R help - Jul 2004

Saturday July 31 2004
11:40PM 1 Listing subsets
9:37PM 2 smooth.spline
8:57PM 1 dudi.pca behaviour and discrimin
8:04AM 0 Re: Optimizing a nonlinear function
7:13AM 1 Question about manipulating quartiles
Friday July 30 2004
11:30PM 2 pairwise difference operator
8:29PM 0 R question......
8:01PM 1 Three-way ANOVA?
6:57PM 1 cannot print/save graphics.
6:21PM 1 legend under plot region?
5:53PM 0 a question about nlme
4:32PM 1 Subsetting dataframe
4:04PM 0 plot() core dump
3:56PM 0 How to put multiple plots in the same window? (not par(mf row=))
3:43PM 0 P-value from the joint cumulative distribution of an n-dimensional order statistic
3:41PM 6 How to put multiple plots in the same window? (not par(mfrow=))
3:33PM 1 FWER + multiple linear models
3:13PM 3 Counting question
3:13PM 2 dynamic regression
2:46PM 3 LaTeX in R
1:41PM 1 optimisation procedure with flat log-likelihood
12:39PM 1 classification trees
12:29PM 1 lme: problems with corARMA
12:04PM 1 a question about identify and locator
5:19AM 0 Scatter plot matrix over several pages
1:02AM 3 getting values out of functions
12:33AM 1 Do I need a special package to call a fortran program within R?
Thursday July 29 2004
11:37PM 2 expression + paste + arguments + ...
9:54PM 2 unwanted as.integer
8:56PM 3 Editing Strings in R
8:46PM 1 perl script in exec/
8:37PM 0 cross-compile R darwin2win, almost there
8:08PM 1 Any orthnormal matrix can keep the curve's shape and size unchnaged?
5:13PM 3 fitting gaussian mixtures
4:35PM 0 Comparing correlated (paired) ROC curves (sensitivities).
4:16PM 0 R and the Journal of Statistical Software
3:56PM 0 Question on getting a data from dataframe
2:44PM 1 Kudos to the R support team
2:30PM 1 jpeg() on UNIX
11:38AM 3 Help w/ matrix calc
11:36AM 1 Debug S4 Methods
10:53AM 1 Lattice graphics: adding lines to a plot
10:38AM 0 proximity covariate to model dependence in cox model (question from Vito Muggeo)
9:43AM 3 2 questions : format and hh:mm
5:57AM 3 extracting the t-statistic: just the numbers, please
5:06AM 2 attach files on start up
4:08AM 1 RE: [S] tree function in R language
3:33AM 0 Re: [BioC] normalisation for universal reference in 2 channel arrays
1:34AM 0 R with perl
Wednesday July 28 2004
9:59PM 1 Transparent backgrounds in png files
9:43PM 3 where is "average shifted histogram"?
9:36PM 2 lattice variable by page
7:11PM 0 R/S-plus Course***In Atlanta, GA***R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques, August 19-20, 2004
4:38PM 2 Gaussian frailty leads to segmentation fault
3:57PM 1 Question ?
3:24PM 0 Modelling compound logistic growth curves
3:24PM 2 How to add an object to an RData file ?
2:57PM 2 Parallel Functions on AIX
2:55PM 3 as(obj,"matrix")
2:25PM 1 package.contents() deprecated, what replaces it?
2:23PM 5 using Rterm under cygwin, no possiblity to delete characters
1:25PM 6 elegant matrix creation
1:08PM 1 Writing polyline shapefiles
12:58PM 2 Simulation from a model fitted by survreg.
11:40AM 1 Fw: Another big data size problem
8:41AM 1 Latex error about Schunk environment under Windows NT
8:09AM 2 problem with the .Rhistory
3:14AM 1 automating sequence of multinomial regressions
2:10AM 3 Another big data size problem
1:30AM 1 a question about using nlme
12:42AM 3 Best way to store negative indexes
Tuesday July 27 2004
10:25PM 1 Re: R-help Digest, Vol 17, Issue 25
6:54PM 3 ghyper package
6:31PM 1 Integration with "adapt"
4:30PM 1 lattice.device in loop
3:04PM 0 computing differences between consecutive vectorelements
2:44PM 2 computing differences between consecutive vector elements
2:21PM 0 Help R - SNOW package...correct indexation syntax??
12:35PM 1 test for difference between non-independent correlations
12:22PM 1 list problem
10:53AM 1 library manual: documentation of funcs not alphabetically ordered
9:38AM 1 Display on Windows console from script
9:22AM 0 Recall: SVD with positivity constraints
8:14AM 1 Underline in expression().
7:50AM 0 Unable to open html help pages
7:40AM 4 SVD with positivity constraints
2:51AM 1 re: help with lattice plot
2:46AM 0 Reading SPSS file
2:02AM 0 dumpClass
1:16AM 0 R 1.9.1: comparison list(1)==list(1)...
Monday July 26 2004
11:17PM 1 lattice / pdf bug ?
10:16PM 1 bad restore file magic number
10:07PM 1 qcc package & syndromic surveillance (multivar CUSUM?)
8:52PM 0 Problem with a while loop embedded in a function.
8:30PM 0 Significance Test for Correlation Coefficients
8:26PM 1 spec.pgram() possible bug
8:08PM 0 choosing constraints for function optim method="L-BFGS-B" whenthey are in terms of other parameter values
6:48PM 1 ordering of levels.
5:56PM 1 Building Windows Package
5:11PM 0 zsh and R
4:41PM 0 factanal - rotation = "oblimin"
3:51PM 0 loop avoiding...
3:11PM 5 binning a vector
2:57PM 1 choosing constraints for function optim method="L-BFGS-B" when they are in terms of other parameter values
2:34PM 5 installing problems repeated.tgz linux
2:06PM 1 group definition for a bootstrap
12:52PM 5 aggregate function
11:52AM 1 X11 device problem on linux: 100% cpu usage
11:24AM 5 covariate selection in cox model (counting process)
8:45AM 3 computing sum of indicator variables
8:36AM 3 Read SPSS data (*.sav) in R 1.8.0 (ok) and R1.9.1(error)
6:35AM 0 R_HOME not found
Sunday July 25 2004
7:09PM 2 Colors in survival plots
5:15PM 1 Multiple comparisons: its a trap!
2:10PM 1 Multivariate ARMA Model
1:36PM 4 Econometrics Packages On R
4:32AM 1 using ylab=expression()
Saturday July 24 2004
5:06PM 3 help(package)->sink()
3:38PM 3 Population simulation.
4:58AM 0 rbind()
Friday July 23 2004
9:28PM 2 lme4 groupedData is missing
8:10PM 1 nlme parameters in nlmeControl
7:29PM 2 graphing with error bars
6:35PM 1 Porting plotterm() & gamterms() from s-plus
5:24PM 1 inno setup'iss files for R & RDCOM
4:35PM 1 gaussian model of 3d surface
4:25PM 2 fisher.test FEXACT error 7
4:23PM 6 R on AMD64 (Opteron)
4:23PM 2 Complex Surveys...Specifying Design
3:08PM 0 R: R: retrieve rows from frame assuming criterion [corrected]
3:07PM 3 merge, cbind, or....?
2:22PM 0 retrieve rows from frame assuming criterion [corrected]
2:03PM 1 R: retrieve rows from frame assuming criterion [corrected]
1:55PM 0 R: retrieve rows from frame assuming criterion
1:36PM 2 retrieve rows from frame assuming criterion
1:28PM 1 ts to irts
1:06PM 1 difference between nls and nlme approaches
12:33PM 0 problem lme using corSymm()
12:06PM 4 Reading ASCII files
10:36AM 2 confidence intervals for linear combinations when using lme
9:49AM 1 discriminant analysis
2:55AM 0 Modeling Dependent Bernoulli Trials?
12:48AM 3 vetor autoregressions and BVARs
Thursday July 22 2004
10:14PM 2 help on R "plot"
9:50PM 1 viewing Postscript file
8:50PM 2 Standard error of a sum
8:07PM 2 Files and classes in a package?
7:53PM 0 Precision in R--SOLVED!
7:39PM 0 compile error on aix 5.2 using gcc 2.9-aix51-020209
7:17PM 1 biplot & identify
7:10PM 1 sorting Trellis panels
5:17PM 3 Replace only Capital Letters
3:24PM 1 package nls2 for windows
3:24PM 0 Problem with listbox
3:00PM 2 gcc on AIX is not compatile with R-1.9.1
2:34PM 0 makeinfo, tex, latex, tcl/tk
1:11PM 0 RE: Comparison of correlation coefficients - Details
11:25AM 2 exporting high quality graphics from R in Mac OSX
10:03AM 0 (no subject)
9:39AM 1 Disriminant analysis with lda (MASS)
8:39AM 1 Vector to complex scalar
4:48AM 2 Programmation pour MLE
2:19AM 0 Regression Modeling Strategies Short Course
Wednesday July 21 2004
11:01PM 2 questions about principle component analysis (princomp)
10:33PM 0 CCA code
9:59PM 1 Building problem: leftover from old OS
9:30PM 2 add more data to a data file, problem with .Rprofile
7:37PM 2 How to do a "go to " in a loop in R
7:07PM 1 Problem using xfig()
6:43PM 1 function ms
5:22PM 0 R/S-plus Course***In Houston, TX***R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques, August 19-20, 2004
2:10PM 2 2 images with 2 color scales on one graphic device. How to get it?
2:09PM 1 dumpClass, hasSlot in R?
2:05PM 3 Can R work on very large of data?
12:52PM 1 MySQL mismatch
12:48PM 2 Rose Diagrams
12:41PM 0 PCA of vectors
11:19AM 2 RE: Comparison of correlation coefficients - Details
8:41AM 0 error "evaluation nested too deeply" {was "Heatmap"}
7:34AM 2 Testing autocorrelation & heteroskedasticity of residuals in ts
6:57AM 2 nonparametetric bivariate regression
6:35AM 3 How to sort TWO columns ?
3:42AM 0 NMMAPSdata package
3:31AM 0 Interpreting negative diagonal values in a hessian
3:28AM 0 nlm doesn't detect a gradient in my function - odd solution (bug?)
1:39AM 2 Cutting heatmap dendrogram
Tuesday July 20 2004
10:55PM 1 LaTeX errors
10:16PM 4 read a file
6:24PM 0 Profiling dynamically-loaded code
6:12PM 1 Error: subscript out of bounds
4:02PM 3 regression slope
3:58PM 0 Interpretation of poly(x, y, degree=2) coefficients
3:55PM 5 Precision in R
3:43PM 0 prior weights in binomial gam
2:44PM 3 a bug with LAPACK ? non orthogonal vectors obtained with eigen of a symmetric matrix
12:55PM 1 --max-vsize and --max-nsize linux?
12:25PM 2 print variables values within c(" ")
12:03PM 1 Problem with plot
11:32AM 1 Statistical package
9:54AM 1 Installing rgl on linux
9:31AM 2 vectorizing a matrix computation
9:23AM 1 Performance problem
8:51AM 9 Sort a data frame
5:23AM 1 Histogram without common borders
Monday July 19 2004
9:59PM 0 help with tktag.bind
9:05PM 0 R on IBM P-Series either with AIX or Linux
8:34PM 0 Thanks to Dirk for making the parallel R packages available on debian!
7:37PM 2 Evaluating the Yield of Medical Tests
7:27PM 1 An image() problem related to Affy package in BioC
5:25PM 10 How to compare X1 = X2 = ... = Xn?
4:10PM 0 Define location for makeinfo, tex and latex
2:49PM 2 hclust error
2:37PM 5 converting character strings to eval
1:53PM 3 why won't rq draw lines?
1:27PM 0 undefined symbol: modperl_perl_global_avcv_call
11:35AM 0 how to keep R resident in memory?
8:27AM 0 variance stabilizing bootstrap
8:05AM 2 problem with read.table
4:03AM 1 (no subject)
2:43AM 0 your job? (I found that!)
12:00AM 1 Dendrogram plotting options?
Sunday July 18 2004
8:08PM 1 Bootstrap of Kaplan-Meier Estimate for clustered data
6:11PM 0 AntiVir ALERT [your mail: "Mail Authentication"]
5:38PM 2 stl,package=stats
11:17AM 2 a problem: factors, names, tables ..
7:13AM 2 bootstrap and nls
2:13AM 2 gray background in png
Saturday July 17 2004
11:03PM 0 R question about spectrum metric
Friday July 16 2004
10:22PM 0 nlm doesn't detect a gradient in my function
10:18PM 3 sas to r
10:00PM 0 help with tkbind.tag
9:40PM 1 Random Fields
9:32PM 1 highlighting subset of point with xyplot (or Hmisc(xYplot))
8:50PM 3 Strange (non-deterministic) problem with strsplit
8:40PM 0 for loops in Gibbs sampler
8:15PM 0 question in foreign library
8:09PM 1 plot
7:59PM 3 interpreting profiling output
6:47PM 1 Install R on AIX 5.2 64 Bit
5:49PM 0 specifying a complex function in nls
5:48PM 3 rpart and TREE, can be the same?
4:13PM 0 any package can do such job?
3:52PM 1 strucchange: breakpoints in inequally spaced data
3:30PM 3 still problems with predict!
3:19PM 1 specifying a function in nls
2:08PM 0 Permutations (summary)
1:57PM 0 postscript plotting to 36" roll plotter
1:44PM 1 median filter
12:52PM 3 rd2dvi bug on windoze?
11:45AM 4 Stumped on methods
10:38AM 3 small problem with predict
10:34AM 0 marginal homogeneity in n by n tables (n > 2)
9:51AM 1 Block Bootstrap Simulation
8:36AM 1 Fixed and random factors in aov()
7:49AM 1 labels for 3d Plots
3:57AM 0 Does AIC() applied to a nls() object use the correctnumber of estimated parameters?
2:50AM 1 Does AIC() applied to a nls() object use the correct number of estimated parameters?
1:53AM 0 SJava - restart function
1:15AM 2 Functions in a package not visible to a user
Thursday July 15 2004
8:47PM 3 Eclipse plugin for R or perhaps S-plus.
8:18PM 4 adding option in the Windows installer for --internet2
6:45PM 3 More on global environment
6:35PM 1 how to upload [forwarded]
6:35PM 2 row naming
6:22PM 1 dput and dget
6:15PM 4 Where is global environment?
4:46PM 2 formula and lm
3:50PM 3 color scale to label a plot
3:28PM 5 formula
2:59PM 1 GHK simulator
2:09PM 2 contriburl argument to install.packages
12:02PM 0 indexing a parameter in nls
10:41AM 5 Newbie
10:07AM 1 formatting tables with long column names via package:xtable within Sweave
9:55AM 1 areg.boot use of inverseTrans and ytype
8:01AM 2 (Newbie) scope of with()
7:23AM 1 About lattice plots and loops
5:33AM 1 older versions of R (v1.0)
4:00AM 1 questions about R
Wednesday July 14 2004
10:08PM 0 RODBC repeated rows problem
10:05PM 2 MASS package?
8:45PM 2 using "mean" in by(x,y,mean)
8:05PM 2 PCA in R
8:02PM 0 simultaneous confidence intervals --- question
5:15PM 0 Convex smoothing via 'Iterative Convex Minorant' ?
4:43PM 0 Ord-Getis O statistics
3:36PM 1 Running the optimization on the subset of parameters
3:13PM 0 Tcl/Tk and R
3:12PM 4 duplicate row importing issue
2:02PM 3 (no subject)
12:59PM 2 constrOptim and function with additional parameters?
9:08AM 0 ROracle - fetch gives...(corrected SQL code)
8:53AM 4 list of S3-methods
8:38AM 3 ROracle - fetch gives empty dataframe
6:58AM 0 A function likes table
6:56AM 5 RGui Titlebar
4:43AM 1 solving for a transition point in a piecewise nonlinear model
3:52AM 1 SJava - restart() is defunct
3:13AM 1 subsets in data frame
12:12AM 1 RCMD fails in Windows XP
Tuesday July 13 2004
11:33PM 2 help with as.function
10:56PM 1 lda() - again.
10:41PM 3 (no subject)
10:37PM 0 For what it's worth (was Re: Permutations).
10:00PM 0 creating your own glm link function
8:54PM 1 Re: R library(e1071) question: definition of performance in tune.* functions
8:06PM 0 slicing interaction terms
8:05PM 0 Is there a statistics that can summarize the correlation formore than two random variables?
7:58PM 0 Calculating sum of squares deviation between 2 similar matrices
7:07PM 12 Permutations
6:34PM 2 Is there a statistics that can summarize the correlation for more than two random variables?
4:57PM 1 summary() doesn't work with Date class objects
4:12PM 2 Difference between normalizeWithinArrays and stat.ma
3:32PM 1 compiled C code
3:19PM 3 plotting a table together with graphs
2:54PM 0 LLVM for next R generations
2:31PM 5 Help with factanal and missing values
2:25PM 1 MLE, precision
12:34PM 5 table lookup n R
12:06PM 0 Comparison of correlation coefficients
11:36AM 1 locator() in a multiple plot setting
10:52AM 0 an(other) anova question
10:48AM 1 Synatx Error on start with R --no-save < myfile.R
10:28AM 3 paired t-test with bootstrap
9:04AM 1 SMP, Single System Image clustering, multithreading
5:55AM 0 need help
2:02AM 2 confint.glm in a function
1:53AM 2 memory problem?
12:55AM 2 e1071 question: what's the definition of performance in t une.* functions?
12:06AM 0 e1071 question: what's the definition of performance in tune.* functions?
Monday July 12 2004
11:59PM 5 Regular Expressions
9:39PM 0 Where does R search when source() ?
8:37PM 0 text editor for R - summary on R-WinEdt
8:10PM 0 simultaneous confidence intervals
7:52PM 3 Smooth monotone estimation on R
7:25PM 0 Statistical Learning and Data Mining Course
6:03PM 2 Vaseplots
5:45PM 1 Graphics in BATCH CMD mode
5:14PM 0 R: proportions confidence intervals
4:34PM 0 .Platform addition (was Re: where does R search when sour ce ()?)
4:01PM 2 .Platform addition (was Re: where does R search when source()?)
3:45PM 1 lda()
3:45PM 6 proportions confidence intervals
3:17PM 7 Excel file
3:09PM 0 How can I package R into RPM?
3:02PM 1 ROracle package error
2:34PM 2 multiple hierarchical anova models
1:16PM 1 Creating a minimal package
1:15PM 0 help
11:08AM 1 image NAs error
9:25AM 1 pixmapIndexed color question
9:00AM 1 Nested source()s
7:50AM 2 lme unequal random-effects variances varIdent pdMat Pinheiro Bates nlme
6:23AM 2 Association between discrete and continuous variable
6:16AM 5 help with paste
Sunday July 11 2004
9:36PM 1 WinXP "developer" asks: Tcl/Tk (Rcmdr) under OS X?
8:06PM 2 How to bring an Splus object into R
3:25PM 0 Neural Net and SNOW
3:02PM 3 variable definition
11:10AM 1 Fwd: newsletter
5:42AM 1 your reference on this problem highly appreciated
3:38AM 0 newsletter
12:36AM 2 Interpreting Results of Bootstrapping
Saturday July 10 2004
11:44PM 6 where does R search when source()?
2:04AM 1 Exact Maximum Likelihood Package
Friday July 9 2004
8:17PM 3 Can R read data from stdin?
8:05PM 1 cor.test p-value ties
6:10PM 0 library( ) and verbose=
5:21PM 1 Example using Rdqags
4:55PM 0 using R libraries in S
4:36PM 3 Problem with bwplot
4:07PM 3 analytic solution for equation
4:06PM 1 Mixed model ANOVA with a nested design
4:05PM 0 Queueing models
2:20PM 1 creating plots by batch
2:15PM 2 Viewport parameters
1:02PM 0 packages & data-sets & name spaces
12:22PM 2 Simple 'frequency' function?
11:19AM 1 Re: combined graph in R
8:58AM 1 dyn.load() for windows
8:04AM 1 Two additive effets in random of lme
Thursday July 8 2004
8:33PM 1 New user
3:06PM 1 k nearest neighbor prediction
2:20PM 0 Code OK - Predicting X from Y in four-parameter fit (SSfpl) -
2:08PM 0 Predicting X from Y in four-parameter fit (SSfpl)
2:06PM 0 randomForest 4.3-0 released
12:58PM 1 parallel mle/optim and instability
12:21PM 2 Getting elements of a matrix by a vector of column indice s
12:01PM 0 Replies for Importing Excel File
10:57AM 1 Statistics::R
10:23AM 3 How to pass strings to functions? [once once more, now With content I hope...]
9:58AM 1 Getting elements of a matrix by a vector of column indices
9:53AM 1 loding *.o file in windows environment
9:27AM 1 How to pass strings to functions? [once more, now With content I hope...]
9:25AM 1 building packages with NAMESPACE
8:37AM 1 How to pass strings to functions?
7:20AM 7 Problem with the grep function
3:01AM 0 R cookbook (Re: omit complete cases)
2:56AM 4 read.frame
1:10AM 0 S data library
Wednesday July 7 2004
11:56PM 1 command line interface
11:52PM 0 omit complete cases
10:47PM 6 text editor for R
8:30PM 1 question about seq.dates from chron vs. as.POSIXct
7:59PM 1 NAMESPACE and tests for unexported functions
7:30PM 1 a small bug in spatstat::rmh
6:31PM 1 lost messages
6:28PM 0 Sorry forgot to mention about OS system in an previous email
6:21PM 7 Importing an Excel file
6:13PM 0 Observational error in ARIMA
5:29PM 1 Histograms, density, and relative frequencies
5:15PM 2 Win32 & C code
5:00PM 0 Visualizing Marketing Campaigns With R
2:35PM 3 fast NA elimination ?
1:32PM 3 KalmanSmooth problem
1:09PM 0 lme with poly(x,2) terms
1:05PM 0 R: Creating Binary Outcomes from a continuous variable
12:57PM 3 Creating Binary Outcomes from a continuous variable
12:15PM 1 Mapinfo mid and mif files
11:47AM 1 Using permax with Data Frame Containing Missing Values
10:51AM 0 Rmetrics Documentation Update
8:48AM 1 AW: boxplot a list of objects
8:48AM 1 Howto debug R on Windows XP?
8:33AM 0 boxplot a list of objects
7:30AM 1 Daily time series
Tuesday July 6 2004
11:50PM 1 Enumeration in R
10:28PM 2 Generate a matrix Q satisfying t(Q)%*%Q=Z and XQ=W
8:26PM 2 lme: extract variance estimate
7:39PM 3 Code density functions
6:24PM 0 svmpath: fitting the entire SVM regularization path
6:16PM 1 how to print the plots
3:33PM 0 marginal effect in a logistic model
2:45PM 2 Laplacian Distribution
1:54PM 5 Converting S-Plus Libraries to R
12:56PM 3 Improving effeciency - better table()?
12:23PM 2 Re: errors in randomization test
12:17PM 1 vectorizing sapply() code (Modified by Aaron J. Mackey)
11:17AM 1 questions about setMethod("Arith", ...)
10:33AM 1 aide pour une affiner une AFD.
9:44AM 0 Mailing Lists: Timeout today GMT 18--19.30
9:12AM 2 ESS does not recognize installed libraries
9:09AM 0 useR! presentation on "Generic functions for spatial data"
8:04AM 0 Model frame manipulation
7:50AM 1 Download Info
7:20AM 1 R & DataMining
3:39AM 1 What precision is R
Monday July 5 2004
10:11PM 1 System memory
9:46PM 3 How to check the code for generic function in a specific package?
8:22PM 1 how to personalize split function in rpart
8:00PM 1 contrib.url binary paths inconsistent
4:08PM 2 nonlinear regression with M estimation
4:08PM 1 Apparent conflict between \Sexpr in Sweave and R2HTML
3:36PM 1 Behaviour of R with win98 and XP?
2:49PM 1 Function for skewness
2:25PM 1 R and databases (Oracle)
2:19PM 1 passing char's from C to Fortran (mac os x)
2:12PM 1 Tk force refresh
1:34PM 4 density(x)
12:53PM 4 extract columns from a dataframe
12:46PM 1 design
11:02AM 1 "make" error for R-1.9.1
10:58AM 2 More difficulties in getting data into R
10:14AM 2 Failing on reading a "slightly big" dataset
9:32AM 1 replacing values in a matrix or data.frame
8:26AM 0 help changing the size of labels in a dendrogram plot
7:47AM 2 Why does summary does not produce output?
7:39AM 1 general questions about R on debian/powerpc
2:02AM 1 date Axes and formats in lattice plots
12:41AM 1 Outliers
Sunday July 4 2004
8:06PM 2 doubly multivariate analysis in R
4:53PM 0 Chambers' Programming with Data?
4:46PM 2 smooth non cumulative baseline hazard in Cox model
2:54PM 1 Rmetrics 191.10057
2:09PM 2 how to use a script file for all the codes?
9:38AM 1 Is there rpm for suse 9.1 under x86_64?
8:45AM 1 Re: Seasonal ARMA model
7:21AM 2 Random intercept model with time-dependent covariates, results different from SAS
2:11AM 0 Use of nnet() with package SNOW ?
1:32AM 0 the commands to easily find the dual variables of a standard LP problem
12:51AM 1 Embarrassingly naive question regarding graphics on Mac OS X
Saturday July 3 2004
9:11PM 1 recommended citation
6:26PM 1 graphic representation of a qda object
3:45PM 2 options --- na.rm , save-on-exit
3:45PM 3 Recoding scores of negatively worded item
2:31PM 4 counting the occurrences of vectors
5:53AM 2 R CMD line45
4:59AM 1 solving for a 2D transformation matrix
2:11AM 1 Installation of R in Windows
Friday July 2 2004
9:33PM 3 plotting many line segments in different colors
8:02PM 3 How to get the normal direction to a plane?
7:50PM 2 hclust
7:31PM 1 Half Million features Selection (Random Forest)
5:45PM 1 Vertical text in plot
4:37PM 1 reading large data
3:38PM 1 Seg Fault on R 1.8.1 under linux
3:24PM 0 GSL library and R?
3:03PM 1 replace values but different replacement length
2:58PM 1 Problem in lme4
2:00PM 2 How to make eps out of a trellis graphic?
1:41PM 2 Error:length of dimnames [2] not equal to array extent ?
1:27PM 1 help computing a covariance
8:22AM 1 Reading and treating multiple files....
12:02AM 1 priceIts problem
Thursday July 1 2004
11:49PM 2 [gently off topic] arima seasonal question
9:59PM 5 Absolute ceiling on R's memory usage = 4 gigabytes?
9:24PM 1 Seg. faults in mapthin (in package maps!)
7:23PM 2 Individual log likelihoods of nlsList objects.
6:51PM 1 product of two chi-squared
6:47PM 0 product of chi-sq distributions
5:58PM 3 BIC vz SBIC vz SIC
5:54PM 2 y-axis of lattice panels not printing to paper
5:36PM 0 write.table() performance.
4:50PM 1 Seg. faults in mapthin
4:14PM 2 RMySQL
3:49PM 2 Inflection Points
3:49PM 2 R BATCH problem
3:37PM 3 list structure question
2:59PM 1 QR decomposition and rank of a matrix
2:00PM 0 path related problem XEmacs Unix
1:46PM 1 QR decomposition question
11:06AM 1 spatial autocorrelation
11:02AM 1 linking .lib and/or .dll files
10:37AM 1 xtabs
10:20AM 1 Customizing Cluster Analysis plots created with hclust
10:20AM 1 Factors.
5:01AM 1 RGL on Mac OS X
4:45AM 0 drop rows
3:57AM 2 how to drop rows from a data.frame
2:27AM 0 .Net & Mono language news: C, C++, C#, Java, Python & Perl
12:08AM 0 MS OLAP -- RODBC to SQL Server "Slice Server" pass-through query to MS OLAP
12:00AM 2 R can't find some functions in assist package