:47PM 1 squashing some numbers
10:53PM 0 huge speed up in R 1.90 alpha
10:29PM 1 R_qsort_int_I() error
9:29PM 5 loop through files in a dir
7:31PM 1 lme: simulate.lme in R
6:03PM 2 How to collect trees grown by rpart
5:08PM 2 (no subject)
4:47PM 3 Reading Data
4:46PM 2 BLAST output parsing
4:31PM 3 how to fix a factor
4:04PM 0 Fwd: osx/fink: cannot do "R INSTALL" (library mixup)
3:26PM 1 cor.test() -> p-values may be incorrect due to tie
3:25PM 2 Odd behaviour of step (and stepAIC)?
3:09PM 0 osx/fink: cannot do "R INSTALL" (library mixup)
3:06PM 5 asp=1 and aspect ratio
2:49PM 2 for loop or Hmisc library trap.rule function syntax error
2:39PM 1 Spatial Statistics: surf.gls
2:15PM 0 cumulative density function
1:34PM 0 yags, GEEs and GLMMs
1:08PM 0 model.tables (se=T) with interaction
1:06PM 2 Beginners question
12:49PM 1 cumulative density question
11:45AM 2 Moving to 1.8.1: can you transfer your package list?
11:03AM 1 1.8.1 on Debian stable
10:56AM 0 yags, GEEs, and GLMMs
10:25AM 1 date conversions in pastecs
9:58AM 0 line going across several graphs
9:27AM 1 Crossed Random Effects ?
8:52AM 0 Dynamic Factor Analysis
6:24AM 2 using "unstack" inside my function: that old scope problem again
5:00AM 2 data frame output
3:44AM 2 Why is rpart() so slow?
2:47AM 3 Incomplete Gamma Functions and GammaDistribution Doc errata.
1:42AM 0 Specifying interaction terms in glm
12:29AM 0 How to do a truncated regression
12:01AM 1 Reading image file formats
Thursday March 18 2004
11:51PM 0 sd(): why error with NA's?
11:47PM 2 character -> list
10:49PM 1 profile error on an nls object
9:00PM 0 RE: Frequency table (JCFaria)
8:28PM 1 printf and sprintf: Where are they??
8:04PM 0 Problem getting SJava to work on windows
6:17PM 1 help with aov
6:03PM 0 Goodness of fit
5:36PM 0 .First.lib failed
3:38PM 1 two lme questions
2:35PM 2 don't stop when error occurs
12:02PM 4 SVM question
10:01AM 2 Install R on Mac OS.X
8:39AM 2 tapply
8:36AM 2 logistic regression with temporal correlation
8:26AM 2 R and package don't know they're built on same system
7:36AM 0 Question: Assigning the values of a time series to another one with dif. length and resolution
2:58AM 2 cannot allocate vector
1:31AM 0 Lag length
1:10AM 12 substitute question
12:23AM 0 Re: R-help Digest, Vol 13, Issue 17
Wednesday March 17 2004
11:10PM 1 Bundles and 1.9.0 (alpha)
10:48PM 4 why-s of method dispatching
10:35PM 1 save to file
10:32PM 1 (no subject)
9:42PM 0 Substitute for xlim and usr in boxplot(...) & bxp(...)?
9:35PM 0 NLS question:Quadratic plus plateau fit
5:42PM 1 R CMD Sd2Rd
5:42PM 4 remove pairs of missing values
5:39PM 1 (no subject)
5:13PM 5 build on Irix failed reg-tests
4:55PM 3 Persp plotting of kernel density estimate.
4:06PM 1 help with file
2:59PM 6 projection pursuit
2:55PM 9 Frequency table
2:24PM 0 mva :: prcomp
1:51PM 0 graphical interface -- gstat/lattice
12:50PM 2 R-1.8.1-4: Font family, ticks and mathematical expression??
12:49PM 0 [Virus detected]
12:48PM 1 library tcltk
11:53AM 1 ANCOVA when you don't know factor levels
10:50AM 2 Q: Odds Ratio
9:35AM 1 reading short int and float from binary connection
8:10AM 0 GEE2
6:36AM 1 What library is coxreg?
2:00AM 0 Plot 2 time series with different y axes (left and right)
Tuesday March 16 2004
11:14PM 2 bray-curtis?
11:13PM 3 save GUI window position in windows version?
4:52PM 0 A simple question about simulation/estimation.
4:21PM 1 X11 and utils
2:51PM 2 glm questions --- saturated model
1:21PM 1 SV: Documentation on how to put classes and methods in packageswith namespace?
11:56AM 0 R install/configure problem on Sun Solaris
11:44AM 3 Terminology and canonical statistical user literature
11:27AM 2 graphical interface
11:00AM 0 mgcv 1.0
10:37AM 2 Documentation on how to put classes and methods in packages with namespace?
10:34AM 1 lme(nlme) error message
10:12AM 3 multiple summation
9:39AM 2 R CMD check warning on predict.systemfit
6:00AM 2 glm questions
4:53AM 1 How to fit a classification model in R?
3:20AM 3 rate of change
Monday March 15 2004
11:45PM 1 A beginners question
9:37PM 1 spearman rank correlation problem
8:41PM 4 effect size
7:53PM 0 creating vignettes ... ERROR
7:37PM 0 Simple numeric
5:10PM 2 make check on Solaris 8 fails due to plot
3:31PM 4 norm of complex number
2:45PM 4 setting x-y axis at origin
2:28PM 2 R equiv to proc gremove in maps package
2:04PM 8 Simple numeric "as.is" question
1:46PM 1 printing graphics whithout save us
1:13PM 0 Test Relation between Time Series? => Cross Correlation Analysis with ccf()
12:48PM 2 imputation of sub-threshold values
11:37AM 11 creating a ps. file
10:57AM 2 expanding some values in logical vector
10:12AM 0 Re: R-help Digest, Vol 13, Issue 14
9:53AM 0 optim() and La.svd() error code 1
5:41AM 1 Correct Computer Modern font in postscript(..) output
4:57AM 0 2D or 3D B-spline
1:09AM 0 New versions: mvbutils and debug packages
Sunday March 14 2004
8:02PM 2 Troubles installing RMySQL on Win2K
5:31PM 0 Regestrierung
5:04PM 2 High/low level: Plot 2 time series with different axis (left and right)
2:39PM 1 levels x-axis (histogram)
10:24AM 1 1.8.1 Make problem on SunOS
Saturday March 13 2004
11:38PM 2 recursive matrix multiplication question
9:06PM 4 nnet classification accuracy vs. other models
5:55PM 0 Assessing Kappa values (was: Non-linear regression problem: R vs JMP (long))
4:56PM 0 ... Error in "names<-.default"(`*tmp*`, value = nmstrata)
3:33PM 1 Installing ncdf package
11:07AM 0 LC-MS data & netCEL files
3:32AM 0 vector and replace.
1:37AM 1 a replacement problem
12:18AM 1 Error in "names<-.default"(`*tmp*`, value = nmstrata) :
12:08AM 0 64bit build on IBM
Friday March 12 2004
9:22PM 2 (no subject)
9:21PM 0 (no subject)
6:42PM 2 Problems startin RAqua for Mac
5:28PM 0 RMySQL under FreeBSD 4.8 - is solution acceptable ????
5:25PM 0 Latent trait models
5:08PM 5 grep
5:02PM 3 Xeon CPU and ATLAS
4:38PM 4 Sweave and R output: possible to suppress "Schunk" tags in *.tex file output?
3:45PM 6 still spss
3:08PM 6 spss
3:04PM 2 add a vertical line in a 2d histogram !
2:30PM 1 double vs. list
1:45PM 0 Basic questions on nls and bootstrap
12:38PM 3 quantile regression
11:47AM 1 GCV UBRE score in GAM models
10:42AM 6 read.spss
10:16AM 3 R-business case
9:23AM 3 two instances of R
9:10AM 1 another do.call() problem.
8:09AM 1 access R remotely
7:31AM 0 [in the press] Raqua and O'reilly
6:40AM 1 confidence interval in local polynomial regression
4:03AM 0 power / sample size for ONE-SAMPLE binomial?
Thursday March 11 2004
11:16PM 0 how to pass extra parameters using call() or similar mech anism ?
8:03PM 1 how to pass extra parameters using call() or similar mechanism ?
6:36PM 0 A question about function "cor" in code C
6:16PM 5 Receiver Operator Characteristic curve
3:49PM 6 saving a data.frame to "\t" files
3:18PM 2 Questions about spatial data
3:05PM 5 recoding variables
3:04PM 5 fft question
2:34PM 3 widen the screen place
2:15PM 1 query with parameters using RODBC
1:31PM 1 tics and grids
12:28PM 1 Adaptive kernel estimation
12:13PM 3 making operators act on rows of a data frame
12:11PM 0 Subselect package - Version 0.7.1
11:24AM 0 Une introduction à R/An introduction to R
11:24AM 0 non-uniform time series embeddings
11:19AM 3 Changingvalues in data frame
11:08AM 2 No traceback available when using try(...)
7:57AM 4 Summary: do.call and environments
4:08AM 0 Function OPTIM()
1:44AM 1 Difficulties in interaction between R and latex (prosper)
12:43AM 1 Identifying Multicollinearity in sparse datasets
Wednesday March 10 2004
11:20PM 2 failure in simple calculation!!
11:09PM 0 dyn.unload fails after some C++ code.
10:29PM 2 Inserting Date Field into Oracle table using ROracle
10:09PM 2 data frame filtration
7:41PM 1 reading binary file with different modes
5:27PM 0 do.call and env
5:22PM 1 plot date
4:34PM 3 Center labels on a boxplot
4:19PM 1 Non-linear regression problem: R vs JMP (long)
4:15PM 2 R CMD check errors
4:13PM 1 Question concerning library function "nlme" and lexical scoping
4:11PM 1 numerical equation
4:05PM 5 do.call and environments
3:18PM 0 New package: DCluster
3:16PM 1 performing type III
3:05PM 2 change the default separator
2:58PM 3 converting lists got by tapply to dataframes
1:58PM 1 Rank Simulations - Test statistic Help
1:50PM 0 avoid step appearance in plot lines
1:38PM 1 Fisheries acoustics
1:26PM 0 PDF and Postscript figures in Solaris 9
12:29PM 3 aperm() and as.list() args to "["
11:49AM 1 Map of British Colonial America 1775
8:40AM 2 Writing Rd files dor package
2:46AM 2 Rcmd BATCH command line arguments
2:04AM 0 AutoResponse - Email Returned SAXK (KMM44933619V84198L0KM)
12:56AM 1 Re: R-help Digest, Vol 13, Issue 9
12:46AM 3 How to use MLE-class?
12:33AM 1 accuracy of chi-square distribution approximations
Tuesday March 9 2004
11:13PM 2 corARMA and ACF in nlme
10:41PM 5 Adding data.frames together
9:20PM 1 how to continue develop package
6:49PM 2 read.table() question
5:44PM 1 Error message - what does it mean???
5:33PM 1 Creating its own family
5:11PM 4 how to use conditional statements to handle exceptions?
4:35PM 2 R and tmp directroy
3:56PM 2 use of split lines in ess
3:29PM 1 How to ascertain the number of clusters automatically?
3:23PM 4 help
3:17PM 0 Significance of differences in RMS?
3:13PM 4 aic calculation
2:53PM 0 New Ranking Scheme - Help
2:09PM 1 Package cclust error
11:51AM 1 asking for information
11:46AM 2 levelplot problems !!!
11:26AM 0 (no subject)
10:59AM 0 (no subject)
10:29AM 2 SVM unbalanced classes
9:55AM 2 maxima
7:56AM 0 (no subject)
4:09AM 1 More factor names in x axis, how?
3:36AM 1 vector extraction
3:15AM 0 Content violation
2:27AM 3 About reading data into R
1:57AM 0 SSfpl question
12:18AM 2 how to replace NaN in a vector
12:05AM 0 Re: R-help Digest, Vol 13, Issue 8
Monday March 8 2004
11:20PM 2 Different missing links on Windows in 'check' vs. 'install'
10:47PM 1 test
8:07PM 3 Decision Trees
5:54PM 5 abline
5:15PM 2 memory problem
4:54PM 2 a question on CSV file
4:37PM 1 Am failing on making lagged residual after regression
3:34PM 0 Rank /core test simulation
2:50PM 5 years from as.POSIXlt
2:08PM 0 Graphical Test
1:28PM 0 Creating CART: A Personal Retrospective, Opening Session of CART Data Mining 2004
10:26AM 3 dsn
10:17AM 2 getting the std errors in the lm function
4:18AM 1 drawing filled countries according to data using map('world')? - follow up
Sunday March 7 2004
11:43PM 2 Excel files
10:46PM 1 drawing filled countries according to data using map('world')?
9:50PM 1 Frequency ploygon help
8:45PM 1 missing values
7:54PM 6 applying data generating function
10:36AM 3 graphic device MetaPost
6:19AM 1 Plot is lost when fitting block as error
5:42AM 1 Using character vectors to call data in the "cbind" command
Saturday March 6 2004
10:02PM 0 [Fwd: Re: normal scores test]
9:30PM 1 Installing packages
7:33PM 2 normal scores test
12:52PM 2 GlmmPQL with binomial errors
9:46AM 1 problem with install.packages and update.packages
6:26AM 2 .Call: is new attribute of protected object auto-protected
5:46AM 1 (no subject)
3:59AM 0 Summary: as.POSIXct
12:47AM 3 Reflecting R-commands in command line
Friday March 5 2004
10:57PM 0 building a multi-output neural network
7:11PM 0 van der waerden test
6:39PM 1 time-series
6:28PM 0 fractal function
5:45PM 1 Interpolation or Kriging
5:28PM 1 pausing a script
4:35PM 3 as.POSIXct problem
4:02PM 0 Fwd:
3:25PM 1 question on integrate function & request for consultant
2:34PM 0 unixodbc - postgresql: broken pipes, malloc, ksqo and other errors
2:17PM 0 Books
1:14PM 0 locpoly (was: no subject)
12:56PM 1 Line length in legend
12:50PM 2 Internal NA removal out of Time Series with na.omit.ts()
12:16PM 1 Problems with SJava instalation
12:01PM 1 Constraining coefficients
11:17AM 1 selecting certain rows from a data.frame
11:10AM 4 Command Line Expressions
9:59AM 1 row-echelon form (was no subject)
9:01AM 0 rgl v0.64-10 released
7:48AM 4 Probit predictions outside (0,1) interval
6:43AM 0 a question regarding 'cor' function
5:05AM 0 (no subject)
4:31AM 1 Slow reshape from 5x600000 to 6311 x 132
4:15AM 0 country codes
3:39AM 3 Lyapunov exponent code for time series
3:35AM 0 ISO country codes available in R's {map}?
Thursday March 4 2004
10:43PM 0 Extracting Krig results
10:41PM 1 R commands
10:19PM 4 Command Line Programs
9:15PM 0 interactive plots
8:28PM 2 lattice, different plotting symbols
8:18PM 0 passing a formula to coxph() along with a ...
8:12PM 1 regular expressions in R?
8:07PM 1 Yes you can (was: can you library(MASS) with R 1.9.0?)
6:30PM 3 Testing significance in a design with unequal but proportional sample sizes
4:57PM 1 Gelman-Rubin Convergence test
4:04PM 0 New beta release (5.2.0beta4) of Emacs Speaks Statistics
2:13PM 0 R newbie question
1:24PM 1 Resolution of problem re location polr and of MASS
1:17PM 2 adding trend to an arima model
1:08PM 0 Wait for the user to type <Return>, depending on argument.
1:02PM 1 shared library load - failure
12:53PM 1 binomial errors in split-plot design
11:36AM 10 "Statistiques avec R"
11:35AM 1 (no subject)
10:48AM 1 prcomp: error code 1 from Lapack routine dgesdd
10:25AM 1 Lineair regression modelling between time series //correlation analysis
8:57AM 1 boot package
8:38AM 2 Alternative mail archives?
8:38AM 0 Searching a mail archive
6:38AM 4 Accurate area map projections
6:26AM 2 Storing interpolation functions in R object
6:26AM 0 Map projections
4:14AM 0 Symantec AVF detected that you sent a message with a prohibited attachment name
4:10AM 1 scaling data for microarray
3:19AM 4 A file manipulation question
2:44AM 1 can RAqua open an SPSS file
1:14AM 1 Ordinal logistic regression using spatial data
Wednesday March 3 2004
10:15PM 0 location of polr - more details
8:42PM 7 Location of polr function
8:35PM 9 Publication quality graphs
8:30PM 2 sketchin a line
7:42PM 1 (no subject)
7:28PM 8 need help with smooth.spline
7:25PM 4 How to read Excel file and access the data item?
7:00PM 0 Course in Toronto***R/Splus Programming Techniques, April 15-16, 2004
6:56PM 1 generating normal numbers: GetRNGstate, PutRNGstate
5:52PM 1 get.hist.quote
5:19PM 0 partial correlation?
4:21PM 2 read.spss and time/date information
3:58PM 0 R: Changing background in splom et al.
2:08PM 1 nesting vectors in a dataframe
12:36PM 0 A basic question ...
12:06PM 1 match.call(), S4
11:30AM 1 interactive graphic s
11:09AM 2 Changing background in splom et al.
10:53AM 1 Calculating percentiles from Grouped Data (gapply)
9:55AM 5 get.hist.quote - is great, but am I missing something?
9:50AM 0 [OT]Anyone Going to useR! Conference?
9:43AM 3 plot(x,y) with errors
9:05AM 1 partial autocorrelation for Rt vs. Nt-1, ......., Nt-h
8:49AM 1 why is rcmd shlib including files not in the list?
6:17AM 1 Confusion about coxph and Helmert contrasts
4:20AM 2 Package ASSIST
3:10AM 3 Adding text (coefts) to pairs panels
12:54AM 1 R2HTML adding caption to data-frame
Tuesday March 2 2004
11:47PM 0 Re: Untarring R-1.8.1.tgz
11:41PM 1 Problem untarring R-1.8.1.tgz
9:56PM 0 time series with diff. y axes
9:52PM 3 using object reference
9:21PM 1 zoom graphics
8:45PM 3 error() and C++ destructors
8:27PM 1 possible bug in aov?
7:18PM 0 gls anova wald test calculations
6:00PM 2 Stuck in trying to convert repetitive code into a function
5:59PM 2 row.names are dropped when extracting one column ?
5:54PM 0 an extension to 'array'
4:59PM 4 how to delete a matrix column
4:48PM 0 Jackknife after bootstrap influence values in boot package?
3:53PM 0 dev.print and X11(canvas =
11:15AM 1 R programming
9:10AM 2 Import range of cells from Excel
8:55AM 2 Problem with Integrate
8:11AM 1 filled contour
6:39AM 1 passing a string from .C()
12:00AM 1 some question regarding random forest
Monday March 1 2004
10:35PM 2 superimposing two scatterplots
10:29PM 1 dev.print and X11(canvas = "black")
10:28PM 1 non-negative least-squares
9:23PM 3 Scanning tab-separated numbers
9:10PM 1 RODBC
5:36PM 0 How to calculate the derivative of matrix w.r.t another matrix?
5:27PM 0 Parallelizing spatial computations
4:54PM 0 Nonparametric test of randomness [Run Test]
4:48PM 6 Find out the day of week for a chron object?
4:45PM 3 boxplot notches
4:25PM 0 dbf write
4:11PM 0 PLS scores for newdata
3:40PM 1 pca scores for newdata
1:25PM 3 Nonparametric test of randomness (Run Test)
12:06PM 2 dynamic linking
11:08AM 2 Maps from PX-Map files
10:11AM 1 boxcox in MASS library
9:18AM 6 How to plot Histogram with frequence overlaid by distribution curve
7:28AM 0 question about mixed effects model
5:43AM 0 Re: R-help Digest, Vol 12, Issue 27
1:29AM 0 se.contrast ....too hard??? .... Too easy????? .....too trivial???? ...... Too boring.....too????????
1:23AM 1 glm logistic model, prediction intervals on impact af age 60 compared to age 30