Xen users - Jul 2009

Friday July 31 2009
1:22PM 5 Xen Instalation
10:32AM 4 Disk performance under Xen
9:24AM 0 Xen.org Weekly Community Summary
8:59AM 0 booting stops at relinquishing VGA console
7:58AM 0 Dom0 routing
12:00AM 13 Xen 3.4.1-rc10: Cannot restore/migrate 32-bit HVM domU (W2K3 Server) on 64-bit dom0
Thursday July 30 2009
9:16PM 5 Backups !
4:57PM 3 Hostname for domUs
3:36PM 2 Hostname setting in config
11:50AM 0 Workaround to use the GPLPV drivers with VistaX64 or 2008X64
11:49AM 1 ''Nice''ing domU''s
11:40AM 3 Memory consumption of xend on x86_64
Wednesday July 29 2009
9:09PM 5 Is it possible to restore an image into a domU using Acronis?
8:25PM 5 DomU reboot issues
7:51PM 3 storage is not detected during guest OS install
2:05PM 0 Fw: Guests dont ping gateway
8:56AM 2 Physical H/W Port on Thin Client <-> Virtual Hardware under Xen VM Guest.
8:27AM 0 hvm networking and iptables
8:04AM 9 Quagga on Xen - Latency / Bandwidth?
Tuesday July 28 2009
7:41PM 0 (no subject)
7:24PM 1 Re: First XEN install: Installing XEN in virtual machine? &Remote GUI for XEN? & etc.
5:35PM 0 First XEN install: Installing XEN in virtual machine? & Remote GUI for XEN? & etc.
5:33PM 0 RV: error installing the InputVSC driver
3:48PM 0 Windows NT and stdvga
2:17PM 2 82574L PCI Express NIC in Xen
2:12PM 0 Xen 3.2 @ Debian 5.0 / Debian 4.0 DomU crashes daily
1:56PM 3 Fully virtualized domU Linux network (VLAN) trouble
8:45AM 1 IPv6 xen support
8:16AM 0 Guests dont ping gateway
3:55AM 0 Ask for help: Failed to create the domain U
Monday July 27 2009
11:57PM 3 OT: OEM Win2k3 as domU License question
8:02PM 8 Network Interface Problems for DomU Firewall
6:14PM 6 SVM not detected on Opteron 1220
2:30PM 0 domU network packets get lost on the way to dom0
1:04PM 0 Weekly Xen.org Status
10:02AM 4 Remote X from DomU
Sunday July 26 2009
4:57PM 2 BSOD with GPLPV an win2k3sp2
3:53PM 2 RE: VT-D RMRR is incorrect
3:51PM 0 1366 Mainboard with working VT-d
7:19AM 5 Install Xen on Intel Atom Processor
1:24AM 0 Where did linux-2.6-xen-sparse go?
Saturday July 25 2009
9:41PM 0 VT-d - supported devices?
1:05PM 0 OpenSuse 11.1 / Xen 3.3.1 via LVM: Slow disk in pv guests
11:11AM 4 My domain0 cannot go to Internet while domainU can
10:53AM 1 Upgrading from GPLPV drivers from 0.9.11/0.9.12 to
Friday July 24 2009
10:25PM 1 dom0 power down status
3:45PM 0 build guest-domain 32bit with host-domain 64bit
2:14PM 1 Long delay between xen/HVM domU shutdown and releasing vbd (drbd)
11:07AM 1 No login prompt for DomainU with Xen 3.1 on CentOS 5.3
11:05AM 0 swap space is never used in ubuntu DomU [xen3.4]
9:43AM 2 Xen Common Config File for DomU
Thursday July 23 2009
3:27PM 2 Netback grant fails
2:17PM 3 Regarding PAE kernel with XEN 3.2.3
10:51AM 2 Xen hearbeat and automatic restarts?
10:32AM 0 xen management
9:55AM 0 10GB Ethernet for Xen - Intel, Solarflare, Mellanox, Which is best?
9:34AM 5 Domain0 cannot connect to the net while domainU can.How to make the domain0 go to the internet.
9:12AM 1 Problem in vif-common.sh XEN 3.4
5:40AM 0 A tale of two (build) environments: Failure to Launch
Wednesday July 22 2009
11:46PM 4 CDROM access under GPLPV
10:54PM 2 network problem after boot Xen
10:49PM 5 network problems
10:23PM 1 Dom0 mounting the root device
9:59PM 0 grub
5:34PM 1 can ping domU VPS, but can''t SSH into it
3:50PM 0 tcp connections bewteen domUs woes
3:28PM 4 Xen 3.4.1-rc7 network problem (vif/tap)
3:23PM 3 I am at wits end, building xen-3.4.0 and always getting Not Xen-Elf On Boot
2:27PM 9 conflict between XEN-udev and Hotplug
1:48PM 0 FW: Error while creating VM
11:32AM 3 Error while creating VM
11:18AM 0 How to enable domainU shadow mode?
10:41AM 0 mount question
10:14AM 0 GLX in PV domU
9:42AM 5 Kernel BUG at drivers/xen/netfront/netfront.c:783
3:03AM 4 nvidia proprietary drivers
Tuesday July 21 2009
8:13PM 0 DomU fails to start
4:10PM 2 Loading Image into Memory
3:46PM 2 Using local Linux source code
3:22PM 3 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
3:17PM 6 Troubles converting a pv host from dom0-hosted kernel to self-contained kernel
10:25AM 0 Trouble starting network on dom0
9:17AM 5 xen guest dont find root file system
5:30AM 1 Fluid VM
1:40AM 1 How to change Nice?
12:34AM 0 Default kernel & initrd in Suse
12:26AM 2 Best Practices for PV Disk IO?
Monday July 20 2009
8:44PM 15 News - Microsoft Submits Drivers for Paravirtualization
4:50PM 0 monitoring Xen hypervisor
4:12PM 0 Re: xm list guest domain state shows blank status
1:56PM 1 xm list of Xen Dom U shows blank state
12:08PM 0 CFP for special session on Virtualisation in Distributed Systems - PDP2010 - deadline extended to 27th July.
10:03AM 0 Xen Summit Asia Dates for Planning
5:11AM 5 Nothing major left to do in Xen Networking ???
Sunday July 19 2009
7:35PM 0 AW: Re: AW: Re: HowTo bind IPs?!
7:13PM 2 AW: Re: HowTo bind IPs?!
6:14PM 1 HowTo bind IPs?!
1:01PM 0 Disabling checksum offloading at install OSOL 2009.06 PV DomU on Xen 3.4.1 Ubuntu 9.04 Dom0 ( with xenified aka Suse kernel)
10:24AM 0 Disabling checksum offloading at OSOL DomU via kmdb at intial boot.
8:35AM 0 NPIV support in Xen
6:38AM 1 Is VT useful if domU is PV linux?
5:26AM 3 Opensolaris domU unable to get dhcp lease
12:57AM 11 SATA drives will not start under xen
12:26AM 0 Computer hangs when booting debian lenny netinst cd on hvm machine
Saturday July 18 2009
6:39PM 0 Windows Server 2008 fails to start VNC
5:40PM 0 Rép. : Re: grep: /proc/xen/capabilities: No such file or directory
5:21PM 4 grep: /proc/xen/capabilities: No such file or directory
3:56PM 0 Xen booting problem !!
3:00PM 8 Xen not booting !
2:59PM 1 please help - Xen Booting error
11:47AM 2 Unable to boot Xen.
11:39AM 1 Windows 7 on Xen 3.2.1 on Debian 5.0 fails to install
3:42AM 26 network misbehaviour with gplpv and 2.6.30
Friday July 17 2009
3:50PM 2 a question about multiple VMs share one file system
3:21PM 2 BUG: soft lockup - CPU#1 stuck for XXs!
1:21PM 2 Successful compilation of Xen3.4
11:58AM 2 How define default parameter for all DomU
9:37AM 8 Tools to take a kernel crash dump.
9:28AM 0 xend unable to start, "Connection refused"
9:26AM 4 convert a running WinXP to Xen image
9:00AM 0 Xen.org Community Weekly Update - July 17, 2009
8:54AM 1 Clone/Snapshot Lun based VM
8:53AM 1 xen and nvidia binary driver
8:53AM 0 Clone lun-based VM
8:16AM 0 ghost fail to run on Xen?
1:26AM 12 NVIDIA, patches, PV_OPS and Xen 3.4.1
Thursday July 16 2009
8:04PM 1 Error compiling xen on Jaunty
4:02PM 0 RE: [spam] Re: Xen on Jaunty
4:01PM 1 RE: [spam] Re: Xen on Jaunty
3:37PM 1 RE: [spam] Re: Xen on Jaunty
3:16PM 0 xen-3.0.3-80.el5_3.3 on RHEL 5.3 -- peth0 and xenbr0 don''t exist
2:58PM 0 Xen unstable with vTPM support compiling troubles..
1:28PM 0 multiple cpu for windows domu
1:23PM 4 Xen on Jaunty
1:12PM 0 install xen on debian lenny
10:21AM 1 Install PV Guest
7:50AM 2 DomainU not responding (hangs) after running for more then 48 days.
4:48AM 0 Coming across with a problem when using "xm create"---help!!!!
2:23AM 3 Coming across a problem when using "xm create".
Wednesday July 15 2009
8:05PM 6 linux-2.6.18-xen-3.4.0 Not Booting !!
5:39PM 6 Running Xen on a Xen guest
3:58PM 0 Live migration on top of DRBD 8.3.1 & heartbeat floating IP stacked devices
1:33PM 0 VIFs do not always work
10:26AM 2 ipmi @ Debian 5.0 / Xen 3.2
8:12AM 0 irq error when pci passthrough to a domU
4:58AM 2 Help me to understand building xen from sources, please
1:29AM 14 Unsigned GPLPV drivers
Tuesday July 14 2009
8:17PM 0 networking confusion
3:18PM 1 xen management from windows
2:24PM 0 Xen dom0 kernels wiki page available
12:11PM 0 Lenny DomU crash
11:29AM 0 blktapctrl.c : CTLMSG_NEWDEV_FAIL
10:12AM 11 Lenny DomU Crash!
7:52AM 0 performance & stress test scripts ..
1:35AM 1 Trouble building Xen 3.4 from source
Monday July 13 2009
10:47PM 1 which governor for cpufreq?
9:55PM 0 domU packet forwarding
7:58PM 0 problem of xenstore-write in domU
7:50PM 0 Xen Save File - VM''s memory image
7:38PM 0 Network bridge problem
6:47PM 4 Problems after xen kernel upgrade
2:49PM 3 winxp x64 gplpv driver missing?
2:44PM 0 Unable to communicate with TPM on domU
10:15AM 5 DHCP problem when changing motherboard
7:38AM 0 install xen with latest kernel vanilla on debian etch
6:39AM 0 chrisjswanson has invited you to Spokeo
Sunday July 12 2009
2:03PM 3 Dom0 Kernel
6:42AM 1 domU image with "VmError: Invalid mode" information
5:48AM 13 pv_ops kernel and nvidia binary driver
Saturday July 11 2009
6:26PM 0 Create Guest OEL5 hangs after i input manual network config.
11:52AM 2 Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4P IOMMU VT-d support
10:55AM 0 Re: Fwd: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
7:24AM 0 Routing network daemon to xenbr1
6:20AM 1 Packet flow in bridging
5:10AM 6 Install Xen on VirtualBox?
Friday July 10 2009
8:23PM 0 Re: xen question
8:15PM 4 change a image from physical to fil based
7:50PM 4 Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
7:14PM 0 Building binaries from Xen sources
2:32AM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 53, Issue 51
Thursday July 9 2009
9:41PM 1 iso
7:46PM 2 More than 3 network interfaces in DomU
7:00PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 53, Issue 50
5:44PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 53, Issue 49
4:12PM 6 domu hvm doesn''t boot under debian lenny
3:51PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 53, Issue 48
3:48PM 0 Restart failed
12:35PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 53, Issue 47
10:23AM 0 DomU graphic interface ?
10:06AM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 53, Issue 46
9:19AM 4 [XEN 3.4] - PV USB howto?
9:05AM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 53, Issue 45
8:30AM 1 AW: [Xen create] ALERT! /dev/sda1 does not exist
7:21AM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 53, Issue 44
4:47AM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 53, Issue 43
4:42AM 6 dom0 Xen patches
3:07AM 0 HVM and free_memory
2:28AM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 53, Issue 42
2:25AM 0 PV : PCI device BCM5709 not works in DomU. ( On Dell PER610 box )
Wednesday July 8 2009
7:00PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 53, Issue 41
5:37PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 53, Issue 40
4:27PM 2 Need help installing xen 3..4.0 on debian lenny
4:00PM 0 Memory Of...
3:51PM 2 No filesystem could mount root
3:28PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 53, Issue 39
3:14PM 0 CPUID Question - Multicore CPUs
1:55PM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 53, Issue 38
9:01AM 3 network connectivity problem
12:13AM 0 I/O error after attaching block device
Tuesday July 7 2009
11:01PM 0 Fwd: Re: Benchmarking GPL PV Drivers for Windows between 0.9.11-pre13 and
5:47PM 2 Newbie need help windows server 2008 on XEN in Linux fails to start
3:43PM 2 Xen : Time issues
2:10PM 3 Need help installing Xen 3.4
1:37PM 13 Problem DomU Windows NT
12:05PM 1 Re: Benchmarking GPL PV Drivers for Windows between0.9.11-pre13 and
9:45AM 0 hot change installation cd HVM OEL
8:15AM 0 The problem about xen pci passthrough
8:00AM 0 AUTO: Arthur Doumas is out of the office. (returning 07/08/2009)
6:38AM 1 Installation from source on Ubuntu 9.04, make kernel failure
5:15AM 0 crazy problem-
Monday July 6 2009
7:47PM 3 Cannot ping, everything else works
6:05PM 0 cannot access memory beyond end of bootstrap direct-map area
4:51PM 0 Xenserver Host looses network connectivity
4:37PM 0 Building Xen from source
12:48PM 5 how many VCPUs per physical CPU?
11:27AM 6 I/O issue in xen guest OS
10:37AM 4 Xen Virtual Machine Pointer problem
9:42AM 0 domU Kernel Options
7:34AM 10 iscsi/nfs/aoe SAN storage for Xen
Sunday July 5 2009
7:36PM 9 Xen Networking and bonded interfaces on Debia Lenny
2:53PM 3 domU networking problems: network interface does not automatically discover bridge
12:38PM 3 Create domU failure for DHCP request, I also mounted and edited interfaces
10:41AM 0 Which dom0 is domU running on?
Saturday July 4 2009
5:21PM 16 Xen 4.0 feature request
4:54PM 0 pciback on ia64
4:35PM 0 ERROR: could not find a valid distribution directory.If this is a source-only release, try ´make dist´.
1:11PM 6 announcement: intelligent network switching between xen domains
4:48AM 0 Re: how to start X in the guest domain
Friday July 3 2009
11:18PM 2 Migrating domU : image file based to LVM partition
2:31PM 1 difference between dom0 and domU
12:59PM 0 vmxassist=''n''
12:19PM 0 Cannot detach block-devices
11:43AM 1 strange behaviour of top
8:26AM 1 Porting XEN
Thursday July 2 2009
11:00PM 3 Driver/Backend Domains
7:38PM 14 debian lenny domU installation
7:15PM 2 domU debian lenny installation
4:31PM 6 Simple network config question
3:37PM 1 xensource Wiki - cannot edit pages
3:27PM 2 drivers domains
2:44PM 0 Xen.org Weekly Community Update - July 3, 2009
12:42PM 3 grub boot problem
6:57AM 0 [Xen create] ALERT! /dev/sda1 does not exist
2:27AM 2 ''xm create'' creates domains without a valid console tty
Wednesday July 1 2009
9:28PM 1 Multiple NICs, different subnets, wrong default gateway being set
5:15PM 32 2.6.30 dom0 Xen patches
3:25PM 5 Xen time drift issues
2:05PM 0 strange error
1:49PM 0 xen cluster with heartbeat and resource fencing (SFEX)
6:37AM 2 xen-tools: does not unmount disks and mounts proc into the new VM - why?
1:00AM 1 Xen configuration file?