R help - Oct 2004

Sunday October 31 2004
9:15PM 2 Error Message: MCMCpack and coda
5:41PM 2 Obtaining fitted model information
4:04PM 3 strange results with dmvnorm
11:26AM 1 Problem in building a package in R 2.0.0
7:49AM 1 another question about fisher.test
7:17AM 2 (no subject)
Saturday October 30 2004
10:20PM 2 How to add values to an array at any position.
5:03PM 2 (no subject)
4:19PM 2 How to plot PDF which is in the form of orthogonal polynomial
6:41AM 2 Recode variable as NA
1:53AM 1 Can R import data from firebird relational database
Friday October 29 2004
9:41PM 2 why should you set the mode in a vector?
8:48PM 0 Mac OS X binary package naming convention
8:24PM 1 pairs(x)
7:43PM 0 Poisson regression
7:19PM 1 [rmetasim] Need help deciphering this error msg... targeted to those who use rmetasim...
6:14PM 1 fitting linear mixed model for incomplete block design
6:06PM 5 pattern search
5:58PM 3 Warning message if the plot statement breaks into 2 lines
5:26PM 1 Giving column names to a matrix
3:00PM 1 Error in PDF output in R 2.0.0
2:48PM 3 question about R on Linux Cluster
2:21PM 2 lag variable addition to data frame question
2:21PM 3 R list
12:30PM 1 glmmPQL and REML
11:42AM 1 How to obtain confidence intervals from a coxph object?
11:35AM 4 Installation problems with R.classes bundle
10:50AM 2 extraction of p-value
10:00AM 3 Subsetting with more than one criteria
9:34AM 3 missing values in logistic regression
8:12AM 1 winDialog (equivalent) on Unix anyone ?
7:40AM 1 Interfacing R_project from program languages
3:53AM 0 ( mixture discriminant analysis)
1:16AM 1 as.list.matrix
1:15AM 1 problem building an R package under Windows XP with calls to NAG C routines
Thursday October 28 2004
11:48PM 3 ifelse() question
11:38PM 1 reproducible rodbc crash
10:13PM 1 [OT] Latex Integration question
10:03PM 1 : a package problem
9:32PM 2 Double Sided Box-Cox models?
9:27PM 1 transitivity
8:11PM 2 Errors during make check
7:57PM 0 sem : Error in solve.default(C[ind, ind]) : Lapack routine dgesv: system is exactly singular
7:26PM 0 Job Opening
7:03PM 3 Table question
6:57PM 2 Weighted regresion using lm
6:23PM 0 Passing values between programs
6:23PM 1 changing coordinate systems
5:54PM 2 array problem and for looping
5:49PM 2 Running R on a grid engine
5:21PM 0 read.table in MacOSX
4:48PM 0 Auxilliary args in gls
3:07PM 0 Package foreign_0.8-0 is on CRAN
3:02PM 1 plot.baysian error = only 0's may mix with negative subscripts
2:51PM 0 Fw: (No subject)
2:35PM 1 qustion with lars (lasso) package
2:14PM 2 matching on multiple minimums
1:54PM 1 polr versus multinom
1:30PM 1 Problem with "outer" function
1:29PM 3 Quick data-manipulation question
12:32PM 1 meaning of frailty estimates
12:03PM 2 Create factors in R for more than one variable
10:42AM 1 Error with package update
9:56AM 0 Demographic parameters
8:50AM 1 seeking for the GLME-package (Jose Pinheiro)
8:43AM 1 read.csv(stdin(),...) with sweave
8:37AM 2 RMySQL connection
3:07AM 1 gsub() on Matrix
2:11AM 0 About lp.assign in lpSolve package
1:16AM 1 unable to import SPSS data
Wednesday October 27 2004
11:28PM 1 Problems installing GRASS package
11:26PM 0 Problem installing RandomFields package
10:56PM 2 integrate a function in R
7:17PM 1 writing lm summary to file?
6:47PM 1 Warning messages in function fitdistr (library:MASS)
6:05PM 0 Data-Mining with R vs. ACL
4:59PM 2 Random number
1:34PM 4 ploting axes and rotating strings
12:52PM 1 se.contrast
10:05AM 1 SJava loading --error!
8:40AM 2 Install Package(RODBC) warning , why?
8:34AM 3 ploting an ellipse keeps giving errors
8:26AM 2 predicting x values in a polynomial regression
8:19AM 2 Skewness and Kurtosis
8:02AM 1 regexp,grep: capturing more than one substring
Tuesday October 26 2004
11:45PM 1 Secondary y axis
9:50PM 1 Error in lazyLoadDBfetch
9:00PM 2 Idiom for column operations?
7:54PM 1 Newbie question about the use of lm and anova
6:22PM 1 Need help finding max from 3d locfit output
4:48PM 0 Splitting and saving separate dataframes
4:41PM 2 Empirical P Value
4:17PM 1 2nd Y-axis text problem
4:08PM 1 indexing within the function "aggregate"
3:54PM 2 integration problem
3:49PM 0 R for Palm OS
2:47PM 2 vcov method for 'coxph' objects
2:39PM 0 Fitting additional variables to model
2:18PM 3 GLM model vs. GAM model
12:33PM 3 Combining columns of different length
10:28AM 1 persp(), scatterplot3d(), "..." argument
9:21AM 1 putting legend outside ploting region
9:08AM 1 History command
8:31AM 1 read.spss Error reading system-file header
7:30AM 1 help!!!
6:51AM 3 Importing big plain files from ERP-System/Data Mining with R
3:14AM 1 Installing packages on Debian linux
2:29AM 1 computing distribution function online
Monday October 25 2004
10:42PM 1 Scoping and nls.
8:53PM 1 Question on bioconductor: reading affymetrix data
7:13PM 1 Feature selection
6:20PM 1 Ref: Variable scope or function behaviour or array reassign
6:19PM 2 par("usr") trouble in multiplot axis scaling
6:13PM 2 Revision: post on Intro to R lecture
5:27PM 1 output processing / ARMA order identification
5:10PM 5 building a package under windows
5:02PM 2 box() and hist()
4:53PM 2 printing ISO/8859-1 characters
3:16PM 4 CRAN packages
2:55PM 2 problem with installation on Linux (beginners)
2:33PM 2 Intro to R: lecture presentation
1:56PM 2 Reading sections of data files based on pattern matching
1:46PM 1 .Rprofile and RODBC
1:32PM 1 `hist()' the weighted value
12:42PM 2 aov documentation page: question
12:28PM 1 functions for special na handling?
9:43AM 2 How to calculate Adjusted SS
9:41AM 1 usage and behavior of 'setIs'
8:05AM 2 library gregmisc
7:45AM 0 答复: Multiple formula in one block
7:16AM 1 Multiple formula in one block
6:24AM 1 unable to open connection
6:02AM 1 sample variogram construction
1:59AM 0 OT: Linux Trojan Warning - Red Hat and Fedora Users
Sunday October 24 2004
8:32PM 1 From soundcard to R?
2:07PM 0 lme4, GLMM, var-cov matrix of fixed effects
7:24AM 1 How to use a matrix in pcurve?
Saturday October 23 2004
6:04PM 1 Legend/Substitute/Plotmath problem
5:31PM 0 Maple files in R
12:34PM 4 Plotting Bivariate Normal Data
3:41AM 2 JDBC DB access in R
3:21AM 2 Puzzled at a trivial function using Hmisc::setps
Friday October 22 2004
10:16PM 3 dotplot & lattice problems: y axis values and bg color output in jpg
10:10PM 4 Evaluate a function for various value of parameters
10:01PM 1 R2HTML installation on R 1.9.1
5:36PM 0 New Package for Multivariate and Propensity Score Matching
5:05PM 6 How to save a complete image of the current state of R ?
4:58PM 4 R
4:35PM 0 confidence interval
4:14PM 0 invalid for factors not really working
2:43PM 1 console under Mandrake
1:49PM 0 Interval Arithmetic & Queueing Models
1:46PM 1 ave gives unexpected NA's
1:38PM 1 Incompatibility between R-2.0.0 and Rggobi_1.0-0.
1:20PM 1 bquote inside a legend
11:24AM 2 grouping for lme with nested repeated measurements
11:21AM 3 Convert a list in a dataframe
10:39AM 1 cor, cov, method "pairwise.complete.obs"
10:16AM 0 libraries and references (was ` Vector and String')
10:16AM 1 building an R package : where and how should my fortran library be loaded ?
8:19AM 1 Vector and String
2:28AM 0 <no subject>
1:47AM 1 p-values for the dip test
12:34AM 1 Assist on R-2.0.0 /64 bit AMD/SuSE 9.1
12:10AM 0 wavelets
Thursday October 21 2004
10:11PM 0 p.adjust with "hommel" method doesn't allow NAs but other methods do?
8:14PM 2 RMA question
7:25PM 1 Question about calling C function from R
4:40PM 2 an introduction to R in french
3:32PM 0 Limma B-statistics
3:26PM 1 I have a question
2:55PM 0 Hmisc: Using stratified weighted means (wtd.mean) within a function
12:31PM 1 inverse gaussian distribution of frailty variable
12:12PM 1 Arrow heads at the end of axes
11:48AM 5 Cluster Analysis: Density-Based Method
11:19AM 1 Problem with vignettes
10:11AM 0 Re: [R--gR] smooth="periodic.lowess"???
9:07AM 1 Insert image in Rd documentation files
6:49AM 0 "Using R for Data Analysis and Graphics ..."
6:37AM 1 loess significance
2:10AM 2 How to calculate a double integral ...?
Wednesday October 20 2004
6:23PM 1 probability scale at y axis
5:01PM 0 R: apply function
4:54PM 2 apply function
4:25PM 1 Error when intstalling R on intel box running linux
4:17PM 2 R & Graphs
3:13PM 2 par() defaults in Rprofile
3:07PM 0 Inserting Date Field into Oracle table using ROracle
2:29PM 0 Question about the variogram
2:12PM 1 R Cocoa won't load in Mac 10.3
1:56PM 2 Odd behaviour with scale()
1:04PM 0 date and time format for nonparametric regression
1:00PM 0 heatmap.2 ordering & color key
12:19PM 1 Drawing multiple line plots
12:18PM 2 Plotting a 3D surface
12:15PM 7 Q about strsplit and regexp
11:25AM 2 does R provides a wait or pause function?
8:38AM 3 Selecting from a character vector with logical operators
8:31AM 2 common axis label in multiple plot area
8:16AM 1 Problem with Perl script calling R function
1:07AM 2 Replacing data from one data frame to another
12:20AM 1 help.search intersection
Tuesday October 19 2004
11:33PM 1 Creating Packages with Windows under R 2.0.0
10:12PM 3 densityplot and histogram
9:21PM 1 Windows XP crashes when running the EM algorithm in MCLUST
8:24PM 2 Changing the Y graph scale Maximum value.
8:10PM 1 plot.dendrogram and plot.hclust ZOOM into the height?
7:00PM 0 flexmix version 1.0-0 released
5:43PM 2 Sweave and Trellis in R 2.0.0patched (Windows)
5:32PM 2 pasting indexes to variables within loops
5:01PM 2 Slope of surface
4:52PM 2 Matrix/Table col headings R 2.0.0
4:49PM 1 indexing problem
4:23PM 1 lattice, xyplot layout questions
3:41PM 1 Question about version argument of require() and library()
2:57PM 0 R2HTML version 1.4-3
2:26PM 1 Error message in mclust
1:56PM 0 plot.ts: controling ylim and using expression in ylab
1:05PM 1 AIC in GAM model
11:35AM 1 Fatal error: invalid home drive
10:46AM 1 Help with strange vertical line in plot
10:30AM 1 Error in grep
10:07AM 0 Time series reference card
9:44AM 1 RDCOMClient under R2.0.0 - "not a valid package"
9:23AM 0 答复: 答复: 答复: How to draw x-axis time label.
9:21AM 0 Question on Rprof(); was: Re: sapply and loop
9:15AM 1 Overlaying data on graphs
8:18AM 3 matrix of eigenvalues
8:10AM 2 pb with aws package
4:54AM 1 gaussian error propagation
3:04AM 2 Questions of t.test {stats}
1:10AM 2 error in file(file, "r")
Monday October 18 2004
11:03PM 0 I seem to be doing Dcv wrong
9:22PM 1 multinomial logistic regression with prior probability
6:52PM 1 R crashes while running RandomForest
4:33PM 2 x is not a open/high/low/close time series
3:41PM 0 inferential test for smoother df?
3:36PM 3 how to study the code of R
2:31PM 1 meta.summaries and se's of effect sizes
2:18PM 1 installing package 'kinship'
2:05PM 2 multiv
1:51PM 0 Increasing computiation time per column using lapply
1:24PM 2 why package gregmisc did not work
12:31PM 1 nnet learning
12:01PM 2 concatenating lists elementwise
11:37AM 2 Recoding factors
10:41AM 0 Tinn-R 0.0.9 r1.09 is released
9:48AM 2 答复: How to draw x-axis time label.
6:26AM 1 How to draw x-axis time label.
4:04AM 3 manual recreation of varConstPower using new fixed effects variables in nlme
2:26AM 2 答复: 答复: R plot problems
1:36AM 3 答复: R plot problems
Sunday October 17 2004
11:41PM 0 X11 Time Series Decomposition
8:08PM 3 question about Rcmd SHLIB
6:33PM 1 FW: Plotcorr: colour the ellipses to emphasize the differences
4:30PM 4 Descriptive statistics table
1:55PM 2 Errors while compiling packages with namespace?
10:58AM 0 Billing Information KIZNQY
2:59AM 3 how to draw a multivariate function
12:51AM 2 Plotcorr: colour the ellipses to emphasize the differences
Saturday October 16 2004
6:25PM 0 returning parameter values by CoCo
6:19PM 1 problem with axis labels
4:00PM 2 moving functions between namespaces
2:36PM 3 Lazy loading... advices
10:12AM 3 Cox PH Warning Message
9:51AM 1 barplot
8:02AM 3 hashing
4:50AM 7 sapply and loop
3:32AM 3 Problem Compiling R-2.0.0 on Linux Alpha
Friday October 15 2004
11:55PM 1 power in a specific frequency band
8:34PM 0 This might not be for you, or it might
7:58PM 2 combine many .csv files into a single file/data frame
7:52PM 2 tree version 1.0-16
7:49PM 1 Using accrualReport.s in Hmisc/Design
7:39PM 1 categorical varibles in coxph
5:41PM 0 Mandrake rpm's for R 2.0.0
4:51PM 0 SJava 0.65 and R 2.0.0 (slightly long)
4:14PM 1 Building package compatible w/ R v1.9.1 and R v2.0.0?
3:57PM 2 add-on package/windows installation probLem
2:45PM 0 Within-Subjects ANOVA & TukeyHSD
2:34PM 0 does rpart has similar function as edit.tree?
2:28PM 0 Problems saving a graphic
2:13PM 4 pdf device --- axes labels text disappeared?
1:57PM 0 constrained splines in GLM
1:54PM 2 edit plots from the ADE4 package
12:44PM 8 Testing for normality of residuals in a regression model
11:01AM 6 length with missing values
10:37AM 0 Re: Testing for normality of residuals in a regression model
10:32AM 0 R & Neural Networks
9:19AM 1 cluster analysis
8:17AM 2 R plot problems
6:39AM 1 Gumbel distribution
6:21AM 1 rev matrix
1:09AM 1 2d approx
12:31AM 2 C/C++
Thursday October 14 2004
8:44PM 1 maximum likelihood estimation
8:38PM 2 Problem with R version 2.0.0 (and patched)
8:28PM 0 random forest problem when calculating variable importanc e
8:24PM 2 defining a function by branches
7:40PM 0 random forest problem when calculating variable importance
6:31PM 3 Problem with number characters
5:34PM 0 problems compiling packages in R 2.0.0
3:40PM 2 xyplot gets overplotted by plot
3:34PM 1 (no subject)
3:13PM 2 fidelity of generated raster images (R and perl)
3:01PM 1 R and Java
2:00PM 5 beginner questions: objects and scripts
1:19PM 2 setClassUnion
1:16PM 3 Filling polygons with points
12:37PM 1 correlating between two vectors of numbers
12:13PM 1 FW: Maps and plotting
9:34AM 0 R-help problems?
Wednesday October 13 2004
6:44PM 1 importing data
5:52PM 3 Maps and plotting
5:32PM 0 Large arrays and reference passing
5:21PM 0 Problems with randomForest for regression
5:19PM 4 incomplete function output
4:41PM 2 Problems understanding qr. family of functions
3:20PM 1 Maximum Likelihood :- Log likehoood function
1:18PM 1 Seeking advice on "introducing R"
11:45AM 0 'Replace' in internal editor causes R to crash
11:35AM 3 one more Rcmdr problem
10:08AM 1 random forest -optimising mtry
8:12AM 1 "Centered" dummy variables; non zero/one coding
7:59AM 1 Cleaning up R-2.0.0 installation on GNU/Linux ?
6:33AM 1 R: r course
5:17AM 2 debugging non-visible functions
3:21AM 3 data(eurodist) and PCA ??
3:08AM 2 diagonal matrix construction
Tuesday October 12 2004
9:09PM 2 Why I can't retrieve GO identifier correctly?
9:07PM 5 covariate selection?
6:33PM 1 bandwidths for bivariate density estimation
6:08PM 0 Course***R/S-plus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques In New York and Chicago
6:01PM 2 graph question
5:46PM 3 problem with lapack.so under Debian Sid
5:15PM 2 constrained optimization using nlm/optim?
5:01PM 1 locfit confidence intervals
4:24PM 3 need help on GAM
3:49PM 4 A question in R
2:24PM 2 tclk, tcltk
2:22PM 1 Sweave and xtable
11:40AM 1 lm#contrasts#one level in factor: bug or feature
7:14AM 2 Statistical analysis of a large database
2:42AM 1 KalmanLike: missing exogenous factor?
12:02AM 2 plotting directly to the printer
Monday October 11 2004
10:16PM 2 plotting with multiple files
8:21PM 4 colClasses
8:04PM 2 64-bit R on Intel Xeon EM64T running fine
7:41PM 0 lmList - strange problem
7:10PM 0 scoping problem when calling step inside a function
6:55PM 2 memory in R
6:08PM 2 Diagnosing trouble with R-2.0, Fedora Core 2, and Rcmdf
5:51PM 1 nlm question
4:27PM 2 Problem with RMySQL-0.5-3.zip/R 2.0.0 on Windows XP
3:45PM 1 How to read unbalanced data from file?
3:45PM 1 install failure Ruuid package on OS X
3:21PM 1 plot hclust - canberra dist + median linkage
3:04PM 5 read "4-jan-02" as date
2:52PM 0 Quality of png Plot
2:32PM 3 logistic regression
2:27PM 3 split and rlm
2:07PM 1 Multiple regression trees
1:56PM 1 File23525
11:40AM 2 hclust title and paste - messed up
11:20AM 2 question on function argument
6:15AM 0 please ignore question about nlm
6:06AM 1 Puzzled on nlm
Sunday October 10 2004
5:04PM 3 some help interpreting ANOVA results, please?
4:11PM 3 R 2.0.0 not suffisantly reliable to be be used
7:59AM 2 How to estimate Variance Components
5:59AM 1 Modified Bessel function (third kind)
3:07AM 1 How to install a package that needs to see oher pkg dependencies:
2:30AM 1 Fatal error: unable to restore saved data in .Rdata
Saturday October 9 2004
10:12PM 1 functions
5:18PM 2 Is it safe? Cochran etc
4:36PM 2 R-2.0.0 and tcltk package
4:00PM 0 RE: zero-inflated count models (was polr problem solved)
3:17PM 1 Clustering of variable
2:28PM 1 inst directory
2:20PM 2 conversion of a data.frame of numerics to a data.frame of factors
12:20PM 0 Shangai ranking of world Universities
10:28AM 2 which() and value replacement in a matrix
2:11AM 2 polr problem solved
1:03AM 1 Adding factor variable to a CoxPH
Friday October 8 2004
8:30PM 1 Survey of "moving window" statistical functions - still looking f or fast mad function
8:18PM 0 reading Systat into R
5:27PM 1 nlme vs gls
4:46PM 3 creating named elements of lists on the fly
4:36PM 2 Number of characters per line
4:31PM 1 Chernoff faces
4:19PM 0 Java and help.start() search engine
4:15PM 1 problem Installing R 2.0.0 on SuSe 9.1
3:14PM 0 constrained opt with lagrange multiplier example?
2:18PM 1 polr and optim question
1:33PM 3 provide extra variables to environment in call
1:08PM 0 testing for differences in parameter estimates from parametric bootstrapping
12:14PM 3 RWinEdt
11:29AM 1 Correlation Matrix
11:21AM 2 submitting to R
9:36AM 2 Evaluating Assignment-Operator R 2.0.0
9:18AM 1 Bug in nlme under version 2.0.0
8:58AM 0 library in R2.0.0 - summary
7:38AM 1 reading partial file content
7:20AM 0 R interface for MINPACK least squares optimization library
12:42AM 0 updated package boolean 1.5
Thursday October 7 2004
9:13PM 3 replace a value in a vector
8:18PM 3 Read.Table Reading a Text file
8:10PM 0 DEAL and Graphviz
5:27PM 5 Subset doesn't drop unused factor levels
5:02PM 5 'with' usage question
3:20PM 0 how to use chinese font in R/tcltk
3:17PM 0 question about df in linear mixed model function lme
3:14PM 4 Re:How to create a R -application
3:01PM 3 How to use alpha transparency channel for colors?
2:13PM 3 Remove Indeterminate Level
2:10PM 8 Equivalents of Matlab's 'find' and 'end'
1:39PM 2 title in bold - simple question in R 1.9.0
12:48PM 1 Problem compiling R 2.0.0 on windows
11:58AM 1 confidence interval for nls
10:24AM 1 library/utils/man/utils.RD.gz : Nosuch file or directory
7:02AM 1 library in R2.0.0
12:49AM 2 control enviromnet
12:09AM 1 Mac: importing saved PDF figures into Illustrator CS
Wednesday October 6 2004
11:20PM 2 R-(wiki)-pedia?
8:26PM 8 Dataframe manipulation question
7:22PM 0 setClass - equvalent declarations?
6:27PM 1 odd behavior of summary()$r.squared
6:00PM 0 R Newsletter
5:54PM 4 Performing Analysis on Subset of External data
5:22PM 0 Course***R/S-plus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques @ 3 locations, November 2004
4:23PM 4 Checking if an element is part of a vector
4:18PM 3 lapply with argument "X"
4:06PM 0 quadratically constrained quadratic programming
3:31PM 1 plotOHLC unequally spaced time.
3:30PM 0 2x2 test: total confusion.
3:30PM 1 dlogis for large negative numbers
1:18PM 3 read.delim problem with trailing spaces
12:11PM 2 R 2.0.0 (Windows): slow startup over the network
12:07PM 2 Repeated measures
11:59AM 6 lattice package for R 2.0.0
11:00AM 1 Foreign code problem
10:23AM 1 R-1.9.1 on OS 10.2
10:10AM 1 RExcel : problem with error handler?
8:09AM 3 crossprod vs %*% timing
5:14AM 4 Problems with merge
2:42AM 4 How to get F Distribution values in R
Tuesday October 5 2004
10:10PM 3 Confounded data frame column names
8:42PM 1 How to install affy package in R?
8:39PM 0 row.name in data.frame
8:22PM 2 Nelson-Aalen estimator in R
5:53PM 1 Deleting a particular row
5:27PM 2 correct my method of estimating mean of two POSIXlt data frames
3:39PM 3 Need R Version 1.8.0 or earlier
3:30PM 1 constrOptim convergence
2:48PM 4 cat function within a loop
12:03PM 1 Bug in optim - way to solve problem?
10:54AM 2 Installation Package "gregmisc" nicht möglich?!?
9:55AM 1 save print survfit object to data frame
8:05AM 1 conditional logistic regression
7:02AM 1 AW: AW: constructing specially ordered factor
2:57AM 2 installation help for mac os x
12:56AM 1 R for education research tutoral?
Monday October 4 2004
11:42PM 1 BDS.TEST
11:39PM 1 Using model operator in stepwise function's upper scope formula
10:21PM 1 update.packages() with R 2.0.0
9:58PM 0 simulate bivariate life time distributions
8:51PM 2 call step inside a function
8:48PM 2 Help with Affymetrix data
7:27PM 2 how to change data type in data frame?
6:25PM 0 Announcement and CFP: Salford Systems Data Mining Conferences 2005, New York and Barcelona
4:19PM 1 problems when compiling R
4:02PM 0 verfication package announcement
3:54PM 3 Reading Version 4 .sdd files
3:29PM 7 R 2.0.0 is released
2:49PM 3 Working with large datafiles
2:21PM 11 inverse function of order()
2:10PM 7 Strange Matrix Multiplication Behaviour
2:06PM 2 subsetting
2:01PM 3 Beginners problem
1:33PM 4 scatter plot and marginal
1:32PM 2 Weighted Savitzky-Golay?
1:16PM 2 AW: constructing specially ordered factor
1:09PM 1 Error: cannot allocate vector of size 1125522 Kb, Reached total allocation of 510Mb
1:00PM 2 Identifying time series
12:18PM 3 (off topic) article on advantages/disadvantages of types of SS?
10:04AM 3 Help with normal distributions
10:01AM 2 constructing specially ordered factor
2:57AM 1 Could anyone tell me how to extract pvalue from "lm" fitting?
2:26AM 4 Off-Topic: LaTeX package listings
2:25AM 1 compile R-1.9.1 with Portland fortran
Sunday October 3 2004
10:08PM 1 help working with persp plot function
6:41PM 2 Computing and testing transition probabilities?
1:31PM 3 If loops
12:56PM 3 Excluding data in R
11:35AM 1 How might one write this better?
9:10AM 3 Making a 'joint distribution'?
7:18AM 1 creating new varFunc classes in nlme .. error: "Don't know how to get coefficients for .. object"
Saturday October 2 2004
7:55PM 0 lme function with marginal terms for ANOVA?
6:55PM 0 Publishing R package descriptions in JSS
6:52PM 3 conditional assignments and calculations
4:29PM 0 Inverse CWT?
7:42AM 1 constraints in optim?
Friday October 1 2004
11:12PM 1 dataload for linux
10:37PM 1 cumsum over a list or an array
8:51PM 1 3d matrix * 1d matrix question
4:58PM 3 Plotting panels at arbitrary places on a map, rather than on a lattice
4:07PM 1 hier.part
3:02PM 0 Problems in installing Rmpi library
2:20PM 0 genetics 1.1.0 released
2:19PM 1 gregmisc 2.0.0 release
2:16PM 3 controlling colour in Trellis histogram
1:13PM 5 R-2.0: roadmap? release statements? plans?
12:44PM 3 Can grid lines color in a plot be specified?
12:04PM 2 Background color Windows device (newbie)
11:24AM 2 multiple dimensional diag()
9:20AM 2 Rnewsletter article example
7:48AM 4 gnls or nlme : how to obtain confidence intervals of fitted values
7:21AM 0 two questions on nlme: error messages and nested variance
5:20AM 3 Reading multiple files into R
2:00AM 0 Vectorising and loop (was Re: optim "alog-likelihoodfunction")