R help - Jan 2002

Thursday January 31 2002
11:10PM 1 obvious answer
7:59PM 1 Problem with recommended files
6:15PM 1 Why is plotting so slow?
5:04PM 1 Example scripts for trellis graphs
3:32PM 1 MacOS X: Packages KernSmooth and cluster won't compile
2:20PM 0 Your resume
1:34PM 2 Help with Bootstrap function.
12:53PM 1 Leaps and bound
9:55AM 2 Passing parameters with Rcmd BATCH
9:05AM 0 R-help & -devel mailing lists : indigestion problems
8:42AM 2 Add item to scale?
3:17AM 2 Is there a function to plot a Pareto diagram?
Wednesday January 30 2002
10:10PM 2 question from a beginner
9:19PM 5 1.4.1 R CMD check broken?
7:38PM 0 adapt may "cheat"
7:00PM 1 Grid won't load on Windows NT
4:52PM 0 Goodness-of-fit test on equal distribution of 2 samples
4:43PM 1 mosaicplot(formula, data)--- bugged?
4:34PM 2 Windows binaries of R 1.4.1
4:06PM 2 dataframe subset using levels as criteria
3:20PM 2 Shade area under curve?
1:33PM 3 read zips
1:07PM 3 R version 1.4.1 is released
12:00PM 1 Rotation of axis labels
10:35AM 2 Error calling Fortran code
2:18AM 1 Hi,
1:20AM 5 multiple series on same graph
Tuesday January 29 2002
8:56PM 1 RMySQL install
2:32PM 0 Biplots for non-normal data
11:36AM 1 Newbe Q: Some plotting diffculty..
11:07AM 3 lattice dotplot and graphic devices on Windows
4:50AM 1 fitdistr() in MASS library
3:39AM 0 Problems with seq (was Iterate over 1<=i<j<=n
Monday January 28 2002
9:46PM 0 Models with Incidental Truncation/Self Selectivity
8:32PM 1 Cluster package broken in 1.4.0?
8:13PM 2 handle a sequence of strings with for loop
6:52PM 0 merge() generates a factor: bug?
5:49PM 1 Symbol referencing errors...
3:50PM 4 Type III Sums of Squares
3:36PM 0 rpart subset fix
3:06PM 4 Functions on matrix row level
2:34PM 6 Almost a GAM?
12:24PM 2 R/Tk from batch file
10:11AM 4 Multivariate response trees
12:58AM 1 residuals in plot.gam (mgcv)
Sunday January 27 2002
10:37PM 1 Iterate over 1 <= i < j <= n
8:21PM 1 SUMMARY: EPS->LaTeX problem
5:54PM 2 Journal of Statistical Software
4:29PM 5 EPS->LaTeX problem
11:36AM 0 Bayesian Networks
11:36AM 1 DBM databases for R?
11:00AM 1 cran@ci.tuwien.ac.at is not responding?
4:16AM 1 Testing if an object exists
Saturday January 26 2002
5:08PM 1 [O-T] rsync security bug on Debian potato
5:03PM 1 Can't upgrade R properly with Debian potato
7:09AM 1 Trouble with contrasts
Friday January 25 2002
10:33PM 1 Fw: Summary for Distance matrix by cosine?
8:13PM 2 selecting clusters of points
6:48PM 6 bootstrap: boot package
6:25PM 0 rpart subsets
5:36PM 2 Mapping (followup) + package installation
4:40PM 1 RODBC, Apache, Linux
4:20PM 0 Simplex difficulties
10:43AM 1 interpretation of lm
10:24AM 2 problem with read.table -- example
3:44AM 1 Better idea than Poisson?
1:21AM 4 How to add error bars to plot(x,y)in R?
12:01AM 0 nested versus crossed random effects
Thursday January 24 2002
11:52PM 3 Best way to check/assert a certain version of or a package
11:52PM 0 RSPython for Windows: was driving R from Python (calldll?)
11:35PM 3 getting rank order
10:39PM 2 random number generation issues with r and compiled C code
9:22PM 1 Compiling R Package on Windows
6:24PM 1 RE:
5:59PM 1 using names inside a loop
5:31PM 0 File end in binary connection
5:13PM 2 grep
3:54PM 0 Re: coding factor replicates
3:31PM 1 Simulation of a particular type of population
1:57PM 2 Data input performance
12:57PM 2 general minimisation function
12:39PM 2 Arrow keys don't work in R
12:31PM 2 Renviron and Rprofile
11:04AM 2 R-gnome: no way to configure
6:56AM 5 aggregate, by tapply
5:14AM 0 Re: coding factor replicates
3:34AM 0 Re: coding factor replicates
2:19AM 1 Re: coding factor replicates
Wednesday January 23 2002
10:14PM 4 driving R from Python (calldll?)
9:46PM 0 table
9:39PM 1 No subject
7:03PM 6 multivariate simulation
6:40PM 3 MANOVA extension of paired t-test?
5:50PM 1 Question about substitute (and eval, parse and deparse)
5:38PM 1 ?Corrupt Recommended packages source
5:07PM 1 Versions of R 1.4.0 for Windows
4:35PM 0 No subject
1:46PM 3 do a pause in the program
11:48AM 1 cor & logistic regression
8:39AM 1 Posthoc tests for ANOVA
7:59AM 1 R on Tru64 5.1
7:35AM 2 trouble with package mva on R 1.4.0
3:41AM 1 multiple surfaces in persp?
3:22AM 2 exporting plots
Tuesday January 22 2002
10:17PM 3 Help with Beta Distribution
9:46PM 1 documentation and plotting with lqs
6:42PM 1 Memory exception error with lattice
6:40PM 0 problems using lattice on windows (not the blank first page problem)
5:36PM 3 assigning NA's
5:16PM 4 make check : problems?
5:00PM 1 cutree using a vector for h giving meaningless results
4:18PM 4 R-gnome
3:38PM 1 creation of objects
3:00PM 0 specifying font in axis label (output from expression)
2:16PM 1 lme and mixed effects
1:35PM 0 Problems running 'R' on Windows-2000
1:29PM 4 splitting a data.frame
12:30PM 0 lm/model.frame.default surgery: Am I doing something crazy?
3:00AM 1 glm.predict?
Monday January 21 2002
10:23PM 3 R and 2 processors
4:40PM 0 density function for gaussian vector
4:13PM 3 affymetrix files
3:55PM 0 microarray handling
3:29PM 1 No subject
3:11PM 1 .Fortran or .C???
2:10PM 2 problems with read.table()
2:04PM 0 Problem with .libPaths
1:44PM 0 [ 1.4.0] Compilation with 64 bits on Irix
10:27AM 1 [R-1.4.0] minimum spanning tree of large ontology
9:48AM 2 a Bootstrap understanding problem
9:18AM 1 [R 1.4] WARNING: --max-vsize=8000M : too large and ignored
Saturday January 19 2002
4:05PM 0 Troubles in SJava
3:32PM 0 ESS configuration
12:41PM 1 Synthesis of harmonic functions
11:01AM 0 SUMMARY: readline() to vector
5:19AM 1 Build R-patched from Source
5:01AM 2 comma as decimal separator in plots
12:22AM 1 correlated random effects in GLMMGibbs ?
Friday January 18 2002
9:13PM 2 Replacing data.frame values
8:36PM 3 Shared libraries for use with R
6:40PM 2 easier way to update packages i'm developing?
4:25PM 1 [R 1.4] Cannot allocate vector of length 1073741824
4:03PM 1 Underlined font
4:01PM 2 length of dimnames???
3:48PM 2 Loading to R of Fortran DLL
3:06PM 0 RE: z-scores for different factor levels
3:00PM 3 readline() to vector
2:37PM 1 RE: z-scores for different factor levels
2:37PM 1 New R on Mac user fails to run MASS
2:12PM 1 R configuration errors
1:31PM 1 TeX error generated by R CMD CHECK
11:31AM 1 request
Thursday January 17 2002
9:23PM 1 Using S-Plus Documentation with R
7:53PM 1 Error with Grid
6:29PM 1 MKL seems to beat ATLAS, but some problems... (was RE: li nkin g R against MKL)
6:14PM 0 stacked histograms
4:55PM 2 Problem building packages from source (WIN32)
2:19PM 0 criterion for Iterative procedure
1:32PM 1 weibull in R
6:34AM 0 Notification: You are hereby.....
12:15AM 2 R 1.4.0 much slower than R 1.3.1
Wednesday January 16 2002
9:00PM 2 Regression Trees
8:20PM 4 faster vector subtraction??
7:15PM 2 Validating R after it has been installed!
6:34PM 0 Checking the Compiled R
6:29PM 0 RE: [S] Study group on bootstrap
4:18PM 0 inconsistent(?) behavior of as.vector
2:46PM 2 list indexing
8:05AM 1 memory problems
5:55AM 1 getting the response (dependent) from formula?
3:08AM 2 exhaustive permutations
2:36AM 1 factorials
2:10AM 2 Subsetting data frames without a loop
12:57AM 0 orthogonal polynomials
12:16AM 1 reading dates
12:12AM 1 Postsript/Lattice interaction
Tuesday January 15 2002
9:35PM 0 errors intalling splancs and sgeostat
9:25PM 1 acf conf intervals +speed
9:22PM 2 returned values of glim() in S PLus and glm() in R
7:32PM 3 R for large data sets
6:22PM 1 Error message in R: stack imbalance
5:34PM 3 Getting started with R
3:39PM 1 MKL seems to beat ATLAS, but some problems... (was RE: linkin g R against MKL)
2:40PM 0 RE: new version of lattice
1:58PM 1 Using R under Emacs
9:06AM 1 Lower performance execution in read.table() in R-1.4.0 vs. R-1.3.1.. ?
8:43AM 2 Installation of new R version
Monday January 14 2002
10:17PM 1 Problems with .C - [Ff]ree()?
9:56PM 0 R is not displaying negative numbers ?!?
9:43PM 1 trouble using R Mathlib as standalone
12:58PM 1 newbie: table,mean for all variables
1:57AM 1 new R documentation on CRAN
Sunday January 13 2002
7:48PM 0 weighted regression: Osius & Rojek's test for logistic regression models
3:01PM 1 changing the ordering of leaves in a dendrogram
9:50AM 2 function for rank of a matrix ?
Saturday January 12 2002
6:02PM 1 Question about mixed-effects models example (Pinheiro and Bates)
2:20PM 0 A.J. Rossini: "Re: Simple summary question"
5:35AM 1 R-1.4.0 delay()
Friday January 11 2002
6:50PM 1 linking R against MKL
6:21PM 1 RODBC finding dsn information using OpenLink iODBC drivers
4:21PM 0 factanal doesn't work with singular covariance matrix?
1:00PM 2 new dgamma rate argument
12:52AM 0 help with debugging hardware dependent problems
Thursday January 10 2002
5:58PM 2 question about survival datas with repeated mesurements
5:14PM 1 When the "official" copy will be corrected?
3:36PM 0 xyplot() in Package lattice seems won't work?!
2:19PM 1 R help in windows
1:52PM 0 quasibinomial glm
1:46PM 4 Test if beta is different from something other than 0
11:19AM 0 Add qqline to plot.lm Q-Q plot?
11:01AM 1 Closing binary file connections
7:37AM 0 Html Help on MacOSX/XFree
7:32AM 2 Where is the best place to get ALL the changes between versions?
4:43AM 2 Simple summary question
Wednesday January 9 2002
10:55PM 3 R package-building
10:47PM 0 methods: Extending classes
10:25PM 3 Build R Packages (man)
10:13PM 1 Distance matrix by cosine?
9:43PM 2 Fitting Distributions
7:49PM 4 Cochrane-Orcutt method
7:35PM 0 RODBC SQL help
7:35PM 0 Course***R programming I: Essentials and Data Analysis***Minneapolis
6:46PM 1 BLAS and the Sun Performance Library
6:30PM 0 No subject
6:02PM 1 Difference in Cat(...) function between S Plus and R ?
5:14PM 3 lattice problems under Win2K and R-1.4.0
5:08PM 1 na.action in predict.lm
4:05PM 0 eps files
3:28PM 1 value labels from read.spss()?
10:59AM 2 Creating subsets with factors
9:04AM 1 bug in read.table?
7:58AM 1 exporting an output of an analysis
7:57AM 2 How to obtain the series of residuals from fracdiff
6:21AM 2 extracting r-sq from lme model
Tuesday January 8 2002
10:12PM 2 installing R-1.3.1 on Solaris 2.6
9:33PM 1 Memory Allocation in R and S-Plus: And functions from R to S-Plus
7:54PM 2 how to use attr?
7:41PM 0 R function for test of MCAR?
5:30PM 1 dimensions of stacked barplot
2:00PM 3 colour coding and different point types in a plot
1:26PM 0 chi square and mahalanobis
11:09AM 6 Subsets without NA
10:41AM 0 Venn diagrams
9:49AM 1 FW: Interactive
8:49AM 3 Finding functions in uninstalled libraries
8:22AM 3 write.table - format
4:36AM 1 Interactive
Monday January 7 2002
11:39PM 1 is then an equivalent of partition.tree for rpart?
7:19PM 1 Legend placement in barplots
6:18PM 0 RE: New package: colSums
5:16PM 3 ESS with Xemacs? [vs. Emacs, slightly off topic]
3:21PM 1 Is r-announce alive?
2:29PM 3 compiling packages
1:48PM 0 Recoding variable levels in R
12:49PM 0 Gail model
1:27AM 1 internet2 and proxies
1:24AM 1 Help with displaying multiple data elements on one graph
Sunday January 6 2002
9:53PM 1 How to get setGeneric() to work?
4:35PM 0 New RH7.2 rpms for R-hdf5 support available
3:01PM 1 only atomic vectors can be sorted ?
2:55PM 2 Passing names of variables to functions
2:45AM 3 How do I save a figure with postcript()
Saturday January 5 2002
4:26PM 1 R-WinEdt question - answer
12:36AM 1 computing misclassification table for tree objects
12:01AM 1 Transforming Data to Normal Distribution
Friday January 4 2002
11:07PM 1 No subject
8:46PM 1 plotting missing data patterns
7:16PM 1 glm deviance question
6:52PM 3 sorting data frame
6:49PM 1 [S] confidence ellipsoid for model parameters
6:21PM 1 plotting maps?
3:34PM 3 Inverse (cumulative) distribution functions
1:32PM 4 line up a matrix
12:22PM 1 taking variables from data.frame
10:04AM 0 Re: initial values for non linear models? {was "Info_Request"}
7:43AM 1 RH and packages
12:17AM 1 extra whitespace around EPS files
Thursday January 3 2002
10:58PM 1 item characteristic curves (logistic regression w. constant)
10:16PM 1 skipping fields in scan()
8:33PM 2 mahalanobis confusion
4:47PM 2 Saving objects in a list and preserving attributes. How to?
4:02PM 6 Graphical representation of a matrix ?
11:16AM 2 Different behaviour of data()
5:22AM 3 extracting entire mail archive
Wednesday January 2 2002
10:23PM 1 No subject
9:24PM 0 R ./configure error | Solaris8 / E-450
9:17PM 1 RODBC - dsn specification
8:36PM 2 dos command line
6:01PM 1 Combining files
5:45PM 2 good book
4:41PM 1 how to force a big array to be integer type
4:30PM 0 Status of "Official" Win Binaries for 1.4.0
4:12PM 3 Homemade packages.
3:34PM 2 expression(alpha) in legend()
3:23PM 0 regression
1:41PM 0 converting matrics in R
Tuesday January 1 2002
10:51PM 3 confidence ellipsoid for model parameters