R help - Aug 2004

Tuesday August 31 2004
11:37PM 1 subselect install problem
10:27PM 4 Problem with seq.dates in chron
9:52PM 2 Sparse Matrices in R
8:08PM 1 Problem (bug?) with vector indices
7:25PM 1 add single contour line to levelplot
7:09PM 0 spatial autcorrelation in glmmPQL
6:52PM 0 Obtaining Least Square Means with lme (mixed models)
5:49PM 2 sample size for t-tests
5:26PM 2 enter browser on error
5:23PM 0 after lm-fit: equality of two regression coefficients
4:16PM 4 More efficient matrix computation
3:32PM 0 N-dimensional delaunay tesselation & voronoi diagrams
2:49PM 0 "Restore" function in R
1:13PM 2 I've forgotten, why is box("") the default?
12:19PM 7 blockwise sums
12:05PM 1 appending data to a dataframe
11:16AM 2 (no subject)
2:07AM 1 (no subject)
1:55AM 0 (no subject)
1:41AM 0 (no subject)
Monday August 30 2004
10:08PM 1 initialization error with XEmacs init.el file
8:34PM 1 solution to outer question
8:27PM 0 outer question
6:23PM 0 SAS ODBC & R
4:08PM 3 D'agostino test
3:56PM 3 Generalized Singular Value Decomposition (GSVD)
2:37PM 2 suggestions motivated by quest for remainders
2:36PM 2 problem with SJava
2:02PM 1 axes=F with pairs()
12:16PM 1 Implementing Jeffreys Invariant Prior to GLM
11:45AM 0 R version was 1.9.1 (for while installing Hmisc...)
11:37AM 1 While installing Hmisc...
10:14AM 2 after lm-fit: equality of two regression coefficients test
9:53AM 1 meta.graph
9:52AM 1 Wrong result with cor(x, y, method="spearman", use="complete.obs") with NA's???
8:04AM 3 Multiple lapply get-around
1:28AM 1 Rcmdr X11 protocol error message
Sunday August 29 2004
5:46PM 1 R and PostGresQL
4:51PM 4 importing data in excel
11:21AM 1 predict(arima)
Saturday August 28 2004
11:25PM 4 removing invariant columns from a matrix
8:15PM 1 Handling of special characters by xtable
Friday August 27 2004
9:06PM 1 Plotting irregular grid as image or persp
5:45PM 3 Reading SAS data into R
5:18PM 1 selecting unique columns of a matrix/data frame
2:57PM 2 degrees of freedom (lme4 and nlme)
1:54PM 4 Running R from CD?
1:11PM 4 for (i in ...) { df[[i]]<- .....}
12:27PM 3 gsub, backslash and xtable
11:52AM 1 rbind for similar data frames
11:06AM 3 About passing parameter to '.R' script file
10:38AM 2 `its' questions
5:11AM 1 Keyboard input into functions
2:39AM 1 predict.mvr error message
12:55AM 2 read.spss warning: unrecognized record type??
12:30AM 4 FIML in lme
Thursday August 26 2004
11:55PM 0 expressions/approximate text
11:29PM 2 text() with text, variables and math HOWTO?
11:13PM 0 multiple regression with dummy variables
11:08PM 1 coplot and par
10:50PM 1 Error TukeyHSD
10:04PM 0 AIC to compare glm models with Poisson errors?
8:47PM 1 how to make lines() meet axis in autoscaled coordinate system?
8:22PM 0 how to efficiently bootstrap mgcv::gam
8:15PM 5 Surprise when mapping matrix to image
6:42PM 1 Adding 3D points
6:36PM 3 Beginner troubles.
5:54PM 1 Why terms are dropping out of an lm() model
5:18PM 0 plot.lm basic question
5:08PM 1 gls: Newton-Raphson or EM?
3:47PM 5 newbie question: how to read a file into a matrix
3:14PM 1 How to change pch in plot.factor ?
3:13PM 5 GLMM
3:06PM 3 plot.new?
1:58PM 1 EM norm package (NA/NaN/Inf in foreign function call (arg 2))
1:25PM 2 introduction slides for beginners
1:08PM 0 PLS and categorical variables
11:30AM 1 library(car) Anova() and Error-term in aov()
11:25AM 2 Label using equivalent of \mathbb{R}
10:42AM 2 Re:how to compute a "mode" of a distribution
9:31AM 4 Column names of a data frame
8:34AM 1 "o" bty with different axes
8:33AM 5 Problems with par() and labels with boxplot
7:43AM 0 A bug in ternaryplot (vcd)
5:13AM 1 Plotting groupedData objects
12:34AM 2 labels on secondary y axis
Wednesday August 25 2004
11:07PM 3 Beginners Question: Make nlm work
10:40PM 1 brlr function
9:39PM 0 gam plots
8:42PM 2 [Q] Apply Function Over Multiple Array Margins
8:01PM 3 integrate function
7:20PM 5 How to Arrange character vector in alphabetic order
6:57PM 0 Censored (Tobit) Regression method
6:26PM 1 Newbie Question: Spatial Autocorrelation with R Tutorial?
5:05PM 1 License for including datasets in packages
5:05PM 3 typo in R online manual (PR#7200)
4:52PM 0 Statistical Learning and Data Mining course
4:29PM 5 S <-> R
4:29PM 1 Difficulties in starting up with its package
4:26PM 0 Measuring Variational Distance
3:59PM 1 ADE4
3:27PM 0 sjava problem
3:25PM 3 Win-Edt and Sweave
2:38PM 0 Missing Info on /bin/macosx/r-devel
1:27PM 1 Testing Performance of R on AIX
12:12PM 0 Mapping PCA loadings on to map
11:31AM 0 Heckman estimation
11:13AM 0 Email Unread - How to Contact Us...
11:02AM 3 Help using Hmisc / Latex
10:31AM 1 Pixmap problem
10:19AM 0 R batch mode options
10:05AM 2 image recognition in R
9:07AM 6 R-help
8:45AM 1 Problems with Heatmap
8:42AM 2 R and Latex tables
7:46AM 0 Q: how to submit documentation patches?
4:59AM 5 Adding labels to variables
Tuesday August 24 2004
9:47PM 0 analyzing cluster sample
6:42PM 2 bug or no?
6:35PM 0 R/S-plus Course***September, 2004***R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques
6:16PM 0 "how to set the number format to pure numeric?" was SOLVED
4:50PM 2 (no subject)
4:42PM 1 apply ( , , table)
4:14PM 1 firewall or proxy problems
3:31PM 2 how to set the number format to pure numeric?
2:42PM 0 rgl installation problems
2:21PM 2 how to in XML on windows XP for R 1.9.1
11:57AM 1 help with knn from class library
10:56AM 2 Run function in BATCH mode?
10:51AM 1 Maxima/minima of loess line?
9:35AM 2 Test of significance in estimation of correlation coefficients
8:58AM 0 How to get Dunnett's table value?
7:53AM 0 do linux-version r has gui?
7:46AM 2 stem() bug?
6:12AM 2 Boxplot across levels of a factor
Monday August 23 2004
9:03PM 2 R on windows problem
3:18PM 0 Siegel-Tukey test
2:52PM 2 Reading GAL file
2:26PM 2 unsubscribe to R-help
2:11PM 0 C++ classes as opaque types in R
1:46PM 1 [Job Ad] Position at Merck Research Laboratories, NJ USA
1:14PM 0 Statistical help about backets analisys
11:00AM 1 Installing R on DEC Alpha - problems with dynamic loading
11:00AM 1 Two factor ANOVA with lm()
2:14AM 0 GEE - test for overdispersion and scale adjustment
2:09AM 0 Stochastic Frontier Analysis with R
12:16AM 0 A troubled state of freedom: generalized linear models wh ere number of parameters > number of samples
Sunday August 22 2004
5:59PM 1 latitude longitude data
5:58PM 1 data files for packages
4:49PM 1 no response from rsync.r-project.org
Saturday August 21 2004
11:00PM 0 review by statistician/ Heiberger and Holland
9:51PM 0 Convergence code in nlm function
9:50PM 4 loadhistory() in .Rprofile ?
5:10PM 1 relative frequencies for hist()
3:47PM 3 Puzzled at lm() and time-series
2:44PM 0 A troubled state of freedom: generalized linear models where number of parameters > number of samples
10:38AM 1 error bars
9:04AM 3 sweave and post "rpart"
4:40AM 2 more on apply on data frame
Friday August 20 2004
11:47PM 1 R CMD check testing environment
9:55PM 2 The "Green" Book?
9:51PM 1 Sorting matrices
9:49PM 3 Partial Least Squares
9:48PM 1 slackware packages
7:49PM 3 How generate "A01", "A02", ..., "A99"?
7:13PM 2 R-devel and gcc 3.4
6:35PM 2 Error messages and C
6:32PM 1 Could anyone tell me how to open .RNW file?
5:46PM 3 Loss of rownames and colnames
5:46PM 0 Mutual information
4:30PM 0 apply and data frames
4:27PM 0 apply on a data frame
4:23PM 1 problem with R start up MASS and family?
3:44PM 1 how to read a series of data set
3:24PM 2 R on gentoo amd64 (gcc 3.3.3) is unstable
2:00PM 1 drop1 with contr.treatment
12:20PM 0 Package "deal" version 1.2-17
12:12PM 0 Principal surfaces in R
11:55AM 0 IDE or an Editor for R
10:47AM 2 removing last element from a character string
9:39AM 1 Position of corporate logo beneath diagram
8:55AM 1 Survey analysis of repeated relationships?
4:53AM 2 Instrumental variables
4:51AM 1 Is there an alternative to subplot() of splus
2:53AM 3 legends on the outside of the "box"
Thursday August 19 2004
11:56PM 3 probability histogram question
11:26PM 5 column names in data.frame
10:58PM 1 How do you read in a table with numeric and dates fields without it defaulting to reading in the dates as factors?
9:23PM 1 A question about memory size
9:17PM 3 List dimention labels to plots of components
9:14PM 2 Coagulation data by Box/Hunter/Hunter
8:43PM 2 ROracle and vector elements
8:30PM 3 Package rmutil
8:22PM 3 More precision problems in testing with Intel compilers
8:20PM 1 Question on TukeyHSD
8:15PM 1 save() & load()
7:21PM 0 Clustering and the test for proportional hazards
4:42PM 0 Is R good for not-professional-statistician, , un-mathematical clinical researchers?
4:39PM 0 How to convert a vector into a list
4:25PM 0 NLME: Holding constant the across group correlational structure of the fixed effects in nlme
4:11PM 1 precision problems in testing with Intel compilers
4:05PM 2 rgdal under windows?
3:53PM 1 GEEs for time series data
2:15PM 7 convert strings to object names
2:01PM 0 RMySQL, Solaris and getopt????
1:53PM 0 Ques about the 'test.terms' argument in 'regTermTest'
1:47PM 2 How to randomize a set of integers in R
1:17PM 2 Suggestion for posting guide
12:36PM 7 A question about external time-dependent covariates in co x model
12:19PM 1 Fortran 90 in R?
11:50AM 4 pdf font encoding
11:47AM 4 sorting character vectors
11:38AM 1 Clipping of display in Lattice graphics
11:26AM 1 Use Font Frutiger in PDF-File
9:56AM 1 OS X specific question: help.start() won't launch
9:50AM 1 Erlang distribution
9:45AM 1 sample selection problem, inverse mills ratio (Heckman, Lewbel, ...)
9:05AM 4 how to extract data from excel sheet?
6:45AM 6 Is R good for not-professional-statistician, un-mathematical clinical researchers?
6:30AM 1 The 'test.terms' argument in 'regTermTest' in package 'survey'
4:23AM 0 nlme R vs S plus
3:20AM 0 A question about external time-dependent covariates in cox model
2:05AM 2 glmmPQL in R and S-PLUS 6 - differing results
1:15AM 3 Do you know if you can map a large minimum spanning tree in R?
12:01AM 2 Getting data loaded
Wednesday August 18 2004
11:47PM 1 Do you know if you can map a large minmum spanning tree in R?
10:43PM 1 How do I add rows to a table?
9:54PM 1 Gee
9:42PM 1 header line generated write.table
9:40PM 1 distance to cluster center
9:12PM 6 paired t-test vs pairwise t-test
7:16PM 3 ...Why social scientists don't use R
7:09PM 3 calling R from Perl
6:51PM 5 labeled break statements in R?
5:59PM 1 Memory Problems in R
2:51PM 0 Xtable method for coxph, bug?
2:48PM 3 downloading the R program
2:36PM 0 Approximate Entropy
2:27PM 1 all.equal and names?
2:04PM 3 Revert a factor to its numeric values
1:36PM 0 Statistical Analysis and Data Display: An Intermediate Course with Examples in S-Plus, R, and SAS
12:16PM 0 Re: Thanks Frank, setting graph parameters, and why socialscientists don't use R
10:57AM 0 Re: Thanks Frank, setting graph parameters, and why social scientists don't use R
10:22AM 1 function(...) {}
9:20AM 1 Fwd: strptime() problem? - Resolved
8:10AM 0 (no subject)
4:24AM 1 creating a plot
1:40AM 1 logistic -normal model
Tuesday August 17 2004
9:08PM 2 aov summary to matrix
7:12PM 1 survdiff
2:30PM 2 levels of factor
2:25PM 3 Fwd: strptime() problem?
2:01PM 5 Bug in colnames of data.frames?
1:08PM 2 Re: Thanks Frank, setting graph parameters, and why social scientists don't use R
12:14PM 2 table and getting rownames
10:48AM 1 strptime() bug? And additional problem in package "tseries"
9:18AM 0 Cross-variograms
7:41AM 1 An entire data frame which is a time-series?
4:47AM 0 Months on the horizontal axis
2:59AM 2 ticks on the Time Axis
Monday August 16 2004
10:06PM 1 Dotplot with nested factors
8:01PM 0 Interacting with Clusters...
7:23PM 0 Sum of squares simultaneous test procedure (SS-STP)
5:48PM 2 extract a row
5:33PM 1 turning off automatic coersion from list to matrix
5:25PM 3 capture stderr in Windows
4:48PM 2 (no subject)
4:25PM 2 using nls to fit a four parameter logistic model
3:43PM 1 huge array with floats: allocation error
3:23PM 0 Multiple logistic curves
2:58PM 0 Does anybody has a build on the following systems?
12:39PM 2 Does anybody runs R on the hp ML 370 or ML570 servers?
9:53AM 3 adding sem to a plot
9:40AM 3 plot.table on R 1.9.1
8:09AM 2 place 4 ini files
7:32AM 2 mutlicollinearity and MM-regression
Sunday August 15 2004
11:11PM 3 Stacking Vectors/Dataframes
12:28PM 2 analysis of life tables
11:00AM 0 how to draw two graphs in one graph window
3:32AM 1 index and by groups statement
1:38AM 1 Dirichlet-Multinomial
12:14AM 3 calibration/validation sets
Saturday August 14 2004
11:33PM 1 Rserve needs (but cannot find) libR.a (or maybe it's .so)
10:44PM 3 How to display the equation of ECDF
7:10PM 0 R Cookbook
6:34PM 4 association rules in R
6:31PM 0 ROracle connection problem
2:10PM 0 Re: extracting datasets from aregImpute objects
2:37AM 0 SPSS, social science majors, and R
12:58AM 2 numerical accuracy, dumb question
12:19AM 2 Private methods
Friday August 13 2004
7:28PM 3 Tutorials on R
6:10PM 1 cell counting in R
4:28PM 3 Question from Newbie on PostScript and Multiple Plots
2:25PM 3 removing observations
2:22PM 1 barplot and names.arg
1:25PM 1 Install R for Windows
11:56AM 5 simtest for Dunnett's test
11:40AM 2 lapply problem
10:08AM 0 Re: extracting datasets from aregImpute objects
8:48AM 2 how to plot an array with labels
7:08AM 1 Robust R^2
2:55AM 1 Object oriented programming resources
1:34AM 0 pnorm, qnorm
1:03AM 1 How to use the whole dataset (including between events) in Cox model (time-varying covariates) ?
Thursday August 12 2004
9:41PM 3 coxph question
9:10PM 1 correlation structures in NLME
8:20PM 1 Error Using pm.getabst()
7:52PM 1 Fwd: Timebased predictions in postgresql.
6:51PM 1 .Random.seed error
6:05PM 0 updated package ineq 0.2-4
6:05PM 0 updated package strucchange 1.2-4
6:04PM 0 "new" package zoo 0.2-0
6:03PM 0 "new" package sandwich 0.1-3
6:01PM 0 "new" package fortunes 1.0-3
5:50PM 1 rgl snapshot command
3:28PM 4 truly object oriented programming in R
12:49PM 0 Re: R-help Digest, Vol 18, Issue 12
10:53AM 2 error using daisy() in library(cluster). Bug?
9:36AM 9 Giving a first good impression of R to Social Scientists
8:44AM 4 Help with generating data from a 'not quite' Normal distriburtion
Wednesday August 11 2004
11:20PM 0 Calling Lapack From C code
10:28PM 1 Fwd: Enduring LME confusion… or Psychologists and Mixed-Effects
7:52PM 2 GLM with binomial distribution: a bug?
5:35PM 0 circular structures in NLME
5:00PM 2 Xemacs do not want to execute help.start() with R1.9.1
4:30PM 1 Stratified Survival Estimates
3:22PM 0 (no subject)
3:15PM 0 (no subject)
2:38PM 0 always NaN after some running in R, but all fine in S-plus
1:48PM 2 Advice on picking a regression method
1:20PM 0 New package: eba
10:24AM 2 titles to plots
9:49AM 2 type III sum of squares
7:48AM 1 Function: integrate
2:22AM 1 Observation error in arima
1:59AM 2 str and Surv objects
Tuesday August 10 2004
10:44PM 2 intersect two files
9:51PM 0 Polar decomposition of a rectangular matrix
9:39PM 1 hist and normal curve
7:56PM 1 Error message in function mars() in package mda
6:49PM 1 Question about mle function
6:32PM 1 summary output for inverse Gaussian GLM
5:02PM 1 persp, array and colors
1:25PM 1 /minus or /hyphen in PS output
11:52AM 1 Help with Normal Range Estimation for repated measures
9:28AM 0 two-way ANOVA
8:18AM 0 RSPerl on Redhat 9 (i386 box) and R-1.9.1
7:29AM 1 AW: AW: built-in Sweave-like documentation in R-2.x
6:34AM 1 date axes and formats in levelplot
3:40AM 4 Enduring LME confusion… or Psychologists and Mixed-Effects
12:07AM 1 on.exit() inside local()
Monday August 9 2004
9:11PM 2 Using R "boxplot" function in Excel
8:32PM 5 How to import specific column(s) using "read.table"?
8:14PM 0 The sm Package - axis limit values and axis removal
6:55PM 1 Easy acf and pacf for irregular time series in R
6:27PM 1 error when calling debugger()
6:27PM 0 Need help on this problem!
5:27PM 4 Simultaneous subscripts and superscripts
4:07PM 2 Approaches to using RUnit
4:03PM 1 Follow-up Q Re: displaying computation outputs inside "for" loops
3:23PM 5 AW: built-in Sweave-like documentation in R-2.x
2:55PM 0 log-linear contrasts
2:52PM 3 built-in Sweave-like documentation in R-2.x
2:47PM 4 hclust-segmentation fault
11:57AM 4 linear constraint optim with bounds/reparametrization
11:01AM 2 (no subject)
10:39AM 0 GLS with binomial errors ?
10:31AM 2 Memory failure!!!!
9:34AM 2 Installing RMySQL on Windows XP for R 1.9.1
9:25AM 1 linear regression
9:15AM 2 displaying computation outputs inside "for" loops
8:45AM 0 URL change for Statistik ETH and web interface to mailing lists.
7:41AM 1 ess settings
7:16AM 1 import data from splus
3:27AM 0 returns the value of a polynomial of degree n evaluated a t x.
2:55AM 1 returns the value of a polynomial of degree n evaluated at x.
1:59AM 1 Time zones
Sunday August 8 2004
9:00PM 1 (REPOST) Simple main effects in 2-way repeated measure ANOVA
7:46PM 2 R packages install problems linux - X not found (WhiteBoxEL 3)
7:11PM 0 FW: R packages install problems linux - X not found (WhiteBoxEL 3)
6:58PM 2 manipulating strings
5:26PM 2 vectorized lines
5:20PM 1 R packages install problems linux - X not found (WhiteBox EL 3)
4:24PM 1 Forcing Sweave text to fit
1:38AM 2 Question on Differentiating Two Populations in R
Saturday August 7 2004
7:39PM 0 Question about NPMC
11:57AM 1 Textfile into R'
Friday August 6 2004
8:37PM 1 permax for windows?
8:03PM 1 questions related to ploting in R
5:35PM 2 gam --- a new contributed package
4:40PM 1 about lme
4:25PM 0 Generalised least square with binomial errors ?
3:47PM 1 : (Lattice): Overlaying more than one trend surface using contourplot() and wireframe()
3:18PM 1 reshape (was: Comparing rows in a dataframe)
2:51PM 0 hmtest object
1:43PM 2 list of frames without first element
1:13PM 3 Bug in qnorm or pnorm?
12:42PM 3 Simple Lookup... why so slow
11:16AM 1 Comparing rows in a dataframe
11:16AM 0 Script editors: Tinn-R as a new option under windows
10:48AM 2 squared semi-partial correlation
10:47AM 1 Elementary questions about data structures
9:16AM 1 Lattice: how to index in a custom panel function?
8:14AM 0 transformation
8:11AM 1 imput data in cclust
7:38AM 2 speeding up functions for large datasets
7:23AM 5 iteration introspection?
4:25AM 0 Quantian with over 400 CRAN and BioConductor packages
1:34AM 1 question about random variable generating function
Thursday August 5 2004
10:19PM 1 Using pipe for input data
8:40PM 1 R interface to Python (in Windows)
7:02PM 1 Windows build
6:48PM 1 Problem in method's Makefile?
4:38PM 8 or of a logical vector
3:41PM 1 tcltk: repeat event while button is down?
3:29PM 1 ANOVA with repeated measurements (Dan Rajdl)
2:51PM 1 Post-hoc t-tests in 2-way repeated measure ANOVA
2:13PM 1 Local library on Windoze.
1:56PM 1 cross random effects (more information abuot the data)
1:24PM 1 function output
9:33AM 0 How to enter partial hierarchical model in lme()
8:57AM 0 Frånvaro, autosvar: Message could not be delivered
8:49AM 1 Legend with different sized symbols
1:52AM 0 dispersion for the inverse.gaussian family
12:15AM 2 Drawing multiple plots on one page for publication.
Wednesday August 4 2004
10:34PM 0 Course***Advanced R/Splus Programming in San Francisco and Washington DC by XLsolutions Corp.
9:01PM 1 Horizontal color bar in filled.contour()
8:17PM 4 Concatenating variables
7:35PM 4 ERROR: compilation failed for package 'rgl'
6:34PM 0 Asymptotic Regression Model
6:30PM 0 Re: R-help Digest, Vol 18, Issue 3
6:13PM 1 cross random effects
5:31PM 0 about the systemfit package
5:23PM 1 spatial econometric model for a simultaneous system
4:55PM 2 fitting distributions
3:44PM 1 How to extract z value from coxph
2:33PM 0 RE: Does tcltk matter for the plot
2:05PM 1 RODBC with MS Microsoft Access
12:55PM 1 What's ``impres''?
11:17AM 1 installing package with version number using namespaces & dynamic library
11:16AM 1 Constructing a VAR model using dse
10:31AM 1 R Matrix package solve
9:45AM 1 load shared object
8:37AM 0 profile mle in stats4 with ndeps option for optim
8:23AM 0 undesirable arima() return code "feature"
7:38AM 2 which package for spatial autocorr.
1:49AM 2 Order of messgaes/ missing messages
1:11AM 1 RGUI Console settings
Tuesday August 3 2004
11:15PM 2 lme fitted correlation of random effects: where is it?
9:22PM 1 write.table(NULL)
9:00PM 3 keep.source.pkgs()
6:18PM 0 Adjusting two continuous variables by one continuous vari able
6:07PM 0 Adjusting two continuous variables by one continuous variable
5:50PM 3 basic questions: any place for them
5:46PM 1 Using MASSv3's example from 8.7 in R?
3:05PM 2 attach data from tapply to dataframe
1:30PM 0 (no subject)
11:42AM 1 nlminb vs optim
11:39AM 1 (Lattice) How to improve the readability of a bwplot, i.e. separating groups somehow
11:24AM 0 strange tickmarks placing in image
8:42AM 4 How to select a whole column? Thanks!
6:51AM 1 Data manipulation query
6:01AM 1 Installing tseries package on MacOSX
5:51AM 1 How does R vary from SAS?
4:37AM 3 dots expansion
Monday August 2 2004
11:51PM 4 Standard errors from glm
10:59PM 1 R.dll
10:50PM 2 random seed puzzle
10:28PM 1 Estimating EGARCH processes with R
10:00PM 0 Returning singular nlme objects.
9:19PM 0 lapply drops colnames
8:59PM 1 readline, 64bit solaris build
8:00PM 3 Title with substitute and paste
5:48PM 4 How to add a common title (or xlab, ylab) for multi-plots in the same window?
4:28PM 0 averaging 3D datasets
3:37PM 3 logistic regression
3:04PM 3 help(arima) return value typo?
2:46PM 4 Is k equivalent to k:k ?
2:16PM 0 GlmmPQL
9:57AM 0 New package: RNetCDF
Sunday August 1 2004
10:35PM 1 Neural Net Validation Sub Set
8:30PM 0 phylogenetic trees calculation
7:25PM 3 Creating dummy codes
7:24PM 0 (no subject)
7:02PM 1 Problem with RGui and MASS
4:14PM 2 Strange Problem with "proj" and "aov" for split-plot analysis output
3:09PM 1 PQL
6:05AM 1 locfit