R help - Sep 2004

Thursday September 30 2004
9:40PM 1 polr (MASS) and lrm (Design) differences in tests of statistical signifcance
9:11PM 2 dev.print and win.print
8:08PM 1 histograms with more than one variable
6:56PM 0 Discriminant function analysis eigenvalue standard error calculations
6:20PM 1 scan with Apple
4:52PM 3 Is there any way to release memory in running time?
4:38PM 2 Creating a text codebook
4:05PM 1 function by
3:41PM 1 expand.model.frame gives "object not found"
2:41PM 2 Boxplot, space to axis
2:34PM 1 tcl/tk
2:20PM 1 Using try()
2:14PM 2 pointsize in png graphics
1:57PM 1 Rpy vs RSPython
1:26PM 0 AW: How to save graphics in portable way in batch mode?
12:47PM 2 How to save graphics in portable way in batch mode?
10:10AM 1 Vectorising and loop (was Re: optim "alog-likelihoodfunction")
10:06AM 0 Re: R-help Digest, Vol 19, Issue 30
9:40AM 1 Matrix
8:39AM 2 Interface between R and Perl
7:33AM 3 Retrieving objects from functions...
7:33AM 3 biplot.princomp with loadings only
7:06AM 0 Vectorising and loop (was Re: optim "alog-likelihood function")
3:02AM 1 nlme: cannot allocate vector of size 126064 Kb
2:57AM 1 Vectorising and loop (was Re: optim "a log-likelihood function")
2:35AM 1 read irregular data set
Wednesday September 29 2004
9:28PM 2 How to print landscape from script in Windows: dev.print(win.print, printer="local printer name", ...) does not accept horizontal=TRUE
7:41PM 0 solution for reading access tables into R
7:19PM 2 arima vs arima0
7:03PM 1 how to read the tables in ACCESS database into R ?
5:40PM 0 principal components question
5:11PM 2 optim "a log-likelihood function"
4:46PM 0 R-devel not R-help (was "Bug? using { as a function ...")
4:09PM 4 multiple match question
2:59PM 2 Approximate a f(x,y)
2:39PM 2 RSXML - Parsing XML Documents on Internet
2:39PM 0 maximizing log-likelihood function
2:32PM 2 lattice .ps graphic is rotated in LaTeX slides
2:14PM 0 dbf I/O package suggestions?
2:09PM 0 Howto store objects in a matrix or in an array
2:04PM 1 glm.fit and predict.glm: error ' no terms component'
1:24PM 0 [Fwd: OpenBUGS]
1:03PM 5 Warning: number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length
12:46PM 6 displaying sample size in boxplots
12:34PM 2 problems with ESS & R ...
12:24PM 0 [Fwd: R: string connections]
12:13PM 2 defining a template for functions via do.call and substit ute.
11:58AM 3 R: string connections
11:17AM 2 defining a template for functions via do.call and substitute.
9:48AM 0 Getting the model matrix etc from a gee object
Tuesday September 28 2004
8:58PM 1 not understanding geoR "nugget" output
8:24PM 2 S4 method selection based on second argument
8:02PM 5 Bug? using { as a function in lapply
7:37PM 0 How compare pre-treatment vs. post-treatment assessments
3:41PM 2 Validating a Cox model on an external set
1:00PM 1 package error message
12:43PM 2 specifying exports for R CMD SHLIB
12:25PM 1 An index of all possible combinations of variables in a d ata frame
11:46AM 3 slow loops in Monte Carlo Simulations
11:11AM 3 read dbf files into R
10:34AM 1 call R scripts from python
10:34AM 3 add-on packages
10:29AM 1 changing the number of tic marks on a plot
9:56AM 0 Displaying environment differences
9:38AM 3 S latex listings
9:09AM 1 replacing values in vector
8:27AM 1 Plotting large texts into pdf file
8:16AM 2 [Fwd: Re: tseries Package for R]
7:29AM 0 array construction
6:59AM 2 (no subject)
6:26AM 0 (no subject)
6:09AM 3 memory increase for large r simulation
5:44AM 1 (no subject)
5:25AM 1 Re: tseries Package for R
4:51AM 4 An index of all possible combinations of variables in a data fram e
3:45AM 0 Course***Splus/R: Complementing and Extending Statistical Computing for SAS Users
1:34AM 0 private on site R training solicited
1:26AM 1 smoothing noisy data with a twist
12:08AM 3 sapply behavior
Monday September 27 2004
10:23PM 2 passing formula arg to mgcv::gam
9:25PM 2 Looking for .Call functions
6:46PM 0 new version of package "distr" available
6:08PM 1 random discrete from the first tuple
5:33PM 0 Sweave with other fonts looks weird in pdf file
5:16PM 1 multinom object :way of plotting??
4:14PM 2 Getting code for functions
4:03PM 1 Bootstrapping with weighted data sample
4:02PM 1 optim error in arima
2:46PM 8 cannot assign dimnames
2:17PM 1 Enright/Chi-square periodogram / periodicity
2:17PM 2 KS test
12:33PM 0 New package: ncvar
11:57AM 1 Funny behaviour of coef() and vcov() if X is singular
11:44AM 2 Arguments for functions
10:45AM 1 Numerical two-dimensional integration
10:40AM 0 new release of POP Portfolio Construction Suite
10:37AM 1 mtrace and debug
10:20AM 1 greek letters for labelling axes
9:27AM 0 R courses in Germany
2:13AM 1 multiple time series
Sunday September 26 2004
8:14PM 0 no plots in for loop (was RE: (no subject))
8:04PM 1 (no subject)
12:24PM 2 Sweave: superfluous newline (`\\') in tex file
11:01AM 2 how to set options (variables) permanently
10:30AM 2 help for stata user
9:14AM 1 avoiding loops?
Saturday September 25 2004
9:30PM 2 making custom function compute/return multiple items
4:26PM 2 Strange behavior of is.na() on lists
3:48PM 0 Help with package SJava
8:43AM 0 I'm here, but ...
Friday September 24 2004
10:08PM 1 exponential correlation?
8:02PM 5 using tcltk in R under ESS/XEmacs on Windows
5:41PM 0 Fitting Zernike polynomials
5:18PM 1 Raster images from sweave
4:42PM 2 bwplot panels like stripplot
3:48PM 3 Error with repeat lines() in function
3:35PM 2 Throwing expressions around
3:23PM 1 Contout plot options
3:03PM 0 New package: adehabitat
2:24PM 0 Function sort.data.frame
2:05PM 2 emacs, Mac OS X, R
1:51PM 3 geographically weighted glm
1:24PM 2 R from outside program
11:36AM 2 maps for Russian Federation
11:03AM 2 debugging functions within Emacs/ESS/R
10:39AM 0 fix and edit don't work the expected way
9:57AM 0 (sem assunto)
9:12AM 1 Best device for printing quality
8:54AM 1 anova and post hoc multicomparison tests
8:43AM 0 AW: AW: How to improve the quality of curve/line plots?
7:35AM 5 AW: How to improve the quality of curve/line plots?
5:44AM 0 SJava Issue
1:56AM 2 Intrduction of function
Thursday September 23 2004
11:17PM 3 "moving average" method for time series objects
7:59PM 3 folding table into a matrix
6:08PM 7 decompose a correlation matrix
5:20PM 0 followup: Re: Issue with predict() for glm models
4:33PM 2 fitting weibull distribution
4:25PM 3 R glm
3:08PM 1 How to improve the quality of curve/line plots?
3:04PM 1 Gridbase basic question
2:56PM 2 Problem with R 1.9.1
2:29PM 1 R vs EViews - serial correlation
2:22PM 6 detection of outliers
2:12PM 0 nnet and weights: error analysis using V&R example
2:03PM 2 gsub
12:22PM 0 FYI: DeveloperWorks News article on R
11:37AM 0 nnet with weights parameter: odd error
12:36AM 3 multinomial logistic regression
12:03AM 0 Re: Your Amazon.com Inquiry
Wednesday September 22 2004
10:20PM 1 Cox proportional hazards model
9:59PM 2 Facing problems with C code compilation - Please help.
9:27PM 0 t-test problem
5:47PM 3 aparchFit()$fitted.value
4:55PM 0 THanks, random/repl. prob. SOLVED.
4:51PM 5 Issue with predict() for glm models
3:39PM 1 pairs, panel.functions, xlim and ylim
3:29PM 1 Sample without replacement
3:22PM 5 block statistics with POSIX classes
2:54PM 1 glmmPQL correlation structure
2:32PM 1 layout for xyplot
1:30PM 0 R course
1:04PM 1 Multinomial Response Variable: Estimating the parameters
1:00PM 0 DCOM server high quality graphics ?
12:45PM 2 dot density maps
12:12PM 3 loops: pasting indexes in variables names
11:46AM 0 Residuals, smoothers and estimates of noise
11:29AM 1 is.constant 2
11:21AM 0 capitalize etc string
10:58AM 1 impenetrable warning
10:33AM 0 asypow.noncent. Thanks!!
10:32AM 0 Re: R-help Digest, Vol 19, Issue 22
9:53AM 1 is.constant
9:29AM 0 Create bitmap graphic in C
8:43AM 5
7:52AM 5 t test problem?
7:19AM 1 Bootstrap
2:42AM 2 ordered probit and cauchit
1:05AM 3 RMySQL and Blob
Tuesday September 21 2004
10:34PM 2 Ever see a stata import problem like this?
6:26PM 2 constrained optimization in R
5:57PM 0 Lme warning with coef()
4:48PM 1 Problems with boot and optim
3:40PM 5 S-PLUS and R
3:40PM 4 unable to install dse package
3:29PM 2 png problem
3:17PM 0 DSE: covariance of white noise
2:59PM 5 R 1.9.1 Fails to Start on WinXP SP2
1:41PM 2 Bootstrap ICC estimate with nested data
1:28PM 1 How to call a R function from C or C++ ?
1:14PM 0 How to plot residuals vs. fitted of "trgls" object (spatial::surf.gls)
11:38AM 1 lme RE variance computation
10:43AM 1 lda predict
9:04AM 0 SV: compilation failed for package
8:22AM 0 S/R and data mining (was can't understand "R")
7:31AM 1 bubble plots
4:10AM 3 can't understand "R"
4:03AM 3 how to take this experiment with R?
2:40AM 2 unable to download
Monday September 20 2004
10:18PM 1 unable to load shared library "/home/hpc1367/runs/taper/taper.so"
9:35PM 2 installing on alpha
9:06PM 0 ASA Stat. Computing and Stat. Graphics 2005 Student Paper competition
6:02PM 0 ?glmm with correlation structure?
5:24PM 4 Multiple operations on list
3:28PM 1 adding function to a Package
2:00PM 2 Getting the real names of variables within functions
1:00PM 2 R/web interface
12:33PM 2 asypow.noncent: how does it work?
12:30PM 3 montecarlo simulation
11:38AM 1 GARCH model query
11:34AM 2 plot.Map with pattern instead of colors
11:00AM 5 persiting complex R objects
10:37AM 1 Memory Problem???
10:00AM 1 compilation failed for package
5:48AM 0 UMR Email Handling Issue
4:22AM 1 findInterval in compiled code.
12:45AM 1 Using eval() more efficiently?
Sunday September 19 2004
11:00PM 1 Nnet: Returning the response
3:58PM 0 Mac OS X Install Problem
12:21PM 3 WARNING: terminal is not fully functional
9:26AM 0 StructTS; measurement variance zero
Saturday September 18 2004
3:32PM 2 edit(crash)?
3:25AM 0 Pharmacokinetics using R
Friday September 17 2004
10:32PM 0 ANOVA help
9:14PM 1 Help w/ custom pkg: ERROR: installing package indices failed
9:11PM 3 Removing constants from a data frame
9:07PM 0 Ploting Mean and SE on regression lines
8:32PM 1 Confused about specifying plot colors as RGB values
8:01PM 1 Using R to send to SOAP server?
7:24PM 2 lattice: bwplot and panel.lmline()
7:06PM 0 Announcing Rpad, a web-based workbook-style interface for R
5:38PM 1 (no subject)
4:36PM 0 RSPerl Causes Segfaults with Perl 5.8.0 and R 1.9.1 on Redhat9
2:32PM 1 How many records could I store in a dataframe?
2:09PM 0 Rggobi function error
1:38PM 1 controlling printing precision in paste()
1:25PM 1 library functions looks up wrong directory
1:19PM 0 help with numerical solution for two simultaneous nonlinearequations in 2 variables
12:35PM 1 pairs plot and legend
10:24AM 1 What is nu-regression for svm?
8:12AM 1 loading error of the Rcmdr library on Debian Sid [SOLVED]
4:53AM 1 thickness of tick marks
2:54AM 2 help with numerical solution for two simultaneous nonlinear equations in 2 variables
1:36AM 1 Problem with R-1.9.1 under Solaris 2.6
Thursday September 16 2004
8:02PM 1 geoR/variog4() not returning all directions
4:03PM 1 linear regression: evaluating the result Q
3:55PM 1 barplot with vcd library
2:59PM 3 Estimating parameters for a bimodal distribution
2:52PM 1 There were 50 or more warnings (use warnings() to see the first 50)
2:28PM 5 Multi-dimensional scaling
2:16PM 2 date library and notched boxplots
1:34PM 0 FW: FW: How do I insert a newline in my title in a plot?
1:00PM 4 FW: How do I insert a newline in my title in a plot?
12:32PM 1 How do I insert a newline in my title in a plot?
12:19PM 7 Conditionally swap two columns of a data.frame?
11:33AM 5 Indexing lists
9:29AM 3 newbie needs help using R as solver
8:22AM 1 Use of R libraries in C or C++
12:19AM 1 Newbie q. need some help understanding this code.
Wednesday September 15 2004
11:28PM 1 Cross-validation for Linear Discrimitant Analysis
9:10PM 2 efficient submatrix extraction
8:42PM 0 RWAVE axis notation
8:20PM 7 Splitting vector into individual elements
6:50PM 0 Announcing snowFT 0.1
6:44PM 5 replacing NA's with 0 in a dataframe for specified columns
6:28PM 2 Slightly off-topic --- distribution name.
6:01PM 2 BUGS and OS X
5:29PM 1 Problem installing source packages on OS X
5:16PM 1 lomb periodogram package
5:03PM 1 heatmap2
3:38PM 0 RODBC 1.1-1
2:53PM 1 adding observations to lm for fast recursive residuals?
2:12PM 1 fractal dimension of an image
1:24PM 1 control of font size & colour for title, subtitles, axis, and tick marks in LATTICE graph
12:49PM 3 Read.fwf
11:36AM 4 Density Estimation
10:01AM 4 loading error of the Rcmdr library on Debian Sid
9:03AM 0 testing goodness of fit of linear model
8:24AM 6 Bessel function
5:49AM 1 cluster analysis and null hypothesis testing
5:23AM 0 FW: glmmPQL and random factors
12:19AM 3 getting started on Bayesian analysis
Tuesday September 14 2004
11:40PM 1 pairs correlations colors
10:35PM 1 rolling n-step predictions for ARIMA models
8:09PM 2 memory problem under windows
7:13PM 2 A question please
4:44PM 1 Separation between tick marks and tick labels in lattice
4:15PM 3 reshaping some data
4:07PM 3 repeated measures and covariance structures
3:56PM 0 date library and boxplots
2:48PM 3 Getting the argument list within a function
2:11PM 1 Re: datalist
1:08PM 0 overwriting a line in existing .csv file with new data
11:25AM 2 Excel TDIST and TINV
10:06AM 1 R-2.0.0 CMD check . and datasets
10:02AM 2 R post-hoc and GUI
9:10AM 0 anathema fbi evolution
9:06AM 0 glmmPQL and random factors
8:47AM 3 Howto enlarge fonts size in R- Graphics?
8:44AM 3 erase columns
6:46AM 3 memory allocation error message
4:06AM 3 Signs of loadings from princomp on Windows
2:37AM 1 drawing on axes
1:17AM 2 as.integer(TRUE)
12:29AM 2 R CMD SHLIB setup problem...
Monday September 13 2004
11:47PM 0 Measures of association for ordinal data
9:03PM 1 maximization subject to constaint
8:33PM 2 R in Linux Redhat 9.0
8:11PM 3 .Random.seed in R-devel
7:45PM 2 Can I find the datetime an object was last assigned to/saved?
5:47PM 1 generalized eigenvalues - porting code using eig() from Matlab to R
5:35PM 2 calculating memory usage
4:26PM 1 How to show the symbol of Angstrom ?
3:34PM 2 bagplot()
3:05PM 1 Kernel distribution
3:00PM 2 Smoothing using the kernel distribution
2:57PM 1 lmList for glm
1:22PM 2 Mixture Analysis
12:40PM 6 Spare some CPU cycles for testing lme?
12:39PM 1 Rd files with "%" (was: permuting dimensions)
12:05PM 1 *.Rd: line breaks incorrect (?) \examples
9:35AM 1 an integration question
9:23AM 1 R and perl on solaris
7:34AM 1 Adding ranks to a repeatedly ragged array
6:58AM 1 do.call("dim<-" , ... )
6:26AM 0 How to obtain a 95% envelope for the estimated cumulaitve hazard function via bootstrap?
6:23AM 1 How to bootstrap Kaplan-Miere estimator with 95% envelope
4:03AM 1 pairwise deletion of missing cases in lm
Sunday September 12 2004
11:44PM 1 Discrepency between R and MlwiN
11:20PM 1 Controling a tcl/tk slider
10:17PM 0 write.table performance: an alternative?
10:13PM 1 How to personalize principal components analysis
8:17PM 2 mahalanobis distance
6:28PM 3 calculating error
5:50PM 2 can't get the quartz window to the background
3:10PM 2 boxplot() from list
12:12PM 2 Variable Importance in pls: R or B? (and in glpls?)
9:45AM 0 fBasics
Saturday September 11 2004
1:39PM 3 SAS to R migration questions
1:22PM 1 help in building a function
3:45AM 4 Cancor
Friday September 10 2004
9:06PM 0 hclust, centroid
7:31PM 1 How to obtain a 95% envelope for the estimated cumulative risk function from bootstrap samples
3:24PM 1 Re: Bangdiwala
2:54PM 0 random seed
12:30PM 2 loading Sjava
11:30AM 1 ccf question
3:56AM 2 converting to data frame
12:40AM 1 Efficient Cartesian product of data.frames
12:26AM 1 R conversion
12:04AM 1 swiss.x
Thursday September 9 2004
11:43PM 1 RDA file
8:17PM 0 Rslides.sty
8:13PM 0 How to plot the estimated age-specific cumulative risk function?
7:31PM 2 GEE model
7:12PM 1 Blom's approximation to rankits?
5:48PM 1 Confused about loading other packages from a package
5:32PM 3 Dyn.load of sharing object with GSL library
4:49PM 3 Proposal for New R List: Criticism? Comments?
4:01PM 4 scoping rules
3:19PM 1 SJava, Client X11
3:17PM 0 discriminant analysis
2:17PM 1 Copulas
2:03PM 1 kolmogorov-smirnov for discrete ordinal scale data
1:46PM 1 Adding GSL library path to SHLIB
1:24PM 1 tree architecture in Random Forest
11:00AM 0 AW: Indexing dataframe
10:38AM 1 Indexing dataframe
9:33AM 0 filling patterns in image and examples
8:58AM 2 Handling the windows clipboard/32KB limit
6:29AM 0 Evaluating R function in C code
4:18AM 2 Skipping panels in Lattice
12:50AM 1 howto load functions?
Wednesday September 8 2004
10:51PM 2 How to do this "combination"?
10:48PM 1 Problem installing R
10:00PM 2 How to do this "combination" ?
9:23PM 2 How to draw an observation uniformly from a given dataset?
8:15PM 1 R/S-plus Course***In Princeton & Boston, ***R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques, september - October, 2004
7:52PM 4 factor always have type integer
7:45PM 1 Problems loading Lapack library
6:25PM 1 Installing packages on OS X
4:20PM 1 local linear embedding
2:08PM 3 do.call("[", ...) question
1:46PM 1 Case-Cohort Analysis
12:59PM 8 isoMDS
12:33PM 0 Contract for an R and Stats specialist
10:06AM 1 plot.dendrogram
2:52AM 1 download of 1.9.1
2:04AM 1 64 bit R slower than 32 bit R on Sun Sparc Solaris?
1:11AM 3 Thanks
12:41AM 5 a little question about R
12:16AM 1 pairwise comparisons
Tuesday September 7 2004
11:26PM 3 heatmap help
8:26PM 1 Multiple comparisons in a non parametric case
7:46PM 1 C function name garbled
5:52PM 2 using text on the x axis ticks rather than numbers
5:00PM 1 gridBase and heatmap
2:37PM 6 Further png() question
9:17AM 2 noncommutative addition: NA+NaN != NaN+NA
3:01AM 1 Contrast matrices for nested factors
Monday September 6 2004
10:11PM 0 How the residuals are calculated in a fitted ARCH(1) model.
9:54PM 4 how to add error bar to the data in R?
6:18PM 2 Error when running configure on xeon with r-1-9-patched
3:26PM 1 A naive lsoda question....
2:50PM 4 substitution in expression
2:31PM 1 R under Windows vs R under Unix/Linux
11:30AM 1 Sweave echoing comments (again)
9:51AM 1 rpart problem
9:36AM 4 Problems with png()
9:32AM 0 extRemes; what data is ftcanmax?
8:52AM 2 locator() in a multi-figure setting using mfrow()
7:33AM 4 Cox regression for prevalence estimates
12:14AM 1 Applying function to lots of separate data sets
Sunday September 5 2004
7:08PM 1 Hawaii in map() function
2:00PM 1 Question to NLME, ML vs. REML
8:40AM 0 Generalized degrees of freedom and regression trees
2:15AM 1 Biased calculations from using rmultinom?
Saturday September 4 2004
10:27PM 1 rodbc windows doesn't find dsn
7:25PM 1 Append Columns
4:05PM 0 Non-Markovian Behaviour of a Cusum?
7:27AM 1 what is th diffence among "cat","print"and"format"
5:10AM 5 R question
3:16AM 1 tests for non-stationarity
Friday September 3 2004
9:02PM 0 ML vs. REML with gls()
8:54PM 2 debugging an S4 method
7:42PM 2 image() with color key?
7:00PM 1 contrast/test statements in polynomial mixed model
6:34PM 1 how to debug a sudden exit in non-interactive mode
6:09PM 0 Installation problems on Solaris 2.6
3:39PM 2 arima et graphique
2:37PM 2 windowing strategies
2:14PM 1 Different Index behaviors of Array and Matrix
2:14PM 1 64 bit benefit for dual G5 powermac
1:27PM 0 Changing the value of an object's slot in a method
12:41PM 2 strptime problems
12:30PM 2 Standard correlation
12:21PM 0 SNOW, lexical scoping, and "programming style"
11:23AM 6 seq
9:20AM 1 new user and non parametric test
7:13AM 2 variable values in plotmath expressions
2:11AM 1 Printing output on Plot
Thursday September 2 2004
9:46PM 0 syntex about a nested mixed linear model
9:06PM 0 Fixes for pls.pcr 0.2.2 plot.mvr("prediction")
7:33PM 3 confidence intervals
6:40PM 0 cross random effects and PQL
6:05PM 0 suggestion for a small addition to the R-FAQ
4:48PM 1 Question on survey package
2:56PM 0 corARMA
2:26PM 1 trivial question about nested loops
1:21PM 3 Problems with heatmap.2
11:08AM 8 newsgroup on R
10:59AM 0 Two xtable Questions
10:54AM 1 [OT]Example Data for Non-statisticians
9:12AM 1 cross-correlations
4:26AM 0 Re: [S] [R/S] question re solution
2:53AM 0 Re: [S] [R/S] question re solution
2:35AM 1 [R/S] question re solution
Wednesday September 1 2004
10:58PM 3 How to personalize the rpart function: t.default(x)
9:07PM 2 allocating memory in C, not in R
8:39PM 0 Re: [S] [R/S] strange solution
8:12PM 0 [R/S] strange solution
8:00PM 1 [R/S] strange
6:44PM 2 using hist() with tapply()
6:15PM 1 obtaining exact p-values in mixed effects model
3:41PM 3 coercing a string naming to a variable name and return value
2:48PM 1 Tick marks in cloud (lattice)
2:38PM 1 Membership
2:31PM 3 Unique lists from a list
1:43PM 0 Dependant proportions and sample size
1:42PM 0 SIMPER-similarity percentage
1:41PM 0 Recall: Multiple dependant proportions and sample size
1:39PM 0 Multiple dependant proportions and sample size
1:15PM 1 changing default labels of axis in ts plots
12:16PM 1 AW: Looking for help in calculating percentiles
10:53AM 0 not positive definite D matrix in quadprog
10:25AM 1 lme: howto specify covariance structure between levels of grouping factors
10:13AM 0 Optim in R
10:13AM 3 Accesing the name of an assigned object in a function
9:09AM 2 RODBC query on one line
8:43AM 3 Imputing missing values
8:21AM 1 Advice on good programming practice, lexical scope
8:12AM 1 Accessing aov p-value
7:26AM 0 About Factor Analysis
4:24AM 1 error in mle
1:27AM 0 simpleboot, pairs.boot