R help - Apr 2003

Wednesday April 30 2003
7:48PM 1 mpl in spatstat
7:10PM 2 ylab in plot.POSIXct
6:45PM 1 textConnection taking a long time to open a big string
6:41PM 1 How to calculate the x to assymptotic value and curve inflection .
6:19PM 0 Least Angle Regression packages for R
5:11PM 2 Working comfortably with (X)Emacs + Sweave
4:46PM 0 Help on Regress GMM
4:33PM 1 sorting factors
3:03PM 3 How to put 2 or more graphics in the same page ?
1:55PM 2 acf() with two df?
1:38PM 0 Pinheiro and Bates fig. 412
1:36PM 1 skins
12:48PM 2 Bug in arima?
11:51AM 5 Scanning data files line-by-line
11:46AM 1 Interactive Input Problem
7:50AM 0 Building R on Solaris: gcc 3.2.3 works
5:26AM 2 Getting rate of return
Tuesday April 29 2003
10:45PM 2 C algorithm to call R?
10:41PM 0 reconstructing contingency tables in R
9:46PM 2 plots
8:47PM 1 Installing On Solaris
8:30PM 0 Data manipulation help
7:01PM 0 Validating R--last call for participants
6:34PM 2 Cluster analysis and bootstraps
6:11PM 1 Re: Unzip gz files in R under Windows
4:56PM 1 polynomial fitting
4:42PM 2 Remove leading brackets in print?
4:04PM 2 labels
2:49PM 1 Specifying search position for attached package
2:34PM 0 calling R from PHP and saving outputs
2:19PM 1 Shafer's MIX: Query on code
2:03PM 1 plot with nlme
1:53PM 2 Estimates with lme(...varPower())
12:20PM 1 .Rd file with multiple help entries?
10:07AM 2 easy question
9:57AM 0 (OFF):R2HTML
7:56AM 1 Feedback about SciViews?
5:08AM 4 thick plot lines
1:17AM 0 Help to make a simple function
1:16AM 0 Testing for scale e mu in survreg
12:23AM 1 "prediction intervals for glm"
Monday April 28 2003
8:51PM 4 how to present a table in powerpoint?
8:35PM 0 R.exp file on AIX 4.3.3
7:10PM 0 Informix database
7:08PM 0 tcl on linux
5:50PM 1 Compiling R-1.7.0 on Mac OS X
4:53PM 4 plot(pam.object) error with R-1.7.0 on Red-Hat 8.0 i686
4:04PM 2 Algorithm did not converge
3:26PM 0 spectra processing
2:50PM 1 Sorry
2:27PM 0 Installtion
2:06PM 2 stepAIC/lme problem (1.7.0 only)
1:39PM 1 [OFF] File name completation on XEmacs+ESS.
11:16AM 0 Re: [R Thanks for help Writing a function
10:18AM 2 Writing a function
10:18AM 0 Problem graf-qvalue
8:18AM 0 AW: AW: numericDeriv and ecdf
7:02AM 2 sum(..., na.rm=TRUE) oddity
Sunday April 27 2003
6:14PM 2 Basic date time arithmetics operations
2:15PM 0 Thanks for: no response of the tab key
1:42PM 2 no response of the tab key
Saturday April 26 2003
11:41PM 1 Windows metafiles from lattice plots
11:00PM 0 polymars
10:48PM 0 R interface
7:53PM 0 new package: effects
6:15PM 5 R help
5:18PM 0 Help to make a program
12:56PM 2 Multiple Integration
12:11PM 1 predict/residual
10:07AM 1 Building R-1.7.0 on cygwin
9:06AM 4 array to data.frame
4:54AM 0 Graduate student survey
12:44AM 3 PCA
Friday April 25 2003
10:49PM 2 Apparent namespace problem
10:45PM 1 New user having problem with mcmc
10:32PM 0 problem in a glm model.
7:45PM 1 plot clusters
7:39PM 2 Open an r+b file connection on Windows
7:27PM 1 Rep command
3:15PM 3 Code bug unresolved involving if condition
3:13PM 0 Call for papers: Int. Workshop StatGIS03
2:45PM 1 validate function in Design library does not work with small samples
1:44PM 1 Creating objects from values in a "meta" dataframe
1:21PM 2 Posix data in Lattice
1:02PM 2 AW: numericDeriv and ecdf
12:53PM 1 make? on Macos 10.2.4
12:26PM 1 rotation of names.arg
11:55AM 1 Rcmd vs. Rterm.exe
11:31AM 1 numericDeriv and ecdf
9:04AM 2 sjava w2k
8:48AM 2 R compilation problem on Sun Solaris 2.5.1
7:48AM 2 About qvalue
2:43AM 0 Bivariate lme
1:38AM 1 tcltk tkfilefind demo problem
Thursday April 24 2003
8:46PM 1 bca ci's and NaN's in boot.out
8:20PM 3 Detailed contingency tables
7:02PM 0 gee?
6:52PM 0 problems with max.col ()
5:52PM 1 pause during execution
5:07PM 1 Matrix Equation Help?
4:42PM 1 matrix subset question
4:28PM 0 Plotting frequencies as a tree diagram
4:27PM 1 R 1.7.0 (Windows) Crashes After using "Install Package from Cran option" within
4:26PM 1 matrix to coordinates
4:07PM 4 problems with max.col()
3:02PM 1 Unable to create directory?
2:41PM 1 RMySQL crash under R 1.7.0, but not 1.6.2
2:36PM 0 problem compiling R 1.7.0/RH 7.2
2:30PM 0 AW: AW: estimating number of clusters ("Null or more")
2:23PM 3 R TclTk Examples
1:25PM 0 bootstraping sensitivity and specificity
1:23PM 1 write.table problem
1:11PM 1 AW: estimating number of clusters ("Null or more")
12:40PM 1 How %% and %/% work on negative numbers?
12:34PM 1 Windows: Graphics appear only partially
11:14AM 1 estimating number of clusters ("Null or more")
11:06AM 1 Invalid font in bitmap()
10:27AM 3 Missing Value And cor() function
10:23AM 1 rw1.7.0 spend much time to open
9:49AM 1 RMySQL
8:51AM 1 "Missing links": Hmisc and Design docs
7:48AM 0 GAUSS dataset
7:40AM 1 "export" an object froma function for access by ls()
3:17AM 5 Fast R implementation of Gini mean difference
12:30AM 0 advice on anlysing the spacing of growth rings
Wednesday April 23 2003
10:51PM 3 regression parms var-cov matrix
10:44PM 1 .libPaths
10:38PM 0 R (D)COM server 1.2 and RExcel 1.0 available
10:18PM 0 Unable to install Hmisc
10:03PM 1 Comparing formulas
9:11PM 3 Changing the size of the bounding box
7:27PM 0 predicted means on mixed models
5:57PM 9 sum
5:56PM 3 equipment
5:44PM 1 Setting up Xemacs + Sweave
5:07PM 1 r-announce (was RE: about multtest...)
3:44PM 1 about multtest...
3:11PM 1 clustering
2:12PM 1 Technical problem
1:26PM 0 tkl window position
1:18PM 0 tk windows position
1:16PM 1 Text on a boxplot graph
12:53PM 3 changing dir to network drive in Rgui caused crash ( 1.7. 0)
12:37PM 0 rw08.exe (R 1.7.0 for windows)
12:29PM 1 nls: Missing value or an Infinity produced when evaluating the model
12:05PM 3 documentation for survival5?
11:30AM 0 MySQL
10:42AM 0 Data Analysis/Graphics/Regression Modeling Strategies Courses
10:41AM 0 problems with RMySQL connections
9:07AM 0 getting started with RMySQL
8:55AM 2 list of loaded packages
8:29AM 1 iwidgets in tcltk in R 1.7.0
2:56AM 1 Plotting Factors -- Sorting x-axis
12:25AM 1 changing dir to network drive in Rgui caused crash (1.7.0)
Tuesday April 22 2003
10:43PM 1 Social Network Analysis and R
10:41PM 7
10:08PM 4 Default value for title in postscript function
9:39PM 0 Hmisc's aregImpute segfaults R-1.7.0 under linux
9:25PM 0 Correct SE in a poisson model.
9:14PM 4 converting to factor
9:01PM 1 Quick query on output
4:42PM 3 Problem with pixmap on R 1.7.0?
3:15PM 0 Sweave
3:02PM 1 glmmPQL and additive random effects?
2:49PM 1 read.table and decimals
2:32PM 0 space-time power spectra analysis
1:46PM 1 Do loop
12:23PM 0 ROracle 0.5-0 package update
12:07PM 4 fisher exact vs. simulated chi-square
9:44AM 1 R 1.7.0: Startup error: Error in "class<-"(*tmp*, value = Class) : couldn't find function "objWithClass"
4:07AM 3 lexical scope
1:51AM 2 How do I get 10^4 to become 10000?
Monday April 21 2003
11:24PM 3 significant terms in spline model using GAM
9:41PM 1 R on HP/HPUX IA-64
8:46PM 3 Dates in read.spss
8:43PM 2 Anyone familiar with Cumulants or good reference books?
6:49PM 0 Difficult to compare models
6:18PM 0 multiv library
5:23PM 2 using update( ) in a function?
5:18PM 2 R(D) Com under R1070
4:19PM 3 index after rbind
3:00PM 2 How to assigen column of matrix
2:14PM 2 Anyone Familiar with Using arima function with exogenous variables?
1:09PM 2 piece wise functions
12:32PM 4 help.start in R-1.7.0 with Netscape 7.0.
12:22PM 2 name of arrays
6:56AM 2 randomForest crash?
6:01AM 1 Generating axes with "Sun Apr 20 22:45:27 PDT 2003" time coordinates.
4:52AM 4 nonlinear equation solver?
2:15AM 3 To create a Panel and run a Pooled OLS
Sunday April 20 2003
11:42PM 2 Win binaries
10:02PM 1 R 1.7.0 fails to compile on OS X 10.2.5
7:01PM 3 how to use apply with a function created by ourselfs...?
1:57PM 1 loop
6:26AM 1 covariance = diagonal + F'F
4:21AM 1 horiz barplot with 2 values for each year
3:42AM 1 Hmisc interaction behavior
1:40AM 1 survreg penalized likelihood?
Saturday April 19 2003
7:26PM 1 nls, gnls, starting values, and covariance matrix
12:32AM 1 tcltk and Windo$e
Friday April 18 2003
11:22PM 3 superimposing graphs
7:47PM 0 Re: Quick question on upgrading R
7:34PM 2 Keyboard problem using RWin 1.7.0
7:02PM 1 MCMCpack gelman.plot and gelman.diag
6:04PM 2 system() and R 1.7
5:18PM 0 memory problem
5:00PM 0 Help with nlme correction
4:16PM 1 Help with nlme--freq weights, logit model, and more
3:55PM 1 Problem with eigen() and LAPACK
2:04PM 0 Problem with multtest
9:20AM 1 stepwise discriminant analysis
8:57AM 2 Question about PAM clustering method
7:53AM 0 Compiling with Microsoft Visual C++
6:21AM 0 Version 2 of benchmark test
1:29AM 1 R 1.7.0 Windows binary build released
Thursday April 17 2003
7:44PM 0 graph problems with r-1.7.0 on debian (woody)
7:22PM 2 HoltWinters() - p-values for alpha, beta and gamma
5:13PM 3 accessing current factor in tapply
4:02PM 1 Measure of linearity between two variables?
3:54PM 1 glm: NA/NaN/Inf in foreign function call
3:47PM 1 NA
2:56PM 1 R search engine and Mozilla
2:52PM 2 Testing for Stationarity of time series
2:47PM 1 Testing for whole numbers
2:25PM 0 Mandrake RPMS for R 1.7.0
2:19PM 0 Howto calculate R^2 from an anconva glm
2:07PM 1 R-1.7.0; empty html files.
1:59PM 2 BATCH and tcltk
1:41PM 0 Install of R-1.7.0; permissions.
1:38PM 0 Testing.
12:59PM 3 sma
8:52AM 0 kriging in R
8:50AM 18 Validation of R
8:11AM 1 Simulation of recurrent events
7:45AM 4 A function as argument of another function
7:28AM 1 Help with TCL packages
6:45AM 2 a quick Q on dataframe
6:45AM 1 bit set or bit test
6:44AM 0 Q on spatial package
2:54AM 2 R Install problems with Redhat 9 : "tcl.so" versus "tcl.so.0"
12:05AM 2 make check failure with R-1.7.0
Wednesday April 16 2003
11:38PM 4 good source for explaining input and output parameters of R functions
9:18PM 0 processing of Fest in spatstat
9:15PM 0 arima function - estimated coefficients and forecasts
8:39PM 1 failed to load MASS at start up
8:21PM 0 installing a new package in R
6:35PM 2 layout.show()
6:34PM 1 wait, t(sapply()) does not work
6:21PM 2 Local parameter calculation
6:07PM 2 import data from Matlab & error msg when install package "e1071"
5:57PM 1 Question on SOM and clustering
5:28PM 2 Jackknife and rpart
4:55PM 1 help about the dist() error message
4:41PM 2 barplot2
4:37PM 3 R-1.7.0 WIN2000 INSTALL
3:40PM 0 Error terms in aov and lme
3:23PM 0 R-1.7.0 sources now available through rsync
3:22PM 1 Data Import
2:04PM 0 Discrete Multivariate Analysis (log-linear model)
1:55PM 3 Information about bootstrap
1:42PM 2 R-1.7.0 is released
1:39PM 5 besoin d'aide
12:46PM 1 unable to load package RPgSQL
8:41AM 0 TukeyHSD
3:13AM 0 Scaling points in legends
2:50AM 2 trying to plot function using curve
12:52AM 0 princomp with not non-negative definite correlation
12:01AM 1 R 1.6.2 on Mac OSN1-8.1
Tuesday April 15 2003
10:32PM 5 Summarizing levels for future commands
10:23PM 0 Building R packag. Thanks a lot.
9:50PM 1 Building R package.
7:03PM 1 About kruskal.test
6:20PM 5 making a dataframe out of lapply() result
5:20PM 2 troubles with displaying legend on the plot
4:47PM 0 GLM model simplification
3:45PM 1 R capabilities: Bayesian estimation, Covariance Structure Analysis
3:07PM 1 Simulation of Stochastic processes
2:53PM 4 graphics output produces corrupt/empty files
2:40PM 1 ok ok
2:39PM 2 cran.us.r-project.org off
2:12PM 1 Recursion Limits?
1:47PM 0 Interface problems
10:06AM 0 Testing for trends
9:16AM 1 References of R in use (SHORT SUMMARY)
8:35AM 0 speed issue with 'multcomp' ?
8:33AM 1 Fortran interface
3:54AM 1 Installing RMySQL with MySQL-4.0.12 on Debian Linux
Monday April 14 2003
11:57PM 0 Help Desk/Call Center Seminars coming to Boston!
8:37PM 1 gui - script
4:30PM 1 How to do the significant test on Local Moran's I
4:26PM 1 isoMDS and stress
2:54PM 0 New package: normalp
2:27PM 0 No more Windows compiled packages for R 1.6.x
2:09PM 5 removing NULL elements from a list
1:49PM 2 categorical variables
1:22PM 1 factor differences in anova
1:17PM 1 Analyzing Medical Data Using S-PLUS by Everitt and Rabe-Hasketh
1:00PM 0 bounces
11:23AM 1 Factor analysis in R
11:09AM 6 Charts to M$Word - what's the best format
9:56AM 1 No graphical view ?!
9:51AM 1 NA in logical vector = data frame row numbers scrambled
9:14AM 0 Memory size of R
8:22AM 0 Re: R-help Digest, Vol 2, Issue 13
5:34AM 0 Thank you
4:15AM 1 Problem with nlme or glmmPQL (MASS)
3:53AM 2 kmeans clustering
3:13AM 2 cannot create postscript files with trellis graphics inside a function
2:36AM 2 A statistical problem.Anybody can help me?
1:52AM 7 functions in a package
Sunday April 13 2003
9:16PM 2 Peculiarity in non-central qchisq for ncp > 294.92 ...
Saturday April 12 2003
9:41PM 5 rpart vs. randomForest
4:58PM 0 compiling R in 64-bit mode on Linux on Power4
4:55PM 0 Compiling R in 64-bit mode under AIX
4:24AM 1 system()
3:17AM 0 Autocovariance and acf
Friday April 11 2003
11:19PM 1 Pearson's Chi-squared Test
9:23PM 4 Can I improve the efficiency of my scan() command?
7:46PM 1 Tcl/Tk Help
5:07PM 1 Bayesian package
4:31PM 3 Do you know how to plot a PDF function?
12:29PM 0 Latin hyper cube
10:37AM 1 danish characters - installing R - linux redhat 8.0
10:11AM 1 CGI output
9:42AM 1 mean etc at the end of column
8:25AM 3 summary.formula: method reverse does not use fun argument
6:32AM 0 AW: Exact confidence intervals based on the hypergeometric d istribuiton
4:09AM 2 princomp with not non-negative definite correlation matrix
Thursday April 10 2003
8:26PM 3 multiple numerical variables in aov
7:39PM 6 How to plot several graphs in a single 2-D figure?
6:23PM 3 A Question on lowess() function
5:36PM 1 Classification problem - rpart
5:03PM 1 Exact confidence intervals based on the hypergeometric distribuiton
3:30PM 2 R under Sun Solaris 8
3:03PM 2 New problem
1:56PM 6 Transforming matrix
10:47AM 1 re: question on R
10:44AM 0 re: question on
10:36AM 1 error log
10:14AM 1 how to estimate parameters of multimodal distribution
8:15AM 1 Rprof in Windows
8:02AM 0 R-help list: archives off for a few hours; duplicate postings
6:04AM 0 Gregmisc 0.8.3 is now available
Wednesday April 9 2003
7:32PM 1 local weight and coef from LOESS or locfit
7:07PM 1 [OFF] Nested or not nested, this is the question.
1:51PM 3 Reading in multiple files
10:56AM 2 Building function libraries
9:05AM 1 Equation au Fisher Law
7:55AM 3 How to count the number of parameters in a function
7:25AM 3 plotting the lognormal density curve
Tuesday April 8 2003
10:53PM 2 quotes within quotes
10:28PM 5 Help on smooth.spline?
9:59PM 1 Solving A System of Equations
8:49PM 2 use of variable labels
7:20PM 1 Build fails for R 1.6.2: [base-Ex.Rout] Error 1
4:31PM 3 Multilevel Analyses in R
3:09PM 1 Modeling the trend and eliminate it
2:08PM 2 Basic LME
1:31PM 0 Looking for Experienced R programmer for Houston-based BioTech company
12:14PM 0 dump.frames & .Traceback information
11:04AM 2 tree plot
10:25AM 2 selecting f+gth element.
9:57AM 1 R-Installation
8:21AM 3 density ranges for uniform law
6:44AM 1 Multiple Merge
2:33AM 1 sweave quesiton
2:00AM 1 truncated poisson in glm / glmmPQL
Monday April 7 2003
7:33PM 3 New window for plot()
7:13PM 1 Segmentation error
7:01PM 4 Justifying only the X-label
6:28PM 4 subsetting a dataframe
5:51PM 5 How to sort a dataframe?
5:28PM 2 problem with mvtnorm installation
3:30PM 1 filtering ts with arima
3:03PM 3 Scalar vs. vector
1:36PM 0 Cressie & Read (1989) Weighted Median Polish
12:40PM 2 Is it possible to have data stuctures like in C ?
9:48AM 1 plot.POSIXct with axes FALSE
8:35AM 2 log-linear
6:28AM 3 graphic question
3:19AM 3 spline with multiple predictor vars?
Sunday April 6 2003
11:03PM 1 Change cex.axis in biplot()
5:11PM 1 Details to factor analysis
12:29PM 5 Odd and Even
11:04AM 0 Re: R list delays
5:35AM 0 Summary for multivariate time series
Saturday April 5 2003
7:01AM 3 slides in linux R
Friday April 4 2003
10:57PM 2 sqlSave() Question
10:05PM 3 creating function bodies using body()
9:58PM 1 Problems with Mac OS X Beta 3 display?
9:01PM 3 Sampling from a Data Frame
7:06PM 0 message
5:19PM 0 Time to distribute replies to "r-help"
4:28PM 0 How to use PCURVE to estimate 2-D principal curves?
2:06PM 1 hypatia problems?
1:19PM 0 nlme and variance-covariance matrices.
11:19AM 2 biplot
10:56AM 2 Bug in %in% (match)
8:07AM 0 NA handling with time series objects
8:01AM 0 R on AIX RISC-6000
6:04AM 3 trellis.graphic in for-loop
1:55AM 1 R Users
Thursday April 3 2003
9:54PM 2 Printing zero as dot
9:30PM 0 How to estimate 2-D principal curve using PCURVE?
8:22PM 2 Hypatia
8:11PM 1 Tukey's one degree of freedom for nonadditivity?
7:25PM 0 Thanks re Combining the components of a character vector
7:10PM 0 New Coin Operated Mobile Phone Charger - Seeking Overseas Distributors
6:36PM 1 Re: Outbound e-mail slow from R servers?
2:58PM 2 Matrix eigenvectors in R and MatLab
2:43PM 3 How to organize/develop an R function
1:32PM 1 Na handing with time series objects
1:16PM 1 SVM module: scaling data applied to new test set without using SVM again
12:32PM 0 InternetSeer- Account Set Up
11:20AM 5 cdf function: inverse to quantile?
11:19AM 1 ts function
11:08AM 0 R Foundation for Statistical Computing
10:53AM 4 Two y-axis in plots
10:39AM 0 Call for papers
10:14AM 1 Calling Fortran routines
7:53AM 0 New package of R 1.6.2 for VineLinux2.6
Wednesday April 2 2003
11:54PM 19 Combining the components of a character vector
11:03PM 2 Two questions
10:19PM 1 normalized frequency histogram
10:12PM 1 ace with mon=0
8:45PM 4 Multivariate Time series
8:36PM 2 lme parameterization question
8:02PM 1 Can boot return matrix?
7:02PM 4 S intrp function
6:39PM 7 Index of item in matrix
5:46PM 0 Getting contours ...
5:41PM 2 Efficiency: whole vector and for loop methods
5:09PM 0 Broken link on your website
4:49PM 8 lm with an arbitrary number of terms
3:59PM 0 SJava RInterpreter.dll
3:57PM 0 nlme groupedData warning
2:22PM 0 "..." and Error: unused argument(s)
1:57PM 1 Continuation string in Sweave
1:12PM 2 CGIwithR for IIS
11:57AM 2 replication of latin squares --- again
9:46AM 4 randomForests predict problem
9:08AM 0 weighted samples
8:55AM 0 [BioC] SAM: Significance of Microarray Analysis availability in R
7:23AM 1 RODBC sqlSave problem.
7:15AM 4 vectorize an expression
2:06AM 1 lda of MASS library
1:53AM 1 n.iter in simplex()
Tuesday April 1 2003
10:36PM 2 read.table
10:14PM 1 LDA
9:43PM 0 replication of latin squares
9:42PM 2 Can't run regression on G3 Mac
7:22PM 0 lme() and nlme() give inconsistent numbers of degrees of freedom (PR#2384)
7:20PM 0 Answer to .Random.seed vs. set.seed
6:57PM 2 cor.test observations limit
6:25PM 1 Windows GUI palimpsest
6:23PM 0 R syntax highlighter for Source Edit
5:49PM 1 .Random.seed vs. set.seed
4:56PM 4 Is there any Time series change-point estimate in R?
4:55PM 0 XML to R datafram or list
3:33PM 2 Old style and new style classes
2:58PM 1 [OFF]- Xemacs, delete key and ESS
12:49PM 1 Shafer's MI software for S-plus
12:38PM 1 Bug in Plot.table?
10:10AM 0 survival data format
10:02AM 2 R function calling: efficiency of different alternatives
9:38AM 1 Load and unload libraries
9:32AM 1 Nlminb equivalent function in R?
9:30AM 1 RE: Computer specifications
7:11AM 1 SQL and system
3:34AM 5 How to list functions in a library?
2:23AM 2 Autogenerated png, bitmap images
1:45AM 1 using Rmath standalone
12:12AM 1 RODBC, freetds, and MS SQL Server