samba - Jul 2005

Sunday July 31 2005
8:27PM 1 Why warning: "Server's Role (logon server) NOT ADVISED with domain-level security"
8:21PM 1 BUG: Standard Time v. DST calculated wrong by Samba Server
7:48PM 0 PAM problem on SLES9
Saturday July 30 2005
10:58PM 0 Samba bug: 1 out of 387 files off by 1 hour (DST/ST bug)
5:27PM 1 Samba Print server
4:49PM 0 Samba disconnecting over night
12:39PM 0 gracias por tu e-mail-thanks for your e-mail
5:30AM 0 Can't see files/directories with Last Changed Attribute set
2:59AM 0 Samba share file permission problems
2:28AM 1 create and manage groups
1:56AM 0 Automated reply from
Friday July 29 2005
9:57PM 1 samba-vscan
8:32PM 1 My Windows RAS won't authenticate against Samba PDC; do I need radius
5:48PM 1 Sessions migration
4:50PM 1 Automatically creating home directories?
3:38PM 0 windows security of files and folders
3:19PM 1 Samba permissions
3:05PM 1 profiles reverting from local to roaming
2:36PM 2 winbind gives NT_STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES error after a few hours of running
2:29PM 1 Samba, VPN, and Mac OSX 10.4.2
2:25PM 0 problems with win98 and samba 3
1:48PM 0 Subcribe
1:43PM 1 uid + gid mapping problem
1:42PM 3 problems with Windows XP clients becoming local master?
1:34PM 0 writing to windows 2003 cifs-mounted share?
12:59PM 0 No Printer Port
12:22PM 4 Problem to logon after join LDAP/SAMBA domain
12:13PM 3 How to prevent users from deleting users from domain via usrmgr.exe ???
11:35AM 0 winbind: idmap = ad togeter with nested groups? + offline solution for notebooks available?
10:51AM 0 Scripts for NT Server Tools Handling
9:37AM 0 incoherent oplock request/reply
9:25AM 0 browsing shares with ads
8:46AM 2 weird problem with smbldap-tools and usrmgr.exe
8:30AM 0 Linux-Samba-Server
8:12AM 0 Why is netbios name duplicated on network after joining a samba domain?
7:32AM 1 Usermap not linking accounts
6:29AM 1 pdbedit - can't set password expiry, etc?
1:50AM 6 Samba 3.0.20rc1 Available for Download
Thursday July 28 2005
8:39PM 2 NETLOGON scripts will not execute
7:31PM 0 NEW Mcafee problem, samba share
6:35PM 2 Win95 on a Samba3+LDAP domain on a Debian box
5:35PM 1 Problem joining a samba domain
5:30PM 0 Joinning domain succeds BUT domain is not available!!!
5:14PM 1 LDAP Account Manager 0.4.10 released
4:58PM 1 using pam_winbind to authenticate against AD/krb
4:51PM 0 limiting number of user access...
3:36PM 1 ads logins
2:06PM 0 VFS modules problem
1:38PM 1 net join fails but it tells "Joined domain"
1:01PM 0 adddriver strange behavior
12:36PM 1 Programatically Modifying Users
12:05PM 0 Samba + IBM-DS 5.2
11:45AM 0 Need help with Samba + IBM-DS 5.2
11:33AM 1 What exactly IS the winbind daemon?
9:15AM 1 EFS crypted files and smbclient.
8:29AM 0 no sambaSID or sambaSID attribute found
8:09AM 1 reply_spnego_kerberos in log file
7:03AM 0 Managing WIndows user account from unix
3:14AM 1 samba ignores supplementary groups for acl
2:15AM 0 Samba & NFS
1:49AM 0 Printer Sharing Issue - Printer Error From Windows 2000
Wednesday July 27 2005
11:56PM 2 missing domain
10:40PM 0 multiple winbind w/ common backend?
9:36PM 2 NTLMv2 - wrong password with samba? (SOLVED)
8:55PM 1 migration to new server
6:50PM 1 winbind + pam authentication immediately closes session
6:36PM 1 Too many handles on this pipe
6:34PM 0 TLS & sambaSID
6:20PM 1 Samba + Netatalk troubles
6:12PM 0 share files to two domains
6:00PM 0 need help of samba
4:03PM 0 Active Directory and Samba
3:59PM 0 Problem with folder's permission inside shared resources
3:54PM 0 Help! Problem with NT PDC on 3.0.14a
3:48PM 0 Email sent to Fellowes recipient has not been Received
3:46PM 0 researching issues with Windows 2000 SP4 SR1
12:59PM 1 Samba ACL and '+' on a 'ls - l'
12:28PM 0 Re: Using Lotus Domino LDAP as Samba Backend
11:38AM 1 smb_proc_readdir_long - ls not showing files
10:20AM 1 3.0.14a and Windows Server 2003 SP1
9:53AM 0 Tr: RE: RE TLS connections between Samba&OpenLDAP
9:36AM 3 smbd (3.0.20pre2) crashes at startup, was:
9:03AM 2 TLS connections between Samba&OpenLDAP
6:50AM 2 wbinfo can't list users
6:47AM 0 Samba AD Winbind ??
2:33AM 0 joining a domain
1:00AM 0 QUARANTINED: report
12:52AM 1 Active Directory and Samba Issue
12:31AM 0 SMS 2003 and Samba
Tuesday July 26 2005
10:58PM 0 Samba/Active Directory help!
10:11PM 0 User/Machine RID generation error?
9:05PM 0 Connection Problems with Windows Server 2003
8:32PM 0 Problem with winbind
7:54PM 1 Winbind Problem
6:52PM 3 Can't validate USER@DOMAIN in Runas
6:16PM 1 Problem with Roaming Profiles
5:57PM 1 Local groups support
3:18PM 1 NTLMv2 - wrong password with samba?
1:05PM 0 Samba NT interdomain trust: cannot access drive share
12:29PM 0 Re: refresh problem
12:21PM 1 Printing problem (high CPU and long delay) with Samba + Cups
9:45AM 1 SMB Network design guidelines
9:32AM 0 samba 3.0.14a without ldap
7:58AM 1 Loosing connection to samba shares
7:34AM 1 regular expression for veto files directive?
5:08AM 1 trust relationship
3:56AM 1 error: modify/delete: sambaLMPassword: no such value
3:08AM 1 SMB winbind NT PDC
2:54AM 2 Samba cannot contact LDAP server
2:14AM 0 (no subject)
Monday July 25 2005
11:49PM 1 Switching servers
10:05PM 1 Synchronization of passwords - ldap and samba
9:54PM 1 Samba hangs daily
8:58PM 0 Domain Logons Setting and Winbind
8:49PM 0 access control violation /etc/rc.d/init.d/smb start failed
8:37PM 0 Cluster Locking
7:32PM 0 Public resource in user mode (map to guest)
5:02PM 0 A workaround for printer drivers that crash with an exception error after uploading to Samba
4:37PM 0 Participating in AD dfs on a Mac Os X (10.3.9) X serve
4:05PM 0 problem after update
3:29PM 1 Where to go next; Winbind/LDAP/ID mapping
3:23PM 0 Client for smbfs.ko module
2:08PM 1 net rap file and net rpc file
2:07PM 2 Domain groups with spaces in their names
1:48PM 1 wbinfo -u fails (but not wbinfo -t and wbinfo -g)
11:46AM 1 Winbind and AD issues
7:42AM 0 Samba 3 Trusting Win200x Server
4:23AM 4 "missing" directories
1:58AM 0 QUARANTINED: test
1:39AM 1 High CPU with 3.0.14a in FC4
Sunday July 24 2005
9:39PM 1 logon drive, ldap ssl = start_tls, ssh and client/server encryption (and logon.bat permission tip)
7:45PM 0 unified windows + login authentication
5:59PM 0 the winbind problem, 'wbinfo -u' have the user but 'getent passwd' haven't the user
5:49PM 1 RPC protocol error with one user on login (64 bit svr 2003 client - samba 3.0.14a PDC)
2:25PM 0 Automated reply from
Saturday July 23 2005
6:46PM 0 Problem saving excel files
1:42PM 0 Laptop Users - WINS - spoolss
1:37PM 0 diaeresis _ not usable in the filenames in the samba home shares of windows XP clients
12:08PM 2 adding users in smbpasswd file instead of Directory
11:30AM 0 Strategy for tuning so_sndbuf and so_rcvbuf
Friday July 22 2005
10:54PM 0 Need help setting up share permissions on my samba server
9:33PM 1 Undelete support for samba
9:06PM 1 Authenticate pptpd server on a domain controller
8:41PM 0 filenames ending by . (point)
8:18PM 0 NT user token: (NULL) what does this mean?
7:43PM 1 Hints about large network!
7:37PM 1 Samba with Firewall
7:16PM 1 can't join to a domain... can_add_account is returning false
3:42PM 0 mksmbpasswd
3:35PM 0 Samba, DFS and Junction Points
3:03PM 1 net rpc rights
1:48PM 0 Samba vs ActiveDirectory Kerberos error message
1:39PM 1 winbind lookup errors
1:38PM 3 Samba and MSI package installer
11:16AM 1 Dfs is not working
8:44AM 0 display disk size and free space
7:13AM 0 winbbind not quiried by nsswitch on solaris 8
6:33AM 0 Known problem with machines, BUT...
4:54AM 0 interoperation samba4 <--> ad2003
2:51AM 0 Samba 3.0.14a runs on Windows XP and BartPE
1:04AM 0 nmbd intermittently delaying responses to name querie s
Thursday July 21 2005
7:38PM 0 Print configuration question?
7:36PM 2 ADS mode - differences between W2K and 2003?
7:26PM 1 Remote shutdown+poweroff of W2K server
6:59PM 0 AD Auth 2003
5:46PM 0 Beta testing Project and Developer blogs
5:46PM 1 Setup Recommendation Needed
5:29PM 1 Samba / AD authentication - one machine only !!!!
5:21PM 4 Executable 'username map'
3:39PM 0 netlogon, profdata and profiles
2:19PM 2 i can't delete groupmap
1:43PM 1 can see XP shares from Linux but not from an XP box on other NIC
12:43PM 0 Problems with big files, RHEL 4 Clone Samba 3.01014
11:32AM 0 (no subject)
11:31AM 0 (no subject)
10:50AM 0 sync samba and unix passwords
10:25AM 0 Samba / Ldap / Unix / Sendmail passwords when changing via windows client.
10:05AM 0 Samba and permissions question
9:18AM 3 My first LDAP PDC - Win2k Profiles, redirection and guest accounts
8:24AM 0 xibG Shocking porn sites of July 2003 xotG Must see ! Editor's choice.
6:37AM 0 poor samba read performance (big files)
5:10AM 1 urgent kindly help Samba please ----------
2:20AM 2 migrate existing Unix password to sambapassword
12:01AM 0 Samba Performance + Cobol
Wednesday July 20 2005
11:45PM 2 Samba-3.0.10 domain issue
10:56PM 0 SMB signing problem
10:39PM 0 Permissions problem/misunderstanding ... "Domain Admins" vs. Administrators
7:52PM 0 duplicate entries for user
7:51PM 0 nmbd intermittently delaying responses to name queries
7:38PM 2 Seg from net ads join
7:03PM 2 smb_get_length 2GB error
6:50PM 0 RSVP: Informatica Webinar Featuring Pieter Mimno
6:22PM 1 Can mount shares but not "net use" them
6:00PM 0 Creating Home Directories for Windows 2003 AD users
5:02PM 1 Problem uploading printer driver in Samba 3.0.14a
4:27PM 1 Push install printers from a samba server
4:21PM 1 Samba-Guide Typo
3:28PM 0 winbind: getent with strange output
3:01PM 1 Read/Write problem
2:54PM 1 stub recieved bad data
2:02PM 2 Dual-homed weirdness
1:53PM 1 Re: help me in printer driver
12:58AM 5 Samba Server not using domain users as samba users
Tuesday July 19 2005
11:41PM 1 Samba, Windows 2003 server and large file copy failure
8:57PM 1 Server migration and software upgrade Suse 7.3/Samba 3 to Suse 9.3/Samba 3
7:31PM 3 Logon Script not executing upon login
7:25PM 0 Reconnect samba mount as needed?
5:21PM 0 Accounts disabled moving from v 3.00 3.0.14
4:35PM 0 testparm dumping core
4:21PM 1 Problems with access-rights :)
3:45PM 1 Profiles share on BDC
3:17PM 0 What are these errors trying to tell me?
3:04PM 0 'password server = *' not binding to PDC emulator -- "Domain password server not available."
2:39PM 1 Understaning Domain Name Resolution
2:35PM 1 coexisting with samba2-ldap and samba3-ldap
1:34PM 0 Problem using other program than explorer XPd
12:43PM 1 AIO settings
12:33PM 0 Fw: Re: Using Microsoft User Manager
11:02AM 1 find computer and sharename
11:02AM 2 Hiding not defined Printer Share
9:47AM 1 Large Files vs. Speed
9:41AM 1 Your Message To scoug-general
9:29AM 0 3.0.14a and Windows 2K3 SP1
8:38AM 0 receive_smb: SMB Signature verification failed on incoming packet
6:58AM 1 Printing problem with Win XP SP2
6:55AM 0 (no subject)
3:12AM 1 Problems With MDB in Linux/Samba
2:08AM 1 Duplicate entries in winbindd_idmap.tdb
Monday July 18 2005
11:29PM 0 loss of cups printer definition - suse linux pro 9.1 & samba 3.0.9-2.6-suse - small lan
11:22PM 0 Samba needs samba-common ???
11:12PM 0 Write permissions on share for music files
10:47PM 9 Proposal to allow owning group to edit ACLs.
10:15PM 0 Access Problem
8:24PM 2 task scheduler in Samba ?
8:08PM 2 Painless migration from 2.2.x on old server to 3.0.x on new server needed ASAP
5:56PM 0 winbind problem in ADS Domain
3:24PM 0 Problem joining samba-3.0.9-1.3E.3 to active directory
2:53PM 0 AD (Away on holidays)
2:50PM 0 AD
1:40PM 4 Unwanted Workgroup Names on WINS
1:21PM 2 Samba + NFS + Solaris 9
1:11PM 0 smbprngenpdf setup
1:02PM 0 Authentification problem?
12:44PM 0 Hide system users for wbinfo
10:33AM 1 smbldap-tools problem
8:31AM 1 SFU required ?
6:45AM 0 Virus Alert
3:45AM 0 A better price for a better site!
2:01AM 0 INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 10 (Samba v. 3.0.10 in OS X 10.4.2)
1:47AM 0 Authenticating against Win2003 Server
Sunday July 17 2005
11:56AM 1 Running SMB protocol on a web server - Secure or not?
Saturday July 16 2005
8:17PM 3 Renaming a PDC hostname/domain remotely
1:09PM 2 after upgrade from 3.0.7 -> 3.0.14 extrem slow access from window s 2000
10:13AM 3 Antivirus for Windows with Linux administration console
12:39AM 0 Samba + LDAP slave
12:29AM 2 Adding samba users via a script
12:17AM 1 Shares all empty after upgrade to 3.0.14a-fc4
Friday July 15 2005
11:40PM 4 find_domain_master_name_query_fail
9:35PM 0 [2.6 patch] fs/smbfs/request.c: turn NULL dereference into BUG()
9:03PM 0 Don't acess sharing
8:42PM 0 Real trouble: Unify two tottaly different domains
7:46PM 1 Windows File Permissions
7:19PM 0 problems printing multiple copies
5:19PM 0 error
3:44PM 0 net usersidlist failed?
1:35PM 1 Samba PDC - Samba Member Server
1:12PM 3 Samba File Server with 2 NICs, only one is used
12:35PM 0 Automated reply from
12:35PM 0 Re: windows policy creation and implementation' in SAMBA PDC
9:36AM 1 Laptop and local vs roaming profiles/users
8:50AM 1 Missing Groups (from LDAP?)
5:58AM 1 No more able to change ACL From Windows ??
2:01AM 0 QUARANTINED: Delivery reports about your e-mail
Thursday July 14 2005
11:32PM 1 NT4 migration errors
9:03PM 0 error: net ads join - Debian AMD64 sarge
8:04PM 0 smbclient seems dead
6:52PM 0 IMC Samba Console on production environments
5:25PM 1 smb.conf settings
4:22PM 0 Bug or misconfiguration related to ACLs?
10:28AM 1 Page Accounting with Samba
8:17AM 0 Performance about ldapsam:trusted parameter
7:24AM 2 Samba 3.0.20pre2 printer driver problem
Wednesday July 13 2005
9:07PM 3 samba-3.0.20pre2 rpms very BIG
8:43PM 3 Uninstall Samba 3.0.14a
7:51PM 1 samba client (NetApp->Solaris mount)
7:16PM 1 PDC: Strange username translations...
3:13PM 0 Blank ctime or mtime causes on files in profile
12:09PM 1 Using Microsoft User Manager
12:00PM 0 passwd (LDAP+PDC)
11:08AM 0 Overview help with SIDs
9:02AM 0 sharing local window ntfs partition via samba to other window user
8:51AM 0 samba's account policy and the cli
8:11AM 0 Virus ricevuto -- Virus received
7:53AM 0 Re: Hi
3:03AM 0 Question regarding printers - problem with current rleease
1:35AM 0 No Mr. Samba, you are incorrect I do NOT need to change my password
1:18AM 0 Printing Permissions
Tuesday July 12 2005
10:43PM 1 winbind + pam - caching + intermittant delay ==~ bug?
10:29PM 0 Error looking local domain groups
10:25PM 2 unix charset = LOCALE
10:08PM 5 Samba 3.0.20pre2 Available for Download
9:07PM 0 INTERACTIVE logon works, NETWORK logon does not with Samba 3.0.14a
9:06PM 1 xfs filesystem corruption
8:42PM 0 NEWBIE: missing
8:34PM 0 samba PDC and access to unauthorised shares from w2k client
8:19PM 0 winbind accepting old passwords
6:12PM 1 Samba3, ldap and password expiry
4:56PM 2 Samba installation
3:26PM 0 Permissions/ACLs change from Windows
2:16PM 5 Problems uploading printer drivers
1:03PM 0 nss_ldap disconnect
12:15PM 2 Mount logon Home dir on Linux (CTM)
11:29AM 0 nmbd registering itself als DMB is not working
1:23AM 1 Problem with valid users in Samba
Monday July 11 2005
9:42PM 0 Windows 2003 Advanced Server Logging
9:17PM 1 Help replacing Windows 2003 Server
9:01PM 2 SUSE 9.3 Winbind+ PAM+AD
7:48PM 1 Converting a school district to Samba DCs
7:09PM 0 not understanding nmbd.log entry
6:46PM 1 Printserver
5:25PM 2 multiple workgroups from one Samba server?
5:16PM 4 Samba PDC problem
4:47PM 0 Primary Group SID / RID weirdness
4:14PM 1 Change time causes profile corruption
1:58PM 0 Blocked by Webwasher
1:33PM 0 Security Domain
1:00PM 3 charset issue
12:48PM 0 php + smbldap-passwd
12:42PM 1 Map remote folder on Linux Samba client in NT Domain (CTM)
12:07PM 0 Re: Samba for Sun Solaris Ver 2.8
11:06AM 0 Migrate nis+samba accounts to ldap
10:57AM 1 Possible to hide [homes] ?
9:11AM 1 Samba ADMIN$ share
8:35AM 0 wbinfo -u error : samba 3.0.13 + solaris 8 - help please (urgent)
7:25AM 0 We received your E-Mail, however it was infected with a Virus
3:55AM 3 oplocks, QuickBooks (Samba 3)
3:43AM 0 Password backend
12:10AM 3 Samba stops working after moving machines
Sunday July 10 2005
10:24PM 0 WinXP Home & CUPS / Samba problem
4:17PM 0 How to rename a user in Samba 3?
4:03PM 1 (no subject)
3:14PM 0 seting up ldap server on fc4
2:45PM 1 acces to samba share failed
9:17AM 0 Make your girlfriend happy tonight
9:13AM 2 urgent - samba+ldap PDC
1:16AM 0 (no subject)
Saturday July 9 2005
10:56PM 2 Roaming Profile
8:49PM 0 changing domain password from XP Pro
8:23PM 1 Prevent machine password change
3:44PM 1 More info on: Solaris 9 + quota = configure script error?
2:10PM 2 A shared space between students and their teacher !!!
11:19AM 0 Your premier source for all ATI powered gear.
10:57AM 0 linux 2.6 closing connections
2:02AM 0 Attn: Tim Boyer
Friday July 8 2005
11:21PM 1 Printer dialogue box slow to pop up
11:20PM 1 Roaming profiles question
10:58PM 0 small lan - 2 solved
9:28PM 0 Users work, groups fail
7:23PM 0 Solaris 9 + quota = configure script error?
6:51PM 0 winbind loses pipe connecter for unknown reason
6:50PM 2 Distributing custom driver config in TDB files
6:09PM 1 wbinfo -u does not work PLEASE HELP : (
4:51PM 1 small lan - novice - 2
4:51PM 0 net getlocalsid can't fetch domain SID?
4:12PM 1 Slow to open Word document the first time
3:59PM 3 permission denied from winxp box to samba share.
3:47PM 0 password revalidation samba
3:19PM 1 Strange winbind behavior with netbios name, perfect with ip address
2:06PM 1 domain .vs workgroup
1:50PM 0 Recycle option, Novell users can't use recyclebin
12:03PM 0 Advice? System error 53 has occurred. The network path was not
11:23AM 0 Linux - Samba Authentication
10:05AM 1 fwd: tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME
9:46AM 0 Bellanet www4mail service discontinued
9:39AM 0 Compile errors and warnings with samba-3.0.14a
7:39AM 0 unix password sync
2:53AM 0 Troubles setting up winbind for nt4 style samba domain
2:29AM 0 passdb/pdb_ldap.c compile fails, samba-3.0.9
12:37AM 1 charset - big problem - 3.0.4
12:11AM 0 add machine script problem
Thursday July 7 2005
11:02PM 0 net share command
10:56PM 2 PDC/BDC without WINS
10:32PM 0 Unable to join Samba 3 domain with Samba 2.2.12
9:43PM 1 Samba as a BDC for W2K3
9:07PM 1 smb fails on FC4 x86_64 wtih cannot open secrets.tdb
8:54PM 1 WinXP looking for *.dll share names?
7:13PM 0 Network mapping to a windows domain
6:22PM 0 "Domain User" GID != 513
5:07PM 0 Any software backups for lowest pricest.
5:02PM 0 Delivery reports about your e-mail
4:05PM 0 MailMarshal has detected a Virus in your message
3:49PM 1 Winbind Issue
3:00PM 1 Quota support Samba 3.x and Solaris 9
2:44PM 1 migrating samba 2.2.8a PDC to 3.0.12 SID problem
2:38PM 0 received your email
2:32PM 1 4GB limit on samba 3.0.4
12:27PM 0 tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME
9:53AM 3 samba + xp "Delayed Write Failed"
8:58AM 0 samba 3.0.13 + solaris 8
8:16AM 0 Re: Windows 2003 accessing samba
8:13AM 0 Migration: server with smb 2.2 -> new server, 2.2 too, weird issues
7:32AM 1 Help with ntlm error on Samba 3.0.14a
3:34AM 0 Can't get Local DNS to Run [Was[ remove wins entries - samba 3]]
2:02AM 1 'deadtime' in Samba 3.0.13
12:52AM 1 David Trask (Mailbox or Conference is full.)
12:12AM 6 remove wins entries - samba 3
Wednesday July 6 2005
8:33PM 1 su broken after ldap auth
8:03PM 2 smbldap-useradd
7:38PM 1 Question regarding SWAT
7:30PM 0 Domain member server on AIX 5.3
6:57PM 3 Seeking help with Samba shares & OPLOCKS & Quickbooks databases
6:48PM 0 NetBIOS Name Resolution Problem?
6:45PM 1 read_socket_data: recv failure for 4. Error = No route to host
6:39PM 1 getpeername failed, Error was Transport endpoint is not connected
5:47PM 1 Samba 3.0.13 ADS domain member on AIX 5.2
5:34PM 0 Migrating user profiles from local to domain
5:01PM 1 Can Samba join two domains?
3:22PM 1 Files and folders disappear after created
2:21PM 2 Samba LDAP timeout
2:16PM 1 Error building Samba 3.0.14a on Solaris 9
2:02PM 0 Joop Martens is afwezig.
1:59PM 1 XP samba join domain
1:20PM 0 xp add to domain error message
12:56PM 0 Temporary files with word
12:47PM 1 samba and lprng
12:33PM 0 Re: Samba and Windows 2003 with SP1
10:59AM 0 Delayed write filed
9:12AM 0 (no subject)
8:28AM 0 Need urgent help witch create mask rights
8:19AM 0 RE problem with initializing printer at hwprintserv + cups+ samba
7:58AM 3 problem with initializing printer at hwprintserv + cups + samba
12:19AM 0 Problem with samba
Tuesday July 5 2005
10:51PM 1 Samba + Cups error show jobs
10:50PM 3 [Fwd: Samba-3 By Ex Chapt 3]
7:17PM 0 [PROBLEM] Samba > 3.0.11 and the xp-missing-files patch
4:50PM 3 Files missing when using windows XP and samba
3:41PM 1 Samba topology question
2:51PM 1 Logins require local admin membership on Windows XP
2:03PM 3 XP Join Samba 3 ; cannot find user name
1:57PM 0 Changing Passwords
1:56PM 1 Several PDCs with one LDAP
1:53PM 2 Invalid user name when adding machine to domain
1:13PM 0 Samba Versions For Tru64
1:00PM 0 Server IP showing up in Active Connections List
12:35PM 1 Db4 ldap smldap-tools samba
9:05AM 0 (no subject)
8:40AM 1 Problems when upgrading to samba 3.0.14
8:14AM 1 samba share problem accessing from w2k client
8:08AM 0 lpt problem
8:05AM 0 Problem showing a printers configured with cups
8:00AM 1 Inherit Owner Question Folder Rights
4:05AM 2 migrating from nt4 to samba3
4:02AM 0 changing the primary group of a user
3:08AM 2 newbie - samba as PDC
Monday July 4 2005
9:21PM 0 Samba ADS member server confusion.
8:55PM 2 compromising security
8:49PM 2 Samba Compile Error on 3.0.7 and 3.0.8 Pre 1 on X64 Fedora
8:04PM 2 Questions regarding ADS
4:31PM 1 Unable to get recycle to work
4:09PM 0 limit login to some domain workstations
4:05PM 9 Samba3+LDAP: Can't join domain.
3:34PM 0 Machine accounts
1:44PM 1 Lock accounts with SAMBA
12:49PM 0 compilation of samba-2.2.2 on AIX415 failed
11:01AM 1 winbind-Problem with samba 3.0.14a/3.0.20pre and Solaris
9:14AM 0 restrict share access to user@IP only
7:15AM 2 samba loses its browse list
7:13AM 0 Domain Children
5:48AM 1 Annoying lpq commands appear after testparm
Sunday July 3 2005
10:44PM 1 Can't Start SMB Services and Question
4:27PM 0 Unable to write to Samba Share from WinXP
12:32PM 2 change machine password
12:35AM 0 Winbind NT domain authentication
Saturday July 2 2005
9:07PM 1 limiting netlogon scripts to a subnet?-will this work?
8:17PM 0 Cannot copy <file name>: Invalid MS-DOS function
4:49PM 2 finding # of people using a share
12:07PM 1 Disabling Roaming Profiles with logon scripts or policy files?
2:14AM 0 CCP Believes Australian Government Can Be Bought
12:40AM 1 2nd try, cant print over samba
Friday July 1 2005
9:18PM 2 Domain Users and smbldap-useradd
7:42PM 1 location of user profile
7:39PM 1 location of roaming profile
6:00PM 3 W2K Workstation not reading NTConfig.pol
5:37PM 4 limiting netlogon scripts to a subnet?
4:57PM 0 Redundant DFS via DNS entries
4:56PM 3 Samba bdc
4:29PM 0 cant print over samba
3:50PM 0 Help Needed
3:35PM 1 Hyldest
3:15PM 0 sambaLogonHours - Really GMT?
2:47PM 1 samba+cups: can't cancel jobs
2:21PM 1 Printjobnames
1:07PM 0 Migrate smbpasswd from one instance to the other
1:00PM 0 Re: xp lookup (Onbit Informatika)
11:50AM 1 uid and gid from unix to unix
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