R help - Feb 2002

Thursday February 28 2002
11:26PM 0 HDF 4
10:01PM 1 multiple replications of a ts
9:58PM 1 How to turn off the beep made by locator()?
9:27PM 1 postscript output sideways
6:58PM 2 R help search engine
5:08PM 0 no gui option on freebsd?
5:07PM 1 trying to build matrix for tests...
4:56PM 2 no gui option on freebsd
3:50PM 3 R-plots with 'complex' axis-labelling
3:17PM 0 Pearson curves and CPK
11:11AM 3 Use of results in summary
11:09AM 1 get deviance from glm() for given parameter values
Wednesday February 27 2002
4:31PM 2 return()
4:26PM 2 R and Solaris
4:18PM 3 BATCH mode
5:04AM 0 lme lmList plots
1:05AM 0 setupR.exe problem solved
Tuesday February 26 2002
10:14PM 1 Cross-tabulation of data from database
10:06PM 0 QC add-on package
9:53PM 0 Verifying lm results
8:35PM 0 rpart query
8:33PM 1 abs() on data frames?!
6:58PM 0 Package ``deldir'' available from CRAN.
6:48PM 1 Logistic Regression woes
5:58PM 2 SetupR.exe install problem?
1:45PM 0 lapply & subset
12:19PM 2 matrix lists
12:09PM 3 a trick ??
11:06AM 2 last day of month values
10:43AM 0 Several ECDFs in one plot?
10:16AM 2 covariance of equal date values
9:45AM 3 library() error?
9:45AM 1 ? Nice colors for lattice?
5:13AM 1 RQuantLib -- Interfacing QuantLib from R
2:17AM 1 R-installation, linux red hat 7.1
1:47AM 3 Matrix of Elements of Different Types (was Interfacing pre-existing C++ library from R)
Monday February 25 2002
8:13PM 0 RE: R crashes when .Fortran embeded function, is called twice in R --> solved
6:56PM 0 Example function for reading Octave data files made by "save -ascii"
5:19PM 0 Mixture of 1-dimensional Normals
5:06PM 5 another basic ?
4:50PM 1 Interfacing pre-existing C++ library from R
4:47PM 3 Wilcoxon versus GLM
3:24PM 4 replace NAs
2:53PM 1 Managing Data [Summary]
1:23PM 1 problem with step-Function
Sunday February 24 2002
12:23PM 2 count definite categories
3:22AM 1 Dicsriminant coefficients
Saturday February 23 2002
8:01PM 0 Conferences on Statistics in Clinical Trials
7:12AM 0 Subject: Does R have semiparametric package for time series
Friday February 22 2002
11:16PM 0 Cen. Mov. Ave Summary
11:00PM 0 FW: Cent. Mov. Ave
10:40PM 0 R crashes when .Fortran embeded function, is called twice in R
10:10PM 0 shrink.tree method available?
9:37PM 1 Logit / ms
7:09PM 3 Cent. Mov. Ave
6:46PM 1 Visual Basic: calling compiled VB code from R
6:31PM 1 Weekdays
6:29PM 2 errors in integrate function?
6:12PM 2 Tcl/Tk window lingering too long
4:49PM 0 modifying xtable output
3:26PM 2 save.image() excluding functions
2:00PM 1 Summary: read.table on Mac OS X, CARBON vs. DARWIN
12:25PM 2 R gnome and lda: found the difference
11:15AM 2 R gnome produces errors?: a clue!
10:23AM 3 storing large data.frame's
9:20AM 1 Avoiding the mean
Thursday February 21 2002
11:38PM 2 help understanding box plots
8:59PM 1 about netCDF
7:29PM 0 data.dump from S to R: no functions
7:26PM 0 Re: [S] Splus vs. R & Linux vs. Windows
7:19PM 2 question regarding to The tree Package for R
3:10PM 0 Re: ... read.table on Mac OS 10
2:37PM 0 nlme - Variance Estimation
1:56PM 2 layout and labels
1:26PM 0 data.restore: warnings
1:13PM 0 plot.hclust: strange behaviour with "manufactured"
11:18AM 2 Re: Factor analysis of categorical or mixed categorical/continuousdata in
11:09AM 0 read.table on Mac OS X, CARBON vs. DARWIN
9:17AM 1 Factor analysis of categorical or mixed categorical/continuous data in
8:51AM 1 installing packages under Windows 2000
Wednesday February 20 2002
9:06PM 3 Pointer to covariates?
8:59PM 1 identify with boxplot
7:54PM 4 system-independent path for source()
6:50PM 0 help is needed for R version 4.1 installtion
6:34PM 2 Code for bivariate Poisson regression?
6:31PM 1 plot.hclust: strange behaviour with "manufactured" hclust object
5:16PM 0 why does ctrl-c kick me out of R?
4:49PM 2 How to get the penalized log likelihood from smooth.spline()?
4:37PM 2 Clustering and Calinski's index
3:27PM 6 using GUI
2:27PM 1 Changing R_HOME
12:26PM 3 importing images
12:49AM 1 Regarding acf
Tuesday February 19 2002
11:22PM 1 Summary re: read.table on Mac OS 10
10:03PM 1 exact confidence intervals for conditional logistic regression
6:46PM 2 cdf of the standard normal distribution
4:53PM 1 Constrained optimisation
4:31PM 1 Smoothed lines over barplots
4:27PM 0 Resistant Local Regression ???
2:21PM 3 Rank of Matrix
11:32AM 1 Rgnome produces errors?
5:46AM 1 scan(...comment.char="#") breaks my code
3:30AM 2 No subject
Monday February 18 2002
10:34PM 2 analyze binary variables in R
4:14PM 0 Kudos (and SVG)
1:26PM 3 i think i asked the wrong ?
Sunday February 17 2002
7:26PM 5 Horizontal Boxplot
4:05PM 3 Little graph questions!
3:03AM 1 how to allocate more memory
Saturday February 16 2002
10:32PM 0 Quantitative Methodology in Aging Research Conference and Workshop
3:35PM 3 Symbol "£" crashs R in Win98
4:34AM 1 No subject
Friday February 15 2002
10:54PM 1 embed image in R-tcltk canvas
8:04PM 2 error in read.table on Mac OS 10 ... request for help
7:38PM 1 exact inference tests
7:10PM 0 MobiCam - The Ultimate Wind-Up
4:09PM 1 latex in ltext
3:27PM 3 Bug(?) in predict.tree() --- Evaluation order of Boolean operators
11:28AM 2 difficult R-problem
10:07AM 1 cmdscale k=1
9:36AM 0 na.include and nlm warnings
4:11AM 2 Reordering factor levels
12:04AM 1 outer()
Thursday February 14 2002
11:57PM 1 immortal connections
10:57PM 1 problems with read.table
6:56PM 2 RFC: "R::Wrapper" perl module
6:42PM 0 two comments regarding predict.lm
5:24PM 4 How to read a long string of characters as a vector
4:53PM 1 Advice on using barplot
4:37PM 1 apropos("plotmath") curiousity
11:23AM 1 Subsets in mclust
11:15AM 1 netCDF
Wednesday February 13 2002
11:46PM 2 How to save multiple graph pages into one postscript file
11:29PM 3 xtabs
10:05PM 0 glmms with negative binomial responses
8:42PM 0 tree size in rpart()
8:07PM 1 cor() and lagged ts objects
3:40PM 3 pnorm, relative accuracy in the tails
2:19PM 1 nlme package dependencies?
12:11PM 0 Adding a "non-classified" category to Cohen's kappa
11:34AM 0 L-moments/Hosking & Wallis (1997)
4:47AM 2 formatting date strings
12:15AM 0 SJava still hates GUIs on Linux, both Blackdown and IBM... Can anyone verify IBM or Sun?
Tuesday February 12 2002
11:47PM 0 ROracle: Call function name not in load table
7:11PM 1 increasing space available for labels
6:28PM 1 Best Subsets regression
5:22PM 1 problem plotting nls objects: couldn't find function "..."
5:20PM 1 getting quotes out of matrix?
4:39PM 0 Plotting with direction of axes reversed.
9:19AM 1 Bok-Jenkins package
6:37AM 6 A couple of little R things I can't figure out (column percents, regression with lagged variables)
Monday February 11 2002
9:14PM 1 graph history
8:39PM 1 Code in Rd help files other than in \examples{}
5:20PM 4 Multiple graph pages
3:34PM 0 read.table in TCL/TK interface
3:32PM 1 R en printing
3:28PM 0 fixing a problem in the subtree code
2:45PM 5 iteration loop shortening
9:01AM 1 EPS and boundingbox
8:34AM 0 bwplot question answered
8:13AM 0 bwplot and "range" equivalent from boxplot
2:08AM 2 Time Series ts() Objects
1:18AM 0 profile
Sunday February 10 2002
5:41AM 1 text that combines math expressions and numeric variables
Saturday February 9 2002
2:20AM 1 How to access objects outside an R function
12:44AM 0 Problem with interaction.plot()
12:43AM 0 grouping residuals
12:36AM 0 joint confidence ellipsoid problem
Friday February 8 2002
8:42PM 3 Plotting multiple columns on same graph
8:02PM 1 looping through lists...
5:55PM 0 packages for extracting subtrees
4:42PM 2 Managing Data
4:10PM 0 Packages mva or multiv: How to stretch dendrograms?
3:30PM 0 Re: [S] Problem with Merge
2:34PM 1 question about F77_NAME()
2:26PM 2 bugs or imperfect implementation?
11:26AM 2 glm with four variables
9:40AM 1 fit nonlinear model with groups
9:30AM 0 Package permax and adjustment of P-value
4:17AM 1 BATCH versus pasting commands
Thursday February 7 2002
5:10PM 0 Gamma function for complex arguments
5:05PM 1 increase R history
4:39PM 1 Plotting on log scale using plot.date()
2:03PM 4 Grouping and Computing
8:11AM 12 R graphs in LaTeX documents?
3:05AM 1 newbie question: polr and glm.control
2:18AM 1 Help with replicating an old SPSS GLM analysis
Wednesday February 6 2002
5:21PM 1 Accesing glm results
4:47PM 4 Weighted median
4:16PM 1 1.3.1/1.4.1 Windows binary incompatibilities?
2:42PM 1 dev.off() prematurely stops xyplot()
11:58AM 3 Help plot
10:11AM 1 dyn.unload
8:09AM 1 Probblems with loading the tcltk library
Tuesday February 5 2002
10:01PM 2 passing parameters in optim()
6:51PM 1 Com Interface
9:25AM 1 Compiling R 1.3.0 on AIX 4.3.3 and libz.a
7:24AM 1 eps Portrait to pdf now rotated since gs6.5 --- why?
4:40AM 2 Measures of agreement
Monday February 4 2002
10:35PM 1 installing version 1.4.1
6:38PM 1 Fixing scale when plotting
6:02PM 2 maximal dataset size
5:41PM 1 read zipped files
4:41PM 1 R in IRIX 64-bit
3:19PM 1 option singular.ok = TRUE in fuction lm
2:33PM 2 plotting data vs time
2:24PM 1 Guidelines for Rd-Files
2:09PM 2 Help with accessing elements of a list
2:00PM 1 Installing contributed packages on MacOS X: Solved!
1:09PM 1 converting string to float
10:35AM 2 ASCII characters: from decimal code to R octal?
8:59AM 2 Really a newbe Q about data.frames
1:35AM 0 delcol() of Splus (fwd)
1:32AM 1 delcol() of Splus
12:25AM 1 row.names in read.table()
Sunday February 3 2002
7:51PM 1 Bounced mail to CRAN
8:50AM 0 expressions in legends
Saturday February 2 2002
3:50PM 1 chron problem: extracting days and years
8:47AM 1 Re: R install problem
Friday February 1 2002
11:32PM 3 R-ex directory in a R package; large software in R
8:33PM 0 ROC curves using R, summary
8:03PM 2 install mandrake 8.1
6:35PM 1 Strange behaviour in "points"
6:08PM 3 matrix with ncol=1
4:39PM 4 ROC curves using R
3:55PM 1 how to call C from Fortran?
11:31AM 1 Sampling from a database
11:16AM 0 R under Windows XP
12:34AM 0 No subject
12:28AM 1 Novice question : Classification of time series