R help - Sep 2001

Sunday September 30 2001
5:17PM 1 (No Subject)
3:59PM 2 non linear models
2:41PM 0 GNU GOOSe apparently needs help (fwd)
10:46AM 1 MASS data sets
1:25AM 0 Binary Version on IBM ,HP and SUN
Saturday September 29 2001
11:54PM 1 how much memory does one need...
2:18PM 2 Optimized Likelihoods
Friday September 28 2001
9:23PM 3 evaluating the contents of a string
9:09PM 0 save() in the presence of conflicts
4:04PM 1 Summary of Characters vectors, NA's and "" in merges
3:13PM 1 Classes implemented in R and packages
3:03PM 1 change directory?
1:08PM 2 names of model coefficients etc
12:23PM 0 How to ask smart questions (was RE: [S] A plea (was RE: [S] Diffe rences between UNIX and PC)
12:20PM 1 Using a zero-finding routine in R
9:17AM 1 binary coding of NA, Nan etc.
4:15AM 1 Generate rand. data with zero skewness and some kurtosis
Thursday September 27 2001
11:03PM 5 Reading and writing to S-like databases
9:12PM 1 Correlations in multivariate censored data
9:12PM 4 using the pfe editor with R 1.1.3 under windows 2000
9:07PM 0 concatenate multidimensional arrays
8:53PM 1 library() and lib.loc
8:40PM 1 Tildes in R docmentation.
7:42PM 0 stacking data.frame in a list
5:43PM 0 error
5:18PM 1 list of all objects - just being curious
5:05PM 2 on.exit
4:50PM 0 choose
4:24PM 1 cuts and breaks
3:37PM 1 Making a factor with common levels ...
2:51PM 1 kidney survival data
1:33PM 1 multiple versions
11:55AM 1 Passing an R matrix to a C program
9:21AM 2 Getting your stuff organized in R
2:58AM 1 Filled contour
Wednesday September 26 2001
6:44PM 2 Forcing a refresh in R for Windows
5:56PM 1 Table help
5:27PM 3 Multithread processing
1:37PM 1 Seeking optimal mixture
12:35PM 0 installing RMySQL:summary
12:10PM 1 Characters vectors, NA's and "" in merges
10:28AM 0 save(a,b,c,d,file="x"): listing the contents of x?
9:45AM 2 installing RMySQL
9:04AM 5 vectorization help please
12:43AM 0 setting search position
Tuesday September 25 2001
9:27PM 1 paste
9:24PM 1 error with surf.ls in spatial
5:53PM 3 Error in optim(p, fun,...)
4:32PM 2 extracting columns from a ts series
4:30PM 2 glm.nb, anova.negbin
3:27PM 1 parzen-window, tukey window
3:22PM 2 read.table() suggestions
2:47PM 0 Clusteranalysis
2:45PM 2 max-min plot
1:53PM 0 GAM functions
1:44PM 1 Bug in boxplot.stats?
1:32PM 1 frequencies
1:29PM 2 hpux10.20 build for R-1.3.1
1:24PM 1 blues in c
12:27PM 2 predict incosistency ?
10:07AM 2 pairs() Legend
9:38AM 1 rbinding dataframes
Monday September 24 2001
9:49PM 2 configure problem
8:58PM 3 x axis point labels
8:21PM 0 Problem solved
7:17PM 2 confidence interval given by prop.test()
7:09PM 0 scalable fonts problem on Linux
6:21PM 1 Problem with read.table and scan
3:55PM 1 need help creating means table
1:27PM 0 syntax highlighting pattern for NEdit
12:57PM 3 reading in ASCII files
11:03AM 1 Printing Central European characters
3:04AM 1 2D fft DC shift
Sunday September 23 2001
6:03PM 1 plot and lm (2)
4:16PM 0 plot and lm
3:16PM 1 more about outer
2:55PM 1 outer
3:05AM 1 plot with no tick marks
Saturday September 22 2001
4:28AM 2 Finding a 3D convex hull in R
2:53AM 1 availability of a "solve" function in R?
Friday September 21 2001
8:32PM 2 memory usage
8:10PM 1 Request for Help: Rotation of PCA Solution or Eigenvectors
2:29PM 1 behavior of xaxt = "n" with POSIXct dates
12:25PM 0 help plotting multiple ts
11:27AM 4 How to change the levels of a variable???
8:47AM 0 cor.test(x,x) sometimes produce NaN
5:34AM 1 Quoting underscores in variable names
3:05AM 2 new versions of grid and lattice
Thursday September 20 2001
9:29PM 0 3d java etc.
7:47PM 1 making packages for windows from UNIX
6:50PM 1 tcltk installation
5:03PM 4 Greek symbols in plot labels
4:48PM 0 G-test : log-likelihood ratio test
7:57AM 3 indexing an array
7:23AM 1 How to get residuals with arima0? [fwd]
5:45AM 0 Power to detect a change poisson glm
12:03AM 1 Re: text book on experimental design
Wednesday September 19 2001
9:15PM 2 tcltk: Difficulties creating menus
8:44PM 1 X-axis with POSIXct dates
4:53PM 4 Building a dll for windows
4:29PM 0 Course: R Fundamentals and Programming Techniques in New Jersey (October 24-26)
4:25PM 5 3d images
5:43AM 2 Save/Display R Work
Tuesday September 18 2001
12:30PM 0 R binaries for Solaris 2.7
10:27AM 4 help in a separate window under linux
10:18AM 1 case weights-coxph (solved)
8:20AM 1 case weights in coxph (survival)
6:38AM 1 textbook on experimental design?
2:57AM 2 Error mean square
Monday September 17 2001
11:28PM 1 R console history v/s unix history
10:47PM 1 R package & namespace questions
8:14PM 0 Many thanks. (Was: Supply linear constrain to optimizer)
7:40PM 3 computational capacity of Linux network
12:55PM 2 archives of this list now searchable, I think
8:46AM 1 predictions under NA
8:10AM 1 tree model large dataset -error
7:10AM 0 variance of a linear model
Sunday September 16 2001
5:30PM 0 Fwd: Re: lattice package and postscript
Saturday September 15 2001
6:02PM 1 Tk version of data.entry?
12:39PM 1 Command-line history not working...
Friday September 14 2001
9:21PM 3 R Installation problem: 'make check' errors
8:36PM 1 Rai and Van Ryzin Model
6:51PM 0 rpart or Postscript problem?
3:13PM 1 Dynamic loading problem.
2:47PM 2 "return" function
11:29AM 2 tkfilefind in tcltk on Windows2000
11:20AM 0 problem with rpart()
8:30AM 0 SPC package for R?
8:07AM 1 converting numeric to ordered
6:36AM 0 Power to detect change (poisson)
3:36AM 1 Supply linear constrain to optimizer
2:20AM 3 stuff I used to do in Matlab
Thursday September 13 2001
9:51PM 1 row-wise dataframe calculation
7:24PM 1 rowsum dimnames
5:03PM 0 R kudos
4:52PM 2 akaike's information criterion
4:39PM 0 ps/eps/Word
3:39PM 1 significant figures in summary()
12:53PM 1 how does R represent numbers?
9:52AM 2 image plot legends
8:56AM 1 maintainer of strucchange unreachable?
5:44AM 0 Non-r question
5:00AM 2 trouble locating confint function/ nls library/
3:56AM 3 OT: ps -> eps -> MS Word
Wednesday September 12 2001
8:57PM 0 error in nlme?, more information
8:50PM 1 error in nlme
3:43PM 1 Analysis of Varience question.
1:03PM 1 Partial correlation
12:54PM 1 nonlinear fitting when both x and y having measurement e
12:36PM 0 Multilevel models with binary data
9:39AM 2 glm + error
6:42AM 2 nonlinear fitting when both x and y having measurement error?
Tuesday September 11 2001
6:54PM 5 for loop question
5:47PM 2 data frames
2:54PM 1 String variables in GLM
2:02PM 1 [Q] Sparse Matrices in R?
11:40AM 1 Postscript query
11:32AM 3 64-bit programming
10:52AM 2 AIC
8:57AM 0 AW: Exact conf. interval for one proportion
6:40AM 2 correlation predictors problem
4:36AM 2 Differential Equations Using R?
1:55AM 2 Exact conf. interval for one proportion
Monday September 10 2001
8:09PM 1 not safe to return vector pointer
7:05PM 3 inter tick distance
3:43PM 3 Offline change detection methods?
3:17PM 5 ?? hmm ??
3:02PM 1 Multiresponse parameter estimation
3:01PM 1 on.exit processing
6:28AM 1 data format for ppinit
2:59AM 1 problems linking c++ code
1:55AM 2 MacOS R and tcltk
Sunday September 9 2001
7:43PM 0 Information about Correspondence Analisys
4:17PM 1 Spearman's analysis
1:25PM 0 plots with symbols proportional to number of repeats
Saturday September 8 2001
6:31PM 1 .Rhistory
6:26PM 0 Starting R quietly.
6:24PM 0 Off-line help -- problem solved.
2:54PM 2 Basic SPSS commands in R ?
2:04PM 0 R-function available for noncentral hypergeometric distribution
1:58AM 0 Nightmare on windows using graphics; any idea?
1:49AM 1 multiple fitted curves plot
Friday September 7 2001
9:11PM 2 dxf() like bmp() or postscript()?
8:02PM 2 Why does substr<- truncate and not replace...
7:31PM 2 adding logical vector to data frame
7:20PM 2 biplot
7:13PM 0 Off-line help.
6:05PM 0 Command-line editing --- the last word?
5:45PM 2 R on HPUX
4:03PM 2 Command-line editing re-visited.
2:35PM 0 R style guide
2:26PM 3 fitting models with gnls
12:14PM 1 Installing loading package cclust -Windows
11:49AM 1 "load" for text file with functions?
8:56AM 3 State space modelling
8:38AM 1 chron is.weekend() function
Thursday September 6 2001
9:43PM 2 Compiling 1.3.1 under RH Linux
5:59PM 1 interrupting the sourcing of a file
5:32PM 0 Erlang Loss Function in R
4:30PM 1 Update.packages() seems to just stop
3:56PM 0 crosstabulation
2:47PM 2 Array as time series?
2:36PM 1 East European
2:08PM 2 overlay plots
12:04PM 1 svd and eigen
8:13AM 0 Using R with large objects: special entry in the FAQ
7:13AM 4 code/documentation mismatches
12:06AM 1 Mixed-effects model problem.
Wednesday September 5 2001
7:01PM 4 Command line editing.
3:24PM 0 Re: [S] dyn.load
1:57PM 2 Replacing NAs with interpolated values
8:50AM 3 Bug in ftable?? (Was: Two-way tables of data, etc)
8:30AM 1 How to get % and subscript in plotmath
6:45AM 0 Newsgroup - conclusion
5:16AM 3 Two-way tables of data, etc
3:12AM 3 Fitting distributions
Tuesday September 4 2001
10:51PM 2 data manipulation
10:36PM 1 searching the r-help list
8:16PM 2 R under Win2k
4:35PM 0 DC/AC motor sale
1:17PM 0 job opening: Merck basic research
12:17PM 1 evaluation is nested too deeply: infinite recursion?
9:45AM 0 kudos -- time handling
9:32AM 2 AW: Newsgroup - another try?
8:44AM 10 Newsgroup - another try?
8:29AM 0 AW: Runs Statistic
1:48AM 2 fastest way to multiply each column of a matrix by a single vlaue
Monday September 3 2001
9:55PM 0 durbin-h test
7:10PM 8 mixture distributions
3:05PM 1 Missing values in time series
12:41PM 1 R-1.3.1 for both MacOS version released (correct URLs)
7:11AM 1 update.packages with proxy?
2:53AM 0 error compiling R-1.3.1 from source on WinNT
Saturday September 1 2001
8:53PM 2 interpolation and numerical differentiation in R ?
9:52AM 0 local dicriminant basis with wavelets