Xen users - Nov 2008

Sunday November 30 2008
9:30PM 0 PCI Passthrough on Xen 3.3
7:47PM 4 Installing PV image from CDROM
7:20PM 0 mm.c:707:d49 Error getting mfn 2fef3 (pfn 6aef3) from L1 entry 000000002fef3061 for dom49
8:13AM 8 Stability of XEN under high load
Saturday November 29 2008
1:18AM 0 Issue with xen swap
Friday November 28 2008
9:30PM 0 xen:domU - boot from memory behind PCI device
6:58PM 2 GPLPV - ShutdownMon not working
1:58PM 1 Networking on Xen box
9:15AM 31 disk backend performance
3:53AM 1 Compiling Xen 3.0.2 from source[general protection fault 000[1]]
1:09AM 12 Guest - slow response to keystroke.
Thursday November 27 2008
8:20PM 4 pciback with debian etch and xen 3.3.0
7:06PM 0 Centos 5.2 packages appear problem
5:23PM 0 Networking problem when domU ID is greater then 64
2:37PM 0 cannot boot from /dev/xvda1 on centos 5.2 PVM
1:24PM 1 DomU auto ballooning
12:24PM 5 How to get eth0 & eth1 fox XEN domU''s?
11:11AM 2 SLES Bridge setup: does not add route again
9:40AM 4 vtd / pci passthru broken in 3.3?
8:59AM 1 Xguests 1.1.0 released
Wednesday November 26 2008
10:29PM 3 How to put X into DomU? Problems with Debian Etch Image created with xen-tools
8:22PM 3 distro recommedation
8:00PM 0 Problems with Vista SP 1 guest
1:31PM 0 cannot enable sound on domU (centos5.1) and cannot change virbr0 bridge to xenbr0 bridge
1:15PM 0 Locking Console: A simple little script
12:35PM 2 What''s the difference between xen using VT and a "pure" VT?
9:03AM 0 dom0-min-mem needed
8:20AM 0 Boot Failed While creating guest domain
Tuesday November 25 2008
11:50PM 0 Putting X into DomU?
7:54PM 0 Re: Xen - bonding
6:18PM 11 xen build and tls
4:15PM 0 RE: Xen GPL PV and undesirable requirement for APIC (irq >15)
3:13PM 0 Xen Document Project UPDATE
1:11PM 6 kernel BUG !!
12:40PM 3 IRQ Problems with kernel when PCI passthrough to PVM''s
12:23PM 12 cant use sda on domu
12:11PM 3 Xen Balooning "Minimum target"
2:19AM 2 HVM domU blocked state
Monday November 24 2008
9:29PM 0 Many Tx dropped packets
7:04PM 0 mkinitrd --omit-scsi-modules does not work
5:37PM 0 Incomplete XENification
4:33PM 1 XEN control panel
4:24PM 0 XEN Virtualization & Isolation of Guest using ebtables
4:12PM 1 Re: XEN ans Windows SMP
3:35PM 2 Gluster 1.3.12 and Xen!
3:17PM 2 looking for a better way to graph XEN bandwidth usage
2:42PM 1 device name mappings
12:39PM 0 Basic questions regarding Xen
12:23PM 1 VT-d does not work any more after BIOS update from Intel DQ35MP
12:18PM 0 [HVM] Creating a HVM domain failed
11:19AM 0 Re: PCI Passthrough for Windows error
10:20AM 3 GPLPV-drivers: size limit in "hard disk drivers" for volumes?
9:20AM 1 Xen 3.3 bridged-networking
9:13AM 0 still on vcpus.
5:39AM 5 setting CPUs per socket in Xen?
3:45AM 0 Trouble booting DomU on Centos 5.2 (x86_64)
Sunday November 23 2008
7:10PM 3 some little problems with lenny amd64 and xen.
2:57PM 0 mkinitrd fails on SLES10SP2 when used with kernel for Xen 3.3.0
2:40PM 2 Guest WinXP cannot recognize USB?
2:37PM 0 No network connection in Guest WinXP
12:32PM 1 Problems running Windows XP with Multiprocessor Support
8:55AM 1 No reaction after starting Guest WinXP(cannot find xenbr0)
1:51AM 11 Lost Network on domU''s - Please Help
Saturday November 22 2008
9:26PM 1 Problems with PCI Passthrough on PVM
7:56PM 2 windows 2008 server x86 + 3 gb memory
5:07PM 12 No reaction after starting Guest WinXP
3:20PM 2 pvgrub and cd-rom for none-hvm installation
5:55AM 0 Kernel exceptions while running Xen?
3:27AM 3 Xen Documentation
1:48AM 3 Issue with XEN slave server
Friday November 21 2008
7:15PM 6 eth0 is down in dom0
4:54PM 2 Question on CPU usage
3:57PM 2 Xen documentation are still too old
12:58PM 0 xen kernel ( does not boot LVM
11:28AM 0 Re: SOLVED: stubdom does not compile on ubuntu hardy amd64 with xen 3.3
1:17AM 4 One computer. Want to use the gui of the guest os on the xen server laptop.
1:14AM 3 can xen vm''s be used on different xen servers (citrix, oracle, etc...)
Thursday November 20 2008
9:42PM 0 Xen and XFS, are they good together ?
9:00PM 1 Create Docs -> Xen 3.3 make docs Latex Problem
7:00PM 3 PV 0.9.12pre3 gives BSOD when installing in VM in Xenserver 5.
6:41PM 0 Running Intrepid as domU on Hardy as dom0
6:08PM 0 HVM-Live-Migration on Debian lenny dom0 does not work
5:22PM 0 Xen hvm Win2k3 usb ipod touch
12:03PM 27 lenny amd64 and xen.
11:27AM 0 stubdom does not compile on ubuntu hardy amd64 with xen 3.3
11:14AM 0 Re: Unable to open a connection to the Xen hypervisor/daemon (installation XEN3.3.0 on CentOS5.2 x86_32 - RESOLVED)
10:37AM 1 RES: qemu-dm defunct issue
9:05AM 1 vif after domU reboot stays down
8:14AM 3 looking for updated apt list
2:24AM 2 Xen GPL PV and undesirable requirement for APIC (irq > 15)
Wednesday November 19 2008
8:47PM 18 Re: Howto compiling Xen 3.3
8:35PM 0 qemu-dm defunct issue
6:50PM 8 Setting CPU (core) frequency from dom0
5:51PM 2 GPLPV driver installation for Windows 2000 server
4:37PM 1 domUs Clock synchronisation
4:30PM 0 RE: PV 0.9.12-pre3 with Multiple NICs/Bridges,Hard Lock - Update - ODBC connector not compatible?
2:48PM 1 Disk size problem
1:01PM 1 Scripting and Gratutious Arp on Live Migration
12:54PM 8 Windows NT HVM fail to install
12:42PM 4 Unable to open a connection to the Xen hypervisor/daemon 3
12:30PM 0 Unable to open a connection to the Xen hypervisor/daemon 2
12:27PM 0 Unable to open a connection to the Xen hypervisor/daemon
12:27PM 21 GPLPV 0.9.12-pre4 uploaded
9:20AM 5 bonding ethernet and xen 3.2.1 or later.
9:04AM 0 Xen on 64 bit problematic things
7:17AM 1 OpenVPN and Xen PV
1:36AM 12 Update the kernel?
Tuesday November 18 2008
11:36PM 7 Backup
6:35PM 0 Re: Xen, LV, ISCSI and Persistent Target
6:05PM 4 PCI Passthrough for Windows Half Success on xen-unstable
5:57PM 13 Xen and KVM.
3:57PM 6 PV 0.9.12-pre3 with Multiple NICs/Bridges, Hard Lock - Update - ODBC connector not compatible?
3:44PM 2 Question on installing Xen...
3:40PM 1 Changing CPUs-per-socket (Xen config file)?
3:27PM 0 Xen PV 0.9.12-pre3 with Multiple NICs/Bridges, Hard Lock
3:06PM 3 Problem with this mailing list?
2:04PM 0 forcefully detaching a device
1:17PM 0 strange domU network behavior
8:00AM 0 Fw: Error while running virt-install
2:18AM 2 Can not boot into console with HVM domU?
1:15AM 0 TBOOT question
Monday November 17 2008
8:30PM 0 Xen Summit North America 2009: Call for Speakers/Topics
6:26PM 3 mount question
5:54PM 0 Xen 3.3 compile error
5:26PM 0 Re: AW: AW: Shared volume: Software-ISCSI or GFS orOCFS2?
2:59PM 0 USB PCI Passthrough Success
2:52PM 4 Re: AW: Shared volume: Software-ISCSI or GFS or OCFS2?
2:31PM 1 bonding ethernet and xen >3.2.1
2:09PM 2 Xen 3.3.0 on Gentoo Kernel 2.6.18, Bridge-Setup Problems
2:05PM 1 problem with serial port under XEN
1:32PM 2 ConVirt 0.9.6 Released.
11:34AM 0 Using XMLRPC API
10:57AM 2 Xen Problems on Ubuntu/Debian i386!?
10:15AM 0 a linux kernel >=2.6.20 as dom0
5:23AM 0 Error while running virt-install
4:39AM 1 Multiple Bridges and Multiple physical nic''s
Sunday November 16 2008
8:02PM 2 PCI passthrough to domU does not work with XEN 3.3
5:35PM 1 Xen 3.3.1 (pre): Windows install hangs with W2k8 64bit (HVM)
4:13PM 0 Booting from a real cdrom
3:31PM 0 cpufreq kernel line available parameters
Saturday November 15 2008
1:41PM 4 One physical NIC and multiple bridges
8:23AM 4 how to debug hardware lockups?
Friday November 14 2008
8:15PM 0 multicast issues in dom0
5:54PM 0 Re: xm save -c
5:26PM 3 Re: xm save -c
1:45PM 10 GPLPV (9.11pre20) in Win2003 x64 on XenServer Enterprise 5.0 (CD drive missing)
11:47AM 0 What files are modified when we install XEN on RHEL 5?
11:38AM 5 Error: failed to assign device...VT-d isn''t enabled properly(?)
10:09AM 10 Shared volume: Software-ISCSI or GFS or OCFS2?
9:05AM 9 Connect to Xen console
7:13AM 2 2x AMD Opteron 2356 Quad core -> DomU guest with Windows Server 2008 standart edition
3:59AM 4 How to setup multiple vif''s using different ethernet nic''s for DomU
2:28AM 6 Trying to boot Xen: grub
2:11AM 2 hvm booting guest OS problem
Thursday November 13 2008
11:56PM 0 Can''t get more than 8CPUs per VM
11:24PM 0 VxWorks on Xen (HVM) ?
7:32PM 17 Performance of network block devices (iSCSI)
5:45PM 0 Still cant create/start domU
4:17PM 4 Howto make a 2.6.26 kernel for my domUs
1:43PM 0 Windows Server 08 with Hyper-V in Xen?
12:39PM 0 exporting linux definition to xen hypervisor code.
11:30AM 4 GPLPV drivers for windows 0.9.12-pre3
11:12AM 0 Problem with cpu and virtual extension
9:49AM 0 guest is instable with more than 3 GB RAM
9:21AM 1 Error while creating Guest Domain - Please help
Wednesday November 12 2008
8:55PM 3 new on xen.
6:16PM 0 Converting Xen DomU to Amazon EC2 AMI
5:44PM 0 MEMORY Overcommitment with XEN-3.x
4:17PM 0 win2003 64bit as guest os
3:54PM 0 guest inittab problems
3:30PM 2 Lost source IP in DomU
10:38AM 2 Bridged networking not working as expected
10:13AM 4 Can not boot into Xen-kernel
7:01AM 0 Error while installing xen via yum
6:40AM 5 xm create- exit with panic message
1:51AM 2 Help with Installing/Using Xen
Tuesday November 11 2008
3:58PM 0 RE: Xen-users Digest, Vol 45, Issue 45
3:34PM 2 RE: GPL PV Intermittent Network Problems (HAL Issue)
3:05PM 0 RE: GPL PV Intermittent Network Problems
2:52PM 1 RE: GPL PV Intermittent Network Problems
6:50AM 12 xend won''t start on Ubuntu Hardy server
Monday November 10 2008
10:50PM 14 GPL PV Intermitent Network Problems
8:02PM 7 NTP on fully virtualized domUs
6:50PM 1 hvmloader was not built
6:15PM 0 xen 3.3 , drbd , centOS 5.2
10:18AM 0 error opening /dev/console
3:45AM 0 Windows debugging under Linux with Xen
Sunday November 9 2008
6:39PM 0 Windows Home Server as Xen Guest
2:10PM 2 DomU partition resize problem
12:20PM 0 How to detect a VM created or migrated dynamically?
6:49AM 0 another windows debugging tip
5:55AM 0 Re: save failed
1:53AM 1 How to install linux2.6.16.13 kerne as a guest OS in Fedora Core 5
Saturday November 8 2008
9:27PM 1 layer2
7:41PM 1 hvmloader was not built but no errors in build-log
5:35PM 1 xm save fails
11:33AM 4 [booting message]: WARNING: ****/lib/tls glibc libraries****
9:05AM 10 Live migration and drbd
6:42AM 2 Windows Debugger under Xen
12:54AM 0 Download during build
Friday November 7 2008
4:24PM 2 converting full to para
4:05PM 2 How domU could guess about its dom0?
3:55PM 0 XEN schedulers and domU cpu starving
11:53AM 1 XEN on RHEL 5
8:07AM 0 xen trap questions
2:58AM 0 Hardware information
2:07AM 5 debian packages for 3.3?
1:38AM 1 Unable to get Networking on HVM Domain
12:45AM 0 GPLPV 0.9.11
Thursday November 6 2008
10:39PM 0 Re: Tutorial for Windows guest on Xen
9:32PM 1 GPL PV SCSI driver
8:26PM 0 SAN (Shared LUN) with CLVM
8:08PM 6 Network-bridge with VLAN
7:39PM 0 XEN live migration and Guest creation sometimes causes reset of server
3:41PM 2 Question about certain Xen limits and features
1:15PM 18 malicious paravirtualized guests: security and isolation
3:56AM 8 Xen Networking advice - how to configure for DHCP to guests
1:58AM 1 dell 2850 servers and full virtualization
Wednesday November 5 2008
11:11PM 2 HVM on Dell Optiplex 755
6:27PM 2 RE: RedHat DomU hanging
6:02PM 1 Xen VMM Window Resize Commands
6:01PM 3 poor performance xp SMP
5:28PM 0 enable serial port for HVM guest
5:05PM 3 dhcp server
4:20PM 4 Network-problems with multiple(16) virtual machines
3:48PM 2 Geovision VGA card passthrough xp as domU
1:45PM 0 Xen Summit Tokyo (Asia) Registration Deadline - Nov 10
12:42PM 1 Do i need HVM support of cpu to use xen ?
11:22AM 1 Convert a hvm domU in a paravirtualizated one
6:39AM 0 booting: Unable to set System Clock to: Wed Nov 5 14:23:36 UTC 2008 (warning).
6:06AM 28 Another GPLPV pre-release 0.9.11-pre20
Tuesday November 4 2008
3:36PM 2 Do virtual machines depend on hardware of host???.
1:29PM 0 running x server on domU without graphics hardware
1:28PM 0 DomU does not start because the loopback interface could not be setup.
1:02PM 1 AW: Xen on Fedora 9
9:10AM 2 Xen on Fedora 9
5:06AM 0 NX bit under paravirt_ops
3:50AM 7 Resizing DomUs
Monday November 3 2008
11:14PM 2 disk scheduler?
5:58PM 1 GPLPV+windows 2008 server 32 bit and xen nic device problem
3:23PM 2 VNC not listening when MAC is assigned in VIF domU config
1:02PM 6 Problem setting up ConVirt 0.95
1:00PM 0 xend start error: Exception starting xend (global name ''XMLRPCServer'' is not defined)
11:26AM 0 Import OVF format VM?
10:58AM 1 Internet connection does not work after Xen installation
Sunday November 2 2008
10:51PM 0 anyone getting corruption under GPLPV after a bug check?
2:22PM 0 4gb seg fixup on CentOS 5
2:17PM 4 Fw: Re: What packages ubuntu-xen-server & ubuntu-xen-desktop are up to on intrepid
6:53AM 0 System Date issue with Xen Guest
Saturday November 1 2008
12:18PM 0 xend.err: "kernel image does not exist"
5:17AM 6 domu network interface number increases