Xen devel - Jun 2006

Friday June 30 2006
11:04PM 0 [PATCH] Update user doc for mouse handling & USB support
10:54PM 0 Domain 0 crashed
9:40PM 2 Netfront crashes after domain migration.
8:42PM 0 [patch] improve ELF loader error messages
8:09PM 6 How to dump xen0 kernel output to a serial console?
6:26PM 0 [PATCH][ACM][UPDATE2] python tools and support for resource labeling
4:56PM 4 [PATCH] xenconsole: fix xencons=tty[0-9]+ param
4:38PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs10520
3:57PM 3 Re: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable] [XEN] BUG() places console in sync mode.
3:29PM 7 [PATCH] Improve xenbus timeout error message
3:17PM 1 possible memory leak involved with hvm domU''s
2:04PM 0 [PATCH] MOV instructions in x86_emulate.c
1:49PM 2 Qemu-0.8.1 based ioemu preview available
1:17PM 0 When can ptes be written by Xen?
1:07PM 0 Xen Scheduler : What''s the main difference between BVT and EDF?
10:47AM 1 [PATCH] do_softirq() of Xen/IA64
8:06AM 0 [PATCH 2/2][Resend] Output Virtual Block Device requests information for xentop. ver.2
8:06AM 0 [PATCH 1/2][Resend] Store Virtual Block Device requests information into xenstat library. ver.2
8:06AM 0 [PATCH 0/2][Resend] Display VBD information by xentop. ver.2
8:00AM 1 how to assign cpu?
7:38AM 0 dump extract script update
6:44AM 0 FW: Welcome to the "Xen-devel" mailing list
5:05AM 0 [PATCH][BLKBACK] Clean code by VBD_SHOW macro in xenbus.c
4:15AM 0 [PATCH] delete unused imports
2:57AM 0 RE: [Xen-ia64-devel] Re: [PATCH] fix event channelnotification loss on IA64
2:37AM 5 [PATCH - proposed] XI Shadow Page Table Mechanism]
2:24AM 0 How to use linux-2.6.tip-xen
1:13AM 6 A credit scheduler issue
Thursday June 29 2006
11:28PM 19 Credit scheduler!
8:31PM 5 Easy user-space usage of xenstore
8:26PM 0 [PATCH] [vTPM] Additional vtpm script
8:24PM 0 [PATCH] Update of vTPM documentation
8:11PM 0 Don''t BUG when exitcode==-1.
3:52PM 7 Xen bug 647: Creation of Mini-OS domain causes certain xm commands to hang
2:55PM 2 Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 000000000000004c RIP:
1:47PM 1 [PATCH] linux: Slightly improve single-page contiguous region creation/destruction
1:44PM 0 [PATCH] linux: Add fallback when XENMEM_exchange fails to replace contiguous region
1:43PM 0 [PATCH] linux/i386: Always destroy mappings in kunmap_atomic()
1:42PM 3 [PATCH] linux/x86: Initialize high_memory as early as possible
1:30PM 2 x86_64 platform : addresses type
10:37AM 0 VMX status report 10520:ae245d35457b
10:33AM 0 Multiple domain hang service OS
9:36AM 1 e820.c : why char* ? (2nd try)
8:23AM 0 [PATCH] Fix argument check of xm reboot command (2)
8:22AM 0 [PATCH] Fix argument check of xm reboot command (1)
5:43AM 2 [PATCH] fix event channel notification loss on IA64
4:58AM 0 Using physical disk in HVM
Wednesday June 28 2006
9:28PM 2 [PATCH][ACM][UPDATE] python tools and support for resource labeling
9:03PM 14 [rfc] [patch] more ''long'' in the hypervisor interface
8:39PM 1 build problems with unstable and linux Hi,
7:28PM 0 [patch] use ELF types for values from ELF
5:58PM 4 Missing Information about compile requirements in source package
4:53PM 0 ASM Help Requested
3:44PM 1 Real Time performance
2:07PM 3 [RFC][PATCH] synchronize console on BUG()
1:49PM 0 [PATCH 2/2] Output Virtual Block Device requests information for xentop
1:49PM 0 [PATCH 1/2] Store Virtual Block Device requests information into xenstat library.
1:48PM 0 [PATCH 0/2] Display VBD information ver.2
1:33PM 1 How to map HVM guest virtual address to MMIO space?
9:15AM 4 how to disable the NX flag in a domU?
8:53AM 0 VMX status report 10508:1da8f53ce65b
7:33AM 0 [PATCH] FIX xentop batch mode.
7:26AM 0 [PATCH][Resend] Output Virtual Block Device requests information ver. 3
7:21AM 0 FW: [PATCH 1/1] Output Virtual Block Device requests information ver. 3
7:13AM 9 [PATCH][HVM] Removing 1:1 mapping from qemu-dm
7:08AM 0 [PATCH 1/1] Output Virtual Block Device requests information ver. 3
5:14AM 0 How to do direct assignment of devices to VM in Xen.
3:40AM 23 credit scheduler issues in 64bit hypervisor
2:04AM 11 [PATCH] build: clean up kclean and distclean for kernel
2:02AM 0 [PATCH] xend: log process id
Tuesday June 27 2006
9:48PM 0 [PATCH][SVM][3/3] CPUID MCE/MCA disable
9:48PM 0 [PATCH][SVM][2/3] cleanup guest regs
9:48PM 0 [PATCH][SVM][1/3] cleanup double-fault handling
7:29PM 3 Migration filesystem coherency?
4:21PM 0 2nd Call for Papers - Workshop on XEN in HPC Cluster and Grid Computing Environments (XHPC)
3:45PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs10482: 64bit xm-test problems
3:37PM 0 [PATCH 3/3][TPM] More vTPM test cases
3:37PM 0 [PATCH 2/3][TPM] Update of TPM driver plugins
3:35PM 0 [PATCH 1/3][TPM] Update to newer driver and some fixes
12:02PM 52 [0/5] [NET]: Add TSO support
11:39AM 0 Plan 9 on Xen 3.0
10:04AM 0 Hypercall page init
6:00AM 0 [PATCH 2/2][HVM] HVM builder option for dynamic MP tables
6:00AM 0 [PATCH 1/2][HVM] Dynamic MP tables based upon VCPU count
6:00AM 2 [PATCH 0/2][HVM] Dynamic MP Table Creation
5:55AM 6 [PATCH][RESEND]Xenoprof passive domain support
12:05AM 2 grsecurity +XEN w/o HVM
Monday June 26 2006
10:14PM 3 [PATCH][ACM] python tools and support for resource labeling
9:47PM 0 [PATCH - proposed] XI Shadow Page Table Mechanism
9:40PM 5 Is there example code and/or documentation for developing a Xen back-end/front-end driver pair?
9:18PM 1 domU to domU configuration
6:52PM 0 [PATCH][SVM] cleanup pin printk
1:53PM 2 page table walk in xen_{create, destroy}_contiguous_region
1:38PM 31 [PATCH 0/2] Virtual frame buffer
11:07AM 6 sysconf() problem on Dom0
9:18AM 1 Cannot startup IA32/IA32pae VMX domain on IA32e platform
9:07AM 0 VMX status report 10482:9ec0b4f10b4f
6:39AM 4 Accessing Xen on remote machine
Sunday June 25 2006
5:08PM 0 RE: [Xen-ia64-devel] Re: PATCH: xen pagesize
11:30AM 0 xen test cd doesn''t boot on thinkpad t60
12:32AM 4 Domain saving and filesystem corruption
Saturday June 24 2006
6:26PM 0 what''s the difference between balloon_alloc_empty_page_range() and alloc_pages()
12:36AM 0 [PATCH] VTPM Tools HotPlug Script enabled
12:36AM 0 [PATCH] VTPM Tools Save State
12:34AM 0 [PATCH] VTPM Tools
Friday June 23 2006
9:38PM 0 [PATCH][TPM] Fix for an timing issue occurring when doing local migration
9:19PM 9 [XenPPC] [rfc] [patch] grant_entry.flags accessors
8:52PM 1 [PATCH] [BALLOON] Increase retry_limit (fix for bug #683)
6:52PM 0 error message: waiting for /dev/hda5 to appear
4:59PM 1 [PATCH]hvm guest ACPI dynamic initialization
4:09PM 0 e820.c : why char* ?
12:43PM 1 [PATCH] x86: fix microcode updater
12:33PM 0 [PATCH] balloon: don''t fail reservation changes with -ENOMEM
12:26PM 4 [PATCH] balloon: don''t talk about low/high memory when there is no such distinction
11:38AM 7 FW: Is it a correct place for VBD information?
11:37AM 0 [PATCH 1/1] Output Virtual Block Device requests information ver. 2. Add information to sysfs.
11:36AM 1 [PATCH 0/1] Output Virtual Block Device requests information ver. 2
8:32AM 5 [RFC] build: use xargs in conjunction with etags
7:18AM 0 [PATCH] build: add disclean target to docs, tools and xen directories
5:14AM 5 [PATCH] [HVM] Fix virtual apic irq distribution
Thursday June 22 2006
11:01PM 1 [PATCH][vTPM] Script patch
8:05PM 0 [PATCH] [XM-TEST] 03_memset_random_pos double console
6:58PM 0 x86_64 live migration problems: help needed with shadow page table
6:50PM 3 [patch] [do-over] load 64-bit files with 32-bit tools
6:08PM 1 [PATCH] fix linux ioremap() of domain local memory
5:16PM 1 xenoprof patch
2:59PM 2 PATCH: xen pagesize
2:36PM 0 [PATCH] libxc and domain.c changes backported from xen-unstable to reenable debugging
2:16PM 29 need to compile 32bit on x86_64 cpu
2:10PM 1 Re: [Fwd: Re: [RFC] XI Shadow Page Table Mechanism]
2:01PM 0 [PATCH] Explicitly shutdown XML-RPC session for non-Keep Alive sessions
1:22PM 3 [PATCH] Fix xm network-list/block-list/vtpm-list
12:17PM 2 how to turn on tracing in xen
10:02AM 6 gdb regression in xen-3.0-testing.hg
9:58AM 0 Port already in use (was: Using Debian packages)
8:53AM 0 linux-2.6.tip-xen updated to 2.6.17 + current linux-2.6-xen
Wednesday June 21 2006
7:47PM 0 [PATCH] Virtual SCSI frontend and backend drivers
6:08PM 3 [RFC] XI Shadow Page Table Mechanism
4:50PM 6 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs10470: broken
3:10PM 1 detecting paging inside of VMs
2:44PM 0 PATCH: fix some transparent virtualization issues
2:07PM 11 credit based scheduler
12:25PM 0 [Request] Add logging function for xentop
9:52AM 0 [PATCH 3/3] Output Virtual Block Device requests information for xentop
9:51AM 0 [PATCH 2/3] Store Virtual Block Device requests information into xenstat library.
9:51AM 11 [PATCH 1/3] Output Virtual Block Device requests information to /proc/xen/vbd
9:50AM 0 [PATCH 0/3] ADD Virtual Block Device requests information.
9:24AM 0 VMX status report 10470:411a3c01bb40
9:22AM 15 [PATCH] patch to buffer write ioreq
9:20AM 0 Can''t create VMX domain on 32pae xen0
12:53AM 0 [PATCH] [vTPM] Replace #define MIN with min/min_t
Tuesday June 20 2006
9:34PM 2 Xen and SCSI
7:44PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs10449
3:43PM 0 ballooning issue on Unisys ES7000 - bug #683
11:21AM 11 Help please: bug#625 SCSI disk conflicts with blkfront---best approach for fix?
11:07AM 18 RE: [PATCH] Blktap: Userspace file-based image support.(RFC)
9:13AM 0 VMX status report 10449:2a99292b1a8a before sending to helix
5:26AM 1 Re: [Xen-ia64-devel] Weekly benchmark results [ww24]
12:55AM 2 [patch] load 64-bit files with 32-bit tools
Monday June 19 2006
10:32PM 1 Destination reboots on migration with kernel dump
10:15PM 2 balloon.py unaware of pages on page_scrub_list
6:46PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs10426
6:00PM 0 [PATCH] ia64 dump_execution_state() stub, build fix
4:19PM 24 [PATCH] Blktap: Userspace file-based image support. (RFC)
2:50PM 0 VMX status report 10426:840f33e54054
7:18AM 3 [Patch] MTRR virtualization
7:14AM 0 [Xen-tools] RE: Hi,something about the xentrace tool
7:13AM 14 Where can I find some tutorial or manual on how to use xenstore?
7:09AM 1 Two question about grant table mechanism
6:43AM 0 Xen BVT scheduler
6:06AM 0 Re: [Xen-users] Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Backend device not found.
5:10AM 2 OOM killer problem
4:59AM 0 [Patch] Enable PAE VMX guest on PAE host
Sunday June 18 2006
9:21PM 3 Dom0 Panics/lockups
8:32PM 0 Function dom0_ip in vif-common.sh fails in some configurations
9:24AM 2 [PATCH] [RFC] Domain name issue
Saturday June 17 2006
7:41AM 3 [patch] fix xenctx for x86_64
2:24AM 0 [PATCH]HVM acpi guest OS suppot in piix4 ACPI event logical model-part 4 of 4
2:23AM 0 [PATCH]HVM acpi guest OS suppot in piix4 ACPI event logical model-part 3 of 4
2:22AM 1 [PATCH]HVM acpi guest OS suppot in piix4 ACPI event logical model-part 2 of 4
2:21AM 0 [PATCH]HVM acpi guest OS suppot in piix4 ACPI event logical model-part 1 of 4
12:43AM 4 Fwd: Xen scheduler
Friday June 16 2006
11:43PM 2 Debugging PAE Xen with >4GB
9:43PM 0 [PATCH] Add USB prototypes to HVM example config
8:30PM 0 Re: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable] [XEN] New memory_op XENMEM_exchange. Allows atomic
6:49PM 5 [PATCH][XM-TEST] Fix bugzilla # 674 by changing the xm-test Console.py to wait for the command prompt.
2:11PM 1 [Xen-tools] RE: Hi,something about the xentrace tool
7:50AM 4 [PATCH 0/4] Allow compilation without CONFIG_PROC_FS
6:03AM 4 VMX status report 10358:73c73fb8875c
2:15AM 0 [Patch][ACM] fix remaining xen handle conversion and fix domain destroy bug -- signed off
2:12AM 0 [Patch][ACM] fix remaining xen handle conversion and fix domain destroy bug
Thursday June 15 2006
11:01PM 0 [PATCH]export gnttab_cancel_free_callback
5:56PM 0 have any memory management changes been made causing longer time for memory to balloon?
2:40PM 1 Bug with xc_translate_foreign_address?
1:53PM 0 Does hardware VMX kill hardware passthrough to non-VMX domains?
1:37PM 4 XenStore permissions from kernel space
12:25PM 0 about IOAPIC in Xen 3.0
12:12PM 0 [PATCH] Fix for event initialisation in MiniOS
11:01AM 1 [PATCH] xen socket buffer allocation fix for non-privileged domain
10:38AM 3 DomU Powernow question
9:06AM 0 VMX status report 10351:ee482dc60eab
8:39AM 0 cluster management
8:30AM 2 xenbus api
8:19AM 6 PATCH (and RFC): new dom0 hypercall: DOM0_DOMAIN_SETUP
7:06AM 11 [Xen-tools] RE: Hi,something about the xentrace tool
Wednesday June 14 2006
9:59PM 0 [PATCH] Fix rebuilding in xmtest
7:28PM 8 [PATCH 0/4] Add support for XML-RPC over SSH (take two)
5:47PM 5 [PATCH] xc_evtchn_*() interfaces
4:25PM 2 [PATCH] Fix SDL mouse invisible wall
12:52PM 8 WP flag in CR0, setting
12:26PM 2 Install NetBSD guest on Linux host?
11:45AM 4 VMX disabled by Feature Control MSR
8:54AM 0 VMX status report 10333:360f9dc71f51
8:35AM 0 Patching a kernel from Centos 3.4 to xenitize it
8:05AM 0 limit of grant table entries
2:42AM 4 [PATCH] Fix xm commands so that the Traceback does not occur
12:32AM 2 Stability of migration?
Tuesday June 13 2006
9:42PM 0 [patch] plug classic realloc() memory leak.
8:59PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs10330
7:04PM 2 Exporting "SD" device.
6:24PM 0 soft lockup when shutting down - rebooting domUs
3:42PM 17 switchroot mount failed
3:04PM 1 use xenstore
2:13PM 0 Xen domU for OpenBSD/amd64 demo
1:05PM 6 current hg unstable tree: arch/i386/kernel/built-in.o: In function `safe_halt'': undefined reference to `rcu_needs_cpu''
12:30PM 2 crash of xen-system when accessing cdrom
9:06AM 0 VMX status report 10328:6bffed2aa78b
7:32AM 0 [PATCH] linux: move page table pinning out of context switch code
Monday June 12 2006
10:34PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs10326
9:08PM 3 Error Building Xen-Unstable under Sles10 RC2.5
8:12PM 6 [patch] architecture-specific ELF header checking
5:41PM 0 [PATCH] add multiline flag to regular expression search expressions in block integrity tests
4:35PM 0 Re: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable] [HVM][DM] Backport the USB support from QEMU 0.8.1 to the current Xen
4:33PM 9 Network stops responding after some time
4:13PM 3 VLAN script
3:18PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs10319
1:14PM 1 [PATCH][ACM][RESEND] Add support for resource labeling
9:35AM 2 time went backwards
7:19AM 0 CfP Workshop on XEN in HPC Cluster and Grid Computing Environments (XHPC)
4:40AM 0 [PATCH] Fix a typo in event enable
3:39AM 9 Several issues in ChangeSet 10319
3:39AM 0 VMX status report 10319:aced0ee216aa
Sunday June 11 2006
5:39PM 0 Migration crashes domU
3:49PM 26 Powernow-k8 support
1:17PM 6 Hi,something about the xentrace tool
1:25AM 0 [Patch] support small buffer to read_console_ring()
Saturday June 10 2006
7:35PM 3 [PATCH 0/3] Add support for XML-RPC over SSH
3:02AM 0 [patch] cleanup xenpage
Friday June 9 2006
11:28PM 0 [PATCH] Fix Xend XML-RPC server''s support for HTTP Keep-Alive
10:29PM 7 [PATCH] remove fs/Kconfig from sparse tree in favor of a 1 line patch
9:08PM 2 evtchn_upcall_mask
9:08PM 16 [PATCH] Add dm-userspace to the Xen kernel
8:21PM 3 [PATCH] UNTESTED backport rcu_needs_cpu and call it from stop_hz_timer UNTESTED
8:12PM 3 [PATCH] cpuid handling for guest
7:55PM 1 How come same structure has different sizes for dom0 and domU
7:03PM 1 Re: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable] [LINUX][XENBUS] replace xenbus_transaction_t with an opaque transaction ID.
5:44PM 0 gpa to hpa conversion for VT domains
3:37PM 5 3.0.3 Status/Schedule
3:06PM 1 bug: Cannot create vbd / cannot create vif
2:48PM 2 Kernel panic: Unable to handle kernel paging request
11:03AM 3 Problem setting up a custom GDT
10:40AM 0 VMX status report 10302:4f1e39ec05d6
10:12AM 0 [PATCH] IOPL must be ignored for VM86 mode port I/O emulation
8:47AM 1 grant table issue
7:04AM 0 [PATCH][XENBUS] replace xenbus_transaction_t with an opaque transaction ID.
6:04AM 0 [PATCH][XENBUS] use driver_data from embedded struct device
5:37AM 0 [PATCH][BLKTAP] remove blktap
3:45AM 1 64bit xen0 cannot boot on ChangeSet 10302
2:20AM 0 [PATCH][GNTTAB] CodingStyle patch
2:13AM 15 [RFC][PATCH] Secure XML-RPC for Xend
1:33AM 0 RE: Why do we use /usr/lib/python to install pythonlibraries?
1:09AM 10 Why do we use /usr/lib/python to install python libraries?
12:40AM 4 Measuring migration downtime
Thursday June 8 2006
8:11PM 9 Unable to set dom0 vcpu to 1
7:22PM 2 [PATCH][NET] front: cleanup some error paths
5:54PM 0 Xen 3.0.2 driver domain bridging supported?
3:01PM 10 [patch] ACM ops interface
2:46PM 0 VMX status report 10296:06569f1a4681
1:51PM 5 balloon question
11:20AM 2 [RFC PATCH] Run the Mini-OS application in its own thread.
11:06AM 0 [PATCH] Expose XenBus functions to Mini-OS applications
9:48AM 3 Announcing OpenBSD/amd64 Xen port
4:41AM 5 ata_piix SATA driver broken under Xen?
4:19AM 1 Setting Xen scheduler parameters
3:46AM 3 Anybody got a tool to peer into a guest domain?
12:13AM 0 Xen compilation Error Xen3.0.2.2
Wednesday June 7 2006
11:48PM 0 (no subject)
9:30PM 9 Rearchitecting IO Emulation for HVM Guests
7:28PM 13 [PATCH] USB support
5:53PM 1 LV mount
5:03PM 2 VTx enabled + xen 3.0 stable IO performance...
3:24PM 0 Re: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable] Expose the exception thrown by xen.lowlevel.xs.
3:22PM 0 calling printk early enough kills dom0 boot on x86-64
3:16PM 0 Debugging user-space applications with gdbserver-xen?
2:54PM 2 [PATCH][RESEND][Builder] Check if v_end wraps around to 0
2:47PM 0 dhcp problem with vif-nat
1:28PM 15 access shared_info?
12:43PM 0 [PATCH][HVM] decode support for opcode 0x83
9:07AM 0 [PATCH] [HVM] Add decoders for HVM guests.
8:24AM 0 VMX status report 10277:c191c649cdb3
12:07AM 0 FreeBSD 6.0 on VT-x causes Qemu SEG fault
Tuesday June 6 2006
9:27PM 3 [PATCH] Change PCI IRQ assignments
9:10PM 4 xen test results on Unisys ES7000
8:53PM 0 [PATCH] Clear VGA video memory in BIOS
6:53PM 0 RE: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable] [X86EMUL] Mark MOV instruction as not needing writeback.
6:47PM 8 (xen) Possible bug: Memory squeeze in netback driver.
5:58PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs10277
3:00PM 2 Grant tables and/or network for mini-os
2:07PM 2 [PATCH][ACM] Add support for resource labeling
1:33PM 0 VMX status report 10273:5e3827f7a93a
12:59PM 0 Re: new load balancer scheduler
12:58PM 0 [PATCH] Simple patch to quiet some messages in xc_domain.c
12:47PM 1 Multiple network-scripts ?
8:39AM 0 [PATCH] Fix missed_ticks() logic
5:35AM 18 [PATCH 1/9] Xen Share: Simplified I/O Mechanism
1:52AM 2 Error checking on migration?
Monday June 5 2006
9:45PM 8 Why is ''emulate'' as good as writable PT''s?
9:29PM 3 resend: quick pointers needed
9:18PM 3 [PATCH 0 of 2] management tools portability v3
8:58PM 1 X86_emulate.c: Shouldn''t opcodes like single byte 89 have "Mov" modifier?
5:08PM 0 [PATCH 2/2][RESEND] xen: NUMA support in page allocator
5:05PM 0 [PATCH 1/2][RESEND] Xen: NUMA infrastructure/ACPI SRAT parsing
3:49PM 4 linux-2.6-xen et al
3:02PM 3 A few outstanding xenstore/hotplug issues...
2:47PM 0 VMX status report 10264:40331b1545d2
2:35PM 1 quick pointers needed
3:18AM 2 [PATCH] concurrency control issues in netback
Saturday June 3 2006
9:55PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs10264
12:51PM 18 irq 17: nobody cared (try booting with the "irqpoll" option)
Friday June 2 2006
8:06PM 1 Re: [Xen-changelog] [xen-unstable] [IA64][HVM] Enable CGA acceleration for VTI.
4:34PM 12 Fetching instructions after page-fault, near page boundary?
3:04PM 4 privileged op emulation
2:18PM 1 shared_info setup
1:27PM 0 [PATCH] Extensions to vmxassist to handle additional mode switch cases
1:23PM 0 (no subject)
12:15PM 0 XEN_TARGET_X86_PAE=y make xen tools currently broken hg 3.0 testing
12:12PM 0 [PATCH] i386 linux: fix VM86 code with CONFIG_PREEMPT
10:06AM 1 [PATCH, resend] x86-64 linux: don''t use hlt instruction
10:05AM 3 [PATCH, resend] blkfront: ioctls/geometry, 2.6
10:02AM 5 [PATCH, resend] replacement for noirqdebug hack
9:49AM 2 x86-64 linux'' sys_ioperm()
9:48AM 0 Documentation suggestions and VMX success report...
9:18AM 0 VMX status report 10243:6993a0f91efc
8:44AM 0 [PATCH] Rename hw_resend_irq
7:32AM 0 [PATCH] Add alloc_idle_vcpu
6:34AM 1 move mtrr.h outside
6:10AM 0 [PATCH] Re-enable xen/ia64 working
4:07AM 0 [PATCH] Fix ia64 compilation broken on xen-unstable
Thursday June 1 2006
9:58PM 0 Possible bug in 3.0.2 - "Manager is watching"
8:17PM 1 [PATCH] Make xentrace hypercall a bit more sane
7:42PM 3 PCI code Xen 2 -> Xen 3
6:55PM 1 Xenoprof: separate=cpu
6:53PM 0 [PATCH][Builder] Check if v_end wraps around to 0
6:39PM 2 dm-userspace wiki page
4:36PM 1 How to get reference to shared_info?
3:58PM 1 RE: dom0 issues with switching from X to consoleorstarting X
3:23PM 2 [patch-resend-2] take a bite out of xen-mkbuildtree-pre
2:59PM 4 [RFC/patch] domain builder rewrite
2:58PM 1 [RESEND][PATCH]: Fixing the xchg emulation bug
2:57PM 1 [RESEND][PATCH]: Support for fully virtualized SMP guests on Pacifica
1:55PM 0 VMX status report 10200:0ec4b9dfd5b4
12:35PM 1 [PATCH] x86_64: properly update RSI/RDI after emulated ins/outs (again)
9:03AM 0 xenpage_list point to zero