Rails - Sep 2008

Tuesday September 30 2008
10:49PM 3 1 Form, 3 Models?
9:48PM 4 :on => :create validation weirdness
9:47PM 0 protect_against_forgery? not available as helper method for views
9:03PM 8 problem with auto_complete!!
8:36PM 3 Advice on
8:36PM 0 Help me with this test/mocks issue please!
7:54PM 7 param with map.resources
7:20PM 0 scriptaculous drag-and-drop and fixed position drop_receiving_elements
7:11PM 0 lame logger timestamp question
6:57PM 0 Redirect Loop
6:50PM 0 Tabbed Menus - link_to_unless_current
6:39PM 1 rake db:migrate:down?
6:04PM 0 Changing multiple records at the same time
5:52PM 1 Mysql tuning plus catching ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid errors..
4:18PM 7 error message 'undefined method `require_gem' for main:Object (NoMethodError)'--how to resolve?
2:54PM 2 :locals vs. instance variable in partials ... best practice?
2:48PM 1 Problems with Routes for user area
2:32PM 0 Testing batch programs
1:37PM 0 undefined method `authenticate_with_http_basic' for #<SessionsController:0xb6c47c44>
1:29PM 1 for online shoping cart which tool best ?
1:10PM 4 Rails 2.0 Email (ActionMailer) Example
1:02PM 1 Badly formatted E-Mail with ActionMailer
1:01PM 0 [JOBS] Rails Consultant Needed for Project
12:22PM 0 Reliable character encodings conversion
11:38AM 4 Session lost with IE7 but not FF... 8 hours hit head/wall
11:02AM 1 REST web service
10:56AM 3 Microsite
10:47AM 3 routes map and correct path
9:59AM 1 Are MySQL port and MySQL the same?
9:20AM 0 truncate issue
8:51AM 1 time based expiration for fragment caching
8:41AM 3 check_box and rjs
7:50AM 0 Update an Existing PDF Document
4:42AM 1 Three days with some of the coolest people in ruby and rails
3:58AM 2 Module#name very slow for anonymous modules
2:51AM 1 libjpeg error in gd2
2:33AM 2 Submit redirection to incorrect URL
Monday September 29 2008
11:04PM 2 number to UTF-conversion question
8:50PM 0 File_Columns with rails 2.02
8:31PM 4 RJS is not loaded
8:26PM 7 Dealing with accented characters
8:08PM 4 hpricot and regexp parsing help needed please
7:30PM 1 Custom method in model to return an object
7:29PM 0 Content-type method missing for Tempfile
7:28PM 1 runner task cannot find a gem
6:42PM 1 Looking for plug and play rails sample apps
6:06PM 3 path methods. Where they came from?
5:39PM 0 BackgroundRB for multiple parallel tasks: thread or worker?
5:32PM 4 Database design question
5:27PM 0 ActionView::CaptureHelper#capture error
2:49PM 1 has_one :through with :source. How to alias association?
2:39PM 1 What is :chained_replace_html ?
12:53PM 1 unit test
12:49PM 2 autocomplete for
12:43PM 4 Which version of Rails?
12:14PM 3 [ActiveRecord] wrong number of arguments (0 for 2) ?!
11:48AM 0 error while redirecting
10:38AM 0 Mailing solution
10:33AM 0 Ruby 1.8.7 & rails 2.0.2
9:43AM 0 Rails calenders
8:31AM 5 [NEWBIE] Error redirection
7:04AM 1 will_paginate, not overriding order on has_many
6:02AM 4 Problem with single form and two models
5:35AM 3 Rails 2.0 book
5:13AM 10 Autocomplete (plugin&Scriptaculous) not working in Safari.
4:45AM 5 Limiting Access of Nested Resources
4:31AM 2 FTP gem like AWS-S3?
3:00AM 6 Microsoft beats us to official JQuery support, Do we care?
Sunday September 28 2008
9:19PM 0 Europe mirror for the official Rails repository
8:13PM 2 Polymorphic model path problems
5:31PM 4 Create a menu out from database entries
1:06PM 0 HOWTO matrix test with rspec
12:30PM 2 Observer not picking state change in user
12:08PM 2 render partial vs. page.replace_html
11:57AM 2 passing variable between methods
11:10AM 4 Cannot expire cache from background process?
6:16AM 4 ActiveResource and InvalidAuthenticityToken exception
5:44AM 0 NotePad++ for RoR
5:39AM 3 Having trouble writing the right view to generate the desire
3:01AM 4 h() doesn't have any parameter for encoding being used?
2:19AM 1 Re: h() or html_escape() not escape the single quote... risk
1:35AM 5 [How to pass argument from a script to rails...]
1:16AM 5 controller issue
1:03AM 3 log_out problem
Saturday September 27 2008
11:41PM 3 helper method problem
10:12PM 0 Nascent plug-in feedback needed: CouchDB cache store
9:32PM 2 Environment + DB Connection
4:18PM 4 Has/Belongs Relationships for Address Book
3:48PM 3 make a system call and proceed without waiting for result?
3:02PM 1 Realising a rights management
1:28PM 2 Eager loading by sql
12:47PM 0 Form with Multiple buttons
11:36AM 6 Regular expression to identity special character
11:29AM 0 Aspell crash
9:14AM 1 Teaching Mongrel other HTTP Methods (verbs)
6:58AM 9 Problem with sessions and IE
4:48AM 3 Image resize on the fly.
3:08AM 4 code help for implementing online exam please
1:01AM 2 Some .erb / herlper.rb nuance I am missing??
12:43AM 5 render custom mime types
Friday September 26 2008
11:56PM 0 self-referential tags, has_many_polymorphs
11:43PM 2 Preventing Mongrel/Mysql Errno::EPIPE exceptions
11:27PM 1 Problem with authentication... Acts As Authenticated
10:53PM 3 redundancy in method_missing
10:15PM 1 Beginners and fool-proof installation ? ? ?
9:10PM 4 form_for -> put/post problem
7:07PM 0 problem with will_paginate and total_pages
6:25PM 3 ERROR: RDoc documentation generator not installed!
5:36PM 3 Iterate over an array with the index?
5:07PM 0 twitter outbound
4:51PM 2 undefined method `table_name' for REXML::Comment:Class
4:47PM 2 Database optimization approach
4:46PM 2 Validate creation of both parent and child from same form?
4:13PM 3 daemons gem vs cron jobs to execture rails code
4:05PM 2 join model misery
4:05PM 0 Problema con auto_complete
3:31PM 12 Migrations
3:13PM 2 Rake tasks + plugins
2:59PM 1 Ajax live valiation on username
2:58PM 1 Capistrano SVN help: conflicting copies on prod and local
2:36PM 1 With partial in a block is there any way to face "cycle" to restart?
2:24PM 1 alternative to Google maps?
1:21PM 3 Calling Create action from a link_to
1:18PM 0 creating routes to feeds
1:15PM 1 How the url parameters are mapped to params hash?
12:21PM 0 Images are not shown on server / incorrect path
10:08AM 3 how to send messages to mobile deveices from ruby on rails ?
9:14AM 2 TDD and BDD
7:55AM 0 Preloading resources
7:04AM 2 Rails DOM naming conventions?
6:28AM 1 Iterating through each record of a model and copy that to an
6:02AM 1 Can anyone help? regarding simple_captcha plugin
5:57AM 3 rails -1.2.3 to 2.1.1 ? how ?
4:53AM 7 has_many / belongs_to associations
4:20AM 3 format.xml not rendering associated model properly
1:59AM 0 Classy Inheritance Rel. 0.6.2
12:26AM 0 sortable_column_headers plugin not sorting properly?
Thursday September 25 2008
11:54PM 3 moving to Rails 2.x
11:38PM 2 jquery, format.js and IE
11:23PM 1 defining polymorphic type condition
11:13PM 2 attachment_fu and acts_as_list - a land war in Asia
10:46PM 10 Very Newbie Question - script/generate model
7:02PM 1 Settings request.domain for testing purposes
6:54PM 1 Writing to innodb reading from myisam
6:35PM 8 Track number of clicks on a link
5:49PM 1 Will acts_as_paranoid work with attachment_fu?
5:20PM 3 Chaining two named_scope that have a block of code
5:07PM 1 Acts_as_ferret, DRb, 4 monrels and complete site lockups
5:01PM 2 Updating ultrasphinx index after save?
4:18PM 1 Spider Charts and Gruff: THE JOY OF GRAPHING
4:13PM 0 find_by_sql suggestions needed
4:02PM 3 Inflector >> "progress"
3:39PM 1 map.routes.rb pls help
12:24PM 0 Calling action on OnClick event of a div
11:42AM 0 Join different querys in the same object
11:30AM 4 update each record in order to update Ferret index?
11:29AM 0 Problem reading excel sheets
10:33AM 0 Problem with ar_mailer
9:55AM 6 Fat Model Thin Controller
9:22AM 2 How to find records, placing conditions on joined table?
9:03AM 1 Back ground Job
8:15AM 0 Are all gems freezable?
7:54AM 1 question about exception
7:36AM 1 Requesting a Special Section for "Merb" on this Forum
6:48AM 1 sqlserver views instead of tables
6:47AM 0 Thetis ver.0.9.4_5 <Open-source Groupware/CMS> Released!
5:06AM 0 Copying the complete data to another model
4:38AM 4 Modifying existing model with migrations
4:04AM 2 Subdomains
4:03AM 0 custom path/url helpers for resources
3:21AM 2 Fixtures and created_at
1:46AM 2 New to Programming - question on
12:57AM 0 Rspec, HAML with view testing
Wednesday September 24 2008
11:34PM 3 How to pass parameters to controller method from view?
11:20PM 3 Regular Expression pattern matching question...
9:42PM 0 Performance Monitoring tool for Rails !!!
9:40PM 0 actionmailer setting on windows
9:03PM 0 Merb Camp
9:02PM 1 Memached failing in 2.1 - not loading classes
8:56PM 0 Rspec, HAML, view testing
8:42PM 2 http request inside controller?
8:27PM 2 updated_on broken
7:57PM 4 How to restrict viewing/modifying other users data?
6:55PM 8 GRANT: help me!
6:44PM 5 Know environment active from command line
6:24PM 0 [attachment_fu] Uploading Animating Images
5:50PM 1 md5 User Registration Form
5:30PM 2 Odd replace_html outcome
4:39PM 9 Need to make a radar chart - any good ruby plugins for this?
4:28PM 1 Are hidden fields that secure?
3:28PM 2 MYSQL GEM not found at rubyforge
2:00PM 5 Re: save blob to file?
1:41PM 1 Non-database dropdown select - works fine, but why the weird order?
1:28PM 0 Concept: using 2 databases in one project or how to separate migrations
1:26PM 0 Concept: using 2 databases in one project or how to sepaarate migrations
12:34PM 4 How to validate presence of associated?
12:14PM 0 add custom parameters to map.resources
11:57AM 2 Thinking_sphinx indexing problem on production
11:15AM 6 Threading in Rails
10:25AM 0 generating pdf documents with PDF, missing FPDI
10:04AM 0 disable link_to_remote tag
10:00AM 4 has_many, has_one and calling a self.method
9:55AM 0 Modular applications
9:46AM 2 How to create a Light Box Albumn
8:56AM 1 General question on design
8:53AM 10 Using variables in dynamic finds
8:14AM 5 Auto refresh field
8:12AM 1 script in rails
7:29AM 0 Fleximage: hsowing image from db, need help
6:53AM 1 AJAX help - proper use of remote_function
5:54AM 3 STI subclassing
5:03AM 3 caches_page :if not executing (but caches_action :if) does
2:15AM 7 Cannot start Mongrel
Tuesday September 23 2008
11:47PM 0 Restful web service error on saving record
10:34PM 2 Where is the controller's default view template?
10:18PM 2 BOM Component
8:17PM 5 What is the [phone] representing?
8:00PM 9 Help regarding sending email
7:22PM 2 directly calling an action
7:17PM 2 Trying to make gem dependencies work with rake gems:unpack
7:00PM 7 Model association help...
6:42PM 2 How can we condense these nested routes....
6:40PM 0 Any contractors available?
6:10PM 2 Shopping cart with different secure url than application
6:06PM 2 error running "script/console --sandbox" on Edge
6:05PM 0 Help with : auto complete, cross platform issues, directory access and database migration in Rails
6:04PM 2 problem with scaffold
6:01PM 3 Feed normalizer and Atom
5:43PM 3 Finding distinct months using find_by_sql
4:23PM 6 No css formatting
4:18PM 5 Problem getting Rails to emit the correct (proxy) domain in route urls
4:10PM 3 Association error using find since upgrading to Rails 2.1.1
3:26PM 7 how to see stop the #<Outcome:0x371ace8> or the #
1:57PM 0 Problem with creating stub for model "Address"
1:33PM 0 Unicode character conversion
1:20PM 1 Using test block in unit testing
1:02PM 0 HowTo create a Time object and set the TZ-offset
12:31PM 3 converting the following sql
12:31PM 3 calling save in after_create hook
12:28PM 0 Questions on Active Record SQL type Finders & Dynamic Finder
11:10AM 2 Cookie crazy
11:09AM 0 exception_logger and protect_from_forgery
10:36AM 4 Using taint/untait for security
9:56AM 2 Custom test output
9:14AM 3 RJS: How to highlight multiple items
8:57AM 2 format.js in IE6
8:46AM 1 Need help with AJAX partial not refreshing browser asking to save .js instead
8:24AM 0 Need help related with prince library
8:13AM 0 does anyone encounter this weird partial problem?
7:29AM 0 Passing object as URL parameter
7:17AM 0 how to add,list, delete, view using ajax?
6:47AM 3 No route matches "/MyTest/" with {:method=>:get} error...
6:45AM 3 Protecting the code
6:36AM 0 Database clustering
6:32AM 1 Help with "No route matches "/MyTest/" with {:method=>:get}"
6:16AM 1 Dynamic Select Box
5:13AM 0 Getting new items from an RSS feed
4:12AM 2 Custom Links in User Profile
3:10AM 0 restful_auth and -includes-activation
1:13AM 1 how can I override a partial from a plugin??? where does "render" look for partials?
12:40AM 0 rails cookie missing for IE
Monday September 22 2008
10:52PM 3 Is it possible to have forms that are too DRY ??
10:49PM 1 Error Handeling
10:38PM 0 South Carolina Ruby Conference
10:22PM 0 Parsing HTML Email with Inline Images
10:05PM 2 Activerecord: use attributes methods instead of attrs var
9:43PM 5 Authentication including Authorization (Roles/Rights/Permissions)
9:24PM 3 ActiveRecord find in order for an array parameter
9:23PM 1 Showing a Form
8:28PM 1 How to filter info and keep everything DRY
8:08PM 0 Unicode in fixtures
7:18PM 6 how remove blank leading spaces before validates_uniqueness_of
6:43PM 7 joins vs include?
5:52PM 3 Make Private Uploaded File
5:34PM 0 We have excellent Ruby on Rails developers..........
5:08PM 1 MysqlTableSyncer 0.2
5:07PM 0 Problems testing method with rSpec
4:52PM 8 System calls prohibited?
4:44PM 3 syntax error in RJS
4:26PM 0 Re: ar-extensions 0.8.0
4:24PM 0 проблема gem install mysql CenOS
4:14PM 1 question about render
3:51PM 1 attachment_fu and server generated assets (PDF)
3:09PM 4 [NEWBIE] How to (pre-)process custom content types for model object creation?
3:08PM 2 Determining the member type in Params Hash
2:09PM 2 IRB won't work
2:06PM 0 accessing validation information from the controller
1:58PM 0 new app - where to start
1:31PM 9 find_by_sql issues...
1:19PM 9 Weird transaction problem
1:08PM 0 New form ends up in index.
1:08PM 0 'require frameworks' : no such file to load --active_resource (Runtime Error)
12:08PM 1 hello good eve to all
11:24AM 5 will_paginate not showing
11:23AM 2 Pls tell the answer
11:11AM 1 Ccreating methods on the fly / counting distinct field values
10:49AM 1 Creating database static data (roles, adminstators accounts)
9:56AM 4 auto_discovery_link_tag generating an href tag
9:45AM 8 TimeZone daylight savings time problems
9:39AM 31 DATABASE Query performance
8:54AM 0 Open Source Social Networking
8:52AM 6 No such file or directory, file_column problem
7:57AM 2 Is there anyway to embed log info into response?
7:17AM 3 Searching for multiple possible values
7:05AM 2 Variables visible in all actions in a controller
6:47AM 7 Polymorphic Controllers and Views
6:45AM 0 filename protection (encryption)?
6:33AM 2 Controller level variables
4:47AM 3 new user, please help!
3:58AM 0 Troubles with Flex Image plugin...
3:55AM 0 ActionMailer with Google Apps
3:25AM 0 return ID after create (rails 2.1)
2:08AM 1 Writing a functional test and checking render :text
1:56AM 8 Problem with route.rb file
12:22AM 8 in `activate': can't activate aionpack (= 1.13.6, runtime)
Sunday September 21 2008
10:06PM 6 How to generate this request with NET::HTTP
8:28PM 6 extract a substring
3:25PM 1 Finding Listings that Belong to Categories
1:01PM 3 MPM -- prefork or worker?
10:19AM 0 Routes and spacename
8:52AM 4 Problem with attachment_fu and ImageScience
8:23AM 2 Table with selectable rows
8:13AM 3 converting a ruby array to javascript array
6:15AM 0 Reporting tools
3:06AM 14 summing child rows in HABTM table
2:14AM 12 Gem Update issues
12:22AM 0 Saving dependent objects in a has_many relationship
Saturday September 20 2008
11:43PM 3 application URL prefixes in the File Column plug-in
8:41PM 4 RJS and :visual_effect
6:18PM 4 rspec problem stubbing with ActiveRecord assiociations
4:36PM 5 multiple in one form
4:35PM 0 Report tool
12:18PM 4 Preventing users from using your app name in their name
12:02PM 10 Move to namespace
10:22AM 3 Observer doesn't work properly... in development?
9:43AM 1 Best DB structure - any advice?
9:09AM 4 How to make logout link appear everywhere
8:10AM 2 How Do You Replace Snippet Tags in a Page's Body?
7:02AM 0 form_for on a nested singleton
6:38AM 1 RESTful design question
5:50AM 1 how do I call "super" if I over-ride a plugins method???
5:19AM 1 simple_captcha does not work in test environment
3:13AM 2 dynamically adding and removing routes
2:25AM 19 RoR IDE - which one do you use?
1:13AM 2 NameError: uninitialized constant Inflector
Friday September 19 2008
11:40PM 0 Rails 2.1.0 / RSpec 1.1.4 mismatch?
10:32PM 1 Truncate Bug?
10:18PM 7 Saving to the database using link_to_remote?
9:28PM 2 Updating a Field in All Records of a Model, Efficiently?
9:00PM 0 [JOB] Softwareentwickler/-in, prometheus-Bildarchiv, Universität zu Köln
8:35PM 5 RoR Application Web Template?
7:37PM 0 attachment_fu file perms
7:33PM 4 ActiveRecord (2.1.1) and time columns
7:21PM 2 Using Rails on MAMP via Passenger?
7:02PM 0 unpacked activerecord-oracle-adapter vs. system gem
7:01PM 1 When to add mongrel clusters
6:24PM 0 validates_uniqueness_of: passing a method to :scope
5:22PM 7 Non-Ruby REST client for Ruby REST server
2:55PM 0 11 deleted messages in this conversation.
2:41PM 5 Problems freezing rails
2:29PM 0 Rounding Errors using GeoKit
2:10PM 3 named_scope not retrieving id
2:03PM 1 Freezing Rails to 2.0.2
2:03PM 0 ANNOUNCE: Roodi 1.3.0 - Automated ruby code checking
1:57PM 0 Actionmailer
1:35PM 0 Downtown Atlanta - RoR Zealot - looking for peers to chat over beers
1:20PM 2 how to add a root in to a namespace in routes.rb ?
1:00PM 1 naming the visitor's contact object (zena).
12:35PM 1 1 comment system for multiple models
11:01AM 1 Form margins : how to get rid of them
10:18AM 0 What ruby you are using 1.8.6 or 1.8.7 for development and hosting ?
9:55AM 3 What's the loweset level between database and ruby
9:11AM 1 Updating timestamp when adding model via association
7:50AM 1 Help with best approach(fairly easy question)
6:34AM 0 :serialize "rot" after some time?..
6:12AM 3 how to order @project.tasks?
6:04AM 1 report display
5:29AM 3 Error on RoR on Linux
5:18AM 6 Re: how do you support languages? [DAMN IT!*]
5:06AM 3 create Graphical charts using rails
3:38AM 1 Need suggestions for caching strategy
3:13AM 3 Model newb qustion
2:30AM 1 how do you support languages?
2:22AM 1 nested-layouts
2:02AM 0 problems with collection_selects....
1:24AM 3 [Quesiton] Is there a way to debug the rake file I created?
Thursday September 18 2008
9:23PM 0 ActiveResource Breaking Under FastCGI
9:19PM 4 comparing datetime
7:43PM 4 Inheriting model detail
7:21PM 1 user_observer (restful_authentication) causes failure in loading rails
7:13PM 2 Element belongs to Form
6:45PM 0 Setting Quantity on Product within Shopping Cart
6:44PM 8 Agile Web Development with Rails Second vs Third edition
6:33PM 4 I wanna do a project on RoR
5:58PM 5 controller issue with plurals
5:00PM 0 routing.rb help please
4:22PM 3 Plugin or Gem install is too slow
4:19PM 6 Ruby style programming (DRYness)
4:19PM 18 Technical recruiters on list
3:35PM 2 Ruby on Rails Resource required - New Jersey - 6 Months +
3:23PM 7 Ruby developer Position @ Midtown , Atlanta
3:21PM 0 Detect client time_zone
2:52PM 0 Ruby Manor, now with confirmed venue and dates
1:51PM 2 form_for not producing the correct form action=""
1:51PM 1 jrails or jq4r
1:39PM 5 Paperclip vs. Attachment_fu
1:32PM 1 RESTful routes with :has_many
1:16PM 1 specific table id...
1:05PM 1 respond_to js and redirect - inconsistent results forwarding JS requirement
12:28PM 1 "xxx_id may not be null" when saving many to many joined objects
12:22PM 0 auto-complete in IE
11:37AM 3 problem with set_table_name
11:05AM 1 Mongrel cluster and threads
10:43AM 2 change_table is not working on production server
10:13AM 4 truncate problem
10:11AM 3 How to get the code staright in to Netbeans from GitHub
8:41AM 9 "Nil object": really?
8:19AM 2 about memcached
6:17AM 5 Paginate in another controller
5:29AM 1 Attachment issue
3:05AM 8 handling association changes? What's the best practice?
2:30AM 2 Setting up Fleximage
1:30AM 14 0% experience
12:28AM 4 How to create hash of hash?
Wednesday September 17 2008
10:52PM 0 Scrape web sites with Mechanize and Hpricot
10:46PM 5 swfupload with active_record_store? Or any other 'mass'-uploader?
10:45PM 8 interacting select_tags using onchange
10:05PM 4 How to loop through element after an inspect?
9:17PM 2 remote_form_for not passing element parameters
9:04PM 1 Building Gem of a Rails app
8:33PM 1 Command Line Apps "Beach ball"
8:31PM 0 Problem with url_for and namespaces (in in_place_editing)
7:57PM 0 Fetcher/god script not working
7:30PM 0 Ruby on Rails Resource required in NJ
7:09PM 1 Stubbing Paperclip calls to Amazon S3 (for Rspec)
6:58PM 0 Open Invitation to Join with DeveloperWiki Knowledge base
6:44PM 0 permalink_fu and classes with different primary_key than id?
6:17PM 8 About: multi database performance on Substruct
6:15PM 1 Rubygems version needed for Rails 2.1?
5:55PM 0 mySQL Replication in Rails >= 2.x
5:18PM 0 validation problem
4:34PM 6 Get a list of all foreign keys (with their respective tables
4:22PM 0 rails project
3:27PM 0 Git and Instant Rails
1:10PM 0 undefined method `format_and_extension'
12:46PM 4 how to reload everything in script/console
11:30AM 0 console reporting 2.0.1
11:27AM 3 require doesn't see a file
11:15AM 0 Mysql::Error: #HY000Illegal mix of collations (latin1_swedis
10:07AM 1 xls export
9:25AM 1 storing settings ?
9:17AM 2 Layouts and content_for
8:07AM 1 url_for not working in model
7:51AM 0 sortable_column_header
7:27AM 4 How to use frame in RoR
7:13AM 0 is there a way to drop into debug view mode after an exception?
7:07AM 1 Memcache problem
6:32AM 2 AR: add attribute to model
6:31AM 1 Ajax Problems
6:11AM 4 how to validate against a field that is not in the model?
5:56AM 1 (strange) error on assert_equal
5:44AM 4 to get multiple check_box values in controller
2:45AM 0 memory leak? shows up in mongrel, not webrick
2:12AM 3 Depot app error: Unknown action
12:38AM 13 Capturing the sql from a statement without executing it?
Tuesday September 16 2008
10:06PM 8 rspec, Rails 2.1.0, rubygems, Mac OS X Leopard - rubygems does not recognize latest version
10:01PM 0 Turning off cookies for RESTful service connected to Mule
8:52PM 6 Ultrasphinx - field is invalid - can't get :filters to work
8:24PM 3 Is it required that user provides his password to update?
7:43PM 0 Error: No plugin called...
7:29PM 6 Reverse Ajax with RoR - what is the best option?
7:28PM 1 Close browser
6:43PM 3 uninitialized constant Hpricot::XChar
6:34PM 12 Newbie Join-Model Misery
6:28PM 4 send_file problem with IE7. Save Image as untitled.bmp
5:55PM 1 rubygams
5:40PM 0 Country and cities... + Rails plugin...
5:18PM 1 Rails 2.1.1 Bug?
5:16PM 3 fields for grouping problem
5:04PM 7 id in form_tag for update
5:00PM 4 using ajax effects properly
4:56PM 6 Creating a Daemon (win32-service) and Accessing ActionMailer
4:50PM 7 Saas design considerations
4:39PM 2 Spam check and rails, do you think is it possible?
4:35PM 3 has_one :through eager-loading problem
4:14PM 0 Authorization header using ActiveResouce
2:47PM 5 Rails hook for post-processing after page is rendered?
2:09PM 2 Don't use 'type' as a DB column name ..
1:55PM 19 count optimization
1:47PM 0 Ultrasphinx, terminal not verbose anymore in development
1:29PM 0 Clash between rails and facets for String exension 'chars'
12:33PM 2 RoR skills assessment - anybody know these guys?
11:38AM 1 @from in emailer.rb not working with rails + gmail
11:25AM 0 problem regarding routes configuration.
11:17AM 4 text_field_with_auto_complete
7:11AM 2 about association
7:10AM 1 about form_for and date
7:02AM 0 POST parameters incorrectly appended to REQUEST_URI
6:46AM 0 Inserting data into a JOIN table!
5:24AM 1 config.gem vs require 'somegem'
5:16AM 4 vmware macosx
4:36AM 0 Announcing Ruby Dcamp
4:33AM 1 get_type_metrics': UnableToReadFont '(null)'
3:26AM 0 Datanoise ActionWebService questions.
1:27AM 0 Mobile Aware Mobile Integration Server and Rails
1:22AM 1 [JRuby] Exposing rails method as java class
Monday September 15 2008
11:36PM 0 Routing Broken in Production Environment
10:45PM 1 map.resources :staff, but /staff/ gives show action, not index?
10:34PM 2 Rails autocomplete
10:26PM 2 Passing an array into controller
10:24PM 2 Status of Shipping gem
9:09PM 3 Post variables
8:24PM 1 [attachment_fu] Allways triggering after_attachment_saved callback
8:07PM 3 Creating types or categories
7:16PM 0 Rails and Word -- Revised
6:17PM 0 Instant Client: Connecting Oracle and Mac
5:37PM 4 Expire cache from BackgroundRB async process?
5:31PM 1 Ruby-GetText-Package-1.93.0
4:48PM 1 RMagick Image Rendering Problem
4:47PM 4 Accessing multiple rails apps from inside network
4:38PM 0 Error while assigning the content type
4:13PM 2 Viable for lone developer to create & run non-trivial subscription site?
2:59PM 3 XML/Excel export?
2:43PM 0 Active Record 2.1.1- oci8 - Table Name Quoted
2:34PM 2 Can't get script/server (or any script to work) in beginning ROR installation
2:32PM 0 Caching RJS fragments
1:58PM 1 Difference between "require VS include"
1:43PM 1 url_for_file_column within if within a partial
1:36PM 1 Variables in error pages
12:01PM 1 Best rating plugin
9:54AM 3 Bug in rails-1.2.3(number.years.ago)
9:45AM 0 Database server without rails and Capistrano
8:45AM 1 Using multipart/form-data when calling 'post' in tests
8:33AM 10 Merb?
8:32AM 0 Webpage has expiered problem
7:13AM 0 best practice to indicate exception/validation error?
7:13AM 4 Background tasks that need to start right away
7:11AM 0 Unusual Time Behavior in 2.1
7:07AM 2 Odd Behavior for datetime_select
6:45AM 0 Issue with routes while running the STORIES
6:06AM 2 Recursive updates
4:46AM 1 creating large test datasets
4:46AM 1 what is best practice to indicate exception/error in controller?
1:02AM 6 ActiveRecord: save_only_valid_attributes ?
12:39AM 2 Can some one Please help me
Sunday September 14 2008
11:49PM 0 The state of SOAP.
11:40PM 0 How to get session's cookie string
10:55PM 3 Helper methods not availlable in controller
8:34PM 2 form_for search question
8:26PM 2 Postgres adapter issues with Rails 2.1: ruby-pg is the answer!
8:12PM 1 Anyone know what test_with_limiting_with_custom_select is testing
8:05PM 2 Find every subclass of an object
6:27PM 3 libpcap with Ruby
6:00PM 1 Rails 2.1 and Ruby 1.8.6-p237
5:14PM 0 issue w helper
4:53PM 3 paperclip attachment destroy
4:31PM 4 Ruby PHP and Apache
4:17PM 1 integrating my site with eldorado forum
3:02PM 4 render partial and text in one action
1:06PM 5 acts as taggable on installation problem
12:38PM 4 no sort in a select
10:23AM 6 searching with pagination
8:01AM 2 Serializing an AR object into an attribute in another
6:13AM 0 Real time form validation
4:48AM 1 noob - nested resource and destroy
12:10AM 2 rake spec:rcov => [BUG] Segmentation fault ruby 1.8.6 (2007-09-24) [i386-mswin32]
Saturday September 13 2008
8:16PM 9 Routing Problem????
7:30PM 0 Prawn 0.2 - Fast, Nimble Ruby PDF Generation
7:01PM 2 Is CodeGear's 3rdRail dead or dormant?
5:52PM 2 image_tag for images outside of application
5:11PM 3 An issue regarding http://localhost/3000/
4:02PM 1 Messaging Plugin with Conversation
3:11PM 2 Generating XML in a model
10:53AM 3 Data type of MySQL result fields is always string
10:35AM 2 rake db:migrate caues BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) on Vista
9:25AM 4 send email
9:19AM 2 prototype & scriptaculous js lib loading error...
8:22AM 7 basic select drop down returning the right params
12:38AM 2 <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5"/>
12:09AM 4 Setting up RoR with Postgresql ---heeellpp!
Friday September 12 2008
11:25PM 0 New release Lockdown 0.5.21
10:23PM 0 Cyrillic letters
9:57PM 0 nested XML using REST
9:56PM 2 getting controller, action, and params for a given path
9:37PM 1 template paths and view paths with namespaced controllers?
9:35PM 1 restful_authentication rspec failures "Mysql::Error: Incorrect datetime value:"
8:55PM 1 Ruby Pages Not Updating
8:53PM 2 association extend rails 2 feature
7:50PM 5 Order that virtual attributes are processed
7:40PM 1 Tracking Users in a Rails App
7:15PM 3 Help: A copy of ModelSecurity has been removed from the module tree but is still active!
6:57PM 3 Pull from two tables to populate a select
5:57PM 1 Re: install question RE:ruby-1.8.6, rubygems-1.2.0, rails, mongrel on redhat 4
5:41PM 0 Re: Conditional RJS for :create action
5:29PM 0 Java's long-term problem
5:29PM 0 Toronto Ruby on Rails Project Night Returns Sept. 19th (Seaside, WebVelocity, and ActiveRecord)
5:14PM 0 Exclude globalize from action
4:18PM 1 sort_by issue on multi criterias
3:38PM 2 Problem with find_by_sql()
3:16PM 0 Conditional RJS partial rendering based on request source
2:08PM 3 Locale model to store language value not working
1:41PM 6 The error occurred while evaluating nil.to_sym
1:40PM 0 Nested observe_field and IE
1:30PM 2 Problem using "rake gems:*" with mongrel_cluster, ruby-oci8, and sqlite3-ruby
1:28PM 3 Monitoring my production application
1:22PM 0 Thank you
12:54PM 1 Dealing with nil relation
12:23PM 6 Mysterious spaces in output
12:13PM 1 Senior Technical Architect – Minimum 8 – 10 years experience
11:42AM 0 how to retain fckeditor's value
11:37AM 0 File extension changes xlc to doc
11:35AM 0 Bypassing Paypal Integration
11:32AM 3 migrate my rails app from v=1.1.6 to v=2.0.1
11:02AM 0 routes: has_many vs. nested
10:40AM 0 polymorphism with created_at and modified_at
10:33AM 2 Get an attribute's value without calling the AR get method
9:28AM 1 REST & Routing: namespaces within resources
9:12AM 2 Using Rails view templates without the Controller? How?
8:39AM 1 Referencing exactly two models of the same kind
6:48AM 3 Params hash in rails
6:11AM 14 An open source ruby on rails shopping cart
3:56AM 2 tzinfo_timezone
2:21AM 1 Problem with links in rails app - appending path after the text?
2:15AM 0 Does any one know of this plugin "Acts As Emailable"
12:17AM 0 pls help me install this plugin (acts_as_activity_logged)
Thursday September 11 2008
11:02PM 3 Running a specific migration
8:19PM 5 Page does not display
8:17PM 5 How to track down never-ending requests
7:57PM 1 persistent_disabled = true but still querying the DB
7:00PM 6 Getting a list of models, AND custom model directory
6:25PM 0 Using gmail smpt in production
5:50PM 1 Beginner Question: Formatted Text Data -> Hash -> Database.
5:42PM 2 time value won't come back from UTC
5:15PM 4 Problem with set_table_name and custom method in model
5:13PM 1 Rails 2.1 Timezone Support
5:11PM 1 Sending a file to a user
5:02PM 1 Session data is not saved in the session file although file created (using :p_store)
4:59PM 1 Version of rails app
4:54PM 0 session/marshalling
4:21PM 0 Corrupted Pound (£) character with ActionMailer
3:52PM 3 Rails Architecture,big app or multiple small app
3:51PM 1 use date_select to show only Saturdays?
3:37PM 2 Database Interaction Encoding Problem
3:35PM 4 (unknown)
3:11PM 1 How to turn an account page to pdf format?
2:57PM 0 Session data not saved in the session file although file created (using :p_store)
2:50PM 1 Login system not loading
2:48PM 1 rating method or plugin
2:12PM 1 ruby
1:37PM 8 How to know the action (name) which I am coming from?
1:34PM 1 ruby-odbc and OpenEdger 10.1C
1:02PM 1 Enconding decoding? what to do
12:45PM 0 inheritance fail.
12:12PM 2 adding items in sent items page
10:50AM 2 respond_to and format
9:57AM 0 [ANN/ADV] RubyConf 2008 registration now open!
8:35AM 1 find :all and RAM memory
8:34AM 5 Can't I call a private method from a self.method
8:12AM 0 Strange attachment_fu problem: thumbnails limited to 1
7:47AM 1 cached_models
7:31AM 1 utf 8 or something else ?
4:55AM 1 How does the sub-domain like urls are created in web apps?
4:04AM 1 (Gem::RemoteFetcher::FetchError) can't get connected to the net!
2:32AM 9 Common models code - where to put it?
12:54AM 2 Off Topic: Lots of Ruby on Rails jobs available
Wednesday September 10 2008
11:35PM 2 specify length / decimal places in a migration?
11:24PM 2 ultrasphinx and has_many_polymorphs
10:45PM 1 Edge rails - wrong number of arguments in validations.rb
10:04PM 3 schema.rb gotcha and how to load default entries in DB
9:55PM 0 mod_fcgid: couldn't bind unix domain socket
7:53PM 1 jquery slider
7:49PM 1 legacy database and set_table_name
7:21PM 0 Accessing storing url params as instance variables
5:34PM 1 Set Value of text_field after onchange
4:21PM 6 Includin a statement in each method
4:05PM 1 Approach on handling Access Control List and Permissions
3:59PM 9 counter implementation
3:39PM 0 Re: 1.1.6 bug? Recognition failed for "/rails/info/properties"
2:48PM 3 namespaced layouts?
1:54PM 5 xmlhttprequest for updating
12:06PM 0 Date informations lost
11:29AM 14 Possible Bug: Firefox 3.0.1 - embedded objects
11:04AM 2 How to get fleximage plugin work on edge?
10:36AM 4 Deploying rails in an intranet
10:32AM 0 Check if render's HTTP body was transmitted successfully
10:14AM 7 problem with showing image
7:41AM 1 Time Problem
6:24AM 5 Using the collect method to collect to a 2 dimensional array
6:11AM 1 Attach mail
6:02AM 1 forced to do CGI::unescape, an alternative?
2:20AM 0 custom field name for error messages
1:45AM 4 Get Rid of Date in Migration Filename
1:39AM 0 wrong number of arguments
1:26AM 1 custom field name for error messages?
1:11AM 4 Clickheat on RoR
Tuesday September 9 2008
10:00PM 0 Setting view path in a plugin to include plugin views
9:15PM 6 How to model a polymorphic relationship?
8:37PM 6 how do i use a newly installed gem?
8:36PM 0 MethodNotAllowed error when reloading routes on Rails 2.1
8:26PM 0 proxy pass based on html header attribute
8:24PM 7 HowTo search a string for content?
5:45PM 3 Polymorphic problems with an abstract class
5:30PM 3 if on certain page display, else display
5:25PM 3 objects and attributes
5:19PM 2 Accessing eagerly loaded children
4:41PM 5 a simple way to generate a comma separated list of codes?
3:50PM 6 How do you manage Access Control?
3:09PM 2 Build objects from csv, using column headers as attributes
2:12PM 5 logger.info request.headers in production does nothing?
1:53PM 6 How? Why? Production Woes
1:27PM 2 (Dir.glob("#{@path}/**/*/**") | Dir.glob("#{@path}/**")) != Dir.glob("#{@path}/**") ?
12:09PM 4 ActiveRecord - schema and relations between
11:23AM 6 Routing problem in Rails 2.x
10:29AM 6 Prioritizing Mailer Queue / Action Mailer
10:10AM 2 generate serialized attribute in fixture
9:59AM 2 form_for submit to a custom action
7:56AM 2 MissingSourceFile error
5:50AM 5 Help: fastcgi connection refused
4:31AM 0 is there a rails equivalent to the java "tiles" layout approach for JSP pages?
4:18AM 6 Paginator prob
4:10AM 0 Re: NetBeans to IntelliJ to Eclipse to NetBeans to Eclipse to IntelliJ - Evaluating IDEs for Ruby o
12:43AM 2 Character not being displayed correctly using Rails
12:14AM 1 please help: ar_sendmail not sending emails
Monday September 8 2008
9:52PM 12 Convert javascript array to ruby array
9:03PM 2 collection_select reseting selection whenever page refreshes
8:45PM 4 Is it possible to determine a page request from a refresh
8:32PM 1 Group By Hash Problem. Help!!
8:25PM 0 configuring an object inheriting from actionmailer
8:21PM 0 uninitialized constant error with restful authentication
6:54PM 2 Restful Authentication and State Machine state transfer question
6:22PM 2 help - mongrel not running on windows, MissingSourceFile
5:59PM 1 Very special app design question
5:37PM 0 Best way to send JSON request/get a response from controller?
5:26PM 5 HELP: sends my id as my action
4:40PM 2 Amateur Programmer
4:29PM 2 The Back Button and multiple form submits
3:39PM 0 Ruby Manor: Now with less vapour
3:14PM 1 request.referer
2:37PM 2 How can I remove messages from Errors object?
2:25PM 6 How to return current host or domain?
1:41PM 0 helper method with block--with list iteration?
1:17PM 8 CMS on Rails 2 and easy to integrate with?
11:53AM 0 problems with datetime_select
11:20AM 1 handling checkbox in rails?
11:14AM 3 Store test data into the testing database using rspec
11:12AM 0 Head of Interactive - New Job Opportunity
10:56AM 1 ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid Error
10:55AM 0 Group By / Filters with UltraSphinx
9:53AM 2 Time slow by one hour.
8:24AM 2 full path of a uploaded file
8:14AM 3 to learn REST
7:03AM 0 DateTime conditional for RSS parser
6:34AM 0 redirecting both http://xxx and http://www to one uniform UR
6:13AM 5 Webrick mount app
6:10AM 1 :collection
5:59AM 1 Roo gem installation fail
4:35AM 1 reaper is not restarting mongrel with the latest release path?? (but rather an earlier releases path)
3:21AM 4 Can Rails work without database?
2:48AM 2 new to rails
2:10AM 2 Weird error in Hash.to_json
1:20AM 0 keystroke commands
1:17AM 1 Changing Date Format - it works, but then I get a "uninitialized constant ActiveSupport"
12:39AM 0 assert_latest now takes "polygamous" arguments
12:16AM 0 Having Trouble Matching A Blank Line In TextMate Bundle Editor
12:08AM 1 trying to create a folder dir in rails.
Sunday September 7 2008
11:48PM 0 rake gems
10:42PM 4 HOw do I perform this conditional validation?
8:05PM 0 how highrise/famspam do custom emails
7:55PM 1 remote_form_for, paths, and partials
7:19PM 0 text_field with has_many, :through =>
7:04PM 0 Bug in ActiveRecord::Dirty (2.1)
6:12PM 1 Processing pictures
6:03PM 0 Screencast on deployment with Capistrano and Passenger
5:30PM 6 How call distance_of_time_in_words() from controller?
3:30PM 3 in_place_edit_field HELP
3:14PM 2 Seriously stumped cannot call attribute out
2:05PM 2 Problem finding method while testing a helper
12:24PM 0 How to properly upload a file in the same form as a parent model?
12:10PM 2 Relationship in a Volunteers Project
10:37AM 3 ActiveRecord not writing to tables
10:35AM 0 Attachment_fu stores the wrong size
9:04AM 0 Request profiling - login and authenticity token
6:14AM 4 paperclip not working on update action (rails 2.1)
2:38AM 0 Update HABTM
1:56AM 11 plugging in to rails application lifecycle
1:07AM 2 inspect_sql
12:40AM 8 How do I make an API?
Saturday September 6 2008
10:56PM 6 Active record question
9:39PM 3 Cropping with Attachment Fu
9:14PM 2 Atom feed bad dates in google reader?
7:40PM 1 OT: 3 Passes for WindyCityRails up for grabs
7:05PM 0 no thumnails
6:54PM 1 Need a suggestion for calculated value
5:11PM 0 How to organize modules.
5:08PM 6 Configuring custom library
4:36PM 4 what am i doing?
4:33PM 1 Web administration interface for Rails?!
2:21PM 0 undefined method `install_gem_spec_stubs' for #<Rails::Initializer:
12:00PM 2 nested array .select statment
11:45AM 4 Speed up Rails and cgi script
11:33AM 2 Server is not running....
10:34AM 0 Hiding private records from search results (Thinking Sphinx)
10:17AM 0 A column width for each line?
9:24AM 0 uploading non image file using file column plugin
8:36AM 6 ajax on rails
8:16AM 1 nested array minimum
6:08AM 4 Is Rails 2.1 "protect_from_forgery" == csrf_killer plugin?
5:43AM 2 Error starting server after freezing rails
3:25AM 1 Multiple Tables in Single Resource?
12:59AM 0 Web server won't start after freezing gems
Friday September 5 2008
11:44PM 0 how to route to an action with ajax.request
10:15PM 4 Java vs. Ruby on Rails
9:59PM 6 pagination and sorting
9:11PM 1 recommendation for a multilingual site
8:14PM 0 Pop3 Ruby calls cause loss of MySQL connection
8:10PM 0 Auto_complete and chrome
6:59PM 9 background process for mail delivery
5:24PM 0 Meet Arab, Russian, American Singles From All Over The World .. FOR FREE .. !!
5:21PM 0 [ADV/ANN] Building Google Maps mashups with Rails
5:03PM 7 MySQL gem
4:50PM 0 Ruby on Rails developer needed to clean up faults in ROR programme, London
3:41PM 0 Ruby on Rails Developer needed in Parsippany, NJ
3:17PM 5 find_by_sql parameters
3:05PM 1 ActiveScaffold :form_ui select
2:46PM 2 remote_function's JS output will not execute
2:41PM 1 Auto complete issue with ie7
2:29PM 6 Add all metods in ssl_required
2:28PM 0 installing Firebird adapter with ActiveRecord 2.1.1
1:55PM 7 refactoring thick models? what approach do you use?
1:44PM 2 Why we need routes.rb
1:44PM 0 Recursvie Search Refactoring
1:39PM 3 Rails overriding database default value?
1:34PM 1 RubyGems requesting win32/service on Red Hat Linux
1:14PM 1 Gsub jocks - Do you have an example that does this?
11:30AM 1 A beginner in Ruby rails...........
10:06AM 12 protecting records from public view
9:44AM 1 dry application architecture
7:13AM 3 Error trying to save DateTime object in DataBase
7:11AM 0 UI framework choice
5:39AM 0 Implementing Group By and Sum
5:19AM 0 Weird weird DateTime object issue in rails 1.2.3
4:37AM 11 mongrel configuration
4:04AM 0 foreign_key_migrations plugin causing incorrect type columns to be created in test database
1:54AM 0 externals project: a way to do svn:externals -like actions with any combo of SCMs
1:40AM 6 Mixin application.rb problem
1:23AM 1 Reflection on association / AssociationProxy
12:35AM 4 Newbie question - Using RoR with mysql on leopard
Thursday September 4 2008
10:26PM 1 Easy way to redirect to "Please Wait" page while JSON request completes?
10:18PM 8 A few newbie questions about RoR
10:08PM 3 Http Basic Authentication and AJAX
9:23PM 1 can't find RMagick on Windows?
9:06PM 0 autotest error - `slice': can't convert Regexp into Integer (TypeError) ???
8:26PM 1 actionmailer sends from commandline but not from web
7:14PM 5 Rails/Apache/Mongrel/SSL
6:56PM 3 Moving HTML out of a model
5:22PM 0 Record Count in AR using to_xml Options
5:19PM 4 about transaction do..end block (or critical section)
4:59PM 3 ActiveRecord.find.each do
4:46PM 2 Unable to clear cached pages
4:46PM 0 in_place_editor_field javaScript
3:28PM 1 Authenticity Token into javascript
3:20PM 0 ActiveResource testing
11:49AM 3 Cookies in custom class
11:36AM 3 Can you use observe_field to watch a select list and then update the contents of a text field?
11:27AM 0 ar_mailer not mailing
11:13AM 0 Re: Specifying a URI prefix for a route
9:38AM 0 Can I have a model being populated from an rss feed instad of a db table ?
9:21AM 0 Lang/en.yaml Need your help.
8:53AM 0 What's the problem with paginate?
7:33AM 0 Monitor your server with 3 lines of Ruby
7:21AM 6 Designer role in ROR development......
6:05AM 1 Problem with video uploading
5:52AM 4 Moving code to model from controller
5:03AM 0 Where to put mapping functionality
5:01AM 2 Eager loading, like column names, and conditions
4:43AM 2 This is really strange... I need help plz
4:36AM 0 New Version of IBM_DB Rails Adapter/Driver for IBM DataServers now available
3:55AM 4 Find with includes, conditions on included tables, and limit
3:39AM 2 How to add a class to my anchor?
3:05AM 1 Some newbie help needed on validating a nested form/model
2:48AM 0 Aptana Colorization ... like Textmate
1:45AM 0 attempting to use fixtures with STI and references
1:28AM 3 Regular Expression help
12:48AM 2 304 Error
12:07AM 3 MySQL connection collation
Wednesday September 3 2008
11:07PM 0 Twice rendering of the pages
10:56PM 4 Disable timestamps (scaffold.css?82563531) for wget?
10:22PM 1 Selenium IDE or Selenium on Rails?? Is there a BIG difference?
9:11PM 2 Custom Sort - Possible?
9:02PM 5 Eager load associations in Oracle problem with more than 1000 records
8:34PM 1 Sharing Methods Across Fixtures
7:44PM 2 asp response.redirect in RoR?
7:28PM 0 When is init.rb run for gems?
6:39PM 1 edge rails config.cache_classes = true breaks applications
6:27PM 23 error connecting to mysql
5:57PM 1 validates presence of foreign_key & auto child save
4:59PM 0 saving to mysql while displaying a partial that calls for the list of mysql items lags
4:45PM 0 Finding the right session file with Session ID in log.
4:12PM 2 The very model of confusion with models and adding a record to joins
4:12PM 0 converting web-pages to pdf
3:53PM 2 strftime and 10th of a second?
3:26PM 1 hi
3:03PM 3 Tertiary has_many association forms, difficult! (SOLUTION)
2:16PM 2 Highlighint rjs problem on a new product
1:55PM 2 LoadError when installing RubyGems on Red Hat Linux
1:23PM 3 Error using scaffolding in Rails 2.0
1:06PM 3 Link_to_remote
12:57PM 1 actionmailer - how to access request.env
12:21PM 9 Best server solution
11:13AM 0 check_box problem +rails 2.0.2
11:02AM 0 replace a new record with an existing one
10:58AM 3 Can I call another controllers method from a controller?
9:36AM 1 [Help] How to pass multiple arguments to a method in a worker?
9:19AM 0 How to convert SWF file to PDF
9:04AM 4 delta index in Sphinx
8:56AM 0 hot to convert swf to jpg
7:57AM 0 Edge Rails + restful_authentication
7:23AM 4 HABTM fixtures issue
6:20AM 1 request.remote_ip returns kok + ip
4:51AM 2 how can i disable the named routes generated in a nestes route
4:38AM 3 programming the dom in rails
4:17AM 0 Shouldn't this work: RAILS_ENV.development?
4:12AM 1 Can I now use a symbol to access the assigns hash?
3:08AM 0 RESTful controller ajax update
1:34AM 0 how can i clear the inner resources route in a nested route
1:16AM 0 Database default value problem
12:04AM 0 302 Found, but no redirect
Tuesday September 2 2008
11:59PM 1 Ruby on Rails Developer - available
11:35PM 2 MySQL lookups on VARCHAR with accents
10:48PM 3 Issue with JSON gem
9:59PM 3 Unable to set default_url_options[:host] for Action Mailer
9:31PM 2 Actionmailer - Multipart and Outlook?
8:58PM 7 Rails lack of documentation (render nested layouts)
8:40PM 1 query_with_result? and patch question
7:51PM 2 Record is not saved to database
7:27PM 5 Appending a record to a table
7:02PM 2 Module that adds same class & instance methods
7:01PM 18 How can I prevent ENTER from submitting form?
5:50PM 2 validates_uniqueness_of in update
5:41PM 2 Needing a (better) Selenium Testing Tutorial
5:11PM 1 best way to freeze Rails?
5:04PM 6 Scaffolding
4:58PM 7 SVN question??
3:23PM 4 concatenating parts of sql queris
2:24PM 2 delta index in Ultrasphinx
2:10PM 0 action timeout
2:03PM 1 Validation messages without field names?
2:00PM 6 preserving data in production
1:57PM 3 checkin date issue
1:45PM 4 Attachment_fu, Paperclip, & S3
1:37PM 0 Accessing session data in plugin controller.
1:27PM 9 Where to put basic site pages?
1:20PM 1 Use clustering on multiple physical servers
12:55PM 14 SQL 3 Lite Error
12:41PM 6 Writing new controllers
12:15PM 4 Rescue rails errors
11:00AM 3 find conditions syntax problem
10:30AM 8 Php MyAdmin like Facility for Active Record
9:54AM 1 Rails Validation query....
9:28AM 2 Last record from a has_many association?
8:36AM 1 seledted option for select_tag
7:50AM 2 How write between query in rails
7:40AM 1 get value of checkbox
7:17AM 0 SQL - Merging fields from two tables into one, including dup
6:53AM 1 Rails Plugin Question. Help Please..?
6:16AM 0 Problem using GeoKit plugin from rake task
6:06AM 26 can not fetch data from other table
5:49AM 7 Deploying My Rails App
3:05AM 1 About ready to ditch rails
2:00AM 3 Kete 1.1, an open source Rails application for online communities, is here
1:14AM 1 AJax.InPlaceEditor - Controlling initial text selection
1:04AM 1 Deploying Rails patches (diff)
1:03AM 1 Nested has_many :through relations fixed in 2.1.0?
1:03AM 2 Finding: Want closest match, not exact (complex LIKE)
12:29AM 0 Trying to fill in a couple of text fields based on user selection from a drop-down list
12:12AM 10 production trouble
Monday September 1 2008
10:46PM 2 ActionMailer::Base send via "secure connection"?
10:15PM 0 From Router To Controller
9:25PM 0 Re: Use a Builder rxml template for more than one controller in Rails 1.2?
9:10PM 2 HABTM Question
7:37PM 1 Generate rails models from an existing database
5:34PM 6 Help with generating random item number
5:02PM 4 Lightbox2 javascript file behavior different on web server and localhost ?
4:40PM 0 Apache configuration for using plugin Xsendfile
4:09PM 10 Single Table HABTM
3:19PM 2 Help with link_To
2:24PM 2 freezing blucloth gem into an app?
1:54PM 0 Named_scope on has_many relationship
12:53PM 0 How can I customize substruct
12:40PM 3 Trying to using if loop with session stored value but it won't fork
12:16PM 3 basics questions on rails
10:55AM 3 assigning a method argument to a model attribute
10:07AM 1 pdf attachment to be in the same name
8:53AM 10 Re: Comparing between different attributes. programming noobie
8:39AM 4 Generating Images/PDF Server-Side
8:20AM 1 upadte database
8:17AM 1 Authenticating using wordpress authentication system
7:45AM 4 action view mutiplication problem and why doesn't method work
6:01AM 1 mail sending in production mode
3:20AM 3 Array::index broken
3:15AM 1 Mixing JS with check_box_tag
2:44AM 0 What gets called on belongs_to child on parent.save
1:44AM 6 Can't install file_column
12:31AM 2 multiple vhosts with rails sites with apache+mongrel a better way?
12:13AM 1 Time.parse problem