R help - Jun 2004

Wednesday June 30 2004
11:55PM 1 help with tclVar
11:44PM 0 R can find some functions in assist package
11:32PM 1 linear models and colinear variables...
8:05PM 1 Developing functions
8:01PM 0 spam warning
6:25PM 1 interval regression
6:07PM 0 memory utilization question
4:33PM 2 Question about plotting related to roll-up
4:07PM 1 Mac OS X 10.2.8 versus 10.3.4 package load failure
2:37PM 1 outlier tests
2:32PM 0 Principal Surface function help
2:05PM 1 formatting
11:51AM 1 pca with missing values
9:29AM 0 Installation of R-1.9.1.tgz
8:59AM 2 Question about mesurating time
7:51AM 1 GLM problem
7:48AM 1 Large addresses (Rgui.exe editing)
6:48AM 1 Help!!
4:45AM 1 funny plotting
3:56AM 0 gap() in SAGx package - How to handle this situation?
3:32AM 2 MacOS X binaries won't install
Tuesday June 29 2004
11:55PM 1 nls fitting problems (singularity)
11:23PM 0 Issue with ROracle and results not being returned
9:06PM 1 abline and its objects
9:00PM 0 Is there a function for Principal Surface?
8:45PM 0 fl_show_fselector
8:39PM 0 [OT] Ordering pizza [was Re: anti-R vitriol]
7:05PM 0 MNP
6:32PM 0 job opening in Merck Research Labs, NJ
6:08PM 1 Goodness of fit test for estimated distribution
6:00PM 7 anti-R vitriol
5:41PM 1 RE: [S] Different behaviour of unique(), R vs. Splus.
4:35PM 10 naive question
4:28PM 1 PAM clustering: using my own dissimilarity matrix
4:26PM 1 removing NA from an its object
3:26PM 1 Quantile Regression in R
3:20PM 2 Different behaviour of unique(), R vs. Splus.
3:13PM 0 [ cor(x, y,use = "all.obs",method = c("spearman")) ]
3:06PM 1 give PAM my own medoids
3:00PM 2 binding rows from different matrices
2:34PM 0 gambling problem
1:41PM 0 discrete hazard rate analysis
10:04AM 2 Several PCA questions...
8:27AM 2 Calculate correctly, but gives an error message
7:44AM 4 camberra distance?
4:37AM 2 Numbers as symbols
3:59AM 1 strucchange-esque inference for glms ?
3:48AM 2 A strange question on probability
Monday June 28 2004
10:30PM 1 text length in grid
8:49PM 1 R client connection OLAP cube (SQL Analysis Services / PivotTable Service)
7:33PM 2 Unable to start R due to error with tempdir()
6:53PM 1 plotting with an its object
5:55PM 1 RMysql installation problem.
3:30PM 0 R, maximization problem and MINUIT package
3:06PM 3 How to determine the number of dominant eigenvalues in PCA
3:02PM 1 Jens Praestgaard/Hgsi is out of the office.
2:40PM 0 question about PCA
2:23PM 1 Boosting
12:43PM 1 Problem with Rcmr in R 1.9.0patched
11:16AM 1 creating slope angle surface
9:45AM 1 unbalanced design for anova with low number of replicates
4:57AM 1 R via ssh login on OS X?
Sunday June 27 2004
11:24PM 4 direction of axes of plot
5:55PM 0 Answer to help in R calling C function
4:45PM 1 back transformation from avas
8:27AM 1 Re: help in R calling C function (Lei Liu)
8:16AM 2 subset drop unused levels
7:18AM 1 help in R calling C function
Saturday June 26 2004
6:16AM 0 Trouble Using Boot Package Also
Friday June 25 2004
10:38PM 2 simple questions
10:15PM 1 ties in runif() output
7:17PM 0 Module for Recursive Instrumental Variable Method
7:05PM 1 text, pos suggestion
6:21PM 2 R 1.9.1 package installation problems
5:36PM 4 rgl installation problems
5:35PM 3 alternate rank method
5:10PM 1 Fortran in R??
4:22PM 1 Memory.limit
4:10PM 4 Installing on Windows packages build on Unix
3:48PM 1 trouble using boot package
2:11PM 7 circle / oval / semicircle ?
1:51PM 1 help on integration
1:41PM 0 further problems with arima..
1:23PM 1 understanding nlm
11:51AM 3 sweave: graphics not at the expected location in the pdf
10:14AM 1 difference in order() between Linux and Windows with mixtures of caps and normal letters
9:54AM 2 Sweave: R code in self defined TeX-commands
9:07AM 3 String manipulation
9:01AM 2 What happened to the excellent R-Newsletter ?
8:37AM 1 avoiding loops
7:48AM 2 Simulating from a Multivariate Normal Distribution Using a Correlation Matrix
7:30AM 2 Matrix: Help with syntax and comparison with SparseM
2:12AM 4 Unique.data.frame...still getting duplicates
Thursday June 24 2004
10:38PM 1 help in importing data
10:12PM 3 problem with model.matrix
8:38PM 0 problem with arima
8:36PM 1 Proportions - basic question
8:30PM 1 Bayesian Meta Regression model question
8:23PM 3 The "median" function in R does not work properly.
6:39PM 0 [SOLVED] GET_DIM() crash on Windows only
6:20PM 0 Problem with predict arima
6:13PM 0 more socketConnection questions
6:12PM 1 system shell emulation in R
4:50PM 0 R and neighbor joining algorithm
3:58PM 2 Rotate a plot generated by wireframe
3:23PM 1 Xgobi graphs
2:08PM 0 tree model with at most one split point per variable
1:22PM 0 Bug in parse; memory access test forgotten ?
1:12PM 0 Catching R's (D)COM output in perl
12:01PM 2 "Set-up files corrupted" error message
9:11AM 2 More problems with lattice and postscript
8:49AM 1 Summary R 1.9.0, special characters in variable names.
6:54AM 3 R 1.9.0, special characters in variable names.
3:49AM 1 Can R handle twin peaks - normal distribution
12:36AM 0 truncated normal regression
Wednesday June 23 2004
10:08PM 1 anova
9:32PM 1 nlme questions (e.g., specifying group membership, changing options)
9:24PM 1 Error message handling
7:30PM 1 Sphericity test
6:45PM 5 assigning from multiple return values
6:16PM 2 Sorting elements in a data.frame
4:59PM 0 Contour plots of PCA loadings
4:35PM 2 help with win.print
4:07PM 1 Fitting function with if-clause (nls; e.g. heaviside)
3:22PM 0 Problem with XML package compilation on AIX
3:10PM 2 Perl--R interface
3:02PM 6 R 1.9.1 compilation error (on AIX 5.1)
2:35PM 0 grid lines when plotting its object
2:06PM 2 Covered Labels
12:53PM 4 Automatic routine - NEW
12:33PM 1 Sciviews
12:23PM 1 gui for MacOS X / Aqua
11:36AM 2 Tick marks in xyplot
10:53AM 1 converting apply output
10:18AM 1 How to define stopping criterium for Optim with L-BFGS-B
9:23AM 0 Colored label on dendrogram
9:19AM 2 legend
9:07AM 8 Automatic routine - help
8:50AM 1 R 1.9.1 compilation error
8:34AM 1 GARCH and forecasting
7:58AM 0 chronological clustering
4:14AM 2 a question on useage of "table"
4:05AM 1 restricted glm estimation
1:44AM 2 SOS:) help on install package
1:28AM 1 Logistic regression: categorical predictor and continuous response
Tuesday June 22 2004
10:21PM 0 Mandrake RPM's ... addio ?
9:49PM 0 semi-continuous variables in lpSolve package
9:05PM 0 garch and prediction
9:03PM 3 [Q] GET_DIM() crash on Windows only
8:25PM 3 Regression Modeling query
7:24PM 1 write.table when keeping column headers (names of Columns in matrix) and row numbers
7:22PM 0 ARIMA() fitting with XREG
6:19PM 1 Need for advise for Correspondence Analysis
4:53PM 1 Using RExcel addin with version 1.9.1
4:22PM 2 ts & daily timeseries
4:08PM 0 R (D)COM server, new release
3:54PM 1 Grouped AND stacked bar charts possible in R?
2:29PM 1 npmc function: 'x' must be atomic
2:18PM 1 Numerical methods of integration
1:41PM 1 R mathlib
12:54PM 1 k nearest neighbours
12:44PM 0 prcomp & eigenvectors
11:42AM 1 RE: summaries (was: SUMMARY: "elementary sapply question")
10:38AM 0 SUMMARY: "elementary sapply question"
9:34AM 0 Fwd: plot - labels in axis doubt, Resolved
9:08AM 0 plot - labels in axis doubt
7:31AM 2 question about window and inserting value
3:30AM 1 axis labels for stripcharts
12:02AM 1 Using xtable with summaries of lm objects
Monday June 21 2004
8:53PM 0 nonparametric two-way structure all-pairwise comparisons
8:35PM 0 Bookmarklet for searching R documentation
7:37PM 2 setwd problems
7:22PM 2 Welch-JM-Test or Brown-Forsythe-Test in R?
6:24PM 2 Elementary sapply question
5:44PM 2 visualizing a list of probabilities
4:58PM 2 question about latex command in Hmisc
4:40PM 1 Contrib package downloads?
3:20PM 1 Novice question: Smooth interpolation of survival curve
1:27PM 6 Visual stimulus presentation using R?
1:03PM 0 reshape speed improvement?
12:52PM 2 frequencies
11:38AM 1 R 1.9.1 is released
10:14AM 0 modifying a glm object
8:26AM 2 sunrise, sunset calculation
7:35AM 2 Cross build Makefile
Sunday June 20 2004
10:32PM 3 Greater than 1 or less than 1?
8:34PM 1 Fw: Evaluating strings as variables
8:15PM 1 regarding saving R graphis images directly to directory
7:10PM 1 problem locfit
6:57PM 1 Sweave and echoing R comments
4:46PM 1 hidden markov models in R?
4:00PM 4 if syntax
2:59AM 9 A way to list only variables or functions?
Saturday June 19 2004
5:05PM 0 Charts and Graphs
11:38AM 2 executables
8:23AM 0 Cluseter of time series
12:57AM 0 setGeneric / standardGeneric when args are not "literals" - corrected
12:48AM 0 setGeneric / standardGeneric when args are not "literals"
Friday June 18 2004
9:42PM 1 Help with Building an R Package in Windows
9:32PM 1 Double centering matrix construction
8:57PM 2 Html help does not work in Mac OSX 10.3.4
8:44PM 5 Another NEWBIE
7:30PM 1 cross table
6:45PM 1 how to store estimates results as scalars of a matrix?
5:19PM 1 Problems running RSPerl w. SuSe 9.0 / Perl 5.8.1
2:20PM 1 Initializing SparseM matrix matrix.csc
2:13PM 2 Barplots and error indicators: Some R-Code
1:50PM 0 S+ArrayAnalyzer and BioConductor Announcement
12:50PM 1 R as controller
11:38AM 1 set working directory
9:23AM 2 [Q] Newbie (continued.. at least I got R running allready :-)
8:51AM 0 multiple plots for data sets of inconsistent size
7:47AM 1 Compiling R with Intel compilers - recommended options?
3:58AM 1 msm
12:50AM 1 Is there an easy way to generate linearly independent vec tors
12:37AM 2 can't get text to appear over individual panels in multi-panel plot
12:04AM 1 Is there an easy way to generate linearly independent vectors
Thursday June 17 2004
10:14PM 0 Since "package.contents" is deprecated, what is replacement function?
7:19PM 2 nlme graphics in a loop problem
6:04PM 1 problem with restore and some .RData
5:26PM 2 Question on lists and vectors of lists
5:17PM 0 beta regression in R
5:06PM 4 R help in Firefox on Windows XP
4:45PM 1 L é vy distribution?
4:23PM 3 disappointed with x-axes in hist and density plots
4:15PM 1 Error with arima()
4:07PM 1 Re: Clustering in R
3:42PM 0 2D Kolmogorov-Smirnov test: solution
2:04PM 1 Using predict.lm()
11:10AM 3 How to order a vector
9:26AM 1 packages & data-sets
7:57AM 2 Date Calculation
7:02AM 0 PCA and AR on circular data
2:12AM 1 Tutorial for graphics
Wednesday June 16 2004
10:13PM 1 Using for (i in ...) command with function
9:46PM 0 erf function--answered
9:44PM 1 Resolution of plots
9:14PM 2 erf function documentation
6:21PM 3 Aggregating on Water Year Rather Than Calendar Year
3:34PM 1 apply/looping query
3:28PM 1 nonlinear modeling with rational functions?
3:23PM 1 Compiling C++ package source: linking problem?
3:03PM 1 Is input pre-processing needed for nnet module?
2:57PM 1 subset(..., drop=TRUE) doesn't seem to work.
2:38PM 2 gam
2:18PM 2 subset and lme
2:02PM 0 Suggested mod to interaction()
12:42PM 1 Re: problem in long select from RODBC
12:33PM 1 Fwd: problem in long select from RODBC
12:31PM 2 Loading 'akward' data file
10:54AM 0 Jobs openings in Italy
10:52AM 4 non-linear binning? power-law in R
10:25AM 2 64-bit R on OS X/G5?
10:04AM 1 start-up problems
9:45AM 1 dev() error
7:48AM 0 gstat 0.9-12: cokriging cross validation and class name incompatibilities
7:23AM 1 off topic: C/C++ codes for pseudo inverse
Tuesday June 15 2004
11:43PM 2 time series object
11:25PM 2 multiple error strata in aov
11:08PM 1 building R libraries (windows) - R CMD check problems
10:21PM 1 Fwd: building and installing a package in Windows
10:17PM 2 About function "unif_rand()"
9:51PM 0 oRegon R users group
8:11PM 0 question on co-occurence matrix and subject distance matrix
8:04PM 1 building and installing a package in Windows
6:45PM 2 S/R/RWeb/ODBC
5:45PM 1 How avoid coercion to character
5:45PM 2 To run or not to run examples, CTFS package
5:37PM 0 Keywords and Concepts - CTFS package
3:46PM 1 Clustering of sparse graphs.
1:55PM 1 Manova question.
1:21PM 1 R: slope estimations of teeth like data
12:27PM 2 factor analysis package
12:01PM 1 AIC in glm.nb and glm(...family=negative.binomial(.))
11:52AM 1 fit.mult.impute and quantile regression
11:47AM 1 (sans objet)
11:11AM 3 slope estimations of teeth like data
11:00AM 2 import SYSTAT .syd file?
8:43AM 2 loading multiple C files to R
8:26AM 4 "Glueing" factors together
8:06AM 2 symbolic iteration
7:14AM 5 installing my own package - problems with INDEX
6:42AM 1 any linear programming routine in R
4:09AM 1 Parsing results from boot
1:28AM 1 mixed models question
Monday June 14 2004
9:19PM 1 glmmML package
9:16PM 1 olesolve: stepsize
8:58PM 1 polygons around clusters of identically valued nodes in levelplot()
8:23PM 1 Question about nlm function
8:01PM 1 Quadruple precision in R
7:31PM 2 load function to R GUI
7:17PM 3 How to 'stamp' a plot with meta-data?
7:08PM 4 Readline on R-1.9.1a
6:55PM 5 mkChar can be interrupted
6:37PM 4 Coercing a dataframe column to datetime
6:31PM 4 interrupt in Linux
6:16PM 1 error running sammon
6:02PM 1 Clear Console
5:40PM 2 error with barplot command?
5:11PM 2 extracting p-value of aov F-statistic
3:39PM 1 Clustalw again
2:38PM 2 .Traceback
2:30PM 1 Matrix_0.8-8 and norm() function
12:08PM 5 adjusting color palette
11:46AM 1 Piecharts in a graph
10:59AM 2 CVnn2 + nnet question
9:42AM 2 ordering points as vertex of a polygon
7:25AM 2 complete newbie Q
6:33AM 1 Remove space for title in plot
6:04AM 0 RSPerl: getting test.pl to run
5:41AM 1 multiv{pca} question
4:36AM 1 forecasting from fracdiff objects
2:29AM 2 A Few MCLUST Questions
1:54AM 5 terminology for frames and environments
12:33AM 4 Quirks with system.time and simulations
Sunday June 13 2004
11:39PM 0 MCMC tutorials
3:46PM 0 SJava Help
12:43PM 0 Abbreviated citation of R?
7:32AM 1 Rmetrics - New Built 190.10055
Saturday June 12 2004
9:15PM 1 optimize linear function
9:08PM 3 lda
2:39PM 2 invalid HOMEDRIVE
2:08PM 0 sweave and psfrag
6:28AM 2 ordered probit or logit / recursive regression
12:13AM 0 Re: R-help Digest, Vol 16, Issue 11
Friday June 11 2004
11:35PM 1 memory allocation and interrupts
8:20PM 1 Error when I try to build / plot a tree using rpart()
7:40PM 1 probabilistic neural networks
7:22PM 1 space-time k function problem
6:38PM 1 [StatDataML] compile error
6:12PM 2 lme newbie question
6:01PM 0 par specification inside formula vs. outside function cal l
5:51PM 2 question about Rcmd SHLIB
5:41PM 1 Regression query : steps for model building
5:11PM 0 My useR! slides: Doing Customer Intelligence with R
4:10PM 0 par specification inside formula vs. outside function call
3:21PM 0 Rcmd SHLIB error
2:51PM 1 ROC for threshold value, biometrics
1:52PM 3 Einlesen von Daten unter R
1:42PM 0 New package: RUnit
1:18PM 1 dll file missing?
1:06PM 1 own family for glm()
12:56PM 3 Modifying Code in .rda based packages (e.g. lme4)
12:36PM 0 interaction plot with error bars based on TukeyHSD intervals
12:31PM 0 [RSPerl] Loading problem
12:07PM 2 Sweave and multiple graphs
10:51AM 0 how to install yags in R
10:20AM 1 set user-agent for download
10:19AM 1 Continuous-lag Markov chains?
9:30AM 0 setValidity() changes "Extends"?
9:26AM 1 comparing regression slopes
9:26AM 4 Regression query
8:09AM 4 rownames of single row matrices
7:17AM 1 lattice: cumsum and xyplot
12:49AM 2 running R UNIX in a mac computer
Thursday June 10 2004
11:03PM 1 tryCatch() and preventing interrupts in 'finally'
10:38PM 1 a scope problem
4:10PM 3 displaying a table in full vs. typing variable name
3:48PM 2 Questions about Preserving registers
3:46PM 2 odesolve: lsoda vs rk4
3:27PM 1 Everything was ok, but I failed to get .o file in g77
2:55PM 1 Informal discussion group about R
2:21PM 2 Lattice::qqmath -- groups option question
2:04PM 0 Response to questions raised in Mar 17 reply
1:30PM 0 lsoda with arbitrary zero thresholds (with psuedo-solution)
11:28AM 3 Help with plotmath
10:52AM 1 Clustering Categorial and Continuous Variables
10:17AM 2 Table to Data Frame
7:36AM 2 nls and R scoping rules
7:06AM 2 question about hierclust {multiv}
6:58AM 1 Failure to compile on Itanium
2:37AM 1 X-12-ARIMA
Wednesday June 9 2004
9:45PM 0 Two-dimensional Kolmogorov-Smirnov test
8:00PM 2 moving data and output?
7:29PM 5 direct data frame entry
7:24PM 4 how to initialize random seed properly ?
6:29PM 1 Re: R equivalent of Splus rowVars function
6:11PM 0 gregmisc 1.11.2 including read.xls()
4:58PM 1 question related to S-Plus
4:45PM 1 lsoda with arbitrary zero thresholds
3:56PM 1 About dll from c++ routine
3:13PM 1 Multiple regression
2:59PM 0 ask for data manipulation!
2:51PM 1 robust correlation in R
2:36PM 1 Anova question
2:32PM 3 Dot chart question
1:49PM 2 Building package on Windows: No rule to make target '-llapack'
12:47PM 0 Re: more obvious contribution mechanism
11:53AM 0 Greek fonts
11:27AM 3 market-basket analysis in R
10:34AM 1 testing effects of quantitative predictors on a categorical response variable
10:22AM 5 Getting Pr from Summary(lm)
9:43AM 0 inconsistency on p-value calculation of anova for quasi binomial
9:06AM 5 "attach" in R corr. to Spus one
9:05AM 1 GlmmPQL
8:20AM 2 Specifying xlevels in effects library
8:15AM 2 nominal data
6:58AM 2 Help with a Lattice plot that fails with an empty unique combination
1:22AM 3 more obvious contribution mechanism?
Tuesday June 8 2004
10:34PM 3 fighting with ps.options and xlim/ylim
9:23PM 1 data.frame size limit
8:35PM 1 (no subject)
8:10PM 2 a doubt
7:44PM 0 vardiag Package and nlregb
7:23PM 5 fast mkChar
5:56PM 1 overlaying text() onto image() or filled.contour()
5:23PM 3 Comparing two pairs of non-normal datasets in R?
5:21PM 1 binary data
5:13PM 0 scoping rules
5:11PM 4 off topic publication question
4:48PM 0 bootstrap: stratified resampling
4:38PM 2 clustalw
4:19PM 2 Is there an R-version of rayplot
4:07PM 3 SJAVA error
3:46PM 0 George Box quote.
3:41PM 0 interaction plot with intervals based on TukeyHSD
3:16PM 1 Downloading of packages
3:06PM 0 Problems compiling Rd-Files
1:38PM 2 Computting statistics on a matrix with 2 factor column
12:22PM 3 counting number of objects in a list
11:09AM 1 level assignment
9:44AM 1 Little question
8:25AM 2 (no subject)
7:18AM 1 How do I sort data containts character
3:38AM 1 Differential Equations
2:28AM 2 Recoding a multiple response question into a series of 1, 0 variables
2:23AM 1 [Q] raw -> gpr in aroma package
1:02AM 1 AR models
Monday June 7 2004
10:26PM 0 betareg
10:10PM 1 msm capabilities
9:47PM 1 Load a dll
8:30PM 0 latex function in Hmisc
8:08PM 3 error during make of R-patched on Fedora core 2
5:44PM 3 ask for help
5:24PM 2 (low level) profiling of code
4:55PM 1 error message
3:40PM 0 models for compositional data by J. Aitchison
3:16PM 7 Vectors of years, months, and days to dates?
2:08PM 1 Precision for a former question*
1:16PM 1 (no subject)
12:49PM 1 Xtable giving an interesting problem
12:43PM 1 Lazy Evaluation?
11:32AM 1 filled.contour - color palette so z=0 ONLY is blue
10:18AM 3 Aggregate rows to see the number of occurences
10:06AM 1 Censboot Warning and Error Messages
7:36AM 0 dfs in lme
7:24AM 0 Rmetrics - new Built 190.10054
5:08AM 2 MCLUST Covariance Parameterization.
1:40AM 1 contour lines on levelplot?
Sunday June 6 2004
10:27PM 0 strata() in clogit()
3:38PM 2 Repeated measures
9:47AM 3 Average R-squared of model1 to model n
8:50AM 0 Datacube or hypercube or olap-functionality in R
4:16AM 4 Request help writing a function
Saturday June 5 2004
7:51PM 1 coef and vcoc for polr inconsistent??
5:46PM 1 Building R as shared library (dll) in Windows
12:41PM 1 saving metafiles in R1090
9:05AM 2 'invalid HOMEDRIVE'
4:44AM 0 Comparing treatments in Multivariate Analysis
4:04AM 2 More than one series in a coplot
Friday June 4 2004
11:24PM 0 Mozilla search engine plugin for R java search applet?
9:53PM 1 hist, lines, rug
9:26PM 1 three button mouse? or mouse modifiers?
5:32PM 1 running R command in the background
5:01PM 2 Plot documentation; Axis documentation
4:53PM 1 use of "rcorr.cens" with binary response?
1:04PM 0 New versions of Hmisc and Design on CRAN
12:50PM 0 S+ code for stochastic volatility models
12:36PM 0 Ward clustering problem
12:06PM 1 Export r-output. e.g. regression results, in text file
12:06PM 5 How to Describe R to Finance People
11:46AM 2 Error() term in glm model formula
8:59AM 1 rpart
7:16AM 1 R CMD check, Windows XP, perl
Thursday June 3 2004
9:49PM 0 conditionals with String variables
8:46PM 2 Simulating a landscape (matrix) in R
8:28PM 1 [OFF] program to estimate the best fit
6:15PM 1 GAM question
5:39PM 1 ecdf plots, lines, and y values
5:19PM 3 printing tabular data nicely
3:53PM 5 Confidence intervals for predicted values in nls
3:38PM 1 a question regarding apply
2:19PM 0 dropterm and frailty
1:32PM 2 RMySQL question
12:35PM 0 Dr. Carmona's
12:18PM 1 catching the warnings
11:11AM 5 cameraa rotation graphics
10:35AM 1 Problem with par("usr")
8:22AM 0 Thanks
6:58AM 3 Problem with mgcv PACKAGES file format?
3:22AM 2 returning strings to R from C functions
3:20AM 3 Sloppy argument checking for named arguments
Wednesday June 2 2004
11:11PM 2 Distributed computing with R
9:51PM 0 Missing data diagnostics and apology
8:39PM 0 How do I prevent google search to post my questions asked here??
8:26PM 1 Using postscript() in a script that is source()ed
7:28PM 1 factor -> numeric
7:19PM 1 data filtering
6:56PM 0 Request comments on missing data diagnosis code
6:56PM 1 How do i draw a step function using R?
6:43PM 0 What's the Edgeworth expansion of a random vector
2:07PM 1 use of split.screen() with postscript device
1:47PM 1 How to iterate through two objects of class "list" fast?
1:21PM 2 methods for complex sample surveys
12:24PM 0 Virus intercepted
10:52AM 2 poisson regression with robust error variance ('eyestudy')
9:17AM 1 autokorrelationresistente Kovarianz in R und S-plus
8:32AM 3 S4 classes?
5:16AM 0 denDF in lme with random factor
4:24AM 0 loess prediction limits
1:28AM 1 Manova and contrasts
Tuesday June 1 2004
11:56PM 1 WinMenu's question
10:25PM 2 GLMM(..., family=binomial(link="cloglog"))?
9:22PM 0 lme4_0.6-1 uploaded
8:05PM 1 Making a ranking algorithm more efficient
7:57PM 0 C-level try-catch
6:36PM 3 Confidence Bounds on QQ Plots?
5:55PM 1 swapping with data.frame
4:37PM 1 read.spss
3:40PM 0 New 'R in Finance' mailing list
3:02PM 2 X/Emacs and R in Linux
2:01PM 3 Parametric Curves
1:48PM 0 L term in anova.lme
1:22PM 0 AW: signifikanz?
1:22PM 0 qhull in R?
1:15PM 4 signifikanz?
1:13PM 4 S/R programming books
11:11AM 1 converting text coordinates to decimal degrees
10:57AM 1 advanced dist
10:29AM 1 multi-model inference
10:02AM 2 Importing binary data
9:41AM 1 The beautifull way to plot a decision tree
8:47AM 2 Problem in random (lme)
12:34AM 0 rcmd with a libgsl.a