Rails - Sep 2007

Sunday September 30 2007
11:43PM 2 problems with acts_as_tree
11:28PM 3 Rails 2.0: Preview Release
10:39PM 5 How to deal with one user-visible object stored as two logical objects
9:44PM 3 S3 Rake - "Don't know how to build task s3:backup:db"
9:28PM 1 Slick templates for acts_as_authenticated or restful_authentication?
8:54PM 1 session / name error
8:33PM 3 uploading images
8:20PM 0 Safari / Firefox - BackButton with a AJAX Result behaves different
7:18PM 6 New plugin - Personalise Site
5:20PM 2 Outputing to the browser, how?
5:06PM 4 extending controllers
1:57PM 2 svn://errtheblog.com is down??
11:50AM 10 HAML
8:33AM 1 Managing subdomains for users
8:11AM 1 Creating custom environment specific settings in development.rb available. How do I access them?
7:34AM 0 Using JRuby with AR Migrations standalone
5:55AM 0 Rjs
4:14AM 3 Advice on Encryption ....
2:58AM 1 to_xml node names with underscores
Saturday September 29 2007
11:38PM 1 Expand errors of sub-object
11:17PM 7 Administrative Functions: Best Practices?
11:08PM 2 Typo3 5.0 Framework
9:22PM 1 Test de son appli pour Rails 2.0
7:29PM 0 CaFeCONF 2007 6tas. Conferencias Abiertas de Software Libre y GNU/Linux
6:48PM 0 Why isRailties not included in standard API doc distribution
6:10PM 2 REXML - XML query only returning one (last) result
4:52PM 1 Ruby vs JRuby
4:22PM 1 emacsrails snippet problem?
1:45PM 7 Bidimensional Array
12:45PM 8 Inheritance problem in model
11:07AM 6 Caching question
10:50AM 1 best way to implement session cart
9:51AM 1 Puff Effect
8:51AM 0 Nested resources and _path methods
7:03AM 1 How to model user-ticket + staff-ticket relationship?
2:59AM 5 Newbie question
1:53AM 0 Something like curl_multi for Ruby on Rails
1:19AM 1 home_path?
Friday September 28 2007
10:38PM 0 Savage Beast RSS Feed link crashes mongrel
9:45PM 2 Error after Rails re-installation
9:38PM 1 Hello
9:34PM 0 Hi guys
9:25PM 6 toggle password field type
8:12PM 8 Object#type is deprecated; use Object#class
6:49PM 11 [N00b] find/paginate with :condition values in an array
6:20PM 2 Strange unit test failure
6:01PM 2 RoR uses something rather than erb or eRuby?
5:46PM 5 html forms, arrays, and controllers
5:41PM 0 firewatir changing the content of a div
5:01PM 0 Sending XML from Javascript
4:20PM 0 Job Announcement
3:30PM 1 Aptana Radrails M7 Beta - First Impressions
3:29PM 1 caching + routing
3:05PM 1 Globalize, partial, cache
3:05PM 7 Web Hosting Services for RoR
2:48PM 4 Aptana Radrails M7 Beta - Best Way to Upgrade
2:46PM 0 Aptana M7 Beta - Best way to upgrade
1:50PM 3 Page cached performance
1:46PM 4 Tooltip, need css/js, helper...
1:18PM 6 Webistrano 1.1
1:12PM 11 Stateless incremental dialog implemetation
12:55PM 0 Problem with multiple insert
12:14PM 2 problem with read file and write into the database
11:19AM 1 Login Engine issue with Ajaxscaffold
10:09AM 4 MMORPG on Rails
10:02AM 2 howto page cache, tutorial
9:53AM 0 anyone have skill about emacs-rails?
8:46AM 0 2 models -> 1 model and class with array
4:48AM 0 dike-0.0.2 - a memory leak debugger for rails
4:26AM 1 Controlling attribute mass assignment in the controller
4:08AM 4 ActiveResource and a philosophical REST question
4:02AM 1 How to reload fixture instance?
3:48AM 1 how to build a url like "http://localhost?profiles.name=abc"
1:05AM 0 read-only
12:50AM 1 Overriding Dynamic Scaffolding
Thursday September 27 2007
11:34PM 3 rails doc download
11:23PM 0 code cleanup
10:25PM 5 to_json
10:09PM 2 How specify size of string column in a migration
10:07PM 1 weird rake problem - RHEL4 versus Ubuntu 7.04
9:37PM 0 form_remote_for with collection_select
9:09PM 0 scRUBYt! 0.3.4
7:42PM 2 getting the position of a record within an index
7:35PM 8 validates_uniqueness_of and Multiple Columns
7:25PM 0 storing dynamic data models in a database
6:25PM 1 Lost :with Parameter on :observe_field
6:24PM 1 How to call a model object method for validation?
6:17PM 1 Best Practice: Document Attachments
6:08PM 1 new to ruby
4:48PM 7 need to print "selected=selected" when editing a form
3:58PM 0 production_log_analyzer & observer classes
3:47PM 1 Ruby to JRuby guide
3:35PM 0 Observe Field :with Parameter Lost on Quick Re-Select
3:14PM 2 text_area empty_clob()
2:58PM 1 tinymce on multiple views
2:42PM 0 Page cache is ignoring pagination params
2:26PM 4 Quick and Simple: How do I get rid of the subdir for my railsapp? (Making it root dir)
2:00PM 1 Locomotive startupitem
1:25PM 0 ActiveRecord XML backend
1:21PM 2 TeX in Ruby on Rails
1:10PM 0 How to change the default naming schema for indeces in the '
11:15AM 0 Form with definitions and actuals - undefined method unless dummy field used
9:20AM 1 How to do this with Rails + jQuery (or Prototype)
7:16AM 0 permission denied on my app/controller/account
6:05AM 5 ORA-01858: a non-numeric character was found where a numeric was expected
5:17AM 0 problem with https in instant rails
5:06AM 0 Looking forward to learning
4:06AM 1 AWS / S3 upload path requirements?
3:08AM 0 great new site
3:00AM 3 nub question: <db/create.sql?
1:50AM 2 authenticate
1:49AM 1 using a constant in both unit tests and in fixtures
1:45AM 1 String concatenation with symbol
Wednesday September 26 2007
11:21PM 0 Pingsta is seeking senior software geeks with ninja RoR+PHP+AJAX+Algorithms skills - to apply email play@pingsta
11:09PM 3 [n00b] Having problems with find() results
9:43PM 2 Activerecord Mailing (ar_mailer)
9:12PM 1 Extensible Verifications
8:50PM 0 caches.rb
8:49PM 0 extend find and paginate to always have a condition
8:08PM 1 ROR apps sending to popular IM networks
7:51PM 0 periodically_call_remote & WEBrick poor performance
6:44PM 1 ActionMailer Problem
6:34PM 0 URGENT: 2-4 week consultant needed
6:11PM 1 Is there a Rails helper similar to link_to_remote but for a form check box instead of a link?
4:40PM 4 Application error
4:40PM 0 collection_select problem
4:33PM 0 Specing a plugin/engine
4:32PM 0 Validations not work fine with associations
4:00PM 5 active_record_context, optimistic locking and object reload
3:51PM 1 privacy settings validation problem
3:48PM 3 which action?
3:10PM 11 One server with two rails applications
3:06PM 2 default method parameters
1:47PM 9 mongrel allow concurrency.
1:42PM 37 Code Completion by IDEs - How Complete ?
1:01PM 2 Install RoR with Ruby from source
12:46PM 3 obtaining a model name
12:07PM 4 Webpage has expired
10:45AM 0 Rake DB Migration
10:24AM 0 pdf writer
10:02AM 1 Prototype Helper Method Name Clash
5:49AM 0 conditional attr_protected
5:37AM 1 Uploading multiple files in mongrel
5:33AM 2 Ruby on Rails setup not working - newbie help
4:52AM 7 RESTful interfaces... question.
4:43AM 3 Ajax without submti button?
4:08AM 0 activerecord multiple databases
4:03AM 3 Can't connect to local MySQL server
3:41AM 4 How can I create array of strings or a hash from ActiveRecord result set?
3:26AM 2 Missing assocation methods (public_instance_methods.length == 0 for an active record model)
2:55AM 5 Strange Little Problem
1:25AM 1 Online Shopping Application
12:55AM 3 Savage Beast: where are the pagination_links calculated?
12:21AM 1 Ruby on Rails | MS SQL Server 2005 | Configuration
Tuesday September 25 2007
11:06PM 4 article urls in @articles.to_xml
11:00PM 2 Constructing an array of objects from an array of objects
10:33PM 3 Inexperienced user needs advice with layouts
10:23PM 4 fork() for long running calculations?
9:40PM 0 INSERTS with MS SQL Server columns with newid() default values
9:26PM 1 Strange Exception when running rake test
9:25PM 4 irb and script/console problem
9:16PM 5 excluding a user from the validate_presence of
7:54PM 1 Online Shop
7:45PM 1 caches_action not generating full parameter route
7:29PM 6 custom REST routes
7:20PM 3 Filtering dates
6:47PM 2 attachment_fu default path
5:48PM 4 validates_format_of / nil
5:33PM 0 ERROR for : gem install rails --include-dependencies
4:59PM 2 memcache-client - how to start server on development
4:56PM 0 Job Opening
4:49PM 0 Plugins - Enhanced ActiveRecord Errors
4:18PM 5 How would i make a rails web form execute a system call
3:57PM 2 Character limit for text field
3:50PM 1 help with nested creation: what am I doing wrong?
3:38PM 0 TCPSocket.new Errno::EBADF: Bad file descriptor error
3:38PM 0 acts_as_solr, table joins and geographic searches
3:24PM 0 Juggernaut on shared fastcgi hosting
3:15PM 0 canvas on pdf writer
3:12PM 8 class variables in action controller
2:50PM 2 Quick question - Refreshing layout
2:27PM 0 ActiveRecord dynamic table naming with has_many possible?
1:51PM 1 attachment_fu + SWFupload via activeupload
1:40PM 2 second ajax request getting locked.
1:22PM 1 in_place_edit_for and nil objects
1:18PM 0 RMagick and pdf:writer
12:11PM 1 "Nesting" Controllers
12:03PM 0 Named Routes parameter errors
11:34AM 0 Singapore Real Estate - Buy , Sell , Rent ,invest Singapore Property
11:29AM 8 Rails Application error
10:10AM 2 In place edit for date field
9:31AM 0 hacking,anti-hacking,registry tweaks,compter tricks
8:09AM 1 Stop Terry Chay
7:40AM 1 Autocomplete with _id (if query exists), else create new
7:31AM 2 having problem with https while redirecting
7:16AM 0 Handling forms with arrays and their errors
6:43AM 8 Rails Controller session scope.
6:20AM 0 singapore.rb meeting for Sept 2007
5:26AM 0 Default controller in RESTful Rails application
5:03AM 1 validation controls
3:45AM 1 Rebuttal to "7 reasons I switched back to PHP after 2 years on Rails"
3:22AM 1 Media Temple?
2:08AM 2 variable + param
1:46AM 4 validates_uniqueness_of on a facade column
12:49AM 1 memcache client not connection
Monday September 24 2007
10:57PM 1 Is "has_many ... :through" faster?
10:52PM 0 Check out - live.gifttrap.com - an RoR Gift Exchange Social Collaborative Game.
9:50PM 0 Test and DB Functions
9:26PM 3 Questions about Software Used in Screencasts
9:05PM 3 Question about link_to helper
8:41PM 0 Structuring CSS and naming conventions
8:38PM 6 Rails and ySlow
7:46PM 2 undefined method 'each` for @<Plan:0xb75eb818>
7:44PM 3 DROP the :include key while generating the count query
7:42PM 1 script/generate scaffold not generating controller
7:00PM 3 1 table 2 models
6:37PM 1 Acts_as_tree ... somewhat
6:09PM 1 what is the .rb.swap file for??
6:07PM 2 has many through question
5:42PM 0 *Chaos* plugin
5:15PM 6 SVN and distributed shared projects?
4:13PM 0 observe_field + enable/disable field
3:38PM 0 Finds and Single Table Inheritance
2:53PM 5 Strip White spaces
2:08PM 4 file upload gives filename as String, no IO object
2:03PM 1 rspec autotest setup for plugins
1:59PM 0 OpenID Server
1:52PM 0 Customising External Tools in Aptana RadRails
12:32PM 2 Publishing an ical calendar?
12:16PM 6 ActiveScaffold (or whatever) and Globalize
10:44AM 6 validates_amount .. is there any??
10:17AM 1 How to create a record in another table ?
8:55AM 0 Persisting Controller Class Attributes
7:27AM 3 Oracle Date + RoR
7:26AM 4 recursive ajax call
5:09AM 6 using an arrray as a parameter value in ActiveRecord
4:25AM 6 validation in controllers
3:50AM 2 "CRUD table" from a model inside another (related) model's new/edit form
3:45AM 1 Pls sends your CV in www.allindiajobbank.com website. It is fast and gives U positive response. Pls pass this message to Ur friend also because vacancies are waiting.
3:30AM 0 Paginating 1 record
3:27AM 0 Templating in rails
2:37AM 0 Two RJS/AJAX problems
12:48AM 18 Everything takes forever.
Sunday September 23 2007
11:25PM 4 ActiveRecord: selecting date range of records
10:37PM 9 Code reviews: my dumb use of acts_as_commentable (newbie)
9:34PM 0 Rails routing problems
8:47PM 1 Formatting a unix timestamp...
8:22PM 3 Is command line tool "curl" actually provided by Ruby on Rails or windows?
8:05PM 1 Javascript object to Ruby
7:16PM 8 Scaling Ruby on Rails (and related Slashdot article today)
6:50PM 2 Selection of groups of people
4:16PM 0 edge, cookie sessions and openid
4:16PM 0 theme manager
3:24PM 5 Trouble connecting to #rubyonrails IRC channel?
2:45PM 0 Simple Migration Question: Specifying a key length
1:09PM 6 Overwrite ActiveRecord gem function in my rails app
12:42PM 0 Interest in Liquibase for Rails?
12:26PM 0 Paypal address problems with active_merchant
8:48AM 62 moving from aptana to 3rdRail
7:38AM 2 Functional testing with act as authenticated
5:02AM 1 Urgent requirements
4:32AM 0 Re: Active Scaffold + attachment
4:10AM 0 fckeditor cannot be installed via ruby script/plugin install svn://rubyforge.org//var/svn/fckeditorp/trunk/fckeditor
2:28AM 0 Calendar event plugin?
2:02AM 3 Connecting a row of an unknown table to another row of an unknown table
12:33AM 1 Deploying on a media temple (dv) server
Saturday September 22 2007
11:07PM 4 Application Trouble
9:49PM 5 Newbie: accessing form parameters in controller action?
9:37PM 1 Issue with ht:t :source and foreign key
9:35PM 1 Job trend cross-over for Ruby/Rails and Java combo
9:25PM 0 acts_as_comparable: gem installation
8:57PM 3 migration naming conventions
8:43PM 0 Error i cant figure out, only on my local machine.
8:41PM 1 error with RESTful model generated with scaffold_resource
8:36PM 4 ArgumentError in has_many :through
6:55PM 0 (no subject)
6:16PM 1 Rails newbie: passing a value to hidden form field, then getting it
1:10PM 4 Method seems to work ok but the test fails - why?
1:09PM 4 ActiveResource, find(1) works but no find(:all)
11:29AM 0 how test a file upload (with attachment_fu)?
11:06AM 4 Are the tutorials updated?
11:04AM 2 Rails + XSLT
7:28AM 1 how to send mails using ip address
4:02AM 2 Dynamic view - is it possible at all?
2:28AM 0 hm:t definition help
12:54AM 1 Validating non ActiveRecord objects
12:14AM 1 Howto customize deployment with capistrano2
Friday September 21 2007
11:55PM 1 Custom update method problem
11:30PM 2 ActionWebServer and SOAPFault
10:31PM 0 Mongrel / Nginx on Ubuntu: Can't see it in a browser
9:01PM 1 shared rails app, svn, and local config? design question
8:37PM 4 Rails vs. Turbogears
8:34PM 1 Temporary disabling after_update
7:19PM 0 Windows XP tips and tricks
6:53PM 6 Associations troubles
6:25PM 2 moving logic to controller in for loop - newbie question
6:20PM 0 sortable_element doesn't update div nor call onComplete function
5:28PM 1 HostGator hosting
5:13PM 1 split tag from acts_as_taggable_on_steroids
5:02PM 1 resource routing isn't working
4:12PM 0 System optimizer
3:57PM 2 Is it magic?
3:56PM 1 mysql-proxy vs. acts_as_readonlyable vs. ?
3:35PM 1 Using collection_select for a dropdown list navigation?
2:37PM 0 Social networking with Rails using ActsAsNetwork
2:24PM 0 Windows Repairing Tips
2:15PM 1 Re: rake task from crontab?
1:57PM 2 How do I "render" a Java applet from a controller?
1:38PM 0 How to unset the headers "Cache-Control" and "Pragma" on Rails
11:45AM 8 Number to words
11:45AM 0 how to do "delete item" AJAX
11:14AM 1 calculate age of a person and compare it
11:04AM 1 how to combine a text box and select box in rails
10:24AM 13 Trouble with controller caching
10:11AM 3 Initialization: where does Rails 'require' its plugins' lib/ files?
9:37AM 2 Clob Handling
9:33AM 0 Problem in V3 product search in yahoo shopping
9:25AM 5 count <li> items in div, RJS
9:18AM 0 Attachement_fu max_size problem...mystery...need help please
8:47AM 0 RoR Wireless?
8:05AM 0 rescue Error in Module
8:05AM 0 ActiveFixture: loading fixtures into database with correct foreign key constraints
6:19AM 0 Rails plugin: jQuery Helper for Rails (jq4r)
6:01AM 1 generating nested resource path
3:52AM 1 Complex Error Handling
3:41AM 2 Replace content in a div on prototype observe_field update?
2:48AM 1 Do fixture_scenarios and RSpec peacibly coexist?
1:22AM 0 Trouble with Rmagick and profile data
1:10AM 1 Dynamic database table
12:57AM 10 Text messaging with Ruby on Rails
12:18AM 0 Plugin that will expire_page across multiple servers?
Thursday September 20 2007
11:44PM 0 Custom logging
9:47PM 2 Elusive Nil Object error on Comments
9:41PM 2 file_column / blank input field when editing
9:24PM 2 Rendering a partial from within that partial
8:51PM 0 Help with attachment_fu, why this error?
8:28PM 1 Page rendering inside div
7:50PM 5 Encyclopedia of Life starts on Rails - seeking open source developers!
7:47PM 2 Embedding Question Marks in Query Strings
7:30PM 0 text_field_with_auto_complete and safari
6:55PM 2 Model field accessor missing? Driving me insane.
6:47PM 3 select list and observe_field problem
6:22PM 5 Ruby on Rails projects
5:59PM 0 Enviar formulario a mi mismo
4:51PM 0 Redirect STDOUT for Rake ?
4:26PM 2 rake db:migrate will not migrate
3:38PM 3 constants for HTTP status codes
2:58PM 2 Executing code when the user hits the X button on the browser
2:47PM 4 Multilingual Site
2:38PM 5 Ruby Newby, Delphi oldby -- how snappy is "the Roob"?
2:35PM 3 Passing objects between actions/controllers
2:28PM 0 RMagick loading EPS files, trouble with Ghostscript?
2:27PM 1 Relationship Proxies?
2:06PM 6 Sanity check needed for "include?" - help please
1:47PM 1 WorldPay/ProTX Integration
1:46PM 1 undefined method `request' for "products":String ?
1:39PM 0 create list
1:03PM 16 Helper method for models, controllers and views?
11:40AM 2 Very simple country select
11:13AM 0 Error while using LDAP for authenticate to user login
10:53AM 0 PHP developer still writing PHP in Ruby/Rails
10:34AM 9 threaded?
10:14AM 0 Ajax: Updating drop down list?
9:44AM 6 Get updated model values in Controller.
9:37AM 4 gem install problem on os x
9:25AM 2 lignhtning fast autocompleter IE issue (script save call)
9:24AM 0 How to get stream ID.
9:18AM 0 lignhtning fast autocompleter IE issue
9:17AM 0 Deploying Application - Grid Hosting
7:54AM 0 Admin/Customers Login
7:10AM 11 How to serve rhtml files under /public, not /app/views?
6:19AM 2 Oracle date, i get 0007 instead of 2007
4:28AM 0 Regarding Inp place editor
4:18AM 0 form_test_helper 1.1.0 released!
3:37AM 2 Models in the session and serialization.
3:37AM 3 Validating that end_date doesn't come before start_date
2:11AM 2 Setting up Netbeans and Rails
1:23AM 2 basic ruby inheritance question
12:22AM 3 Error after rake migrate:db
Wednesday September 19 2007
10:28PM 0 Rake task with input?
10:25PM 2 Passing an instance of one object to another
8:11PM 0 RailsManual.org under Spam Attack
8:03PM 4 getting custom headers
8:02PM 0 Column accessor available in console, not in view?!?
7:45PM 0 Updating postitions in an acts as list model, with tet fields...
7:36PM 0 Rails query param delimiter?
6:55PM 0 RailsConf Europe Slide Decks (12+) Now Online - REST, S3, Ferret, JRuby and Much More
6:40PM 0 Test Data Migration
6:15PM 0 reoder list on RJS response (Script.aculo.us or Prototype method?)
6:12PM 3 Create method calling wrong column name in a table
5:26PM 3 update element after in_place_editor ?
5:15PM 9 Simultaneous connections
5:06PM 1 be_taggable, the commercial ;)
4:30PM 2 list of checkboxes, radiobuttons
4:03PM 0 $50USD for somone to install and put a skin on Simplelog
3:53PM 2 Help with error on project
3:49PM 2 Using ActiveRecord in a Ruby script not working
3:00PM 7 Rendering view for another controller??
2:54PM 2 remote function
2:40PM 0 Production mode acting like development?!
2:21PM 3 Rails cannot connect error after updating using ruby and rails to slightly newer versions
2:01PM 0 Error with special characters(?)
1:39PM 0 Are Web Parts (like in ASP.NET) possible in Ruby?
12:45PM 0 Rails Rumble - Voting Open
12:07PM 0 Saving JSON
11:42AM 0 Rubyconf 2007 looking for roommate
11:35AM 0 Is counter_cache transaction safe?
11:25AM 0 scaffold issue
9:42AM 2 AJAX call creates new instance of controller class
8:14AM 5 problem after scaffolding
7:26AM 6 ANN: faster fixtures (or how to spend less time loading fixt
6:31AM 1 need help with (simple?) find statement
6:15AM 2 How to protect directory in Mongrel
5:38AM 2 Links outside rails application
4:39AM 4 A self-contained Rails application/benchmark?
3:18AM 0 Seeking help for small open source project (flash cards, language learning)
2:17AM 3 link_to method of different controller
1:42AM 0 Future of Ruby, Interpreters, Threads, Concurrency, VMS (JRuby, Yarv, Rubinius)
12:47AM 1 attachment_fu related to another table
12:29AM 5 Ignoring column on save.
Tuesday September 18 2007
11:11PM 6 Seg fault when installing Rails
10:38PM 6 Regular Expressions
9:38PM 0 Help with multiple returns in SOAP
9:33PM 2 Public rSpec Code
9:29PM 2 rSpec / Nested Routes / Mocks
8:52PM 0 Help with RESTful named url options
8:42PM 2 Obscure Migration fixture difficulty
8:41PM 1 css and js in plugins
7:18PM 1 observe_field default parameter
7:11PM 11 is it true that if you develop with Ruby, you have to ship source code to your customers?
6:08PM 1 script/console is hanging, Observer issue...?
5:48PM 2 Setting default value in text_field/password_field
5:43PM 2 Custom Validation
5:39PM 2 Where would i put a home-made exception class in rails?
5:27PM 3 Why Ruby has 2 APIs(Ruby Core API&Ruby Standard API)??
5:06PM 2 Nginx-Mongrel almost working; just need a little help
5:05PM 1 Help with MySQL and YAML
4:56PM 10 How do i make rails wait until an ffmpeg call is complete?
3:57PM 3 Demo environment more strict than development one
3:09PM 0 Addition to Postgres Broken pipe
3:04PM 4 Sanitize IN Controller
3:03PM 0 session[:return_to] breaks in functional test
2:49PM 0 distance_of_time_in_words hardcoded strings should be separated for easier localization
2:23PM 2 Auto-incrementing column
1:56PM 0 Missing HTML using Caches_page (Second Try)
1:55PM 0 [PATCH] Automatically set :only_path option to false when :host option is specified in url helpers
1:36PM 8 how to run my application in browser without web connecting
12:41PM 7 How do you design your RoR web applications?
12:33PM 36 php or ruby on rails ???
12:23PM 3 Filtering Active Records by date
12:03PM 1 Errno::EACCES - Permission denied while delete a file
11:33AM 2 Broken Pipe to Postgres
10:53AM 2 Need help to install RMagick...
10:49AM 1 Help with mencoder? - converting to flv format
9:50AM 2 Making attachment_fu polymorphic
8:26AM 0 posts to this group seem to disappear
7:46AM 0 How to have multiple independently working controlllers for one view
7:38AM 0 ruby multiple independent controllers one page
6:36AM 1 HELP...error installing plugins,plugin not found,even with rapt
6:35AM 4 Edge Rails documentation?
5:28AM 1 PDF::Writer vs Ruport
3:57AM 1 Where is the interpreter (in Instant Rails)?
3:19AM 0 no XML rendered in this example, why not?
2:52AM 3 html to pdf in rails
Monday September 17 2007
10:04PM 3 How to find the dimensions of an uploaded image
10:03PM 2 Mocking request.remote_ip for testing.
9:29PM 3 rails skips model validation
9:11PM 0 Best way to do this?
8:28PM 3 How to install plugins behind a proxy
8:24PM 2 Ruby/Rails newb here. I need help getting started.
7:51PM 0 Storting arbitrary objects in memory store
7:33PM 0 Firebird 2: Options??
7:08PM 2 Validating a form by verifying two attributes in a related table
6:59PM 4 Testing JSON stuff
6:30PM 1 Looking for media management project to join
5:58PM 2 :onclick function executing on page load
5:35PM 2 Need som help to install
5:28PM 0 Getting incompatabilities with IE but not Firefox; thoughts?
5:25PM 1 Finding controller relations in ActionController::Routing::R
4:32PM 2 Plugin Initialization
3:55PM 0 drag and drop line id
3:38PM 1 Fwd: Problem - Editing rhtml in NetBeans is very slow - only for me?
3:12PM 1 Tidying up views.
2:41PM 0 CodeGear Announces New Ruby/Rails IDE
2:04PM 3 bypassing normal template rendering?
12:39PM 0 OpenID authentification test failure
12:34PM 0 Missing HTML using Caches_page
12:19PM 0 get the id of a line in drag and drop
11:42AM 1 any way to tell whether a website is RoR?
11:32AM 0 Error in exception logger plugin
11:23AM 2 Deployment of first rails app
11:17AM 0 Using ROR on Host Excellence web servers
10:43AM 0 keep sessions while switching domains
10:42AM 1 day of given week
10:33AM 1 observe_field and :function
9:59AM 0 "how to" for documenting rails code?
9:33AM 1 p.132 of Agile Web book error?
9:27AM 11 Protecting actions from user
7:39AM 0 can emails be read from spiders if they are embedded in a ruby .rhtml file?
7:05AM 0 REST on Apache Tomcat
6:56AM 1 how to UNDO ruby script/generate model table and migration
6:55AM 2 acts_as_taggable_on_steroids NoMethodError
6:38AM 1 Disabled layouts ?
6:30AM 0 streaming videos
6:02AM 4 Looping through arrays in View ?
6:02AM 0 How to save multiple data
4:46AM 0 How to put alert messages on changing screen access
3:26AM 2 How to display sales report for each month
2:55AM 2 directory structure
2:53AM 1 are there a few basic ways to do AJAX on Rails?
2:50AM 1 Next/Previous record?
12:00AM 4 toggling a DIV based on a menu selection
Sunday September 16 2007
11:30PM 0 using benchmark method
11:05PM 2 Problem with recognize_path
9:55PM 0 Encryption
9:53PM 0 how to set the session hash from an IntegrationTest?
9:35PM 3 adding custom routes to a restful app
7:09PM 10 Error: Redirecting in a way that never completes
4:50PM 0 Arts and entertainment
4:21PM 2 ActiveRecord foreign_key, composite key question
2:50PM 8 Rounding up to two decimal places
2:24PM 2 How many Days, hours, minutes ago?
12:50PM 2 Passing foreign key when creating new child record
12:27PM 0 Nested Resource Single Form
10:05AM 0 attachment_fu - width and height is null in table?
8:31AM 1 how can I extend ActionController
8:12AM 0 Rails and Firebird 2
5:55AM 3 each loop in a helper?
4:28AM 1 Opinions of Hobo?
3:33AM 1 Parent Child Relationship
1:57AM 13 Products by Category
1:12AM 0 Getting a nil not allowed mapping error when trying to send to a webservice
12:53AM 10 Couldn't find User with ID=1
12:39AM 4 <=> comparison operator method undefined in AR class
12:27AM 5 where is wrong with contoller test?
Saturday September 15 2007
10:56PM 1 Canonical place to store ruby object files?
10:44PM 0 Why does this XmlMarkup return blank?
6:26PM 6 Place for special scripts in the framework?
6:18PM 0 add/edit child models in one form
4:55PM 7 Update params only on 1 field
4:07PM 3 check_box_tag always checked
2:21PM 5 What is up with wiki.rubyonrails.org?
1:43PM 1 ANN: [Yet Another ] AJAXy Petstore
12:57PM 0 Better render_if_exists
11:07AM 1 We need some RoR developer volunteers for opensource RoR cms
11:01AM 3 Problems with HelperTestCase
10:28AM 0 Manual form validation - how to return user-entered data?
10:26AM 1 sessions from existing database
9:03AM 1 Secure RSS
8:28AM 1 acts_as_authenticated user acount/login
7:23AM 3 Unable to access fireruby lib
6:48AM 0 one line to print the statement AS WELL AS the evaluated value like in C
3:45AM 4 ERB in Javascript
3:28AM 0 Getting the session cookie name
1:52AM 0 parameters and named url helpers
1:44AM 2 <someClass railsIsEasy="true" to_xml_is_easy="false"> </someClass>
Friday September 14 2007
11:05PM 3 strange thing with posting to this group
10:57PM 0 good to deal with Controller and Action logic in RJS?
10:07PM 5 How can I specify the location of the fragment cache?
9:09PM 1 1.2.3 Upgrade from 1.1.6 dependencies issues.
8:56PM 2 How to remove Piston imported plugin
8:41PM 1 script/server with options
8:40PM 0 AJAX + RJS across controllers
8:10PM 1 How to make a web data entry form look spiffy
7:35PM 3 Best way to allow client to do SEO on view files?
7:13PM 1 Missing helper
7:12PM 3 controller filter exludes w/ controller
6:30PM 2 Order a Find Based on Attribute of Related Table
6:12PM 0 Freezing rails question
5:45PM 10 textile, markdown suggestions
5:03PM 7 Suggestions for commenting/documenting view (.rhtml) files?
4:39PM 2 Sorting different objects
4:30PM 2 memcache client very slow?
4:22PM 1 Can't run any tests at all
4:21PM 0 Multi-table join issue with Legacy tables
4:11PM 1 embedding a wiki/wiki functionality
4:04PM 4 Sakebar logo a bit racist?
3:53PM 0 Help wrtiting test for models that use CSV data
3:07PM 2 Invitation to try Unhatched on Rails Rumble
2:47PM 6 Pre-loading the database?
2:46PM 10 AJAX ok, but when JavaScript is disable...
1:20PM 0 testing a rest plugin
1:19PM 0 HTTP Post with Web Services
1:12PM 0 Controller inheritance and views inheritance
12:29PM 0 deal with Controller and Action logic in RJS?
12:23PM 0 ActionMailer issues
11:38AM 0 FW: Advance Happy Ganesh Chathurdi
10:20AM 2 Database full?
9:19AM 3 Multiple Ajax activity indicators?
9:11AM 0 [Ruby on rails] upload del progetto
8:34AM 4 how to define people and movies' association?
8:22AM 0 Mapping two host names to the same app
6:17AM 2 how to use options in radio botton
5:28AM 4 Most efficient/best way to do favorites or a Digg-style page?
4:30AM 5 Validating Non-ActiveRecord Objects
3:46AM 3 erb image link
12:18AM 0 WYMeditor
Thursday September 13 2007
11:51PM 3 server pdf from controller
10:58PM 9 setting custom variables per environment
10:37PM 2 Rubyzip and java.util.zip.ZipFile interoperability issue
9:46PM 1 [ANN/ADV] CustomXMLSerialization 1.1
9:04PM 2 True expression still evaluates false
8:47PM 1 erubis and actionpack 1.13.3
8:07PM 0 forcing Action mailer to asynchronous mode?
8:00PM 5 Why does an RJS call within a form cause submit the form's submit action to be executed?
7:59PM 1 Numeric context of enum in Views
7:56PM 0 Eager loading issue
7:42PM 2 Mixing a call to .rhtml AND .rjs
7:23PM 3 Organizing rhtml and rjs files?
7:17PM 0 Rails and LDap all on Windows
7:03PM 1 validate_format_of
6:30PM 2 Ignore a route?
5:59PM 5 Rails Benchmarks with PostgreSQL and MySQL
5:47PM 1 Advice on changing actions when in process flow and out of it
5:19PM 0 Route for crashes, missing urls etc?
4:53PM 3 Upgrading from Ruby 1.8.5 -> 1.8.6.. Yes or No?
4:50PM 0 Hopelessly unrelated to programming in Rails, but fun nonetheless
4:44PM 1 create! method_missing ??
4:35PM 0 Transaction Question
3:50PM 1 Lavoro: RubyOnRails
3:23PM 2 WEBRick auto generated SSL certificate
2:37PM 3 Checkbox and Ajax
1:59PM 3 Problem on installing rubyworks on centos5
1:51PM 0 ActiveRecord: Select which sequence to use
1:28PM 0 development.log
1:01PM 0 problem in using RailsProductGenerator
12:56PM 0 Popup window from controller
12:44PM 5 Simple login action help.
12:42PM 1 Rails deployment
11:34AM 2 Forms with nested objects
11:22AM 0 Override "created_at"-like Methods and add new one's
10:42AM 1 text_field
8:06AM 1 [ANN/ADV] "Advancing With Rails", November 6-9, New Jersey
8:05AM 0 [ANN/ADV] "Intro to Rails", October 23-26, New Jersey
7:21AM 0 New DEPRECATION warning - xml_serialization.rb
6:43AM 0 Alert messages on changing screen access
5:38AM 0 Make money to share your videos
5:33AM 0 AptanaIDE browser URl
5:28AM 1 Vlad the Deployer 1.1.0 Released Vlad version 1.1.0 has been released! * <http://rubyhitsquad.com/> * <http://rubyforge.org/projects/hitsquad/> Vlad the Deployer is pragmatic application deployment automation, without mercy. Much like Capistrano, but with
4:37AM 11 Simple rails website design question
4:17AM 0 change environment config at runtime?
4:09AM 1 Models not loading?
3:12AM 5 enum? polymorphic?
1:25AM 0 [JOB] Rails/ASP Developer
12:25AM 3 Help getting multiple submit buttons working in Internet Exploder 6
12:21AM 4 Data Migrations using Model Classes vs. SQL
Wednesday September 12 2007
11:38PM 1 newbie: getting started with database, local computer, host
11:16PM 2 cant start from InstantRails suddenly
8:52PM 2 acts_as_authenticated, bad password
8:35PM 0 Dynamic Database Connections
8:23PM 0 checking for elements before replace_html on it
8:20PM 0 text_field help
8:10PM 0 Looking for Brilliant Sr. Software Developer
7:23PM 1 how to join on a field other than parent table's id?
6:20PM 3 Proper Factoring for a Parser Class
6:13PM 0 Error when running migrations
5:18PM 0 Streamlined 0.9 goes final!
4:55PM 3 Functional testing controllers that rely authentication
4:40PM 0 install ruby/ldap
4:31PM 1 Problem about javascript in RoR
4:27PM 1 Setting local variable from name
3:58PM 0 image size validation
3:42PM 1 update_attribute_with_validation_skipping
3:22PM 1 Ajax: Updating multiple elements?
2:43PM 1 Counter cache like plugin for sum
2:41PM 1 validate_format_of except=>?
1:32PM 2 Question about "lightweight" definition ?
1:26PM 0 help installing simplelog
12:35PM 0 Strange mails with action mailer
12:03PM 10 Need help refactoring a controller, perhaps add threading?
12:02PM 1 cannot type on the commandline (cmd) following chars for example: "@" or ""
9:00AM 1 When to Create Classes? Do Java Programmers Over Use Classes or Are Ruby Programmers To Loose
8:58AM 0 Multiple upload using attachement fu
8:42AM 0 image_submit_tag, :get method and x&y issue
8:32AM 1 apache2+mongrel_cluster
7:25AM 1 how to test database table manipulation methods?
6:42AM 3 Parsing text files
4:55AM 2 who has attachment fu?
4:24AM 1 overlaying an image with file_column, rmagick
4:05AM 0 rails & gems 0..9.2 problem
2:48AM 5 how to calculate the distance/radius on zipcodes?
2:33AM 2 Creating objects in application.rb
Tuesday September 11 2007
11:54PM 2 Querying objects in order
11:45PM 0 The Law of Attraction - Mind Movie
11:12PM 3 link_to ??
10:40PM 2 Determining an association type
9:58PM 0 Vancouver Ruby/Rails Meetup Today Sep/12 @ 7:00pm
9:45PM 3 "deprecate" a column
9:17PM 6 Rendering a partial (through Ajax) and it's 'hanging'...
8:24PM 2 Rails attachment_fu db_file upload issue.
8:23PM 5 Best place to initialize a database column value
8:09PM 1 TypeError => Symbol as array index
7:44PM 0 capistrano2 svn tag support
7:43PM 0 Milwaukee RUG meeting tomorrow 9/12/07 @ 5:30pm
6:58PM 0 Newbie with setup questions.
6:34PM 2 Degree Symbol Display
5:18PM 3 ActiveRecord, blocking or async, logging, syslog/udp
4:23PM 3 Production mode bug with ruby/amazon
3:51PM 5 Sharing view code across actions with the same function
3:08PM 2 Getting messages from Model
2:40PM 3 Building a relationship between an image and a listing
2:29PM 2 Postgres nonstandard use of \\ in a string literal
2:27PM 10 Chaining actions?
2:24PM 1 Using a helper method in a model
2:21PM 0 from_xml not working
1:52PM 0 Specify alternate project name when creating new rails proj?
1:39PM 0 Problem with ajax validation tutorial
1:20PM 1 Executing a Java jar file from my Rails app
12:40PM 1 Server Administrator Part-time/Consultant
12:36PM 0 Multi form wizard
12:33PM 2 Question about performance, which is better?
12:14PM 3 Creating users for Recipes authentication method
11:36AM 3 How to debug a varible/collection/array
11:19AM 3 Accessing a Hash from the form Params
10:48AM 2 uninitialized constant CreateDb when using rake db:migrate
10:46AM 2 Activerecord not working
9:55AM 7 recommended rails performance tuning
9:53AM 2 Help with :conditions argument using find method
9:49AM 2 acts_as_authenticated redirect on ajax requests
9:30AM 3 Debug in ROR
8:55AM 0 Page module & not displaying it
8:44AM 0 ldap authentication with ruby
7:59AM 0 Problem with text_field and
7:07AM 0 reading API ?
6:51AM 0 ruby script/console hangs on cygwin
5:49AM 0 Rendirng on the same view
4:47AM 0 Issue with update_attributes
3:47AM 5 perfect Rails emacs ide
1:59AM 5 why doesn't my session work when I run my app via curl
12:13AM 1 Help with associations...
Monday September 10 2007
11:00PM 1 New plugin - Text Formatter
10:12PM 2 Removing an AR class definition, for testing plugins
10:12PM 1 Using exceptions on all of my controller actions
9:43PM 1 Arrays in test fixtures
9:20PM 0 Character Sets and rake db:test:prepare
8:33PM 14 Broken Console
8:10PM 0 Authentication differs per-environment
8:04PM 0 Rails Mentoring
8:04PM 0 Rails Developer - Atlanta, Ga.
8:00PM 1 Session Problem - Probably Simply Solution
7:31PM 0 Beta Testing needed for Toolbawks Packer v1.0.0
7:27PM 0 One-click Installer (ruby186-25) not installing gem
7:01PM 0 Need assistance figuring out the logic for my controller
6:58PM 5 Migrations for an Existing DB
6:32PM 3 link_to file
6:22PM 2 validation for : Start date lesser than End date?
5:12PM 2 Please give locations in job postings
5:01PM 2 expire_page not working
4:55PM 0 New website (using Rails)
4:54PM 7 Looking for Rails developer to join a startup and become co-founder
4:54PM 0 Displaying string that was inserted using Select statement
4:07PM 4 Activerecord Relationships: Can children access parents?
3:42PM 0 Helper for testing default routes generated by a resource
3:41PM 2 get javascript value
3:09PM 7 WYSIWYG editor plugin for rails
3:08PM 0 WYSIWYG editor plugin
2:34PM 1 activescaffold forms and <script> tag
2:22PM 0 Rails Developer Needed - Immediate - Contract
2:13PM 0 how to override association proxy push()
1:57PM 1 Turning off logging for a function
1:49PM 0 ChicagoRuby.org
11:33AM 3 Can't reach a controller :(
11:33AM 0 opening for ruby on rails(Hyderabad)
11:22AM 2 why are these items being persisted?
10:47AM 1 activescaffold, predefined values
10:44AM 10 globalized is too slow, need a solution
10:21AM 0 Globalize currency
8:28AM 2 LDAP Setup
7:13AM 0 Re: hash
7:05AM 2 form_remote_tag not providing params in Ajax
6:54AM 0 to_csv svn is not working
6:22AM 1 answer me some ror interview questions
6:15AM 5 Code dupplication?
6:14AM 1 Polymorphic Associations and REST
4:58AM 2 Exception Handiling
3:27AM 1 a form submit problem related to web browser
3:02AM 0 Re: erlang/Mnesia adaptor for rails
2:02AM 0 Re: erlang/Mnesia adaptor for rails
12:01AM 1 Ruby 1.8.6 fresh install...now mongrel gem says no...
Sunday September 9 2007
11:54PM 3 Find by compared date
8:57PM 1 How to render RXML partial within a static XML file?
5:44PM 4 Images larger than 40k uploaded with attachment_fu won't display
5:37PM 0 double-entry bookkeeping (financial accounting)
4:36PM 6 OOP Question
3:48PM 3 a little help with routes
2:50PM 2 How to retrieve data from Amazon AWS:S3 programmatically
1:40PM 0 www.rorhost.ro - ruby on rails free hosting
1:21PM 1 pass object to a before_filter
12:16PM 0 country select + county select listbox
12:15PM 1 filter_parameter_logging
11:59AM 5 Optional routing URL component?
11:45AM 0 [AD] 2 RailsConf Europe Tickets For Sale at lower price
10:52AM 2 What is that ?
10:40AM 4 InstantRails - command "rails" does not work
9:42AM 2 Re: assigning roles and menu items at signup
9:11AM 0 Sake error, I am getting
8:01AM 1 What is difference between form_for and form_tag?
12:56AM 0 joining tables where foreign key is not the [singular_of_other_table]_id
Saturday September 8 2007
10:59PM 3 how to fix assigns(:user) on controller test
10:37PM 2 "Common action" for a controller
6:33PM 0 New Plugin - Nofollow Links
5:32PM 1 hook into appending child records to parent in acts_as_tree association
3:58PM 3 Who's the moderator here?
3:29PM 0 acts_as_ferret and views
2:50PM 1 Unknown Action doesn't raise exception ?
1:04PM 1 Join Tables/Forms
11:22AM 8 SVN and Rails problem
11:01AM 2 Multiple kind of relationships, Howto ?
10:54AM 2 Category - Subcategory
10:27AM 0 extend self в модуле
9:57AM 3 I just want to leave
9:25AM 2 social networking
8:37AM 3 method "movie_file=" can someone explain this to me please?
8:30AM 3 I don't understand how to cache this...
7:21AM 10 Is the acts_as_taggable plugin still relevant?
1:02AM 4 Multibyte Character References
12:45AM 7 ActiveRecord calculations with joins on renamed foreign keys?
Friday September 7 2007
11:25PM 1 RoR apps that act as web user agents?
11:17PM 2 activerecord result set count
10:46PM 0 Adsense Absolute Information :AAi Groups
10:29PM 5 enforce mutual exclusivity
9:22PM 0 form_remote_tag :confirm tag
9:03PM 0 Update method
8:35PM 0 Run your production apps with style
8:24PM 1 deploying and migrations
7:08PM 1 Expected ... to define ... errors after restart
6:23PM 0 Related selects w/ defaults from session
6:21PM 2 Blank content-length ?
6:07PM 0 Ferret DRB, can add/modify index, but not search
5:52PM 0 Rails Wiki
5:50PM 1 Unicode and ROR
5:45PM 3 Putting it in a box
5:37PM 7 Simple websites (no DB?) with Rails??
5:14PM 2 How to discover Content-Type in ApplicationController
5:04PM 0 The Ruby East Conference is Now 3 Weeks Away (Reminder)
4:56PM 7 Rails VERY slow on Vista
4:55PM 0 Using foreign key in store_dir
4:22PM 0 Using a named route from elsewhere in RoR
3:25PM 1 attachment_fu, PDF files and :db_file storage type
3:14PM 5 Basic Authentication fails with curl using restful_authentication plugin
2:59PM 1 render :partial F5 refresh problem
2:01PM 4 Can I add my own application environment?
1:45PM 1 find from any table
1:17PM 0 Rails wiki search page spammed
1:03PM 0 Strange charset problem
1:02PM 5 Strange problem in production
12:55PM 1 Enable a plugin only in production
12:49PM 3 how to pass an array through url_for.
11:58AM 0 Problem calling super constructor
11:49AM 3 how can I put multiple model classes to one file?
11:07AM 8 Multi Step Registration
11:04AM 1 need your help with rails plugin
9:50AM 2 strange problem about mailer - no template found
9:46AM 4 how to create an Admin user using migration?
9:38AM 3 push question
8:55AM 3 REST?
8:54AM 0 CD DVD Label Maker for Mac
8:40AM 0 uploading in file column failed
7:44AM 0 acts_as_translatable
7:37AM 0 How to make string column with null default?
7:08AM 2 My controller became fat trying to handle multiple models - need guidance please
6:12AM 2 have you ever used active scaffold or ajax scaffold anytime in rails
5:49AM 2 ORing of strings
5:41AM 2 RJS visual effect
5:18AM 8 Category can't be blank
5:05AM 7 Deleting HABTM tag associations
5:00AM 4 RMagick, CentOS 5 64-bit, shared object cannot be dlopen()ed
3:41AM 3 Looking for Rails Developers in Orange County, California
3:23AM 1 Rails + require returns ??
3:16AM 3 Link_To best practices ( newbie Q)
3:12AM 0 De-serializing attribute gives YAML::Objects?
2:28AM 0 has_many :through distant relationships
2:24AM 0 Date Range in URL
2:15AM 2 has_many :through distant associations
2:05AM 1 NoMethodError
1:30AM 0 Matrix expected, got Fixnum && acts_as_tree?????????
1:00AM 0 Can someone help me with 'render partial' from a link?
Thursday September 6 2007
11:45PM 0 My controller became fat trying to handle multiple models- ?
11:40PM 10 how to auto-generate a month-by-month archive links?
11:36PM 0 Loading pre-existing data with form_remote_tag
11:10PM 0 Quechep - SPAM
10:05PM 1 form_test_helper 1.0.0 released, and updates for trunk
9:48PM 1 memcached and fragment storage, session storage with a mongrel cluster
9:37PM 0 Model/Migration Generation from UML (XMI or similar format)
9:26PM 2 act_as_authenticated: remove login and use email
9:03PM 1 (OT) Javascript onclick handler and browser context menus
8:55PM 3 problems getting flash to display
7:29PM 0 Models/tables with relationships and forms
7:08PM 1 Using symbols for controllers and actions
6:51PM 0 TTL
6:34PM 2 HABTM Loops
5:59PM 3 pass a ruby value to javascript in form_remote_tag
5:56PM 1 Invite from Carl Woodward (cjwoodward-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org)
5:05PM 0 model for multiple tables
5:03PM 0 Odd Redirects: Security issue in deployed app?
4:54PM 4 HABTM association with own class?
4:30PM 1 best autocompletion database index
4:12PM 12 how do i check if an object has a particular field?
4:10PM 1 acts_as_ferret MultiIndex
3:34PM 3 routes, default_url_options and languages
2:55PM 2 How to add a initialize method when rails app starts?
2:53PM 0 Flash not being cleared after filter returns false
2:52PM 0 London Ruby User Group - 10th September 2007
2:18PM 3 How to select rows between two dates?
2:16PM 1 web service in rails
1:37PM 1 automatic scoping in controller based on params
1:01PM 3 Showing related table data in show.rhtml
9:35AM 3 no build! on association?
9:09AM 0 how to deploy rails project using Host Gator
8:12AM 1 finder_sql patch problem
7:56AM 0 Amazon E-commerce Webservice + soap/wsdlDriver = weird error
7:18AM 3 Environment problem..!!
6:36AM 0 Components - working alternatives?
4:25AM 0 Scholarship
3:48AM 1 has_many and belongs_to question... undefined method error
1:30AM 2 Change Ruby on Rails' reserved words?
Wednesday September 5 2007
11:57PM 1 Being modular but still interacting
11:36PM 2 A question about routing
11:18PM 1 DRY up multiple calls link_to_remote?
10:11PM 2 Ruby/rails user group opening
10:08PM 0 I must be really confused - have problems getting data from
9:52PM 1 gsub question, not a regex question...including part of the original in the sub...
9:22PM 0 Adding items to a collection associated w/ has_many :through
9:10PM 1 javascript float array in params hash
8:44PM 1 a way to mark gems with "hold"
8:41PM 0 Render :action for moved templates
8:38PM 3 Unit tests rolling back my migrations
8:30PM 3 Splitting @xyz from email id: username-+zpghU0kKgY@public.gmane.org
7:51PM 0 would multithreaded rails be faster?
7:50PM 1 Validation with has_one associated models
7:39PM 1 Calling a controller method from another controller
6:46PM 0 Time To Live
6:35PM 1 Single Table Inheritance and :conditions
6:09PM 0 Savage Beast plugin: Question on the reply form
5:20PM 2 How To View Documentation in doc/app
4:59PM 1 flickr integration mailing list?
4:28PM 0 I’am learning about Ruby on Rails. Actionview, I make abou
3:55PM 0 ZenTest ViewTestCase vs params
3:47PM 2 after_create callback called twice in test env when using fixtures
3:20PM 2 select max(draw)
3:05PM 1 referencing joins
2:29PM 2 Site's down
1:21PM 0 RJS Templates
1:06PM 0 Untitled
1:00PM 1 Rails Convention for "Record Pseudo Locking" on Multi-User Systems
12:58PM 2 pagination in partial view
12:58PM 5 RSpec for dummies screencast?
11:50AM 8 Something went wrong
11:30AM 1 Problem reading attachments in emails
11:06AM 25 display the first n words from a string
10:51AM 9 Profanity Filter for Rails Application
9:44AM 4 copy contents from one table to the other
4:54AM 0 rails :global mailing list
4:50AM 0 If you're not using it, you're missing out on a large part of the joy that life has to offer.
4:50AM 1 Can any one help me by saying some thing about composite Primary Keys and its support for migrations and active records in rails?
4:49AM 0 HI guys.... I have an articles table with fields as id,title, . . . and users table with id,name, . . . and i can join this table to put a through relation with readings table(A kind of join) with fields as id, article_id, user_id, read_at, rating.
4:49AM 0 Had any one of you worked up on callbacks and observers. I tried a lot to understand those topics but some how i could not understand that in to depth. If any one of you have a bit time plzz explain me those.
4:48AM 0 Hi Guys here is another interesting stuff for Newbies like us
4:48AM 8 Hi..Guys new plugin again
4:48AM 1 Quick question: making tables without id fields; migrations
4:47AM 0 Transaction:
4:46AM 0 <%= excerpt(@trees, "lovely", 8) %>
4:45AM 1 Consider that we have a link and when we LEFT click it a new window/tab should open . How ??
4:45AM 0 Are there any performance differences between using rjs vs. remote_function and what are the advantages/disadvantages ?
4:45AM 0 was just going through the section15.6 of agile web development PDF but somehow couldn't understand how actually the & parameter works .
4:44AM 1 I had a very basic question as to, how does rails encodes URl's ?
4:44AM 0 Securing Rails
4:43AM 0 I have a date dropdown which is of yyyy/dd/mm format
3:47AM 4 Issue with using has_many....
1:58AM 0 Is there any good way to use Google SSO in Rails?
12:57AM 0 link_to, urls and bots - oh my
Tuesday September 4 2007
11:47PM 2 Looking for Developer to build CMS similar to Jobster.com
10:57PM 3 scaffold_all_models and has_and_belongs_to_many
10:12PM 9 Sending files from RoR application
9:48PM 0 Read each email for $10....real money
9:40PM 9 rake test vs. rake test:functionals
9:40PM 3 attachment_fu and bmp files not working
9:26PM 2 pre-existing PHP, Apache web server, and mySQL setup
8:55PM 2 Flickr on rails
8:53PM 0 Before_Save Filters Acting Goofy in Unit Test
8:41PM 0 purge temp files automatically ?
7:46PM 1 Restful_Authentication and DB Sessions
7:37PM 0 Re: Trouble Sending E-mails
7:23PM 4 What does this code do?
7:19PM 13 Migrate with different user account?
6:48PM 3 Expand Active Record
6:35PM 4 Official RoR wiki sends you to PornoTube
6:17PM 0 Boxcar now available!
6:13PM 2 Use of uniqueidentifer type for primary key?
6:07PM 2 How can i add a confirmation dialog to a submit_tag?
5:12PM 6 After migration, how to see new columns?
5:09PM 1 Mongrel server issue
4:22PM 6 Master detail sample for newbie and something more ;-)
4:14PM 1 link_to flexibility
3:43PM 0 Different REST routes to index w parameter
3:32PM 0 Nokia N81 and N81 8GB Combine Music with Gaming
3:31PM 4 lightbox for forms
2:32PM 2 backgroundrb install issue
2:25PM 0 Adding this sed command to the deploy script
2:08PM 1 RSA, public and private keys
1:06PM 0 Problem IN PDF generation
1:04PM 4 Errors in executing first RoR app - reg.
12:14PM 0 Some way to sort and paginate mails read from a POP3 mail server
11:58AM 0 RoR on windows with MS SQL Server DBI:ADO driver Memory Leak
10:49AM 0 [ROR][CAPISTRANO] From windows to a linux server
10:46AM 3 rails console doesn't run scripts, why?
9:53AM 2 Apache Virtual Hosts
9:48AM 1 Routing error with nested resources
9:44AM 3 Finding the position on an item in a collection
9:35AM 0 Multip;e upload
9:28AM 5 compact.join in model
9:15AM 4 Issue with variables in a partial view
9:02AM 2 Pie chart eith Gruff
8:23AM 2 How do you total up the number of Posts per Month?
8:11AM 0 rubyonrails-talk
7:55AM 3 multiple languages
6:00AM 0 Rjs not working only In IE.
4:50AM 1 Running install.rb for piston'd plugins?
2:39AM 2 Re: test does not save to the test database
2:06AM 0 Apology and Warning
1:43AM 1 Invite from Ben Askins (ben.askins-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org)
1:21AM 2 Find elements of an array on another
12:17AM 1 capistrano issues
12:02AM 1 Whats the best way to do this.
Monday September 3 2007
11:06PM 0 Re: test does not save to the test database
10:47PM 1 Problem installing RMagick gem
10:06PM 1 http://wiki.rubyonrails.org/rails
9:22PM 0 Template Root in components
9:19PM 2 physical path the public directory
9:11PM 2 Percent Completion with an Ajax Call
8:22PM 0 ActiveRecord question - how to find owners of at least one child with a conditional
8:10PM 0 Change the datatype of an attribute?
6:34PM 3 Anonymous modules have no name to be referenced by
6:19PM 4 modeling a collection of integers in active record
5:22PM 10 where do I put my global enviroment variables?
3:55PM 0 Desired features in a mechanized documentation tool?
3:45PM 2 cols not responding in text_area
3:39PM 0 firebird and rails; error
3:18PM 1 auto submit a form..
3:06PM 6 non-database data infrastructure
2:58PM 0 Have you tried RMagick 2.0.0 beta?
2:45PM 2 Runtime pluggable models?
2:38PM 2 habtm - controlling with checkboxes UI
2:34PM 5 perfect email match
2:03PM 6 Simple select question
1:41PM 1 Hai brothers
1:34PM 10 reg :regular expression
1:31PM 0 Projects Files Location
1:30PM 0 Attachment_fu won't upload images to S3 on Windows XP?
1:00PM 3 Inheriting from Activerecord classes
12:29PM 0 Killing off zombie backgroundRB processes?
10:17AM 1 Discussion on Frequently Asked Questions
10:11AM 1 Response handling
9:42AM 0 website project assessement - how hard/easy would this be?
7:18AM 4 how to deploy a rails project in to server
6:16AM 13 Some basic questions
5:02AM 7 Query Problem, limiting list results
4:49AM 8 How to "New" an array of Hashes
4:48AM 7 relationing has_many, belongs_to
4:35AM 7 about assert_difference problem. help!!
1:07AM 1 Instant Rails -- Apache shutdown
Sunday September 2 2007
10:55PM 0 Automated generator for 'advanced search' or filter?
10:52PM 3 Rake weirdness (production vs development)
10:37PM 3 Update multiple records in the same table
9:43PM 0 problem in application.rb when running unit tests
9:37PM 8 check numbers
9:15PM 2 problem validating uniqueness
7:45PM 6 domain based routes?
5:28PM 1 create new model - add custom defaults to migration?
5:13PM 4 request.ssl? not working
4:50PM 2 Need installation help
3:02PM 0 soap4r alternitives?
2:49PM 0 URLs as parameters (no route found to match)
2:09PM 0 using database for validation
11:48AM 4 Look ma ! :)
11:40AM 1 How to create vertical and horizontal menus with RoR
10:05AM 1 ferret for professionals
8:09AM 0 building a calendar of events - not trivial
4:27AM 5 hash_cache a bogus function that never worked?
4:11AM 3 Rendering JSON from a view
2:56AM 1 Associating (or scoping) information with currently logged in user/company. . .?
1:37AM 2 javascript_include_tag :defaults <-- How to include my stuff here?
1:31AM 1 Problem with OpenID Plugin, please help.
1:22AM 1 Lost connection to MySQL server during query
12:51AM 4 unit test failing
12:48AM 0 accessing this.parentNode in RJS?
Saturday September 1 2007
10:55PM 2 preview / edit form data in rails
10:39PM 3 Newbie question: what does string[:symbol] mean?
10:14PM 2 Getting JSON from the body of a POST
9:18PM 3 Code reuse with rails (ex ASP.NET developer having trouble)
9:03PM 0 Using file_column data in IMG tag
5:51PM 9 Model transactions
5:22PM 3 Need help with sessions
5:17PM 2 Accessing controllers from models
3:57PM 0 Neglect of family and friends
2:15PM 0 PDF Format
1:51PM 0 am i missing something or has the rails wiki been hacked like for a week now?????
9:19AM 2 @content_for_layout or changing default fields on "new" page
8:05AM 3 Error: You have a nil object when you didn't expect it!
6:43AM 5 What is the URL to view my first rails app under Apache?
4:59AM 0 Problem with custom Mime::Type.register.
3:07AM 2 Embellishing String (or whatever) for AR attributes
2:27AM 4 You have a nil object when you didn't expect it!