R help - May 2004

Monday May 31 2004
11:44PM 0 Tree() and confidence intervals
11:17PM 0 LAPACK and ScaLAPACK new functionality survey
7:50PM 0 Help on parameters
7:42PM 0 Doubts on anova and use of contrasts in multcomp package
7:38PM 3 ffnet problem
5:10PM 2 Contrasts
4:02PM 1 Question about building library and BLAS
2:51PM 2 [OT] "plot y against x"
7:29AM 1 Rmetrics New Built
2:40AM 1 problems with quantreg installation
2:06AM 1 glmm?
Sunday May 30 2004
10:56PM 0 Application of tree() to get alternative confidence bounds - is this feasible?
8:45PM 0 zipping a new package revisited
8:19PM 2 zipping a new package
6:50PM 1 summary.lm
6:47PM 3 prcomp help
4:23AM 0 R Wrappers for "scanf-like" c functions.
4:13AM 1 What's wrong with this simple code???
1:24AM 2 how to remove "." or replace it with NA?
Saturday May 29 2004
8:54PM 2 bar plot patterns
8:24PM 3 panel function in a conditioned lattice graphic
4:26PM 1 Rhelp: Need help interpreting plots in spatstat
11:57AM 0 eTrust Antivirus Gateway SMTP: Virus notification message
8:45AM 1 multiple nesting levels in GEE
2:11AM 0 glmmPQL:
12:32AM 1 GLMM error in ..1?
Friday May 28 2004
7:22PM 5 vector normal to a plane
7:18PM 1 About creating an import library
7:10PM 3 Converting data frame to array?
6:30PM 0 intro statistics course in San Francisco bay area
6:11PM 1 Problem: creating shared objects using lapack and blas
5:52PM 1 How could I find R.exp?
4:56PM 1 Is there a way to represent the ... argument in signature?
4:54PM 0 Negative binomial glm and dispersion
4:53PM 1 dotchart questions
3:58PM 3 How to insert a bitmap in a grph device
3:07PM 0 simulate dependent probabilities
1:22PM 0 Merging nlme output
12:58PM 2 any simple examples for SJAVA please
12:49PM 2 Simple list manipulation question
12:41PM 1 optim(method="SANN")
12:29PM 1 Regression model type II
12:27PM 1 Adding key to simple plot() function
11:15AM 1 useR! 2004 keynote lecture slides
9:04AM 1 Pr(>|z|) in lme4
8:34AM 1 R CMD check, latex
7:39AM 1 Building packages and Rcmd check
7:37AM 6 distance in the function kmeans
6:57AM 2 orca binary?
5:12AM 0 cannot load R help
4:35AM 3 gauss.hermite?
12:54AM 3 Generate a sequence of random integer values
Thursday May 27 2004
11:36PM 1 Statistics Avec R (Vincente Zoonekynd): portuguese translation
11:30PM 1 modes of objects
10:44PM 3 Different results
10:24PM 2 no transparent background in bmp
9:40PM 2 ANOVA and contrasts
8:44PM 0 blocking question with socketConnections
8:09PM 0 SCO and R
7:58PM 4 Sorting Data?
7:53PM 5 SCO & R
7:15PM 1 English or German?
6:39PM 1 Crossed random effects in lme
6:11PM 1 R-1.9.0: Error in paste(ncomp, "LV's") : Argument "ncomp" is missing, with no default
6:10PM 2 axis.POSIXct: Datetime data and plotting
2:55PM 1 identation in Rd file, section "details"
2:19PM 4 extract columns using their names
1:12PM 0 How to use R Library in VC++ wrapper dll (SOS)
1:10PM 0 specifying starting values in nlsList/conversion problems
1:01PM 3 "privileged slots"
12:42PM 1 socketConnection and readLines
12:21PM 2 Is it possible to read jpeg files into R?
12:20PM 2 Rcmd check, windows xp, perl (2)
11:43AM 1 automating aov function
10:34AM 2 Stats package
10:23AM 2 manipulating elements of a vector
9:29AM 3 Date parsing question
8:24AM 2 block diagonal matrix function
7:19AM 2 Rcmd check, windows xp, perl
7:04AM 1 Getting the same values of adjusted mean and standard errors as SAS
4:44AM 1 Source Code for Linear Discriminant Analysis
Wednesday May 26 2004
9:37PM 0 Aid on two-way ANOVA with contrasts
9:21PM 0 2 way repeated measures ANOVA using R: syntax and reportingquestion
8:44PM 0 an SJava array question
7:58PM 0 R: Help (two-way analysis of variance with contrasts)
7:34PM 1 A data selection problem, suggestions highly appreciated
7:31PM 0 Outlier identification according to Hardin & Rocke (1999)
7:03PM 0 2 way repeated measures ANOVA using R: syntax and reporting question
6:00PM 1 time
5:23PM 2 identify() - image()
5:20PM 0 (no subject)
4:04PM 2 I/O fortran instructions and dyn.load
3:32PM 2 Opening help pages in new tab of existing Mozilla Firebird
3:25PM 2 Subtracting number of days from a date
2:36PM 1 FW: is.weekend() odd behaviour
2:15PM 0 power analysis
1:08PM 1 Venn diagrams
12:27PM 0 lattice/postscript/pdf: size of striptext and xlab and other strings
12:00PM 0 Page's trend test?
11:51AM 1 multi read.table function and read.table function not accepting col.names
10:47AM 0 AW: Question
10:40AM 3 Common principle components
10:31AM 3 is.weekend() odd behaviour
10:23AM 0 Once again in search of memory
10:08AM 3 Using R in C++
5:19AM 3 SJava
5:07AM 1 Turning pass/fail results into a proportion
1:34AM 1 Need help on Mclus output
1:20AM 1 apology
Tuesday May 25 2004
11:44PM 2 No direct or inherited method for function "update"
11:17PM 1 cor and missing values. Bug?
10:43PM 2 Saving/exporting graphs
8:52PM 0 R/S-plus Course***In Houston, TX***R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques, June 24-25, 2004
8:19PM 1 use of do.call and rep
7:32PM 0 (OT) Fourier coefficients.
6:38PM 0 Update of the R GUI projects web site
5:55PM 3 accessing function arguments as text, macro style
5:52PM 3 thanks again
4:42PM 1 debian packages and html help on linux
3:43PM 0 useR! 2004 pictures online
3:38PM 4 Object "silhouette.default" not found. But I knew that it is there.
3:37PM 1 readline
2:28PM 0 Description of profiles ?
2:20PM 0 Agnes and Hclust
2:11PM 1 UseR 2004 Proceeding
1:57PM 1 Bivariate interpolation
1:48PM 0 RMySQL problem - SOLVED
12:52PM 0 correlation coefficient of ARIMA() or GLS() ?
12:36PM 0 NLME
12:33PM 2 equivalent of the Splus function "eboulis()"
12:11PM 1 Tramo-seats support in GRETL, but not R
10:27AM 5 Histogram
9:33AM 2 vectorize an expression
8:01AM 1 Hiding internal package functions for the doc. pkg-internal.Rd
7:38AM 2 Question
4:38AM 2 e1071, R1.9.0, Solaris 2.9, should I be worried?
2:28AM 1 Scheire-Ray-Hare extension to Kruskal-Wallis
12:56AM 1 loess
Monday May 24 2004
11:23PM 1 yeardays
9:19PM 1 Applications of the Distance from a Point to a Curve
9:15PM 0 Seasonal ARIMA question - stat package (formerly ts)
8:36PM 1 ROracle on RHEL 3 x86_64
8:18PM 1 barplot
8:17PM 1 identify() in script
8:05PM 2 adress the current index
6:06PM 1 Mac OS X jpg
3:25PM 1 as.matrix.data.frame() in R 1.9.0 converts to character when it should (?) convert to numeric
3:20PM 1 Null model for arima.sim().
2:56PM 1 RMySQL problem
2:39PM 0 AW: non-hierarchical non-exclusive clustering of large data sets
2:37PM 1 Stopping the process after a certain time
2:36PM 2 Metafiiles into Word R 1.9.0
2:17PM 2 (no subject)
1:58PM 1 non-hierarchical non-exclusive clustering of large data sets
1:58PM 2 Month names
1:57PM 1 replacing backslashes with slashes using gsub
12:22PM 2 problems with starting R
10:00AM 2 Tramo-seats
6:56AM 1 bug in cor (..., use= ...)?
6:13AM 1 discriminant analysis
6:07AM 2 Manova and specifying the model
3:53AM 0 coxph covariance matrix
3:48AM 1 Cannot call R's ISNAN() from a C code in >1.7 versions.
Sunday May 23 2004
11:59PM 0 Re: Windows versus Unix packages in CRAN ...
11:32PM 0 Re: Windows versus Unix packages in CRAN ...
6:18PM 2 subset of documentation for a given recommended package
7:00AM 1 Running scripts automatically from Rgui (Windows)
Saturday May 22 2004
6:18PM 2 How to define specific location of tick marks in plot()
2:41PM 1 RPM post-install scripts to update R
2:35AM 0 R-release.diff + R-1.9 -> success on Fedora Core 2, R RPM available; ess-emacs-5.1.20 also available
12:01AM 2 Mixreg package
Friday May 21 2004
8:47PM 0 survival analysis sampling question
7:19PM 1 Is there a "symbolic" package in R?
6:31PM 1 interval-censored data in coxph
6:06PM 0 [Fwd: Re: mixed models for analyzing survey data with unequal selection probability]
4:48PM 2 RQuantlib ?Windows Binary?
4:41PM 2 Help with Plotting Function
3:35PM 1 No load() from script
2:41PM 2 Sum of Squares in a lme model
12:38PM 1 axis labels disappear
12:02PM 2 Re: Windows versus Unix packages in CRAN ...
9:03AM 2 bars with sd
8:18AM 2 .First() in R 1.9.0
2:09AM 1 function for running MS-DOS on R
12:58AM 1 Memory usage of R on Windows XP
Thursday May 20 2004
8:52PM 2 for() to lapply()
5:49PM 2 ifelse when test is shorter than yes/no
4:57PM 1 Spearman probabilities and SuppDists
4:38PM 2 Get Slot from a Class
4:13PM 1 R 1.8.1 - 1.9.0 incompatability: Underscore in syntactically valid names
3:57PM 1 write in fixed format
3:20PM 0 'start' argument for fitdistr()
2:25PM 1 mixed models for analyzing survey data with unequal selec tion probability
2:11PM 2 column sorting a matrix with indices returned
9:57AM 2 function for running MS-DOS from R
5:11AM 1 Repeated measures ANOVA
4:53AM 2 irregular time series
3:52AM 0 Memory Leak in OS X version of R?
3:01AM 1 Windows versus Unix packages in CRAN (Was Re: Rmetrics)
2:02AM 4 pmvt problem in multcomp
Wednesday May 19 2004
8:32PM 3 greek letters in plots
7:58PM 3 Accessing more than 2GB memory in Windows
7:24PM 2 POSIX to ts and back to POSIX
7:06PM 0 match.call() with default parameters
6:22PM 4 GUI data browsers
5:42PM 2 FAQ for Rmetrics
5:26PM 1 Finding indices where
4:46PM 0 mixed models for analyzing survey data with unequal selection probability
4:34PM 1 Building R on Fedora Core 2 from the src rpm
3:43PM 2 indexing question
2:50PM 0 storing binary numbers
1:14PM 0 band matrices
12:56PM 0 Windows versus Unix packages in CRAN (Was Re: Rmetrics)
11:35AM 7 Help with hclust() and plot()
10:04AM 1 symbol size in plot
2:37AM 2 Installing packages from ZIP files
2:25AM 2 R 1.90 make problem with /usr/X11R6/include/X11/Xutil.h on suse linux 9.1?
1:59AM 3 Web-application using R
1:20AM 0 R Optimization 101 for R Newcomers: An extended example
Tuesday May 18 2004
10:10PM 1 Using pointsize with postscript trellis.device
7:02PM 2 Windows versus Unix packages in CRAN (Was Re: Rmetrics)
5:21PM 0 SciViews-R, a GUI layer and companion applications for R
3:24PM 0 nlme: Initial parameter estimates
2:22PM 2 delete duplicated from data.frame
2:19PM 3 Debian & R
2:14PM 1 How to define a destructor of an object?
2:09PM 1 Build R-1.9.0 with static libraries ?
1:49PM 1 Nonlinear robust regression
1:48PM 1 mixed models
12:50PM 3 Help : trellis.device
10:59AM 1 1-way anova, nested model
9:59AM 7 Isotopic notation in plots
8:36AM 0 Circular statistics with (direction,size) data
8:18AM 1 list & calculaton in many df subsets
1:06AM 2 How do you force runif to return non-duplicate results eg runif(0, 1, n=10)? thanks
Monday May 17 2004
8:36PM 0 Bioconductor 1.4 released
7:21PM 1 ld: warning ... Max osx
5:45PM 1 basics: how do you sort a table?
5:24PM 0 displaying column numbers when listing structure of an object
4:03PM 2 "ghost" image in .eps file
2:07PM 1 Change in how R handles assignments?
1:13PM 1 Plotting Time against Date for time series data?
12:30PM 3 Fatal Error
11:17AM 1 residuals in multinom
11:09AM 0 Fw: add objects to svm plot
10:18AM 1 Problem with package SJava
10:04AM 0 automated response
9:13AM 0 ld warning when installing packages with dll/so
9:01AM 0 Re :adding a line to a single panel of a lattice plot
8:46AM 3 Accessing data
7:24AM 1 drawing half-circles
6:59AM 0 adding a line to a single panel of a lattice plot
Sunday May 16 2004
7:52PM 1 Newbie Poisson regression question
1:34PM 1 obtaining the name of a named list
8:07AM 2 Error in using coxph()
3:40AM 1 importing text file with duplicate rows / indexing rows and columns
Saturday May 15 2004
10:12PM 1 Fwd: filter out many data.frames
10:02PM 0 filter out many data.frames
8:53PM 4 How to restore and edit saved graphics?
8:13PM 2 questions about optim
6:52PM 0 " cannot allocate vector of length 1072693248"
5:40PM 1 Again some questions about multilevelanalysis
4:23PM 3 what statistical method should i use?
8:20AM 1 how to get data and post it on R
Friday May 14 2004
11:44PM 1 help with memory greedy storage
9:20PM 0 Anova precision
8:04PM 0 Work around for TukeyHSD names
6:40PM 5 Tagging identical rows of a matrix
5:31PM 0 variable selection methods for SVMs
5:11PM 1 log Y scales for parplot
3:44PM 0 Re: R web servers
2:54PM 1 covariates in lm
2:28PM 1 A question about default output on the screen
2:22PM 3 type checking --- just a thought
1:39PM 1 R-help
1:30PM 2 rma and gcrma do not work in R 1.9.0
11:53AM 0 integrate over a serie
10:27AM 2 how add objects to an svm graphic
10:26AM 1 quadratic problem with quadratic constraint
10:11AM 2 NLME model question
8:23AM 0 AW: Export summary statistics to latex
8:13AM 3 Export summary statistics to latex
2:57AM 0 disattenuated correlations
2:25AM 1 Problem with logtrans, from library MASS
Thursday May 13 2004
11:45PM 2 watermarks
9:08PM 2 BIO-ENV procedure
9:00PM 1 solving equation
8:33PM 1 [Help! feature selection]
8:30PM 5 code for functions in base package
7:59PM 2 tapply & hist
6:40PM 0 OT: Job Posting
6:13PM 2 List of data frames...
5:41PM 2 R 1.9.0 and pred.rpart
4:41PM 0 GLMM error message/reproducible example
4:32PM 1 factor analysis
3:59PM 0 using --internet2 with DCom interface
3:11PM 3 storage of lm objects in a database
3:09PM 1 please help with estimation of true correlations andreliabilities
1:56PM 0 glmmPQL - predict (..., type= 'response')?
1:19PM 0 please help with estimation of true correlations and reli abilities
11:49AM 1 Bootstrapping kendall cor
9:06AM 2 please help with estimation of true correlations and reliabilities
8:08AM 3 GLMMs & LMEs: dispersion parameters, fixed variances, design matrices
7:56AM 0 using trace() on S4 coerce method
12:48AM 1 question about dyn.load()
12:39AM 2 xtable without rownames
Wednesday May 12 2004
11:39PM 1 Barchart questions
9:48PM 1 GLMM question
9:33PM 1 Formula of power.t.test
9:15PM 1 help with generalized list function in R
8:59PM 2 lm without a formula?
8:03PM 4 non-interactive call to R (running an R package as a stand-alone application)
7:13PM 1 Change default values of a function
6:38PM 1 Random Forest with highly imbalanced data
4:41PM 1 summary table newbie question
4:34PM 6 Design matrix not identity
3:29PM 1 Identity matrix
3:10PM 1 qui-squared test
2:58PM 1 How to know the row number of raw matrix after r
2:42PM 4 missing values imputation
2:22PM 1 Problem installing SparseM on Debian stable
1:59PM 0 RE: ROracle package error - Solution
1:59PM 0 Power of paired proportions test
1:35PM 2 How to know the row number of raw matrix after resampling?
1:12PM 3 mannwitney
12:36PM 1 Greek letters and subscripts in axis labels or titles
12:09PM 2 Extracting data from matrices
10:37AM 0 solving 2 variable quadratic program
10:19AM 2 Problem with plot.
9:31AM 4 bus error macosx/off-topic
8:58AM 0 variation explained by the non-spatial and spatial component using variogram models fitted to residuals of a non-spatial model (GeoR)
8:22AM 1 how to sort the contents of a list-object?
1:45AM 0 Problems with package foreign
12:12AM 1 Sem error - subscript out of bounds
Tuesday May 11 2004
9:29PM 2 recover should send messages to stderr, not stdout
9:18PM 1 How to use c routines in the exiting package?
8:31PM 0 Question about predict.multinom()
8:24PM 2 Fitting data from a spectrophotometer.
6:30PM 2 lags and differences
3:57PM 1 installing mgcv (Knoppix/Debian unstable)
3:54PM 0 ROracle package error
2:47PM 0 R/S-plus Course***In Raleigh/Durham-RTP, NC***R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques, May 27-28, 2004
2:40PM 1 AW: Probleme with Kmeans...
2:31PM 1 Problem with 'expression'
2:10PM 1 Hypertext links in help files.
12:30PM 1 calling data frames
11:39AM 2 bilinear and non linear
10:20AM 1 stability measures for heirarchical clustering
10:01AM 2 Probleme with Kmeans...
9:06AM 2 How to import file from excle?
8:32AM 2 - making a Windows library from Unix source code
7:50AM 1 Meta-Analysis using lme
6:08AM 1 test for end of file on connection
3:54AM 2 How to draw holes generated by gpclib using plot function
3:13AM 1 Re: Mozilla Misbehavior
1:37AM 2 lm with predictor matrix
Monday May 10 2004
11:59PM 1 Explaining Survival difference between Stata and R
8:55PM 1 Coordinate projection with proj4R: the Albers Equal-Area Conic projection?
8:45PM 1 RODBC in RAqua
4:28PM 1 problem with loadURL -- claims newer version used
4:15PM 4 "#!/usr/bin/R"
2:36PM 5 R versus SAS: lm performance
2:26PM 2 Lists and outer() like functionality?
2:17PM 0 function me
2:15PM 1 environmental data as vector in PCA plots
2:09PM 1 Solve for "Please set TMPDIR to a valid temporary directory"
1:52PM 0 Model names - model-based clustering
1:29PM 1 question about possibility with R - Tcl/tk library
10:46AM 2 trellis plot problem with R-1.9.0-1
10:34AM 3 sqlSave with underscores in table fieldname
3:29AM 3 Colouring hclust() trees
2:41AM 7 strange behavior of names<-
Sunday May 9 2004
3:24PM 2 Using known errors and error bars
11:25AM 2 Creating and editing networks
2:15AM 0 (no subject)
2:14AM 1 need help: regression models
Saturday May 8 2004
8:33PM 3 Getting the groupmean for each person
8:19PM 1 Installing R 1.9.0 on OSX
6:01PM 0 wavelet analysis
4:09PM 3 Indexing column of a matrix with infix $
3:22PM 2 as.double.default()
3:17PM 1 help about R
2:48PM 0 Re: metafile copy and R 1.9.0, trellis, grid
1:45PM 2 metafile copy and R 1.9.0
11:24AM 1 xyplot, loess and se
9:33AM 1 Surprise when indexing with a factor.
Friday May 7 2004
9:15PM 3 re-ordering a vector by name
9:12PM 1 Error compiling ROracle on Windows 2000
9:07PM 1 plotting planes and lines in wireframe()
9:07PM 1 Invalid HOMEDRIVE
8:47PM 1 Lattice xyplot - problem trying to produce multiple output files with a 'for' loop
7:40PM 1 dump.frames in non-interactive mode
4:14PM 0 rpart for CART with weights/priors
4:10PM 1 Quantile of a function
3:26PM 0 randomForests and Y-scrambling on a small synthetic dataset
3:24PM 0 Re: Sessioned R web interfaces
3:12PM 0 Re: R web interfaces
2:10PM 2 How does the lm() function work?
1:13PM 1 Font and Color documentation
12:45PM 1 R: help with histogram
12:40PM 1 help with histogram
12:22PM 1 Start problem
12:02PM 1 x-axis tick mark labels running vertically
11:20AM 1 contrasts in a type III anova
10:29AM 1 scores from multinomial logistic regression
10:14AM 0 svm question
10:03AM 0 loess and as.POSIXct
9:36AM 3 Rterm
8:09AM 2 Gaussian Hypergeometric Series _2F_1(a,b,c;z)
8:02AM 1 sampling weights for lme
7:57AM 1 Problem (Bug?) with readLines on Suze
7:13AM 3 generating data
3:55AM 1 Bluefish Editor with R
12:49AM 0 R example of Mahalanobis, Kolmogrov, ROC, Gini, Delta
Thursday May 6 2004
9:04PM 1 sporadic errors with nlrq() / optim()
6:47PM 1 modifying the text size in splom
5:12PM 0 Re: R web interfaces
4:55PM 1 constrained sample
4:52PM 0 An untimely death
3:56PM 0 segmentation fault with sprintf(), sometimes
3:40PM 3 IE5 and the html help function
3:01PM 0 help on ks.test
2:03PM 0 Problem with mclust surfacePlot function
1:54PM 1 question about plot.dendrogram
11:09AM 5 Orthogonal Polynomial Regression Parameter Estimation
10:48AM 1 plot(hist.default(1:10,plot=F)) error.
9:41AM 1 Problem with filled.contour/image
9:25AM 1 X11 fonts cannot be loaded - SuSE Linux solution
8:17AM 1 receiver operating characteristic (ROC)
8:05AM 1 choose.files function under unix
4:54AM 1 Printing ps pictures with transparent b'ground
2:55AM 2 R on Windows Hangs on Packages Built from Sources
2:00AM 3 strptime
12:18AM 1 copying R objects in C
Wednesday May 5 2004
10:08PM 0 externals controls normalization
9:48PM 2 need help!
6:53PM 1 weirdness in sourc()ing a dump() (bug?)
6:50PM 3 sample
5:29PM 1 heatmap for gene clustering?
5:09PM 5 cgi/servlets/httpd in R
4:54PM 1 Do I get some help?
4:36PM 0 Reshape of repeated measures data
3:06PM 5 syntax error in function 'for'
2:46PM 1 Installation on Windows XP
12:45PM 4 Analysis of ordinal categorical data
12:36PM 0 sampling with weights
12:17PM 0 Lme4 error
11:23AM 0 Item Similarity in Scale Analysis?
10:50AM 0 (no subject)
10:37AM 3 reading data
9:20AM 4 Discontinuities in a simple graph (machine precision?)
8:40AM 1 Graphic size with X11 device
3:59AM 1 Repeated measures regression
3:14AM 4 anyone know how to combine two vector with some # overlaped?
1:25AM 2 dataset.date, date of an object
Tuesday May 4 2004
10:59PM 1 rpart question
10:40PM 1 xyplot and for loops
10:05PM 1 Simple lattice graphics question
9:57PM 3 "put()" like "get()"
9:21PM 0 scaling of variables
9:17PM 0 help with DCOM R Server
9:02PM 2 error in file(file, "r"): all connections are in use
6:27PM 1 setting INSTALL libraries
3:21PM 2 Sampling 1000 times from a bivariate normal distibution
3:19PM 1 Installing Hmisc after upgrade
3:12PM 1 nnet function
2:48PM 2 Superposing data on boxplot
2:45PM 1 More spatial modeling
2:41PM 2 degrees of freedom in lm() treatment contrasts
2:36PM 1 spdep question
2:02PM 1 RE: more on lm(y~x) question: removing NA´s
1:41PM 1 lm(y~x) question: removing NA´s
1:26PM 2 Seeing the definition of a function
12:01PM 3 ts() objects in R
11:55AM 3 increasing memory
10:56AM 1 Test the adjustment to Exponential distribution
8:38AM 1 How to use multiple versions of a R library?
6:25AM 1 Linear Programming
3:59AM 1 cointegration
2:32AM 2 I have some problem about "save and open"
1:46AM 2 Epidemiology Tools
Monday May 3 2004
11:10PM 1 Getting parameters from within function (redux)
11:04PM 1 Getting parameters from within function
9:36PM 1 plotting with R
9:21PM 2 Factor loadings and principal component plots
9:14PM 1 Legend outside the plotting region
7:49PM 1 selecting a coordinate from a graph
6:20PM 0 seek(..., origin='current') doesn't work on gzfile
6:02PM 1 circular correlation
5:25PM 0 RODBC/odbcConnect and Xemacs/ess Problem
4:51PM 1 Speed up graphics output?
3:27PM 1 ./configure on SunOS does not run to completion
2:36PM 2 Lattice: finding out xlim within panel function
12:27PM 3 R 1.9.0 on AIX, 64-bit
12:13PM 1 Multinomial Logistic Models
9:50AM 2 adding a method to the dist function
8:25AM 1 Setting up contrasts
8:03AM 0 multinomial regresion, nls
5:20AM 1 EXTREMELY off topic
2:33AM 2 Build problems on Linux SuSE 9.1
1:39AM 1 plotting in R
12:04AM 1 Help making a simple R code only package
Sunday May 2 2004
9:54PM 0 parallel REML computation
3:51PM 0 report, installation of Fedora 1 RPM on Core 2 test 3
1:52PM 2 r dev site is down
10:27AM 0 stats courses in Aberdeen (UK) and Ancona (Italy)
10:26AM 1 Least Squares Fit
8:30AM 1 contourplot, xyplot, aspect ratio, mfrow
3:15AM 2 building a "simple" R package
Saturday May 1 2004
10:25PM 5 skip lines on a connection
10:08PM 1 changes to y-axis labels in lmList intervals plot
6:59PM 1 Confidence intervals pointwise and family
6:21PM 1 PCA filtering
1:40PM 2 results from t-test
1:30PM 0 log(0) error is not handled in xyplot, Windows
11:39AM 1 RWinEdt, R.profile and version 1.9.0
7:50AM 0 NOTICE: a file you sent was removed
3:22AM 0 glm.nb and anova