R help - Jul 2003

Thursday July 31 2003
10:22PM 6 how to make a plot without any axis-labeling
10:01PM 1 R 1.7.1 arima0 problem
6:53PM 1 (no subject)
6:00PM 1 help with tapply and weighted.mean
4:41PM 1 spatial statistics vs. spatial econometrics
4:18PM 2 anova
3:09PM 0 Trouble with optim
3:02PM 1 problem with summary in survival analysis
2:21PM 0 Error in par
1:57PM 0 RFE implemented?
1:44PM 1 R on Solaris 9
1:19PM 1 clear screen
12:27PM 2 history for graphics
12:26PM 2 help with graphics
11:39AM 6 Problem with data.frames
8:03AM 2 how as.numeric() !-> factor
4:19AM 4 timezones
Wednesday July 30 2003
11:08PM 2 a quick Q: a function in R, equivalent to "atoi" function in C?
10:03PM 0 stepAIC()
8:42PM 6 reverse array indexing
7:11PM 1 compile c code from R
6:01PM 1 Rcgi
5:36PM 2 Should garbage collection be automatic in R sessions?
5:24PM 2 put a label on right y axis?
5:00PM 0 anova(mymodel.lme, type = "marginal")
3:52PM 3 nested for() loops for returning a nearest point
3:39PM 0 convergence diagnostic test in R
3:39PM 1 Write XML according to ggobi DTD
3:24PM 1 Number of components in a mixture model
3:24PM 0 Sweave
3:11PM 2 robust regression
2:23PM 2 Comparing two regression slopes
2:11PM 2 Plotting a function with curve()
12:49PM 1 S & R Public Training Courses in the UK
12:38PM 1 Tktable White column when WIDTH>13
10:48AM 0 Hmisc and Design on CRAN
10:11AM 2 building packages using S4 methods
8:30AM 2 STL- TimeSeries Decomposition
Tuesday July 29 2003
4:56PM 1 Manipulating text
3:58PM 5 Sending emails from R under Windows
9:04AM 4 Alignment when rotating text and symbols
8:03AM 0 Analysis of AVHRR/VGT timeseries
6:23AM 1 Sweave: pass scale parameter to includegraphics?
4:40AM 2 Problems with Rcmd build --- windows
12:47AM 1 Tktable active cell
Monday July 28 2003
9:47PM 3 data manipulation: getting mean value every 5 rows
8:06PM 1 Eclipse
7:22PM 1 RE: how to use R to model Reliability problem
6:15PM 0 cut.POSIXt - bug?
6:08PM 1 Reading a file every t seg.
4:12PM 1 Ideas for remote collaboration on statistical analyses
3:36PM 1 linear model coefficients
3:26PM 2 R compilation error on Solaris
3:12PM 1 Optimization failed in fitting mixture 3-parameter Weibull distri bution using fitdistr()
2:57PM 0 cran.us.r-project.org and www.omegahat.org back on line
1:16PM 2 defining and plotting functions thanks to equation
1:01PM 3 http://www.omegahat.org/RSXML
12:46PM 2 aregImpute: warning message re: acepack and mace
12:44PM 1 Rcmd nuisance (windows XP)
7:00AM 1 Plotting (mixed) line types and legends
6:08AM 5 hi
12:16AM 0 survey package
Sunday July 27 2003
11:41PM 1 Perl
11:33PM 1 another citation question
11:28PM 1 citing an R help file
6:47PM 1 multiple imputation with fit.mult.impute in Hmisc
2:21PM 2 Default title for hist assumes name is short
12:35PM 2 continuous independent variable in lme
6:50AM 1 contourplot:how to get it to label all contours like 'contour'
2:45AM 1 Drawing boxplots in pairs function
Saturday July 26 2003
6:14PM 1 A model for disease progression
5:32PM 0 Re: Programs stopped working--.print
4:18PM 1 Time Plot Question.
10:54AM 0 R benchmark, moble Pentium III, 1.13 GHs
9:47AM 2 How to make "<-" generic?
9:04AM 1 bug plotting dates?
Friday July 25 2003
9:38PM 1 Programs stopped working--.print (newbie question)
8:52PM 0 Sweave and Printing Lattice Figures From Loop
3:35PM 0 RODBC.sqlSave and Date format on Oracle
3:24PM 1 glmmPQL using REML instead of ML
2:50PM 5 named list 'start' in fitdistr
11:28AM 1 Difficulty replacing NAs using Hmisc aregImpute and Impute
10:16AM 2 variable name of variable in dataframe
8:23AM 5 R won't connect to the internet on SUSE Linux 8.1
2:10AM 1 Multiple expressions in system.time()?
2:07AM 0 Memory explosion, plotting nmle grouped data object
1:21AM 0 animal model in R
12:47AM 0 Plotting Vector Fields
Thursday July 24 2003
10:10PM 3 R-WinEdt problems
10:07PM 5 inverse prediction and Poisson regression
9:39PM 0 postscript device: pch='.' size?
7:44PM 1 wireframe: how to remove the frame around my plot?
7:06PM 1 scatterplot smoothing using gam
5:18PM 1 Integer programming in R
2:55PM 3 Plotting math functions
2:42PM 4 Problem w/ source
2:39PM 3 trellis plot question
2:27PM 3 data.frame subsetting
12:17PM 1 geoR size limit problem
11:56AM 2 median and joint distribution
11:51AM 3 R won't connect to the internet on Linux!
11:27AM 0 How can I represent a shape using 1-D discrete wavelet descriptor s?
9:51AM 1 : performing marginal tests to glm objects
8:47AM 0 nls.control in gnls
4:20AM 0 Intervention/Impact analysis in time series
3:02AM 1 pls regression - optimal number of LVs
1:28AM 0 negative binomial
12:08AM 0 unz( "x.zip", "y.csv" ) != pipe( "unzip -p x.zip y.csv" )
Wednesday July 23 2003
10:28PM 1 Shapefiles package upload
10:13PM 1 error bars in color
9:54PM 0 position available
8:44PM 5 Dismal R performance of Athlon moble CPU?
6:42PM 4 .ps files in R
6:09PM 2 paste and NAs
6:03PM 2 trouble with maps
5:56PM 0 odd behavior with the maps package
4:17PM 1 Passing references to data objects into R functions
4:10PM 0 Spectral Analysis
2:54PM 6 Condition indexes and variance inflation factors
12:53PM 1 S3 and S4 classes
12:44PM 1 Strange behaviour when running R from within Emacs on Winddows
11:48AM 0 multinomial logit discrete choice model
11:06AM 0 category data (text categories)
8:40AM 2 Read trajectory file into R
8:21AM 1 lattice: how to format axis labels?
4:16AM 0 Package submission---HyperbolicDist
3:25AM 0 pls.pcr compared to Unscrambler
12:09AM 3 Boosting, bagging and bumping. Questions about R tools and predictions.
Tuesday July 22 2003
11:43PM 1 using getBioC()
11:33PM 2 animal models and lme
10:11PM 1 Processing a large number of files
9:19PM 1 Curious warning in R for OS X w/Xwindows
6:45PM 2 libblas.so.3
5:53PM 2 Matrix manipulation - dropping rows based on a query
4:59PM 5 plot character
3:41PM 1 Making a group membership matrix
3:11PM 4 greek in main title
2:37PM 2 packages on R on a Mac
1:50PM 1 Conditional Statements for Graphing
1:48PM 6 variable names
10:22AM 0 barplot
10:10AM 3 curves with shaded areas?
9:41AM 1 rank with ties
6:39AM 1 Help is sought for a small problem
2:06AM 3 function default
1:56AM 3 R and C++ compared with only C++
Monday July 21 2003
11:17PM 1 Analysis of Complex Survey Data
8:19PM 1 Setting name attributes to a vector - join?
8:08PM 0 Off topic: looking citations on stepwise regression
7:54PM 4 generate a series of fucntion
6:58PM 1 grid and gtkDevice package clipping bug.
6:23PM 2 bold AND italic as font in text()
5:45PM 3 Contents of R-help digest.-contouring
5:44PM 1 Inconsistent handling of character NA?
5:36PM 0 Rosetta Inpharmatics position announcement
3:46PM 1 how to calculate Rsquare
3:00PM 1 doubt about graphics
2:50PM 1 Lattice: how to draw some text outside the panel?
2:43PM 0 Changing the labels on a regression tree (repeat post - with added clarity)
2:38PM 1 problem in pot with subset selection
2:30PM 1 RODBC: problem saving a new table in an "Excel database"
1:42PM 3 Confidence Band for empirical distribution function
1:32PM 2 [OT] Modeling strategies
12:46PM 3 calling R from C
10:17AM 0 correlated residuals in gls: Coefficient matrix not invertible
6:56AM 1 AW: R commands from a text file ?
6:46AM 3 R commands from a text file ?
4:14AM 0 general location model
2:16AM 1 help on barplot
2:12AM 5 how to test whether two slopes are sign. different?
1:12AM 0 re: repeated measures
Sunday July 20 2003
10:41PM 1 Problem with packages...
Saturday July 19 2003
3:39PM 1 Method 'EvaluateNoReturn' of object 'IStatConnector' failed
5:51AM 2 I don't find "fuzzy matching"
12:22AM 1 R program for MacOS9.2.2
Friday July 18 2003
10:10PM 0 line colors in lattice.xyplot with png device
9:43PM 0 Rserv.conf
8:02PM 1 problem with memory size in UNIX
8:01PM 2 create a vector looping over a frame
7:56PM 3 lexicographic sort of ordered lists
7:20PM 1 Tree question with ordinal IV and split labels
6:45PM 3 question about formulating a nls optimization
6:41PM 1 confused about x-coordinates and bar charts
5:30PM 1 Positioning legends outside the plot region
3:27PM 2 Probability plotting with R
2:36PM 3 Problem indexing into array
2:29PM 1 Non-Linear Principle Component Analysis using Neural Networks
1:45PM 1 Base package R Macintosh port
12:30PM 1 rterm
12:20PM 1 Hidden Markov estimation
10:35AM 1 repeated measures anova
10:27AM 0 Harmonic mean center of animal locations
9:32AM 4 R won't connect to the internet
9:19AM 0 (Fwd) Re: what is "fuzzy matching"?
8:43AM 2 stepwise regression analysis
6:29AM 1 what is "fuzzy matching"?
Thursday July 17 2003
11:13PM 1 Matrix Multiplication
11:03PM 0 pie charts as symbols
10:59PM 2 i need help in cluster analyse
10:30PM 1 R matrices in memory
10:07PM 3 how to divide a string into characters? - for comparing strings that is
9:32PM 3 confused about histograms
9:10PM 3 Looking to maximize a conditional likelihood
8:11PM 0 glmmPQL with crossed random effects
7:56PM 1 Rpart question - labeling nodes with something not in x$frame
7:24PM 1 dbApply and data.frame
5:43PM 6 Formal definitions of R-language.
4:51PM 0 glm.nb
4:42PM 2 Minor nuisance with rw1071
3:58PM 3 univariate normal mixtures
3:04PM 2 C compiler to R
2:58PM 2 Rather open question
1:53PM 1 Hosmer- Lemeshow test
12:09PM 1 line length limitation in ROracle
11:50AM 2 line colors in lattice.xyplot with png device.
11:20AM 0 Silverman modality test
10:57AM 3 remove and put back elements in vector
8:17AM 1 Recode from 2 variables
8:16AM 2 Testing for numeric(0)
12:06AM 3 duplicate row.names
Wednesday July 16 2003
10:25PM 1 Help on NNET
9:41PM 2 list to data frame
8:56PM 1 Q re Linear Models
6:45PM 1 AR in R
6:38PM 2 Fatal error in SJava.
4:54PM 2 Is there a bug in qr(..,LAPACK=T)
4:26PM 2 Line plot help
3:26PM 1 Tobit analysis
3:13PM 1 bwplot does something weird with Hmisc library attached
2:24PM 5 turning list-elements into a vector
1:42PM 5 Sorting a data frame
10:21AM 2 numerical differentiation in R? (for optim "SANN" parscale)
10:11AM 4 how to handle missing values
9:13AM 0 CRAN package orphanizing process
8:42AM 1 Missing or Corrupted Files
8:04AM 2 Weighted SUR, 2SLS regressions
6:08AM 2 Stem and leaf display?
5:52AM 1 wireframe question
Tuesday July 15 2003
9:14PM 0 greek problem
9:02PM 0 Why two chisq.test p values differ when the contingency
8:46PM 0 Plotting a graph of many lines between groups of points.. .
7:42PM 3 Plotting a graph of many lines between groups of points...
7:18PM 1 Why two chisq.test p values differ when the contingency table is transposed?
7:12PM 0 tree problem solved
6:44PM 1 Tree question
5:50PM 1 Problem with my simulation
5:46PM 7 Excel can do what R can't?????
4:51PM 2 matrix manipulations
3:36PM 1 "predict"
3:18PM 0 writing data to file (was: no subject)
2:31PM 0 (no subject)
2:31PM 3 How to read in data
2:25PM 1 How to use fortrane compiler to install unix R???
2:17PM 0 skip first line with read.table (was: no subject)
1:55PM 4 (no subject)
1:36PM 1 function acf in package ts
1:31PM 3 clearing some part of a graph
12:23PM 0 Multivariate regression method
12:16PM 1 eigen vector sign reversal
11:17AM 0 Multinomial Logit with multiple groups
10:33AM 2 printf and friends in R?
8:53AM 1 dbApply (R newbee)
7:08AM 1 More questions about gam and plot
6:58AM 2 Keeping track of occurrence of warning message
5:14AM 1 Specifying an lme model
3:54AM 2 R, geochemistry, ternary diagrams
2:53AM 1 Disgrace - R-package for interactive plotting.
Monday July 14 2003
11:08PM 0 package announcement: Generalized Boosted Models (gbm)
10:03PM 2 Hypothesis testing after optim
8:10PM 0 Loading Workspaces from R-Excel
8:09PM 2 problem with coding for 'optim' in R
7:13PM 2 Multipanel weighted regression lines.
5:16PM 2 special characters
4:32PM 0 Fwd: how to make exprSet
4:31PM 2 "which" for NA's (and FALSE's)
3:49PM 2 install problem
3:40PM 1 bootstrapping the lme model
3:34PM 1 gam and step
2:47PM 1 Problem importing an S+ file
2:15PM 1 Processing List-elements
12:09PM 0 ss's are incorrect from aov with multiple factors ( EXAMP LE!)
11:55AM 2 qualitative response model
11:51AM 1 methods help and glmmPQL
9:59AM 2 Subsetting a matrix
8:32AM 1 for loop problem
7:29AM 6 bug?
5:21AM 1 I am not found som data frames
Sunday July 13 2003
11:22PM 2 Coloured 3d surface
10:48PM 1 automatically saving plots and images
9:38PM 3 How to install a package
7:10PM 1 bootstrap for hclust
2:55PM 3 How robust is mle in R?
12:54PM 3 Memory size
5:09AM 3 r-question
1:42AM 1 How to generate a matrix with a specific correlation (matrix)
Saturday July 12 2003
9:51PM 0 poisson regression nested effects
6:19PM 1 a Q re. Kriging package
4:51PM 1 Row Reduction
4:50PM 3 question regarding GAM from a novice (in GAM as well as in R)
9:53AM 2 using cut on matrices
7:55AM 1 Problem with library "car"
1:33AM 2 help with bivariate density plot question
12:27AM 1 More clear statement about the question of how to generate regression matrix with correlation matrix
12:20AM 1 ss's are incorrect from aov with multiple factors
Friday July 11 2003
9:18PM 1 How to generate regression matrix with correlation matrix
8:39PM 0 spdep
8:29PM 1 Reading data from the console
7:33PM 1 getAnyhwhere behavior
6:29PM 0 Question regarding irts class
5:18PM 1 three short questions
4:29PM 3 Indexing with NA as FALSE??
4:26PM 0 Constraining asymptote in SSasymp
3:49PM 2 using SVD to get an inverse matrix of covariance matrix
3:26PM 1 3d plot with different levels done in different colors
3:13PM 1 metapost device in R (again ;-)
2:17PM 2 Offsets in glmmPQL?
2:01PM 2 hazard estimate
2:01PM 2 correlation, import of large tables, test for point-biserial c.c.?
11:47AM 3 short puzzles
10:43AM 2 unz()
10:17AM 1 unimodality test
9:56AM 2 Nonliner Rgression using Neural Nnetworks
8:58AM 3 Exporting data
6:21AM 0 Sections for help files
5:17AM 3 postscript/eps label clipping
2:09AM 1 FITS File Reader
12:58AM 2 R and XP
12:35AM 3 Random Numbers
Thursday July 10 2003
8:37PM 1 ordering of alphanumeric strings
8:33PM 1 HTML Help
5:53PM 1 Contour Plots
4:59PM 2 Version Number of a Package
3:47PM 3 Help with R Installation on Debian 2.2.19 (old stable/potato)
3:39PM 6 info
2:55PM 0 FW: Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Optimisation
2:16PM 2 Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Optimisation
2:14PM 1 GLS in R
1:45PM 1 The question is on Symmetry model for square table.
1:11PM 0 R and Spatial index
1:03PM 0 Does anyone know R interface for METIS(graph partioning program)?
12:13PM 1 group sequential and adaptive designs
11:54AM 2 XML Package.
10:54AM 1 Simple linear regression
10:39AM 1 RE: packaged datasets in .csv format (David Firth)
9:03AM 0 size of graphics device
8:52AM 2 please help on frag polynoms
8:18AM 0 clim.pact (fwd)
1:41AM 1 Add a legend to a pairs plot??
Wednesday July 9 2003
9:48PM 2 CFP: CART Data Mining Conference 2004
7:33PM 2 .Internal(optim)
7:33PM 2 A problem with using the "outer" function
7:04PM 3 `acting' on variables
6:20PM 0 model selection in lme when corARMA is assumed
3:39PM 5 how to sort columns in a matrix?
1:48PM 1 Constructing missing data
1:33PM 2 RODBC and Oracle: error "table does not exist"
11:55AM 1 lists
11:54AM 2 Showing limits on line graphs
9:53AM 2 packaged datasets in .csv format
Tuesday July 8 2003
11:49PM 0 Programming tip: Operators "+.", ".+"
10:37PM 0 Problem with package hdf5-1.4.7 in R-1.7.1
9:49PM 0 Virus found in a message you sent
8:17PM 2 exporting help
4:22PM 4 how to rename rows/columns of a matrix?
4:04PM 0 Variance Ratio Test
3:25PM 2 NLME Fitted Values
2:49PM 1 (no subject)
1:58PM 7 rbind question
1:46PM 0 Not able to save .Rhistory
1:45PM 1 readline and R
10:22AM 1 Lattice graphs: lines, symbols and strips
9:13AM 3 Characters and Numeric Values in One Matrix
4:46AM 2 specifying multiple parameter starting values in nlm
3:01AM 1 Questions about corARMA
Monday July 7 2003
4:58PM 1 error with methods on R-1.7.0
2:45PM 2 baselining nnet
2:24PM 1 RMySQL in Windows
2:12PM 1 Xvfb and R
12:54PM 0 Random effects in LME
12:03PM 1 P-value for F from summary.lm (was RE: (no subject))
11:49AM 0 (no subject)
8:16AM 0 nlmeODE package combining NLME with a differential equation solve r
3:49AM 1 Problems with a dll under windows
2:11AM 1 'postscript' command within a function
Sunday July 6 2003
9:06PM 1 Printing multiple graphics devices
9:04PM 0 a Q re. read source files in spatial package.
4:37PM 1 Conditional Distribution of MVN variates
2:53PM 2 cross-compiling for windows with linux
1:21AM 0 Thank you for contacting Technical support /Customer service
Saturday July 5 2003
11:29PM 1 Multiple plots on same graph
3:08PM 1 Font size of xlab & ylab.
Friday July 4 2003
11:06PM 6 the huge postscript plot
6:34PM 1 specifying dataframe column names in loops
5:39PM 1 anova.glm() and deviance/df
5:24PM 1 Quasi AIC
5:03PM 1 parametros
4:16PM 1 Problem with fitdistr for beta
11:01AM 0 away from my mail, absent pour le moment
9:37AM 4 configuration error when installing gtkDevice
6:39AM 2 Help. Import data
Thursday July 3 2003
9:09PM 0 Fwd: Re: compilation error when installing GLMMGibbs on SuSE Linux 8.2 (R v. 1.7.1)
8:06PM 1 compilation error when installing GLMMGibbs on SuSE Linux 8.2 (R v. 1.7.1)
7:59PM 1 Help files mismatches and R CMD check
6:24PM 0 Error using Tsp
5:09PM 2 SVD and spectral decompositions of a hermitian matrix
4:37PM 2 unlist
3:12PM 2 Bug in plotting groupedData-objects
3:08PM 0 Some max value in three parallel plots
2:45PM 1 Looking for graphics/par cheat sheet
1:02PM 4 Generating a vector for breaks in a histogram
11:26AM 1 General X11 Problems
9:53AM 1 AID and CHAID: news about?
9:33AM 1 How to use quasibinomial?
12:53AM 1 beginner gls (nlme) question
Wednesday July 2 2003
11:05PM 1 fractional seconds from format.POSIXct
8:05PM 2 Second Y axis
7:29PM 0 crossed random effects- clarified version
6:28PM 0 Notification of Virus Prevention Measures Taken - Please Read for D etails
6:23PM 2 Batch files in R
4:02PM 1 order in lapply
3:27PM 2 using [i] to plot & label all vector elements
1:56PM 0 Using mva.dll
1:47PM 0 error while runing Bioconductro install script
1:29PM 1 Maximisation of likelihood of a discrete parameter
10:58AM 2 user mannual
8:49AM 0 How to send a function to a slave from master and let the slave run using rmpi?
1:29AM 3 How long is a day?
12:52AM 0 [ibiblio.org #1674] Mirroring request (fwd)
Tuesday July 1 2003
6:52PM 0 upload the data
5:45PM 3 lines and legend
5:03PM 2 strange error message
4:29PM 2 Matrix to Vector
4:06PM 0 RE: question about spatial correlation with Xs and Ys
3:23PM 1 Memory problem:Failing to increase dynamic memory
3:07PM 0 Working memory full
3:00PM 1 Warning message in scatter.smooth (modreg)
1:55PM 2 Computations slow in spite of large amounts of RAM.
1:36PM 1 step-wise and prediction
1:08PM 1 help for barchart(lattice)
10:34AM 0 Step - wise
10:22AM 1 X-emacs and R for Windows
8:00AM 1 namespaces and saved objects
7:24AM 1 masked objects
6:08AM 1 Creating a co-occurence matrix
2:11AM 1 Creating a loop that works....
1:52AM 1 crossed random effects