R help - Feb 2004

Sunday February 29 2004
7:38PM 0 RMySQL Not Loading
6:32PM 1 stripchart and axes
5:14PM 1 Confused in simplest-possible function
2:59PM 1 graphics device problems
2:35PM 7 Proportions again
6:49AM 1 Rcmd SHLIB
4:32AM 1 Phase Plane
3:27AM 1 LCG with modulo 2^30
Saturday February 28 2004
9:13PM 0 Stepwise regression and pacf
7:54PM 2 questions about anova
1:47PM 4 SVD/Eigenvector confusion
1:07PM 1 cluster-gruop-match with other attributes after na.omit
10:34AM 1 Basic general statistical problem.
9:26AM 1 when .Call can safely modify its arguments
8:42AM 1 Stepwise regression and partial correlation for wildlife census time series
7:48AM 1 LME, where is the package?
7:22AM 2 logististic regression (GLM). How to get 95 pct. confidence limits?
3:36AM 2 matrix inverse in C
Friday February 27 2004
11:15PM 2 importing S-Plus data files
10:39PM 2 browseURL question
9:09PM 2 a loop question
9:04PM 0 Johansen Procedure
7:16PM 3 How to recover t-statistics?
6:12PM 2 question about if else
5:18PM 1 question about setdiff()
4:26PM 3 load data for mypkg-Ex.R
4:05PM 5 How to save images?
3:56PM 4 question
1:10PM 2 Is there a way to deactivate partial matching in R?
11:28AM 4 Change the result data
10:34AM 0 Get R.lib , how to generate it
9:16AM 3 locator(n=0)
2:26AM 1 Outer with Three Vectors
Thursday February 26 2004
11:25PM 3 Collapsing Categorical Variables
10:50PM 0 boot and sample question
10:42PM 1 unable to install dse in mac OS X 10.3
9:15PM 6 adding header info to write.table
8:47PM 3 saving plots as objects?
8:00PM 1 Loading SparseM on Win2K
6:11PM 1 writing polygons/segments to shapefiles (.shp) or other A rcGIS compatible file
6:08PM 0 Compiling third party C++ libraries
5:39PM 3 my own function given to lapply
4:13PM 3 Help with multicolored points in one plot
4:09PM 0 R on VMS
3:15PM 2 limit to complex plots?
3:08PM 2 RE: system.time(), sys.time() etc
2:06PM 1 Handling R Objects in C
1:47PM 1 variance estimator for the cumulative incidence function
1:05PM 2 Multidimensional scaling and distance matrices
11:58AM 2 Sweave and Xemacs on Windows2000?
11:33AM 2 Structural Equation Model
10:05AM 0 Machine Learning category
8:55AM 1 linking other C++ libraries
8:52AM 1 Memory limitation in GeoR - Windows or R?
5:50AM 1 Distance and Aggregate Data - Again...
3:57AM 1 Gnumeric - 1 Excel - ?
3:46AM 2 minimum value
3:02AM 2 return value in function
1:02AM 0 se.contrast ???????????
Wednesday February 25 2004
11:11PM 1 distinct random number
10:34PM 0 books:
8:42PM 0 books: "Programming with Data: A Guide to the S Language" vs." S Programming"
8:06PM 2 LOOCV using R
6:16PM 4 Computing very large distance matrix
5:33PM 2 PWM Help
5:00PM 1 read.spss defaults
3:32PM 2 writing polygons/segments to shapefiles (.shp) or other ArCGIS compatible file
1:49PM 0 simtest for Dunnett
12:02PM 1 Pb with RODBC installation
10:58AM 0 k nearest neighbours between two matrix
9:58AM 0 RExcel and statistical tests
9:01AM 1 structure of mlm objects ?
3:03AM 1 lapack routine dgesdd, error code 1
2:47AM 2 circular filter
1:06AM 1 (no subject)
12:03AM 2 levelplot add line
Tuesday February 24 2004
7:56PM 0 Course***Advanced R/Splus Programming @ 5 locations, March 2004
7:23PM 2 Statistical Quality Control
5:59PM 1 Inheriting from factors + co.
4:51PM 2 matrix() Help
4:45PM 2 Legends text
4:36PM 3 problem of install.packages in windows (R 1.81)
4:13PM 1 Accessing columns in data.frame using formula
4:01PM 0 Suggestions ?!?!
3:51PM 0 Blue book
3:32PM 6 be careful: using attach in R functions
3:30PM 2 convergence in polr
2:58PM 3 Calculate Distance and Aggregate Data?
2:21PM 5 Nonlinear Optimization
1:34PM 7 <no subject>
12:44PM 5 r: plots
11:37AM 1 rstandard does not produce standardized residuals
11:01AM 4 Computing the mode
8:52AM 4 would be nice ...
8:30AM 2 Filter out some levels?
6:05AM 0 se.contrast
6:04AM 0 (no subject)
3:24AM 0 Sweave and sep = "\t"
12:53AM 3 quesion on diag of matrix
Monday February 23 2004
11:46PM 2 orthonormalization with weights
11:33PM 2 (2) Questions
10:18PM 1 intersection points of two functions
8:30PM 3 library nnet
8:13PM 1 HTTP Post connections in R
8:07PM 6 Need help on parsing dates
7:49PM 2 parameters' value
5:40PM 2 deleting elements from an array/object
5:36PM 1 Reference to use of MLR in industry and biology
4:16PM 0 Package "ref" implements references and referenceable data.frames for the S-language
3:57PM 2 Error in multiple xyplots
3:55PM 1 problem with unlist
2:25PM 0 Re: R for economists
1:38PM 0 Question concerning functions nlsList and nlme from nlme R library.
1:37PM 1 DLLs and the Floating Point Control Word.
1:01PM 0 fake
12:49PM 2 outputs of KNN prediction
12:43PM 1 border of a polygon in contour.kriging - geoR
10:40AM 2 plot(my.procrustes.model) from library {vegan}
9:55AM 0 Is there a /ddfm=satterth for R?
9:52AM 4 lme - problems with model
2:39AM 1 MiceR
2:37AM 1 dendrogram ultrametrics
2:03AM 0 (no subject)
12:45AM 3 Nearest Neighbour for prediction
Sunday February 22 2004
10:55PM 1 a simple question about a matrix
10:46PM 0 countourplot background
10:28PM 0 contourplots
8:20PM 1 For loop help
7:58PM 2 how to plot multi- lines on one diagram
7:10PM 6 help for MLE
5:18PM 3 Simulation help
6:42AM 1 New Perl module Statistics::R
5:23AM 2 nested loop
4:54AM 0 butterworth filter code?
Saturday February 21 2004
12:54PM 0 R/SigmaStat
10:15AM 2 RE:Including R plots in a Microsoft Word document
10:07AM 3 saving variables created by functions in the workspace
2:55AM 1 Stratified random sampling in R?
Friday February 20 2004
11:54PM 0 Data Analyst Intern position in San Francisco
11:31PM 0 M-Plots in R
9:30PM 1 BATCH files
9:19PM 0 (no subject)
9:14PM 1 run R BATCH job in PHP
7:48PM 0 setting options when using eval
7:03PM 0 Installing OmegaHat OOP package
6:43PM 1 strptime() behaviour
5:22PM 1 A question on lme in R
4:58PM 2 passing object names in a vector to save?
3:54PM 9 R: Including R plots in a Microsoft Word document
3:30PM 0 How to make a plot to represent 500 repeated 95%CI
2:34PM 1 Stupid Limma question..
2:17PM 3 problem with abline for x.y
2:01PM 1 read.table with spaces
11:38AM 1 nlme and multiple comparisons
4:23AM 1 Confidence intervals for logistic regression
3:28AM 0 New Package: multinomRob
1:34AM 1 Sweave not found from MikTeX?
1:05AM 0 Using R remotely on a Mac OS X machine
12:49AM 1 Does pdf() not work on Trellis graphics?
Thursday February 19 2004
11:45PM 1 piece wise application of functions
11:14PM 4 1024GB max memory on R for Windows XP?
9:57PM 0 lme problem
9:50PM 1 controlling nls errors
8:35PM 5 solving equations with several variables
7:52PM 2 R won't start
5:29PM 1 efficient matrix approx
4:40PM 1 Comparing two regression slopes
3:56PM 3 filling the area between two curves in a plot
3:53PM 2 read.socket - Strange strings. How to force sub to remove all occurences of a pattern?
3:46PM 0 More variables on pca
2:45PM 1 reshape direction=wide
2:22PM 0 polr warning message optim
1:38PM 1 Obtaining SE from the hessian matrix
1:26PM 6 R for economists (was: Almost Ideal Demand System)
1:20PM 3 suppressing non-integer labels for plot x-axis
1:03PM 3 F Dist
11:05AM 1 How to create a "nb" object?
8:30AM 1 Setting ylim while plotting an 'its' object
3:28AM 0 surprising revelation
12:19AM 1 latex problem with Sweave output file under Debian
Wednesday February 18 2004
10:41PM 0 citation() doesn?t work
10:29PM 0 Conjugate function found disregard pervious posting...
8:59PM 2 boostrapping at R
8:44PM 2 using names() as a variable in a formula
7:38PM 1 Complex conjugate?
7:21PM 2 Area between CDFs
6:39PM 1 NAs introduced by coercion warning?
6:30PM 0 (no subject)
6:03PM 5 overlay points on plot
5:40PM 0 return a list of vectors from C?
5:29PM 3 Generalized Estimating Equations and log-likelihood calculation
4:45PM 6 interesting feature
4:34PM 2 building the development version
3:39PM 4 How to repeat a procedure
1:34PM 3 PNG Problem on Windows 98
1:10PM 0 Plotting a three parameter gamma distribution
10:04AM 0 Ang: How to write efficient R code
5:19AM 3 ANOVA procedure on the sufficient statistics
4:41AM 1 Printing values within a function
1:19AM 0 Discriminant Analysis Using Anova in R
12:05AM 3 persp and lines()
12:04AM 0 setMethod
Tuesday February 17 2004
11:02PM 2 Test for pre-existing Win menu or item
10:38PM 4 Apply a function to each cell of a ragged matrix
9:23PM 5 pass by reference -- how to do it
8:53PM 1 RCMD SHLIB == Couldn't reserve space for cygwin's heap, Win32 ?
7:59PM 2 In praise of ->
7:28PM 3 parse error in GLMM function
7:13PM 1 Help with multiple graphs on one set of axis
6:28PM 0 New package -- mvpart
5:05PM 0 A log on Bayesian statistics, stochastic cost frontier, montecarl o markov chains, bayesian P-values
4:38PM 2 problem with fitdistr ?
3:55PM 0 ID mprxahov... thanks
3:24PM 2 interfacing C++ using .Call
3:14PM 0 ID tketcunbit... thanks
3:09PM 0 ID ikhltq... thanks
3:05PM 4 importing ascii grids (for gstat)
2:38PM 1 Comparison of % variance explained by each PC before AND after rotation
2:36PM 10 How to write efficient R code
2:23PM 2 Generating 2x2 contingency tables
1:26PM 2 Installing package on R
12:40PM 2 citation() doesn´t work
11:39AM 1 extracting standard error from lme output
11:20AM 1 Bug report for fracdiff
10:00AM 0 Bad Plotting subrange
9:51AM 2 Lattice graphics and strip function
8:32AM 4 normality test
3:14AM 1 varimax rotation in R
Monday February 16 2004
10:25PM 1 xls2csv.pl: Script to translate Excel files into CSV
10:10PM 4 plot
10:05PM 0 How do we obtain Posterior Predictive (Bayesian) P-values in R (a sking a second time)
9:44PM 4 Matrix mulitplication
8:41PM 4 Questions about Matrix
8:04PM 2 question about matrix
7:50PM 1 Binary logistic model using lrm function
6:31PM 1 resizing a plot area when using mfrow
5:20PM 1 consensus trees/groups from clustering
4:37PM 1 2 bwplots - different colors
4:15PM 2 Data for use in maps()
4:14PM 1 understanding loops for "loop-plotting"
4:12PM 2 problem for installing package
3:50PM 0 specifying partial nesting in lme
3:44PM 0 How do we obtain Posterior Predictive (Bayesian) P-values in R
2:42PM 0 how to solve a linear equation system with polynomial factors?
2:01PM 0 error in nls, step factor reduced below minFactor
1:54PM 2 R Included with Open Infrastructure for Outcomes (OIO) system
12:17PM 1 aov and Error documentation
11:37AM 1 nlme_crossed AND nested random effects
10:46AM 1 Offset in GLMM
10:41AM 1 labRow/labCol options in heatmap()
10:25AM 1 repeated measures nonlinear regression
9:44AM 0 intercept row in anova()
2:18AM 0 unbalanced
Sunday February 15 2004
8:48PM 5 Maximum likelihood estimation in R
8:40PM 1 panel data
7:27PM 4 father and son heights
6:56PM 1 manova() with a data frame
4:42PM 1 linear regression of data with standard deviation
4:22PM 0 linear regression and chi square test of data with standard deviation
5:18AM 2 help on compilation of R help file in LaTeX format.
4:49AM 1 source() function and crash of R!
1:16AM 1 Error Installing dse Package
Saturday February 14 2004
11:10PM 1 Converting a number column to a factor in a data frame?
10:23PM 1 speed in batch mode versus interactive mode
6:07PM 0 Time Series?
4:51PM 2 ftp.stat.math.ethz.ch not accessible?
3:33PM 6 Beginner's question about t.test()
11:50AM 0 A course in using R for Epidemiology
11:03AM 2 converting data to date format
9:10AM 1 points inout a circle
1:41AM 1 PLEASE IGNORE PREVIOUS: How to configure ess-5.2.0beta3-1.i586.rpm, Xemacs and SuSE 9.0?
1:31AM 1 How to configure ess-5.2.0beta3-1.i586.rpm, Xemacs and SuSE 9.0?
12:56AM 1 Digital Image Processing
Friday February 13 2004
11:48PM 0 Problems getting R to work from Java under Windows
10:16PM 1 parametric bootstrap and computing factor scores
9:12PM 0 profiling C code
8:35PM 3 Re: Re: Find Closest 5 Cases?
8:11PM 4 How to plot a blank plot
6:25PM 5 predict function
6:19PM 1 Problems with R CMD INSTALL on SUSE-LINUX 9.0
5:15PM 0 Frailty Model - parameter inferences
4:34PM 3 Calculate Closest 5 Cases?
4:33PM 0 generic/method .. find.package
3:06PM 1 Problems loading dataset in Rcmdr
1:17PM 0 R installation and reg-test
1:08PM 0 Windows dll compilation (mingw32): how to find R.h and ot her head er files when sketching short functions
12:37PM 1 Windows dll compilation (mingw32): how to find R.h and other head er files when sketching short functions
9:38AM 1 Parallel programming with R
7:11AM 0 Help in installing packages
3:42AM 1 IIA tests
2:51AM 2 Readbin and file position
2:07AM 1 How to get time differences in consistent units?
1:14AM 2 Puzzled by write.table function
12:12AM 0 how to get the cluster output as a text file but not a graphic one?
Thursday February 12 2004
8:44PM 1 C-Code
8:07PM 1 Importing BSQ/BIP/BIL files into R
7:56PM 1 kriging prediction intervals
7:49PM 6 Basic Help
7:42PM 2 variances of values predicted using a lm object
4:39PM 1 suggestion "suggestion" and dataframe operations
4:32PM 0 How to predict ARMA models?
4:23PM 0 MARS in classification problem
4:06PM 1 How do you create a "MCMC" object?
3:41PM 1 left eigenvector
1:56PM 1 Porting let* from Common LISP to R
12:14PM 0 (no subject)
12:00PM 1 Almost Ideal Demand System
11:12AM 4 R-help
11:08AM 3 Debugging R Code
11:02AM 2 How to download
10:57AM 2 calling R from a shell script and have it display graphics
9:12AM 2 lattice: showing panels for factor levels with no values
6:25AM 1 Kernel Density Estimator for 2D Binned Data
3:22AM 3 How to detect whether a file exists or not?
Wednesday February 11 2004
8:16PM 0 tobit Heteroscedasticity
7:38PM 0 gelman.diag question
6:51PM 1 how much memory? was: R does in memory analysis only?
6:00PM 1 64-bit Windows 2003 build of R
5:53PM 6 AGREP
5:33PM 1 About the macro defined in Rinternals.h
1:51PM 0 Re: Clinical Significance as a package
1:13PM 1 .Call setAttrib(ans,R_DimSymbol,dim); Crashes.
12:42PM 0 Error on imodwt function - package waveslim
12:31PM 1 Erro in loadNamespace
12:30PM 7 large fonts on plots
12:00PM 0 Bhat: installation problem(2)
11:52AM 1 Bhat: installation problem
11:48AM 1 Comment: R patterns
11:30AM 3 RGui (Windows) crashes after use of a Salford Fortran DLL
11:15AM 3 Any help with bootstrapping
9:48AM 0 The use of R for the elaboration of some index
7:42AM 1 MCD-Estimator in R
5:54AM 6 lapply and dynamically linked functions
4:07AM 0 Installation on Mac OS X 10.3.2 with Fink readline and headers
2:22AM 1 RW1081.exe installation
12:15AM 1 Clinical significance as a package?
12:07AM 1 levelplot colorkey
Tuesday February 10 2004
10:09PM 0 Bug in concord package
9:44PM 1 generate random sample from ZINB
9:15PM 0 Permissions after install of R 1.8.1.
8:49PM 1 make check in 1.8.1.
8:23PM 2 Invoking R from PHP/Mysql environment
7:56PM 2 Constructing an environment from a data.frame
7:10PM 0 Course***R/S-plus Programming Techniques in Raleigh, February 26-27
5:55PM 2 Dotplot: y-labels from rownames
5:27PM 1 lattice: scales beginning at zero with relation="free"
4:34PM 0 name space conflict using RMySQL and ROracle
3:55PM 1 interfacing C code in Windows
3:52PM 3 how to get the GUI directory chooser on Windows?
2:48PM 6 R: lags
2:40PM 1 Diagnostic in multilevel models
1:59PM 3 coxph error
1:27PM 4 The ttest.c example in R under MS Windows
10:53AM 0 Evaluating R. I need to open "a dataset".
9:30AM 2 confidence-intervals in dotchart
9:00AM 3 confidence-intervals in barchart
2:42AM 2 How to compute the minimal distanct between a point and curve in N-dim space
2:16AM 0 GLMMpql: reporting on main effects
Monday February 9 2004
9:38PM 1 RConsole
9:21PM 0 CART Data Mining 2004 Conference, San Francisco, SCHEDULE information
8:47PM 2 data.frame to matrix
8:22PM 5 simple question on picking out some rows of a matrix/data frame
7:09PM 0 STARMA model building
7:08PM 5 Printting 'for' and 'while' indices
7:05PM 0 Fit system of equations
6:51PM 0 Affy library: error on ReadAffy()
6:13PM 0 xtable table placement
5:00PM 1 Duncan's Multiple Range test
4:27PM 1 Importing a SAS file to R: Alas, STILL more problems--has anyone gotten this message before, and why
3:47PM 0 Another question, unfortunately. . . .(Installing "foreig n"/trying to import/export SAS files)
3:34PM 1 nedit syntax highlighting patterns for R?
3:24PM 0 Re: Another question, unfortunately.
2:38PM 1 Another question, unfortunately. . . .(Installing "foreign"/trying to import/export SAS files)
2:21PM 3 citing a package?
12:56PM 2 moments, skewness, kurtosis
12:48PM 1 Estimate Covariance Matrix of two vectors
11:27AM 1 Subset function of lm(); "rolling regressions"
10:24AM 2 Recursive partitioning with multicollinear variables
1:55AM 1 Can S-Plus packages be used in R without modification?
1:08AM 10 PhD student reading list, suggestions wanted
Sunday February 8 2004
11:07PM 2 substitute, eval, quote and functions
9:07PM 5 iterating over files in a directory with R
8:39PM 2 parsing numbers from a string
6:01PM 0 bootstrap estimates for lme
5:38PM 1 APE: compar.gee( )
7:19AM 0 2D density contour plot
5:56AM 0 2D histogram
Saturday February 7 2004
10:15PM 2 R does in memory analysis only?
7:43PM 1 Adding a color bar to image
4:45PM 1 Newbie help with calling R from C programs
5:17AM 1 Subset function of lm() does not seem to work
12:52AM 1 knn using custom distance metric
12:50AM 1 display functions in groupedData and lme
Friday February 6 2004
10:48PM 1 Savitzky-Golay smoothing -- an R implementation
10:19PM 0 error message from regsubsets
10:18PM 0 problem with bagging
9:57PM 3 column names in matrix vs. data frame in R 1.8
8:10PM 2 vector of factors to POSIXlt
6:49PM 3 a grep/regexpr problem
5:19PM 0 erroneous additional weighting in plot.lm for glm objetcs?
4:50PM 1 problem to get coefficient from lm()
4:09PM 1 structured random effects
3:47PM 1 How to get the pseudo left inverse of a singular squarem atrix?
3:30PM 3 quantile function
3:07PM 4 more or less pager
2:36PM 1 nnet problem
12:55PM 1 0.1 + 0.2 != 0.3 revisited
12:16PM 0 How to remove method initialize./package methods
12:01PM 2 Converting a Dissimilarity Matrix
11:24AM 0 information on R
9:44AM 1 Any help
9:20AM 2 Normality Test on several groups
8:42AM 0 multiple plots in different windows
3:41AM 0 availability of heap or priority queue
Thursday February 5 2004
11:08PM 2 Histograms by two factors
11:00PM 0 Plotting question
10:10PM 0 Thank you for your answers: Re: correction to the previously asked question (about merging factors)
10:02PM 1 for help about MLE in R
9:52PM 5 rgamma question
9:45PM 5 (Novice-) Problem with the plot-function
9:32PM 0 correction to the previously asked question (about mergin g factors)
8:22PM 0 What is the correct way to merge factors?
8:11PM 2 correction to the previously asked question (about merging factors)
8:03PM 0 Thanks for help
7:19PM 2 I am totally lost on how to install R . . .
6:15PM 1 What is the correct way of using function C() for factors:
5:17PM 2 Incomplete Factorial design
4:09PM 2 Available in S-plus, also in R1.8.1?
3:13PM 2 Savitzky-Golay smoothing for reflectance data
3:11PM 1 Multilevel in R
2:05PM 1 Installing odesolve under MacOSX
11:31AM 2 xyplot (lattice): colours of lines
10:29AM 2 (no subject)
10:29AM 0 Gamma Test package
2:08AM 2 Sweave problem
12:38AM 1 lines and dates
Wednesday February 4 2004
11:45PM 1 RE: error (fwd)
9:59PM 0 Very Fast Multivariate Kernel Density Estimation
7:18PM 1 center or scale before analyzing using pls.pcr
4:13PM 0 Job opportunity
3:47PM 1 Fitting nonlinear (quantile) models to linear data.
2:48PM 0 Sweave and .Rd files
2:45PM 1 2 questions: batch file + R 1.8 on Red-Hat 9.0
2:31PM 5 Date Time Conversion problems...
1:51PM 0 help(Memory) [forwarded message]
1:51PM 3 Using huge datasets
1:50PM 0 New Discussion list about R in PORTUGUESE - Lista de discussão sobre a linguagem R em Portugues
1:37PM 5 nortest package
1:22PM 0 AlgDesign
1:19PM 3 number point under-flow
12:41PM 2 Latin 2 encoding + fonts
12:38PM 0 Implementing streams in R
11:41AM 5 Newbie question: histogram
11:38AM 1 implement a function
11:33AM 3 Various newbie questions
10:39AM 1 Returnin char back through the .Call interface
10:28AM 1 arima function
10:03AM 1 xypplot (lattice): colours of lines
9:44AM 0 (no subject)
2:39AM 1 Novice problems with write()
1:37AM 1 Clustering with 'agnes'
Tuesday February 3 2004
10:51PM 1 Error in f(x, ...) : subscript out of bounds
9:58PM 1 S language
9:26PM 1 Locate a warning
8:50PM 4 how to change one of the axis to normal probability scale
8:42PM 0 S
7:48PM 0 Linux R installation problem, never mind....
7:27PM 1 Insightful acquires "S" language
4:39PM 2 problem with read.table
4:25PM 5 lm coefficients
3:29PM 1 Linux installation problem
3:17PM 1 Passing characters by .Call
2:23PM 2 Prompt / Console problem
1:47PM 0 GEE
11:57AM 4 R: lags and plots
10:40AM 3 Implementating streams in R
10:07AM 2 How to build a AR(q)-GARCH(q) process ?
9:43AM 5 creating a factor
9:22AM 1 Normal distribution
8:35AM 4 filled maps
7:59AM 3 R: plotting multiple functions
2:26AM 4 running R from PHP
1:46AM 1 output from multcomp and lm
Monday February 2 2004
11:35PM 2 Re: packages
11:27PM 0 problems when compiling C code
11:25PM 1 how to label plots?
10:16PM 3 sorting by date
9:25PM 2 Nearest Neighbor Algorithm in R -- again.
8:13PM 3 ordering and plotting question
8:02PM 3 mvrnorm problem
7:46PM 1 Robust nonlinear regression - sin(x)/x?
6:29PM 0 problem building R on HPUX 11.23
5:18PM 1 filled contour + points
5:03PM 1 axes in boxplots
4:45PM 1 Order in barchart
3:13PM 1 glm.poisson.disp versus glm.nb
1:42PM 4 for loops?
9:51AM 2 ordering in dotplot
9:32AM 1 PLS discriminant analysis
1:40AM 2 print comment lines on `sink'ed files?
Sunday February 1 2004
11:01PM 2 3 little questions
6:53PM 1 interactive 2-D plot interrogation
3:44PM 2 CART: rapart vs bagging
3:14PM 1 coxph
3:13PM 1 coxph in R
2:55PM 4 I can't make .C(...) web-page example.
2:05PM 5 Stepwise regression and PLS
8:39AM 4 Assistance with data import from Statistica