R help - Mar 2002

Sunday March 31 2002
4:14PM 0 Flops
10:52AM 1 lme degrees of freedoms: SAS and R
2:37AM 1 How to get the datapoints of an density estimationwithlocfit?
Saturday March 30 2002
7:53PM 2 Inconsistency among mean, median, max, var
5:28PM 0 Wilks' Lambda for lda?!
4:43AM 1 .Rd Files
Friday March 29 2002
8:02PM 0 M.S. Biostatistician Openings
7:16PM 2 How to get the datapoints of an density estimation with locfit?
7:00PM 1 help with lme function
4:56PM 0 FW: Newbie struggling with "factors"
3:58PM 0 further on use of expand.model.frame
2:18PM 1 mse
2:09PM 0 running example() (was RE: Output from examples in help files )
1:58PM 3 Newbie struggling with "factors"
11:09AM 2 order()
5:54AM 2 No subject
2:07AM 1 memory error with rpart()
1:56AM 1 R crashes with some characters.
1:48AM 0 use of expand.model.frame
12:41AM 1 wierd expression
12:36AM 3 system in windows
12:14AM 2 Output from examples in help files
Thursday March 28 2002
11:34PM 2 Is it possible to do Ripley's K and L functions analysis with R?
10:54PM 0 Summary: Vectorizing closest match
9:02PM 3 how to run .r batch file
8:28PM 0 RE: problem: use install.packages() with proxy under Windows 2000 with Pentium 4 machine
7:48PM 0 problem: use install.packages() with proxy under Windows 2000 wit h Pentium 4 machine
7:27PM 0 reduced major axis regression
7:12PM 0 Enhancement request: lookup.xport() in library foreign
3:41PM 2 color key with xyplot
1:19PM 3 Vectorizing closest match
10:30AM 1 extracting non-NA columns from a data frame
8:37AM 0 bug in fft
Wednesday March 27 2002
11:28PM 1 non-decreasing smoother
10:02PM 1 Problem with line segments in a dotplot
9:14PM 1 symbol-name
8:35PM 1 No subject
7:19PM 0 "object not found"
6:28PM 0 Re: RE Vertical bars with barchart()
5:35PM 2 Need suggestions for nice handling of MANY plots
5:14PM 0 Any good examples of survey processing?
4:05PM 1 read.table problem with column headers
3:42PM 0 recursive - periodical variance on time series
2:58PM 1 kriging C/C++ code
2:02PM 1 Naive Bays
9:47AM 2 Error with nls
5:44AM 2 Vertical bars with barchart()
Tuesday March 26 2002
9:54PM 2 compling C code in R for Windows
9:18PM 1 ellipsis question
9:15PM 2 does function predplot still exist?
8:51PM 2 source() or function?
8:42PM 1 anova() for nlm or nls
7:47PM 1 comparing row by row in matrix
5:23PM 3 ks.test - continuous vs discrete
4:17PM 1 seq.POSIXt() with short time intervals
4:04PM 1 installing gzip files
2:49PM 0 correlation matrix for mixed contin/nominal/ordinal variables
12:00PM 1 process & tracking
2:38AM 0 documentation suggestion for Extremes.Rd
1:23AM 0 unsbscribe
Monday March 25 2002
10:28PM 0 netCDF
9:23PM 1 How to detach binary objects/libraries?
8:26PM 2 How do you organize the objects you produced?
7:41PM 2 Extreme value distributions (Long.)
5:04PM 0 MARS function
4:57PM 1 MARS
2:26PM 2 Logistic regression in R?
4:28AM 1 Problems installing Tcl/Tk
12:17AM 1 mozilla 0.99 as help browser on win2k
Sunday March 24 2002
9:30PM 2 readline?
8:55PM 1 r help search and internet explorer in win2k
8:29PM 3 arsinh
6:32PM 2 pipe
5:12PM 0 Creating missing values.
10:41AM 3 Data Checking
Saturday March 23 2002
7:07PM 1 Normal behavior or bug?
2:23AM 1 how to load a c function in R
Friday March 22 2002
5:58PM 1 binom.test and small N
5:32PM 1 Memory Allocation
4:53PM 0 Missing html documentation.
3:47PM 0 Automatic Printing in windows
2:26PM 0 sequential t-test - replies
2:09AM 3 heteroskedasticity-robust standard errors
Thursday March 21 2002
9:21PM 0 RE: Radar track data
9:12PM 2 Formatting the output of pairs()
8:22PM 0 No subject
6:57PM 1 A Few Questions
5:27PM 1 help with print and ways to display results
4:35PM 2 write to standard output without NL/CR
4:35PM 0 table of variance again
4:01PM 0 STARMA models
3:22PM 2 table of variance analysis
3:03PM 0 multiroot()
12:53PM 1 Wilks Lamba
11:39AM 2 mailing list archives
10:19AM 5 repeating rows or columns within a matrix
8:53AM 1 Underdispersion with anova testing methods
8:31AM 0 RODBC
8:13AM 2 optim with gradient
7:47AM 2 Small typo in An Introduction to R (PR#1402)
4:19AM 1 RGui error on Windows 2000
3:30AM 3 plot question
1:06AM 0 tree
Wednesday March 20 2002
8:10PM 1 Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test
7:39PM 7 how does while work
7:13PM 0 [OT] Open source statistical analysis in the news
5:06PM 0 How calculate Wilks Lamda in a one way repetead measure design?
4:50PM 2 Scaling Data
4:40PM 3 check without loop
4:18PM 0 thanks for spatial library
4:11PM 3 tex/latex output?
2:19PM 4 spatial library
1:32PM 1 cannot open file .RDataTmp
11:25AM 4 A Very Trivial Question
11:18AM 3 a R question
10:25AM 1 Installing GRASS_0.1-4.tar.gz on RedHat7.1 Linux
7:41AM 5 inverted axis
2:23AM 1 R-1.4.1 crashes on Debian Woody
12:25AM 1 RODBC under Windows
Tuesday March 19 2002
10:23PM 1 Catenating expressions in plotmath().
9:40PM 3 multiroot() anyone?
8:31PM 2 Selecting cases from a data frame
8:21PM 3 Re: Problems with rgl package
7:53PM 0 MASS Book Exercise
5:09PM 0 fitting with lm (Followup)
4:13PM 1 Solaris 8 error - make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `saveload.o'
4:03PM 2 fitting with lm
2:14PM 1 pdf page limit
2:10PM 1 pdf page limit?
10:55AM 3 plot with the axes at xlim and ylim
10:46AM 1 what line is labeled in persp?
7:26AM 0 RODC-Connection to more than one file
4:21AM 4 group vectors of different length
3:42AM 2 write in a file
3:12AM 1 breaks in axis
3:08AM 5 matrix with fix number columns but variable number rows
3:02AM 0 RGui error
Monday March 18 2002
10:55PM 3 function design
6:08PM 2 ordering a matrix by multiple columns
5:31PM 1 About plot 3d
4:42PM 4 Plot 3d
4:09PM 1 line breaks
11:50AM 2 persp(): add second plane (second, long question)
10:59AM 0 Anderson-Darling test
Sunday March 17 2002
9:40PM 1 translate octave code to R
8:29PM 1 R hosting
6:41PM 2 using "by" and indicies
5:32PM 1 Discriminant Analysis Using Anova in R
2:42PM 0 Question about Linear Mixed-Models (in R)
6:18AM 2 Running R on MacOS X
4:58AM 3 apply problem
4:05AM 0 nor loop nor computation of the whole covariance matrix
3:43AM 5 compute variance of every column in a matrix without a loop
3:09AM 3 R on the web
12:34AM 0 xfig() documentation
Saturday March 16 2002
6:31PM 1 readline library for Redhat 7.2
5:21AM 2 uninstall problem
5:12AM 2 Problems with merge
3:27AM 2 stop a script and then resume it?
Friday March 15 2002
10:33PM 1 lexicographic sort
7:06PM 0 variance components in lme
5:05PM 1 predicting financial time series
4:52PM 2 cutting barplots at e.g. 50%
4:46PM 1 Non-english fonts in plots
4:24PM 1 creating time series from existing data
4:23PM 0 Cross Validation
1:57PM 1 calibration/inverse regression?
12:42PM 0 GMM estimation
11:50AM 1 : plotting error bar in lattice
4:51AM 0 Re:
1:53AM 1 eval in parent frame: scoping rule confusion
1:12AM 1 No subject
Thursday March 14 2002
3:59PM 1 list function objects only
10:41AM 1 persp(): add second plane
3:27AM 1 gif, jpeg and png image files reader AND tcltk image
Wednesday March 13 2002
8:58PM 2 Log Window
8:23PM 2 MASS Library
1:12PM 3 plot
12:32PM 0 t() and aperm(): doc suggestion
11:57AM 1 How to read in dataframe from file
10:57AM 1 R matrix to Python
7:48AM 1 controlling figure dimension/location
7:40AM 2 barplots with std-error
6:56AM 1 problems compiling R-devel packages in Windows
6:10AM 1 win.metafile and multiple plots
6:00AM 0 aov for a split plot design
5:23AM 0 Index value from within function used by "by"
5:03AM 2 How useful is iESS mode for emacs?
4:49AM 3 Error: subscript out of bounds
4:03AM 0 permax package
3:54AM 0 R for Macs
12:03AM 1 writing fortran routines
Tuesday March 12 2002
10:55PM 1 RArcInfo Package, get.bnddata()
10:23PM 1 mathematical expression in legend
7:00PM 1 Sparse matrix methods
6:05PM 1 can a matrix of lists work in R?
3:41PM 4 swapping rows with columns
3:27PM 0 nlme versus aov with Error()
3:10PM 0 Case weights in nlme models
2:30PM 0 MatClass
1:22PM 0 qhuber-locfit: residual variance
11:19AM 1 Change axes labels in Lattice
6:53AM 0 Vis5D interface package
1:24AM 0 Breakdown of Treatment Sum of Squares
1:08AM 2 How to get special (Hershey) font symbols into plot axis labels?
Monday March 11 2002
11:29PM 2 gif, jpeg and png image files reader
7:55PM 4 svm in e1071 package segment fault in redhat 7.2
5:16PM 3 Crime Time Series
5:13PM 2 Help with Python, R and RPY
5:03PM 0 passing the reference in R functions summary
2:22PM 1 Spectral decomposition
8:14AM 1 R Report Generator: Submit to CRAN?
5:47AM 0 How to change par globally?
2:52AM 1 filled bars with patterns
2:10AM 1 problem with deriv3?
Sunday March 10 2002
11:21PM 0 R extensions programmer help needed (London area programmer preferrably)
5:01PM 1 xaxp and yaxp
3:43PM 1 lattice library: xyplot and polygons
2:54PM 6 Newbie with R
10:36AM 1 multiple pairwise slope comparisons
2:34AM 0 Re: Announce: RPy (R from Python)
Saturday March 9 2002
10:38PM 1 labels outside plotting region
10:20AM 1 IE html help search engine terminates
Friday March 8 2002
10:16PM 4 ARMA and ARIMA modeling
9:08PM 0 Create png graph from script?
6:54PM 0 predict.tree
4:24PM 1 passing the reference in R functions
2:02PM 1 Matrix multiplication problem
12:39PM 1 Xgobi package
12:05PM 2 ? about sample
11:23AM 0 Barnard's sequential t-test code ?
11:09AM 0 Re: ...specific file in the HTML browser...
5:56AM 3 Unbalanced ANOVA in R?
12:25AM 1 Random data with correlation
Thursday March 7 2002
7:47PM 1 integrate function
7:07PM 2 Is it possible to open a specific file in the HTML browser like help(htmlhelp=TRUE) does?
6:10PM 2 frequency
4:58PM 0 LogXact
3:12PM 8 linear correlation?
2:45PM 0 Hierarchical Terms in RE models?
2:17PM 0 OT: 2 way anova with significant interaction but no significant main effects
12:54PM 1 Cluster validation and FOM
12:48PM 0 Strange problems with external Fortran routine
10:46AM 0 Re-creating ".R" directory in R1.4.1
8:36AM 2 Statconnector and Excel
5:35AM 5 mailing list archive
1:23AM 0 ChemNet.com合并Chemyahoo.com推出全球化工网!
Wednesday March 6 2002
11:36PM 4 Strange behavior when subsetting data frames with NAs
10:35PM 2 Installing a Package in Windows 2000
8:46PM 2 Announce: R from Python
8:16PM 2 Hodrick-Prescott filter example
4:46PM 3 Loading tcltk package fails on WinMe/Cygwin but works with Rgui
2:13PM 3 Problem in .First.lib
11:53AM 3 help with combining data frames
8:21AM 1 Strange behaviour of strptime
Tuesday March 5 2002
11:04PM 1 special characters/symbols
10:19PM 1 apply question
4:49PM 3 newbie: remove column with low mean from a matrix
4:11PM 1 Monotonicity correlation coefficients
2:49PM 3 location of maximum
1:27PM 2 How do delete all R objects out off a function?
12:37PM 1 dribble for R?
10:02AM 2 Running mean in R?
8:40AM 3 enhanced Question to stand. Beta
4:33AM 2 identify in lattice
4:00AM 1 no labels when plotting dendrograms
1:59AM 2 No subject
1:21AM 1 R help search engine/ windows crashable
12:51AM 0 Improved HTML Reporting Functions
12:41AM 3 reading 2-byte integers using readBin and connections
Monday March 4 2002
10:37PM 1 Solving quadratic functions
2:32PM 2 Plotting a x axis from a vector with rownames
2:17PM 2 No subject
2:04PM 2 Standardized Beta?
1:58PM 0 Lapack not found on R MacOS 9.1
9:19AM 1 Running on MacOS X
8:47AM 1 coplots
2:58AM 0 Quality COntrol
Sunday March 3 2002
7:43PM 2 indexing data.frames
9:14AM 2 Small Functions for Writing HTML Files
3:24AM 1 Upgrading an installation of R
Saturday March 2 2002
10:31PM 0 Functions for von Mises (circular normal) distribution
2:43PM 1 accessing factor levels from C
1:34PM 1 pmvnorm?
7:33AM 1 query on lqs
12:23AM 0 getting state.center
Friday March 1 2002
10:36PM 0 Refresh x11 window in non-interactive session
5:10PM 0 logistic regression / MASS / ms --> optim(method="L-BFGS-B") translation
4:33PM 1 glm with binomial errors in R and GLIM
3:48PM 1 Excel Add-in
3:42PM 4 Type III Sum of Squares
3:36PM 0 Mauchly's test of spherisity
3:15PM 3 calculating std err (SEM)?
11:48AM 1 Building hdf5 on Windows
10:45AM 1 HDF 5 install - how to pass configure flag to the R CMD command
10:28AM 3 Split plot in colors/pch??
10:28AM 1 plot(table..) using pairs
10:04AM 3 Power of t-test in R vs. S-PLUS
12:17AM 1 SVM in R
12:12AM 2 step, leaps, lasso, LSE or what?