R help - Aug 2003

Sunday August 31 2003
6:43PM 3 Problem and Question regarding R
4:52PM 1 Problem installing acepack in debian
1:53PM 0 Engineer
Saturday August 30 2003
8:18PM 0 IGNORE PREVIOUS question: plot margin spacing/control (fwd)
8:13PM 1 plot margin spacing/control
3:26PM 3 Shared library loading in Win R 1071 and previous Win R versions
1:07PM 1 3D plot of a bivariate normal distribution
12:33AM 1 is zscore() deprecated or Windows only?
Friday August 29 2003
9:03PM 1 case weight in mixed model
8:53PM 1 What fontfamily x11() device normally uses?
6:15PM 0 Notes on Windows binaries of contributed packages
4:20PM 3 difference between <- and =
4:14PM 2 Lattice plot questions
3:03PM 1 Six axis y with axis function?
1:49PM 0 vardiag package help
12:20PM 3 R and pointer
10:55AM 0 identifying outliers
10:22AM 1 levelplot behaviour when "at" cuts the z range
9:07AM 2 extract numerical variables from a data frame
6:09AM 3 Creating a new table from a set of constraints
Thursday August 28 2003
8:52PM 1 mtext / expression and font type of bold
7:59PM 1 how to randomize data matrix
5:54PM 0 make dvi fails
5:03PM 4 Cook-distance-type plot (vertical bars)
3:53PM 3 (no subject)
3:41PM 2 how to call a C program from R function
2:31PM 1 R-help: beginner question - Thank you! OUTLIERS
1:35PM 4 R-help: beginner question
11:50AM 2 ks.test()
6:59AM 0 Re: diamond graphs, patents and rootograms
3:40AM 0 Plotting asymptote possible with plot?
12:52AM 1 Packages
Wednesday August 27 2003
11:59PM 1 R workshop in Australia
11:32PM 1 trying to produce an array of ranks
11:25PM 0 equivalent of SAS's PROC LATTICE
11:19PM 2 Using files as connections
10:28PM 4 Newbie graphing questions
8:22PM 1 testing if two multivariate samples are from the same distribution
7:05PM 0 Minard's Challenge: Re-Visioning Minard Contest
6:57PM 0 RMySQL crashing R
4:06PM 4 read.spss (package foreign) and character columns
4:00PM 2 Basic GLM: residuals definition
3:57PM 2 How to test a model with two unkown constants
2:50PM 1 how to calculate Rsquare
2:21PM 1 Exporting R graphs (review)
12:30PM 3 seeking help with with()
8:49AM 5 selecting by variable
2:53AM 1 How to do leave-n-out cross validation in R?
Tuesday August 26 2003
9:08PM 1 GWplot
8:58PM 2 Seeking Packaging advice
8:09PM 3 matching-case sensitivity
7:36PM 1 rfImpute (for randomForest) crashed
7:35PM 1 Package for Numerical Integral?
7:17PM 4 R on Linux/Opteron?
6:56PM 1 Mann-Whitney U Table
6:53PM 1 Getting out of an embedded function safely - use try?
4:45PM 4 Viewing function source
2:31PM 2 Simple simulation in R
1:35PM 2 discriminant function
11:51AM 2 coxph.control
11:46AM 3 Exporting R graphs
9:53AM 0 bootstrapping nlme fits (was boot function)
6:51AM 3 Subsetting a dataframe
6:47AM 3 plot empirical pdf
1:59AM 0 Fwd: Re: Problem running RTERM via SSH on Windows/2000
Monday August 25 2003
11:56PM 1 ODBC Oracle access
6:25PM 0 Any symmetric matrix can be decomposed with eigendecomposition?
6:02PM 1 ODBC access
3:40PM 2 Book recommendations: Multilevel & longitudinal analysis
1:24PM 2 Save graph as .wmf
1:14PM 1 floodfill with matrix data
12:11PM 0 boxplot question
11:18AM 2 lattice question
9:44AM 1 setting xlim and ylim with asp=1
7:55AM 0 retrieve execution time form an array of datetime values
4:04AM 16 R tools for large files
Sunday August 24 2003
10:10PM 1 Encapsulated postscript and the family argument
4:19PM 1 detecting EOF on connection?
11:02AM 1 regression constraints (again)
Saturday August 23 2003
10:44PM 1 explanation of lm's coefficients
8:39PM 1 filling a matrix who's entries are a function of the indices?
3:55PM 0 Majordomo results: Re: Thank you!
3:36PM 2 help--kernel distribution dynamics
Friday August 22 2003
8:40PM 1 advise for modeling a linear mixed model
8:09PM 1 Altix IA-64 chip
7:11PM 1 Substitute in legend
7:01PM 1 Package Reference Manuals
6:25PM 1 Passwords for RODBC package
6:14PM 1 Problem running RTERM via SSH on Windows/2000
3:26PM 1 problem compiling R in suse8.2
1:33PM 0 gam step in grasper
11:49AM 1 boot function
10:04AM 1 Your help plz - (statistical problem)
4:44AM 2 a pickle with ranks and reals?
3:21AM 1 Reducing matrix dimension
2:49AM 2 "subscript out of range" message
12:40AM 2 converting factor to numeric
Thursday August 21 2003
10:49PM 0 nls fitting inside a loop in S-Plus
10:35PM 1 LDA in R: how to extract full equation, especially constant term
10:29PM 5 graphic widow overwrite
9:47PM 0 NOTICE - Attachments removed
8:56PM 1 how to specify format of floats for the output file
8:43PM 0 Virus in Mail entdeckt / Virus found in the message
6:09PM 1 comparing segments of a time series
5:33PM 2 automatic logging of commands
5:11PM 0 pbinom
4:51PM 4 anova(lme object)
4:35PM 0 revisions made in "Notes on R for psychology ..."
4:15PM 4 Importing data into R
2:27PM 2 Use of Second Monitor Question
2:09PM 2 A logical comparison between two character strings in R
2:07PM 2 Read date for timeserie object
12:42PM 2 levelplot behaviour for panel with constants
11:04AM 0 R scripts
9:51AM 1 graphics device
7:06AM 2 filter factors with min. freq
6:38AM 0 Réf. : Changing Color of Graphics Device
6:29AM 1 Changing Color of Graphics Device
5:21AM 3 Diamond graphs
1:49AM 1 R is mentioned on Linux Today
Wednesday August 20 2003
9:16PM 5 Interlacing two vectors
8:06PM 0 4 parameter logistic model
7:01PM 0 SJava in R
6:37PM 2 Weighted circular mean
6:22PM 1 run R in non interactive mode
5:53PM 0 Course***R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques, September 2003 @ 3 locations near you! (DC, Boston, San Francisco)
5:45PM 0 import statgraphics data files
2:58PM 0 delete variable
1:58PM 2 grid Graphics by Paul Murrell
1:44PM 2 Method of L-BFGS-B of optim evaluate function outside of box constraints
1:42PM 2 question about simulation.
12:53PM 1 Filled triangles in lattice graphics?
12:24PM 2 Command line R / PHP?
11:49AM 1 aide
10:54AM 1 Neural Networks in R
9:05AM 0 How do you debug() an S4 generic function
8:42AM 2 RandomForest
7:22AM 2 Plots default to Rplots.ps
7:13AM 1 query on converting survey data from one structure to another
7:12AM 0 (no subject)
1:40AM 1 question for loop on matrix row level.
Tuesday August 19 2003
11:53PM 1 compare two linear regression slopes
9:57PM 3 logistic regression without intercept
5:42PM 9 Variance Computing- - HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5:36PM 0 Return Message: Thank you!
4:41PM 1 for those of you who want a patent...
4:08PM 0 Mgw: Blocked mail "Re: Your application" from r-help@lists.r-project.org
3:51PM 3 On the Use of the nnet Library
12:35PM 2 R-1.7.1 gets installed without default packages & without readline
11:33AM 0 WARNING. You tried to send a potential virus or unauthorised code
11:32AM 0 Re: Thank you!
8:15AM 2 test for equal distributions with small numbes of observations
12:06AM 1 princomp scores reproduced
Monday August 18 2003
8:17PM 1 FYI: Article on R at IBM's developerWorks Server Clinic
7:33PM 0 Responses to question about order()
6:57PM 1 R Install on Solaris 9
6:46PM 1 R and Poisson
6:18PM 2 type I and type III sums of squares
3:10PM 1 Extracting from population estimation, individual estimations
1:51PM 2 glmmPQL() and memory limitations
12:26PM 0 Any interest in commercial add-on libraries based on Cyte l's StatXact/LogXact?
11:18AM 2 3D pie
11:16AM 1 rterm not shutting down from ESS on Win32/could we help?
11:13AM 0 apply and sort vs vectorized order
9:37AM 0 displaying pruned clusters
2:31AM 1 Would like to apply a weight variable to the summary function in Hmisc
1:50AM 0 Any interest in commercial add-on libraries based on Cytel's StatXact/LogXact?
Sunday August 17 2003
7:45PM 0 Resampling Methods: An Introduction, Using R (online seminar)
5:50PM 2 collapse argument on paste
5:06PM 0 FibMaster charts..
12:07PM 1 (no subject)
Saturday August 16 2003
5:45PM 1 equivalent of Splus command axis(..., srt=45, adj=1) in R
5:34PM 2 Prediction Intervals (reposting)
2:39PM 4 unclass
11:58AM 0 multcomp updated
Friday August 15 2003
11:03PM 2 Error in model.frame
9:15PM 2 help with Tukey Mean-Difference Plot
8:59PM 1 The snow package
6:55PM 3 How to reinstall rpart?
5:11PM 2 Does order() behave differently on different platforms?
4:59PM 1 rterm not shutting down from ESS on Win32
4:55PM 0 Is it possible to separate two independent components from arandom variable?
4:33PM 1 Is it possible to separate two independent components from a random variable?
4:06PM 1 Merging and sorting multiple data.frame
3:38PM 0 (no subject)
3:31PM 2 Is there a package for digitizing or reading jpegs, ets. in R?
3:29PM 2 Oja median
2:57PM 1 menubutton don´t work
2:52PM 0 quasipoisson, test="F" or "Chi"
11:38AM 1 again Trellis plot
10:42AM 0 Command processing of arguments
10:22AM 0 partition.tree() version for rpart ?
8:03AM 0 Re: [R} stars graphs
1:23AM 2 (no subject)
Thursday August 14 2003
10:25PM 2 Using spline parameters to generate data
7:44PM 0 Scheffe test
6:28PM 1 gnls - Step halving....
5:24PM 0 How to get the pseudo left inverse of a singular square m atrix?
5:13PM 0 partially off-topic: ESS WWW site is moving
5:01PM 1 filter ARMA process
4:41PM 2 vectorization question
4:24PM 2 How to get the pseudo left inverse of a singular square matrix?
3:44PM 0 Simple C-R interface, SEXP and other declarations
2:20PM 0 Error in augPred ?
1:26PM 2 nls confidence intervals
12:09PM 1 Contouring irregular xyz data via TIN
Wednesday August 13 2003
11:18PM 0 New package: BOOLEAN
10:28PM 1 means comparison with seasonal time series?
7:25PM 1 Contour plot for arbitrary (x,y,z)
7:23PM 1 Problems with addition in big POSIX dates
6:32PM 1 Startup for RExcel
6:09PM 2 ^-operation exponentiation problem
5:53PM 2 X11 not configured on linux RedHat 9
5:29PM 3 Removing variables
5:14PM 1 contrasts??
3:51PM 0 re: two dimentional hierarchical clustering algorithm
3:43PM 0 graphic device sequence/ Rprofile(options)
3:03PM 1 stars graphs
2:46PM 7 Regexpr with "."
2:39PM 4 Levene test of homogeneity of variance
2:16PM 3 A question on orthogonal basis vectors
1:27PM 1 anova and tukeyHSD
1:00PM 1 Mapping function dependencies
12:55PM 5 Integer precision etc.
12:54PM 1 adding to Trellis plot
12:43PM 2 adding to Trellis plots
12:27PM 0 converting GLM from SAS to R
11:58AM 2 putting NAs at the end
11:10AM 0 please advise re: data mining in Germany
9:49AM 1 The desire for prettier and cheaper images ...
9:01AM 6 placing labels in polygon center ?
7:28AM 3 Books for R
7:03AM 4 big data file geting truncated
1:34AM 2 What does m$... mean?
1:23AM 0 nlme
1:04AM 1 Printing linefeeds using sprintf
Tuesday August 12 2003
11:36PM 2 SQL Dates
10:38PM 2 Replacing underscore character in Windows GUI
8:58PM 1 Post Hoc methods for anova in R
8:51PM 1 Princomp function in R
8:03PM 2 Crosstabs
6:48PM 1 install 'XML' package
4:38PM 3 Sorting a dataframe
3:46PM 3 grep and gsub on backslash and quotes
2:45PM 1 classification with quantitative variables
2:24PM 1 (no subject)
2:16PM 8 capturing output from Win 98 shell
2:02PM 4 print points from a huge matrix
10:22AM 0 Truncation solves
9:47AM 1 Negative binomial theta
9:05AM 1 Installing R with debian
7:37AM 2 who to rbind of a list of data.frames
6:19AM 1 Programme Maxstat
3:14AM 0 Re: Bayesian stats
Monday August 11 2003
11:50PM 1 error message in "sem"
9:52PM 1 tutorials of seao & seao-gui package for R
8:58PM 0 Gradient of the slope of a surface
8:58PM 2 Changing default browser in options()
4:42PM 0 Designing and incorporating a digital filter
4:02PM 1 pb of importation data: truncation...
3:16PM 0 CGIwithR->premature end?
2:26PM 0 tsdiag and tsStructure for np,ns,nt and nl determination
2:12PM 0 re: two dimentional hierarchical clustering algorithm
1:30PM 1 Marginal (type II) SS for powers of continuous variables in a linear model?
12:21PM 4 subscripts in lists
12:14PM 0 checking a package: make error 255
11:20AM 2 default directory RGui for windows NT
10:44AM 1 Memory-problem?
10:35AM 2 Timer in R?
8:37AM 2 cluster analysis
6:27AM 1 New package: irregular time-series (its)
Sunday August 10 2003
9:22PM 3 high memory allocation
9:15PM 1 read.spss doesn't work anymore
8:28PM 0 Random Number Testing
7:50PM 3 Support for Bayesian statistics in R
9:55AM 0 Thanks: batch package install advice
Saturday August 9 2003
8:00PM 0 Package Batch Install (fwd)
6:18AM 0 economic woes?
1:41AM 1 lm(), na.exclude and predict()
Friday August 8 2003
8:42PM 2 Comprehesive Package/Library list?
5:13PM 1 Binary file reading problem
10:46AM 1 understanding time series objects
7:20AM 0 RSPerl
1:25AM 1 R and RMySQL - segmentation fault
Thursday August 7 2003
10:03PM 0 spdep error message
9:46PM 1 ratio of means of two independent
8:05PM 2 Question about 'NA'
6:46PM 5 gregmisc
5:20PM 2 Statistical analysis of huge datasets.
4:30PM 1 size of a pixmap image
4:22PM 0 Extended Mantel-Haenszel Tests
4:07PM 1 abline() plot order
3:47PM 0 correlation matrix
3:36PM 0 Link two variables
3:28PM 0 Lattice graphs and legend
2:35PM 0 predict(lm(etc.), some_data) -> "numeric envir arg not of length one " ???
1:46PM 0 optim() error message
1:41PM 2 Newbie
1:09PM 0 new version of Rcmdr package
11:32AM 3 ginv vs. solve
11:20AM 1 graph for selected lines in stars()
10:39AM 2 Re: www.acd.ucar.edu mailing list memberships reminder
10:06AM 1 Select intervals of values from a variables.
8:43AM 0 Problem with filled.contour
7:21AM 2 function "lme"
7:09AM 2 Strange predicted values ?
1:07AM 1 installing add-on packages on OS X
Wednesday August 6 2003
10:44PM 0 R workshop, Qld Australia
9:30PM 2 Plot ticks and tick labels: thickness, colour?
9:21PM 3 Slight problem in sort
8:24PM 2 evaluating and walking in names
8:10PM 1 demo() function returns alphabetical matches, not unique matches?
5:58PM 1 probability plot correlation coefficient
5:57PM 1 problem with download.packages
4:04PM 2 think i found it, problems with lda ,
3:47PM 3 How to copy and paste a R plot onto Word (or Power Point)
3:41PM 2 Importing Data
2:21PM 1 RODBC with Windows XP
11:39AM 1 Standard error of standard deviation: bootstrap or theoretical results?
11:02AM 3 R like SPSS
10:44AM 2 (no subject)
10:34AM 3 problems with lda , data included, can somebody test with the new version
9:46AM 1 Filtering Time Series / apply STL method
8:23AM 0 Hmisc on CRAN
8:21AM 1 problems with lda
8:16AM 2 leverage
6:48AM 0 Curso GIS y Teledeteccion
6:28AM 0 R CMD check: checking for undocumented objects ... WARNING
4:56AM 1 contour lines intersect
2:19AM 2 L10N and i18n of R
Tuesday August 5 2003
11:10PM 1 Split factorial design
9:16PM 2 Error on mclust
7:31PM 1 na.action in randomForest --- Summary
6:28PM 1 code speed help? -- example and results provided
6:26PM 0 code speed help,
4:10PM 4 3D matrix
12:57PM 1 newbie question: fitting power law
12:13PM 0 R2HTML
11:24AM 2 bwplot colours
10:34AM 1 error message in fitdistr
10:15AM 1 boxplot&levels
9:41AM 1 levelplot and points
8:58AM 1 A little problem
7:12AM 1 How do I make R listen to a Unix domain socket?
3:39AM 1 Rwave cgt plot time axis problem
Monday August 4 2003
8:55PM 1 coxph and frailty
4:44PM 1 Novice question
3:37PM 0 RDCOM interface and 17.1 R version troubles
3:08PM 1 BEGINNER:create dummy variables
2:27PM 1 how to set the variable name in a loop
2:07PM 7 ^ operation much slower in R 1.7.1 than in R 1.7.0 ???
1:11PM 1 label chemical formulas
1:04PM 1 BHHH algorithm
12:47PM 3 Breusch-Godfrey Test
9:12AM 2 Discussion: Spam on R-help
9:12AM 0 Specifying weird models
8:35AM 1 R as ftp client ?
7:38AM 0 Higher Order Correlation function
6:00AM 1 Error in calling stepAIC() from within a function
2:53AM 2 na.action in randomForest
12:04AM 0 Feedback Bootstrapping
Friday August 1 2003
10:30PM 1 install.packages (newbie?) error
8:39PM 0 kernel density in 2D
7:05PM 1 Extracting p-values from modeling
6:28PM 1 behavior of weights in nnet's multinom()
5:34PM 1 RSPerl help
1:58PM 2 'format' problem
12:27PM 2 Problems installing R on Windows XP
10:56AM 1 index all subsets of k of m items?
10:49AM 1 ncp t & Fortran error & power of some tests
10:43AM 0 Re: [S] subscripts error
10:01AM 1 gls function
9:05AM 1 shading in image()
8:55AM 0 Problem with data.frame and attach
6:50AM 1 (no subject)
6:22AM 2 value replacement in matrices