R help - Sep 2006

Saturday September 30 2006
10:13PM 1 counting a sequence of charactors or numbers
9:49PM 0 Reshape version 0.7.1
8:49PM 1 Inner product
8:09PM 0 fitting a gaussian to some x,y data
7:11PM 1 error from pmvnorm
4:47PM 1 Setting NA
4:09PM 1 Gradient problem in nlm
3:51PM 1 plotting
2:10PM 4 Print/Save/Cat/Write list
12:38PM 3 Textmate project drawer: is there a Windows alternative?
10:56AM 1 autologistic model? - what package?
6:23AM 2 How to repeat vectors ?
1:46AM 1 Simple graphics
12:19AM 1 R 2.3.1 and SPSS 14.0
Friday September 29 2006
10:50PM 3 if then else
10:23PM 2 scatter3d() model.summary coefficients?
10:03PM 0 Using censummary on censored data
9:16PM 1 Confidence interval in the Wilcoxon exact test
8:42PM 1 help with distance matrix
8:13PM 2 index vector
7:19PM 1 Wilcoxon Rank test of Package Coin
6:40PM 1 linear gradient in nls
6:18PM 0 attributable fraction
6:17PM 1 Plotting text with lattice
6:07PM 0 Heteroskedasticity test
5:50PM 2 GLM information matrix
5:31PM 1 Helmert contrasts for repeated measures and split-plot expts
5:25PM 2 X-axis labels in histograms drawn by the "truehist" function
4:52PM 1 RODBC ERROR on Rcmdr install
4:48PM 1 File Encoding Warnings during package installs
4:20PM 2 hcc not found, rcmd build
3:59PM 6 List-manipulation
12:53PM 1 Build error on Windows
7:06AM 2 Automatical download of needed packages from CRAN
7:04AM 2 problems with R and tckl/tk on Mac OS X
5:04AM 1 Display figures within pareto chart
4:24AM 1 Loading rgdal library
4:16AM 3 What is wrong with this input
3:22AM 0 End-of-Line Problems
3:00AM 1 time-series packages
2:12AM 3 control L to clear the Rgui screen in Windows
Thursday September 28 2006
9:53PM 1 multiple xyplots on the same graph
9:46PM 0 Documentation patch for 'match' and 'palette'
9:45PM 0 AIC in R
8:55PM 3 complex plots using layout()
7:49PM 3 Evaluation of defaults in functions
7:31PM 2 a decimal aligned column
5:52PM 0 mx2 contingency tables or (2^(m-1)-1)'s 2x2 contingency tables in the context of feature selection for random forest
3:55PM 1 help on plots
3:54PM 1 Comparing entire row sets at once efficiently
3:44PM 2 safe prediction from lm
3:39PM 2 fractional part
3:01PM 2 get index of elements in vector
1:57PM 1 drop
1:01PM 1 Plackett-Dale Model in R
12:14PM 1 Adding graphics to R-help Files
11:42AM 2 calling R from within Java, using jri
10:51AM 0 Using assign() function as I did in Splus
10:40AM 2 Perspective axes
8:33AM 1 starting point for non linear fitting
7:37AM 2 line break in pie chart labels
7:19AM 1 I: differences between R and S (reproducing a plot from a book )
4:02AM 1 Nonlinear fitting - reparametrization help
2:27AM 2 recode problem - unexplained values
Wednesday September 27 2006
10:29PM 2 Histogram
9:55PM 1 MSM modeling and transition rates in R
9:16PM 3 Space required by object?
8:47PM 3 Converting text to numbers
8:12PM 1 how to retain time zone when doing c(POSIXct)
8:11PM 2 Single Precision (4 byte) floats with readBin
5:52PM 0 AIC Methods
4:34PM 1 panel.curve
4:26PM 1 package e1071 - class probabilities
4:07PM 3 multidimensional lists
3:07PM 3 t-stat Curve
2:39PM 1 PDE
1:41PM 1 Testing the equality of correlations
12:57PM 1 Searching for keyword values in a text (configuration) file
12:38PM 0 pdf and postscript sizes - change on each page?
12:31PM 1 equivalent of model.tables for an lm.object?
11:02AM 1 exponential fitting
10:51AM 2 Constrained OLS regression
10:36AM 1 Any hot-deck imputation packages?
9:55AM 1 Impossible to merge with a zero rows data frame?
9:45AM 0 Data fitting problems...
8:24AM 2 How to pass expression as an argument
8:12AM 3 exact 95% confidence intervals
3:32AM 1 histogram colors in lattice
2:30AM 1 matrix with additional upper, botton, left and right cells
Tuesday September 26 2006
10:58PM 1 Bug in formals<-
9:09PM 0 5 binary_class models vs one 5-class model
7:39PM 1 Building R for Windows with ATLAS
7:12PM 2 colClasses: supressed 'NA'
6:08PM 1 How to "Pack" a matrix
5:04PM 4 New project: littler for GNU R
4:38PM 0 read.xport: Writing and reading dataframe to disk directly
4:37PM 0 Not all functions work in RSPerl package?
4:33PM 1 multiple imputation
4:21PM 2 set off error messages
3:40PM 1 lapply, plot and additional arguments
3:35PM 1 warning message in nlm
3:28PM 0 October R/Splus course in Washington DC, San Francisco, Seattle *** R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques
3:13PM 2 treatment effect at specific time point within mixed effects model
1:47PM 2 creation of new variables
1:24PM 0 crostab qry - Too many crosstab column headers
12:52PM 2 Vectorise a for loop?
12:18PM 2 about the determinant of a symmetric compound matrix
11:44AM 5 putting stuff into bins...
9:32AM 2 package usage statistics.
9:25AM 3 Need help with boxplots
8:26AM 1 Voung test implementation in R
8:21AM 2 Statistical data and Map-package
6:12AM 1 About the display of matrix
5:48AM 1 calculating dissimilarities in R
5:40AM 0 cauculating dissimilarities in R
3:34AM 1 linear terms within a nonlinear model
12:09AM 2 venn diagram with more than three vectors
12:09AM 2 Sort problem with merge (again)
Monday September 25 2006
10:27PM 0 the IPSUR package
10:14PM 0 Different results in agnes and hclust
9:32PM 0 fraitly in coxph
7:33PM 1 Rows of a data frame to matrix
6:12PM 0 Unidentified warning message in Portuguese
6:06PM 0 [PlainText Attempt] Sampling distribution of correlation estimations derived from robust MCD and MVE methods
5:56PM 2 Can't mix high level and low level plot functions.
5:18PM 1 Passing R connection as argument to a shell command on Windows
4:58PM 2 paste? 'cmd /c "c:\\pheno\\whap --file c:\\pheno\\smri --alt 1"'
4:19PM 0 Sampling distribution of correlation estimations derived from robust MCD and MVE methods
4:04PM 2 Splitting a character variable into a numeric one and a character one?
2:42PM 0 F values for glm with binomial distribution
1:46PM 1 glmmPQL in 2.3.1
1:31PM 3 Best use of LaTeX listings package for pretty printing R code
1:13PM 2 Multiple imputation using mice with "mean"
12:55PM 2 rpart
12:32PM 0 Selfstarting models for soil hydrology using R
12:30PM 3 Beginner Loop Question with dynamic variable names
11:51AM 4 Beginner question: select cases
8:32AM 1 Initialising Mersenne-Twister with one integer
8:27AM 1 nlme with a factor in R 2.4.0beta
Sunday September 24 2006
6:31PM 3 Print and supressing printing in function
5:41PM 1 R gui console problem
12:10PM 3 Complex survey analysis help
10:27AM 2 plotCI
5:08AM 2 s language version and complie languages
5:04AM 2 printing a variable name in a for loop
2:10AM 3 Adding percentage to Pie Charts
Saturday September 23 2006
11:17PM 1 variance-covariance structure of random effects in lme
11:15PM 1 strange warning message
10:59PM 1 really irregular time series
10:09PM 4 plotting grouped data object
10:08PM 2 Question about merge()
9:54PM 3 Data frames questions
5:27PM 0 pbinom with rnorm
1:55PM 1 problem with summary of data
12:44PM 2 Create a vector of indices from a matrix of start and end points
10:35AM 1 Fitdistr() versus nls()
5:37AM 2 Y-axis on pbinom
4:49AM 1 contrasts in aov
3:59AM 1 Fatal error: unable to restore saved data in .RData --- no package called 'nlme'
2:29AM 1 install error uder Cygwin
Friday September 22 2006
11:27PM 1 two questions associated with heatmap
9:28PM 2 Double integral
9:16PM 2 proj4R library will not install
8:04PM 1 legends in a plot
8:02PM 1 setMethod
7:36PM 2 Lattice strip labels for two factors
7:25PM 2 "logistic" + "neg binomial" + ...
6:39PM 2 behavior of [<-.foo
6:16PM 2 inequality with NA
5:46PM 0 Re : Statitics Textbook - any recommendation?
5:06PM 0 $theta of frailty in coxph
3:45PM 1 How to retrieve results of most recent command?
2:45PM 3 extract data from lm object and then use again?
1:17PM 1 Variable as color in a barplot
10:57AM 2 A simple resampling problem
9:09AM 2 Merge problem
8:44AM 3 Compiling a contingency table of counts by case
7:32AM 0 Extracting and using Lattice x or y axis
7:23AM 4 Creating Movies with R
6:54AM 1 Update to Dillo browser question
6:41AM 1 Propensity score and three treatments
5:07AM 3 how to store recursive results
1:17AM 1 recursive question
Thursday September 21 2006
9:06PM 1 'help' information not modified when I modify man files
9:01PM 3 Adding .R to source file keeps R from reading it?
7:30PM 3 Matrix from a vector?
6:49PM 1 Problems with making a complex graphic
6:28PM 0 changing the index of a histogram
6:01PM 2 delete a entire vector of a dataframe
5:58PM 3 how to ignore "NA" or replace it by another value
5:37PM 0 frailty in coxph
4:16PM 1 Installing packages with R v.2.3.1 on MAC OS X -- Error: "Cannot chdir: No such file or directory"
3:44PM 0 Plot Confidence Interval for Regression
3:15PM 3 frequency table
2:42PM 0 Mail Server timeout of 1--2 hours
2:40PM 2 Exponentiate a matrix
1:44PM 0 Covariance matrix for first canonical variate
1:27PM 0 Creating a new Access database with R
12:56PM 3 newie help needed
12:39PM 0 cairoDevice 1.2 on CRAN
12:12PM 1 Other editor with completion apart from emacs?
12:07PM 2 R data query
11:58AM 2 Command area in SciViews 0.8.9 - second try
10:48AM 1 survival function with a Weibull dist
9:55AM 1 transforming factor back to numbers
9:54AM 1 plot correlation matrix
8:17AM 0 Significant integer digits in summary.default
6:43AM 1 How to generating diagnal blocks ?
6:36AM 1 Help on Dates in R again
6:32AM 0 Any examples of a frailty model actually used for prediction ?
1:32AM 2 remotely saving an R session
Wednesday September 20 2006
10:42PM 1 problem coercing truncated character vector to levels
9:19PM 3 Spliting a huge vector
8:21PM 8 Statitics Textbook - any recommendation?
8:09PM 1 how to delete some columns from a matrix based on some other indicator variable
8:07PM 0 Dennis Chabot poss. answer
8:01PM 1 ppois
7:43PM 2 Poission distribution
7:42PM 1 functionality of "update" in SAS
7:35PM 2 Unexpected behavior of apply() over a 3d array
7:15PM 1 [ROracle] error loading (undefined symbol: sqlclu)
7:08PM 2 mysterious error on compile R 2.3.1
6:42PM 1 hours() in 'chron': output != input
6:13PM 1 GLM Question
6:00PM 1 binom
4:42PM 1 help with function
3:23PM 1 Comment blocks in R programs
3:03PM 5 Beginners manual for emacs and ess
3:02PM 1 variance functions in glmmPQL or glm?
1:52PM 4 Calculating mean together with split
1:29PM 1 Simulation help
11:58AM 1 Step procedure and Akaike information criterion
11:09AM 1 Stats question - cox proportional hazards adjustments
11:03AM 2 Variable im Data Frame Namen
10:47AM 0 How to compare contours
8:55AM 1 random number generation from a-/symmetric distribution
7:44AM 0 Call for Abstracts: Tools for Intelligent Data Analysis (GfKl 07)
7:03AM 1 tcltk problem
4:45AM 1 Pooled Covariance Matrix
3:20AM 1 about BATCH and parameter file
1:50AM 5 multiple lines and plot
12:14AM 2 Sweave processes \Sexpr in commented LaTeX source (2.3.1patched and 2.4.0)
Tuesday September 19 2006
10:47PM 1 Need help with dataset formation problem
10:27PM 2 Linux configuration (Ubuntu)
10:17PM 1 justRMA
10:14PM 1 How to store an array in MySQL
10:12PM 1 RODBC Connections closed automatically in background
9:34PM 0 R package for MALDI-TOF data pre-processing
9:18PM 4 Union of two data frames
9:13PM 1 -Need help with function
7:19PM 0 inconsistent rows in a data frame
7:10PM 1 plotting question
6:28PM 1 Adding percentage to Pie Charts (was (no subject))
4:46PM 2 looking for some functions to analyze a data set.
4:29PM 4 How to draw a per mille symbol?
3:23PM 3 Problem with rpart
3:17PM 1 calculate AUC for ROC curve
2:42PM 0 New contribute about R & Regression
12:53PM 2 bubble plot problems
12:28PM 1 help on dirichlet distribution
12:18PM 1 odfWeave help
12:04PM 0 How to interpret these results from a simple gamma-frailty model
10:11AM 3 Reading a file in R
1:32AM 3 apply for list or list -> array
12:32AM 1 R CMD check fails at package dependencies check on Fedora Core 5, works on other systems
Monday September 18 2006
10:27PM 0 2007 Computing/Graphics Student Paper Competition
9:55PM 1 help with plot of prcomp object
9:55PM 2 R questions
8:04PM 0 Propensity score modeling using machine learning methods. WAS: RE: LARS for generalized linear models
7:46PM 1 Comparison of correlation coefficients
5:50PM 0 mixed models with ordinal independents
5:37PM 1 (no subject)
5:31PM 8 acos(0.5) == pi/3 FALSE
5:12PM 0 Question on apply() with more information...
5:07PM 0 R enquiry: Replace blank spaces with a character value
4:55PM 1 (no subject)
4:30PM 1 symbolic matrix elements...
2:59PM 1 non linear modelling with nls: starting values
2:59PM 1 ISO8601 week-of-year to date
1:22PM 2 (no subject)
12:03PM 0 write full information of class summary.lm to file
10:44AM 2 problem in font
9:35AM 2 problems in sourcing R script
7:37AM 1 uniform integer RNG 0 to t inclusive
7:13AM 1 Simulation of a Dirichlet Process.
6:44AM 1 multiple density function
4:15AM 2 404 HTTP not found
4:01AM 1 Cochrans Q Test
1:44AM 2 merge strings
1:11AM 2 merge gives me too many rows
Sunday September 17 2006
9:47PM 2 Thousand separator in format of axis
9:37PM 2 currency or stock trading strategy
8:12PM 2 histogram frequency weighing
8:08PM 2 Excluding columns from dataframe and selecting row records
6:22PM 2 Standard error of coefficient in linear regression
6:02PM 1 time series simulation
4:36PM 2 Building the call of an arbitrary function
2:45PM 2 Insert R code in LaTeX document
10:12AM 0 help on sampling from Dirichlet process
9:27AM 2 help on data frame and matrix
3:43AM 1 Any other R users in Philadelphia?
2:19AM 1 using "table" in R
2:17AM 1 using table in R
Saturday September 16 2006
10:29PM 2 Error Message Documentation
8:59PM 2 how to rescale the limits of yaxis rather than using the data range by default?
8:28PM 2 dotplot/Dotplot: connecting points within factor level across time
2:27PM 0 tutors for time series....NYC
4:00AM 1 regarding chaos
Friday September 15 2006
10:49PM 2 LARS for generalized linear models
10:05PM 1 Periodogram of Schuster
8:55PM 0 Trouble installing modified package
8:00PM 0 Question about span in Loess function
7:36PM 2 dotplot, dropping unused levels of 'y'
7:35PM 2 prediction interval for new value
6:18PM 0 question about pairs observations
3:58PM 0 R: Grouping columns in a data frame based on the values of a column
3:44PM 1 Grouping columns in a data frame based on the values of a column
3:43PM 1 Formula aruguments with NLS and model.frame()
3:24PM 2 FW: R Reference Card and other help (especially useful for Newbies)
2:45PM 2 Histogram of data with categorical varialbe
1:32PM 3 graphics and 'layout' question
12:35PM 2 missing data codes
8:22AM 1 predict with logistic regression
7:32AM 1 execution of source() command
3:55AM 1 plot region too large
1:37AM 0 Kernel Smoothing with more than 2 predictors
12:51AM 1 Table manipulation question
12:10AM 1 "ccf versus acf"
12:08AM 1 what does Height represent?
Thursday September 14 2006
11:37PM 1 hist for two sets
7:31PM 3 converting strings to expressions
7:04PM 0 Help On EBAM
5:42PM 5 Beta stochastic simulation
5:18PM 0 polr
2:48PM 1 Problem setting options(error=recover) in my Rprofile.site
2:36PM 1 time varying covariates
2:22PM 1 working with strptime data
2:08PM 1 plotting all subgroups with augPred
12:43PM 0 Run-time error "521" in SciViews
12:19PM 1 Binomial test using R
9:55AM 2 Greedy triangulation
9:34AM 3 Help
9:18AM 0 R input output error
8:23AM 2 ANOVA in R
6:16AM 1 Rv generation
5:33AM 2 Adding predicted values as a new variable in a data frame
3:01AM 0 building R-2.3.1 on Solaris 10
2:32AM 1 lme for time series prediction
Wednesday September 13 2006
9:13PM 7 inserting columns in the middle of a dataframe
9:07PM 2 an error message with 't.test' with R under Unix
8:53PM 2 recursive methods for concatenating sets of files
8:00PM 0 Question about optim on survival data with censored data
6:06PM 1 reformat records one to several
5:28PM 0 Course***Dr Frank Harrell's Regression Modeling Strategies in R/Splus course *** September 2006 near you (San Francisco, Washington DC, Atlanta)
5:09PM 1 Access Rows in a Data Frame by Row Name
4:57PM 2 kendall's w
4:38PM 3 group bunch of lines in a data.frame, an additional requirement
2:44PM 1 S in cor.test(..., method="spearman")
2:15PM 1 printing a generated function crashes R
12:52PM 1 install R on Sun Blade 2000
11:52AM 0 Bootstrapping for Firth bias reduction logistic regression
10:41AM 0 R CMD INSTALL with debugging
10:18AM 9 R-question
9:00AM 3 unexpected result in glm (family=poisson) for data with an only zero response in one factor
8:38AM 0 R & Matlab for Particle Tracking
8:20AM 1 forcing levelplot to use relative cuts (ie cuts for each panel)
7:11AM 1 Power analysis for repeated measures ANCOVA
7:10AM 3 functions and strings
5:18AM 0 qcc - xbar.one how to change the background color
3:44AM 1 reshaping a dataset
2:37AM 0 Of fixed column format (and more fixed mindsets)
12:34AM 2 Retrieving value computed in inner function call
12:26AM 1 Updating lmer - object is not subsettable?
Tuesday September 12 2006
8:50PM 1 Basic help needed: group bunch of lines in a list (matrix)
8:49PM 0 error in make check
8:11PM 0 Bitmap file size problems
8:02PM 4 variables in object names
7:51PM 1 whole object approach for nested loops
5:55PM 2 extract a value from vector
5:44PM 0 how to install R-2.3.1 on Mac OS X 10.3.9?
5:36PM 1 Use of xvfb : X11 cannot allocate additional graphics colors. Consider using colortype="pseudo.cube" or "gray"
5:18PM 1 References about dot a files
4:48PM 0 Plotting in R within NX client
4:42PM 2 coerce matrix to number
3:22PM 11 levels of factor when subsetting the factor
1:35PM 1 Using XY location data to calculate ecological parameters
1:02PM 1 Kendall's tau-c
12:49PM 2 (no subject)
12:30PM 1 lattice cloud and conditional axis limits
9:49AM 8 Gnuplot epslatex format also in R?
8:20AM 0 Problem with geweke.diag
7:22AM 1 stepAIC
6:49AM 1 Can't run nlme with nested structure
6:43AM 1 Transformation of a data frame
Monday September 11 2006
10:38PM 3 Extracting overdispersion estimates from lmer amd glm objects
8:19PM 5 Successive Graphs
7:57PM 1 Command equivalent of rgui "File, Save to File"?
7:40PM 3 wireplot margins and additional z-axis
6:12PM 3 Installation difficulty with "rimage"
4:49PM 9 rename cols
4:35PM 0 ' quote problem in reading lots of files at once
4:13PM 2 Making shared object on 64bit machine
4:11PM 0 filter high-throughput microarray data with noise
3:41PM 4 syntax of nlme
3:32PM 2 Translating R code + library into Fortran?
3:28PM 0 Compress
3:26PM 3 Reading fixed column format
3:23PM 1 plotting curves
3:07PM 3 "unvector" ?
2:40PM 1 summary(glm) for categorical variables
1:14PM 2 Wilcoxon Rank-Sum Test with Bonferroni's correction
12:44PM 7 Description of x-axis
12:32PM 0 clergymen
11:52AM 1 estimating state space with exogenous input in measurement eq.
11:51AM 1 Comparison of R with proprietary software
10:04AM 0 cite this R help list
9:57AM 0 Question about do.call()
9:27AM 3 Export data
8:52AM 1 exactly representable numbers
8:49AM 1 function changes argument
8:20AM 7 Test internet presence
4:59AM 1 Extracting mean level of factor for all levels from a glm
4:32AM 1 graphics: y limit on xyplot
3:45AM 2 faster way?
Sunday September 10 2006
9:00PM 1 Removing a graphic from plot
8:58PM 1 Bargraphs by a Newbie
8:24PM 2 formatting data to be analysed using multinomial logistic regression (nnet)
6:48PM 2 rownumber
5:09PM 1 Rpart, custom penalty for an error
4:57PM 1 R number output format
Saturday September 9 2006
8:00PM 1 clustering coefficient
7:49PM 2 duplication matrix
6:45PM 0 (no subject)
5:01PM 2 Indexing on a variable that is a factor
4:34PM 1 Contacting a Wiki Author
2:08PM 1 How to rotate any plot in R
9:42AM 1 reading and formating irregular time series for VaR
9:20AM 0 Use of "ks.test()" function
3:47AM 2 How to actively join you all
Friday September 8 2006
11:34PM 1 maximizing a likelihood function containing an integral
9:44PM 0 boundary constraints with smooth.spline
7:38PM 1 Confidence intervals on Lowess (eg SiZer from J.S.Marron)
7:01PM 1 JGR on SUSE 10.1 AMD 64
4:02PM 0 counting process form of a cox model (cluster(id))
1:53PM 4 Connecting to a SQLBASE database with R
1:32PM 1 repeating values
1:21PM 2 Multiple matrix multiplication with two 3-dimensional arrays
11:16AM 1 Connecting to R using Perl?
9:51AM 1 R drop behavior -- set as option in later version?
9:41AM 1 Computing skewness and kurtosis with the moments package
7:06AM 2 subsetting a data set
4:54AM 8 Weighted association map
12:35AM 0 Probabilites for all groups using knn function in R
Thursday September 7 2006
10:17PM 5 augPred plot in nlme library
10:04PM 1 labeling graphs
9:38PM 1 reading images in R
9:07PM 3 pairwise.t.test vs. t. test
8:26PM 0 Help understanding how nls parses the formula argument to estimate the model
7:54PM 1 Running wilcox.test function on two lists
6:53PM 0 October R/Splus course @ 3 locations *** R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques
6:39PM 1 Running/submitting script files
5:59PM 0 plot image matrix with row/col labels
5:47PM 1 rgdal on a Mac
4:57PM 1 [OT] Important stat dates
4:49PM 1 area between two curves, but one is not continuous
2:20PM 1 Memory allocation
1:43PM 0 counting process form of a cox model (cluster(id))?
12:35PM 2 Axes of a histogram
12:10PM 2 merging tables by columns AND rows
11:56AM 1 Stacking a list of data.frames
11:46AM 5 Conservative "ANOVA tables" in lmer
11:18AM 1 barplot: different colors for the bar and the strips
10:46AM 1 legend problems in lattice
9:35AM 1 Model vs. Observed for a lme() regression fit using two variables
6:12AM 2 Alternatives to merge for large data sets?
2:20AM 0 stratified poisson regression
1:32AM 3 graphics - joining repeated measures with a line
Wednesday September 6 2006
11:39PM 1 How to get multiple partial matches?
8:20PM 3 continuation lines in R script files
7:04PM 2 deleting an arow added to a graphic
7:03PM 0 odfWeave Version 0.4.4
5:59PM 1 singular factor analysis
4:41PM 1 Help on estimated variance in lme4
3:59PM 1 Covariance/Correlation matrix for repeated measures data frame
3:58PM 0 density plots????
3:48PM 7 Matrix multiplication using apply() or lappy() ?
3:27PM 1 About the Skew Student distribution
2:16PM 2 how to loop through 2 lists with different indexes
12:31PM 4 problem with putting objects in list
10:19AM 4 histogram in the background?
10:10AM 3 plot axises on both sides of a graph
8:37AM 6 What is the matrix version of min()
7:33AM 0 package ltm -- version 0.6-0
12:24AM 2 biplot label size
Tuesday September 5 2006
9:10PM 2 winDialog UNIX equivalent?
5:37PM 1 R object code
4:56PM 0 terms.inner() reprise
2:01PM 1 help: advice on the structuring of ReML models for analysing growth curves
1:24PM 3 terms.inner
12:52PM 0 Clubbing-UnknownLocations Unsubscription
10:19AM 0 Rserve and bibase
10:02AM 1 A question about gc()
9:01AM 1 Reserve and biobase
5:35AM 1 Quick question about lm()
4:27AM 1 colorRamp
2:11AM 1 Sweave and the "[" function
Monday September 4 2006
11:42PM 3 plot a new picture against an old one to see the difference between them
10:57PM 1 Problem with Variance Components (and general glmm confusion)
10:39PM 2 Fitting generalized additive models with constraints?
9:16PM 1 Coercing elements of a matrix from integer to double
4:52PM 2 read csv
4:52PM 1 Residual analysis in GEE
4:20PM 3 opening files in directory
3:59PM 0 Problems with 2-D Kernel Density Estimation using MASS & KernSmooth
3:18PM 1 Questions about sort data
2:14PM 1 how to fit gauss beam?
1:44PM 1 library(plgem)
12:05PM 1 abline and plot(augPred) help
10:34AM 1 merge files after cor.test
9:46AM 0 xlsReadWrite 1.0
7:35AM 1 generating loglogistic distribution in R
6:43AM 1 Command line cut-off
5:33AM 1 Question on Chi-square of null model in sem package
1:06AM 3 Subsetting vectors based on condition
12:10AM 1 RGui problem in Windows XP with demo() and help()
Sunday September 3 2006
8:34PM 1 Memory issues
6:39PM 4 How can I fit the secondary y axis legend on my graph?
3:55PM 4 Fitting Pareto distribution to some data
1:34PM 1 labels in biplot
12:28PM 3 Merge list to list - as list
10:50AM 2 Running cox models
6:43AM 1 From two plot() to two X11-vindows?
Saturday September 2 2006
9:43PM 0 New forecasting bundle of packages
4:17PM 0 venn diagrams
2:53PM 3 Dividing objects in classes using function sample()
1:52PM 2 Cuzick's test for trend
8:58AM 1 nonlinear least squares fitting Trust-Region"
Friday September 1 2006
8:55PM 1 Reading many files at once
8:51PM 1 Help with singular value decomposition
8:30PM 1 difference between ns and bs in predict.glm
8:29PM 4 write a table to file with unequal length of lists
6:49PM 3 histograms
5:11PM 1 Summary --- Local library under Windoze.
4:52PM 0 lmer applied to a wellknown (?) example: summary
4:43PM 2 Lattice plot with fitted curves
4:42PM 2 repeating the same procedure with a number of files within a directory
4:20PM 2 Compiling a package
3:37PM 0 (1) R/Splus Advanced Programming, NYC, Sept 11-12 (2) Regression Modeling Strategies in R/Splus, Sept 28-29
3:02PM 1 integration problem with gamma function
2:27PM 0 xyplot background color
1:53PM 0 defining error structure in bivariate mixed models
1:09PM 2 Local library under Windoze.
11:56AM 2 embed image (png) in postscript (device)
9:19AM 1 Checking a package: "Foreign function calls without 'PACKAGE' argument:" - what must I do??
5:39AM 2 makeSOCKcluster
4:08AM 1 problem with png
2:40AM 1 core dump with point.in.polygon
12:05AM 2 How to get argument number