Xen devel - May 2006

Wednesday May 31 2006
10:57PM 2 RE: dom0 issues with switching from X to console orstarting X
10:44PM 1 please pull xen-ia64-unstable.hg
7:39PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs10187
7:31PM 0 netfront drops anything more than 25 pkts
5:53PM 1 Malformed image causing builder to crash
4:14PM 1 [PATCH] free the right 1st level page table page in map_pages_to_xen
4:04PM 0 dom0 issues with switching from X to console or starting X
2:30PM 0 VMX status report 10177:d5f98d23427a
2:22PM 7 XENFEAT_writable_pagetables vs VMASST_TYPE_writable_pagetables
2:08PM 5 [RFC 0/2] [NET]: Add scatter and gather support
2:03PM 0 [PATCH] Allow more dynamic use of serial lines with qemu by floating Summagraphic port
1:44PM 0 [PATCH] Enable VGA acceleration for VTI domain
1:34PM 0 [PATCH][ACM] Add type check and conversion to get_decision
1:17PM 5 [PATCH] x86-64 linux: unmap temporary mappings established for setup of 1:1 mappings
10:14AM 0 [PATCH]Remove duplicate constant for the instruction length.
6:41AM 11 VMX Assist and x86 segment registers
1:31AM 0 [PATCH] [ACM] Add Hypervisor Call Macro
12:42AM 0 [PATCH] (WAS RE: [PATCH] Fix mem.c so that X Windows can restart)
Tuesday May 30 2006
11:07PM 0 HVM Loader Doesn''t See the "vcpus" .hvm Parameter?
10:35PM 0 [PATCH][SVM] CPUID cleanup
10:18PM 9 [PATCH 0 of 3] management tools portability
10:01PM 6 [PATCH][HVMLOADER][DISCUSS] 8 way default rombios
9:56PM 4 [patch-resend] take a bite out of xen-mkbuildtree-pre
8:00PM 0 [PATCH][Mini-OS] Make Mini-OS start from 0x0 and pagetable fixes
7:45PM 0 RE: [PATCH] Update for new tpm emulator [Replacement Patch]
6:42PM 0 [PATCH] Trivial fix for using xm dmesg -c
6:36PM 29 Xen in a 32 way system
4:39PM 0 Xen unstable full virtualization regression for WindowsXP
2:12PM 2 Testing status of fully virtualized guests (Intel VT) on 64bit XEN unstable
12:52PM 2 ACM ternary ops?
8:20AM 2 dom0 hang when "xm mem-set 0 16"
6:14AM 4 [patch] ne2000.patch
Monday May 29 2006
10:22PM 2 Hyperthreading
3:00PM 8 [BUG] double fault for sale ;)
2:35PM 5 [PATCH] x86 linux: prevent halted VCPUs from eating up CPU bandwidth
2:10PM 0 VMX status report 10176:6d476981e3a5
8:42AM 0 Error when compiling the block device tap driver
Sunday May 28 2006
2:31PM 2 question on XML-RPC interface to xend
Saturday May 27 2006
4:23PM 2 RE: RE: [Xen-changelog] [PAE] Allow pgdirs above 4GB for paravirt guests.
5:18AM 7 [PATCH][BALLOON] Fix minimum target
12:45AM 0 [PATCH] Update for new tpm emulator
Friday May 26 2006
10:31PM 1 RE: [Xen-changelog] [PAE] Allow pgdirs above 4GB for paravirt guests.
9:59PM 0 [PATCH]: Support for fully virtualized SMP guests on Pacifica
9:44PM 0 [PATCH]: Fixing the xchg emulation bug
9:29PM 0 Re: [Xen-changelog] Patch linux so that /proc/stat shows all -- not just online -- CPUs.
6:23PM 1 [PATCH] Add instruction fetching function to x86_emulate_ops.
6:19PM 0 LVM Snapshots: COW Internals
6:13PM 12 Xenoprof errors with Xen-unstable
3:51PM 1 Re: [Xen-changelog] New weighted fair-share CPU scheduler w/ automatic SMP load balancing
3:42PM 4 [PATCH] turn off b44 module on x86_64, it breaks the build
3:14PM 0 [PATCH] make perfc_valuea actually return the value it reads
2:02PM 0 VMX status report 10162:da7fe04d8e80
2:00PM 1 Re: [Xen-changelog] New weighted fair-share CPU scheduler w/ automatic SMP load balancing
1:01PM 12 New CPU scheduler w/ SMP load balancer
11:10AM 1 [PATCH] x86_64: properly update RSI/RDI after emulated ins/outs
10:58AM 0 [REVISED PATCH] Allow use of a C library in Mini-OS
9:23AM 1 Re: [Xen-changelog] New memory_op subops which return the apparent or actual physical address map.
9:17AM 2 Re: [Xen-changelog] Convert x86/64 Linux to use the new memory map hypercall.
12:39AM 3 FreeBSD boot loader on VT-x based Xen system
Thursday May 25 2006
7:32PM 2 [PATCH] Fix mem.c so that X Windows can restart
7:25PM 0 [PATCH][xend] Increase balloon retry timeout (fix for bug #650)
5:53PM 0 [RFC][PATCH] Allow privcmd to support the _compat hypercalls
5:33PM 0 [PATCH] Fix tracing array to match usage
5:14PM 1 windows user mode debugging under xen
3:28PM 1 Build break in xen-3.0-testing
3:11PM 3 netfront.c: gnttab_query_foreign_access returns non zero in network_tx_buf_gc
2:56PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs10151
2:46PM 0 [PATCH] remove redunant if
2:24PM 3 HVM - BIOS serial console redirection?
2:15PM 6 only one CPU is detected when dom0 boots up
2:09PM 0 Xen for AM2
2:05PM 0 VMX status report 10151:ad33b3882867
12:27PM 0 [NET] front: Replace backend_state with netif_carrier
12:10PM 4 crash with Xen dom0 image from kdump
12:07PM 0 Q: XENMEM_maximum_reservation
11:46AM 1 [PATCH] [XM-TEST] block device write verify test 3rd attempt
9:11AM 9 how can native driver response quickly for low FIFO device
2:51AM 2 [PATCH] Multiple HVM time device model support in HV
Wednesday May 24 2006
11:58PM 4 [PATCH] take a bite out of xen-mkbuildtree-pre
11:55PM 0 xenbus: separate typedef from enum definition
11:09PM 0 [patch] [2/3] use new ''xen_pfn_t'' type to represent PFNs in the Xen ABI
11:08PM 1 [patch] [1/3] global build configuration file
11:07PM 2 [patch] [0/3] port management tools to PPC
11:04PM 13 [patch] [3/3] dom0_ops explicitly sized types
8:36PM 0 [PATCH] HVM qemu-pid in xm-test output log
6:04PM 0 [PATCH] Xeno-Linux <asm/fixmap.h> is not in all arches
3:03PM 0 VMX status report 10143:187180382772
1:44PM 0 dbench parameters?
12:36PM 0 [PATCH] Fix xc_tbuf_enable assumption.
10:24AM 5 [patch 0/3] a few more cleanups
8:55AM 6 x86 string/memory inline functions
1:48AM 0 Balloon Driver Internals
Tuesday May 23 2006
9:45PM 0 Xen networking Issue
9:11PM 3 Xenoprof and the hypervisor
7:31PM 3 [PATCH] 01_enforce_dom0_cpus_basic_pos reset vcpu count on failures.
5:56PM 0 Daily Xen Buillds
5:34PM 4 [PATCH] Make use of /proc/xen/xsd_{port, kva} private to the Linux implementation.
5:31PM 1 XEN 3.0.1 vsprintf.c - strange macro expansion
5:17PM 0 [PATCH][resubmit 2] use dma_ops in arch/x86_64/kernel/pci-dma-xen.c
4:49PM 0 [PATCH] gdbserver-xen fix for HVM guests
4:20PM 1 [PATCH] suggested change in exception-handling style of user-space tools
3:50PM 0 Re: [Xen-smartio] Problem with infiniband on Xen domU
3:49PM 0 halt() and safe_halt()
2:54PM 0 [PATCH] x86-64 linux: don''t use hlt instruction
12:59PM 4 directing xm dmesg to syslog
10:35AM 8 [PATCH] [XM-TEST] block device write verify test 2nd attempt
9:18AM 0 VMX status report 10068:13d6d993d797
9:08AM 0 RE: [Xen-ia64-devel] Re: PATCH: split smpboot.c and createcpuhotplug.c
5:49AM 1 xenoprof problem
4:52AM 3 [PATCH]Fix Trace Buffer Allocation Error
4:00AM 0 SoC: OpenBSD port for xen
3:58AM 0 Re: [Xen-changelog] Patch linux so that /proc/stat shows all -- not just online -- CPUs.
12:59AM 0 [PATCH][XEND] Keep guest vcpu to logical cpu bindings across reboots
Monday May 22 2006
7:50PM 7 Networking in dom0
6:26PM 0 Unexpected error: exceptions.OSError
5:13PM 0 PAE build errors
4:51PM 2 [PATCH] xm-test block device write verify test
4:45PM 2 Xen + QEMU Accelerator
4:43PM 11 Question Also regarding interrupt balancing
4:31PM 7 RE: [PATCH] Make "xm mem-set" be lowerboundondomX-min-mem
2:58PM 1 RE: [PATCH] Make "xm mem-set" be lower boundondomX-min-mem
1:33PM 1 [Xen-ia64-devel] RE: Re: [PATCH] Disable auto-balloon on ia64
1:05PM 2 dom0cut script patches
9:15AM 10 [RESEND] Question about recursive mappings
9:06AM 5 [PATCH] Disable auto-balloon on ia64
8:27AM 0 VMX status report 10055:d9f63f9361c4
7:57AM 2 PATCH: split smpboot.c and create cpuhotplug.c
Sunday May 21 2006
9:07PM 1 [PATCH] diable HVM auto-balloon on ia64
10:47AM 0 Problem booting from DVD
2:58AM 6 CFLAGS are for C compilers and other Unix traditions
2:27AM 0 Allow use of the newlib C library in Mini-OS
1:10AM 0 [Patch][ACM] convert acm hypercall interface to new style
Saturday May 20 2006
9:50PM 0 RE: [PATCH] Make "xm mem-set" be lower bound ondomX-min-mem
8:37PM 2 elf loader problems on xen/ia64
3:14PM 2 RE: [PATCH] Make "xm mem-set" be lower bound ondomX-min-mem
2:14PM 0 RE: [PATCH] Fix auto-ballooning of dom0 for HVMdomains
1:32AM 1 RE: Xenoprof: getting Oprofile out of timer mode?
1:27AM 0 RE: [Xen-changelog] Fix a crash in gdbserver-xen where it referencesunmapped memory if
Friday May 19 2006
9:35PM 5 Unable to start PAE Mini-OS from 0x0
8:12PM 0 [PATCH] fix ia64 build
7:43PM 2 [PATCH][libxc] Bounds check for parray
6:07PM 0 [PATCH] Allow use of a C library in Mini-OS
6:02PM 1 [PATCH] minor tweak to keep network-bridge working in busybox environment
4:28PM 0 Changes bug() to domain crash when alloc domheap error on shadow code
4:16PM 4 [PATCH] Expose exception thrown by xen.lowlevel.xc
4:14PM 0 [PATCH] Implement a floor for xm mem-set
4:00PM 0 RE: [PATCH] Make "xm mem-set" be lower bound ondomX-min-mem
1:46PM 4 Kernel 2.4?
11:36AM 0 [PATCH] Check for _PAGE_PRESENT in map_domain_*, handle multiprocessing
9:55AM 8 [patch 0/5] netfron typedef cleanup
8:55AM 0 kernel hz rate?
5:26AM 0 [PATCH] xentrace_format supports a system that has more than 8 CPUs
5:22AM 0 VMX status report 10031:3d3e5a3008f6
2:46AM 2 SEDF Scheduler slice time fix
Thursday May 18 2006
10:52PM 1 [NET] front: Remove duplicate maybe_wake_tx
9:42PM 1 RE: [PATCH] - make qemu serial summagraphics settings a bitmore fluid
9:39PM 0 HVM Domain booting Vista
8:48PM 1 [PATCH] Fix a NO_IDLE_HZ timer bug
8:26PM 1 RE: [PATCH] - make qemu serial summagraphics settings a bitmore fluid
8:17PM 0 [hvm] lost hd interrupts running native SMP guests
8:04PM 3 [PATCH] [XM-TEST] Use explicit (IP id==packet size) on hping2 tests to avoid problems with IP id==0
7:31PM 4 python bindings: xen.lowlevel.xc.error
7:11PM 1 [PATCH] cpuid feature bits masking for HVM guests
6:50PM 0 [PATCH] - make qemu serial summagraphics settings a bit more fluid
6:42PM 0 [PATCH] Check allocations when starting HVM domains
6:39PM 0 Infiniband and Xen on Intel VT-X/AMD SVM
6:15PM 3 Questions about VIRT_BASE and ELF_PADDR_OFFSET in __xen_guest
6:06PM 0 Kernel panic: not syncing
5:50PM 1 [PATCH] set default values for the low_mem_emergency_pool
5:31PM 0 [PATCH] [vTPM] Update for switch to 2.6.16-rc4 or later
5:20PM 27 [PATCH] /sys/hypervisor/uuid
5:04PM 13 [PATCH] Fix auto-ballooning of dom0 for HVM domains
4:48PM 0 [PATCH][Mini-OS] Enable PAE support
4:26PM 3 problem about changing state to XenbusStateClosed resulting in vbd entry removed from xenstore
4:04PM 0 [PATCH] Make arguments to x86_emulate_memop() into a single argument.
2:24PM 0 [PATCH] add function for unbinding all evtchns to min-os
11:21AM 0 Xen 3.0.2 and Ubuntu Dapper beta
8:32AM 21 Q: How to find own domid or uuid from domU?
8:24AM 0 how to make Domain0 support acpi?
5:46AM 0 VMX status report 10005:86d8246c6aff
Wednesday May 17 2006
9:44PM 0 [PATCH][Mini-OS][RESUBMIT] Fix x86_64 __xen_guest section
9:26PM 9 [PATCH 0/6] netfront cleanup
9:03PM 0 [PATCH][Mini-OS] Fix x86_64 __xen_guest section
8:53PM 0 [PATCH][libxc] Fixes to the Linux builder
8:17PM 20 X86_emulate to be moved into qemu...
8:04PM 0 [PATCH] [vTPM] Timing issue when doing local migration + cleanup
6:52PM 0 [PATCH] VTPM Tools Restructuring
6:47PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs10004
5:02PM 0 Xen History and Philosophy
4:33PM 0 MMAP failure after creating an HVM guest
2:51PM 0 initramfs failing
1:55PM 0 [PATCH] Avoid double faults in stacktrace
1:54PM 0 [PATCH] - Hotkey to break hypervisor out of tight loop
1:51PM 0 [PATCH] - Stacktrace modification
1:27PM 0 Enomalism Beta Release
12:38PM 0 How to add arch specific operations to dom0_op hypercall ?
12:26PM 1 RE: RE: [Xen-changelog] Fix MOVS instruction emulation for HVM MMIO.
11:33AM 1 [XEN 1/2] [NET] front: Remove tx_full and unnecessary queue operations
11:17AM 5 PATCH: fix transparent virtualization issue
10:40AM 1 RE: Re: [PATCH]: kexec: framework and i386 (Take VIII)
6:29AM 4 mm: PTFILTER_L4 typo
4:10AM 4 [PATCH] Rename init_IRQ to xen_init_IRQ
4:05AM 0 [PATCH] add arch_virq_is_global
Tuesday May 16 2006
10:33PM 0 [PATCH][SVM][5/5] add hsa for ucode
10:28PM 0 [PATCH][SVM][4/5] fix reg corruption on guest save/restore
10:27PM 0 [PATCH][SVM][3/5] event inj logic, INVD intercept
10:27PM 0 [PATCH][SVM][2/5] reverse Gen1 intercepts, add INVD
10:27PM 0 [PATCH][SVM][1/5] cleanup IOIO handling
9:41PM 1 RE: [Xen-changelog] Fix MOVS instruction emulation for HVM MMIO.
8:12PM 0 [PATCH] VMCS dump
8:09PM 3 Minix as an HVM guest crashes
8:00PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs9993
7:57PM 7 Unable to bring up Mini-OS on x86_64
7:01PM 1 RE: RE: [Xen-changelog] [MINIOS] Fix the pagefault handler to detect recursive faults.
6:47PM 1 RE: [Xen-changelog] [MINIOS] Fix the pagefault handler to detect recursive faults.
5:50PM 1 low_mem_emergency_pool
2:44PM 7 VT/ioemu: vga memory access?
2:35PM 0 [PATCH] Resubmit: Add ability to run virtualized user domains at differing base TODs
1:27PM 0 [PATCH][resubmit] use dma_ops in arch/x86_64/kernel/pci-dma-xen.c
10:14AM 0 VMX status report 9993:dc213d745642
1:27AM 0 RE: Having problems building fully virtualized on i386machine
1:22AM 6 interest SMBIOS on domU''s
12:01AM 17 Re: Panic in ipt_do_table with
Monday May 15 2006
9:38PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs9988
8:33PM 0 [PATCH] include uuid option in example domU configurations
8:05PM 0 monitoring domU swappiness from dom0
7:58PM 2 pragmatically determine scheduler type
7:45PM 1 [PATCH] manpage updates
7:29PM 0 xm-test reports multiple domain creation errors, apparently due to dom0 network problems
7:11PM 9 [PATCH] make HVM PIC emulation code SMP-safe
6:19PM 0 HELP! Grant table issue: WARNING: leaking g.e. and page still in use!
6:15PM 3 [PATCH] blkfront: ioctls/geometry, 2.6
5:06PM 0 [PATCH] Document UUID option in example domU configs
4:41PM 0 Status re. intense graphics apps
4:31PM 20 [PATCH 0/3] xenoprof fixes
4:19PM 5 Re: [Xen-changelog] Fix xentrace to initialise the trace buffers if they are not set up.
3:35PM 2 iptables causing kernel panic - part II
2:40PM 0 Having problems building fully virtualized on i386 machine
2:32PM 0 VMX status report 9988:d056f91cfd95
1:06PM 1 [patch] allow big-endian elf images if supported
7:47AM 6 [PATCH] console: allow a panic to be triggered from the xen console
5:18AM 0 [PATCH] Fixing performance of HVM 2-on-3
Saturday May 13 2006
4:39PM 0 xen.gz crashing on ubuntu dapper - gcc issue?
Friday May 12 2006
8:35PM 1 [PATCH][xm-test] Check for Dom0 vcpus in a loop with a timeout in xm-test test enforce_dom0_cpus
8:32PM 0 [PATCH] spell check man pages
6:27PM 1 Sar, iostat and vmstat
6:05PM 2 4 Processors initialized but only one in /proc/cpuinfo
5:14PM 1 [PATCH] block read verify patch for xm-test
4:48PM 0 xendomains fails if domU has pci= line
4:47PM 1 [PATCH][XM-TEST] Fix HVM disk.img file system size
4:16PM 9 [PATCH] Make "xm mem-set" be lower bound on domX-min-mem
2:37PM 0 [PATCH] fix out-of-bounds memory access in linux-xen-low.c (gdbserver)
1:56PM 3 VT: serial console?
12:50PM 0 [PATCH] script description readme
10:44AM 0 question about foreign mapped page
10:24AM 2 [patch] xen bridged network setup fixes
7:57AM 7 Xen Kernel (3.0.2) breaks b44 module
6:51AM 0 [PATCH]fix xentrace
6:11AM 0 [PATCH] Fix for VGA memory allocation on qemu
Thursday May 11 2006
8:51PM 3 xm-test results on Unisys ES7000
7:41PM 3 xm mem-set issues
6:14PM 25 Daily Xen Builds
5:46PM 0 question about GET_ID_FROM_FREELIST function in blkfront
5:28PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs9972
4:34PM 11 [PATCH] Integrating applications into Mini-OS
3:02PM 5 [PATCH] reenabling ptrace for paravirtualized guests
1:17PM 4 [PATCH] linux: eliminate E820 tables
12:36PM 1 [PATCH] Page fault trap handler fix for MiniOS
10:16AM 2 Gdbserver and --attach (stepping disabled since 8ed131452f27)
9:11AM 0 VMX status report 9972:91c77df11b43
Wednesday May 10 2006
10:59PM 0 Mercurial v0.9 released!
10:04PM 1 [patch] build configuration changes for libxc
9:28PM 0 Compile fix for xenoprof on x86_64
8:37PM 0 PATCH][xm-test] 1 more test case for vTPM
8:32PM 0 [PATCH][vTPM] prevent module removal
8:21PM 0 [PATCH 4/4] xen: modify Xen device drivers to use I/O Resource Accountant
8:20PM 0 [PATCH 3/4] xen: I/O Resource Accountant
8:19PM 0 [PATCH 2/4] xen: I/O Memory Reference Counting
8:19PM 0 [PATCH 1/4] xen: I/O Resource Accountant - Support Files
8:19PM 0 [PATCH 0/4] xen: I/O Resource Accountant
7:38PM 0 [PATCH] Add ability to run virtualized user domains at differing base TODs
6:16PM 0 Save/restore broken in 3.0.2-2?
3:40PM 12 live saving of domU
12:20PM 1 XenBus watches and values with null bytes
9:17AM 1 Kernel traces appearing in syslog in mass quantities
6:26AM 3 analyze for the P1 bug 593(xensource bug tracker)
Tuesday May 9 2006
11:02PM 1 Re: [dm-devel] [RFC] dm-userspace
11:01PM 5 ParaGuest cannot see 30GB memory
10:58PM 0 [RESEND][PATCH] Fix loading binary images that support or require PAE
10:51PM 1 [PATCH] Fix loading binary images that support or require PAE
8:49PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs9960
8:41PM 0 [PATCH] tools: add configuration method to PciController
8:40PM 0 [PATCH] use dma_ops in arch/x86_64/kernel/pci-dma-xen.c
8:22PM 0 [PATCH] Fixes for the Summagraphics emulation
7:47PM 0 [PATCH] Fix for minor video corruption on a Windows guest
7:22PM 4 [PATCH] Fix checksum errors when firewalling in domU
6:24PM 4 [PATCH][SPT][DISCUSS] BUG() in shadow.h delete_shadow_status() with HVM guest
5:56PM 0 [PATCH] [XenD] Migration-related change
5:43PM 0 [PATCH] Script cleanup & refactoring
5:08PM 3 [PATCH] [vTPM] Not building vTPM frontend as module
4:46PM 9 Xen 3.0 User Manual revision
4:42PM 0 xend-config.sxp implications with changes to network-bridge
3:57PM 3 RE: Setting dom0-cpus to 0 doesn''t use all cpus asdocumented
3:52PM 1 RE: Setting dom0-cpus to 0 doesn''t use all cpus asdocumented
3:05PM 1 RE: Setting dom0-cpus to 0 doesn''t use all cpus asdocumented
2:56PM 2 Setting dom0-cpus to 0 doesn''t use all cpus as documented
2:25PM 0 [PATCH][BUGFIX] secpol_tool Makefile fix
11:31AM 7 [PATCH] paging_enabled and non-HVM guests
11:02AM 0 [Bug 190899] xen0 kernel update 2111 breaks xend
10:33AM 0 VMX status report 9960:1e3977e029fd
1:33AM 0 [PATCH] build: make linux download more flexible
1:25AM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs9957
1:01AM 0 is it possible share memory between domains like shmget, shmat??
Monday May 8 2006
7:11PM 2 Resend: xenolinux hg repo
6:49PM 0 [PATCH] - add rudimentary poweroff support for fully-virtualized domains via ACPI
5:40PM 2 Make world gets stuck with PAE
5:12PM 0 SDL pixel bug ?
3:24PM 1 losetup -d fails when domU is destroyed
3:23PM 1 hardware support
2:56PM 0 Handling of subarch rename
1:10PM 5 [PATCH] initialize some more cpuinfo fields
9:36AM 0 RE: Fwd: BUG - make uninstall deletes my config files
9:21AM 0 VMX status report 9925:1a84eec74331
9:00AM 0 [PATCH] linux: add module license to xenbus_be
6:37AM 9 Kernel Bug asterisk
1:51AM 1 Porting FreeBSD 5.x to support Xen 3
12:02AM 0 Xen porting guide
Sunday May 7 2006
8:57AM 5 serial console hang in 3.0.2-2
Saturday May 6 2006
2:03PM 1 BUG - make uninstall deletes my config files
2:01AM 3 [PATCH] avoid gp fault vmexits
Friday May 5 2006
9:44PM 2 xen versioning scheme
5:20PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Build Testing: cs9925
1:13PM 1 Problem starting a full virtualized Windows Guest
12:24PM 1 linux-2.6-hg tree: hypercall.h:252: error: previous implicit declaration of ‘memcpy’ was here
11:36AM 0 [PATCH] x86-64 linux: cleanup use of reserve_bootmem_generic()
10:41AM 3 PAE mode errors: in shadow.c
9:34AM 0 [Xen-ia64-devel] [PATCH]: fix IA64 transparent-virtualization bug
9:17AM 0 RE: How about removing the xen version info from hvm capsstring
7:11AM 0 RE: How about removing the xen version info from hvm capsstring
4:04AM 1 How about removing the xen version info from hvm caps string
3:51AM 0 [PATCH] tools/ioemu: Replace bash-specific IO redirection
3:44AM 0 [PATCH] Fix dr access from or to extended registers on x86_64
3:17AM 2 [PATCH] Fix the RHEL4 guest hang
1:49AM 6 PAE mode mismatch in Xen (xen=no Dom0=yes)
1:49AM 2 [PATCH] use __OS macro to indicate default oparand size on x86_32 and x86_64
12:27AM 2 Inforamtion on who use Xen
Thursday May 4 2006
11:23PM 2 Bug in Xen when terminating qemu
10:09PM 0 xm-test TODO page on wiki
8:48PM 1 [PATH]: Add missing spin_unlock_irq() to x86
8:42PM 5 HVM network performance
8:27PM 0 [PATCH] tools: using wrong variable in pciif
7:19PM 2 Latest Xen src 64bit: cannot compile
4:47PM 12 BUG? domU reboot fails when using "pci =" option
3:58PM 0 Got a strange IRQ
2:57PM 4 Using arch/x86_64/pci-dma in x86_64 Xen
12:57PM 4 possible pciback security issue
10:36AM 0 Re: [Xen-staging] This patch
10:20AM 6 possible to give/switch direct graphics hw access to doms?
1:21AM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs9920
Wednesday May 3 2006
11:27PM 1 Questions about Domain switching overhead for Xen 3.0
9:17PM 0 [PATCH][SVM][2/2] cleanup SVM host save area
9:17PM 3 [PATCH][SVM][1/2] fix SVM 64bit hv cores>0 reboot/hang issue
8:10PM 0 [PATCH] Fault handlers fix for Mini-OS
8:09PM 0 [PATCH][vTPM] moving the vTPM frontend to char/tpm
7:59PM 2 Problems booting VM using unified Xen kernel
7:21PM 0 RFC: Merge ip and root information just into kernel arguments
7:15PM 0 [PATCH] Merge bootloader generated config with domain config
7:06PM 0 PATCH][XM-TEST][RESEND][4/4] New Network Infrastructure for Xm-Test
7:05PM 0 PATCH][XM-TEST][RESEND][3/4] New Network Infrastructure for Xm-Test
7:05PM 0 PATCH][XM-TEST][RESEND][2/4] New Network Infrastructure for Xm-Test
7:05PM 1 [PATCH][XM-TEST][RESEND][1/4] New Network Infrastructure for Xm-Test
7:01PM 6 xm mem-set causes kernel panic
6:28PM 0 Info on BVT scheduler
2:50PM 5 Re-using the x86_emulate_memop() to perform MMIO for HVM.
11:47AM 1 [PATCH] Fix bashism in Linux kernel makefile
11:16AM 1 [PATCH]: Fix netback skb accounting
7:09AM 1 [PATCH] Fix bashism in scripts/Makefile.xen
5:48AM 2 Possible bugs and doubts about readjusting weights/slice-lengths from command prompt
Tuesday May 2 2006
10:16PM 0 [PATCH] Make arguments to bootloaders more opaque
8:57PM 0 Understanding shadow page tables for fully virtualized guests ....
8:23PM 0 [PATCH][vtpm] some fixes
5:57PM 0 Mini-OS and Xend issue
5:46PM 2 [PATCH] clean up xen_mkbuildtree_pre (was Re: [Xen-ia64-devel] xen-devel VP status and xen-mkbuildtree-pre)
5:16PM 0 Kernel crashes when using X with Xen
4:32PM 0 Xen projects in the Google Summer of Code
4:27PM 0 Re: [Vserver] report comparing vserver w/ xen
2:58PM 5 [PATCH] fix for Failed VMEntry on VMX
2:30PM 0 read_pci_config() in dom0 in x86_64?
2:26PM 0 [PATCH] x86: adjust ptwr_eip_stat printing
2:21PM 0 [PATCH] adjust performance counter printing
2:10PM 0 [PATCH] fix loop boundary of TYPE_ARRAY performance counters
2:02PM 6 Is Xen affected by this x86 hardware security hole?
1:54PM 1 RE: Is Xen affected by this x86 hardware security hole?
1:24PM 6 PATCH: Multicast support for linux-2.6.16-xen
9:10AM 1 Mapping page table pages read-only
8:16AM 0 VCPUs online/available in dom0
Monday May 1 2006
10:47PM 0 Priority for cpu
9:59PM 1 [PATCH 6/6] xen: Add NUMA support to Xen
9:59PM 1 [PATCH 5/6] xen: Add NUMA support to Xen
9:59PM 1 [PATCH 4/6] xen: Add NUMA support to Xen
9:57PM 1 [PATCH 3/6] xen: Add NUMA support to Xen
9:57PM 7 [PATCH 2/6] xen: Add NUMA support to Xen
9:56PM 26 [PATCH 1/6] xen: Add NUMA support to Xen
9:56PM 0 [PATCH 0/6] xen: Add NUMA support to Xen
9:43PM 0 [patch] remove obsolete struct
9:22PM 2 Fix XEN_GUEST_HANDLE changes in ia64 build
7:05PM 0 Daily Xen-HVM Builds: cs9896
6:43PM 0 [PATCH] 64bit arch patch for Mini-OS
3:10PM 6 [PATCH] Use stddef.h in Mini-OS to define size_t
2:06PM 1 [PATCH] [XM-TEST] Fix memset tests when backend drivers are compiled into domU kernel
12:16PM 0 [PATCH] pciback/xenbus.c compilation fix on xenLinux/ia64
4:43AM 10 Re: usbback cleanup code
3:29AM 7 IVTV and Xen