R help - Sep 2003

Tuesday September 30 2003
9:38PM 1 variables
9:04PM 2 truncated multivariate normal
8:00PM 2 in addition R1.8b install
7:56PM 1 Problem with R1.8beta
7:39PM 3 fitdistr, mle's and gamma distribution
6:14PM 1 generic function object
5:24PM 0 lme vs. aov
5:10PM 2 subsetting a matrix
4:51PM 2 Remove comma (,) in data set
4:10PM 1 Grouped bar plots
3:50PM 2 ts - unit conversion
3:42PM 1 Generation of labels for 2 factors
1:24PM 1 Stepwise procedures
12:28PM 2 non-linear trends in kriging model
10:41AM 2 cluster & mgcv update
8:31AM 0 Biclassification
8:16AM 2 using identify() together with plot () and pixmap()
6:29AM 2 FW: error predicting values from the LME
6:00AM 1 debugging R
5:59AM 1 NNet value and convergence
3:49AM 0 Wricke's ecovalences
3:38AM 2 shared object
3:01AM 1 can't get names from vector in nlm calls
Monday September 29 2003
10:43PM 0 Slide Show at ground zero from one of my R using students
10:00PM 1 CP for rpart
9:06PM 1 BIC or AIC from nnet
8:44PM 3 Help needed: plotting with no device
7:50PM 1 Parsing R matrix to C
6:30PM 1 multilevel (hierarchical) statistical analysis
5:59PM 0 R icon for RedHat 9.
5:15PM 4 Data frame transpose
5:04PM 0 predicting values from the LME
4:21PM 1 Rcmdr and Macintosh
3:38PM 1 can I have a matrix of factors, please?
2:41PM 2 Solving nonlinear system equation
2:22PM 1 getting documentation on packages
2:20PM 0 data.frame subsetting
2:17PM 0 Statistician position, R lovers encouraged
1:30PM 1 ROracle - Windows?
1:11PM 3 Downloading LME4?
12:24PM 2 parametric surfaces
12:14PM 0 Integrating R functions in C routines
10:46AM 0 problems trying to extend a class
3:57AM 2 problem in integrating C routine with R on windows XP
Sunday September 28 2003
7:45PM 0 Turtle world
6:43PM 0 Help regarding repeated measures needed.
5:06PM 0 R-icon for RH Linux 9.
4:08PM 0 Problem with sas.get function in Hmisc library
3:06PM 2 Logit reality check
12:00PM 0 SA/ZA mirror
1:10AM 1 geodata conversion
Saturday September 27 2003
6:56PM 3 coloring dendrgram in heatmap?
1:49PM 2 frustration with ave()
11:25AM 2 CI on median
6:09AM 2 data.frame -> matrix
4:30AM 3 Enquiry about Hierarchical Clustering
2:28AM 1 A re-sampling problem
1:33AM 1 CRAN mirror - howto?
Friday September 26 2003
10:06PM 1 a. crossing branches with hclust, b. plot.dendrogram
9:10PM 3 Std. errors of intercept and slope
6:05PM 0 reproducing an error in dumped frames
3:34PM 2 performance question
3:34PM 0 SPY on ANYONE by simply sending an E-Greeting Card! k ox2u7l1c7w3
3:04PM 1 empty postscript output of figures
3:03PM 2 checking generic/method consistency
1:22PM 2 polar plotting of complex quantities
12:26PM 0 Gaussian mixture models, modelNames: EEV, VEV mclust2002
10:06AM 1 least squares regression using (inequality) restrictions
10:04AM 1 installation : make fails (R-1.7.1 on RedHat 8.0)
8:32AM 2 overlay two pixmap
7:02AM 0 R spatial projects mailing list and web site
6:50AM 2 Spam-Filter @stat.math.ethz.ch: was dead for about 15 hours
12:09AM 0 Informar al destinatario
Thursday September 25 2003
8:07PM 0 Vive al limite la Serie Cart ...
7:37PM 1 rpmbuild of src.rpm error
6:19PM 1 apply on a 4D array
6:01PM 0 AW: ungrouping grouped data
5:14PM 3 ungrouping grouped data
5:07PM 0 No hay condiciones para aprobar la reforma fiscal . . .
5:04PM 2 allShortestPath function in e1071 package
4:41PM 0 LME problem
3:52PM 0 merge problem
3:18PM 5 Someone just searched for word-of-mouth information about: r-help@stat.math.ethz.ch
3:16PM 0 Re: Tired of getting spam in your inbox?
3:15PM 0 Re: Sick of JUNK email?
3:09PM 0 A Connection Has Been Made To: r-help@stat.math.ethz.ch
1:28PM 1 Time Series DGPs
12:48PM 0 R on RedHat Enterprise Linux
12:18PM 3 3d contours
11:48AM 1 PlotMoth Refusing to Draw xlab
11:33AM 0 Labels and tick mark sizes for persp
11:31AM 1 Error from gls call (package nlme)
9:31AM 1 multiple plot layout and filled contour
9:22AM 0 Red Hat 9 RPM requirements
6:26AM 1 Diamond graphs, again.
5:26AM 1 data lost in cv.tree?
4:44AM 0 mixing nested and crossed factors using lme
Wednesday September 24 2003
11:20PM 1 Sweave \Sexpr() issue
10:06PM 1 using assign on save?
9:36PM 3 density() integrates to 1?
8:54PM 0 information matrix test in r/s
7:13PM 2 probit analysis for correlated binary data
5:34PM 1 storing objects (lm results) in an array
5:15PM 1 SJava help
5:04PM 5 splitting clusters
4:57PM 0 Core dump using DBI/ROracle
3:27PM 3 Problem with memory for large datasets
1:40PM 0 plot.ts doubt
12:47PM 1 heatmap and hclust
12:45PM 0 lattice (qqmath) question
12:43PM 1 64-bit Oracle interface
12:14PM 0 AW: plot.ts
11:53AM 1 R binary version for 1.6.2
11:46AM 1 plot.ts
11:07AM 0 Matching colors with lattice auto.key
10:16AM 1 Graph window is not available any more
8:15AM 1 Problem using C random generator called from R
8:14AM 1 How to detect which function is used for e.g. printing an object of a given class
6:25AM 0 what does the sum of square of Gaussian RVs with differentvariance obey?
5:42AM 2 data.frame with duplicated id's
2:59AM 1 weird behaviour when calling c++
Tuesday September 23 2003
11:48PM 0 Updating least squares
11:32PM 1 Omitting blank lines with read.table
11:08PM 2 confusion about what to expect?
11:04PM 1 least squares regression line
10:57PM 2 R Production Performance
9:52PM 0 install R for Windows problem
9:16PM 1 install problem with R Windows
8:28PM 2 Typical R installation problem
6:59PM 0 bug in stack?
6:19PM 1 Plotting multiple lines
4:17PM 2 How to extract data from Excel
3:10PM 0 AW: weighted standard deviation
3:07PM 1 what does the sum of square of Gaussian RVs with differen t variance obey?
3:06PM 1 loops in Sweave
2:38PM 2 (Fwd) Re: goodfit macro
2:37PM 3 discretization method
1:22PM 0 Marginal Means with the lme()
12:23PM 1 AW: Rank and extract data from a series
12:13PM 0 Rank and extract data from a series
10:47AM 3 problems installing Design and Hmisc libs
9:14AM 1 filled.contour without box
9:04AM 2 Plotting of the lm
4:29AM 2 R-project [.com?] [.net?]
4:20AM 0 warning message from save.image()
2:41AM 1 what does the sum of square of Gaussian RVs with different variance obey?
1:19AM 0 ANOVA(L, Terms...)
12:51AM 4 searching R-help within a function
12:48AM 3 number of distinct values in a dataframe
12:44AM 1 Very small estimated random effect variance (lme)
Monday September 22 2003
11:29PM 0 Help on Time series seasonal Models in R package
11:07PM 2 ksmooth in SPLUS vs R
10:52PM 1 Compiling shared library on Alpha/OSF1
8:41PM 1 Managing a list with a list
7:02PM 1 Updating a linear model
4:53PM 1 setting up different project directories in R
4:48PM 0 a question about the pls.pcr package
2:23PM 2 weighted standard deviation
1:19PM 0 RE: persp and soil PH data.
12:36PM 0 R installation
11:56AM 1 anybody running Rggobi on a redhat 9.0 system?
11:45AM 0 weighting the OLS regression by the inverse of the number of observations
11:36AM 0 how to use jEdit instead of notepad
10:44AM 1 (no subject)
9:15AM 1 Data frame from list of lists
8:13AM 0 Neural Network Question
7:14AM 0 Z aware interpolation - clarification
Sunday September 21 2003
2:53PM 1 3 basic questions
2:39PM 0 Zero inflated count models (2)
2:29PM 1 Zero inflated count models
1:05PM 3 Z aware interpolation
12:57PM 1 aov and data behind plots
Saturday September 20 2003
8:09PM 1 Errors in making a DLL file
3:41PM 4 persp graphs
2:26PM 1 permutations function
2:07PM 3 conditional function definition?
12:27PM 1 factorial design
11:44AM 2 Logit and Probit for Panel data
2:39AM 1 modelling open source software
1:55AM 4 using aggregate with survey-design and survey functions
Friday September 19 2003
6:15PM 3 Locate first index
5:53PM 1 What is wrong with m?
5:37PM 0 survreg distributions
4:19PM 0 angle and distance between sets of vectors
3:59PM 1 Updating R
3:54PM 0 Saludos desde Madrid
3:02PM 0 Job Announcement
2:19PM 1 Saving with tkgetSaveFile
1:54PM 0 Hall-Wellner-Bands
12:56PM 4 newby problem - concatenate lists
12:23PM 2 Evaluating outer observations in an lme object.
12:12PM 2 list subsets & passing parameters question.
11:25AM 1 Weird problem with my code....
11:16AM 1 predict for mlm does not work properly
10:51AM 0 solved: extracting columns with NA's
10:11AM 1 what is mechanism of help(foo)?
10:03AM 2 About PLS analysis
9:58AM 4 extracting columns with NA's
9:37AM 2 extracting the levels of a subset of data
6:43AM 2 Extracting objects from a list of matrix
6:06AM 0 Sampling rows from a list
5:40AM 4 3D plotting in R
Thursday September 18 2003
9:43PM 2 R-1.7.1 package installation problem
9:12PM 1 Reverse axis in xyplot()
8:43PM 0 Sampling With R
8:18PM 1 xgobi vs ggobi
5:35PM 0 ldcase residuals
4:42PM 0 AW: lattice boxplot graphical parameters
3:40PM 0 R-help, Buy Generic and Save 60% KDXhDE
3:34PM 1 Save object R with tkgetSaveFile
3:31PM 1 lattice boxplot graphical parameters
3:12PM 0 size of text
2:41PM 1 lattice, trellis.device, dev.off() within a condition (seems t o be a bug)
12:37PM 2 Place a graphic into an R-plot
12:07PM 1 Score residuals
12:04PM 1 2 time dependend states and probability transition matrix
11:58AM 3 Installing from RPM on Red Hat 9
10:40AM 0 packages and libraries
2:56AM 1 print graph
12:55AM 2 Suming logical vectors
Wednesday September 17 2003
11:52PM 3 subsetting matrix replacement oddities
9:33PM 0 Building XML library on MacOS X
8:51PM 3 Building and loading a DLL on Windows NT
7:50PM 2 CART analysis
6:27PM 1 the name of a variable in a function
6:16PM 0 AW: using matrix data for function
6:02PM 5 using matrix data for function
5:30PM 2 Transpose Data Frame Question
4:36PM 1 plotting in the same figure
4:31PM 0 mandelbrot set
4:25PM 1 Just don't do it, surely? (was RE: Retrieve ... argument values)
4:08PM 0 R compiled on IBM p690?
4:00PM 0 Generating a point pattern
3:40PM 0 A question on seasonal time series - R package
3:21PM 0 size of text when using vfont option
2:52PM 3 all possible samples
2:22PM 1 Bivariate Ripley K function
2:20PM 0 R courses in germany
2:15PM 2 Very long console input lines
1:53PM 3 mstree
1:41PM 0 problems making R 1.7.1
1:14PM 3 3D plot/surface rotation
12:22PM 0 Is calculating a Lake Ratio possible with R?
11:52AM 0 Just don't do it, surely? (was RE: Retrieve ... argument values)
11:45AM 3 Fractals in R and having fun! (and more persp and color)
11:42AM 0 Persp and color (again)
10:45AM 0 arma.roots
10:32AM 1 Text Vector Printing And Storage
10:19AM 2 Just don't do it, surely? (was RE: Retrieve ... argument values)
10:08AM 0 attributing names in predicted type="terms" gam object
7:03AM 3 Using POSIX?t rather than "chron" or "date"
4:13AM 1 Help with glmmML package
3:00AM 2 Date on x-axis of xyplot
2:17AM 5 Quit asking me if I want to save the workspace!
Tuesday September 16 2003
9:58PM 1 calculation of the p value in ks.test()
8:45PM 1 Re: Number of R users
5:08PM 1 help("print") seems truncated
4:44PM 2 can predict ignore rows with insufficient info
4:09PM 3 Question in Using sink function
3:24PM 0 ASA Stat. Computing and Stat. Graphics 2004 Student Paper competition
3:19PM 2 gnls( ) question
2:54PM 1 "Old" libraries with new R?
2:13PM 7 Retrieve ... argument values
1:47PM 2 gam and concurvity
12:16PM 0 RSPython crashes (using R 1.7.1 under Solaris 5.9)
11:16AM 1 package documentation
9:44AM 1 simplifying randomForest(s)
6:33AM 2 Interfacing C++ , MysQL and R
Monday September 15 2003
9:12PM 1 How to Write Message into a File?
8:55PM 4 how to print a plot
8:54PM 2 path analysis
8:10PM 1 Multiple Gaussians
5:26PM 2 POSIX and identify
5:24PM 1 question regarding ks.test()
4:01PM 2 Persp and color
3:07PM 0 Fourth R Mailing List : "R-packages"
1:55PM 0 Gibbs sampling
1:39PM 0 Deploying R Routines
1:08PM 1 locator in multiple graphics
9:51AM 1 Unable to plot dataframes
8:08AM 1 Rgraphviz, rhdf5
12:25AM 1 Integers in S-Plus and R
Sunday September 14 2003
8:17PM 2 Convert decimal to binary data
8:00PM 1 macosx install problem
6:57PM 1 reading in a file with multiple data types
5:13PM 1 title for plot contain 4 subplots
9:11AM 1 (no subject)
9:03AM 1 estimating quantiles from binned data
4:42AM 3 Re: Logistic Regression
Saturday September 13 2003
11:43PM 1 (no subject)
7:41PM 1 INDEX file as shown by library(help= ...)
6:45PM 2 what does this error mean?
4:51PM 0 post-doc position needed
Friday September 12 2003
10:53PM 1 No Comment?
10:47PM 1 Playing with formulae
5:01PM 1 converting dataframe columns to vector and missing values
4:55PM 2 Converting character to function argument
3:28PM 2 Sorting a vector by date
3:21PM 0 libraries of Rgraphviz and rhdf5
2:43PM 1 save object interactively
1:19PM 2 partial mantel
1:00PM 1 nlme and simulation
12:29PM 7 convert a Character-string to a number
11:35AM 1 Using the system command
8:05AM 1 eof and svd calculus with NA's
8:00AM 3 factor creation
7:30AM 0 R update
6:57AM 2 Getting greek letters in plot labels and title
6:34AM 1 levelplot
4:33AM 0 Need your help with SJava package on W2K
2:28AM 1 about package e1071
2:12AM 1 Getting 2 kinds of quotes inside a pasted string
1:19AM 1 help - "Object is static, operation not allowed" Error
Thursday September 11 2003
11:33PM 2 (structured) programming style
10:45PM 2 Sorting
9:16PM 1 discrepancy between R and Splus lm.influence() functions for family=Gamma(link=identity)
8:22PM 1 S+DOX eqivalent in R?
7:48PM 1 Using R for microarrays datas analysis by Mixed model ANOVA. lme function.
7:11PM 3 Rgui access violation
5:06PM 0 Réf. : Loading Distance matrices and PCA
4:08PM 1 Loading Distance matrices and PCA
3:46PM 0 predict and nlem
3:09PM 1 R book
11:48AM 2 Problem in installing "quantreg" package
11:46AM 1 Problem in installing quantreg package
9:08AM 0 Job opening: Biostatistician
8:04AM 3 Flipping a heatmap
7:54AM 4 how to insert a double quote with the paste function?
12:25AM 0 Re: logistic regression {R-help Digest ..}
12:23AM 1 Customised legend in lattice
Wednesday September 10 2003
9:11PM 0 regression questions
8:28PM 2 coef names in lm
6:48PM 1 how to calculate Spearman correlation with missing values
6:17PM 2 R 1.8.0 alpha
5:40PM 2 PLS LDA
5:27PM 1 scan() problem
5:12PM 6 insert eps into microsft word
4:03PM 0 Multivariate Kalman filter with time-varying coefficients
3:54PM 0 Industrial Statistician Job (Basingstoke UK)
3:37PM 1 what is set.fit in function predict.lm
3:24PM 2 dataframe subsetting
2:50PM 1 sort a matrix on just one column
2:46PM 2 Plot survey data
12:48PM 1 geoR variogram problem
12:37PM 3 Off Topic: Good reference for sample size calculations
11:42AM 2 C code for KalmnaLike
9:58AM 2 Need your help-SOS
12:33AM 4 recording and taking mean of a set of matrices
Tuesday September 9 2003
8:38PM 2 Computing a CDF or many quantiles
7:09PM 1 Newbie question about plotting density objects
4:25PM 2 Making R packages (Unix)
4:13PM 4 Cross-platform compatibility with R?
3:10PM 1 charge a vector with variables and to use as variable in a checkbutton?
2:36PM 1 ploting 2 variables in a lattice xyplot
1:38PM 1 tree mortality risk model using glm()
1:26PM 1 Changing Tick Marks for Date Plots
12:55PM 1 Hardware oddity - linux/windows
12:51PM 1 Building XML package for MacOS X
12:39PM 6 Making R packages
11:50AM 0 Re: Hierarchical clustering
11:17AM 4 How to convert a Rd file into multi html files?
10:49AM 0 problem trying to use a superclass on R-1.7.1
10:47AM 1 No joy installing R with shared libs
9:54AM 1 lattice plot - portrait / landscape
9:49AM 2 lattice.xyplot: adding grid lines
9:08AM 2 logistic regression for a data set with perfect separation
8:57AM 1 ANOVA
4:36AM 1 How limits are set in a scales list
4:11AM 2 Matrix resampling (bootstraps)
Monday September 8 2003
10:15PM 2 How do I coerce numeric factor columns of data frame to vector?
9:07PM 2 Yet another beginner question
8:35PM 1 Probit and optim in R
8:33PM 0 lmList with NAs
6:55PM 1 1.7.1 console unresponsive following "paste into"
6:07PM 2 memory problem in exporting data frame
5:22PM 1 P-P probability plots?
4:51PM 1 Stifling REprintf() output
3:57PM 3 multiple selection syntax
3:53PM 0 New highlighting for NEdit 5.3
3:48PM 2 Persp Plot
3:39PM 0 Problem with contour plot
1:05PM 1 exist "as.time"
1:03PM 0 two tables with read.table?
1:00PM 0 Hierarchical clustering : analysis of the cluster
12:56PM 0 limits of read.table
12:42PM 0 Rgobi installation failed, thanks for help
12:38PM 1 add checkbutton and the variable(wrong length of vector "b")
12:36PM 1 problems with categorical variables
12:13PM 2 Re: clustering polypeptide sequences
10:56AM 1 graphic of hierachical clustering
10:24AM 2 No joy installing R with shared libs.
9:30AM 2 R video
8:57AM 1 Error message in non linear regression model
6:21AM 2 cannot allocate vector of size...
3:07AM 1 Someone just searched for word-of-mouth information about: r-help@lists.r-project.org
1:11AM 1 png support
Sunday September 7 2003
7:32PM 4 data manipulation
6:31PM 1 extracting monthly temperature data
5:28PM 1 Need help with cluster analysis of amino acid sequences
10:23AM 1 Centring ticks on hists
4:08AM 1 help on R
Saturday September 6 2003
10:52PM 1 X11 not available
4:49PM 1 automatic model specification
3:06PM 1 Fitting t-Student(mu, sigma, nu)
2:28PM 1 split.screen problem and segments in figure margin
3:28AM 1 Using subset with describe in Hmisc
Friday September 5 2003
10:10PM 0 Right formula for a mixed-design anova
9:20PM 3 fit data with skew t distribution
7:40PM 2 stack overflow
6:30PM 3 Dotchart question
3:50PM 2 eliminating a large subset of data from a frame
3:07PM 3 all values from a data frame
2:39PM 0 skins in R?
2:30PM 0 multivariate spec.ar
1:35PM 1 [Off] Ecological Modelling's Book Suggestion.
1:31PM 4 Basic Dummy Variable Creation
12:13PM 1 Installing R on Red Hat Linux, Tcl/Tk
5:27AM 0 Arima seasonal
3:35AM 1 Two questions about building R add-on package
1:54AM 0 Finding periods, sort of.
Thursday September 4 2003
11:06PM 0 SUMMARY: Comparison of SAS & R/Splus
10:21PM 2 documents for writing functions
9:50PM 0 PROC MIXED vs lme. Split-plot with heterogeneous variances.
8:08PM 2 error handling in R/ lapack routines
6:50PM 7 Comparison of SAS & R/Splus
5:41PM 1 gnome gui question
5:28PM 1 scatter.smooth error
5:23PM 2 counts for grouped data
4:57PM 0 Splus/R: Complementing and Extending Statistical Computing for SAS Users
4:47PM 3 Putting regression lines on SPLOM
4:20PM 1 error in lm.fit
3:56PM 3 function is too long to keep source
3:45PM 0 R command
3:37PM 1 Dos() Command for R
3:10PM 3 : RODBC column length>255
2:31PM 2 laplace transform
2:26PM 1 lattice question--- different ylim
2:21PM 1 Allelic Differentiation, sampling, unique(), duplicated()
2:04PM 3 Overlaying graphs
1:24PM 1 title expressions
12:07PM 1 AIC and significance tests
11:44AM 0 boot with strata doubt
11:11AM 5 subtract 2 columns in a data.frame
5:50AM 1 Looking for R Equivalent of Gauss Statements
4:41AM 0 carma (package growth)
3:06AM 0 Mantenga la Seguridad en el Trabajo ...
Wednesday September 3 2003
10:41PM 3 help.start( )
9:31PM 1 value of hypsometric integral ( ecdf() )
9:29PM 3 read.table: check.names arg - feature request
9:13PM 2 Calling functions of R from Perl?
6:21PM 1 plot only partial plots
6:12PM 2 lme in R and Splus
5:15PM 0 ANN: An XML format for block designs
5:10PM 1 boot package
4:43PM 0 impact of R and S
4:01PM 1 glmmPQL probelm
3:39PM 1 replot
2:58PM 0 Diagnostic tool for s.window in the STL method for Time series Analysis
2:42PM 1 Call R function from C code
2:09PM 1 llines and NA
1:57PM 2 problem with HoltWinters
1:12PM 1 variance components
12:50PM 2 SNK-test
12:35PM 3 plotting a distribution curves
12:00PM 0 Matrix problem - possibly use of 'outer'
11:19AM 0 Re: normal distribution in samples of soil organisms.
10:45AM 0 iinstallation R-grid-package
9:24AM 0 Course 'Bootstrap methods and permutation tests' - 23 - 24 October
6:08AM 1 Another R syntax question
Tuesday September 2 2003
10:30PM 3 How to avoid automatic coercion to factor?
7:31PM 2 identify with image
7:23PM 0 roc for mixed models
6:07PM 2 weights in mixed model
4:12PM 0 bootstrap and sample size
3:40PM 1 normalize data
3:06PM 1 convert character to POSIXct
2:29PM 1 package xtable
2:18PM 0 R/Chemometrics/reading .spa files into R.
2:16PM 1 Hangup on save.image () / q ()
2:15PM 0 ?hist
2:00PM 1 Plotting dates
1:57PM 1 Change the graphics parameters and refresh then plot region
1:52PM 0 Execute R without environment and multiple grid in multiple graphics
1:33PM 2 FW: Creating a Package with Windows XP.
1:26PM 0 : Creating a Package with Windows XP.
8:37AM 1 Histogram question
7:45AM 1 normal distribution
7:00AM 0 Blackman-Tukey spectral estimator
6:37AM 0 R News: Call for Papers
5:12AM 8 I don't understand this
3:25AM 1 Error in making R-1.6.2.
1:20AM 5 Strange problem.
Monday September 1 2003
10:28PM 0 RMySQL segmentation fault
9:26PM 2 File Reading Problem
8:47PM 2 Error in dyn.load
8:04PM 3 meta-analysis question
5:02PM 3 error message in nlm()
3:43PM 3 How to free memory used by R.
3:03PM 1 Arima with an external regressor
2:42PM 2 Axis color
2:00PM 2 readcsvIts() to create irregular time series
12:59PM 0 Quantile Regression Packages
11:54AM 1 Gram-Schmidt orthonormal factorization
10:38AM 0 Re: Plotting bivariate normal distributions.
5:12AM 2 Illegal instruction - R 1.7.1 under RH 9 Intel
1:06AM 2 help for performing regressions based on combination of predictors