R help - Nov 2004

Tuesday November 30 2004
10:48PM 1 predict.gam problem
10:43PM 1 nls() error: Object not found
10:42PM 6 Combined variable names
10:36PM 4 Unable to understand strptime() behaviour
10:16PM 0 New Hmisc Package Available
9:13PM 0 calling R from Java
8:45PM 3 Relative subscripting
8:36PM 1 bitmap (blank image) plot rendering without X11
8:18PM 1 Reading a tab delimitted text
8:12PM 1 augPred with lme(...,subset=...)
8:10PM 1 Random effects and non-linear models
7:31PM 1 xy_plot
6:24PM 3 Re: Reasons not to answer very basic questions...
6:13PM 0 Course ****R/S System: Advanced Programming, Seattle***December 20-21
6:10PM 0 A basic question
5:57PM 1 RecordPlot
5:50PM 1 about the subscript assignment porblem
5:15PM 0 (no subject)
4:54PM 0 Google for scientists: search engine
4:52PM 2 impute missing values in correlated variables: transcan?
4:28PM 1 Using mimR
4:16PM 0 combinations min problem
4:14PM 0 Attn Heinz Tuechler: Re: problem with sp ecial characters ( ä,ö,ü)
4:09PM 4 adding regression curve to xyplot
3:55PM 1 (no subject)
3:50PM 2 Package for multivariate binary logistic regression?
3:27PM 1 Attn Heinz Tuechler: Re: problem with special characters (ä,ö,ü)
3:03PM 0 glmmPQL
1:25PM 1 Opening connection to FTP site
12:30PM 1 Info
12:24PM 6 How to know if a bug was recognised
11:59AM 3 2k-factorial design with 10 parameters
11:08AM 1 lme in R-2.0.0: Problem with lmeControl
9:12AM 3 Creating a factor from a combination of vectors
8:42AM 3 Problem with print() and backslashes.
8:16AM 1 about cancor.R
4:49AM 3 About ROC curves
4:39AM 2 New trellis settings
3:07AM 1 How to plot a 3D picture
1:33AM 0 Reasons not to answer very basic questions in a straightforward way; was: Re: creating a sequence of object names
Monday November 29 2004
10:55PM 1 Labeling charts within a loop
9:57PM 1 Kernel Fisher Discriminant in R?
9:03PM 2 [BASIC] Solution of creating a sequence of object names
8:09PM 1 tune()
7:07PM 0 (no subject)
6:32PM 0 Log(2) values to log(10) values
6:09PM 1 Seeking help with a simple loop construction
5:31PM 1 library(fields) world shift function not working anymore
5:20PM 4 escaping backslash in a string
4:41PM 1 scan; 1 items
4:19PM 6 Citation
3:42PM 3 systemfit - SUR
3:04PM 1 Reasons not to answer very basic questions in a straightforwa rd way; was: Re: creating a sequence of object names
1:51PM 2 problem with using transace
1:43PM 4 "non-visible" functions in return to methods()
1:29PM 4 plotting data in non-orthogonal coords.
1:21PM 2 Building latest version of package
12:47PM 1 plot problem
12:20PM 0 Ts analysis with R: a contribute in Italian language
11:00AM 0 RE: Adding a line in the graph of 'plot()'
10:48AM 0 R: nnet questions
10:46AM 1 Call to trellis.focus(); thenpanel.superpose()
10:12AM 0 core dump during make check when building 64-bit R on Solaris 8/9
9:59AM 2 PlotML
2:25AM 2 proper way to process dataframe by rows
2:02AM 0 RE: Adding a line in the graph of 'plot()'
1:35AM 1 : Adding a line in the graph of 'plot()'
Sunday November 28 2004
11:13PM 1 Could anyone help me reshape this "wide" data into "longitudinal" one? Thanks
7:42PM 1 use of file.show() under linux session....
5:53PM 1 paste command
5:22PM 1 Modifications to an abline
5:06PM 1 creating a sequence of object names
3:27PM 2 Tetrachoric and polychoric ceofficients (for sem) - any tips?
11:21AM 3 Correct Syntax for a Loop
4:39AM 1 How can I generate a random network with given cluster coefficient using R?
4:08AM 1 lm help: using lm when one point is known (not y intercept)
12:46AM 1 R program for row-column designs!
Saturday November 27 2004
4:42PM 1 how to pause between plots running scripts?
2:53PM 0 Generating R wrapper for C++ code.
2:44PM 1 I will be on vacation
8:59AM 1 labelling barplot
5:16AM 2 Storing loop output from a function
1:52AM 0 Problems
Friday November 26 2004
9:30PM 2 Arguments macthing
5:58PM 1 problem with xyplot
5:30PM 1 Coplot Given text
5:12PM 2 sorting a data.frame using a vector
4:43PM 0 (no subject)
4:25PM 2 (no subject)
4:21PM 2 hist and truehist
4:00PM 2 Tcl error - brace in argument?
3:19PM 1 Multi-figure plotting
3:08PM 0 Multivariate t - parameter estimation
2:34PM 2 plotting multiple series in one plot
11:38AM 1 problem of writting large data into files
11:11AM 1 R information
10:25AM 0 Modes again
10:07AM 1 unexpected behaviour of 'curve' function
9:45AM 0 [Fwd: modes again]
8:58AM 1 conditional replacement - readLines
8:29AM 2 multiple logistic regression
6:56AM 2 barplot(2?) with CI from a zero reference line
4:35AM 3 Response Surface
3:42AM 1 How to expand the size limit of a vector?
3:28AM 1 Testing for S4 objects
2:31AM 1 help with glmmPQL
12:12AM 1 support vector machine
Thursday November 25 2004
7:39PM 1 R-2.0.1 reinstall non-CRAN pkg
5:15PM 4 Avoiding for-loops
4:46PM 1 urgent
4:29PM 1 arrows in histograms
3:49PM 0 Problem with ODBC access to SQL database
3:37PM 3 Searching for a string in RSQLite
2:01PM 1 Making legend() look like my plot()
1:55PM 1 (no subject)
1:43PM 0 (no subject)
1:11PM 1 R multithreading skills
1:09PM 2 Turning strings into expressions
1:00PM 1 Error using glm with poisson family and identity link
12:44PM 0 MASS problem -- glmmPQL and anova
12:15PM 2 R vs SPSS
11:56AM 0 help with error message - problem solved
11:20AM 0 help with error message
11:17AM 1 substitute accents
10:17AM 1 eval in correct frame?
9:12AM 4 Creating lists from matrices
3:26AM 2 logistic regression and 3PL model
2:47AM 1 Error in anova(): objects must inherit from classes
2:06AM 0 Re:Hi!
12:03AM 0 Installing gregmisc under windows 2000
Wednesday November 24 2004
10:13PM 1 how to remove time series trend in R?
9:58PM 0 Modeling censored binomial / Poisson data
9:08PM 2 confidence interval of a average...
8:29PM 2 seriesMerge
7:10PM 0 SMVs
6:24PM 1 reshaping of data for barplot2
5:26PM 6 Searching for antilog function
5:01PM 1 what does order() stand for in an lme formula?
4:55PM 0 coplot =? gannt chart + bargraph
4:34PM 1 OOT: frailty-multinivel
3:48PM 1 tsdiag for ar?
3:37PM 2 >2GB dataset
3:34PM 12 scatterplot of 100000 points and pdf file format
3:09PM 0 Respuesta Automatica CorreoDirect.
11:10AM 3 Automatic file reading
10:36AM 2 Grumble ...
10:16AM 2 LDA with previous PCA for dimensionality reduction
9:50AM 0 problem with anova and glmmPQL
9:03AM 0 Is there a package in R that lets me fit a robust linear mixed model?
8:40AM 0 Ks.test (was (no subject))
7:50AM 1 (no subject)
6:09AM 1 R 2.0.1 jpeg() png() pdf() Mac OSX 10.3.5 - empty files being created
4:28AM 3 T-test syntax question
3:57AM 2 an R function to search on Prof. Baron's site
2:43AM 2 list of lists question
12:50AM 0 route generation capabilites?
Tuesday November 23 2004
9:18PM 1 Help me to migrate from SAS
8:54PM 2 How to extract data?
6:09PM 0 R/S System: Advanced Programming, San Francisco ***December 20-21, 2004
5:14PM 2 Convergence problem in GLMM
4:57PM 2 Quadratic curve on a loop
4:52PM 0 Create a vector of combinations based on a table column n ames
4:47PM 0 locator and multiple plots
4:38PM 0 [Fwd: Create a vector of combinations based on a table column names]
4:27PM 4 data.frame into vector
4:23PM 2 IFELSE across large array?
4:21PM 1 Interactive plots in R?
3:40PM 2 Create a vector of combinations based on a table column names
1:42PM 5 number of pairwise present data in matrix with missings
1:16PM 0 ROracle: fetch return zero rows or empty dataset (a workaround!)
12:22PM 0 Re: R problems [Debian testing]
9:58AM 2 sorting without order
8:54AM 1 Batch
8:19AM 3 Mode?
6:56AM 6 Weibull survival regression
Monday November 22 2004
11:06PM 2 optimize in very small values
10:47PM 1 Search enginge
7:59PM 0 IFELSE across a 3D array?
7:35PM 1 R(D)Com
6:30PM 1 plot.Map Maptools
5:59PM 1 RODBC and Table views
5:45PM 7 timeDate
2:43PM 2 How to insert one element into a vector?
1:37PM 1 GCC
1:16PM 1 R: simulation of Gumbel copulas
12:38PM 1 Questions of Significance Analysis of Microarrays(SAM){siggenes}
11:43AM 1 RWinEdt, other text editors and R2.01 a problem in pasting commands
10:57AM 1 Left justification af dimnames in tables.
10:33AM 1 Rcmdr -> doItAndPrint -> summary method of S4-class object not in Rcmdr window but R Console
10:26AM 2 Danish characters i R2.0.1 vs R1.9.1 under winXP
9:48AM 0 simulation of Gumbel copulas
5:11AM 2 variable object naming
4:22AM 2 rhyp function from fBasics
2:07AM 4 How to correct this
12:41AM 2 Running R from CD?
12:10AM 1 Installing rgl in R2.0.1
12:06AM 1 adjacent category model in ordinal regression
Sunday November 21 2004
9:28PM 3 RE : Create sequence for dataset
7:48PM 0 Your mail have been blocked
7:33PM 0 Re: [R-sig-finance] Question about Exponential Weighted Moving Average (EWMA) in rmetrics.
5:15PM 1 sas vs. R
2:35PM 1 Analysis of pre-calculated frequency distribution?
11:38AM 1 Two factor ANOVA in lme
11:31AM 3 Help with ooplot(gplots) and error bars
1:41AM 1 Location of grobs etc on lattice output
Saturday November 20 2004
6:46PM 1 Restore sources
5:12PM 3 How to change the significant codes default?
4:43PM 1 how to suppress whiskers in a bwplot?
3:37PM 1 Error with strwidth after lattice graphic drawn
8:18AM 15 SAS or R software
12:54AM 2 subset on data frame
12:21AM 1 annotation problems (conditional text())
Friday November 19 2004
10:25PM 2 ERROR: installing package indices failed
8:46PM 1 Rd and document formatting
7:43PM 1 R (unix) command line editing for native speakers of vi
7:01PM 1 Selecting distinct values from a column
6:08PM 9 Running sum
5:48PM 2 Plotting averages of y per x
5:22PM 0 CRAN problems
4:47PM 0 COURSE: Statistical Modelling - By Dr Bill Venables
4:08PM 4 3d Map with bars
4:01PM 2 function 'vcov' for coxph in R 2.0.0
3:58PM 2 glm with Newton Raphson
3:55PM 5 help! a urgent question
3:51PM 0 problem with usepackage{} in Sweave under Quantian
2:59PM 2 accessing the attributes of a list inside lapply()
2:55PM 0 Question on panel corrected standard errors by Beck and Katz
2:06PM 1 Building package on Linux and Windows
1:28PM 0 Legend
1:10PM 0 new package gsl, a wrapper for the Gnu Scientific Library
9:53AM 1 More problems checking an R package
7:52AM 2 Clipboard under Linux/Unix
5:17AM 2 Performing regression using R & C
3:53AM 3 Tools for data preparation?
2:03AM 0 NLME plottting and Confidence Intervals
1:55AM 3 how to get to interesting part of pattern match
1:02AM 0 Creating logical value from the difference of two absolut e values
12:13AM 2 Date time Differences
Thursday November 18 2004
11:14PM 0 implementing a "loop" using by(x,x$factor,FUN)
10:38PM 0 Memory problems...leaky?
9:29PM 4 adjusting the map of France to 1830
8:45PM 1 Time series plot orientation
8:34PM 5 How to calculate the stratified means in a data frame?
8:11PM 4 Enormous Datasets
8:10PM 1 Off Topic: GSL installation for Windows
8:06PM 0 Advanced R programming course in North Carolina (RTP area) ?
6:53PM 4 SJava
6:41PM 1 gibbs sampling for mixture of normals
4:29PM 5 hashing using named lists
2:44PM 2 how to rewrite this without a loop ?
2:31PM 2 Informix database
2:23PM 0 JGR & Tablet PC
1:52PM 3 Errors checking a library
11:05AM 5 Lexical Scoping: eval(expr,envir=)
10:17AM 2 [R-gui] RE: The hidden costs of GPL software?
9:39AM 0 Fwd: Re: 3d scatter plot with drop line
8:45AM 1 Chinese character
7:35AM 1 ROracle connection problem
3:55AM 0 Calling Rdqags doesn't produce correct result.
2:55AM 3 Redirect standard input and output of R
2:03AM 1 R statistical Library download problem
12:04AM 4 changing (core) function argument defaults?
Wednesday November 17 2004
11:39PM 1 OOP pkg compilation failure
9:07PM 0 Power sampling(II)
9:05PM 1 Power sampling
8:55PM 1 bioassay, excel
8:44PM 2 AYUDA
8:03PM 3 3d scatter plot with drop line
7:39PM 1 need help on R
7:25PM 0 Course R/S+ December 2004 in San Francisco
6:20PM 2 (no subject)
6:09PM 1 dotchart background color
4:52PM 2 R/S-related projects on Sourceforge? Trove Categorization - GDAL
4:35PM 0 Importing data from SPSS
3:48PM 8 referencing values of strings
3:07PM 1 Multi-way tables
2:35PM 4 summary.lme() vs. anova.lme()
1:42PM 1 "Impossible to run" error message when using Sweave
1:37PM 2 R package installation
1:10PM 1 R: log-normal distribution and shapiro test
12:59PM 1 frailty and time-dependent covariate
12:43PM 0 log-normal distribution and shapiro test
10:59AM 0 RPMS for Fedora/RedHat
9:53AM 17 The hidden costs of GPL software?
9:09AM 4 R/S-related projects on Sourceforge? Trove Categorization
8:28AM 0 R: How to plot this
6:39AM 1 How to plot this
6:37AM 1 Re: variations on the theme of survSplit
6:15AM 1 persp grid
4:47AM 1 Search engine for LINUX MOZILLA
3:15AM 1 how to estimate conditional density
2:33AM 1 Non-Linear Regression on a Matrix
1:58AM 0 about 2 color variance stabilization
12:44AM 2 Cross-correlated variables in kernel density estimation
12:31AM 1 plot question
Tuesday November 16 2004
11:07PM 2 beginner's problem in displaying large data
9:39PM 5 CDs for R?
7:42PM 2 problems with compiling a package
5:49PM 1 R help
5:26PM 0 Please help using SQL with R & SQL Server
5:22PM 2 help on EM Algorithm for bivariate normal
5:20PM 0 R: Changing zeros to NAs in a data frame
4:59PM 2 changing character to a vector name
4:55PM 1 gcrma package
4:48PM 2 R 2.0.0 Installation Problem
4:31PM 3 Changing zeros to NAs in a data frame
4:04PM 0 Rggobi-color maps and colors
3:52PM 2 User package - Simple Ports
3:48PM 3 memory allocation
3:43PM 3 deleting a file
2:49PM 5 Difference between two correlation matrices
2:45PM 3 Simple plot() question
1:31PM 2 violinplot options
12:06PM 3 How to remove x, y labels from a plot
10:03AM 1 UML programming
9:52AM 0 From S-Plus to R
9:27AM 0 From S-Plus to R?
9:12AM 2 question about AIC
8:55AM 1 Adding mean and SEM in Hmisc ecdf
3:26AM 1 Pairwise Distances -- How to vectorize the loop
12:37AM 1 lme, two random effects, poisson distribution
12:06AM 0 Multiple comparisons
12:03AM 2 Barplot difficulties
Monday November 15 2004
11:34PM 1 logging messages
6:24PM 0 how to obtain predicted labels for test data using "kerne lpls"
5:51PM 3 glim in R?
5:17PM 1 R and fluxbox: 100% CPU usage
4:51PM 0 how to obtain predicted labels for test data using "kernelpls"
3:53PM 2 tsdiag() titles
3:49PM 1 Multivariate Sampling
3:22PM 1 Error whilst building packages
3:07PM 1 R-2.0.1 is released
2:11PM 2 Using R in parallel on a 2 processor machine
1:42PM 1 help for nls
1:33PM 1 Error when scan()ning dead URL's
12:50PM 1 R: how can draw probability density plot?
12:26PM 1 how can draw probability density plot?
12:25PM 2 Somewhat off-topic : Hand and Taylor reference
9:24AM 2 Problems installing packages on MacOS with R 2.00
8:44AM 2 argument rationalization
8:08AM 1 installing knncat package
1:19AM 1 Power curves
1:08AM 5 Legend help needed
Sunday November 14 2004
10:44PM 1 question about the tick label.
9:53PM 3 Where has the Debian respository gone?
8:35PM 1 excel/r interface
8:01PM 1 Combining expressions and objects within labels
2:45PM 1 solving system of nonlinear equations
1:44PM 2 Exporting to file: passing source name to file name in loop
1:07PM 0 Inbound Virus Alert
12:48PM 1 Problem updating the package "foreign"
5:18AM 1 Odd behaviour of R 2.00
Saturday November 13 2004
9:09PM 2 Thrashing?
2:27PM 1 determing the distribution of a sample data set etc..
6:53AM 0 [Fwd: Re: unavoidable loop? a better way??]
6:51AM 2 unavoidable loop? a better way??
3:53AM 3 density estimation: compute sum(value * probability) for given distribution
2:46AM 1 Variance and Covariance Matrix D and R in nlme or lme4 part II
2:20AM 0 Variance and Covariance Matrix D and R in nlme or lme4.
Friday November 12 2004
11:39PM 0 geese
10:38PM 0 Stat. Computing 2005 Chambers Award competition
9:12PM 0 Design Matrix
9:06PM 4 R on 64-bit Linux machine
6:34PM 1 Firefox keyword searches for R & S-Plus
6:21PM 1 Linux on PowerPC 970 (IBM BladeCenter JS20)
2:46PM 4 Mode in case of discrete or categorial data
2:39PM 2 whether R can import netcdf file format data ?
1:20PM 1 How to get mode in case of discrete or categorial data
1:10PM 0 How to get mode (the most frequent value in distribution) ?
12:48PM 4 How to get mode (the most frequent value in distribution)?
12:31PM 1 dyn.load problem
12:04PM 2 Simple operation on a subset of data
8:41AM 1 Problems installing ncdf package into R
3:20AM 2 an off-topic question -> model validation
2:35AM 1 can i copy the graphics to openoffice?
2:24AM 2 How to updating R to the newest version conveniently
2:04AM 0 (no subject)
Thursday November 11 2004
11:14PM 0 Could anyone tell me how to plot a hierarchical clusterin g in a black-white color?
11:00PM 1 Could anyone tell me how to plot a hierarchical clustering in a black-white color?
9:09PM 2 Background Colour in Lattice Plots
7:58PM 1 FW: problem building an R package under Windows XP with calls to NAG C routines
7:57PM 3 R "sumo" package suggestion
6:48PM 1 problem building an R package under Windows XP with calls to
5:29PM 1 OLS error
5:24PM 5 wrong answer for simple expressions
5:15PM 1 glm.fit warning message
4:31PM 5 expressions and paste
4:28PM 3 (no subject)
3:58PM 1 Setting plots margin
3:57PM 6 scan or source a text file into a list
3:50PM 1 axis lines crossing at origin
3:10PM 0 ROracle SQL length limitation
1:33PM 11 Logical "and"
10:58AM 2 RODBC & POSIX & Daylight Saving blues
10:08AM 0 smoothing techniques
9:29AM 1 RSPerl problem with testing
4:20AM 1 "<<-" assignment no long work in class methods
12:46AM 1 polr probit versus stata oprobit
12:40AM 1 R with Sun Studio Fortran 95 compiler
12:25AM 1 substitute/paste question for using Greek in plot titles
Wednesday November 10 2004
9:08PM 2 cubic spline/smoother with nlme
5:40PM 1 Building MacOSX binary in Windows XP
3:38PM 2 fSeries
12:52PM 1 "conditional duplicates"?
12:21PM 1 printing to stderr
12:03PM 1 Basic Q on coercing factors in data frames to numeric
11:28AM 1 lattice: ordering the entries in a dotplot of a vector
10:59AM 0 glm.nb
10:27AM 1 Does something like partition.rpart() exist?
8:14AM 1 Loading some function at R startup
4:12AM 1 List seems to drop empty levels of factors when containin g them
3:43AM 1 List seems to drop empty levels of factors when containing them
3:06AM 0 RE: [S] worked in R, but not in S-Plus
1:24AM 0 about vsn
12:50AM 1 worked in R, but not in S-Plus
Tuesday November 9 2004
10:53PM 2 Data Censoring and Normality Tests
10:08PM 3 remove missing values from matrix or data frame
9:42PM 0 Is nesting {} inside \eqn OK?
8:28PM 1 Need car() and cdr() for '...'
7:43PM 2 Boxplot plot range
7:30PM 1 gplot.hexbin - how to set figure margin.
6:48PM 0 Problems on Bsprob procedure
5:44PM 2 R works on Fedora Core 3
5:04PM 0 Vector multiplication wrap-around
4:26PM 1 frailty model for gap times
4:24PM 1 increase memory size on Unix
3:56PM 1 list -> environment coercion
2:23PM 1 Error in update() when repositories is specified.
2:01PM 1 survSplit: further exploration and related topics
1:46PM 2 Multiple stripcharts using "for loop"
1:01PM 1 glm.nb stop on Error.
12:30PM 1 PCA prcomp problem
12:03PM 0 Beta distribution Example
11:59AM 2 R under Pocket PC
11:55AM 1 email result as attachement
11:52AM 4 R code debugging
11:19AM 1 Some questions to GLMM
10:59AM 1 gdist and gower distance
10:40AM 1 Package Documentation, cryptic
9:24AM 3 Strange results for Beta Distribution
8:12AM 2 do.call invoking a function with multiple arguments
7:06AM 1 r: neural networks
4:52AM 1 Running SPLUS scripts in R
3:56AM 3 no doubt a dumb question, but..
3:09AM 0 about p value
2:33AM 3 Conditional selection of rows
2:28AM 0 Re: QTL interval mapping in outbred populations
Monday November 8 2004
10:58PM 1 neater way to create data frame?
10:27PM 1 can one evaluate an expression in a comment? (or insert resultsinto history?)
9:47PM 1 can one evaluate an expression in a comment? (or insert results into history?)
9:04PM 0 Rd \docType options
7:52PM 0 Availability of Data Sets in Graphical Methods for Data Analysis
6:52PM 0 bootstrap, lme, random effects
6:49PM 2 Converting strings to date
6:43PM 3 small world models?
6:23PM 3 location of key in panels of trellis plot
5:47PM 1 Bug in power.anova.test?
5:28PM 1 Problems with installing Rmpi on x86_64
5:20PM 1 coxph models with frailty
5:05PM 3 misleading output after ordering data frame
4:39PM 1 plotting lm coeficients with their means
3:02PM 2 Nonlinear weighted least squares estimation
12:26PM 1 Extension provokes crash in unzReadCurrentFile
12:20PM 3 Problems with DCOM client packages under R 2.0
11:58AM 4 About 'choose' function
9:39AM 1 how lambda is computed in smoot.spline given _df_
8:54AM 1 conv() example in R-exts
3:19AM 2 Matrix Indexing
Sunday November 7 2004
11:45PM 1 boxplot in extreme cases
10:21PM 0 Re : QTL interval mapping for outbred population
8:19PM 0 Re: diga
3:25PM 2 Problem with dyn.load()
2:50PM 3 Calling Other (non-C or Fortran) Programs from R
2:34PM 4 writing a simple package in R 2.0 under Windows XP
10:42AM 2 Using GNU R on a two box "cluster"
9:57AM 0 Asking about a program
12:54AM 1 rgl on Mac OS
Saturday November 6 2004
10:54PM 1 basic bwplot query
9:51PM 1 calendar-based time-series in R
8:48PM 3 Installing Packages on an Athlon 64 Linux System
7:07PM 1 Some Tips about developing an interface.
6:06PM 1 Just a little problem
1:55PM 3 reading .Rprofile at startup in R 2.0.0
1:09PM 1 text size + text-dendrogram
1:03AM 3 how to read this matrix into R
Friday November 5 2004
8:59PM 1 R usage -- for article
8:35PM 1 fast partial spectral decompositions.
7:16PM 0 R check passes code and docs that don't match
6:57PM 1 text colour in legend
6:57PM 0 dichromat package
6:46PM 1 Problems running a 4-parameter Weibull function with nls
5:34PM 3 Resources for optimizing code
3:32PM 0 any function for jackknife validation
3:24PM 2 graphics site
3:22PM 1 Lda versus Rda
3:19PM 2 pmin behavior change in 2.0.0
3:07PM 2 (no subject)
2:36PM 0 smooth.spline _df_ parameter?
1:48PM 2 Problems with the sort function!?
1:47PM 0 Question about RSQLite
11:05AM 1 I: a coloured band within each panel of a lattice bwplot
10:56AM 2 Creating .Rout.save files for package subdirectory "tests"
10:54AM 1 Error message from vignette strucchange-intro example
10:34AM 0 Sweave and transparent PDF?
9:29AM 0 bootstrap query
8:31AM 1 Building my own R package under Windows
3:53AM 1 Covariance bug in R-1.8.0
Thursday November 4 2004
10:03PM 0 decision about random effects in lme
9:37PM 0 a new R reference card available
8:44PM 2 biplot drawing conc ellipses
6:27PM 1 Recovering R Workspace
5:40PM 4 highly biased PCA data?
4:23PM 0 Problems with Rpart
4:20PM 0 differences between vectors
3:29PM 0 a coloured band within each panel of a lattice bwplot
2:00PM 5 Conversion of strings to expressions
1:58PM 3 calling a var by name in another var
1:46PM 2 list files ignoring the case option
12:27PM 1 Labelling contour lines
12:27PM 0 (no subject)-about the waring/errors in ks.test
12:22PM 1 Specifying error terms in aov and lme
12:20PM 3 sub- and superscript in plot labels
11:41AM 1 problems with seq.dates
11:06AM 3 keep dimension of a sub matrix
10:14AM 3 Finding out the number of times a loop has run
3:13AM 2 Plotting a linear model object with R 2.0 for Mac OS X
Wednesday November 3 2004
10:56PM 1 Building a package under WIN2000 / rw2.0
10:41PM 2 Unexpected results from sort function when partial and index are used
9:59PM 3 fold right - recursive list (vector) operators
7:04PM 1 (no subject)
4:06PM 2 Suggested color schemes for points, not regions?
4:06PM 2 Princomp(), prcomp() and loadings()
4:03PM 1 Kernel Density estimation - locfit package
3:55PM 4 Legend placement in barplot?
3:12PM 4 Newbie question: plotting regression models
1:38PM 0 Johnson-Neyman-procedure in R
1:12PM 1 automation / interactivity of plots on S-PLUS
12:12PM 2 how to compute condition index?
12:08PM 1 Variable bandwidth in kernel density estimation
10:03AM 3 cut POSIX results in NA - bug?
3:03AM 0 Servidor SMTP Abimaq
2:06AM 3 Estimating survival?
Tuesday November 2 2004
11:41PM 3 time dependency of Cox regression
11:34PM 0 Confident intervals in multinom
11:16PM 1 PCA
10:54PM 1 Robust Poisson regression
10:35PM 2 Starting with R
9:36PM 0 R/S-plus Course***In San Francisco & Washington, DC*** December- 2004
9:04PM 2 Color schemes that work for people with color-deficient vision
8:40PM 2 lda
8:25PM 1 install.packages, bundles, pmatch, and Rprofile...
7:41PM 2 A little more on R, mdbtools and Access databases
7:23PM 2 Problems with Durbin Watson and Partial Residual Plots
4:52PM 1 R data editor
4:19PM 0 how to call function in ../src/main
3:51PM 2 using R in .NET apps
3:51PM 0 StepAIC with coxph
3:46PM 1 problem to solve a matrix
3:01PM 0 A GLM for a parameter of the error distribution.
2:54PM 3 Using East-european characters in R
2:11PM 3 n-th power of a matrix
2:05PM 0 p-value for nonparamentric multiple comparison testing
1:51PM 2 Matrix decomposition: orthogonal complement
10:54AM 1 warning message
10:52AM 0 New email address for jdooley
10:17AM 1 integer
10:14AM 1 genou
8:19AM 4 Loadhistory problems
7:17AM 0 A general Mathematicasl pointer if you could? Thank you.
Monday November 1 2004
11:40PM 1 Questions 2.0.0
11:35PM 2 stacking imported data
9:47PM 1 case-insensitive ZIP
9:30PM 1 plot time series / dates (basic)
9:09PM 2 overlapping plots
7:28PM 0 updated package waveslim 1.4
7:14PM 3 ms access --> mysql --> R in Linux
6:42PM 1 suse 9.2 question
6:37PM 5 make apply() return a list
6:25PM 3 Reading word by word in a dataset
6:04PM 3 Read in data from Microsoft SQL
4:38PM 2 Compilation error on mgcv_1.1-7 on OS X (10.3)
3:17PM 4 deleting specified NA values
1:55PM 2 non-linear solve?
12:20PM 1 GLMM
9:33AM 1 Survival Analysis Table