samba - Aug 2005

Wednesday August 31 2005
9:55PM 0 (no subject)
9:54PM 0 Authenticating against AD not working
9:54PM 1 Access from Mac OS X
7:49PM 0 (no subject)
7:22PM 0 How to set up a time limit?
7:13PM 0 smbd crashs while using keytab
6:14PM 1 Plans for Samba 3.0.21
5:04PM 0 database got corrupted, users could not login
4:57PM 0 Help me!
4:10PM 0 samba as server member for ADS
4:04PM 0 Samba shares do not show up with net view command
2:40PM 2 Hash
2:11PM 0 Cannot join Domain with ads
1:51PM 0 Samba+ldap : can't join to domain
1:49PM 7 USRMGR.EXE doesn't work anymore.
11:38AM 1 Samba 3 problem with inheritation POSIX ACLs
10:03AM 0 Samba 3.0.20 on Solaris ( 3.0.14a idem) - C compiler cannot create executables
7:32AM 1 Samba 3 problem with unc name connections
4:00AM 0 SID's and RID's - It is starting to make sense now
Tuesday August 30 2005
11:38PM 1 Problem with CVS working over Samba
11:34PM 0 winbind socket error
10:40PM 1 Profiles -- default user ntuser.dat not being used at first logon
10:08PM 0 I would like back on the list
9:56PM 1 Samba box not showing on win 98 network neighbourhood
7:36PM 0 XP remote requests problem
6:53PM 5 BDC and password change program
6:48PM 1 machine trust account issue
3:43PM 0
3:06PM 1 New Printers with Samba 3.14 driver upload
3:00PM 1 Print configuration question?
2:53PM 0 Help with ADS authentication from Windoze
2:53PM 0 Making Printers invisible on certain virtual samba servers
2:18PM 0 Add computer object to local group
1:11PM 0 Authentication problems
12:47PM 0 Problem with winbindd getting users and groups from windows 2000 PDC
12:13PM 0 New XP users cannot connect to Samba
10:03AM 1 User of trusted NT domain are not listed
10:01AM 0 smbuser functionality broken?
9:37AM 2 idmap_rid / roaming profile permissions / NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM
6:13AM 1 Roaming Profiles Annoyances
12:20AM 0 Permissions Problem (?)
Monday August 29 2005
11:11PM 0 Question regarding SWAT
10:27PM 2 samba permissions
9:29PM 1 Problems printing to remote windows shared printer with 3.0.20
8:36PM 0 Character translation problem
7:33PM 2 Username Case Sensitivity vs. Lower Casing
5:16PM 0 Trying to get idmap backend using ADS working...
4:29PM 2 Logon scripts
2:59PM 1 General Samba Question
2:51PM 1 Cannot upload >2Gb file to samba server
2:32PM 1 Samba List
2:18PM 1 3.0.14a +ACL: unable to delete or rename folders
11:41AM 1 3.0.20 crashes on startup
11:04AM 3 Locking problems on a Windows server with samba OSX clients
10:41AM 2 WINS Replication
10:27AM 1 SAMBA Gone Wrong
10:22AM 0 find membership in group for users
9:29AM 8 Samba as a domain controller for Linux workstations?
4:43AM 2 Samba+MySQL+Apache Authentication = possible?
Sunday August 28 2005
9:32PM 0 Avoiding the desktop.ini notepad popup on startup, and other hidden files.
4:17PM 0 Cannot connect to PDC from XP Pro
12:58PM 1 HELP Samba suddenly stopped working
12:39AM 0 How do you get samba to use AD groups?
Saturday August 27 2005
11:55AM 1 printing problems upgrading samba from 2.2.4 to 3.0.14
11:11AM 1 Samba clients can't see partitions mounted via loop device from image files
12:11AM 1 Samba works!: Samba, Kerberos, Win2K Active Directory authentication
Friday August 26 2005
11:46PM 1 Windows XP Cient Not Seeing Samba Shares
10:48PM 1 Problem Mappig Groups to shares
10:47PM 3 smbclient & NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
9:04PM 0 (no subject)
9:00PM 1 Cannot see the samba shares with Windows XP professional
9:00PM 1 Renewing WINS entries
7:51PM 1 Login and logout auditing
5:53PM 0 Uploading printer drivers to Samba from XP SP2
5:51PM 2 profiles, profdata & homes
5:14PM 4 Samba clients fail after reboot
5:07PM 0 How to get Samba, PAM & MS-AD all working together properly
4:46PM 5 net ads join error
3:54PM 3 On the fly Machine accounts
3:35PM 0 get primary group from vbscript
2:22PM 1 Samba 3.0.20 on Solaris: problem with fileaccess in a automounted filesystem
1:05PM 2 Multiple instances of samba
12:38PM 3 default_quota
12:32PM 1 3.0.20
8:39AM 2 Samba PDC logon without connexion
8:22AM 1 Cannot copy Files > 2GB
6:32AM 0 smbmount problem
5:24AM 0 Free Samba seminars & a Samba workshop - Chicago 19-23SEP
4:51AM 0 '/images' does not exist or is not a directory
4:15AM 1 3.0.20 compiles in aio support on aix by default, and when asked not to
3:37AM 1 OT - windows networking mail list
12:18AM 0 Can't mount Solaris share from XP Home
Thursday August 25 2005
7:03PM 2 LDAP and password expiry
6:25PM 1 More than 1 domain
5:46PM 0 Centos 3.5/Debian 3.1 - Join to ADS (2003+SP1 mixed) Hang Forever
5:12PM 1 3.0.7 - NT Create AndX Response, Error:, QUERY_PATH_INFO, Error:
4:49PM 5 Samba PDC, ldap or mysql????
3:43PM 1 Compiling VFS Support
2:20PM 2 Samba and Windows authentification
1:36PM 1 Possible to use 2 LDAP-Servers for different purposes?
12:43PM 0 Winbind error plaintext password against Windows 2000 Server AD
11:49AM 3 Samba 4
11:38AM 1 What does this error message mean?
10:52AM 0 Multiple Default Users in \\%L\netlogon
10:32AM 0 Domain logon & ctrl+alt+suppr
10:25AM 0 Question PDC
10:24AM 0 WinXP SP2 machines disappear from the workgroup controlled by Samba
12:58AM 6 net rpc rights command
Wednesday August 24 2005
10:48PM 0 Samba install
9:56PM 2 wbinfo can not convert User names and Group name to S ID
9:37PM 0 File change notification.
9:37PM 0 wbinfo can not convert User names and Group name to SID
9:36PM 1 Anyone have management docs for a Samba migration?
9:36PM 1 How to auto mount a samba share
9:15PM 0 Preauthentication failed errors when trying to join Samba 3.0.14a to a W2k AD OU
8:38PM 0 Windows XP Home mounting a Samba share on Solaris 10
8:30PM 0 TLS problem
8:29PM 0 (no subject)
7:26PM 1 works in 2.2.8a, doesn't work in 3.0.14a
4:55PM 0 Move profiles between two samba domains
4:52PM 4 Groupmapping problems in 3.0.20
3:58PM 1 Tr: getpeername failed -> PLEASE HELP
3:02PM 2 BDC + LDAP
2:21PM 1 wins browsing issue
2:01PM 2 samba pakage update
1:17PM 1 Samba Schema Error? Setting up PDC with LDAP
12:13PM 0 mount.cifs and UID mapping
11:32AM 4 problem to delete directory in samba (on solaris 2.x)
11:21AM 1 Cannot join Domain with ads under AIX
10:42AM 0 samba-3.0.20-1 Fedora SRPM on x86_64 build questions
10:14AM 0 getpeername failed
10:00AM 1 Acl & backup issue
8:41AM 0 i10n question
7:29AM 0 URGENT winbind problem
1:54AM 0 svrtools.exe
1:32AM 6 Wbinfo -Y couldn't work with idmap_rid for BUILTIN groups
Tuesday August 23 2005
11:57PM 2 I can't access Linux shared folder from Windows XP.
11:03PM 0 Samba - corrupt files after application crash
10:36PM 0 Home dir read-only using ADS
9:49PM 1 Inter Domain trusts and BDC
9:49PM 0 quota disk sizes
9:15PM 1 SRVTOOLS.exe - Please Help
8:04PM 1 NT Domain vs DNS
7:54PM 0 samba in dmz network with proxy-arp
6:12PM 1 Process build properly after applying patchs to 3.0.20
4:35PM 1 shared but not to delete!
4:34PM 1 users activity
4:20PM 0 Hi About samba and windows 2003.
3:56PM 0 share permission problem?
2:29PM 5 Winbind UID/GID mismatch!!
2:11PM 4 Samba 3.0.20 and UserManager
1:09PM 0 Blocking open file deletions
1:05PM 0 User cannot write to home directory
12:40PM 1 Samba 3 + BSD 5.4 + AD
11:41AM 1 Problems with the valid users setting in smb.conf and winbind/AD
11:33AM 2 GUI administration for Samba+LDAP
10:46AM 0 how does Samba work with two network devices?
9:34AM 1 Domain Member Server: Group Membership Updates
7:20AM 2 Possible change to group behaviour from 3.0.14a-> 3.0.20?
6:26AM 3 Samba3.0.20 binarys won't start on AIX5.3
4:39AM 0 smbmount symbolic links not followed
3:20AM 0 DFS link permissions
Monday August 22 2005
11:57PM 3 Joining a samba 3.0 domain with win2003 Server
11:38PM 0 Samba 3.0.2 ADS Member - Failed to verify incoming ticket!
10:26PM 0 Domain client - win2k to win2k3
9:50PM 3 Adding machine accounts with Ghost
8:51PM 1 Something Strange in NET Mapping Going On Here.
8:43PM 1 couldn't find service %u on 3.0.14a
8:43PM 0 Trust Relationship trouble
8:37PM 2 samba-vscan 0.3.6 doesn't compile with 3.0.20
7:00PM 1 Non domain user accessing domain member
6:33PM 0 StandAlone Server dont appear on win98 network neighbourhood
4:31PM 1 Error connecting Win XP to 3.0.20
4:26PM 0 SMB Users cannot change passwords - Please help..
4:03PM 0 Windows Network Drive Mapping Configs
3:17PM 0 Log level needed
2:13PM 4 Unable to browse from Windows Machine - Samba 3.0.20 as an AD Member
12:34PM 1 Can not delete /remove files
12:12PM 3 Cannot compile 3.0.x on Solaris 9
9:36AM 0 openldap with nss_ldap and smb domain controller panic on Fedora 4
7:32AM 1 Problem with security = ads
7:29AM 2 ADS/Winbind - works for everything except actuallyauthenticating Windows logins!
7:02AM 0 domain logon problem
4:03AM 0 Building fedora rpms on x86_64
3:11AM 0 Force Change Password
2:43AM 2 filtering user files
12:01AM 2 3.0.20 documentation bug
Sunday August 21 2005
11:26PM 0 Samba LDAP PDC - SVRTOOLS.exe
10:51PM 0 strange file timestamp change on file read to year 1985/60056
9:32PM 2 pdb_mysql.c | SQL insert command missing data
9:32PM 1 New maintainer needed for the Linux smb filesystem
5:58PM 1 Samba Stopped Connecting on Me and I don't know why
12:40PM 1 MySQL/Postgres pdb: cannot add new users
3:45AM 1 Can't add a Win XP Pro SP 2 workstation to domain
Saturday August 20 2005
3:48PM 2 DFS question
2:14PM 0 How to re-add windows systems to domain
8:39AM 1 Urgent - Password Migration from WINNT 4.0 to Samba-LDAP
8:26AM 0 Prentice Hall PTR Publishes Second Editions of Acclaimed Samba-3 Books
3:46AM 1 Samba 3.0.20 Available for Download
Friday August 19 2005
11:23PM 0 User Password Change Problems - Errors - Please help ?
11:06PM 0 Printer install confusion
9:23PM 0 Samba VERY slow
9:06PM 1 Distributed File System
8:59PM 1 Stop disabling accounts?
8:09PM 0 password changing errors
7:22PM 0 Users cannot change password w/ SMBPASSWORD-Help??
7:15PM 0 Is anyone successfully using Solaris 8/Samba 3.0.x w/ads and OpenLDAP > 2.1.22?
5:16PM 0 Seeking in large files
1:52PM 1 Win98 share "does not exist"?
1:20PM 3 Samba and netgroups in LDAP
12:19PM 0 WINS Bind Config
12:05PM 0 directory content refresh issues
10:25AM 0 netlogon share
9:11AM 1 Joing win 2003 server to samba 2.2.8 domain
8:41AM 0 WG: User RID equal UID
5:14AM 2 Can connect from Windows 2000 but not Windows XP SP2
4:01AM 2 Binding to Tun0 device
12:45AM 0 NETLOGON Auth
12:33AM 0 Default uid
12:28AM 1 How many downloads?
12:28AM 0 LDAP Account Manager 0.5.rc2 released
Thursday August 18 2005
11:45PM 0 pdbedit frustrations
10:37PM 0 pdbedit makefile or php interface to passdb?
10:29PM 1 Hide printers share?
8:55PM 1 Access to shares from a machine with no trust account
8:45PM 0 Users Domain Authentication doesn´t work
8:15PM 1 Move Samba to another server
6:35PM 0 Samba Auth: NETLOGON vs. lsarpc
5:53PM 0 problem executing windows application in samba
5:28PM 1 winbind problems
5:11PM 1 Problems with group memberships in AD
5:03PM 0 Use of netgroups and LDAP in Samba
4:49PM 0 SRVTOOLS issues
2:55PM 1 Error joining domain
1:41PM 2 3.0.20rc2 infinite dir loop
1:28PM 1 users connection config question
12:51PM 1 Adding a windows user to unix group?
10:47AM 0 roaming profile
10:01AM 1 Question on BDC secrets.tdb file
10:01AM 0 Beginners help
8:51AM 0 broadcast announce server
8:10AM 1 I can't join to domain
4:52AM 1 change passwd from win XP ALT+CTRL+DEL
4:39AM 1 Creating directories before resource connect
2:48AM 0 Samba Database Password Encoding Question
1:33AM 1 samba-ldap
1:18AM 1 pdbedit
1:18AM 0 unable to connect to SAMBA
1:18AM 1 how to use cmd profiles
Wednesday August 17 2005
11:17PM 1 Urgent help needed for passdb backend
11:03PM 1 Problem: Smbpasswd allowing two users with the same SID
8:10PM 0 HELP - Can't See the Forest for The TREES???
7:40PM 1 Samba and Linux passwd file
7:28PM 0 Problems upgrading from Samba 2.2.1 to 3.0.14a
7:19PM 0 long filename issues
6:32PM 2 Profiles 'problem'
5:17PM 1 Squid Users ACL with Samba Primary Domain
4:36PM 1 Post 3.0.9 Win9X Domain Logon Problems
3:16PM 4 LDAP suffixes
2:44PM 1 Dos Filenames in samba 3.0.14a
2:25PM 0 ppp winbind type 5 error
12:32PM 1 overrun buffer
11:36AM 1 Samba and User Mode Linux
10:02AM 1 error with rd /s in windows 2000 shell
8:47AM 0 [OT] search best and fast virus solution for Samba
8:12AM 0 Discussion: Samba Virtual Server Setup w/ LDAP Backend
7:53AM 0 missing tcp-ack in samba transfers
Tuesday August 16 2005
10:24PM 1 problems with making Samba authenticate off of domain server
9:43PM 2 kerberos_kinit_password: Decrypt integrity check failed
9:23PM 1 Samba 3, AD, and roaming profiles
6:06PM 1 question about EMC filer to join SAMBA domain
5:55PM 4 Windows offline files synchronization failure for mounted Samba drive.
5:25PM 0 Fw: your mail
4:04PM 0 Error loading Samba pdb/ file
2:29PM 0 FW: Error:The semaphore timeout period has expired
2:29PM 0 interdomain trust between windows 2003 server and samba
1:07PM 0 PDC Question: does tdbsam support logon hours
9:55AM 1 Home directories on AD/Samba
3:21AM 1 Windows C# unable to access Samba directories.
1:21AM 0 One more samba
12:26AM 0 Domain Based Logon
12:17AM 0 samba and ip
12:10AM 1 JPG Wallpaper
Monday August 15 2005
9:42PM 0 Mounting shares across different networks
9:42PM 4 Missing 'HAVE_SYS_ACL_H'
8:41PM 1 logon scripts no longer run with p-node netbios type 2
8:03PM 1 enforcing password compexity (check password script, cracklib)
6:20PM 3 [-mm PATCH 2/32] fs: fix-up schedule_timeout() usage
6:17PM 0 Error:The semaphore timeout period has expired
3:44PM 3 Getting Winbind IDMAP into LDAP?
3:04PM 0 net rpc testjoin ERROR
2:39PM 1 MSDFS redirection WinXP SP2
1:16PM 0 LM and NT password (help)
12:33PM 1 windows nt 4.0 workstation can not load server profile from samba
11:54AM 0 Machine name defined on AD Server; unable to join linux machine -- receiving error.
9:17AM 1 automount problem
Sunday August 14 2005
10:38PM 5 RPM SPEC rebuild errors
7:37PM 0 Hello.
4:03PM 0 Where to get samba-passdb-mysql
3:55PM 0 Windows XP SP2 on a Samba 3.0.10 PDC - roaming profiles won't work
3:38PM 0 Samba w/MySQL backend Doc?
12:01PM 0 (no subject)
3:39AM 0 samba ldap pdc - admin using svrtools.exe
2:14AM 1 Samba server with Win XP clients: Problems.
12:00AM 5 SIDs and UIDs and RIDs - Oh My!
Saturday August 13 2005
2:12PM 0 Samba 3.0.14a and file captures larger than 2 GB problem
1:17PM 1 recv failure for 4: error = connection reset by peer
12:41PM 1 Winbind crash on startup with Win 2K3 sp1 domain controller.
10:44AM 0 Problems with smbldap-tools, passdb backend, smb.conf
4:18AM 1 Urgent RHL Samba problem update
3:40AM 0 [Fwd: Cant get linux workstations to logon using ADS domain credentials- suse 9.3]
2:46AM 0 Cant get linux workstations to logon using ADS domain credentials- suse 9.3
2:23AM 2 problems with name resolution in a small home network
12:02AM 4 Samba NIS authentication
Friday August 12 2005
8:23PM 0 Snap server can't resolve master browser
8:23PM 0 PDC Question: Can we create Login Policies for Win Clients
8:23PM 0 Trouble with usrmgr.exe in 3.0.20rc1/2
8:23PM 0 PDC Question: Can we enforce time based login policies for
6:00PM 0 PLEASE HELP: Samba problems,
5:27PM 2 test
5:16PM 3 wbinfo -t not working on BDC
4:14PM 0 test new account
3:28PM 1 testing
2:47PM 0 multiple entries for the same server in the browse.dat file
2:18PM 0 Problem with samba on RHL
1:51PM 0 Trusted domain issues
1:08PM 1 "force groups" and file deletion on 3.0.14a
12:40PM 0 Map network problem
8:23AM 4 Adding machine to domain fails - check permissions? (ldap)
Thursday August 11 2005
9:53PM 0 R: Problem logon from a Windows Server 2003 by a RDPConnection
9:46PM 0 network drive display
9:32PM 1 net ads join on AIX 5.2 - Mission Impossible ?
9:29PM 2 Migrated fine except passwords
9:00PM 0 Can't open files
8:20PM 1 Samba 3.0.14a Not restoring connections - Help ??
7:31PM 1 Network Map, query and log problem
6:53PM 0 kerberos_kinit_password host/SUNDEV@LEXI.COM.MX failed: Client not found in Kerberos database
6:35PM 1 Cross-subnet browsing...AGAIN!!!
6:01PM 0 SMB 3.0.14a - SMB Shares - UserName/Passwords not remembered ?
4:59PM 0 forum phpBB
4:58PM 1 phpBB forum
4:15PM 1 short ip range host allow in smb.conf
3:22PM 4 smbldap-tools unresovled problem.
3:21PM 0 Change location of PID file for samba
3:18PM 0 Machine accounts removed from domain
3:06PM 2 Finding the GID of AD groups on samba
2:30PM 0 Problem with AD/Samba and too many AD groups
2:21PM 0 What is the right script: W2K AD, Solaris8-SMB/KRB/LDAP, Win Clients?
2:10PM 1 replacing microsoft file server with linux samba server ?
1:47PM 0 NTBackup on WinServer2003 and SAMBA problem
12:00PM 0 i can't see users and groups from samba pdc
9:24AM 2 Make process stops with errors
8:15AM 1 vfs module license particulars
7:30AM 0 Problems with tdbsam database
7:01AM 1 problem joining the domain
4:44AM 1 Administrator-installed printers unavailable to regular users
2:51AM 1 newbie: Samba with Mysql question
2:43AM 1 name resolving on a simple network
12:36AM 2 SuSE 9.3 + Samba 3 + LDAP
12:13AM 1 username map file to link Domain groups to user
12:01AM 1 Cannot find KDC for requested realm
Wednesday August 10 2005
10:44PM 2 Compiling smbtorture
8:55PM 1 BUG: samba-3.0.14a & samba-3.0.20pre2 endless loop AIX 5.3 (jfs2) & Win98
8:22PM 1 ACLs - backup and restore
8:01PM 0 Windows XP disconnect from SCO/Unix Server
7:24PM 0 lock request at offset?
6:40PM 1 Replacing a PDC
6:24PM 0 [GOLUM] RE: pdbedit not working as documented
5:23PM 0 samba with ads
4:51PM 3 Joining XP SP2 to a Samba PDC
3:52PM 1 plz. solve my prob
3:15PM 2 Bug in LDAP stuff?
3:07PM 0 samba logons
1:30PM 0 Samba 3.0.10 Authentication in an NT4 Domain
12:54PM 1 2.2.7 - 3.0.14a arabic file name dispaly
12:54PM 0 help please with winbind...
12:54PM 1 Fw: Mac OSX Tiger 10.4.2 SMB
12:51PM 0 debian pam.d/gdm working config please
12:24PM 0 Maybe OT?
11:01AM 0 Acl and mask issue
2:40AM 2 Samba3 server tries to sync WINS with itself and fails
12:54AM 0 Tracking users
Tuesday August 9 2005
10:10PM 0 Samba 3.0.20rc2 Available for Download
9:38PM 1 document request for samba + edirectory
8:48PM 2 Samba filenames & cpoy
8:48PM 0 problem after upgrading to samba 3.0.14a
8:27PM 0 Help needed please? SMB 3.0.14a - SMBPASSWD
7:47PM 1 PDC, usrmgr.exe created user lacks profile info
7:24PM 0 Error loading module '/opt/local/samba/lib/charset/'
7:19PM 0 User - Changing Own Passwords w/ smbpasswd
6:42PM 1 ACl issue with 3.014
6:32PM 0 Update password via windows
6:03PM 0 request for samba + edirectory
5:56PM 1 Net RPC Vampire not sucking all groups
5:02PM 0 Samba 3.0.14.a - Solaris Build
4:42PM 1 Errors... unknown problem?
4:23PM 0 SMB 3.0.14a
4:09PM 0 Samba 3.0.14a-2 on FC4 - Strange order of directories and files
4:00PM 0 samba 3.0. & Active Directory on AIX 5.2
3:46PM 0 Join a Linux workstation to a samba domain
2:48PM 1 Undefined references during compiling
1:40PM 0 samba hold-up
12:33PM 0 Mail items not showing in outlook from network shared pst file
11:27AM 0 create smbpasswd on remotesystem
9:23AM 0 Questions about Browsing and PDC / BDC
7:36AM 0 Re: samba Digest, Vol 32, Issue 9
5:31AM 0 samba and windows 2003
4:55AM 1 pdbedit not working as documented
4:14AM 1 Samba with NIS Authentication
12:46AM 2 Still having samba join domain problems
Monday August 8 2005
10:21PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 0.5.rc1 released
10:11PM 1 %g variable not working
8:27PM 1 2 nicks/firewall
6:33PM 1 Server Netbios name
5:42PM 0 win2003 with native active directory and linux samba
5:01PM 1 File locks issue
4:14PM 1 TransferLogs
3:35PM 1 wbinfo problem
2:11PM 1 Shares get disconnected and cannot reconnect over VPN
2:01PM 2 Windows can't see my Samba shares...
1:13PM 3 Samba - XP performance problem
1:01PM 2 Can't join machines to a Samba PDC using LDAP
12:23PM 4 Problem with DFS mounting (works OK in smbclient) [samba-3.0.14a-2.1.fc4.kde]
11:25AM 0 net ads join without an admin account
11:08AM 0 problem with copying data to share
9:16AM 0 Bad performance with linux-client connected to a samba-server
7:58AM 0 NT4 as PDC and samba as BDC?
6:50AM 0 Only One User Login
1:48AM 0 Error: Duplicate name exist on the network
Sunday August 7 2005
11:45PM 0 2k3Srv ADS, debian member server, Ubuntu workstations and no write access to share (security =ADS mode, winbind, krb5)
11:20AM 1 Question about SSL/TLS for ldap and samba
8:51AM 1 Group membership problem migrating from Samba 2 to Samba 3
Saturday August 6 2005
6:06PM 0 Only one user can play shared OGGs
4:50PM 1 logon home and path
4:31PM 0 printer loss [susepro9.1]-mostly solved-samba the problem?
12:18PM 0 it is a RFC2015 PGP signed message
10:08AM 0 "guest account = XXX" not working in Samba 3.0.14a?
1:21AM 0 Re: help
Friday August 5 2005
9:29PM 0 SAMBA Compiling problems
9:14PM 3 one opinion about searching samba docs for answers
9:14PM 2 samba with NTLM *and* kerberos authentication
8:58PM 1 Samba recycle VFS: File date stamp
7:30PM 1 Schema Requests
7:23PM 0 Gentoo, Pam, Sshd, Winbind + AD
7:13PM 0 Wins resolution problem
6:27PM 0 Samba/CUPS printer queue troubleshooting guide (XP clients)?
6:13PM 1 configure options for 3.x -still experimental?
5:04PM 2 Finding the UID of samba users
3:42PM 1 idmap_rid in Samba/Winbind
3:30PM 1 Samba primery domain controller
3:04PM 1 Question: how to DC with LDAP backend
2:57PM 1 Wildcard include in smb.conf??
2:57PM 0 Escaping single quote in username...
1:50PM 1 Python winbind bindings
11:16AM 1 quality of password protection
4:44AM 0 Problems with 3.0.20rc1 and International Characters
4:11AM 0 Low throughput on high bandwidth delay network
3:40AM 3 Help! About SAMBA_PDC and SRVTOOLS
3:34AM 0 Help ! compatibility between SRVTOOLS and Samba-PDC
12:41AM 0 Establishing an Extensible Directory Service with OpenLDAP - Part 1
Thursday August 4 2005
10:48PM 0 need help in solving the metion problem,
9:57PM 3 how can i add group policy in samba
8:37PM 1 Machine account setup fail
8:25PM 0 Unix server joining NT4 Domain--User question
8:01PM 0 [ADMIN] Testing non-member posting to list
7:55PM 0 [ADMIN] Changing list to members-only posting
5:02PM 0 winbind UID/GID mapping
4:50PM 0 totally confused, samba flipflop fuctionality
3:27PM 1 Samba, win xp and acls
3:14PM 1 WinXP maps home drive to logon home
1:52PM 2 Trouble in Joining Suse 9.3 to Win2k3 Server
1:46PM 0 samba3 & xserve file size limit.
12:44PM 0 ACL question
12:20PM 0 Mac OSX Tiger 10.4.2 SMB
10:00AM 1 Beta Version Windows Longhorn/Vista cant connect to samba
9:50AM 1 CUPS: Report errors and problems back to Windows clients
9:15AM 0 XP slow on first access.
3:35AM 1 SAMBA LOG: tdb/tdbutil.c:tdb_log(725) tdb(unnamed): tdb_open_ex: /var/cache/samba/unexpected.tdb (835, 457947) is already open in this process
2:27AM 1 Is this getting to list
Wednesday August 3 2005
9:25PM 1 LDAP, uidNumber, SID
9:03PM 2 Mapping HPUX to Windows Shared Directories
7:23PM 0 Error: "The local policy of this system does not permit you to logon interactively"
4:03PM 1 Is anyone maintaining the smb filesystem?
3:47PM 0 What's this error?
3:28PM 2 The Next Guide Will Be...
2:52PM 0 hosts allow and netbios names
2:14PM 1 Quota on Windows Profile
1:59PM 1 permission problem
1:39PM 0 tdbsam
8:42AM 0 Samba mount hangs after Firefox accessed file://
8:34AM 2 different browselists on multi homed server
8:10AM 1 ntlm v2 as default auth method?
6:15AM 0 Samba printer connections showing as both hostname and IP address
6:02AM 0 [repost] problems with win98 and samba 3
5:03AM 1 Documentation clarification re: SLES9 and nsswitch
4:25AM 0 oplocks problem, and clarification
12:21AM 0 Next Guide - Request for Comments on Documentation (
Tuesday August 2 2005
10:42PM 0 Problems with samba-console from idealx
9:08PM 0 Migrating samba 2.x PDC to new machine and samba 3.x PDC
8:01PM 1 Share names
7:21PM 0 samba with Active Directory on AIX
3:32PM 0 limiting access with win groups
2:51PM 1 RCS/delete on close/delete readonly
2:42PM 0 sales
11:45AM 2 Winbind Understanding
11:03AM 0 How to mount win2k DFS shares
9:33AM 2 net join echoes root password
9:06AM 0 Usermap borken?
7:10AM 1 Repost: Temporary files with word
4:10AM 0 SEC: UNCLASSIFIED:-Could not convert sid to gid
3:40AM 1 always get Account Policy log
2:43AM 0
1:33AM 0 Upgrade to 3.0.14??
1:21AM 0 Validating as different users, domain user mapping to local (not happening?)
Monday August 1 2005
10:48PM 0 smbwrapper
8:03PM 1 Slow browsing from Win2k and WinXP
7:55PM 1 samba-3.0.20rc1 winbind Windows 2003 SP1 ADS wbinfo all
7:38PM 1 Connecting to SAMBA shares
6:39PM 0 home dir permissions change
5:51PM 1 ldap filter removed?
3:55PM 0 AD users
2:30PM 1 smb_lookup error=-13
1:36PM 1 Help lib/util_sock.c Errors I don't know what to do.
12:32PM 2 or nss_winbind.1 for HPUX
12:02PM 2 samba-3.0.20rc1 winbind Windows 2003 SP1 ADS wbinfo all fine, but getent passsd or group does not work...
9:28AM 1 NTLM-Auth Problem
8:25AM 0 SSO for Windows Clients
7:30AM 3 Accent problem
7:29AM 0 samba can not support long filename
12:25AM 1 printer loss [susepro 9.1]