Xen users - Dec 2008

Wednesday December 31 2008
11:30PM 6 Problem booting xen domU Guest
6:47PM 0 XEN network-route
5:11PM 0 CFP: VTDC-09: 3rd International Workshop on Virtualization Technologies in Distributed Computing
12:23PM 0 Error: Invalid mode - solution
12:04PM 4 xen hvmloader gpxe
10:58AM 0 Reset root password of vps and backup of vps
7:36AM 3 Question about /gplpv
6:12AM 7 tap:aio
Tuesday December 30 2008
11:15PM 3 IPMI test
9:09PM 0 PV-Grub and multiboot kernels
12:43PM 4 Disable QEMU monitor in HVM domains
11:18AM 1 ERROR: the file system-config-services-0.9.4-1.el5.noarch.rpm
8:28AM 2 ho to assign in public ip?
7:48AM 7 [Xen-research] ISO test Downloads Availability ?
Monday December 29 2008
8:20PM 5 Fedora 10 on Fedora 8 host
9:32AM 13 BSOD "A clock interrupt was not recevied ona secondary processor within the allocated time interval"
8:46AM 2 Xen - Windows Server 2003 - Keyboard won''t connect under VNC
8:22AM 0 Migration causes domU 100%CPU or NAN CPU
Sunday December 28 2008
9:11PM 7 Getting 3.3 working on CentOS 5.2
8:54PM 1 vncviewer <defunct> under HVM
7:39PM 0 Slow disk IO
7:06AM 2 xen display not working properly
Saturday December 27 2008
1:27PM 9 GPLPV drivers 0.9.11/0.9.12
Friday December 26 2008
10:15PM 0 mainboards with vt-d working
12:35PM 0 Xen domU tap:aio problem
12:32PM 0 network performance under Xen 3.3
5:38AM 7 Installing domU from ISO image file
12:34AM 2 CAP and performance problem
Thursday December 25 2008
8:26PM 0 ipv6 with network-route
10:28AM 4 Problem booting up Xen 3.3.0 on Kubuntu 8.04.1
7:20AM 0 GPLPV rivers 0.9.12-pre12 uploaded
Tuesday December 23 2008
11:35PM 2 DomU strange network behavior
5:25PM 1 Xen Guest
3:48PM 0 ERROR:Could not find an installable distribution the install location
1:30PM 0 Different behaviour between HVM and PV
12:06PM 1 using Faxmodem in domU - Trouble by sending faxes
10:54AM 5 Newbie Xen + LVM issues for Debian DomU on Centos 5.2 DomO
12:09AM 1 Installing Xen on a Toshiba A200
Monday December 22 2008
9:41PM 1 VFS: Cannot open root device
6:58PM 5 xm pci-detach lockup
5:09PM 0 Customize kernel version
4:36PM 3 10Gbit ethernet NIC gives slow throughput
4:20PM 4 Bonding Issue with Dom0
Sunday December 21 2008
11:21PM 24 crashes windows 2008 server in hvm
10:25PM 9 How to move from pygrub to pv-grub?
10:24PM 0 Rép. : How to move from pygrub to pv-grub?
12:11PM 4 howto bring a soundcard into a domU
4:31AM 3 problem on loading VM
Saturday December 20 2008
11:35PM 1 xen/kernel-xen on OpenSuse 11.1 not starting; OK on OpenSuse 11.0
7:25PM 3 pciback/front in Fedora 10 domU: should this work?
6:43PM 0 RE: [Xen-devel] GPLPV drivers 0.9.12-pre9 upload
4:43PM 6 How to create an img.
Friday December 19 2008
9:31PM 3 dom0 using only a single CPU (networking)
5:19PM 1 snapshot in XEN
12:25PM 19 GPLPV drivers 0.9.12-pre9 upload
6:09AM 2 Looking to install guest vm - slackware 12.1
6:02AM 10 Problem after running upgrade
4:41AM 3 HVM phy: disks not working; file: disks no problem
4:24AM 2 Installation Problem: exec of init (/sbin/init) failed!!!: No such file or directory
12:30AM 3 existing linux install and xen
Thursday December 18 2008
5:44PM 0 Drive size discrepancy on Windows 2000 Server DomU
4:23PM 3 firewall domU
4:00PM 0 Xen and Infiniband
9:29AM 1 How to create a simple network between host an domU
7:37AM 3 4gb seg fixup
12:28AM 0 applying changes to xend config?
Wednesday December 17 2008
9:30PM 2 Perfect setup for Xen hypervisor 64bits, dom0 32bits and domUs 32 or 64 bits on a Debian Lenny, at last!
7:19PM 1 Domain-U failed to start when Domain-0 reboot
6:26PM 0 paravirtual guest full screen + misc mac addy stuff
5:57PM 0 Can''t start install for win 2008
4:12PM 1 ERROR: Could not find an installable distribuition the install location
3:11PM 0 Network and IP problems
2:36PM 0 Odd Dom0 network problem
12:44PM 0 failed to boot Domain-U
Tuesday December 16 2008
11:07PM 1 Fedora 8: Empty shared physical device?
8:04PM 0 Multiple VCPUs Freezes domain0 machine
3:58PM 0 About memory and mouse pointer
2:05PM 7 xen,debian lenny and hvm(winxp)
1:47PM 6 Understanding sparse-files
10:47AM 3 Credit-Based CPU Scheduler
6:51AM 1 Including pciback module
Monday December 15 2008
10:38PM 5 pci passthrough under xen-3.3 without VT-d
5:39PM 0 how to limit network bandwidth dynamically
8:31AM 0 about the latest commits to the gplpv (windows PV drivers) hg tree
8:21AM 19 Firewalling Xen?
Sunday December 14 2008
12:58PM 0 Re: snmp mrtg physCPU (fwd)
Saturday December 13 2008
11:50AM 0 rtc: IRQ 8 is not free ; i8042.c: No controller found.
8:39AM 1 Realtack 8169 doesn''t work based puppy-xen
2:06AM 0 track_dirty_vram(f0000000, 26) failed (-1, 3)
1:10AM 0 libvir: warning: Failed to find the network: Is the daemon running ?
Friday December 12 2008
11:49PM 2 Can''t start PV domU (2.6.27) on HP Proliant DL320 G5p
11:09PM 0 gnbd and xen
7:31PM 6 HVM Migration
4:07PM 3 DomU kernel upgrade tool
3:46PM 0 Problem with debug symbols on xen kernel in xenoprofile
2:56PM 0 unable to launch domU (fedora 8)
2:02PM 0 domU fails to start
10:31AM 0 xend nothing to flush, waiting for peth0 to negotiate
8:23AM 0 RE: [ofa-general] Infiniband performance
7:59AM 0 Net Card doesn''t work
1:50AM 0 Halsign released Desktop windows companion TurboGate1.2
1:19AM 0 dvbworld pci passthrough xen 3.2
Thursday December 11 2008
11:56PM 1 Beginner guest domain...
11:43PM 2 hypervisor?
9:45PM 9 GPLPV + 32-bit Win2003R2 + Xen-3.3 unstable
9:10PM 9 PCI passthrough, poor network performance in upload direction
8:36PM 5 Xen virtual interface settings
6:43PM 0 Test message....
2:23PM 0 After installing xen3.3 veth[x], vif[x].[x] are missing. tmpbridge appears
11:52AM 1 Problem with Windows 2003 domU''s
11:38AM 11 rhel5 32bit xen 3.3.0 rpms?
12:50AM 0 Success report with questions.
Wednesday December 10 2008
11:00PM 2 VTd not showing PCI device in VM
9:27PM 0 [Q] Is it feasible: Reassigning PCI devices, controlling domU boot order, and a domU acting as a server to other domUs?
7:27PM 6 WIndows 2008, Quard Core Opteron, xen
6:57PM 0 domU, Failed to obtain physical IRQ, e1000 Intel NIC
2:43PM 2 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: xen-3.0-x86_32 not supported by
12:10PM 1 not able to get my hard coded(static) ip address on Dom U
9:02AM 4 AW: How much room needed for MacOSX on Xen?
5:57AM 2 Noise level on Tyan S3970G2NR running XenServer Express 5.0
4:52AM 0 vnc hanging
Tuesday December 9 2008
10:50PM 2 Node Fencing devices
2:24PM 0 Ethernet collisions with Realtek driver in HVM
1:41PM 1 HVM problem with Athlon cpu
12:19PM 4 [VT-D]iommu.c:775: iommu_page_fault: iommu->reg = ffff828bfff57000
12:15PM 12 HVM Cpu performance 3.2
8:35AM 1 Xen 3.3 Windows xp guest insufficient resources
Monday December 8 2008
10:08PM 0 kernel BUG pci-dma-xen.c:361!
9:58PM 0 How to setup two NIC with NAT networking between domUs?
7:33PM 16 Easy way to remove GPLPV drivers version 0.9.10?
6:27PM 0 Routing network with XEN
5:34PM 0 cpu utilizations of xentop inflated in comparison to mpstat
4:06PM 3 Unable to find number for device (sda2)
Sunday December 7 2008
8:34PM 2 Offline Install GPLPV Drivers?
12:02PM 6 Xen does not run domU
11:48AM 1 some xen concepts
Saturday December 6 2008
9:30PM 4 xen-3.3 missing xenbr0 new tmpbridge
8:12PM 2 Grub does not load Xen
6:06AM 3 floppy image under 3.3
Friday December 5 2008
8:18PM 0 libvir: Xen Daemon error : GET operation failed: during VM installation
6:39PM 0 3.3.0 make tools fails
5:05PM 2 Xen Domain-U ethernet problem
4:28PM 2 Xen.org Community Weekly Update
4:19PM 1 problem running personalized network-script
5:51AM 1 2.6.27 domU clock drift
1:56AM 6 xen-3.0-x86_32 not supported by xen kernel
1:13AM 0 About running update and upgrade
Thursday December 4 2008
11:50PM 5 dom ID 1 not auto starting
10:53PM 1 xenconsole not working
9:53PM 0 Xen & EDA Computing
8:36PM 0 smbios tables for paravirtualized guests
8:19PM 0 xenconsoled mysteriously dying
8:19PM 5 DomU can''t be destroyed
6:38PM 0 Are simultaneous VNC viewer connections to a single DomU possible?
11:05AM 0 virtual networking
8:05AM 3 No Network info for hardware VMs using XM Top
4:14AM 0 Bonding ethernet on xen 3.3 (ARP issues)
3:47AM 1 Xen 3.3.0 PCI passthrough with pciback.hide
Wednesday December 3 2008
9:50PM 5 Xen version 3.3 and config file
8:50PM 0 Installing trixbox as a PV domU under Xen 3.2.2/CentOS 5.2 x86_64 dom0?
4:55PM 0 Re: Fwd: bonding ethernet and xen 3.2.1 or later.
3:35PM 4 Moving domU''s from SLES10SP1 (xen-3.0.4) ---->> SLESL10SP2 (xen-3.2.0)
2:36PM 2 how to assign public IP for different dom
1:49PM 1 xen 3.0.3, xen drivers and centos 5
1:45PM 0 Re: Re: Problem on slow keystroke response - guest on Xen box
1:25PM 5 Re: Can Xen boot a Linux OS already installed in a realpartition
9:18AM 1 Xen hypervisor running on a free Linux distribution
9:08AM 3 does anyone have experience with clusters?
6:18AM 3 strange networking issue in xen DomU
2:25AM 0 kernel versions of xen0 & xenU
2:24AM 0 Can Xen boot a Linux OS already installed in a real partition
12:57AM 5 Using DRBD w/Xen disk images under CentOS?
Tuesday December 2 2008
11:41PM 2 Simple high-availability Apache project
6:45PM 0 using virt-install
3:58PM 0 Re: Problem on slow keystroke response - guest on Xen box
3:04PM 0 4gb seg fixup errors
2:39PM 0 Speaking at Xen Summit Oracle?
1:47PM 1 Re: Problem on slow keystroke response - guest on Xen box
11:15AM 0 Re: About the TPM modular install problem
10:32AM 3 Info on PCI device hiding using pciback module
8:52AM 2 Customising network setup stops all networking
8:50AM 3 A x86_64 processor can not run a x86_64 HVM
8:04AM 0 Fw: Re: Installing PV image from CDROM
Monday December 1 2008
8:28PM 0 Live Migration Across AMD and Intel
6:20PM 10 Increasing the number of virtual machines
3:23PM 2 Credit Scheduler
11:24AM 1 Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected.Hotplug scripts not working.
11:02AM 0 Re: Stability of XEN under high load Re: Stability of XEN under high load Re: Stability of XEN under high load
10:20AM 1 Nvidia doesn''t work on xen kernel
7:32AM 1 gentoo domU halting