samba - Jun 1998

Tuesday June 30 1998
11:39PM 1 Windows98 & SMB
8:58PM 1 NT Crashes when doing large network file Xfers (3c595)
8:36PM 0 Unix->NT Password change? (PR#8083)
5:50PM 0 smbpasswd (PR#8066)
5:38PM 0 request_oplock_break (PR#8067)
4:46PM 5 NT Crashes when doing large network file Xfers (was Re: NT crashes during smbtar)
3:53PM 3 NT Crashes when doing large network file Xfers (was Re: NT crashes during smbtar)
3:38PM 1 user name and authentication question
3:18PM 0 Samba Server on Unix and NT Service Pack 3
2:26PM 0 No subject
1:25PM 1 Log length problem
12:52PM 0 SAMBA UNIX Passwd synchronization
6:56AM 0 I have a problem with Apache server
6:08AM 0 smbpasswd fails to change both smb and UNIX passwds simultaneously
Monday June 29 1998
11:18PM 3 Samba 1.9.18p8
11:05PM 3 Samba/printing
9:27PM 0 1.9.18p8 compile problems
4:02PM 0 NT workstation reinstall
1:43PM 0 Samba1.9.16 <>
11:21AM 0 Default changed (printcap) in 1.9.18p8
10:27AM 0 Source Code For Windows 98
9:00AM 0 Error while compiling
Sunday June 28 1998
10:38PM 0 Browsing with 1.9.18p7 and WfW 3.11
10:04AM 0 Remote printing, rejected?.
Saturday June 27 1998
5:31PM 0 Microsoft WinSock Proxy support
5:29PM 0 Where's your favorite pizza joint?
3:06AM 1 password no correct in Win98
Friday June 26 1998
11:06PM 3 ip_masq+dhcpd+samba+2nics
9:47PM 0 Multiple Password schemes
9:25PM 0 Query regarding Samba functionality and Java
3:40PM 0 Problem with mapping, userid that gets sent by NT
3:00PM 0 smbmount from samba-1.9.18p8, Linux-2.1.107 and no joy
2:36PM 3 Error while compliling
2:07PM 0 Browsing over a Solaris 2.5.1 system with Samba 1.9.18p7
1:05PM 0 Problem connecting to Samba
6:28AM 0 SAMBA digest 1729
3:47AM 1 NT crashes during smbtar
12:41AM 0 Printing form WinNt Workstation to Linux without password
Thursday June 25 1998
11:41PM 1 Bug#23903: samba: samba maps username before authenicating with NT password server
6:10PM 0 SCO Unix OpenServer Binary
4:55PM 0 Login as non-guest user
3:28PM 0 Samba 1.9.18p2 --> 1.9.18p8 on Solaris 2.6 breaks browsing ????
2:47PM 1 Slow Printing (2nd Attempt)
2:03PM 2 Sharing CD-ROM
1:19PM 1 can't run programs from directories > 8 chars
6:45AM 0 Final touches to SAMBA: help please
2:49AM 3 Cannot change password
Wednesday June 24 1998
9:11PM 0 Connections across subnets
8:35PM 0 Access authorization
8:17PM 0 Seeking commission-based sales representatives or distributors
6:06PM 1 SPAM: Important Legislative Alert (fwd)
5:02PM 1 Compile problems in Slackware
5:00PM 0 ppp problem
4:59PM 0 Files created with wrong owner
3:49PM 0 smbclient: error in timestamp (under SCO)
1:11PM 2 Check if the PC is either NT or Win95
12:56PM 0 Internal error with domain login
12:08PM 5 smbtar
9:42AM 0 Win98 Full Release and Samba NT domain
7:59AM 0 Help: validating users with pdc
5:02AM 0 Looking for HPUX10 binary of a recent build
Tuesday June 23 1998
10:37PM 1 Printing on Windows 95
8:41PM 0 set_share_mode error
7:54PM 1 Browse list problem sorted
6:18PM 0 samba: DEC UNIX password problem
4:37PM 1 DOS Shortcuts in NT
7:30AM 0 samba and clearcase (PR#7829)
6:36AM 0 0% Capacity on mounted volume
Monday June 22 1998
6:54PM 0 (Fwd) samba lenta
2:36PM 0 samba-1.9.18p8 problem
12:15PM 1 Problem connection to samba server from NT
9:26AM 0 SAMBA v's FTP - Direct and via router
8:01AM 0 NT Domains and Workgroups
7:17AM 0 replication capabilities
6:08AM 0 Beginner help
4:58AM 0 redirector timeout ?
Saturday June 20 1998
8:59AM 0 Samba Server Icon diseppearing (PR#7846)
Friday June 19 1998
9:25PM 0 authentication problem in RedHat 5.0
7:33PM 0 Further to: Samba screwed up when trying to save a word97 document
6:55PM 0 Samba screwed up when trying to save a word97 document
1:56PM 4 file access problems
1:05PM 0 samba-1.9.18p8/smbpasswd on AIX
1:05PM 1 SAMBA 1.9.18p8, username map, server security
11:31AM 0 Samba server taking HOURS to become visible.
11:17AM 0 Urget Help required with authorization
7:09AM 0 AW: Mapping Samba Drives (Samba Digest 1721) (Suzanne George)
Thursday June 18 1998
10:13PM 1 Windows app, MKS Source Integrity, Samba, and Unix
7:08PM 1 New user and Install Problems
5:13PM 0 Samba and ISDN remote machine
3:24PM 0 Problems with time stamps of files under 1.9.18p3
3:02PM 0 two problems
1:12PM 0 samba as nt domain member
9:00AM 0 smbmount from linux to Win95 gives IO error
8:05AM 2 DDNS updates from samba WINS-listener ?
7:32AM 0 Little "problem" with samba server
7:15AM 3 Samba Server Icon diseppearing
6:33AM 1 Mapping Samba Drives (Samba Digest 1721) (Suzanne George)
3:38AM 0 File access trouble >
Wednesday June 17 1998
10:08PM 0 Who is the Samba list maintainer?
8:47PM 0 Strangeness in mount attempts...
7:38PM 0 Mapping a Windows Machine with samba on the internet
6:12PM 1 Equal permissions for files and dirs (folders)
4:51PM 0 SUMMARY: Favorite print command for SAMBA on Sol 2.5.1
3:51PM 0 netlogon script that logs you off?
3:07PM 0 AIX 4.3
2:39PM 0 Samba box member of NT domain
2:03PM 1 WINS problem ? Samba server not found by all workstations
1:06PM 0 samba-1.9.18p8 password problem
12:35PM 0 Win95/WinNT name mangling / case sensitivity
10:22AM 1 Samba Server Icons disappearing
6:19AM 0 DG-UX compile fix..
12:06AM 0 mapping samba drives
Tuesday June 16 1998
7:21PM 0 debugging 'unix password sync'
4:50PM 0 AutoCad R14 and Samba (PR#7766)
3:33PM 3 How about this option for nmbd?
2:42PM 1 Access Database SLOW
1:17PM 0 THE CVS source
12:38PM 0 BUG in usersmaping and samba 1.9.18p8 on SCO-Unix Release 3.2v4.2 TEST05
9:21AM 1 AutoCad R14 and Samba
7:45AM 1 File access trouble
2:00AM 0 How do I build a binary release package?
Monday June 15 1998
11:26PM 0 Username map issue with 1.9.18p8
10:49PM 0 Samba running from xinetd
3:13PM 1 magic-script fine, but how
12:20PM 0 Samba Configuration Help
Sunday June 14 1998
11:48PM 0 not browsing on second subnet
10:21PM 0 connecting from a C program under Windows
9:13AM 1 Binary Releases - Samba-1.9.18p8
Saturday June 13 1998
2:31AM 0 Samba 1.9.18p8 released.
Friday June 12 1998
5:19PM 0 Changing passwords problem from Win95
3:32PM 0 strange message in log.smb
2:57PM 0 installing samba server
2:07PM 0 samba server installing
1:04PM 0 installing samba server on sco open server release 5
12:53PM 0 Login Scripts Win95/WinNT
9:36AM 0 smbclient log files
9:11AM 0 Refusing Connection to NT Server
8:22AM 1 Problems with Delphi 3 on SAMBA
7:44AM 0 Equivalent of "home service" on NT
4:08AM 0 SAMBA digest 1712
2:47AM 0 Finding new features
2:43AM 0 Proposal: filename map
Thursday June 11 1998
1:11PM 0 enquiries
12:24PM 1 Samba performance and sizeing
8:10AM 0 locking and file sharing
7:34AM 0 SAMBA digest 1714
3:18AM 0 file sharing and locking
Wednesday June 10 1998
9:54PM 2 need mount version 6 ???
5:12PM 1 Security/authentication flaw(s) found (PR#7625)
1:31PM 0 Samba 1.9.18p7 with Win95/NT...
1:30PM 1 Get compiled Samba for solaris
12:05PM 0 Incorrect behaviour between samba and MS Visual C
10:24AM 2 run scripts on samba server
Tuesday June 9 1998
7:57PM 0 Printing under Solaris 2.6
7:08PM 0 Print queue problem under solaris 2.6
4:05PM 0 No subject
2:45PM 1 Problems with MSOffice 97 installation
1:46PM 0 Trouble with smbmount [Linux 2.0.33/Redhat 5.0]
1:03PM 1 Samba file server
7:32AM 0 help with installing printers & security
Monday June 8 1998
7:23PM 3 Favorite print command for SAMBA on Sol 2.5.1
6:20PM 0 beginner seeking help
4:59PM 0 Printing with Samba: NT -> Linux
3:25PM 0 Hanging smbd Processes
2:47PM 0 Range of IP addresses in "allow hosts"?
12:53PM 0 Password Server level authentication
6:45AM 0 smb-pid-problems
2:00AM 0 ubject: Re: diskless windows
Sunday June 7 1998
6:09AM 0 Guest access to samba server.
Saturday June 6 1998
3:02AM 0 smbmount won't set group ownership
12:01AM 1 MS DOS client : solution
Friday June 5 1998
9:17PM 0 NT 4.0 problem has been solved
8:45PM 0 Password Questions & Suggestions
5:05PM 1 Cannot disconnect mapped drives
4:14PM 1 NT 4.0 problem
1:41PM 0 Ditto Drive and Samba?
11:56AM 1 Simple password checker
8:45AM 0 file opening error when using Lotus approach
6:32AM 2 open access to a directory
3:06AM 1 Multiple UNIX hosts on same LAN?
Thursday June 4 1998
10:18PM 0 getting a list of registered users from PDC
9:44PM 0 NT user profile corruption preventing samba access
9:18PM 0 DOS client - basic redirector
7:19PM 0 Funny caching problem (PR#7530)
7:06PM 0 Strange "No permission to access resource" msgs from win95
5:59PM 1 Funny caching problem
5:37PM 0 Help to configure SAMBA-1.9.18p2
4:39PM 0 Problems browsing samba using nt 4.0 (2nd Edition)
2:19PM 1 Slow writes continued
1:51PM 1 Linking problem on HP-UX 10.20
12:11PM 0 DOS MS client + slow response
Wednesday June 3 1998
8:30PM 0 Case sensitivity and NT clients
6:13PM 0 Help for "incorrect password"
6:09PM 0 SAMBA digest 1706 (PR#7484)
4:27PM 0 Problems with underscores
4:18PM 2 Just-in-time mounts when following symlinks
4:01PM 1 Refusing password from win95 client
3:50PM 0 Security question about suspect logfile entries
7:48AM 0 changes to samba ftp and web site
Tuesday June 2 1998
10:45PM 0 Netware
10:34PM 0 SAMBA digest 1706
8:50PM 0 Make windows connect to a port other than 139
7:43PM 1 smbclient and smbmount do not yield same results
5:28PM 0 ARGH!! why does my samba server lose domain master elections??
3:03PM 0 Problems browsing samba using nt 4.0
2:34PM 0 samba interferes with NT server
1:14PM 0 Problem with MS Exchange on Sun/Samba server
9:36AM 0 Quotas: Win95 shows the wrong amount of free space
9:27AM 0 Win95/Samba problem: Can't log on first time, second time OK
8:42AM 0 All [homes] shares
7:50AM 0 SAMBA digest 1705
1:08AM 0 policies and authentication
1:03AM 2 smbclient -I -M
12:35AM 0 samba, subnets, and DHCP
Monday June 1 1998
9:26PM 0 SmbClient Kills NT 4 in conjunction w/ Amanda (Revisited)
8:53PM 1 smbfs confusion
7:45PM 4 File corruption
5:59PM 0 release of pam-ntdom 0.23
5:29PM 0 problem with shares and passwords
5:12PM 0 SAMBA digest 1704
1:12PM 0 PDC/Net logon server
10:29AM 0 Two smbd's on same machine
12:57AM 0 Samba being Unfriendly