Rails - Aug 2008

Sunday August 31 2008
11:28PM 2 Hash#slice!
11:06PM 1 Doubt at ActionController::Routing::RouteSet::NamedRouteCollection#clear!
10:44PM 3 Auto_complete_for not found?
10:12PM 3 Installation Help for RoR on Debian Etch
9:47PM 6 why's my course_duration being reset
8:44PM 1 attachment_fu show unsaved images?
6:36PM 9 assigning collection values and exceptions
6:08PM 0 Best way to capture metadata
5:27PM 0 attr_accessible & site administrator issue
4:30PM 1 Best Approach for Master/Slave Form SELECTs
3:51PM 2 capistrano deploy:stop
3:46PM 9 Mongrel hangs with 100% CPU / EBADF (Bad file descriptor)
2:06PM 4 attachement_fu : resize_to's not working
12:19PM 4 newb q: Dynamic Dropdown Menu - Observe field - Ajax
10:28AM 1 File field becomes String
7:41AM 3 Thin Controller Fat Model (and calculations)
4:57AM 3 openLDAP in Ruby on Rails
3:40AM 1 Re: Browser detection with Rails?
3:30AM 0 drop down menu to show directories
Saturday August 30 2008
10:15PM 1 Bypassing session integrity check
8:56PM 1 rails 2.1.0 doesn't find my rails app
8:50PM 1 Plugin best practices
7:56PM 12 Primary key non default name
7:49PM 3 attachment_fu && image caching
5:23PM 3 Working with sessions in beast forum
4:37PM 0 Validations fail but updates the model
3:56PM 0 Announcing our first Rails web application: Tip Jar for Your Blogs (Mephisto or Typo )
3:48PM 0 Share hash between session? I need ASP Application Obj?
3:48PM 0 Venture a guess as to why Rmagick / Imagemagick forgets to shrink thumbnail?
2:18PM 0 Is it possible to execute code before and after *all* integration tests are executed?
10:38AM 3 UltraSphinx for Rails
10:01AM 7 find syntax problem noob problem
9:46AM 4 acts_as_commentable: find Post by date of comment
9:21AM 0 Flash embeding in pdf
7:28AM 2 Issue with Sqlite3 on Ubuntu
6:33AM 1 teardown
5:03AM 5 make layout false
4:49AM 0 Need only current month in dropo down using date_select
12:40AM 1 split a long string of output data separated by space and occasional timestamp.
Friday August 29 2008
10:15PM 3 Quick Question with if else statements
8:50PM 7 Default Page Only?
7:53PM 0 Re: ActiveLDAP cannot load in script/console
7:37PM 8 How to dump a variable?
7:28PM 2 Logging to a database rather than a text file...
6:15PM 0 Upgrading from InstantRails 1.7 to 2.0
4:53PM 6 Use Rails to develop websites that frequently change layout
4:04PM 0 [ADV] Rails Wheels search and licencing system for Rails software
3:54PM 2 Complex form with ajax
3:54PM 1 Bluehost hosting from scratch
3:32PM 1 Validation doesn't work (ActiveRecord::BaseWithoutTable)
2:48PM 4 Best way to generate an API key?
2:20PM 3 Rendering partial forms
1:48PM 1 How to validate TimeWithZone model attribute
1:31PM 4 Can a "facebook" application be written in RoR?
12:45PM 2 javascript files empty
12:20PM 1 Model Associations (is this OK?)
12:00PM 1 RE: Different rails environment
11:00AM 0 Manual reloading required file
10:51AM 0 has_many :through complex form hint request
10:38AM 0 Need help to implement Business logic
10:24AM 0 Magic Comments and Actual Comment
9:44AM 4 newbie question for installation
8:37AM 1 changing an element's class via AJAX
7:42AM 0 Code caching in development period
7:19AM 2 rake db:test:prepare
6:26AM 2 parameters seem inconsistent
5:17AM 1 A Total Newb Question about Runt...
4:15AM 2 help with complex hash
4:03AM 0 Re: Active Mehcant + Transaction is invalid?
3:51AM 1 Question About Gems And DataBase's ?
3:45AM 7 Using attachment_fu in existing user model with edit/update
3:22AM 1 Re: Active Mehcant + Transaction is invalid?
2:47AM 3 Many to Many Relationship with One Model
2:05AM 0 auto_complete_for and more
1:47AM 1 Prototype: Inject JS variable names into generated code?
1:21AM 2 Validate size of but for encrypted password..
Thursday August 28 2008
9:36PM 1 date_select problem
8:57PM 3 Dates in ActiveRecord
8:48PM 0 Default Database with ODBC and SQL Server
7:53PM 2 migration flag
7:32PM 3 Error: No migration with version number 2
7:12PM 3 help with activerecord, has_many and :order, please
6:55PM 4 Business logic in controller?
6:30PM 0 Line item confusion
6:22PM 1 Deployment?
5:29PM 0 Radiant CMS Sprint weekend
5:18PM 0 Has_one with :source_type
5:08PM 2 1 or true in TINYINT(1) column?
4:37PM 0 Re: Generating links iin mails : Action Mailer
4:14PM 2 Rails Migrations and database views
4:04PM 0 Rails 2.x Configuration Cheat Sheet
3:32PM 3 Can't modify frozen hash during validation
3:25PM 0 Array mangled from view to controller
2:23PM 12 Rendering User attributes in XML
2:16PM 3 database dump from application
2:11PM 1 discussion forum implementation
1:41PM 1 rspec story - access session
12:46PM 2 Generate sequential numbers from database
12:36PM 5 RS232 in ruby
12:36PM 0 problems while updating gem
12:06PM 0 "Unable to instantiate observers" !!??
11:35AM 0 How to frame the regular expression for special characters
11:09AM 0 Mysqlplus a new thread aware MySQL driver
11:08AM 0 auto copy
10:49AM 2 tree structure in rails?
9:49AM 3 How to pass uri ?
9:18AM 3 Ajax Table Plugin
9:01AM 0 How to handle nested and not nested resource in an action's controller?
8:42AM 0 [JOB] Rails Developer
8:42AM 2 Forcing the Loading of Named Routes
8:19AM 5 To submodule or not to submodule? That is the question.
7:57AM 3 Error in Migration
7:36AM 5 strange error when starting webrick/mongrel server
6:48AM 1 RoR with cpanel
6:03AM 3 Forcing Views
5:54AM 3 Trying to insert a date
4:32AM 1 validations on update
2:52AM 2 Anonymous scopes hitting database
1:57AM 2 Sorting with relationships? [total noob]
Wednesday August 27 2008
11:59PM 0 Ruby on Rails Developer - Looking for challenging assignement- Currently in Bay Area
10:49PM 2 how to create dropdown box location
10:36PM 4 Combo Select Filter Data
10:35PM 11 find_by_sql and xml_serializer problems
10:31PM 0 Problem with forms in Rails 2
10:23PM 2 Displaying two different data sets at the same time.
10:12PM 9 "||" equivalent for .blank?
10:09PM 20 writing Rails tutorial
9:36PM 0 Workaround when associated object is null
8:22PM 3 helpers in rails to get current IP number
8:19PM 3 helpers in rails to get URL using AJAX
8:18PM 4 Using controller methods in rake tasks
8:12PM 0 helpers in rails to get URL (using AJAX)
7:50PM 1 content_type and MIME::Types.type_for
7:40PM 6 Restful routes
6:16PM 2 Sanitize SQL?
6:11PM 2 Sorting records into groups by date
5:36PM 0 link_to
4:23PM 1 redirect with multi-dimensional parameter hashes
4:13PM 0 Re: google_analytics gem problems
3:52PM 0 collections on routes
3:35PM 4 Application wide values/code
3:31PM 1 Default route within a namespace
2:18PM 2 How to pass a Ruby Array to a javascript function ?
2:12PM 6 protect_from_forgery :only => [:create, :delete, :update] what does this do exactly?
1:56PM 1 resizing images in rails?
1:47PM 0 Using ActionView helpers elsewhere
1:07PM 6 Model help with school app
1:05PM 0 Open / Close Connection
11:24AM 2 How to send mail with multiple attachments
9:59AM 13 join sql query in rubyonrails
9:47AM 6 Query problem
8:51AM 1 How to Execute html code in text area
8:36AM 1 Getting error information from XML Schema validation
8:11AM 8 Getting "undefined method `macro'" for different classes
7:19AM 5 How to get a Rails job?
7:07AM 0 Edit & Email an Excel Spreadsheet in Rails 2.0
6:28AM 5 Calculate percentage in Rails/Ruby
6:25AM 6 How do you include lib files
4:37AM 0 Re: in_place_editor_field doesn't work with Float column
3:29AM 0 Commercial ERP Application using ROR?
1:22AM 1 Subdomain Fu Routing Question
1:20AM 0 i18n simplified
12:04AM 2 Sporadic NonInferrableControllerError on nested controller tests with Rails 2.1
Tuesday August 26 2008
11:52PM 3 Two Noob Questions
11:23PM 3 render :update returning null
11:08PM 5 undefined method
9:48PM 8 Migration Error
9:40PM 3 Best practices to get DB-agnostic datetime comparisons?
9:39PM 2 Problem with ferret and fixtures:load
9:27PM 2 Why are schema.rb, migrations, models separated?
8:39PM 1 Problem: has_many, (belongs_to, has_one) creating a many_to_many
8:29PM 2 External link with parameters
8:06PM 2 Syntax problem or something else?
7:58PM 0 Advanced ActiveRecord - Envycast.com
7:46PM 2 Builder doesn't play well with IDEs
7:24PM 0 Benchmarking Rails unit tests?
7:21PM 3 File uploads
7:14PM 2 May have to use Cake PHP...
7:06PM 0 acts_as_versioned rails 2.1 namespacing
6:42PM 0 How long would this take?
5:37PM 5 Drag and Drop :complete
5:26PM 1 transaction not working with update_attributes!
4:30PM 9 Execute Scripts from a Controller
3:04PM 1 How do you rewrite this with the :group option?
2:53PM 0 gems
2:25PM 0 Dirty Fields in Rails 1.2.6
1:46PM 0 character limit for tinyMCE textarea
1:39PM 1 validate the tinyMce textarea
1:39PM 1 scaffold return to index page
12:34PM 1 please help with model
12:20PM 2 Unique db ID
12:04PM 3 user pages how are they done
11:59AM 0 in_place_editor_field doesn't work Float
11:34AM 4 Polymorphic associations, wrong use?
11:30AM 1 Load data from database > open-flash-chart
11:10AM 1 Newbie -How to install RoR on xampp for osx(leopard)
9:54AM 5 Running tests
9:52AM 1 upload_column NoMethodError
9:14AM 2 AJAX tabs cannot pass instance variable to partial
8:52AM 0 utf-8 encoding problem for text field
8:22AM 4 undefined method `find'
8:00AM 1 Installing Rails 2.0
7:54AM 0 restfull authentification
7:40AM 3 Breadcrumbs plugin
7:11AM 1 problem in reading the columns from an xls file
6:46AM 1 Looking for shipping services Plugin
5:59AM 4 Date store problem in rails 2.0
5:30AM 0 need your help/ views for distributed programming with ruby
5:25AM 1 Javascript+partial form problem
4:46AM 9 simultenious rails versions on single machine
4:18AM 2 Collection of Check Boxes and Labels
3:14AM 4 Difficulty adding RubyGem to environment.config
3:10AM 2 Manage 1 ressource with 2 views, the "Restful way"
1:52AM 1 Running a Perl script in the background
12:30AM 6 Rails deployment issue... no such file or directory - getcwd? huh?
Monday August 25 2008
10:14PM 3 Manipulate retrieved database find query object, multiple tables and one legacy database (phew)
10:13PM 1 prototype.js Ajax is slow
9:31PM 2 Validating an association
9:26PM 0 SuperInPlaceControls - Works or just Evil?
8:51PM 1 prevent multiple reloads of a page
8:29PM 2 word_wrap & restful_authentification
8:09PM 1 acts_as_state_machine: SecurityError calling insecure method
7:45PM 3 Parsing text
5:13PM 7 rake gems:install requires the gems it tries to install
2:23PM 6 Passing instance through AJAX
2:00PM 0 ActionController::MethodNotAllowed
1:26PM 1 accessing a variable in the view
12:36PM 2 maths not working (can't get this)
12:35PM 1 Catch forgery errors
11:46AM 3 Generating ROR application through sql server
11:42AM 3 How to generate a PDF from html.erb file..
11:01AM 0 moving files in server?
10:57AM 1 A general implementation question
10:55AM 1 Action Mailer : FROM ADDRESS
10:30AM 2 :order =>
10:19AM 0 Controllers and Views
9:54AM 4 POST'ing a file with link_to
9:47AM 3 Rails with php
9:27AM 2 differnce in development,production
8:31AM 0 :URL Problem
7:08AM 2 to catch exception from update_attribute
7:04AM 4 implementing open_id with acts_as_authentication
6:29AM 2 Difference between render :template and render :partial?
5:15AM 4 InstantRails
1:56AM 1 Error message when installing restful_authentication from github
1:53AM 3 haml says yes, rails says no
1:26AM 0 NeverBlock supports ActiveRecord
Sunday August 24 2008
9:48PM 11 link_to_function check javascript attribute
8:52PM 3 tricky include question
8:46PM 2 config.after_initialize and development mode
8:14PM 4 Rails and prototype: adding a child to an element
7:40PM 1 Charting the rails - ZiYa gem 2.0.2 released...
7:20PM 0 Help with thesis idea - REST and Enterprise Mashups
6:35PM 8 Validating form data without saving
6:20PM 4 RAILS_ROOT is not a directory error
5:28PM 2 Age calculation, where to put it?
4:12PM 0 Validations (when not saving to the database)
4:12PM 1 many to many :through problem
1:45PM 1 avoiding exceptions in views
11:07AM 0 Rails & searching
10:35AM 4 to_json of hash containing an array
10:18AM 2 Possibilité d'executer une application dans .....
8:27AM 8 POST Requests are mapped to my index action.
8:04AM 14 Passing Parameters
7:08AM 1 alternatives to yield?!
6:40AM 0 Creating a user page
5:05AM 4 Change Log level at runtime
Saturday August 23 2008
9:51PM 0 annotate_models duplicates comments
9:47PM 8 Phusion Passenger thoughts?
9:20PM 0 Where to "spawn" (background tasks in a rails app)
8:36PM 1 Understanding how DB migrations are applied to test databases
8:36PM 0 best way to define assocations...
8:01PM 1 Simple localization in Rails 2.2
7:27PM 2 <%= yield :article %><%= yield :agentur %>
7:17PM 2 Bluehost deployment
6:58PM 13 Question about ActiveRecord assoication and :join
6:55PM 2 Ruby URL format
6:11PM 14 Rails Testing Framework lacking documentation
5:39PM 0 From Builders - Plugin, Custom, or None
5:16PM 2 Having trouble setting up model relationships...
3:16PM 23 Auto_complete through User.name
2:25PM 1 Web Game Written in Rails - Restful or No?
12:40PM 2 <%= link_to('Want to read more',:controller => ) %> ???????
11:00AM 0 how to read content from existing pdf through rubyonrails
10:47AM 2 Method models and complex querries...
10:26AM 2 Re: Giving up on Rails: programmer un-happiness
10:17AM 0 Model methods and joins...
10:01AM 7 select only if exist?
10:00AM 2 Rails installation problem on windows
9:38AM 1 Model methods
8:05AM 2 how to convert .rhtml into pdf
7:54AM 1 PayPal IPN without activemerchant, please.
7:49AM 0 Re: Giving up on Rails: programmer un-happiness
7:08AM 0 Invitation System - Design Help for Newbie
7:04AM 0 Why ActionController::Base.class_eval for includes?
6:50AM 0 Substruct 1.0.a4 RELEASED
5:36AM 1 Route segment ":controller" cannot be optional because it precedes a required segment.
2:56AM 3 about active record read and write attributes
Friday August 22 2008
10:59PM 0 Does map.root need to be the last named route in routes.rb?
9:54PM 5 check box tag
9:43PM 0 Rewriting url path element as parameter
8:56PM 0 Re: Giving up on Rails: programmer un-happiness
8:52PM 0 Re: Giving up on Rails: programmer un-happiness
8:43PM 0 Iphone Routes Help
8:33PM 4 Sum Method in Active Record
7:51PM 0 link_to_remote options[:position] broken in edge?
5:35PM 5 Please send me
5:19PM 1 Pulling from more then on table to populate a select_box
5:13PM 8 first attempt: array of hashes, please help
4:46PM 2 How to find/open Spec::Expectations and Spec::Matchers
4:30PM 1 Install the gem or a package?
4:09PM 0 acts_as_leashed, my first 'plug-in'
2:58PM 6 Closing HTML Tags, or Containing HTML
2:17PM 1 Adding style attribute to authenticity_token
1:42PM 8 check_box with problem
1:25PM 0 Not generating wsdl file??
1:15PM 3 Paginating Partial?
12:47PM 1 Current convention to generate a website?
11:28AM 3 Simple question for processing array hash
11:18AM 0 Re: Model after_* methods
10:32AM 6 Ruby on rails wth php
10:16AM 2 install old version of rails
9:26AM 12 load data from database in a combo box
9:19AM 3 db migrations
9:12AM 1 Access denied
9:03AM 0 WiceAssignmentLists Plugin
8:10AM 2 Mime::Types where?
7:36AM 0 Slow FIle Upload Safari and Litespeed
7:13AM 14 Re: Giving up on Rails: programmer un-happiness
6:58AM 3 Couldn't find Admin with ID=list
6:54AM 1 how to show the images
6:45AM 0 ROR access through symlink(stylesheets are not called)
6:39AM 1 need help regarding query log dataset
6:19AM 2 Javascript: click vs dblclick
5:48AM 3 consume web services with a rails app?
5:38AM 0 Re: Giving up on Rails: programmer un-happiness
4:22AM 4 about time compare
4:13AM 5 Testing tutorials needed
4:12AM 1 several images view
4:09AM 4 Can a project use another projetc's model, controller,files?
3:58AM 6 has_many and belongs_to question
1:52AM 0 Ar-extensions import - on_duplicate_key_update error
12:25AM 2 help with Autotest + Rspec
12:00AM 0 Problem deploying simplelog
Thursday August 21 2008
11:51PM 2 creating a selection box
9:14PM 1 Help for a newsletter system..is ar_mailer the right choice?
8:39PM 18 Polymorphic problem
8:27PM 1 noobie guides
8:24PM 0 Re: Ruby Sessions - getting created for every request from I
8:20PM 4 has_and_belong_to_many relation
6:39PM 4 How to bypass model validation
6:12PM 0 Using Active records as data objects
6:05PM 1 validates_uniqueness_of not working - urgent
5:32PM 5 Using time.now.advance
5:28PM 4 Switching to Rails 2.1
4:48PM 1 Re: rails 2.1 after upgrade from 1.2.6 have fixture weirdness
4:13PM 0 script/console .irb_history is messed up
4:03PM 3 has_many show partial new foreign key - help
4:01PM 4 Form GET / POST problem
3:55PM 4 Unable to update form...
3:44PM 0 session cookie missing
3:38PM 2 Find files in directory
2:36PM 3 Newbie: Simple Routes
2:30PM 0 SSL for PayPal
2:06PM 0 Work from home Ruby on Rails project
1:38PM 5 Is there a more efficient way to work dropdowns from other t
1:37PM 6 Better way to itterate through array
1:30PM 0 MySql grant all permission error
12:06PM 0 Re: image manipulation on the fly
10:11AM 0 Re: Theory Question
9:28AM 5 how to apply a class method to a limited collection of the objects?
9:17AM 0 Ajax Pagination Problem
9:15AM 0 Re: Where do I put my own class?
6:01AM 0 Re: Jaggernaut or Jabber for IM in Rails?
5:41AM 29 Rails Laptop
5:40AM 0 Re: Jaggernaut or Jabber for IM in Rails?
5:10AM 0 Re: Issue with request and response on server
4:43AM 3 modeling and querry difference?
4:19AM 0 Migration error after upgrading project to Rails 2.0
2:49AM 4 radio_button_tag - examining the selected value
2:19AM 0 Re: Developing a Rails server on XP
1:52AM 0 Can anyone recommend a safe way/strategy to input some search conditions via URL parameters?
12:01AM 0 Ruby Hoedown 2008 Videos Now Live
Wednesday August 20 2008
11:54PM 1 acts_as_ferret and DRb server errors
11:07PM 0 Re: text does not wrap.
10:56PM 6 Re: uninitialized constant User::Authentication
10:30PM 9 missing will_paginate
9:07PM 1 default named_scope
9:01PM 7 :include confused by true?
8:54PM 0 List-Usenet gateway back up
8:10PM 2 newbie question on rails development
7:50PM 1 Re: Rails and Social Networking Sites
7:32PM 1 Re: Ajax help
7:09PM 0 attachment_fu and inheritance
6:27PM 0 Re: Find(:user_id)
6:05PM 2 Re: Stubbing out ThinkingSphinx for Rspec
6:02PM 0 Re: problem in check_box
4:32PM 2 Rails Developer
4:29PM 0 Re: Help with RoR partial views
4:13PM 5 You have a nil object when you didn't expect it ?
4:05PM 7 Association Abuse?
3:33PM 1 Re: Simple captch plugin
3:33PM 1 Re: Help Receiving a http POST to my application
3:28PM 0 activeresource: self.prefix = .../:id/... (need to set :id?)
3:27PM 1 Re: cancel upload button
3:23PM 0 Radio button with Observe field
3:22PM 0 Re: Difference in public class methods and instance methods?
3:20PM 3 can't get scaffolding to work
3:15PM 0 Rendering another action instead of the specified action
3:01PM 1 drop down
2:55PM 3 installing a fork of a gem from github?
2:42PM 2 Re: cancel upload button
2:31PM 0 Re: How do you build a site using RoR on a Godaddy hosting server?
2:26PM 0 Re: Order
2:26PM 7 PayPal IPN and SSL
2:23PM 3 Ruby Openssl error / Webrick
2:21PM 12 Cannot get rails rolling
1:49PM 1 Re: Association > Correct way?
1:21PM 0 Re: Sorting activerecord returned timestamps
1:20PM 0 Re: Help from rubyonrails 2.1
1:12PM 2 Re: undefine "require_gem"
1:03PM 0 Re: Difference in public class methods and instance methods?
11:20AM 3 What version of Rails/Ruby to use...
Friday August 15 2008
7:41PM 0 South Carolina Ruby Conference -- Call for Proposals
Thursday August 14 2008
3:08PM 0 Best way to host edge and stable repo at GitHub?
Thursday August 7 2008
7:42PM 0 [ADV] Last day to register for the Hoedown!
11:00AM 0 [JOB] Softwareentwickler/-in, prometheus-Bildarchiv, Universität zu Köln
Monday August 4 2008
3:21PM 0 [ADV] Last week to register for the Ruby Hoedown!
Saturday August 2 2008
1:52AM 0 Customize Errors from method
Friday August 1 2008
11:16PM 3 Partial loop counter in Rails 2.1
11:08PM 1 How do I create this relationship in Rails? At least...what's the best way?
11:06PM 1 parameters
10:51PM 4 Activerecord concurrency
10:51PM 1 dispatch.fcgi processes looping
9:46PM 1 rescue_from ActionController::MethodNotAllowed
9:45PM 0 NameError in Rails/infoController#properties ( uninitialized constant ActiveRecord::Base::SQLite3 )
9:34PM 0 "config/initializer" replacing "lib" folder ?
9:33PM 0 Update picture and not show the one in the browser cache?
9:32PM 5 noob question -- where are rake files/tasks/scripts located
9:22PM 0 YM4R Add label to top of marker
8:37PM 4 paginate conditions
8:20PM 0 Help with Access Control
7:54PM 1 Learning RoR How do I scaffold an existing dev MySQL Database
7:51PM 2 image_path without timestamp
7:41PM 2 Problems loading gems
7:38PM 1 Re: Using FormTagHelper methods outside of a view
7:21PM 1 RForum in Rails?
7:09PM 4 Problems with will_paginate gem
7:01PM 0 Setting "from" address in ActionMailer
6:50PM 1 RJS templates, how to call a method from a specific controller?
5:31PM 4 ActiveRecord relationships problem
5:23PM 0 Re: simple javascript
5:15PM 1 Escaping SQL when using connection.execute?
4:17PM 2 Will Paginate and formatted JS calls
3:45PM 0 One day Ruby event in London, later this year. Interested?
2:28PM 2 Rails 1.2.6 errors on Oracle 8i DB
2:07PM 1 XSS and SQL Injection attacks
1:22PM 0 :data, upload help
1:12PM 0 Radiant 0.6.9 "Etch" - Bugfix Release
12:45PM 6 Implementing a credit-based system
12:35PM 2 restful_authentication
12:35PM 2 problem with resources map
12:18PM 0 Pagination How to
12:04PM 0 to_xml and to_json behaviour with nil values
11:36AM 0 Creating Accounts with Subusers
10:23AM 5 Merge two arrays
9:03AM 7 Strange update_attributes behavior
8:48AM 4 Improved find syntax in rails
8:16AM 1 private equals protected on controllers?
8:11AM 2 REST error
7:07AM 3 [ANN/ADV] The Rubyist -- a semi-monthly magazine for Rubyists AVAILABLE NOW
5:43AM 4 know of any timeline components? (plugins, flash. etc) i.e. plotting time (horizontally) versus resources/projects vertically
5:36AM 1 what the best rails Content Management System at the moment?
4:07AM 2 Is this a many to many relationship??
12:44AM 2 BigDecimal to letters