Rails - Jul 2008

Thursday July 31 2008
11:42PM 2 is it possible for table intersection reference same table
10:58PM 5 routting question
9:19PM 6 observing collection_select + text_field
9:13PM 2 render a url?
9:10PM 5 Running Rails on 64-Bit Linux - Segmentation Fault
8:46PM 15 Another newbie - how to save related data?
7:50PM 1 Passing variable
7:42PM 1 Re: Little help please.
7:22PM 1 Functional tests don't detect that locals are not passed
7:15PM 1 Stuck on options_from_collection_for_select
6:29PM 1 Re: Changing url
6:26PM 1 Rails 2.1.0 caching on development
4:29PM 0 RoR Posting for Scientific Programmer needed
4:09PM 6 SQL
3:48PM 1 Trying to delete file using FileUtils not working
3:44PM 0 Looking for a RoR Programmer for a Scientific Application within a Project at NIH
3:21PM 2 Only get, put, and delete requests are allowed
3:20PM 2 I'm a newb ... I'm not be able to add a new method to my controller
3:20PM 2 Freeze field in active record
3:19PM 4 REST doubt
3:09PM 7 Web-Server for RubyOnRails in Development period
3:03PM 0 Lone Star Ruby Conference 2008
2:55PM 2 Basic n00b question
2:22PM 2 selected value for options_from_collection_for_select
1:23PM 1 Re: Prototype
1:14PM 0 count of users between months
12:57PM 0 Re: How to re-construct ActiveRecord from yaml
12:54PM 0 file_column - edit a record
12:04PM 2 backgroundjob scalability vs starling
9:34AM 0 Good OSS Project for REST / Resource Examples
6:54AM 1 Can't access model method in view
5:38AM 4 difficulty nesting array in hash
5:24AM 2 Help with sorting results
4:11AM 1 Getting a a list of acts_as_tree items with hierarchy
4:02AM 0 Re: find_with_ferret conditions?
2:01AM 0 Top Online Culture site in NYC seeking two backend ROR Dev's
1:41AM 2 Download video using link_to
12:48AM 0 Filtering one data set based on user action from another controller
12:46AM 7 ssl_requirement ajax call from non https to https
Wednesday July 30 2008
10:58PM 1 Sequence of migration execution in 2.1
10:27PM 1 postfix and rails (ubuntu)
10:01PM 1 Couldn't find Photo with ID=index
9:55PM 0 ajax Effect.Scale
9:21PM 0 getting value of collection_select
8:54PM 0 Sending input value to controller
8:33PM 2 Alphanumeric Sort
7:57PM 0 Central authorization
7:51PM 4 redirecting with params
7:03PM 0 Is there any way to limit upload size RELIABLY using Apache and Mongrel BEFORE upload completes?
6:59PM 0 Augmenting RESTful routes to make it more informative
6:55PM 1 Re: jQuery.post gets some code but the code isn't evaluated
6:48PM 1 RESTful action for 'save as'?
6:29PM 5 use an array in a controller to populate a select box
6:10PM 1 Re: Problem with array
5:58PM 2 problems learning rake db:migrate
5:49PM 0 A gem to draw shapes and text
5:45PM 8 link_to_remote
5:45PM 0 Re: jQuery.post gets some code but the code isn't evaluated
5:04PM 0 Export to Calendar
5:02PM 0 Best way to do default values
4:53PM 2 datetime field inserted is NULL
4:41PM 0 sqlite3-ruby
4:08PM 0 Testing includes
3:42PM 2 Mysql "lock wait timeout" tuning
3:39PM 0 Work from home and get payout daily.
3:05PM 2 memcached connection failures [2.1]
3:01PM 0 Halt file upload if maximum size is reached. Is that possible?
2:56PM 2 Re: Combining find results from multiple tables/models
2:14PM 1 ActionMailer Not Working After Small Change
1:56PM 0 Re: trouble routing with sub controller
1:31PM 0 Re: Problem with array
1:20PM 0 Rails Error: Unable to access log file...
1:17PM 0 Re: Way to limit file upload size using file_column or attachment_fu
1:10PM 4 AssociationTypeMismatch: Genre expected, got String
12:44PM 0 render :action apparently invalid
12:04PM 1 calling methods from an erb template?
11:21AM 1 STI & collection_select
11:20AM 1 field security best practice
11:11AM 2 IIS and ActiveDirectory integration
10:33AM 1 pagination
9:32AM 3 upcase
9:27AM 0 Store file from file_field
9:02AM 0 timezone support breaks _before_type_cast method
8:43AM 0 Re: Problem with array
8:34AM 3 possible to add columns to a database table from a controller? (not from a migration)
8:30AM 2 need to convert whole letter in uppercase
7:40AM 1 How to validate password complexity
7:04AM 1 Auto complete shakes my page
6:05AM 0 Re: How do I add an action to a controller?
5:56AM 1 datetime field inserted is NULL when value is assigned to model object
5:35AM 0 Re: REST doubt
4:35AM 4 The error occurred while evaluating nil.
4:14AM 0 Re: How do I add an action to a controller?
4:13AM 0 Re: How do I add an action to a controller?
3:57AM 1 multiple asset host
3:04AM 2 insert dynamic values into a hash
2:57AM 11 No db connection in console
2:19AM 1 Need help selecting a good upload plugin.
12:48AM 1 Re: Activeresource
12:28AM 6 Re: :has_many :through form validation messages problem
Tuesday July 29 2008
11:16PM 1 can't crop images using ImageMagick
10:55PM 1 How to parse a .erb string and store the result on another string
10:31PM 1 ActionMailer Not Working After Changing Recipient Email Address
9:51PM 16 Any issues with Redhat?
8:47PM 0 Re: Way to limit file upload size using file_column or attac
8:25PM 1 How to tile text watermark with RMagick?
7:46PM 4 Hampton's Ruby Survey 2008
7:23PM 0 handling multiple lookup tables in rails
7:06PM 2 Creating a custom function that can be called from an instance variable.
6:28PM 0 Getting value from collection_select
6:22PM 1 Re: reading a file from my application (silently)
6:11PM 0 Undefined method referer on ActionController::TestRequest
6:11PM 12 Peter Dierx of railstation.eu
6:00PM 2 Could not find the association
5:34PM 4 Re: Rails session ID changing between requests
4:23PM 2 Rails Site Indexed by Google and Other Search Engines?
3:58PM 0 Strategy Help -- Moving from Development to Production
3:50PM 0 cannot destroy child records
3:29PM 3 sudo root, to make a chown
3:03PM 1 help tracking user statistics with Rails
2:27PM 0 Re: Uploading file inruby on rails
2:08PM 3 Multiple databases questions (newbie)
1:43PM 1 html tags problem in truncated text
1:38PM 5 Detecting IE for my style sheet
12:49PM 4 Soft-coding model names?
11:13AM 0 Installing ruby gems
10:23AM 1 RESTful routes and adding/removing associations
10:01AM 0 Value check of returned symbol
9:42AM 2 Model attribute types
9:41AM 0 appending to a restful resource a custom format
9:36AM 3 getting id in an array
8:08AM 0 appen some script while uploading html file using ruby on ra
7:36AM 0 Re: InvalidAuthenticityToken with Lightview
7:32AM 1 How to validations while updating a model?
7:26AM 0 drag and drop > ajax ?
6:28AM 1 This Rails Hosting Rate at $1 is too good to trust
6:26AM 0 facebook notifications and invitations
6:16AM 4 Pull full date from group_by
4:26AM 3 filter_parameter_logging not working?
4:14AM 0 RE: Similar to yousendit application
3:57AM 1 Passing strings from model to a form, to edit the information
3:20AM 6 Re: The Recently Revised page of rails wiki was broken
2:23AM 3 redirect for ssl
2:21AM 0 Rails 2.1 REST and custom routing - newbie question
2:12AM 2 submitting fields in a table row
Monday July 28 2008
10:58PM 12 Symbol.to_proc is way slower than invoking methods directly
10:53PM 1 Rails or Tomcat - which one to be used for backgorund task?
10:08PM 0 Network SSH and ftp
9:34PM 3 Frames in Rails
9:29PM 4 Elementary "OR" question
9:15PM 0 Using text_field_with_auto_complete in partials?
9:10PM 6 Variable name convention
9:10PM 3 Re: how do I run a Ruby script within the Rails framework (like I was in ./script/console)???
8:42PM 0 Rubygems Issues
8:28PM 0 Re: remote_ip always returns (apache)
7:55PM 0 Rubygems Problem
6:30PM 5 Paginating
6:16PM 0 text_area value
5:16PM 2 Rails app acting as gateway + wrapper?
4:55PM 1 Re: How to Observe a Habtm relationship?
4:42PM 3 getting error Unknown method 'new' for a new model instance
4:22PM 9 Re: Encrypt ROR code
4:19PM 1 problem with built-in named scope all
3:51PM 5 Cannot register a new user
3:41PM 0 "deprecated" error message in apache error log
2:49PM 1 Editing timestamps?
2:38PM 0 Re: OT: Failing site map
1:52PM 0 time zone problem
1:17PM 9 New to ror and confused
1:17PM 0 Mini CMS
1:11PM 1 Help with apache, mysql and rails
1:03PM 0 data redundancy or not?
11:21AM 4 REST nested resources
11:16AM 1 callback executed like after_save but after transaction
9:43AM 3 need to change attr-value when model is loaded
7:59AM 6 :path_prefix on resources not passing to actions?
6:54AM 1 authentication
6:38AM 0 How to render a template in a popup window from a controller action?
6:29AM 2 Introduction to Ruby
6:28AM 0 Re: How to download a file uploaded through attachment_fu?
4:55AM 2 custom url's and routing
4:53AM 2 A Very huge list of Ruby, Rails, IronRuby Books
3:47AM 2 custom validation
1:59AM 0 Error message: ActionView::TemplateError (No :secret given t
1:42AM 1 Re: switching between projects?
1:11AM 1 fastercsv, parse columns into hash/array
Sunday July 27 2008
11:29PM 0 Re: switching between projects?
10:14PM 0 Two peculiarities with Rails.cache.fetch()
9:42PM 7 Model -> with_scope -> session access?
9:32PM 1 Radiant CMS 0.6.8 "Incise" Release
8:19PM 2 navbar: what's the "Rails Way"?
7:58PM 0 dhtml_calendar Plugin and dates
6:10PM 4 REST and extra actions
4:57PM 0 Re: AR model using a table form another database
12:39PM 1 Re: Error configuring s3 with attachment_fu
10:14AM 11 Unable to change the database
7:06AM 3 [newbie prob] Errno::ECONNREFUSED in SayController#hello
5:59AM 5 access denied for root@localhost
5:06AM 2 Rails Cookbook review
Saturday July 26 2008
11:32PM 0 Help - "Cannot start a transaction within a transaction"
11:21PM 1 Finding the most similar topics through tags
11:09PM 1 Subclass does not call super in constructor
10:37PM 1 restful_authentication issue....
8:27PM 4 Is find(params[:id]) safe?
7:20PM 0 Save without calling the after_create
5:29PM 0 IE: "File Download Security Warning" opens instead of executing RJS files
5:27PM 4 Re: Text not rendering as html
4:23PM 0 fixtures, how to set a serialized Hash object
4:18PM 0 Rendered Url in browser & Digg Script & meta tags
4:11PM 0 'connect' user to categories through preferences
3:17PM 9 Is RoR dependent on JavaScript?
2:46PM 0 image upload with attachment_fu
2:03PM 3 Combo Mysql/Rails/DBD question - How do I do rankings?
12:00PM 1 Dropdown selected value not reflecting in edit view
10:21AM 2 Additional parameter for nested resources
9:47AM 4 select_tag help
9:15AM 2 display image problem
8:24AM 1 Liquid on Rails 2.1 still broken?
6:23AM 0 Rendering layout not in apps/layout?
6:01AM 1 Actionmailer weirdness
5:00AM 0 "this version of engines plugin requires rails 1.2 or later"
2:45AM 1 DRYing my app
2:17AM 6 Help: trick to get the domain name of an URL
1:04AM 0 Help building readline on OS X Leopard
12:48AM 4 simple_format, (long) urls, and wrapping
Friday July 25 2008
10:19PM 4 Any Flash/ SilverLight Flex Equivalent for ROR?
10:16PM 0 Array#reject vs Array#each + in-block boolean test--I'm baffled--please help!
10:07PM 0 Prevent the second form-submit on server side
9:59PM 0 [ANN/ADV] Only TWO WEEKS left to register for the Ruby Hoedown!
9:29PM 0 add an auto-increment column with rake?
9:12PM 0 doing Selenium tests and :confirm inside a link_to_remote does not work
9:08PM 0 AR serialize and MySQL, truncation
8:44PM 0 Re: protect my admin namespace
7:43PM 1 margin in body(css problem)
6:17PM 1 Strange YAML Problem: Sometimes can't open file
5:17PM 0 Re: direct sql statement in rails
4:59PM 3 Help me DRY this up please
4:57PM 1 Connecting rails application with Apache web server
4:41PM 4 Re: store image as blob or as file pointers
4:20PM 0 Re: Simple functional test fails
4:11PM 0 Scaffold help please!
3:23PM 1 Adding a global path prefix in routes
3:21PM 2 about registe test
1:54PM 11 auto-complete speed
1:32PM 0 Re: auto_link is not working
1:05PM 7 How to let ".com" be part of the URL: Routing Error
11:43AM 0 :member resources actions and :requirements
10:21AM 2 Nothing raised in functional test if exception is recued in controller?
9:12AM 0 Re: problem with AR after update 2.0.2 -> 2.1.0
8:37AM 2 downgrading rubygems
8:00AM 3 Problems with pluralization...and active record.find
6:43AM 0 link_to option
6:16AM 15 can I access session variable in model
6:10AM 0 Startup looking for Rails talent
4:53AM 1 html file
4:45AM 0 MySQL and loading dates for timestamp columns from CSV
Thursday July 24 2008
11:55PM 2 using strptime to create a date object
10:44PM 9 502 Proxy Error - mongrel_rails, apache, cap 2.0
9:53PM 3 Re: 15 minute blog tutorial
9:49PM 0 Google Map rendering bug when not displayed by default
9:35PM 1 config.after_initialize doesn't seem to run
9:27PM 0 Re: Strange change in form_tag behavior from 2.0 to 2.1?
9:27PM 0 Re: Apache, Mongrel clusters and sub domains
8:57PM 2 deleting model objects
8:25PM 11 Find :last
7:56PM 0 Creating has_and_belongs_to_many from legacy data
7:49PM 0 Errno::EBADF Send an Email in Rails using GMail
7:35PM 0 Linking to a url through a selection list
7:19PM 1 DATABASE update
6:57PM 0 Xml and habtm associations
6:49PM 0 Problem with test file for latest ruby on rails
6:42PM 2 routes.rb
6:39PM 2 Re: Need help with report building. PDF or IMG or what?
6:18PM 4 link_to_remote :with => multiple items
6:05PM 0 will_paginate
5:42PM 0 link_to_remote :with => model.object.col
4:46PM 1 Transfer the database from a RoR project to another one
4:42PM 0 Re: Simple functional test fails
3:49PM 1 Auto completion for dynamically created input fields
3:38PM 1 Re: help speeding up this code?
3:13PM 0 model.sum(:col,:group=>'col1,col2') only return 2 columns?
3:05PM 0 capistrano/ext/multistage?
2:36PM 0 How to drag and drop Images into Textbox?
1:45PM 6 Apache/Mongrel/Rails relative path problem
1:42PM 1 ruby issue : mixing Hash and Array
1:34PM 3 Instance variables created in controller are nil in view
1:18PM 0 Re: Looking for a ROR Partner
1:17PM 0 Weekly logins
1:09PM 1 A model inside another model creation
1:09PM 4 Can Two Active Record Results be Added?
1:08PM 0 Re: Looking for a ROR Partner
1:04PM 4 select in list.rhtml
12:11PM 1 read the pdf
11:51AM 0 harvest error_messages_for to use on redirect?
10:53AM 3 Re: Are there any difference between Ruby on Railse and JRuby?
10:46AM 3 Rails 2.1 cache problem
10:01AM 2 Detect XML Requests in Before Filter / OAuth
9:23AM 1 How to add link_to_remote element with RJS?
9:22AM 2 Render HTML in RSS Builder template
8:56AM 0 vies word document as html format in ruby on rails
8:36AM 0 Eager loading of Associations
7:02AM 1 external htm -> record not found
6:53AM 0 Accessing session values in rails methods
6:41AM 0 word document in html format using Ruby on rails
6:10AM 1 rSpec for testing plugins?
5:49AM 1 association without id in table
5:47AM 0 collection_select
5:18AM 0 Getting Foreign Key to work!
4:37AM 1 respond_to wrong in ie -- html requests seen as text/javascript
3:30AM 3 Having troubles extracting json data within javascript
3:10AM 1 Excerpting a summary from my marked-up blog post without breaking html tags?
1:17AM 2 More Rails-ish Way?
1:10AM 0 ActiveRecord failure, or something else?
12:50AM 1 Is there any way to get the hour/minute value of a DateTime object?
12:08AM 1 Automating a ruby script
Wednesday July 23 2008
9:40PM 2 form_for
9:37PM 1 respond_to weirdness
8:30PM 5 How can determine if an item has a value or not?
7:53PM 1 how to get day name using ActiveSupport libraries
7:41PM 2 Best-practice: :symbol || 'string_literal'?
7:31PM 4 Text::Format assistance needed
6:55PM 0 SMTP Server Used?
6:45PM 0 wsdl not generated when using "expects"
6:17PM 1 Beginning find / validation questions
5:53PM 1 id attribute partial problem in tab
5:28PM 0 I have the same problem...
5:04PM 0 Question about a rails behaviour
4:24PM 1 Rails Rewrite rule (on mod_rails)
4:16PM 0 WSO2 Web Services Framework For Ruby (WSF/Ruby) - 1.1.0 Released
4:13PM 0 Create data model from existing database
4:02PM 3 Premature end of script headers: dispatch.fcgi
3:52PM 1 how does a template know to use attributes before type cast after a validation error
3:32PM 0 Rails process locking
3:22PM 6 Quick Question about Linux command from Controller
3:02PM 2 Globalization Issue
3:00PM 1 Running command line scripts from Rails...
2:56PM 0 Rules behind datamodels
2:01PM 0 Flash-based uploaders: SWFUpload, … and Adobe Flash Player 10
2:00PM 2 accessing the keyname and the value
1:05PM 3 JSON Builder for Rails?
12:55PM 1 session handling in rails and flex
11:50AM 0 Link_to_remote object missing
11:25AM 5 Updating the page dynamically
11:10AM 0 Re: Disabling the vanilla auto-complete
11:02AM 2 Attachement_fu physical storage structure
10:35AM 0 Object saved before validated?
10:10AM 3 read document
9:53AM 1 DangerousAttributeError
8:57AM 2 upload document
8:51AM 2 difference between html.hi to evererb &rhtml
7:28AM 0 google translator - error - page is auto refreshing
6:54AM 1 gsub all character except alphanum and character "&'
6:13AM 4 cannot figure out how to handle multi checkbox
5:35AM 2 writing a new function in the model problem
4:43AM 3 named routes in admin namespace
4:24AM 3 Extracting one column from an array of objects
4:19AM 7 An Index of Frequently Asked Questions
2:53AM 3 Validation method vs. After Save & Rollback
2:17AM 0 undefined method `first' for :users:Symbol
2:15AM 0 RailsDB 0.3 Released
1:20AM 2 2.0.2 migrations seem totally broken
1:18AM 0 default URL and nested resources
Tuesday July 22 2008
11:56PM 5 Rails on Apache: FAIL
11:52PM 0 Re: get a rails locale language value in a javascript function
11:19PM 4 Can someone please help a very eager Rails newbie?
11:00PM 0 Re: How to detect if a string contains any funny characters from non English alphabets
10:42PM 0 Routes dependent on subdomain
10:38PM 1 Image Tags
10:16PM 2 Re: REST w/ multiple views
9:21PM 0 Social search engine -beta
8:56PM 2 another attachment_fu on Windows problem
8:36PM 7 Connecting to MS SQL server from OSX
8:11PM 2 Re: help creating array/struct for select tag
7:46PM 2 sessions
7:10PM 1 AW: help creating array/struct for select tag
6:45PM 4 model error_messages_for
6:27PM 0 Re: **** Rails front-end to OpenLDAP directory
6:06PM 1 Retrieving whole URL in rails
6:00PM 0 voting with sessions
5:43PM 4 Maintaining referental Integrity
5:01PM 0 Rails 2.1 upgrade problem with PostgreSQL 8.1
4:49PM 0 Re: How to convert video in .flv format and grab the screenshots
4:07PM 0 ProxyTimeout
3:27PM 1 File.open.each() while using a 2 level hash
3:26PM 0 Complex Active Record Associations
3:01PM 0 protect_from_forgery and page caching issue
2:06PM 2 howto turn off HTML escaping in form helper 'select'
1:46PM 1 Bizarre IE 7 error - res://ieframe.dll/dnserrordiagoff.htm
1:21PM 1 Rails and Giropay Integration help needed?
12:55PM 5 My Take on Hello World for Ruby on Rails
12:51PM 0 Re: submitting form_remote_tag with text button?
12:47PM 2 Using a has_many association with a LEFt JOIN
11:52AM 1 cannot change :id in form.select(..)
11:34AM 2 ActiveRecord Associations issue
11:32AM 3 Re: script/generate namespaced controllers
10:12AM 2 named_scope
9:56AM 0 Re: AR: Many models on one table
9:46AM 5 RJS opener.reload()
9:30AM 1 prompted to download octet-stream
8:04AM 0 how to workout with option buttons
7:57AM 0 Annotate Your ActiveRecord Models with Comments About Your Table Structure - Rails Plugin of the Week
7:20AM 1 RubyOnRails max perfomance
1:14AM 0 hi
Monday July 21 2008
11:23PM 0 Re: session updates
11:12PM 2 Meaningless REST resources for n:n relationships
11:09PM 1 Polymorphic DRYness? (Acts as Commentable)
11:09PM 1 Time
10:52PM 3 flash[:error] not displayed
10:10PM 1 Garbled Page Caching
9:37PM 4 Bugs caused by ActiveRecord::Base#first
9:36PM 4 Preferred way to disable parts of a RESTful resource?
9:04PM 1 Re: Observer
8:56PM 0 Re: Listing user jobs
7:25PM 2 ActionWebService & soap
7:02PM 0 How do I test if variable Name starts with Alphabet or not?
6:56PM 1 Re: How to Keep Format of Temporary File (How do I?)
5:56PM 0 Help on using Git to pull acts_as_ferret
5:53PM 0 Removing format from routes
4:52PM 1 Digital Downloads
4:50PM 0 Re: find_by_name won't return record id
4:40PM 0 .htaccess exceptions
4:03PM 0 2.1 Gem Dependencies
3:32PM 1 Need help on software
3:30PM 1 bizarre auto_complete problem
3:29PM 0 OpenSSL private key error
3:20PM 6 form_for and select ( => f.select)
3:13PM 1 Quick Question about the 15 minute RoR Blog Demo
3:11PM 1 tutorial for digital distribution
3:03PM 2 Recommendation for separating bilingual contents
2:51PM 2 Session expires, automatic logout
2:16PM 4 Module methods as controller actions
2:05PM 0 texmate rails 2.0 widget for mac os
1:56PM 2 remove trailing zeros from currency and qty
1:50PM 0 ri duplicate entries
1:03PM 3 mobile version.
11:34AM 0 oracle_adapter...ora-00907...
11:31AM 1 Max length for posted data (HTTP POST)?
11:24AM 2 syntax error, unexpected ')'
10:44AM 0 Link to download flv file
9:42AM 1 Software & Hardware Requirements for CentOS
9:31AM 0 Help log4r_config
9:30AM 5 before_filter :except => [:controller => :main_menu] ??? do we have such thing
8:58AM 0 Conditional Sessions
8:37AM 1 edit multipl check box....
7:45AM 2 using image with submit_to_remote
7:14AM 0 The financial training academy Problem with local_request?
6:54AM 1 stop thin webserver
6:19AM 2 webrick needs 80 seconds for starting
6:04AM 1 Displaying Dropdown list value on selection of other dropdown list
4:25AM 3 Asymmetrical HABTM(?)
3:45AM 0 edit radio button values...
3:29AM 0 named_scope and habtm chaining problem
2:58AM 6 RoR broken on my Mac; please help
2:47AM 1 collection_select with HABTM relationship
Sunday July 20 2008
10:47PM 1 Installing plugins from .tar.gz file, how?
10:25PM 1 selected attribute in options_for_select
10:17PM 1 How to access current javascript object by $(this) using remote_function :complete
10:01PM 2 Displaying hash for has_many
8:52PM 2 How to get the responseText from an Ajax.request (urgent!)
7:49PM 1 Caching controller code in development
5:20PM 10 STI and fixtures
5:17PM 0 ssl requirement plugin: exempting a couple of actions from ssl
4:41PM 4 HELP with self-referential join (using another model as join table)
4:13PM 1 What happened to the open-source version of WhooTube?
3:11PM 4 backward associations
1:59PM 2 about dynamic select
1:12PM 8 Is ActiveResource buggy or am I ?
12:24PM 5 Generate a migration file
12:20PM 2 [ANN/ADV] Erik Kastner to join D.A. Black in "Advancing With Rails" training
9:46AM 3 collapse.gif?1208641118 in production
8:47AM 0 eager loading a named_scope
7:52AM 1 about generated id
7:49AM 4 how does request.host get set?
7:41AM 3 WiceGrid Plugin
6:08AM 2 no such file to load -- sqlite3
6:03AM 2 Filtering results through URL (e.g. new?forum_id=3)
1:17AM 2 Anyone got a discount coupon for GoDaddy SSL WIldcart?
12:44AM 3 looking up accessor methods for ActiveRecord objects
12:11AM 9 Hosting Ruby on Rails on GoDaddy - Solved!
Saturday July 19 2008
10:08PM 0 Checking Required Request Parameters
9:52PM 1 Routes
9:45PM 0 Help debugging lost session (rails + facebook)
9:14PM 3 has_many option explanation
9:06PM 2 jump-starting a database application
9:02PM 1 Rails:Using Insert statement in active record?
8:52PM 1 File path of uploaded file
8:49PM 0 Polymorphic associations and forms
8:26PM 0 undefined method `table_name'
8:19PM 0 Undefined Method Errors
7:46PM 4 text_field_with_auto_complete - Trigger on NonSelecting
5:49PM 2 method "first" of a model
4:01PM 5 helper functions permanently altering variables
3:28PM 5 How to alias the columns names to change the name on error_messages_for ?
3:07PM 1 how to write the code in model
2:51PM 2 Gem Error
2:05PM 0 Why MethodNotAllowed all of a sudden?
1:20PM 1 how to show the params value in page.alert
9:40AM 0 association trhough checkboxes
7:43AM 0 Re-routing / Modules?
7:24AM 6 l() helper - what is it?
5:15AM 1 select ... :index => nil is not working
4:22AM 6 how to set primary key in rails 2.0.2
3:33AM 5 select drop down list
3:32AM 2 renaming routes.rb
2:47AM 6 nested ressource path problem
2:37AM 0 Classy Inheritance 0.6.0
2:34AM 0 Lockdown 0.5.16
2:11AM 0 how to use 2.1 gem dependencies
1:02AM 7 IE7 not calling formatted action properly.
12:57AM 4 out of box authentication
Friday July 18 2008
9:51PM 2 Problem with has_many and belongs_to: NameError: uninitialized constant User::Recipy
9:41PM 0 Calling controller without a web request
9:40PM 2 Use script for attachment_fu
9:10PM 0 testing for a controller that does not exist
9:04PM 3 form_for submit ends up in the "index" action.
7:51PM 7 Book Recommendation for Somewhat Experienced Rails Programmer
7:38PM 5 Count number of downloads and link_to
7:36PM 1 Posting XML to remote Web Service
7:33PM 6 Serialize not working as expected. Am I doing it wrong?
7:00PM 3 What does the ||= operator mean ?
6:47PM 1 link_to_function to remove a <div> in both IE and FF
6:25PM 0 Creating multiple objects at a time, the RESTful way?
5:45PM 2 View Inheritance Population, and another question
4:29PM 13 File upload and doc type
4:00PM 1 Uknown ActiveRecord method
3:29PM 4 FasterCSV: Two quick, simple, painless questions...
3:23PM 3 Designing a user system: Groups or STI ?
3:19PM 4 create an array from a hash that includes key and value
3:16PM 0 OpenX ad server API with Ruby
2:58PM 1 before_thumbnail_saved - attachment_fu helper does not work
2:45PM 0 Hi , Ruby on Rails Developer
2:16PM 0 Import predefined data to database using YAML
2:06PM 5 does ruby-prof actually work?
12:32PM 5 Session problem [restful authentication]
11:57AM 2 ActiveRecord: SQL IN operator
11:12AM 1 Print Layout
9:32AM 0 Email not getting deleted on server [Net::POP3]
9:27AM 0 Web crawler - spider and Amazon Web Servces (AWS)
9:27AM 0 override message for validations
9:24AM 0 Documenting web services
9:13AM 1 gettext change language temporarily?
8:56AM 4 Show Validation Errors after redirecting
8:36AM 0 file upload ...
8:30AM 0 make name on link_to_remote change
8:11AM 2 disabled save button when pdf generated
5:52AM 2 mysql query
5:08AM 1 Need explanation for this
3:10AM 1 RESTful Question -- Extra Member Routes
1:43AM 3 Searching for an existant entry in the Model
1:21AM 1 Rails rjs event
1:05AM 4 gem question on hosted service
1:00AM 2 How to make REST web client
12:05AM 4 Is there an elegant way to map column names.
Thursday July 17 2008
11:35PM 1 javascript character counting in a form
10:39PM 1 What is the MySQL app used in the 15 minute weblog video?
10:18PM 2 What is the MySQL app used in the 15 minute weblog video
9:36PM 2 Passing array to the email body using ActionMailer
9:00PM 4 Two belongs_to refering the same model ?
8:59PM 9 Rails install failure on VPS host - suggestions?
8:52PM 1 plugins
8:10PM 9 finding users in a group returned query
7:36PM 0 More trouble connecting Rails to Oracle
7:07PM 2 Bulk Emailers
7:04PM 1 Are there any tutorials on creating a client in Ruby for RESTful Rails app?
6:43PM 2 Form for 2 models?
6:32PM 1 better to use ruby to send email instead of rails context?
6:09PM 2 Selenium docs or tutorial?
6:05PM 2 which controller called my helper method?
6:03PM 2 Getting access to request.env in a model observer?
5:34PM 0 [ADV/ANN] Easy recurring billing with Authorize.net
4:36PM 1 Question about handling 'new items' per user...
4:28PM 1 Create a work folder and a Rails project in Windows
4:28PM 1 :back
3:53PM 2 Problem with link_to_remote, RJS and jRails
3:44PM 2 Using Ruby on Rails with existing Microsoft SQL Server database
3:26PM 10 ActiveRecord keeps returning 1 as the Model's id
3:18PM 0 strategy for partials needed--DRYing up list-generating code
3:18PM 0 render partial vs. render subtemplate?
3:04PM 7 object singleton problem
2:54PM 2 View changes not appearing (have to restart server to see them)
2:35PM 7 REST search parameters
2:18PM 2 Ruby Developer needed in Dallas, Tx
1:56PM 2 RJS Problem..Now Whats incrorect here
12:51PM 5 2 views, 1 action
12:39PM 5 .build method
12:34PM 4 Newbie: how to use link_to to create ftp url to download a file?
12:28PM 1 How does Rails implement filters?
12:04PM 3 Using API Keys with REST
12:03PM 0 How to Reverse Engineer ER Diagram from Mysql
10:36AM 1 attachment_fu and polymorphism. Two models in one form.
10:09AM 4 A Mongrel parsing bug: "&" and "&amp;"
8:51AM 3 Firefox 3 + prototype 1.6.2 + shortcut = failed
8:34AM 2 Add a SQL Statement to every query
8:00AM 0 Requirement - ROR Lead (Mastiff - Navi Mumbai)
6:18AM 2 problems with validation on STI
6:04AM 2 Sessions+draggable element
5:55AM 4 Opinion on saving objects needed
5:03AM 2 STI, polymorphism and base_class?
1:47AM 2 Final Opinion :: Need final opinions on the best way to handle arrays in forms
1:41AM 5 method_missing, respond_to? and AR
1:40AM 0 to_json performing inconsistently
1:38AM 0 Logic and Syntax Help - Count
1:28AM 2 Recommended install method on OSX?
12:19AM 6 What is the Web 2.0 way of doing menus? Any suggestions?
Wednesday July 16 2008
11:40PM 2 Error when running my unit test...
10:49PM 2 New transactional enterprise e-commerce web site
10:32PM 8 Select box for multiple models
10:30PM 1 Building an array which contains arrays grouped by 3 items (in a line)
10:05PM 1 how to set an Environment variable from command line.
9:36PM 3 Sharing ruby code in view layout files
8:40PM 1 Scriptaculous Problem
8:23PM 0 get value from a collection_select
7:52PM 1 Time Formating in rails?
7:46PM 0 Calculate Form Field Values with Ajax
7:46PM 2 Authentication plugins
7:43PM 11 wiki.rubyonrails.org
7:41PM 4 REST Web Service Security
7:30PM 1 AJAX error messages
7:26PM 2 anyone know anything about using mod_deflate gzipping with Rails?
7:14PM 2 params for link_to_remote
6:47PM 2 share code between view and controller
6:36PM 0 sqlite3 installation problem
6:31PM 2 Multiple Sets of Documentation?
6:13PM 2 Postgres text field returns wrong data
5:14PM 0 Thickbox, link and close popup
4:36PM 5 Purging logs
4:31PM 0 Contract Ruby on Rails in NYC`
4:23PM 4 Simple activerecord relationship question
4:19PM 0 newbie need help on sqlite3
4:12PM 1 Functional Test - assert_raise exception gives headache !
4:05PM 2 Error prevention by empty DB's request
3:52PM 0 Problem with Session ID
3:52PM 9 Developing a RIA with ExtJS and Rails - the best way
3:23PM 1 ActionMailer Stripping/Corrupting Special Characters (String Encoding Problem?)
3:07PM 2 how to know if a column is present within a certain table
2:41PM 1 saving associated models...is there any order to it?
2:35PM 0 A copy of AuthenticatedSystem has been removed from the module tree but is still active!
2:16PM 1 Models and creating a scaffold under another controller
1:53PM 1 ActiveRecord Session Store
1:46PM 7 _path and _url helpers not working with scaffolding
1:38PM 1 FOSCON 2008 -- "Cooking With Ruby"
1:33PM 3 constructor in model
1:07PM 1 Javascript not working anymore after page reloard.
1:02PM 2 Gears on Rails
12:39PM 0 In place editing for non-standard values
10:48AM 2 Csv problem; help
10:06AM 0 "html to pdf convertors" on ruby.
9:50AM 2 ipaper alone in need
9:33AM 0 Rails integration testing
9:27AM 1 BackgrounDRb undefined method
8:16AM 5 Define INLINEDIR or HOME in your environment error
7:46AM 0 rcov code coverage tool
6:57AM 0 Indexing on string URLs. How efficient ?
5:51AM 12 Install Ruby, Rails on Lepard
5:15AM 0 db implementation question
5:06AM 0 Table columns are not being recognized (empty table).
4:55AM 4 Fetch first 5 elements from array
2:41AM 1 Livesearch - what's missing?
2:37AM 0 Rails 2.1.0 and tzinfo plugin
2:14AM 3 rails 2.0 script/generate scaffold product admin
12:43AM 0 Filtering and sorting
12:28AM 2 belongs_to causing endless loop on first call to save!
Tuesday July 15 2008
11:56PM 0 active record find placeholders and types
11:06PM 1 Condition on join table on a has_many :through isn't created
10:51PM 0 Visual effects with observe_field
10:50PM 16 Rendering another model's views
10:39PM 4 How to maintain migrations?
9:50PM 0 NoMethodError from ActiveRecord::Base#save
9:48PM 1 which memcached gem?
9:40PM 5 Newbie Question: Howto insert a variable into a new form
8:15PM 0 Trying to write a lite Rails version of Yahoo Shortcuts or something similiar.
7:06PM 1 Security weakness in ActiveResource?
6:15PM 1 admin.root doesnt work anymore (2.1.0)
5:21PM 0 Fixtures and helper functions
4:18PM 2 How to get a <select> box to change the url?
4:00PM 0 file uploads via web service
3:29PM 3 Model validation outside of the model
1:57PM 3 Shebang Warning in Locomotive
1:40PM 0 Drag/Drop with Image Maps
1:21PM 1 sex expire time for Sessions in memcached
1:13PM 2 Using Ruport and Restful Authentication
1:11PM 4 Models added functionality
12:33PM 2 drop down box displaying years
12:28PM 2 Question on Designing Model Associtations
12:02PM 1 :url => mugshots_path
10:00AM 1 Controller Synchronisation - ways to decouple 'work' from the controller
9:31AM 1 Displaying array elements in order
8:53AM 2 get values
7:18AM 0 Specify Rails version for Rage db:migrate
5:02AM 0 Predicate Builder form for Rails..?
4:58AM 1 dynamic dropdown...
4:55AM 3 Paginating_find Help anyone
4:29AM 2 regex noob question
1:56AM 2 DB2 Driver for Mac
1:48AM 0 html formatting of json objects for email output
1:47AM 2 [Error] responds_to_parent not respond rjs action
1:24AM 5 RESTful problems - _url failed to generate
1:21AM 9 Beginner Question.
1:09AM 1 Accessing controller specific variables application-wide
Monday July 14 2008
11:08PM 16 conditional javascript
11:00PM 1 non-ActiveRecord model structure through api calls
10:33PM 0 Radio Show - Agile Development
9:00PM 1 googlebot crawls parameter to Ajax.Autocompleter
8:24PM 0 Join model between three models, has_many :through with parameters (add join condition)
7:35PM 1 polymorphic_routes has_one
7:17PM 6 Permission System with groups, roles and users
7:17PM 1 ajax form
6:55PM 2 render :text => ... encoding error?
6:52PM 5 Help needed in rails view
6:50PM 0 IText PDF Won't Permit Encryption?
6:33PM 3 installing a plugin from a git repository
6:17PM 2 Pasar un valor de Javascript a Ruby
6:08PM 8 ROR job opening.
5:50PM 1 Live search
5:28PM 1 Limit the data displayed in the index view with a select box
5:20PM 1 uninitialized constant ODBC::SQL_DBMS_NAME
5:16PM 1 scaffold and Money Error?
4:59PM 3 NoMethodError in UserController#login
4:28PM 3 Mongrel freeze
4:20PM 3 insert select statements from different database
3:57PM 0 Searching a Related model with a scope
3:46PM 1 authorization plugin ....broken?
3:23PM 5 How can i use link_to_remote with in form_for
3:17PM 1 about string error for upload file in rails 2.1
3:02PM 2 Upload File Corruption Error
2:55PM 4 Is Rails DRY?
2:49PM 0 Returning to anchor point after form submit
2:16PM 0 Ruby on Rails Opportunities
2:13PM 0 Aggregating multiple ActiveRecord relationships
1:57PM 2 how updating the views when changing the DB?
1:18PM 10 Using ActiveRecord validations on a non ActiveRecord Model
1:05PM 3 allow users to embed video
11:02AM 2 RailsConf 2008 Europe - room sharing
10:09AM 3 How to assert a simple link (testing)
9:32AM 15 acts_as_taggable and foreign keys
8:54AM 6 PhP, RoR, Flex 3
8:48AM 1 How to use Rails in stand alone rb-file
8:36AM 0 Receiving mail from not strictly RFC-valid email addresses
8:29AM 5 How to use Rails framework in stand alone ruby file ??? (+)
7:18AM 2 active record - sorting (ordering) of results
7:07AM 0 How to make HABTM bulk-assignment transactional?
6:47AM 2 Easy way to add .html extension to all URLs?
5:43AM 0 render_as_string behaviour
4:44AM 3 observe_field and select_tag...
3:57AM 4 Rails find condition that references an array generates error unless debugger is on
3:52AM 1 question about method "hidden_div_if" in AWDR 2
3:31AM 1 Rspec problem "undefined method `should_recieve'"
3:01AM 2 fleximage undefined method
2:31AM 1 Changing a <tr> display onClick
2:31AM 2 writing multiple checkbox values
2:16AM 1 Formatting background with cycle
1:17AM 0 How to Send Itext Generated PDF to Browser?
1:01AM 3 RJS visual effect
12:06AM 1 will_paginate paginates all instead of subclass
Sunday July 13 2008
11:36PM 1 form causing error => "Only post requests are allowed"???
10:40PM 5 Partials and Models
9:29PM 7 Making a row a link?
9:15PM 3 Javascript disabled for link_to_remote
8:26PM 0 attachmet fu thumbs not generated
8:25PM 2 XP + MySQL + Rails = migration weirdness?
8:16PM 0 ActionSequence 1.0.1 - Multipage Form Routing
8:12PM 0 How do you deal with sidebars in layouts?
7:25PM 0 CalendarDateSelect plugin Localize
7:11PM 1 restful_authentication vs "from scratch"
6:40PM 4 Value for Select
6:27PM 2 Problem with ActiveRecord::AssociationTypeMismatch
5:30PM 2 Rails application failed to start properly
5:11PM 0 Scaffold Prbm
4:48PM 0 sample application to run
4:34PM 0 RESTFUL Authentification plugin Functional tests - howto ?
3:16PM 0 London Ruby User Group - 14th July 2008
3:09PM 3 BackgrounDRb 1.0.4 release
1:39PM 2 stylesheet_link_tag doesn't work suddently
1:19PM 0 acts_as_tree questions/problems
1:01PM 7 Get the first character from a string?
12:52PM 4 How to justify text in text_field_tag
12:24PM 1 ActiveResource problem with get req.
10:19AM 5 Where to define callbacks? Model vs model_oberver
4:29AM 0 Parent's Validations lost via Inheritance
12:24AM 4 can't convert nil into String
Saturday July 12 2008
11:57PM 2 how to define default template path in controller
10:31PM 1 Re: Re stful_authentication, Internet Explorer, and unwanted http basic dialog
9:45PM 7 ajax to redisplay
8:20PM 2 What's the meaning of @@?
8:08PM 1 Forms
6:56PM 1 displaying pdf file
6:40PM 0 to_json in Rails 2.0.2 not generating proper json?
6:35PM 1 datetime_select options! Where can I see them listed?
6:17PM 1 No script/console
6:14PM 0 Limits on Postgresql integers not respected
5:48PM 1 json to ruby, clean up hashes and arrays
2:40PM 2 GET the next INPUT element in a table TR
2:16PM 3 calculations on nested resources
2:09PM 0 looking for suggestions
1:56PM 6 adding methods to native ruby class within rails
10:46AM 6 How to install plugin from *.tar.gz or *.zip?
9:28AM 4 Act as Taggable with Rails 2.0
9:26AM 12 It might be ORM problem
9:20AM 2 might be ORM problem
8:03AM 3 ActionView::TemplateError
7:40AM 2 erro: [Rails requires RubyGems >= 0.9.]
6:18AM 6 SOS. How can I use dispatch.cgi from command line?
6:14AM 5 Nested Resources
4:27AM 0 Resolv.getname
4:01AM 5 disabling rails changing the case of data
3:36AM 0 models in folders weirdness
2:32AM 2 rails 2 fixtures not working
2:08AM 1 Fun JSON question
2:00AM 6 Create db row in my partial template
1:32AM 1 ArgumentError when setting ActionMailer
12:17AM 1 AR Models in Module
12:11AM 1 display 5 instead of 5.00 with decimals
Friday July 11 2008
10:47PM 1 CSS question
10:14PM 2 Destroy action not being invoked
8:37PM 6 How to Loop through mulitple field data no model
8:14PM 2 RESTful design and many forms in one view
8:04PM 1 302 Found
7:58PM 0 Contador de registros con will paginate
7:25PM 0 :index option for form select
7:21PM 5 Does anyone know how to build the SHOW template as Fieldname (left side) -> value (right side)?
6:52PM 6 gem install mysql
6:14PM 1 form_tag and hidden text fields
5:53PM 0 Catch all errors in script/runner?
5:50PM 13 "upcasing!" model attributes
5:36PM 1 Stylesheet
5:36PM 1 A String.from_java_bytes Equivalent?
5:20PM 1 Namespaced controllers and helpers
4:50PM 4 curling REST controllers behind restful_authentication
4:40PM 1 Using custom routes to handle new nested resources
4:22PM 3 Converting table names to model names
4:18PM 0 SOAP request formed correctly the first time, extra env:Header/ tag added on subsequent invocations of controller
3:13PM 0 [ADV/UPDATE] RailsConf Europe 2008 is approaching!
3:05PM 1 Strange error message
2:11PM 1 Login design problem
12:59PM 1 defaults js and caching problem
12:47PM 2 about the upload file validate
11:58AM 1 ruby: No such file or directory --script/plungin (LoadError)
11:25AM 1 outputting to webpage the lines of a file or array as each line is processed.. eg ob_flush() for Ruby
10:21AM 2 Rails gem precedence
9:51AM 1 Problems with the use of time in the migration
8:45AM 4 javascript...
7:52AM 0 GLoc's l_date don't work.
4:35AM 1 What is the use of Dependencies.log_activity
4:09AM 4 how to debug using rspec stories
4:05AM 0 Displaying error messages
3:33AM 1 observe_form, rjs for form validate and a lot of mistakes!
3:30AM 0 Lockdown 0.5.13
1:55AM 0 report abuse and polymorphism
1:49AM 3 has_and_belongs_to_many problems when editing
1:36AM 3 Accessing a class in Model from Controller
1:21AM 0 acts_as_authenticated current_user in a model with rails 2.02 fails
1:03AM 2 How to dynamically called RESTful route helpers
Thursday July 10 2008
11:49PM 1 Model.new(params) can be dangerous?
11:09PM 1 newbie REST confusion
10:13PM 0 Serialization save problem
9:51PM 5 Uninitialized constant (controller/model)
9:49PM 0 install plugin from zip file
7:59PM 3 Can you not <%= render :action => "x" %> in a view?
7:26PM 0 Replace a form_for and f.submit with a link_to
7:24PM 7 Showing another controllers action
6:31PM 2 Submit form_remote_tag with JavaScript
6:23PM 6 Uppercase all row columns
6:22PM 2 ActiveRecord puzzler for smart kids (preserving fk inserts when using has_many :through, :conditions, :before_add)
6:21PM 0 what's the effort (time/costs) and a good approach to change from java ruby to rails ?
5:58PM 0 User.protected_attributes returning empty Set instead of nil -- causing activerecord/lib/base:2307 to raise
5:38PM 5 HTTP Post request for a link
4:47PM 0 Tempfiles
4:24PM 2 Ruby RTSP server
3:15PM 3 Truncate and regex
3:05PM 0 Auto scroll promos content box
2:57PM 2 One to Many Relational database
1:36PM 7 new time object with custom value
12:45PM 3 confused with Active Record Associations
12:37PM 12 Why rails is better than php?
11:40AM 8 Connect Rails to an existant database
11:34AM 0 Comment Abuse System
11:31AM 4 Server is broken!
10:10AM 2 Filename
10:09AM 1 Display HABTM-association in view
9:57AM 0 Progress bar helper plugin
9:54AM 1 Different behaviour Rails 2.1 on linux / osx
9:16AM 1 find (:all) method
9:11AM 1 soap4r en keyvaluepair
8:53AM 2 getting images from array
7:53AM 1 ADO error
7:39AM 1 Newbee Question
7:31AM 2 Need Browser to Not Cache Ajax Image
6:45AM 0 JavaScript Form Submit with form_remote_tag
6:20AM 2 which is the best plugin for search in rails?
5:30AM 1 What is the use of say_with_time?
4:44AM 2 image resize ..using attachment_fu
3:20AM 2 New Comments for Posts in a blog
3:14AM 0 Rails ajax file/directory browser
2:35AM 0 Generate Parameters for a filter
1:48AM 8 Custom method in model
12:33AM 0 HOWTO: OSX + iTerm + screen + vim + 256 colors
12:28AM 1 fields_for/pseudoattribute approach failing on create parent (b/c parent not saved?)
Wednesday July 9 2008
11:54PM 2 image uploader - Attachment Fu??
11:49PM 6 Best way to code a bunch of unit tests?
11:16PM 0 rendering a collection of partial inserted in their layout
11:11PM 1 Redirect :back clears my form Data
11:11PM 1 Paypal integration
10:28PM 2 Trouble Connecting to SQL Server
10:24PM 2 Unit test patterned after AWDR p. 186 doesn't work as expect
9:50PM 1 using if statements in View
9:25PM 0 registering gem dependency within plugin?
9:13PM 0 Multiview: Format fallback from fbml to html (register_alias/request.format)
8:45PM 0 bug in Model.count?
7:12PM 0 Sr Rails opportunity-telecommute $100-$150K
5:14PM 1 How to set row height in active scaffold html table?
4:52PM 5 help me in wikipedia and ruby
4:07PM 2 Join Association Destroy
4:02PM 11 script/generate scaffold user
3:58PM 3 Setting up rails to run with MySQL
3:50PM 1 Problem with ActiveScaffold+RecordSelect
3:30PM 3 Simple app works fine but unit tests don't work as intended
3:27PM 2 Sanitizing File Uploads
3:22PM 0 Adding new records to a form
3:07PM 0 Senior Rails Telecommute opening....Great Opportunity $100-$150K
2:56PM 2 Join Association Question
2:09PM 8 I want to Use each block only a certain # of times
2:04PM 3 Filter list results
1:57PM 3 Formatting Text in Forms
1:37PM 3 CookieOverflow - 4k Session?
12:28PM 0 redirection in ruby
12:23PM 3 Routing question
12:16PM 0 Tips for providing multiple layouts in a multisite environment (aka the SaaS holy grail)
11:36AM 2 Dispatcher.reset_application! alternative in RoR 2
10:50AM 0 Implementation of Domain Keys in Rails
10:21AM 3 thumbnail image ..
10:04AM 4 Auto Postback in Ruby On Rails
9:08AM 4 probl;ems with Rails 2.1.0
8:55AM 0 Directory structure of rubytree
8:04AM 1 KillTest offer the newest Version Q&A of CCNA and MCSE . It's free.
8:00AM 0 Apache, Mongrel proxy issue
7:53AM 2 inline_attachment in ActionMailer
6:39AM 1 render file in index
6:02AM 3 Specs run individually pass, but fail on rake spec?
5:54AM 1 Routing
5:12AM 4 newbie: has_many/belongs_to trouble in my view
4:51AM 2 How do I insert a ruby variable into a div
4:02AM 3 Sessions in Rails
2:40AM 6 find if child element is nil
2:16AM 0 deploying Rails 2.02 app with Cap 2.2 - PID file problems
1:37AM 3 extra field as attribute in join table with has_many :through
1:02AM 0 joins with paginate syntax problem
12:48AM 0 SpatialAssociations Plugin
12:32AM 5 Partial not finding variable
12:15AM 0 Classy Inheritance 0.5.0
12:07AM 0 need to turn off ALL caching in production environment
Tuesday July 8 2008
11:14PM 2 select helper still the worth thing in rails...
11:03PM 3 undefined method `name' ...........
10:55PM 7 Starting rails
10:50PM 1 New to Scaffolding
10:38PM 6 Access Data Outside of Active Record
9:47PM 1 Problems with date_select
9:42PM 7 ar_sendmail is not sending email from the email table with ARMailer
9:21PM 4 How to get a default blank for select_date?
9:19PM 4 Checking URL with open-uri
8:43PM 0 Ajax form - updating with validation errors from model
8:06PM 4 Database configuration
7:57PM 3 Calling method from view
7:27PM 0 deploy my app on Leopard
6:27PM 0 Installing my own gems on a Dreamhost account
5:37PM 2 How do you store values for each specific user?
5:23PM 0 dual entry accounting framework
4:51PM 3 Can I put seperate models into different directories
4:21PM 1 issues with multiple versions of rails installed, pls advise
3:51PM 4 Conditional "link_to" helper function - AYUDAME POR FAVOR
3:18PM 2 REST: using a different field than id
3:04PM 6 Git tries to delete when doing git add .
2:33PM 7 script/server error
1:35PM 8 POST instead of GET gives 404 (newbie)
1:31PM 0 Bug with serialized columns in console ?
1:31PM 1 A quick ground up kit for Ruby on Rails
1:07PM 6 Show SQL request without issuing it
12:59PM 4 Stack Too Deep
11:31AM 0 how to start and handle soap4r server in production mode?
11:11AM 0 Integrate beast of other forum with my site
11:06AM 1 scripts in RoR
10:03AM 2 table join
9:49AM 6 AJAX updates for execution progress status
9:45AM 1 Problem with rails 2.1.0 & its older versions
9:19AM 5 map.root doesn't do anything, index.html can't be changed
9:10AM 0 soap4r cannot access server application after soap server is started
9:00AM 2 Overriding has_many :through
6:46AM 1 csscan commands in ruby
5:45AM 1 Looking for a framework to report user feedback and form errors
5:41AM 0 Ajax and browser 'back' button
5:02AM 0 [ADV] Ruby Hoedown 2008 - Hotel information, group/student discounts, and more!
4:04AM 5 Problem with scaffolding?
4:00AM 1 unlink file.
2:47AM 5 $50 to anyone - 1 form - multiple models, HMT w/check_boxes
2:16AM 6 Shear my yak? (deeper debugging)
2:11AM 1 Problems with form_remote_tag
1:55AM 6 Data type of input type file
1:35AM 3 Why the app does not use the cached page.
12:57AM 0 RSpec - Having trouble mocking model associations
12:48AM 1 Different path to public document root in Development mode
Monday July 7 2008
11:26PM 5 Creating a rails project
10:32PM 1 changing date format of an object
9:53PM 3 How to get a users screen name into a hidden field in a PostsController action?
8:48PM 3 Accessing a model from controller not working.
8:38PM 0 Accessing owner object within composed_of block
8:27PM 0 Getting access to route-generating helpers from a migration
8:19PM 1 2 questions: crash log and sessions
7:26PM 6 Accessing session data from another application
6:59PM 3 list.rhtml error.........
6:42PM 2 How to redirect back from action called from multiple controllers?
5:17PM 2 Prototype > jQuery
3:35PM 4 Form Validation Question, and a GeoKit Question
3:21PM 8 RESTful ACL Question (get an error author not found)
3:01PM 2 about find the newly created 10 users
3:01PM 1 link_to_remote multiple :with =>
2:57PM 1 about find the newly created users
1:36PM 1 Non model cascading selects
1:34PM 0 json.erb views and strange caching
1:32PM 1 ActiveRecord::MultiparameterAssignmentErrors
1:29PM 5 Has_one and has_many creation inconsistencies
1:12PM 0 Uploading File to Web Service
1:06PM 0 Single Page AJAX site with Multiple Models
12:19PM 8 Rails 2.1 + Oracle
11:55AM 0 HAML and nestings
11:29AM 3 Identifying the attributes of an object dynamically
11:27AM 6 params hash inside <script> tag
11:00AM 2 Gravatars
10:27AM 1 Session variable model validation
10:09AM 1 Use Java code in RoR
9:33AM 0 Free & Biggest Ruby on Rails Tutorial Starts from 15th July
8:40AM 0 How to insert a string content into varbinary column in rails
8:34AM 2 How to simplify the following code with respond_to?
8:08AM 0 simple_captcha problem
6:53AM 6 Discuss Your Rails Hosting here, with rates & experience
6:12AM 3 Problems with link_to_function----Help
4:45AM 5 validates_..., :unless not working for me (rails 1.2.6)
3:57AM 2 Cmbinations in Array
1:59AM 2 Problem with two foreign keys
1:58AM 6 MiniMagick, and processing thumbnails...
1:46AM 2 attachment_fu width
1:41AM 0 ActiveRecord in Rails 2.1.0 misbehaving for Aggregate Attr.
12:58AM 5 Off topic advice about Database Administration
Sunday July 6 2008
9:32PM 1 gem install error for activesupport - wrong version
9:21PM 0 Custom CSS for use with Ultraviolet
9:11PM 1 GeoKit / Form Validation
8:40PM 11 GoDaddy deployment
7:53PM 3 link_to :with functionality
7:34PM 2 gem install mysql options
7:23PM 12 Action Mailer Driving me insane
7:03PM 4 rails security model defaults to non-escaped output
6:57PM 0 ajax update and running scripts
6:39PM 2 Why did in place editing move to being in a plugin?
6:00PM 6 Can I put all my Ruby constants in environment.rb?
4:04PM 4 Fixture data in the rails console
3:39PM 0 Install git on ubuntu and Links to rails/git resources
2:47PM 2 basic routing question
2:07PM 6 Unobtrusive javascript/Ajax in Rails
1:52PM 2 Rss Aggregator
1:48PM 3 radio_button() problem with collections
1:00PM 0 XHTML/CSS/JS service for Ruby on Rails developers
12:41PM 2 Hosting suggestion
12:31PM 1 How do you encrypt URLs of pages?
10:44AM 1 ActionView::Base.field_error_proc not getting an error field
6:49AM 4 MemCache Failed - Any alternatives ?
5:42AM 0 0.0.5 releases of LogBuddy and CapGun
1:48AM 0 xmpp4r problems?
12:31AM 0 how to install jrails_in_place_editing plugin manually?
Saturday July 5 2008
11:38PM 2 Django-like nested templates with Rails layouts
9:44PM 1 Scaffold Problem
9:22PM 5 Remove instance of model and its associations
8:13PM 0 Undefined Method Angst After Rails / Ruby / Gem Updates
7:38PM 0 Compulsive Traveler is hiring
7:00PM 3 Date format and parsing to Javascript Date
5:20PM 4 one db - many rails projects -> many schema_migrations table
12:39PM 18 Java Bridge Itext Example Anyone?
9:51AM 3 edit uploaded file
8:34AM 1 will_paginate and :order
6:42AM 5 Tree related problem
4:55AM 6 Help in AJAX page using partials
4:28AM 0 loading gem from vendor/gems in rake
3:43AM 1 undefined method `require_gem' for main:Object (NoMethodErro
3:11AM 5 How do you count Booleans in a model ???
3:04AM 5 rendering multiple views
Friday July 4 2008
11:08PM 4 RubyGems update
10:48PM 4 select_datetime // datetime_select
10:31PM 0 log files deleted
9:21PM 1 Singleton Validations plugin
8:15PM 1 rspec upgrade from 1.2.6 to 2.0.2 and/or 2.1.0
8:05PM 3 Confused about Git
7:53PM 1 Error deleting object with has many relationship
7:46PM 4 Routing and Parameters
7:42PM 2 unable to create or save session after app runs 24 hours
7:08PM 0 Engines and rails 2.1.0
6:48PM 1 Save information for parent child objects
6:07PM 2 integer vs decimal db design
4:34PM 8 Redirecting From default page
4:18PM 1 attachment_fu and validations
4:17PM 4 Libs directory
4:13PM 1 saving record and it's association
3:56PM 2 How to make WHERE foo_id IN () query?
3:55PM 2 Symmetrical Routes for Nested Resources
3:29PM 0 Timestamp of file upload
3:17PM 6 Validations without save
2:47PM 3 Linkt_to problems
2:41PM 1 logger
2:37PM 0 rails error message from script/about
1:32PM 0 Why is Ruby better than Python managing language? (is it?)
1:20PM 3 Production: no relevant logs to fix this problem
1:15PM 1 datatype problem when using ActiveRecord with Oracle
12:51PM 0 soap4r Mysql::Error: MySQL server has gone away:
12:36PM 1 split form values ..
10:54AM 0 Search From Database
10:24AM 0 soap4r
9:44AM 0 web service suggestions ?
9:02AM 0 Rails / Ruby documentation
7:36AM 2 migrating without loosing data
7:36AM 1 migrating with loosing data
7:16AM 2 How do change catalog before catalog is delted?
7:14AM 2 Need help with sessions
6:43AM 2 function calling in RoR
6:16AM 4 rake db:migrate:redo
6:06AM 2 How to make an API?
4:58AM 2 need default value for my input element when there is no desired param
4:33AM 9 file upload
3:30AM 4 functional testing post syntax
1:48AM 0 Incoming Email Processing
1:06AM 11 no index.html file in /public???
Thursday July 3 2008
11:37PM 6 Apache HOW-TO?
10:24PM 11 Unable to Install Ruby Java Bridge
10:06PM 3 Association Help
9:07PM 1 text_field_with_auto_complete only for the beginning of a string??
9:02PM 7 coloring selected li
8:27PM 1 Successfully using BackgroundRB in a production environment...?
7:25PM 6 mysql gem warning on ubuntu
7:23PM 3 Multiple calls to map.resources not working
6:07PM 4 Install Haml in vendor/gems under Windows
5:48PM 2 Disable Logging Locally Within Rails Rake Task
5:34PM 2 error when installing JRuby
5:24PM 15 Fedora 8 and Mysql gem memory leak?
5:04PM 2 build versus new
4:46PM 0 What happens when a mongrel_cluster starts?
4:41PM 9 Find Conditions - Variable Column Name
4:15PM 2 render :text in Rails 2.1
3:58PM 0 problem with include_blank
3:29PM 4 How to add a method to an existing class and use it in rails environment
2:19PM 0 video uploading error with Safari Browser
2:16PM 0 Save Button Problem in IE7
1:15PM 1 Autotest really slow to detect updates when sharing codebase with VM
12:06PM 2 Initial objects configuration at environment.rb
11:58AM 3 how to not pluralize in rails 2.1 ?
11:27AM 1 Include xsl template in .rxml file
11:03AM 1 halp! howto config env.rb to look for rmagick gem?
10:41AM 2 Auto Suggest/Complete
9:53AM 2 Select_tag
9:44AM 5 multiple database connection..
8:24AM 0 Javascript unescape
8:24AM 1 How to change column names
7:58AM 5 Restful Paradigm: How do I know when to create a new controller?
7:04AM 1 Client-Side Validation plugin by Michael Schuerig
6:56AM 11 q: how to list one model in a different model's view form
6:35AM 2 Image resize
6:05AM 3 Filters
5:24AM 4 Handling multiple domain accounts for accessing a single web app.
4:30AM 3 Opposite of Cache Sweeper?
3:52AM 4 File upload failed if png file less than 1kb
3:42AM 1 sub-domain handling?
2:32AM 2 "Marshal Data Too Short" error reading Session Data.
2:29AM 4 install/enable openssl for rails 2.0.2
2:15AM 0 ActiveShipping throwing error in build_access_request
Wednesday July 2 2008
11:56PM 0 A rails 2.1 friendly attribute rater?
10:41PM 2 belongs_to, has_many relationship using other foreign key
10:38PM 0 runtime smtp settings
10:24PM 10 Rendering action into div
9:55PM 0 legacy database and rails with its auto incrementing primary key problems
8:13PM 0 RSS and Atom feed fetching
8:02PM 1 attachment_fu, minimum width and height, how?
7:50PM 3 default behavior on unrecognized route in development and production environment
7:47PM 0 will_paginate memory leak?
7:06PM 6 Multi User Blog
6:57PM 8 how would u do this?
6:38PM 1 Input text fields in multiple records of the same model
6:22PM 1 [git] Can't switch back to branch after unfreezing and freezing rails
6:07PM 1 MySQL gem vs RoR default library
5:16PM 2 RJS/Ajax insert_html problem
4:39PM 0 [ANN/ADV] Summer Rails training courses from Ruby Power and Light, in Edison, NJ
4:38PM 1 Pattern for creating child objects
4:32PM 0 Adsense reader
3:10PM 3 copying variables between rows
3:08PM 0 Migrate from SQLite3 to MySQL
3:05PM 2 Expensive request processing
2:59PM 3 update_all not changing updated_at
2:30PM 0 Problem posting to a nested resource URL via AJAX
2:27PM 0 Which SessionStore to Use?
2:11PM 0 Web Development Project
2:11PM 2 :select in find does not work with RESTful routes
2:10PM 4 Return to Request Page after login.
1:46PM 0 Effect of mongrel_rails cluster::restart
1:17PM 0 clickable table cells?
12:53PM 3 Crashing after Update
12:46PM 11 Reloading problem in development
11:03AM 4 tiny mce
10:59AM 4 Question on Ranges
10:40AM 1 Downloading using ruby
10:17AM 0 Actionamailer: configure to send mail from many email addess
9:46AM 0 memcache for RoR in windows machine possible?
6:58AM 1 validating_uniqueness_of creating problem while updating
6:40AM 2 Add a profile model with User model - Edit Problem
5:44AM 4 Calling another def
5:44AM 0 rake db:fixtures:load
5:40AM 3 Updating Rails
4:57AM 1 habtm many-to-many relationship problem attribute_methods.rb
4:44AM 3 attachment in mail
3:17AM 2 ZenTest failure on startup.
2:51AM 11 Do you develop stuff locally or on a server?
1:30AM 2 How to write the method before_destroy and the test
12:58AM 0 before_type_case broken?
12:38AM 0 Getting data from Rails to Javascript
Tuesday July 1 2008
11:29PM 1 Lone Star Ruby Conference 2008 - Registration Now Open
9:55PM 0 problem with remote_function and firefox 3
9:30PM 0 http method for link_to_remote
9:24PM 1 Is there anything like recursive resources?
9:15PM 3 REST and remote_form_for
8:42PM 2 Problem with RedCloth
8:16PM 21 InvalidAuthenticityToken
7:24PM 0 Installing a Plugin from a Local Directory
7:19PM 2 How to split query results in two columns? Noob
6:35PM 0 validation limit values
6:10PM 5 Rake question
5:48PM 2 how do I open an uploaded xml in controller?
5:47PM 11 Looking for UPS or FedEx api to calculate shipping rates
5:34PM 14 rake aborted! Could not find table ...
5:01PM 8 redirect_to not working
4:20PM 2 rateable plugin problem
4:10PM 1 oneclick installer -- which rails version?
4:09PM 0 Mocking global variables in rspec
3:50PM 0 acts_as_audited on ActiveResource
3:37PM 4 Migrating the database when switiching to a branch with a different schema
2:53PM 6 Count the Split up Tag values
2:32PM 8 Scaffolding: Create, Edit, Destroy in admin area
1:50PM 2 Rails Controller
1:02PM 5 How to sort the result found
12:58PM 12 Passing Parameter from View to Controller
12:06PM 6 validates_associated & foreign keys
11:32AM 0 Support for HTTP OPTIONS method and Microsoft Office Protocol Discovery
11:27AM 3 How can I run URLwithout using port ?
11:11AM 2 option for categories
11:10AM 4 script evaluation for numericality
10:01AM 2 What is the use of 'abstract_method'?
9:53AM 1 static and class variable?
8:38AM 3 submit_to_remote with an image_tag
8:36AM 2 How to lock a row and all its associated rows
6:14AM 4 Errno::EIO - Input/output error
6:00AM 4 Exceptions available in Ruby on Rails
5:22AM 2 500 Internal Server Error when starting rails
4:34AM 3 ruby idiom a | |= b meaning?
4:32AM 0 Content-Type
2:11AM 4 TinyMCE
2:08AM 8 InstantRails
1:48AM 0 RMail
1:42AM 3 tweaking this to get a get a hash of namespaced models
1:36AM 4 Unique column values
1:24AM 3 Nil object error - not under console
1:23AM 1 Rails senior developer wanted (Melbourne, Australia)