Xen users - Nov 2009

Monday November 30 2009
7:26PM 5 Xen on AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800
3:20PM 3 32bit domUs
2:36PM 7 Updating DomUs kernels
1:01PM 2 Jemery''s Linux dom0 pv_ops plus GEM KMS of Intel
7:34AM 0 DomU Ubuntu kernel is in installation CD or not
5:13AM 3 Problem with 2.6.30 domU
Sunday November 29 2009
11:24PM 0 Xen Pv-Ops DomU Virtualization Support for ChromiumOS64
7:35AM 0 Good resource about the configuration of Xen kernel conf file
7:15AM 1 Confusion about documentation on Xen wiki
3:28AM 0 DVD not recognized by Lenny as DomU
2:45AM 4 blktap_prep_foreign
1:26AM 0 Re: Xen-users Digest, Vol 57, Issue 212
Saturday November 28 2009
10:29PM 0 memory not within permissible range
7:23PM 0 Memory Type Range Register Support Xen
5:30PM 0 testing
12:39PM 1 Virtualize 4 GPUs
1:14AM 9 which processor family to select for Dom0 kernel based on Linux 2.6.18
Friday November 27 2009
7:27PM 2 Jeremy''s kernel with Xen stable?
5:04PM 4 Problem creating vm with two nics
5:02PM 0 (no subject)
3:14PM 4 Xen.org Community Weekly Update Nov 20 and Nov 27, 2009
1:50PM 0 CPU monitoring
12:52PM 2 Installation of DomU fails from a working TFTP in virt-manager, CentOS
11:04AM 3 Cannot suspend or migrate
8:10AM 1 shutdown monitor service of gplpv drive
4:43AM 1 Cant start xend on Ubuntu 9.10 with Xen 3.4.2 and lastest pv-ops dom0 kernel
2:14AM 6 where is the kernel
Thursday November 26 2009
11:04PM 6 XenClient questions
10:23PM 0 Kernel Errors: SLES 11 - XEN-3.3.1
5:24PM 2 Host not found while trying to get xen-3.4.2
5:04PM 1 python2.3-twisted not available
3:34PM 2 how to install Ubuntu DomU on CentOS
3:29PM 5 Re: easy high availability storage
3:15PM 0 Re: easy high availability storage
3:00PM 0 AUTO: Arthur Doumas is out of the office. (returning 11/30/2009)
2:36PM 4 no rule to make world
2:29PM 1 iproute2 needed or not
12:16PM 0 cannot start VM after 100 or so VMs have been started
11:27AM 0 installation from source bluetooth error
10:50AM 2 Waht kernel source
10:13AM 0 RE: XCP hanging on to old config information (and XCP bootloader error)
8:29AM 0 Problem while installing Xen from source
3:11AM 2 Limit on Number of VMs?
Wednesday November 25 2009
9:42PM 1 Xen with Broadcom Tigon3 BCM5704
7:02PM 0 installing a guest operating system
6:27PM 3 changing run level from 3 to 5 leavs Dom0(FC12) hangs completely ....
12:49PM 2 Xen fails with garbled boot screen - incompatible hardware?
11:43AM 0 How to get specific pv-os kernel-
Tuesday November 24 2009
11:48PM 4 Debian Etch dom0 | Xen upgrade to 3.4.2 from source
11:43PM 2 Guest debugging fails for 32bit, works for 64bit
10:04PM 0 XCP bootloader error
6:09PM 9 Can''t boot VM in single user
4:34PM 10 high availability storage by lan
2:05PM 0 XCP hanging on to old config information
1:42PM 0 Compiling XEN 3.4.2 on Debian 4 (ETCH) i386
1:11PM 3 which desktop boards support Xen
5:03AM 0 disable S4 for HVM
12:43AM 6 Latest Google Chrome OS Download: Guaranteed to Work! (Xen HVM DomU Image Available)
Monday November 23 2009
9:49PM 0 tg3.ko not created after compilation of Xen 3.4.2 from sources
4:52PM 0 Re: I need to post question.
4:39PM 0 could not read tty from store
4:22PM 0 Live Migration of HVM under high load
2:30PM 1 Passwords in Live CD client01
1:26PM 18 OpenSuSE 11.2 bug, dom0-cpus limit causes xenwatch_cb running 100% and xm command freeze and xend dead
12:01PM 4 xen Live CD Login details required
10:53AM 3 How to configure network on Xen Dom0
7:29AM 1 64bit guest on top of 64bit hypervisor+dom0 does not boot with virsh while it does with xm command
Sunday November 22 2009
10:35PM 0 CentOS 5.4 64bit default Xen install won''t start, garbled boot screen
7:09PM 0 (no subject)
6:38PM 1 xend is not started: libvirtd: ERROR Internal error: Could not obtain handle on privileged command interface (13 = Permission denied)
4:26PM 4 Xen 3.4.2 DomU Network Issues
10:27AM 6 Strange interaction from grub2 and XEN
9:48AM 6 windows vps can not start after a reboot
4:21AM 0 Video of Google Chrome OS on Xen
3:54AM 3 What is vbd 5632?
3:51AM 0 amd64 DomU
2:56AM 1 Migrate from file backed to LVM DOMU (Centos)
1:11AM 6 Screenshot Tutorial: How to D-I-Y your own Google Chrome OS with Xen-based Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala amd64 Virtual Machine in Fedora 11 x86_64 Pv-Ops Dom0
Saturday November 21 2009
10:57PM 21 Guests stops at "Sending DHCP requests ..."
11:27AM 0 xen system freeze (dom0 and domU)
8:50AM 0 how to manage xcp?
Friday November 20 2009
6:39PM 0 pcibackhide ... something similar for ISA, too?
6:06PM 3 Re: xm create: Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working. One more question.
5:53PM 3 stubdom fails with tls enabled
1:41PM 0 Advanced bridging/networking understanding
9:59AM 0 Only reboot save xen domains
8:22AM 5 XM create issue: Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
1:59AM 0 PE2950 Xen 3.3.0 virtualized hangs without advice
Thursday November 19 2009
9:44PM 1 HVM Support
1:20PM 0 PDF sobre XEN
11:57AM 3 xm create: Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. Hotplug scripts not working.
Wednesday November 18 2009
10:00PM 7 Compiled DomU doesn''t boot on CentOS 5.4 Dom0 -- (kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!)
9:13PM 0 XCP NFS problems
7:48PM 2 strange i/o hangs on debian lenny guests
3:23PM 0 Xen/drbd - vbd devices locked after domain reboot
5:16AM 0 Accessing UFS2 Filesystems in Logical Volume Disks of Virtual Machines
Tuesday November 17 2009
10:56PM 4 ''lowest common denominator'' cpuid feature set
10:09PM 1 changing where ''xm create'' looks for config files
5:13PM 0 Fwd: Accessing UFS2 Filesystems in Logical Volume Disks of Virtual Machines
5:10PM 4 building unmodified_drivers on a recent kernel
3:09PM 4 Services running in dom-0 vc dom-u
2:46PM 1 10.0.138 GPLPV - CDRom Disappears
1:32PM 10 Distro upgrade in ubuntu PV guest?
11:31AM 1 pxe domU boot freebsd hvm
9:14AM 0 initramfs lost interrupt from grub
5:48AM 0 how to use DomU
5:46AM 0 after successful debootstrap
3:34AM 1 radeon/radeonhd issues with xen domU
1:39AM 4 Windows PV Drivers on W2003 Question
12:27AM 0 xend and xen-tool crashed after intensive operation
Monday November 16 2009
7:33PM 2 How to choose a Xen dom0 kernel?
5:15PM 2 grub entries for Dom0 kernel
4:09PM 2 Creating additional loop devices
3:52PM 5 how to mount domU images on dom0
3:13PM 0 xm console mydomU Error: Domain ''mydomU'' does not exist.
2:42PM 0 Domain running even after shutting down
2:40PM 0 xm console domU not taking username and password
2:22PM 0 xm tools fail to start domU
1:57PM 0 Invalid Release file while installing domu
1:05PM 3 xm create error
12:11PM 1 xm console domU
10:54AM 0 log of error in failure of DomU installation
9:49AM 0 Can some help me about "xenstore-write"?
8:42AM 0 Xen compatible kernel 2.6.31
8:11AM 1 Samba sharing Dom0 and DomU?
6:27AM 0 Occasional domU network problem
6:21AM 2 Can''t find xen options in pv_ops kernel dom0 compiling
Sunday November 15 2009
9:24PM 0 Cannot start HVM domain with disk-images (xen 3.4.2)
9:10PM 2 gPXE Hangs in Xen
7:32PM 1 building a recent hvm kernel with pv network drivers
9:04AM 0 about write virtual block device
8:18AM 1 table full, dropping packet in xen
7:14AM 0 noob tries to understand networking
4:46AM 0 What are gentoo patches
2:35AM 0 VLAN interface stops working after XEN Loads Centos 5.4 XEN
Saturday November 14 2009
7:17PM 0 Documentation needs updates
4:39PM 0 Xen Live CD timer not conected to IO-APIC
4:36PM 0 Kernel Panic Live CD of Xen
4:24PM 2 Dom0 kernel PCI not using MMCONFIG CentOS
4:03PM 0 PCI not using MMCONFIG
3:10PM 1 patches for xen gave error
8:32AM 2 installing from sources and binary
7:26AM 0 automatically generated config file
1:34AM 1 Xen server boots. Machine just says "grub"
Friday November 13 2009
8:39PM 0 Picture Tutorial: Installing OpenSUSE 11.2 x86_64 Linux as a PV DomU (Xen 3.5-unstable Pv-Ops Dom0 Kernel
5:21PM 0 Re: Re: Failure to start X-Server for Xen on openSUSE 11.2
4:10PM 0 Problems during booting Xen 3.4.2 on Fedora 11
1:56PM 9 Data Backup and Restore Scripts for your Xen Servers
1:46PM 0 Weekly Xen.org Community Update - November 13, 2009
12:25PM 0 About Citrix XenServer
9:22AM 0 Xen Network error
8:29AM 0 Failure to vm-install for Xen Dom0 on top of openSUSE 11.2 (mem=4G)
7:30AM 0 Problems booting latest xen pv-ops linux kernel
Thursday November 12 2009
9:49PM 13 Windows PV driver live-migration support
8:58PM 1 New Xen User
4:28PM 2 vlan support in HVM
1:11PM 0 A good book about Xen on internet
12:59PM 3 strange ethtool output in xen environment
12:37PM 0 how to resolve /lib/modules/2.6.18-xen: No such file or directory error
11:34AM 2 Which variables should be set in hypervisor using first time
10:56AM 0 difference in "official source distribution" and support "source tarball, updated for Xen 3.4.2"
10:53AM 1 very simple installation problem of hypervisor
9:23AM 24 How to Backup and Restore MBR within Logical Volumes?
9:00AM 0 could not set variables as on wiki of Dom0
8:54AM 0 Is NUMA working correctly?
8:47AM 10 difference between Xen and Dom0 kernel
12:22AM 1 XCP license_params[''expire''] = `1 month from install date`
Wednesday November 11 2009
7:38PM 0 domU i386|adm64 questions?
2:59PM 3 XEN and CBQ
12:47PM 0 compiling a kernel the Xen way
12:09PM 1 where to get the right CPU type in kernel
9:55AM 0 I: GPLPV driver problems with Win2k8-R2
5:30AM 1 Access to non virtual resources
4:15AM 5 Vyatta ISO in DomU
Tuesday November 10 2009
10:56PM 0 virt-clone - In what state should the VM be?
10:52PM 3 Ubuntu and Xen
10:24PM 0 PVUSB
8:27PM 0 Picture Tutorial: Installing FreeBSD 8.0-RC2 UNIX (amd64) as a HVM domU (Xen 3.5-unstable Pv-Ops Dom0 Kernel 2.6.30-rc3-tip)
8:11PM 1 XCI Hangs on "Starting XenConsoled" During Boot
6:39PM 0 Xen 2.6.31.-5 (oldstyle) with PVUSB
5:31PM 7 Picture Tutorial: Installing OpenSolaris 2009.06 UNIX as a PV DomU (Xen 3.5-unstable Pv-Ops Dom0 Kernel
4:55PM 1 XCP: Is there additional documentation available on XCP events API?
4:38PM 17 [ANNOUNCE] Xen 3.4.2 released
4:07PM 0 QCOW in RAMDISK on Xen
3:41PM 0 Xen 3.4.2 Final
3:06PM 2 GPLPV WIN2K8 R2
2:25PM 3 tutorial needed
1:52PM 7 Java JVM and memory on Xen
12:22PM 1 swapless pvm
8:58AM 5 GPLPV driver problems with Win2k8-R2
5:29AM 12 Will pv-ops dom0-patched kernel be eventually merged into Linus Torvalds'' mainline Linux kernel tree?
Monday November 9 2009
4:56PM 6 Move domU lvm based to another dom0
4:40PM 2 CONFIG_PCI_MSI and drivers/xen/events.c
2:54PM 5 Anyone running SLES11?
2:23PM 0 slow(stalled) HVM on boot
1:24PM 6 Boot Panic on xen 3.4.1 with kernel compiled
12:21PM 0 xen_block:how to read mbr using blkfront driver
11:41AM 0 Picture Tutorial: Installing Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala Linux as a Xen-based HVM Virtual Machine
10:47AM 1 Video Demonstration: Building a Rocks HPC Cluster with Xen Hardware Virtual Machines (HVM)
9:47AM 4 problems about compiling the unmodified drivers in xen-3.4.0
9:03AM 3 WinXP + PV driver does not reboot
4:49AM 0 Re: howto re-create XEN network bridge? [SOLVED]
Sunday November 8 2009
7:40PM 9 2.6.31 xenified kernel - not ready for production
4:53PM 1 PCI-device passthrough to PV Guest is not working
1:22PM 2 DMA Crash when I test GPL Windows PV Driver by iperf
11:45AM 23 Max. PV and HVM Guests
11:00AM 0 Boot specified windows partition
5:44AM 7 [Xen-usersl] Xen Kernel tree on Ubuntu Kamic
Saturday November 7 2009
10:40PM 10 GPL drivers
7:04PM 4 Canned LAMP image?
4:21PM 2 boot the domU one by one when server starts
3:35PM 0 Re: dome domU''s can''t connect to the internet,while others can [SOLVED]
3:35PM 0 Howto xm save/restore with LVM
1:18PM 0 Xen complex networking - two subnets
11:02AM 0 Fwd: Xen-users Digest, Vol 57, Issue 58
10:50AM 3 Memory not seen in Dom0
7:51AM 0 xen-3.4 pvops dom0 blktap2
5:26AM 1 All VMs are "blocked", terrible performance
Friday November 6 2009
11:58PM 1 Cluster Xen with real load balanced between more machine
9:41PM 0 Serial port between HVM domUs?
7:55PM 3 XEN 3.1 on 2.6.18-164.el5xen kernel - Slow IO & Pauses
3:17PM 0 RE: Creating hundreds of Windows VMs
3:05PM 2 Setup FreeBSD 8.0-RC2 UNIX amd64 HVM with Xen 3.5-unstable C/S 20143 and PV-OPS Dom0 Kernels
3:00PM 0 AUTO: Arthur Doumas is out of the office. (returning 11/09/2009)
2:49PM 0 Xen.org Community Weekly Update - November 6, 2009
12:59PM 1 Strange calculation of free_memory
11:31AM 4 Hadoop Cluster on Xen
10:16AM 2 How to backup LUNs
10:12AM 0 High ping time from domU , normal time when tcpdump is running
4:23AM 1 dome domU''s can''t connect to the internet, while others can
1:15AM 18 xenoprof: operation 9 failed for dom0 (status: -1)
12:24AM 1 Xen in Xen (EC2?)
Thursday November 5 2009
11:58PM 10 howto re-create XEN network bridge?
11:38PM 2 HELP! Cannot install Windows 2008 R2 in Xen
4:01PM 3 Dom0 Crash - High Network Load - Debian Lenny Xen 3.2-1
3:14PM 0 Anyone has any experience with installing Rocks HPC Cluster software with Xen HVM Virtual Machines?
Wednesday November 4 2009
4:58PM 3 xen tools
4:18PM 0 Gplpv on domU xp cdrom not work
3:48PM 1 OpenSuse 11.2
3:48PM 0 XEN Glusterfs Problem
2:39PM 0 Re: rebased opensuse 2.6.31 xen patches. Xenified under Xen (native) on OpenSuse 11.2 RC2
Tuesday November 3 2009
11:38PM 0 xen problems
6:29PM 2 [OT] Converting a Hyper-V-VM to XEN
5:54PM 17 Time diferrence between dom0 and domU
2:34PM 0 insight on additional adapter
1:45PM 0 Problem using Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS deployment on XEN VMs
1:29PM 3 Xen.org Announces Xen Cloud Platform 0.1
1:29AM 1 poor performance between two dom-u''s on a single dom-0
Monday November 2 2009
7:11PM 0 How do you insert a dual ported Fibre Channel device directly into a VM?
7:06PM 1 xen.org to xenserver
6:44PM 0 booting / installing guest from CD-ROM?
4:55PM 0 XEN HA
4:46PM 0 Time synchronization on Xen 3.4.1 + linux
12:52PM 3 Changing CD Images (ISO files) in QEMU Console
12:03PM 1 Is kernel xenifid?
11:20AM 0 xm save --checkpoint does not works
10:43AM 2 Anyone compiled xen3.4 with xenifid kernel 2.6.29
5:56AM 4 vps file lost after server crash
Sunday November 1 2009
10:58PM 5 Xen with VCPU from other servers
5:00PM 4 XEN and Live Migration
2:47PM 1 creating multiple domU interfaces+xen full virtualization FAILED
8:32AM 3 Picture Tutorial: How to Setup Slackware64 13.0 HVM domU with Xen 3.5-unstable pv-ops Dom0 Kernel in Fedora 11 x86-64 Dom0
8:23AM 0 xenstore-write does not work inside guest OS
5:11AM 0 gplpv_fre_wxp_x86_0.10.0.130.msi