R help - Jun 2003

Monday June 30 2003
9:01PM 0 Constructing loops in which i+1st element depends on ith
7:59PM 0 dev.copy()
7:29PM 2 Deciphering an error message
6:08PM 1 date to age
4:48PM 2 spatial correlation test
4:37PM 1 make 1.7.1 crashes in Mac OS X
4:19PM 1 Seemingly unrelated regressions
3:49PM 0 pairs and points
3:32PM 1 Novice Questions
3:21PM 3 if else statements in R
2:21PM 4 french map
2:09PM 0 Your Message to Bonzi.com has an Attachment [T2003063000K3]
1:49PM 1 R CMD check
12:12PM 2 repeatedly applying function with matrix-rows as argument
10:17AM 0 Rmpi: send a function to a slave from master and let it run?
9:53AM 1 symbol size on a plot
9:22AM 2 R as COM client (rather than server)
Sunday June 29 2003
10:52PM 1 ./configure needs /sw/lib?
6:10AM 0 [Summary] Color names
Saturday June 28 2003
6:12PM 0 RSVGDev, lattice plots
12:03PM 2 Truncating y axis
10:52AM 0 Re: Application
10:06AM 0 R and RMySQL - segmentation fault
7:08AM 1 question
3:13AM 0 cluster analysis
3:12AM 0 clustering analysis
Friday June 27 2003
11:02PM 1 histogram cells
9:59PM 2 Color names
9:56PM 1 sprintf("%c",...)
9:26PM 0 error terms in mixed ANOVA's
8:54PM 0 Can not install the packages
8:21PM 3 regression for several responses
8:10PM 1 make
4:53PM 0 Interpretation of loess
4:38PM 1 using R as a script; getting the output to display on screen
4:08PM 1 connection DB2 and R (R under linux)
3:56PM 1 feffects in model.tables
3:39PM 0 read matlab .mat file?
3:38PM 0 R and PPC Mandrake
3:35PM 0 Webcast - Integration with R: Extending Statistical Analysis in DecisionSite
3:33PM 2 NA points in loess function
3:31PM 1 plot() help
3:07PM 0 bivariate lognormal ...
12:47PM 0 Cov.mcd running low on R
10:33AM 1 R-help Digest, Vol 4, Issue 27 ( -Reply)
10:07AM 0 Grasper quesrion
8:55AM 1 How to get pixel position of a plot
8:41AM 1 sample function
8:33AM 2 Returning contour co-ordinates
6:49AM 1 A vector or matrix response
3:08AM 3 dropping factor levels in subset
2:53AM 2 nls question
Thursday June 26 2003
11:38PM 1 Correct contrast for unreplicated 2K factorial design
8:45PM 3 Compiling R for OS X 10.2.6 (Darwin 6.6)
7:13PM 0 Version Management for Classes as in Green Book sec 7.4?
7:11PM 1 Pause with Sys.sleep
6:42PM 0 Encrypted Message: Re: Application
5:35PM 0 Functions for bit manipulation in R/Splus
4:57PM 1 xyplot
4:45PM 1 Fonts on contour maps...
3:33PM 1 problems with library in 1.7.1
3:24PM 1 assignment in lists
2:58PM 3 lm diagnostics and qr (fwd)
2:57PM 3 degrees of freedom in a LME model
2:17PM 1 Smooth of a time serie
1:59PM 1 values>10 in points(... pch=as.character())
1:43PM 1 Bagged clustering and fuzzy c-means
1:41PM 0 Message status - undeliverable
12:59PM 2 Plots using POSIX
12:21PM 0 GeneSOM viewer
10:59AM 0 New web tool
10:11AM 3 create help files
6:38AM 1 krige in gstat() package
5:52AM 2 Change default parameters of panel.smooth
4:10AM 1 Residual plotting
1:09AM 0 Re: Application
1:04AM 0 nonlinear constraint optimization function in R?
12:46AM 0 Random Number Testing
12:23AM 0 Votre courrier est rejeté
Wednesday June 25 2003
11:25PM 0 RE: Movie
9:36PM 1 extracting effects estimates from aov model with Error()
9:29PM 1 DB2 ODBC
9:24PM 2 within group variance of the coeficients in LME
8:57PM 0 This item has been released from quarantine.
8:48PM 2 probelem of function inside function
7:09PM 2 NLME Covariates
6:48PM 1 robust regression
6:23PM 3 logLik.lm()
5:08PM 0 sampling
3:44PM 2 rw1062
3:36PM 0 Course***Advanced R/Splus Programming in San Francisco, July 24-25, 2003 by XLsolutions Corp.
2:29PM 1 Mac carbon - foreign - read.spss
2:20PM 3 Help
2:14PM 0 predict formula with variables
1:55PM 1 equivalence test
12:43PM 1 Help on using read.table with files containing dates
11:31AM 1 creating R help page
11:25AM 0 one/multi-dimensional scaling with incomplete dissimilarity matrix
11:16AM 0 1D and 2D gaussian fittings
10:31AM 2 dendrograms
9:45AM 1 Sending graphical output to a printer
9:19AM 2 Execution of R code
8:01AM 2 Markov chain simulation
4:45AM 0 frequency table
4:28AM 0 Rcmd SHLIB on Windows
2:41AM 1 Can't save a graph to pdf in R for MacOS
1:37AM 2 Pairs with different colours
Tuesday June 24 2003
11:02PM 1 Rcmdr active data set
9:07PM 1 data.entry function
7:43PM 2 Can't load e1071
6:26PM 1 Reading graphics files
6:19PM 4 cumulative frequency distribution plot
5:33PM 0 Adding a calculated variable to a data frame (fwd)
4:30PM 1 errorest: Error in cv.numeric()
4:26PM 3 R-1.7.1 regression test failure on alphaev68-dec-osf5.1
3:45PM 8 excel files and R
3:19PM 0 Adding a calculated variable to a data frame
2:21PM 2 Haw I get best lambda in box-cox
9:49AM 1 Locating an executable from R
9:29AM 2 R and Latex's tables
8:19AM 0 GeoR: Nested Models for Spatial Data
6:21AM 0 Any feedback/progress report on R newsgroup?
6:20AM 2 Creating Surface Plots in R
3:34AM 0 Writing R demo files
2:48AM 0 help on R programming.
1:35AM 0 R help output in separate window
1:18AM 1 Warnings using MASS Library
Monday June 23 2003
10:53PM 1 Smooth of a temporal serie
9:48PM 0 sequential gaussian simulation
9:47PM 1 Hmisc and Design Packages
9:26PM 0 A final global mode function
9:07PM 0 heatmap
9:04PM 3 ?plot problem
8:47PM 1 erase.screen bug?
8:41PM 2 Lwd ignored when printing on Windows
6:51PM 0 Reliability analysis and Laplace factor functions
4:39PM 2 Summary for mode of a data set
4:15PM 2 read.spss
3:50PM 3 mode of a data set
3:29PM 0 Refreshing windows contents with XFree 3.3.6 & 4.1.0
3:07PM 3 saving plots
2:46PM 1 R Commander
2:25PM 0 Rcmd check problem
2:18PM 3 FW: S4 classes, creating in C
2:02PM 2 Changing lattice theme
1:45PM 1 precision matrix for polynomial growth curves
9:42AM 0 dispersion matrices
8:45AM 2 Problem with installation under R 1.7.1 and unzip
6:09AM 3 "cloud" function doesn't plot
3:32AM 3 right assignment ("->") and functions
3:13AM 1 Cross-compiling R packages
2:52AM 0 Re: stepwise REML
2:10AM 0 Re: Sparse binary data
1:14AM 7 How can I do a spinning plot in R?
Sunday June 22 2003
7:49PM 1 clicking the stop button
7:22PM 1 core dump on solaris 2.9
3:30PM 1 table in x-y diagram
3:10PM 0 Off Topic: Statistics Introduction for (Pre-Calculus) Beginners
12:27AM 1 Using weighted.mean() in aggregate()
Saturday June 21 2003
3:35PM 0 how to get a probit scale in R?
3:21PM 1 optim with contraints
3:12PM 0 Phillips-Perron
11:48AM 1 error functions
11:04AM 2 Beginner's Question on Linear Regression Models
Friday June 20 2003
11:25PM 0 negative binomial regression
10:33PM 1 Silhouette question
8:35PM 1 [OFF] stepwise using REML???
5:26PM 1 glmm and overall goodness of fit
3:51PM 2 stepwise regression
3:31PM 0 RE: Application
1:53PM 3 namespaces not available
1:22PM 4 Spedd: R vs S-plus
1:21PM 1 Power Law Exponents
6:47AM 3 combining mathematical notation and value substitution
3:30AM 0 Question: nonlinear covariate terms in spatial regression
2:12AM 0 build R.1.7.1 failure on Darwin 6.6
Thursday June 19 2003
9:18PM 0 Statistical Models: Ordered vs. Non-Ordered Factors
8:37PM 2 Subseting by more than one factor...
7:58PM 2 Fitting particular repeated measures model with lme()
7:01PM 1 Problem reading a PDF output
4:14PM 3 Background color(s) for groupedData plot
3:43PM 1 saving window size of a graphics device in windows possible?
3:19PM 1 GLME
1:37PM 3 Check whether size(file) > 0
12:35PM 2 Grouping binary data
12:20PM 3 sciViews
6:31AM 1 Path analysis
5:37AM 1 What's wrong with ar for my data?
2:51AM 1 Import time series data with uneven dates
Wednesday June 18 2003
9:09PM 3 Multiple graph sheets
7:27PM 1 Ltsreg and nsamp="exact"
6:32PM 1 3-way Interactions w/ stepAIC
6:21PM 0 Mandrake rpms - R 1.7.1
3:35PM 3 R: Debian package and source
3:23PM 2 dyn.load() function problem help!
2:49PM 0 fitting two nonlinear mixed models simulataneously
2:46PM 0 A slight weird diversion
1:50PM 2 Forward stepwise procedure w/ stepAIC
1:43PM 0 menu
12:33PM 3 finding contours in a matrix
7:59AM 2 downloading packages and AntiVirus program
6:53AM 1 Query: Sd2Rd and nroff macros in S docs
4:46AM 2 install pls.pcr package
2:19AM 4 (no subject)
12:09AM 1 suggestion for make.names
Tuesday June 17 2003
10:21PM 1 per mil in plotmath
6:49PM 1 How to generate a pairwise non-parametric comparison table?
6:02PM 1 make check and postscript output in R 1.7.1
5:34PM 2 How to call t.test() defined in t.test.R from C++ program
5:08PM 2 Macintosh plots
4:50PM 0 EMME/2 and shapefiles packages
4:48PM 1 source vs. editor
4:35PM 2 outlier
4:35PM 1 Re: R: Problem from Philippe Glaziou
3:23PM 2 Clustering quality measure
3:09PM 0 Schafer's CAT for MI
2:37PM 2 kernel smoothing for ordinal data
2:33PM 1 vector maximum length
1:48PM 2 (no subject)
1:14PM 1 books
12:59PM 1 help.start
10:58AM 1 User-defined functions in rpart
10:55AM 0 plot.formula
9:47AM 1 hist density...
9:07AM 1 cut.POSIXct problem
8:13AM 1 lme() vs aov(y ~ A*B + Error(aa %in% A + bb %in% B)) [repost]
7:04AM 1 probability values ?
5:50AM 1 help recoding
5:34AM 0 Quality of graphics produced as windows metafiles
2:17AM 0 Debian packages of R 1.7.1 uploaded
1:43AM 2 Paste and namespace
Monday June 16 2003
11:21PM 0 Carbon R 1.7.1 on CRAN
11:04PM 0 Windows binary for 1.7.1 uploaded to CRAN
9:14PM 0 compile R on i386-sun-solaris
5:49PM 1 R1.7.0 on Solaris 9
5:19PM 3 Constrained optimization
5:10PM 1 Problem when making refman.pdf on WinXP (R 1.7.1)
2:35PM 0 Error in .C("open_netcdf": SOLVED
2:28PM 0 R-base 1.7.1 RPMS for SuSE uploaded to Vienna
1:22PM 1 Hmisc multiple imputation functions
12:53PM 0 R 1.7.1 is available via rsync
11:38AM 1 Error in .C("open_netcdf"
10:48AM 1 R 1.7.1 is released
10:38AM 1 stop criterion for stepAIC
10:10AM 2 Isocontour-lines of spatial data on a rectangular grid (not plots!)
9:52AM 2 extension to plot.formula?
9:20AM 0 new package: eha
7:27AM 1 grid background color
1:53AM 0 new version of Rcmdr package
Sunday June 15 2003
11:57PM 0 Summary: Factorial function in R
11:23AM 0 more efficient sum of matrix columns
4:47AM 1 Fitted probabilities from glmmPQL?
Saturday June 14 2003
7:57PM 2 A sapply() funny.
6:44PM 3 Confidence intervals plot
6:25PM 1 Missing data augmentation
12:57PM 2 Normalizing data
12:02AM 4 problem installing packages from source on win2k
Friday June 13 2003
9:54PM 1 Problem with Rcmd SHLIB
6:29PM 1 building RPMs for R packages
6:01PM 0 Using PCA
3:06PM 2 maps library for R?
2:42PM 1 RDCOM Client: processes not terminating
2:22PM 4 Using jpeg() function over cgi
1:56PM 1 probe design
1:27PM 1 lars - lasso problem
1:13PM 1 problem with latex of object summary reverse
10:55AM 1 (no subject)
10:05AM 2 Layout of windows devices
5:05AM 1 R 1.7.0 startup error: .addMethodFrom...
3:40AM 5 covariate data errors
3:33AM 0 Testing the R RNGs
2:24AM 1 Lattice levelplots and (partial) failure on some devices ----Long
1:09AM 0 mca & contingency tables - error: "All variables must be factors"
12:44AM 1 Factorial function in R?
12:11AM 2 formula (joint, conditional independence, etc.) - mosaicplots
Thursday June 12 2003
10:48PM 1 help with weights in lm and glm
10:36PM 0 How to define a proper prior for an orthogonal matrix?
9:57PM 3 Multiple imputation
9:21PM 1 bootstrap question
7:20PM 0 summary to breaks question
6:55PM 0 how R manages memory
6:36PM 2 R_PHP_Online version 0.2 with Security Fix
6:33PM 3 breaks
5:24PM 1 What PRECISELY is the dfbetas() or lm.influence()$coef ?
4:19PM 0 SP? Re: Rounding problem R vs Excel
4:14PM 1 Problems for runing R in BATCH to generate PNG/JPEG files
2:00PM 1 step vs. stepAIC
1:39PM 1 indexing into a list 2
12:39PM 9 Programcode and data in the same textfile
12:22PM 0 rigde regression and influence measures
11:53AM 0 Diagnostics for gee models
11:08AM 2 car package dependencies
9:36AM 1 R-compatible fortran compiler
8:38AM 0 pb in R
7:57AM 1 Problème en R
7:30AM 1 Code for Support Vector Clustering Algorithm
2:10AM 1 Tested Random Number Generator
2:04AM 3 defaults in R: packages, .Rhistory
Wednesday June 11 2003
11:44PM 1 how to rotate barplot column names
10:10PM 0 Text analysis question
9:49PM 0 Mailing lists timeout of 17 hours...
8:43PM 1 indexing into a list
8:42PM 1 mixed-effects models for left-censored data?
7:27PM 2 how to string characters?
5:54PM 1 COX PH models for event histories?
4:39PM 1 Number lines
3:56PM 1 import in R a graphics file
3:15PM 2 pixmap question again
12:39PM 0 pixmap error- sorry
12:29PM 0 pixmap error
7:00AM 0 Announcing R_PHP_Online package
5:16AM 6 Backward Elimination Library
2:53AM 1 qwilcox
1:30AM 2 Does the RPM for RH9 know about TCL/Tk
1:28AM 3 Multiple match function?
1:08AM 0 Getting graphs into LaTeX
Tuesday June 10 2003
10:21PM 1 speeding up 1000s of coxph regression?
8:17PM 1 Bootstraping with MANOVA
7:13PM 1 color coding a legend
5:16PM 1 estimating a density by selecting the bandwidth
3:31PM 2 fitting data to exponential distribution with glm
2:37PM 1 SOM random seed
12:42PM 1 Regression output labels
12:23PM 1 c(...) and methods
9:56AM 0 binomial GAM ROC
4:00AM 0 R hits the New Zealand Herald
Monday June 9 2003
9:57PM 2 ESRI shapefiles and EMME/2 packages
9:30PM 1 understanding eigen(): getting non-normalized eigenvectors
8:45PM 2 Appending elements to an array
8:06PM 1 estimate the number of clusters
5:14PM 1 parameters calculated by lda and qda
4:05PM 0 OT: Xemacs config help
3:58PM 1 Re: [BioC] installing XML in linux
3:23PM 0 questions abtou nls
2:30PM 1 questions about nls
12:47PM 1 Nested anovas
12:18PM 1 Basic question on applying a function to each row of a da taframe
10:35AM 1 installing XML in linux
7:54AM 1 Beginner questions
6:56AM 2 XML package for R
5:21AM 2 looking for Prof Bates' file
5:19AM 1 Questions for package ts prediction
2:53AM 1 early R messages to stdout
12:35AM 4 executable R scripts
Sunday June 8 2003
8:35PM 6 Basic question on applying a function to each row of a dataframe
7:21PM 0 problems with postscript, lattice and afm
4:37PM 1 Need help on data frame
2:35PM 0 RMySQL errors
11:41AM 0 daylight saving time problems
6:09AM 2 LDA: normalization of eigenvectors (see SPSS)
Saturday June 7 2003
11:43PM 1 Extracting Numbers from MANOVA output
5:42PM 1 beginner's question: Graphical presentation of t test
4:39PM 0 mt.plot...
4:29PM 2 Ordering long vectors
2:18PM 0 POSIXct troubles
10:31AM 3 Error Compiling e1071
2:16AM 0 problem with predict() for gam() models
Friday June 6 2003
9:20PM 3 small plot inside a big plot
7:35PM 1 RMySQL on OS X
7:10PM 0 losing color in panal.xyplot (lattice)
6:15PM 4 sas vs. r
4:28PM 1 layout problem
4:04PM 4 Introductory Resources
3:41PM 2 little manipulation on data frame
2:37PM 2 Moran's index
2:33PM 0 Warning: could not send message for past 4 hours
2:07PM 0 understanding LDA: normalization of the eigenvectors
1:38PM 1 Contour plot question
1:21PM 1 MCD distance
12:57PM 2 R help: Correlograms
10:49AM 0 Ein Virus in der E-MAIL von r-help @ hypatia . math . ethz . ch gefunden . ( ddaah143@deutschepost.de )
10:15AM 1 Kmeans again
9:57AM 3 writing comments within a function
8:49AM 1 load workspace
7:49AM 1 Problerm building R-1.7.0 on OpenBSD3.2/sparc64
4:50AM 2 Query about C Function Interface
4:15AM 0 coxph.detail() documentation point
Thursday June 5 2003
9:54PM 2 converting "by" to a data.frame?
8:04PM 1 dev.copy2eps: Why did the colors come into my postscript output?
6:45PM 1 partial residuals in plot.gam()
6:04PM 1 kmeans (again)
5:36PM 1 question about POSIXct conversion
4:52PM 2 Survival analysis and generalized gamma?
4:46PM 3 (no subject)
4:01PM 1 na.action in model.frame
3:40PM 2 ridge regression
2:44PM 0 lda
2:37PM 1 visualize regression plane
2:24PM 4 counting missing values
2:20PM 2 Fwd: Re: legend() with option adj=1
2:12PM 6 dynamics of functions
2:00PM 1 persp(), par() and axis()
1:47PM 1 Logical vectors
1:27PM 1 Max sig figs as well as Min in print?
1:21PM 1 Error when creating layouts with partly filled pages within lattice
1:21PM 0 Re: Approved
12:45PM 2 Regression slopes
12:32PM 0 R News Volume 3/1
11:53AM 3 estimation stable distribution parameters
11:41AM 1 scales in xyplot doesn't seem to work for x axis
Wednesday June 4 2003
11:48PM 1 Package upload to CRAN
8:05PM 1 Looking for R analogue of S-plus function ms()
7:24PM 0 NAV detected a virus in a document you authored.
5:40PM 2 Crash with R1.7.0 + Windows XP Professional
3:50PM 0 Re: Your application
3:46PM 3 cook distance
3:31PM 3 3d scatter plot
3:16PM 2 Estimates for proportions
3:01PM 2 gam()
2:57PM 0 combined graph
2:44PM 1 Error Using dwtest
1:43PM 2 Rounding problem R vs Excel.
1:21PM 2 simple matrix question
12:04PM 2 convert factor to numeric
11:26AM 0 predict.glm(glm.ob,type="terms")
9:26AM 4 Strip location and grid colour in Lattice
9:18AM 1 Mode of MCMC chain
6:20AM 2 plot rpart tree's from list object
1:30AM 1 Your Message Contained a Potential Virus
Tuesday June 3 2003
11:42PM 1 Logistic regression problem: propensity score matching
11:14PM 2 Question about looking up names
9:27PM 3 (no subject)
5:10PM 3 Update VR_7.1-6
4:59PM 1 kmeans
4:31PM 0 Rtips (was Re: ? building a database with a the great /cookbook
4:23PM 1 X11 not available
4:13PM 1 libraries in .First
2:31PM 1 S+ style implementation of GAM for R?
1:29PM 1 tseries "adf.test"
12:19PM 1 (no subject)
9:58AM 3 lda: how to get the eigenvalues
9:45AM 0 Packages for Windows
8:54AM 2 coefficient of logistic regression
8:22AM 3 gam questions
4:39AM 0 GLM(...,start,...) question - disregard please
4:25AM 0 GLM(...,start,...) question
12:59AM 2 winMenuAdd misbehaving?
Monday June 2 2003
11:17PM 0 Norton AntiVirus detected and quarantined a virus in a message you sent.
10:51PM 0 Re: Approved #DF/021859#
9:20PM 0 panel function problem with ps
8:17PM 1 Virus Alert
8:08PM 0 Inflex scan report [0602220828420]
6:35PM 6 Building an R package under Windows NT
5:58PM 2 Very slow startup on Win32
5:13PM 1 Ploting rpart objects / namespace problems
4:46PM 1 Help with factorized argument in solve.QP
4:37PM 0 test: please ignore this message
4:35PM 1 RE: Approved
3:27PM 1 data.frame building
2:47PM 0 function for Browse
1:17PM 0 Query:problem with the corStruct Classes.
12:56PM 2 legends on image plots
12:47PM 1 Re: Your application
12:30PM 0 Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender
12:22PM 1 Virus Warning
11:55AM 0 dynamic ordered probit models?
11:43AM 2 compose a name in function
11:24AM 0 Re: R-help Digest, Vol 3, Issue 29: RE: Ordinal Data - regression trees & prop. odds
10:34AM 2 (no subject)
10:22AM 1 authorized characters and symbols
9:46AM 2 Rounding problem R vs Excel
8:40AM 1 Help - Curvature measures of nonlinearity
7:48AM 0 Undeliverable: Re: Submited (004756-3463)
2:53AM 0 extending subsets over another variable..
2:38AM 0 Re: Re: Submited (004756-3463) #DF/010989#
Sunday June 1 2003
11:22PM 1 Simulating a variable following an arbitrary distribution
5:20PM 0 integrate
4:39PM 1 persp & colors
1:07PM 0 RDCOMServer
8:02AM 2 want to write a package for R
7:24AM 6 compositional data: percent values sum up to 1