R help - Apr 2002

Tuesday April 30 2002
8:51PM 4 generating graphical output when DISPLAY is not set?
8:32PM 0 Examples of hypothesis testing Bryan Moss
8:15PM 0 I: A sample question
7:32PM 3 A sample question
6:07PM 0 Re What am I doing wrong with xyplot?
6:01PM 0 What am I doing wrong with xyplot?
5:58PM 0 R-1.5.0 and JPEG
5:38PM 1 JPEG library wierdness
5:35PM 1 update from 1.41. to 1.5.0
5:21PM 0 Matching a geometric distribution
4:23PM 1 regression, for loop
3:08PM 3 rbind'ing empty rows in dataframes in 1.4.1 versus 1.5.0
2:58PM 1 data.frame package?
2:47PM 2 display of character NA's in a dataframe in 1.5.0
2:18PM 1 followup -- deficiencies in readline capability
8:23AM 0 trouble with R-1.5.0 and readline.h at an odd place on SGI
8:06AM 1 MemoryProblem in R-1.4.1
7:03AM 3 Labeling matrix data
Monday April 29 2002
10:52PM 2 cluster analyses
10:37PM 2 efficiency
10:08PM 2 calling optim from external C/C++ program
9:50PM 0 deficiencies in readline capability
8:59PM 0 Question on integrateing R to our system
7:43PM 3 how to trap any warnings from an R function
6:38PM 1 I: Problem
6:19PM 1 Garbage collection: RW1041
5:49PM 2 RPart
5:49PM 2 Lost Tcl/Tk support
5:41PM 0 building R-1.5.0 on SGI/IRIX
5:32PM 0 code optimization
4:46PM 1 data
4:10PM 1 who has experience to do peakfit using R?
3:13PM 1 New Realease
3:12PM 1 Release of Design library; update of Hmisc library
3:08PM 0 Hmisc library
3:01PM 3 Organizing the help files in a package
1:28PM 1 masking functions
12:56PM 2 Lotos 1-2-3 date to POSIXct
12:30PM 1 Circular graphics
10:15AM 2 append with write.table()
7:38AM 0 test
12:27AM 3 ifelse versus ...
Sunday April 28 2002
11:51PM 2 dropterm() in MASS
11:43PM 1 Building rgui with Visual C/C++ 6
11:35PM 2 Building Rgui.exe with Visual Studio
10:16PM 0 Compile R with Intel compilers on Linux?
9:01PM 0 rank
12:36PM 2 Image processing? Manipulating image data in R?
6:41AM 2 rpart problem
Saturday April 27 2002
7:26PM 2 Explanation of Error Diagnostics
3:54PM 2 S & R list virus warning
Friday April 26 2002
9:14PM 1 Error in ORDGLM function
8:42PM 3 different data series on one graph
7:11PM 1 ORDGLM function - which package has it?
6:51PM 1 Problem with read.xport() from foreign package
6:37PM 1 optim or nlm with matrices
4:18PM 0 [Fwd: Re: degrees of freedom for t-tests in lme]
3:28PM 0 [OT] Inverting sparse matrices
3:19PM 2 Can't install packages (PR#1486)
1:59PM 4 SAS and R
1:42PM 2 quadratic discriminant analysis?
1:39PM 2 Spearman Correlation
11:45AM 7 spreadsheet data import
7:39AM 1 truncated observed
12:50AM 1 optimization of R on SGI/IRIX
Thursday April 25 2002
10:57PM 1 simple bar plot with confidence interval
10:05PM 1 Rdbi package and PgSQL
5:39PM 0 Abilities of R
3:25PM 4 sum() with na.rm=TRUE, again
12:23PM 2 install a package from CRAN
9:56AM 1 polyclass
9:50AM 0 Crossed random effects
9:20AM 3 Kendall's tau
7:20AM 1 An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM
Wednesday April 24 2002
7:55PM 1 Newton-Raphson
6:32PM 0 Boxplot
5:35PM 2 Regarding pp.plot(){CircStats}
5:16PM 0 degrees of freedom for t-tests in lme
2:29PM 1 pooling categories in a contingency table
1:39PM 0 can not compile R-1.4.1 on OSF5.1
10:52AM 0 Everything You Need for JEdit/R Edit Mode
9:41AM 3 nonlinear least squares, multiresponse
8:26AM 0 Which platform the R-JAVA support ??
8:11AM 2 Multiple frequencies
7:49AM 3 Dummy newbie question
7:20AM 2 Changing the colour in boxplots using bwplot()
Tuesday April 23 2002
11:19PM 2 Asking about how to use R to draw Time Series graph
11:19PM 2 Install
11:05PM 3 stacking vectors of unequal length
8:08PM 1 column-plot of rainfall data
4:09PM 0 New Course*** R/S-Plus Programming Techniques II, May 20-21
4:05PM 1 Writing text in lattice graphics
3:36PM 3 error loading huge .RData
3:25PM 0 Website ? FAST !
2:41PM 0 re| `Upgrading to 1.4.1 seems to work'
9:51AM 0 Improving R Editing: JEdit Support for R
9:35AM 1 Tree package on R 1.4.1
8:00AM 2 kaplanMeier & censorReg
7:20AM 1 Re: R-help Digest V2 #710
4:23AM 1 Use of nls command
4:20AM 1 Lattice graphics on Mac OS X
1:17AM 3 Subsetting by a logical condition and NA's
1:04AM 0 Summary: Multidimensional scaling
Monday April 22 2002
11:40PM 1 Goodness-of-fit
8:31PM 2 lattice x(y)lab and expression
6:31PM 1 recording an R session
5:12PM 2 Problem passing data into read.table()
3:51PM 3 glm() function not finding the maximum
3:38PM 2 lattice help
1:06PM 2 skipping specific rows in read.table
8:44AM 0 Problem with logarithmic axes labelling
7:56AM 2 .RData
7:21AM 0 PP.test
4:14AM 2 how can a function tell if defaults are used?
Sunday April 21 2002
11:04PM 0 New R CGI gateway: TKU-Stat
6:16PM 2 updating R - old version still runs
2:33PM 2 Simple Coding problem ?
10:00AM 0 Problems with call R from java
Saturday April 20 2002
6:58PM 3 Problem with a matrix
2:52PM 2 integration of a discrete function
Friday April 19 2002
10:37PM 4 Multidimensional scaling
9:07PM 2 exponential smoothing
8:26PM 1 2D cluster of 2D matrix in R?
7:44PM 0 Your mail sent to mailbase.ac.uk with subject Meeting notice
5:11PM 1 FW: Problem compiling on HP-UX 10.20
3:03PM 1 R and OS X
2:56PM 2 y-intercept forcing
1:11PM 1 trouble with tcltk (was RE: trouble compiling R on Irix )
10:50AM 2 merge
10:42AM 2 Problem with installation on Mandrake 8.1
4:48AM 4 Durbin-Watson test in packages "car" and "lmtest"
Thursday April 18 2002
10:48PM 3 Variable definition problem
8:05PM 2 naming boxes in boxplot
6:46PM 1 About duplicates
6:33PM 1 trouble with tcltk (was RE: trouble compiling R on Irix)
4:42PM 5 Two problems
4:06PM 1 Help with lme basics
4:01PM 0 Re: printing tree results
3:14PM 2 No subject
2:44PM 1 trouble compiling R on Irix
2:16PM 1 Problem compiling on HP-UX 10.20
12:07PM 1 lattice
12:00PM 2 using R with c++
11:03AM 2 Data.Frame Multiplication
10:58AM 2 Background in lattice plots using dotplot()
7:48AM 1 grid lines outside plot region in version R1.4.1
4:52AM 0 C++ and R in Solaris
4:43AM 0 R and C++ in Solaris
3:16AM 4 Silly Question
12:51AM 2 Changing tick mark labels
Wednesday April 17 2002
11:34PM 0 User defined macros for Rd-files?
10:26PM 2 placing objects with format statements into text file
10:13PM 1 Problems embedding R in a C application
8:24PM 1 zero center a group of variables
7:12PM 1 concat
6:53PM 2 nls error control
4:30PM 1 Stochastyic frontier regression
2:55PM 2 Cross-correlation
2:24PM 4 Problem w/ axis and distortion in a plotting function
2:23PM 1 Installation of R-1.4.1 on Solaris 2.7
1:56PM 1 rbind() very slow
1:24PM 4 union of lists
12:34PM 0 using the netCDF.zip package in Windows (XP).
10:39AM 0 still have problem with krige and border option [end]
9:45AM 0 Converter issues
7:38AM 1 No output from (lattice) xyplot called within loops
Tuesday April 16 2002
11:51PM 0 k-Nearest Neighbour density estimation
8:29PM 2 passing ", betrayed by the non-vanishing \
7:06PM 1 [Fwd: Re: Multithreading]
4:40PM 0 sum(NA,na.rm=T) - answered my own question - sorry
4:34PM 0 sum(NA,na.rm=T)
4:08PM 0 still have problem with krige and border option
3:13PM 6 Classification Analysis
11:24AM 1 Benchmarks
9:28AM 2 Multithreading
7:32AM 1 symbols in lattice
7:29AM 0 Book
7:20AM 1 Can one aply 'mgp' to individual axis?
6:36AM 2 multiple plot devices
4:23AM 1 Problem with dyn.load()
3:34AM 1 draw.tree help
Monday April 15 2002
9:31PM 0 Problem with read.table()
9:20PM 1 simple Q: required sample size & usage of power.t.test()
6:15PM 8 Problem
4:45PM 1 Nested ANOVA with covariates
4:41PM 0 error fitting lme model
3:11PM 0 eGRACH
3:03PM 2 krige and polygon limit problem
2:12PM 1 nested anova not giving expected results
12:58PM 1 glm link = logit, passing arguments
12:54PM 6 two questions
12:53PM 2 Newbie problem with ox package
12:29PM 3 Greek in text()
10:37AM 1 required sample size
9:33AM 1 Re: Writting R Function
8:47AM 1 vector average
1:12AM 0 ANN: RPy (R from Python) 0.2
Sunday April 14 2002
6:00PM 1 Suggestion for implementation
12:30PM 0 gls
Saturday April 13 2002
10:42PM 0 grayscale postscript plots
10:28PM 2 trouble getting output from graphs, again
9:48PM 1 save.image() issue resolved - I hope
6:18PM 1 save.image() error reappears
11:40AM 1 Follow-up: pos= in library and require
Friday April 12 2002
5:20PM 0 plot-history
4:06PM 5 How to specify search order for require()
3:57PM 0 documentation widget
3:37PM 3 add columns to a data.frame
2:57PM 1 Parrot
2:42PM 1 summary: Generalized linear mixed model software
2:37PM 2 Help
1:50PM 2 Lattice Package...
12:20PM 1 correlated binary random numbers
12:19PM 0 Summary: Obtaining names of ``...'' arguments.
11:42AM 1 Problems with memory
11:08AM 1 xgobi
10:39AM 0 RJava , bitmap ,PNG
9:10AM 1 persp(): z-axis annotation overwrites numbers at tickmark
8:12AM 4 Matrix to data.frame without factors
Thursday April 11 2002
7:24PM 1 Need help decyphering 'make check' errors
7:21PM 2 Obtaining names of ``...'' arguments.
4:41PM 14 Ordinal categorical data with GLM
3:13PM 0 Odp: graphics in batch mode
1:59PM 2 time (or output of function) in the R prompt
1:42PM 6 extract week from date
1:17PM 2 "CTRL-C" and "try"
12:35PM 3 graphics in batch mode
9:09AM 3 new acf package
8:18AM 0 unsusbscribe
4:07AM 3 Help installing from Rpm
1:24AM 3 paste dataframe
Wednesday April 10 2002
11:50PM 0 programmatic installation
10:45PM 1 Layout of Fourier frequencies
10:43PM 4 Principal Component analysis question
4:59PM 11 Newsgroup
4:27PM 1 No subject
2:23PM 2 R cross-platform compatibility--wow!
12:12PM 0 foreign/write.table
12:00PM 3 problem with do.call
8:18AM 1 New Package: ipred - Improved predictors
1:31AM 0 Discriminant Adaptive Nearest Neighbor
Tuesday April 9 2002
10:34PM 0 installation
10:10PM 1 write.table
5:13PM 3 dynamically including R-code into R-code
5:11PM 0 SJava! java.library.path. A next simple configuration question.
4:27PM 3 expressions on graphs
4:16PM 1 factanal prediction
4:12PM 0 summer R job in Oregon
3:37PM 1 restoring .RData with older version of R
3:22PM 0 couldn't find function "nclass.fd"
3:15PM 1 Mixture Modeling in R
2:13PM 1 how to deal with singularities in lm()
12:46PM 6 matrix dimension and for loop
12:45PM 3 readline editor
8:05AM 1 Fortran (77) in R
3:27AM 2 Restricted Least Squares
Monday April 8 2002
11:46PM 1 factor labels in model.frame
11:24PM 1 Still having a problem with Rcmd - TMPDIR
9:13PM 1 Problem(?) in strptime() -- short version
7:51PM 1 Error in nlme ranef plot()
7:33PM 1 Problem(?) in strptime()
5:53PM 4 pooling categories in a table
5:23PM 4 Missing data and Imputation
3:12PM 2 changing the form of a list
2:14PM 1 glmm
2:11PM 2 user coordinates and rug plots in lattice graphics
12:29PM 0 example of exponential regression
10:38AM 2 subsetting with NA's
6:10AM 0 LOCFIT and survival function
Sunday April 7 2002
10:48PM 0 help with the "pch" option in plot.locfit
1:41PM 3 German umlaut in xlab
1:48AM 0 save.image() followup
1:39AM 2 save.image() error
Saturday April 6 2002
11:07PM 0 An R (or S) to C/C++ translator?
8:41PM 1 read.table and trouble
7:42PM 0 Keep labels when importing data from SPSS?
5:03AM 0 white in the default palette
Friday April 5 2002
8:23PM 1 randomForest() segfaults under Solaris(SPARC) 2.7
6:55PM 1 Rgui.exe cannot start on Win2000 professional vesion!
2:54PM 1 rbind(NULL,NULL)
9:02AM 0 uncorrect image dimension
7:19AM 2 weighted 2 or 3 parameter weibull estimation?
Thursday April 4 2002
8:33PM 2 summary on predict with arima0
2:58PM 1 html documentation bug in: help(par), 'las'
2:35PM 1 Something like se.contrast.lme?
1:04PM 0 ozone.xy
12:01PM 1 Histograms with coplot
11:45AM 0 Basle/ Allerød: Survival Analysis in S-PLUS with Terry Therneau
12:19AM 2 non-32-bit integer problem on SUN-Blade
Wednesday April 3 2002
10:50PM 0 Another question on locfit
8:37PM 0 Linear extrapolation; revision to earlier posting
6:01PM 1 arima0 with unusual poly
5:33PM 1 optim()
4:04PM 1 libraries in $HOME/lib
2:44PM 2 R package organization
2:15PM 3 Segmentation fault with xyplot
1:42PM 1 Still needing help with LDA
10:26AM 4 Text Labels on plots in R
9:39AM 3 non-stationary covariance
7:59AM 0 Great Replies! Give me some time...
2:32AM 0 help on lme and variance estimation
Tuesday April 2 2002
11:51PM 2 Trouble with R and cronjobs
8:53PM 1 predict with arima0
6:58PM 1 Extract psuedo model matrix from nls?
3:26PM 2 label tickmarks in persp()-plot
3:22PM 2 random forests for R
2:25PM 3 A Few Suggestions to help out newbies
1:36PM 1 compile C code
1:23PM 1 newbee to XML library
12:51PM 1 "Large" data set: performance issue
10:40AM 1 Repeated aov residuals
9:57AM 1 R-geostatistica
6:59AM 10 A request
5:26AM 1 cbind.ts bug?
3:04AM 4 Two R sessions?
Monday April 1 2002
11:53PM 0 Compiling R for Solaris 8/Intel CPU
10:44PM 0 something confusing about stepAIC
8:51PM 2 creating an output file name using cat
6:47PM 0 RE: [S] R for UNIX on Intel platform
2:49PM 2 writing a package for generalized linear mixed modesl