R help - May 2003

Saturday May 31 2003
10:21PM 0 logistic regression (weights)
10:15PM 0 logistic regression
4:57PM 5 parse on left hand side of R assignment
3:35PM 3 function to populate a matrix based on a lookup to another matrix ?
Friday May 30 2003
11:28PM 1 catch error/warning message in a loop
11:14PM 2 Need help installing qtoolbox
10:21PM 1 Downloading packages from CRAN
7:38PM 2 Extracting Vectors from Lists of Lists Produced by Functions
7:37PM 2 color in plot title: title(sub="something", col=4)
6:48PM 1 how to install a package of my own functions
5:55PM 1 Sparse Matrix
4:30PM 1 [Q] R equivalent for Splus get.message()
3:51PM 2 How to remove a complete dataframe column
2:55PM 2 conversao para matriz
2:40PM 1 How to check if a pipe was successfully opened or not?
2:35PM 1 Error using glmmPQL
2:21PM 2 Normal deviate generation - Marsaglia's ziggurat method
2:17PM 3 Time for Usenet R Group?
1:41PM 3 Missing 'getGroupMembers()'
1:09PM 1 bootstrapping data.frame and matrix
8:57AM 1 cbind order
8:44AM 2 Coefficients: (20 not defined because of singularities)
7:53AM 2 piping the results
1:21AM 0 R summary (and quantiles)
Thursday May 29 2003
11:11PM 5 Comparison Operator
10:55PM 2 R summary
9:27PM 2 R CMD BATCH --vanilla --slave produces unwanted lines
8:07PM 0 collinearity for relative data (percent values)
7:56PM 2 Newbie trying to Lag Variables in a regression
7:39PM 1 Citation
7:12PM 1 surfaces and digital terrain model
6:27PM 0 Course***Advanced R/Splus Programming in Princeton, San Francisco, etc***June/July 2003 by XLsolutions Corp.
5:40PM 2 how to smooth a line in a graph
4:59PM 4 Postscript query: plotting long vectors
3:28PM 0 One question
3:05PM 3 Odd behavior of strptime
2:58PM 0 Bioconductor 1.2 Released
2:39PM 0 ODE solvers in R (was:The Wrong Choice: Locked in by license restrict...
2:01PM 2 install-packages
1:58PM 0 ODE solvers in R (was:The Wrong Choice: Locked in by license restrictions)
Wednesday May 28 2003
11:43PM 0 (no subject)
9:45PM 1 Durbin-Watson Test
9:26PM 2 Ordinal data - Regression Trees & Proportional Odds
7:09PM 2 ? building a database with a the great examples
5:20PM 0 thx
4:48PM 2 how to get a line plot before/after treatment
4:38PM 0 supplying the Hessian to "nlm"
3:39PM 2 Numbers that look equal, should be equal, but if() doesn'tsee as equal (repost with code included)
3:35PM 2 missing values
3:18PM 1 modules in RedHat
2:48PM 1 Zero is not zero
11:53AM 1 Kernel density
9:49AM 0 plot() error-msg: "need finite xlim values"
9:17AM 1 Test for trend?
8:29AM 3 Slow computation in for loop
6:33AM 1 Numbers that look equal, should be equal, but if() doesn't see as equal (repost with code included)
2:14AM 0 R_GlobalEnv
12:13AM 1 Bradley Terry model and glmmPQL
Tuesday May 27 2003
11:15PM 3 The Wrong Choice: Locked in by license restrictions
11:01PM 3 write staff out
10:14PM 0 plot to stdout in batch mode
7:33PM 3 0 margin for creating eps files
4:27PM 0 proportional splitplot with glmmPQL
1:49PM 2 Help! R won't start
12:53PM 2 Numbers that look equal, should be equal, but if() doesn't see as equal
12:15PM 1 saving warning messages
8:43AM 1 proxy
8:04AM 2 R doesn't remove temporary dirs and about bugreport
7:10AM 1 Rcmdr on Debian
Monday May 26 2003
9:58PM 1 random numbers
8:45PM 5 Randomness
6:38PM 1 help with subset(), still original dataframe in tapply
5:50PM 1 receiver operating characteristic (ROC)
5:39PM 4 spinning and flipping arrays
3:55PM 4 "Tcl/Tk support is not available on this system, " RH 9, R 1.7.0-1
2:40PM 0 xyplot with several pages
2:27PM 0 new cross-platform basic-statistics GUI
1:13PM 1 Problem with a 64bit R on HP-UX]
11:54AM 0 as.matrix() problem in mantel.test()?
10:01AM 1 lme: cannot allocate vector
9:12AM 0 Solved: knots fixed in gam(), library(mgcv)
8:28AM 0 knots fixed in gam(), library(mgcv)
6:46AM 0 RWeka read.arff()
4:50AM 1 vectorizing data.frame()
4:03AM 2 Need computing of Correlation Integral
1:09AM 2 Problem with library
Sunday May 25 2003
11:53PM 1 segmentation fault when loading MASS library
11:23AM 2 scroll keys
8:15AM 0 Fitting an ARIMA model to a time series
8:15AM 1 Example Data Set(s) for nnet, rpart
7:02AM 2 assign() won't work
5:15AM 1 LDA once again
1:03AM 3 Problem in installing R add-on package(not from CRAN)
Saturday May 24 2003
8:14PM 1 help with xyplot
7:30PM 3 help output paged in separate window
4:48PM 1 predicting fuzzy cluster membership
1:53PM 1 Can Package SEM do mean structural analysis?
12:23PM 1 ...listable functions...
Friday May 23 2003
5:41PM 3 calling files of commands in R
3:58PM 1 Summary statistics & plots of repeated measures data
3:43PM 1 variance components
3:41PM 0 Duncan's Multiple Range Test
3:03PM 1 Source code analysis for R ?
2:56PM 1 plot output function
2:44PM 2 predict.smooth.spline
2:43PM 1 Fw: write.table only writes the first 256 variables/columns
1:32PM 1 isSeekable returns F on seekable file
11:10AM 3 Not getting all data to a text file via write.table
10:35AM 4 building zip?
9:16AM 1 Fortran DLL
Thursday May 22 2003
8:44PM 0 Question on dbHasCompleted(...)
8:42PM 0 4 packages for Windows users
8:22PM 0 download problem: configuration
5:33PM 2 help for calling a c program in the windows version R
4:39PM 1 (no subject)
3:00PM 0 getGroups, nested mixed model
2:55PM 7 extract half a matrix
2:25PM 1 [R ] Query : problems with the arithmetic operator "^" with function "lme"
12:27PM 1 Experimental Design
12:02PM 1 basic question on getGroups for lme analyses
11:57AM 1 Tkrplot works not
11:27AM 0 Re: dates in chron package, split warning message
5:16AM 1 Re: dates in chron package, split warning message
5:03AM 1 Getting the Bootstrap Error Rate of QDA
1:45AM 1 Plot observed vs. fitted values (weighted nls)
Wednesday May 21 2003
10:32PM 2 Access Object's Objects HELP
4:41PM 1 help on spatial data
3:40PM 1 pairs with label
2:17PM 2 overlapping a plot with an external image
2:10PM 1 dev.copy(pdf) messes up legend box
1:31PM 1 rts conversion to ts?
1:21PM 1 cluster- binary data.
12:40PM 2 Graphics device history recording problem (Previous and Next utilities)
10:40AM 2 "locked environment"
10:03AM 1 callNextMethod
10:02AM 1 Publication/Reference
9:05AM 3 Truncation of text strings
6:53AM 1 inspect now available?
1:16AM 1 Code Help
12:47AM 2 moving onto returning a data.frame?
Tuesday May 20 2003
11:52PM 1 legend() with option adj=1
9:27PM 1 building a Win32 DLL with R objects?
9:25PM 1 graphs with two different y-scales
9:23PM 3 a quick Q about memory limit in R
8:44PM 1 stepAIC
7:55PM 3 Tcltk question for R people
7:39PM 0 Problem on model simplification with glmmPQL
5:55PM 1 Extracting elements from an reStruct
4:33PM 1 problem to save workspace
3:42PM 2 what.is(object)
3:38PM 1 problems with hist()
3:29PM 1 Calling R in BATCH mode from C programm
3:10PM 0 A questiona about FDA package
3:00PM 0 question about Tukey test
2:56PM 1 R in BATCH mode
1:57PM 2 Several Basic Questions
12:46PM 1 Background color in plots.
12:42PM 2 regression coefficients
10:59AM 0 [Fwd: Allocation problem]
10:56AM 1 R_x11.so
10:43AM 4 Output to connections
10:31AM 1 Allocation problem
10:21AM 1 Sorting in data frames
9:51AM 3 plot POSIX class and identify
8:45AM 1 modell time series with AR-Garch modell
7:44AM 1 R-1.7.0 'make check' fails on reg-tests-1
7:43AM 1 surprising behaviour of "bgroup": sets all in greek letters
7:37AM 1 How to use pakcage SEM
Monday May 19 2003
10:43PM 0 R CMD check creates a syntax error
9:52PM 1 multcomp and glm
7:40PM 1 survit function and cox model with frailty
6:51PM 0 updates of recommended packages
6:20PM 1 create groups from tallies
4:16PM 0 FW: modulus operator?
3:56PM 4 modulus operator?
3:54PM 1 plotting a simple graph
3:50PM 2 upData levels in Hmisc
12:58PM 2 R doesn't support 3D histograms?
10:43AM 3 how to run R as a daemon
9:42AM 1 Line plots with different symbols on the same line
9:31AM 2 To update() or not to update()?
8:30AM 1 Syntax for random effect in glmmPQL
12:03AM 1 Confidence intervals for gls models?
Sunday May 18 2003
10:43PM 1 Fisher LDA and prior=c(...) argument
10:11PM 1 How to split a dataframe into smaller constituent dataframes
7:41PM 0 POP Portfolio Optimizer
6:21PM 1 TS data frames
4:15PM 2 irregular ts plot?
2:37PM 0 Date along x axis
11:12AM 1 how to build specific doc types in Windows
11:05AM 1 echo = FALSE does not work
9:34AM 0 mixing log scale and linear scale panels
9:28AM 1 log scale y axis ticks control?
4:22AM 2 derivatives from loess (not locpoly)?
Saturday May 17 2003
11:15PM 1 Windows binary corrupt
6:47PM 2 max/summary
6:40PM 1 problem building dvi and pdf documentation on Darwin 10.2.6
5:19PM 5 how to construct tree under R
4:28PM 1 Changing default R window under XP
4:04PM 0 Influence Diagrams in R
12:15PM 1 how to handle 'multiresponse' variable?
10:50AM 1 R indentation
10:46AM 2 Regression tree
6:40AM 0 unable to install dse package
Friday May 16 2003
9:32PM 1 Newbie Matrix problem refined; Can't convert .csv data to matrix
7:38PM 1 1.7.0 installation problem
6:16PM 2 Efficient subsetting
5:41PM 3 ARMA.predict?
5:32PM 1 Question on ldBands function in Hmisc package by Harrell
5:00PM 4 Newbie hung up with matrices
4:07PM 0 DNA
1:15PM 1 Splus' "discr" function
12:20PM 1 Images Import and Analysis
12:09PM 0 glmmPQL, NA/NaN/Inf in foreign function call (arg 3)
11:12AM 1 substitute
10:15AM 1 data.frame contents are not displayed
8:28AM 2 glm and gam confidence intervals
8:05AM 2 Axis labels
7:40AM 1 anamorphosis
5:27AM 1 Reloading a shared library with dyn.load
Thursday May 15 2003
11:36PM 2 strptime and non ISO date format
11:31PM 2 Unable to load lapack.dll when using RExcel add-in
5:57PM 0 Re: list GRASSLIST: List Message Rejected
5:41PM 2 plot question
5:04PM 2 Cumulated probability plot
3:20PM 2 R as 64 bit application
12:20PM 0 Some Programming Humor - Quine
10:32AM 2 kolmogorov-smirnov
9:13AM 1 Compile R-1.7.0 on Mac OS 10.2.6
8:56AM 2 A question
8:42AM 0 AW: AW: error-prone feature?
8:24AM 2 AW: error-prone feature?
8:13AM 0 lme() vs aov(y ~ A*B + Error(aa %in% A + bb %in% B)) -- questions
7:39AM 1 error-prone feature?
5:05AM 1 Importing S-Plus data sets into R
2:52AM 1 Manly's randomization analysis of multiple regression
Wednesday May 14 2003
10:32PM 0 Help in grouping time stamped data and general stats help
10:27PM 2 abrupt end to R
8:46PM 0 (no subject)
8:18PM 2 how to include 'NA's in xtabs?
6:29PM 1 savehistory not working properly in R?
6:04PM 0 (sin asunto)
4:36PM 0 RODBC and SQL Server
3:53PM 1 lme speedup question
2:25PM 2 building mean/median over subgroups
1:28PM 0 mt.plot
1:01PM 2 number of patients in a hospital on a given date
12:49PM 2 regression in batches?
11:53AM 1 ROracle problem with Oracle9i on Red Hat 8.0
11:37AM 1 mcl models, percentages
9:39AM 1 Multiple comparison and lme (again, sorry)
7:59AM 2 Two names of a function
7:37AM 0 How to speed R with triangular matrix
5:24AM 2 Is there a simple method of changing text into 'Proper Ca se'
4:19AM 1 Is there a simple method of changing text into 'Proper Case'
12:16AM 1 Some Programming Humor
12:02AM 0 Sorting a matrix in an odd way"
Tuesday May 13 2003
10:39PM 0 bug in promax?
9:35PM 1 how to upgrade R/ linux/ mandrake/ readme suggestion
9:26PM 0 Robert Gentleman's talk to the Statis. Soc. of Canada
8:33PM 0 call nlm from a dll?
6:21PM 2 Help on PLotting
5:20PM 0 barplot x axis labels
5:16PM 2 RMySQL crashes R
4:24PM 1 How to retrieve data frame column names?
3:41PM 1 How do I view hidden methods?
3:17PM 1 assessing the fit of a LME model
2:14PM 1 several regression lines in panel of xyplot (trellis graphics)
12:21PM 2 gam.plot y axes meaning
11:12AM 1 AW: homals for win32?
10:16AM 3 homals for win32?
10:12AM 3 Delete files from R
10:02AM 1 SD
9:31AM 1 HTMLplot
9:05AM 1 How make a package
8:52AM 1 Dopt for Windows
8:31AM 0 discriminant analysis: prerequisites
8:00AM 2 Barchart to make a graph like this??
7:09AM 0 1) variable influence in PCR/PLS models 2) how to cite CRAN packages
7:01AM 1 Connection problem to MySQL
4:18AM 3 Sorting a matrix in an odd way
Monday May 12 2003
11:15PM 3 grid - deleting and erasing grobs?
10:45PM 2 avas
7:11PM 1 skew and kurtosis
3:10PM 1 Problem in fetching from Oracle
11:35AM 1 Name spaces in R 1.7.0
11:31AM 7 FW: S+ Script Files for R???
8:54AM 1 Http Get-Post?
8:01AM 1 Plotting expressions with indicies
1:47AM 1 Zeitreihen problem
12:50AM 1 calling other language program in R
12:34AM 2 I can not load MASS at starting R
Sunday May 11 2003
10:36PM 2 rank correlation and distance between two different matrices
9:12PM 1 NLME - multilevel model using binary outcome - logistic regression
8:53PM 2 X axis series labels?
7:51PM 2 gee
7:40PM 2 libpq-fe.h ???
6:16PM 1 lines(aline, type = 'b', col = "blue) does not work for POSIXct plot.
3:04PM 1 Prime or dash in plotmath().
1:03PM 2 what does boxplot draw?
10:00AM 1 simulating data
Saturday May 10 2003
8:36PM 1 Adding splines to a coplot?
6:01PM 1 error in qr(x)
4:49PM 1 Http Get-Post
5:12AM 0 The spare parts revolution
Friday May 9 2003
9:02PM 1 generate correlated dataset
6:26PM 1 correspondence analysis
4:04PM 0 VBA function InStrRev in RCOM
4:03PM 1 building R 1.7.0 with gcc 3.2.3 on Solaris
2:25PM 4 getAttr problem
1:49PM 1 manipulating elements of a matrix
1:39PM 0 interrupting embedded R
12:35PM 1 Anybody using the evir package?
11:29AM 3 Re: R-help Digest, Vol 2, Issue 26
9:27AM 0 Going slow blues
8:34AM 1 windows data editor changes dimensions displayed data frames
6:04AM 1 3 functions on same plot
2:24AM 0 graphics on a map
12:45AM 1 Principal coordinates analysis
12:35AM 2 Data-mining using R
12:00AM 0 Cluster analysis, proportion of SS retained at each grouping step
Thursday May 8 2003
9:48PM 1 A problem in a glm model
6:21PM 2 Kriging function ("prmat" and "semat") in spatial package
6:03PM 1 proj4
4:45PM 3 how to write text into a file
4:08PM 2 border of bars in lattice barchart
4:01PM 1 function to compute entropy
3:38PM 1 nls, restrict parameter values
2:07PM 2 natural splines
1:04PM 3 R crashes with package SJava; was Memory leakage?
12:53PM 1 AW: approximation of CDF
11:56AM 1 strange behaviour of certain fields in data frame after rbind
11:12AM 1 coulmns format
10:57AM 2 approximation of CDF
10:32AM 0 convert plot to device coords
9:15AM 2 Forward Stepwise regression with stepAIC and step
8:58AM 3 Avoiding loops to spare time and memory
8:54AM 3 again troubles with lattice
8:44AM 2 Returning the p-value of a factor analysis
7:07AM 0 multcomp and lme (followup)
2:38AM 2 Expanding upon expand.grid()
12:35AM 1 All possible subset selection?
Wednesday May 7 2003
11:16PM 2 IEEE standard for rounding?
10:33PM 0 post hoc comparison regression slopes
10:09PM 2 MIXED ANOVA and Repeated Measure
9:38PM 3 Sink for a subdirectory
5:47PM 0 assessing goodness of variance prediction
4:46PM 2 Extracting the longest entry
4:20PM 3 how to order a dataframe ?
4:13PM 1 proc arima
3:59PM 4 element of
3:25PM 2 plot vertical labels along x axis
3:10PM 2 Plot labeling question
3:01PM 1 building an expression
2:33PM 1 levels
1:45PM 0 simint or TukeyHSD for lme?
12:33PM 1 [R ] Query : problems with the arithmetic operator "^" wi th function "lme" and "lmList"
12:01PM 1 [R ] Query : problems with the arithmetic operator "^" with function "lme" and "lmList"
11:34AM 0 Parsing HTML tables and dumb plotting
3:36AM 0 "Program" files...Additional comment
3:31AM 2 "Program" files
3:27AM 1 graphics with rterm
3:20AM 1 -means, hybrid clustering or similar implementations on R
12:25AM 1 Tick labels on y axis in lattice plots
Tuesday May 6 2003
10:28PM 2 Compile R into a standalone EXE for WINNT
10:26PM 1 Seeking packaging advice
9:25PM 0 par.binary
9:07PM 0 Concatenate dataframe
7:27PM 4 Questons about R capabilities
6:53PM 3 Loops and memory
6:24PM 4 bitmap images in tcltk
5:21PM 1 pointsize - what is wrong?
4:01PM 1 Course***R/Splus Fundamentals and Programming Techniques, May-June 2003 @ 5 locations near you! (Raleigh, San Francisco, etc)
3:54PM 1 Workshop on multilevel modeling in R
2:53PM 3 FW: Sum by categorical variable
2:31PM 3 how to read a web page and extract an html table?
2:08PM 2 Sum by categorical variable
2:04PM 0 "Dumb" plots?
1:46PM 2 "help.start() and kde konqueror"
10:43AM 1 searching for an analytical function
9:57AM 1 C++ - R - example
8:23AM 5 xyplot (lattice), strip.default
2:57AM 1 S's plclust and R's hclust
12:43AM 2 R vs SPSS output for princomp
Monday May 5 2003
10:22PM 3 Help to make a for for index
8:23PM 5 null plotting symbol ?
5:44PM 3 polr in MASS
5:36PM 0 Vectorizing a C call
3:56PM 0 Comparing bivariate kernel density estimates
3:45PM 1 problems compiling R on AIX5.1
3:00PM 1 Error in library(MASS) : package/namespace load failed
2:34PM 1 commandArgs()
12:50PM 1 multcomp and lme
11:29AM 0 Im in
11:23AM 0 I wish I could be there
8:56AM 3 my RMySQL connections are so SLOW
7:41AM 2 NA on multtest
3:50AM 1 Matrix manipulation
3:40AM 0 prmat in "spatial"
2:40AM 1 package "sgeostat"
Sunday May 4 2003
11:38PM 0 trmat, or prmat in "spatial" package
6:15PM 1 port of Pan to R
3:17PM 2 'rush of graphs on the screen'
2:04PM 1 image of expand.grid
1:49PM 1 array question on indexing
1:48AM 0 Some questions
Saturday May 3 2003
11:48PM 1 expand.grid
6:09PM 2 Memory leakage?
5:36PM 0 SEM bootstrapping
4:33PM 1 Grid gpar(col=NULL)
12:53PM 2 expand.grid and the first level of a factor
3:06AM 1 can't plot ylab in graph
1:44AM 0 install.packages, update.packages
12:59AM 2 how to call R function from my C++ program
Friday May 2 2003
7:51PM 1 Does R implement Hypergeometric test?
7:41PM 3 Creating Dummy Variables with if else phrase
5:16PM 1 Delete a list component?
5:06PM 2 stepAIC/lme (1.6.2)
12:42PM 0 Sweave (was RE: how to present a table in powerpoint?)
10:49AM 1 stepfuns: R^2 -> R
4:28AM 3 letters to numbers conversion
2:26AM 3 question about image command
12:45AM 0 Probit Analysis
Thursday May 1 2003
7:46PM 0 ld Problem with file libRlapack.so
7:03PM 2 What' wrong?
6:41PM 0 factanal
5:03PM 4 var[i]
3:57PM 1 Automating R for multiple data files
3:22PM 0 How to calculate the x to assymptotic value and curve
3:07PM 0 Sweave textwidth
12:56PM 0 Class troubles
12:45PM 3 Test statistic for Spearman correlation
8:04AM 1 rotate plot
5:04AM 1 poisson with overdispersion
12:51AM 4 List of lists? Data frames? (Or other data structures?)
12:28AM 1 [R-gui] Re: Feedback about SciViews?